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@Anders %sqVE2AIvO1eXrJpwumaGhQ0FaIU11z1btJeRDCcOY/E=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Did some benchmarking of ssb-db against ssb-db2 today with the following results:

indexing 10.000 messages:

db1: 4.658s
db2: 939.209ms

roughly 4.9x speed up

Indexing 100.000 messages:

db1: 36.836s
db2: 4.994s

roughly 7.3x speed up

Indexing 1.000.000 messages:

db1: 4:23.873 (m:ss.mmm)
db2: 26.754s

roughly 9.89x speed up
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