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@Anders %vEFXoLLyosnmQV3EfRbhdEv6CnbtDnkF8/EjRc21FQg=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6
  • Started working on meta feeds in JS, just the messages, seed values etc. of the spec. Feels good to be coding again ⌨️ 😏
  • Extracted the core of what @Mix Android and I have been working on over the last month for the fusion identity spec. Still some things to work out, but I feel it is getting into a good shape. Scoping this was quite important otherwise you can spec this thing forever.
  • Supporting @cblgh on the network simulator and @glyph on rusty validation. I'm so happy working with them, not only are they excellent humans they also produce great code :)
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