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Therapy Catharsis Sequence

I’ve been thinking that love is the problem, not the solution!
You go from person to person looking to be loved
looking to be worthy
looking to love.
You develop crushes like an imprinting goose.
You like men.
You like women.
Somebody’s married.
So what!
You are like a virgin who just decided it is okay to watch porno
and you are doing it with everyone.
You are wrecking people’s relationships because you want love?
Because you want to be worthy?
Because you want to love?
Good luck!

But maybe, love is the answer.
Maybe that also is why family drives you crazy,
because you remove sex from the possible equation,
since you aren’t attracted to sisters and nephews,
but you want something there in the relationship.
You want it so bad that it is killing you.

That thing which you want,
connection, affection, compassion, relief,
whatever that thing is that you are desiring from anyone who can talk back
that thing is love,
and everybody else is looking for it too -
the trans person,
and the gay person,
and the guy in the coffee shop who’s married but talks to you
and tells you about his lucid dreams,
he is your brother too.
He is doing this because he loves you as he can.
And that’s all you want from him is love.
So it’s easier without the romantic stuff,
when you just realize all humans are family
and you start behaving as if you know.

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so glad you are done! I would have quit before starting! (IF I knew how to start.)

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Awe! You all are so flattering. But you leak the truth. Not many people must post fiction here. So it must have just stood out for that reason!

OK that was downplaying it, very much. Yes, it probably is good! lol

The thing I haven't got to say really about it to anyone yet is the Mutt character and the Tick character are both two sides of me. I am so new to fiction. It was so fulfilling to be able to create these personas. Not that I really thought it out until it was done.

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