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From my perspective, the main risk we face as a community is that maintainers burn out and we run out of people to help on maintenance and development. Given that your call to arms went unanswered within the community, we may have already reached that stage.

Unfortunately: this. I'm super burnt out and have been doing the bare minimum for Oasis and SSB-JS. Regarding Patchwork, I wouldn't like to support the new experimental stuff that's been added and honestly would prefer to avoid maintaining it at all. (I'm using Oasis, so it'll continue to work while I'm using it, but I'm only really updating dependencies and merging pull requests.)

I don't think I should be making this decision, and would prefer to transfer my voting power/responsibility to whoever is maintaining Patchwork. I think that's Daan and Staltz? I'm not sure, honestly.

If I was making this decision, I'd probably err toward improving the SSB-JS projects rather than Patchwork or Oasis, but it's also so hard to spend that OpenCollective money that I'd approve almost anyone with a good idea on how to spend it on things that are net positives.

Does this directly pull funds that would have been used to maintain Patchwork?

Hypothetically, yes. Practically, no. As far as I’m aware, the Patchwork money has just been sitting there unused, and even folks who contribute aren’t taking it:

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