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community grant accountability update:

six months ago I proposed to make an ssb-chat-bot library as part of @glyph's proposal for a community grant

I didn't do this, and didn't accept payment from this grant

my reasons were mostly that because of new uncertainty about the future of the go-ssb stack interface, it didn't feel like the right project anymore for me to invest energy into at this time

instead I was mostly working on the yunohost packaging of peachpub this summer

wanted to share that as an update for accountability on what happened with that, in case there was ambiguity or someone was waiting for that chat bot library 🤖

the reality of a shifting ecosystem -- I also understand the reasons for the scuttle-go interface changing and am excited to see how it develops in the future with the seeds of all the prior work on go-ssb that also went into it

here are some of the relevant threads about go-ssb:

backlinks for go-ssb (%bVCZHYhsQEdz/TNXPXuhHhbzL58ILktaiAVv4aQdjso=.sha256)

state of the non-js ecosystem


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