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Glad he got in touch with you @andrestaltz as the story about any one ssb app doesn't make sense without talking about the ecosystem and protocol.

He wanted to talk to @Dominic too, but i'm not sure how online / talking to press he's these days.

The journalist also wrote this piece, about chelsea manning. He does a bunch of blockchain coverage, so hopefully he'll get the distinction between what we're doing and cryptocurrency projects.

He's been working on this article for a while, so it feels like it's more like a feature than a short quick piece. It's really good timing leading up to the dweb camp.

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Just to make it clear. I think the cooperative ecosystem of scuttlebutt development apps and projects is important. I always talk about it and in particular mention Manyverse because it's central to our shared project. When we launched in the appstore, we went from linking to just to directly directing people to try Manyverse, Patchfox, and Patchwork.

I always mention that the reason that planetary works on an open scuttlebutt network. We constantly tell users that manyverse is an alternative that they can use. That means they aren't locked in to planetary's decisions in terms of how the app works. I think that we have a cooperative ecosystem of multiple apps which don't share code or are controlled by a single organization is one of the major strengths of scuttlebutt. It's part of what sets us apart from so many decentralized projects and is a reflection of the robustness of our community.

Everybody has their own vision about how scuttlebutt should work, what app they're building, and how to promote it. It would be nice if other projects included links to alternative apps.

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Voted Just had an interview with an editor at Forbes. They're going to write a st
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