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Re: %bwJIDc5qP

@Mix Android I'll leave some comments here responded to your audio message before I forget.

  • Tangle: it already is :) Might be a bit hard to see because the line is so long
  • Authorization and private group membership:
    One thing I like about the solution above is that they behave very much like ordinary identities in that you reference them by the id. The ID can be compromised, but again this is not really that different from an ordinary feed. I would argue that we have a stronger model here because we have tombstones.
  • virtual identity (cycling keys): I could maybe see the argument for being able to cycle keys, I'm just very afraid that going that down that road will lead to a lot of hard problems and edge cases. Like what happens if two people try to kick each other out? One thing that was important for me with this design was to keep it very simple to avoid these things. The question is if its too simple. I would argue that what we have here enables some very interesting use cases that people have been wanting for a very long time.

Very keen on having a call on this, but wanted to give you some more context first.

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