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Re: %qSbwerdxy

@Christian Bundy missed you here!

I've burned out on SSB as well, in my case deciding to be more of a user than developer helped a lot. I've been using this more since I don't really need to work on the code part of it.

I'm quite relieved to learn that the burnout is focused on SSB only, I was a bit afraid here. Happy to have you around, and excited about the future retrospective post.

A suggestion of structure is:

  • What you aimed to do.
  • What you got right.
  • What was fun.
  • What you got wrong.
  • What was terrible.
  • Given what you know now, what would change.
  • Cautionary tales, advise for other developers.
  • What would you like to do next (which doesnt' mean coding)
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