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So I think that I'm running patchwork on electron 11 right now.
This was mostly a case of setting enableRemoteModule: true but in the process of understanding what that means, I watched this talk about why using .remote is a bad idea... oh well, that's for later I guess.
But now I still need to figure out how to replace the old context menu code... 🤔

@Daan %BNwW6fH9N240RIKEi3vZVyUHhR4ZQPhbBb561tXOBWI=.sha256

Made a WIP PR for this in case people want to check it out. Noting magic in there. Learned a bunch about electron in the meantime. But it's time for bed now. 🙂

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It was actually fairly trivial. Electron follows semver and the first announcement blogpost in every series has the breaking changes. On top of that they deprecate things over multiple major versions, going from warning to default-change, to warning-when-enabled-manually to removal.

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This is going okay!
Still unsure wtf is happening with the context menus, but I removed some remote usage and I think I understand how to do this now. We don't actually use it that much. Should be feasible.

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Pushed out another commit on this before work this morning.
What do people think about un-trusting the renderer process in patchwork?

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Still running my dev build all the time of course. Surprisingly useful, but I need to fix those context menus, or I won't be able to share external links to my family and will have to cross-post all the time. :D

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Aaaaand electron 12 was just released 🙈

@Daan p400 🥧 %RWqymdLUL9fWPdNXN8Ym0zy+MY9fUnMXhY3qYahbIhk=.sha256

Hey the electron 11 bump seems to have magically solved the #arm64 build! 🎉

@Daan %JlXhh966DqsjzenYgVef6wQvqzYif3CR2YSFt9jdFsE=.sha256

Landed another commit that took me all my free-time today. This one replaces electron.remote for the "More" drop-down menu in the top left, next to the "Public" and "Private" buttons.

Apart from keeping the dream alive to one day retire remote entirely, it was also good practice for the context menus.

@Daan %8rq+RcASHY/A2b8/RCeVUSLhOONDl5n/dccYfTsshKE=.sha256

The fact that the arm builds seem to just work now really makes me happy. It means I'll have patchwork available when my Reform arrives! Now if only my #pinephone wouild boot. It just hangs on boot, reflash to emmc or booting from sdcard don't seem to help 😢

Also @SoapDog (Macbook Air) I just got a dependabot bump notification today for electron-builder, and I haven't checked it yet but there seem to be some fixes for windows arm and the new macs. Not making any promises, but they seem to be on it, so... 🤞

And I just checked, there are no breaking changes in electron 12.0.0! Hooray!
Okay bedtime. I'll get back to all of this in the moring. Can't wait! 😊

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