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Oh my, this thread has been gathering dust, I'm sorry.

Basically in the past 2 months I've been working on go-ssb-room, writing Go and HTML templates and CSS styles with Tailwind. Picking up Go was easy, it looks like a conventional imperative language, and the way it handles errors was similar to a style I was doing in JS with promisify-tuple.

I can't detail all the rest of the 2 months, so I'll just skip to the recent past. go-ssb-room is basically done, and I recently worked on the client code for rooms, which means ssb-room-client (to support aliases), ssb-http-auth-client (to sign in with your SSB ID), ssb-http-invite-client (to accept weblink-based invites), ssb-uri2 (similar to ssb-uri, but supports a few more types of SSB URIs). We are very close to doing something we call a "community launch", which will be videos, tutorials, and clear explanations of what Rooms 2.0 are about. Looking forward to that. :)

NGI Pointer also asked us to participate in a pitching contest, and I wasn't sure if it was an important thing or not, but I volunteered anyway. You can find it from one of the 9 videos here:

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