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Re: %96ACCPl9q

Also announced on the Credentials Community Group mailing list: DIDKit: A Cross-Platform Toolkit for VCs + DIDs

Rust docs:

Now that I look at it, I think that Wikipedia article is not correct with statements like that. Identity is not issued, credentials are (as in Verifiable Credentials). Here are some possible better introductory resources:

Nice. I found the message by searching your feed for "did:ssb" in patchfoo: %fy19zCa.... The message is of type "did". Browsing to other messages by that type, I found another one from your earlier feed: %55Lapdr.... I'm also interested in the idea of a SSB DID method. I may be able to help with it as part of my work at Spruce.

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@Cy I will check the video later. Blockchain is optional.

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