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Tools for using SSB keys with did:key. ssb-did-key lets you use your SSB key as a did:key Decentralized Identifier (DID). This includes some conversion utilities, and a command to generate a DIDAuth Verifiable Presentation for demonstrating control of the key for authentication purposes. This does not require a running SSB server, but just uses your local SSB keypair (secret file).

usage: ssb-did-key -h
       ssb-did-key whoami
       ssb-did-key feed-to-did <feed-id>
       ssb-did-key feed-to-jwk <feed-id>
       ssb-did-key secret-to-jwk
       ssb-did-key auth [-d <domain>] [-C <challenge>] [-c created]

git-ssb repo: %OGSuJTR...

Manual: ssb-did-key-1.0.0.html

Fetch from git-ssb, build and install (requires libsodium):

git clone ssb://%OGSuJTRVZl/Z6bO10j8/Kp/Pwnf/6KG0acTHIooCtj8=.sha256 ssb-did-key
cd ssb-did-key
make install PREFIX=~/.local

Source archive: ssb-did-key-1.0.0.tgz
Source git bundle: ssb-did-key-1.0.0.bundle
Main source file: ssb-did-key-1.0.0.c
License: AGPL-3.0-or-later.txt

#ssb #did #libsodium

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