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Solar for low-income households in Puerto Rico

The CoHemis project recently released a report (in English) on the solar economy in Puerto Rico, and I found a twitter thread today describing some of their findings.

One of the more interesting ones: "A total of 799,000 (51%) families need a PV system that is 4.0 kW or smaller."
Histogram of percentage households estimated solar energy needs. An estimated 30% of households could probably meet their energy needs with a 2.1 kW (or smaller) system.

The report goes on to describe the potential for rooftop PV systems, and describes several barriers, including lack of financing options for low-income families. Median income for households in Puerto Rico was around $20,000 in 2019, according to the census bureau, so a 4.0 kW system is probably close to a year's income to most families.


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