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@andrestaltz %yB2zFKLR8BsOY/sGEGmuRKmcHbotrIgPnXb5pPEhOMg=.sha256
Re: %HqvC29wmr

I didn't think I would find a bug in epidemic-broadcast-trees (the underlying logic in ssb-ebt), but here we are:

@Mix Android I believe you that ssb-replicate might be more stable with regards to not missing any data to be fetched, but I think ssb-ebt is the way forward and we really need to push to start using it for real. ssb-replicate is horrible for performance, and ssb-ebt is basically ready, it's work that we don't have to do, we just have to make sure it's polished and production ready. Once we use only ssb-ebt, without ssb-replicate, it's going to be a huge deal for performance, user experience, and onboarding user experience specially.

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