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@mix.exe %uTkwGgnpTb5YiK/p+zXWojeIYZg0BfOUZHcIbx4r28Y=.sha256


a pataka is a storehouse in te reo maori. in the #ahau context it's a scuttlebutt pub + hyper-drive peer


Made a simple CLI tool for just running a pataka, to help people run them in the cloud. Really happy with how simple and clean I wrote it. I also used chalk and boxen to make the output more readable - I've always loved beautiful terminal output

@mix.exe %AXb0VEID/hj0BXRmeM5ojAtUNvPKFPcCx2Pm4dHtjRM=.sha256

btw that is a karakia for opening a meeting that's spoken as the program launches. This is common to all ahau apps, and is part the tikanga (way) of doing things which is right and balanced

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