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Re: %udGeAIq/I

I'm interested in SSB internals in general, & if you don't mind I may bug you later with questions about them, but they're mostly theoretical & not applicable to fixing client problems so I won't clog the thread with them :)

(I'm ex-Xanadu, where working with fast indexes on append-only logs was very important but we didn't have a lot of overlap with the cutting edge of algorithms research past about 1980, so for instance I'm very interested in how flume indexes might work & whether or not there are any neat tricks involved in quickly generating them from the offset log.)

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Wow, I just had to look up Xanadu 😆
I'm actually not very deep into flume, which is why I am liberally resetting it whenever it gets in the way. This will probably have to change soon though because the most annoying #patchwork bugs are currently indexing issues, and I can't really release a stable version if it will hang everyone's indexing... 😐

Also, #ssb-db2 by Andre and Anders (and others...?) is in the making and won't be based on flume from how I understand. And as I wrote, flume is really just an implementation detail, not part of the protocol as such.

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Good to know! Protocol details are also interesting to me, but I think they are documented somewhere...

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This is probably the best way to start, if you haven't read it already. It is very well-written imho.

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@enkiv2 if you want to know more about db2 I encourage you to look at ssb-db2 and jitdb. Also some examples of flume versus the new api. Happy to answer any questions you might have.

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