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Re: %TQZ4P23XA

@mix no worries.
I didn't communicate clearly. The (intended) direction lay in

my initial reaction (and not understanding the reason for his interest) was very defensive...

Then from there it was just a ramble where I thought some might enjoy the back-story from my view.

And yes, I am

still learning to not judge from first appearances.

For me that has meant placing less value on what I may find aesthetically pleasing, and more on people and outcomes.

Re: %TQZ4P23XA


maybe y'all need to learn to not judge others as judging negatively !

read my first sentence again?

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Re: %FKm5Kz1BN

This thread begins

@elavoie urged everyone to create new threads to talk about 'my behavior'.

What he actually said was

I also suggest that any discussion about @ev past behaviour be moved in its own thread.

And so it goes on, @ev
You take what people say, and you bend it, or try to.
And when you've finished bending, it always points in the same direction: the entire world is at fault, but @ev never is.
And where there is any possibility you just might be, you carefully don't respond. Or you don't answer the question. Or you shift the conversation.

I don't know why you behave this way.
And I don't know if you're fooling yourself.
But you aren't fooling anyone else.
What you are doing is maligning and mistreating people who have expended a great deal of time trying to accommodate you.
And it is deeply unpleasant behaviour.

You need an arena, a stage, to carry on in this way.
And I am aware that any response to your posts provides that arena.
But I wanted to post why

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Re: %uwDeRS8bQ

@andrestaltz don't be.
We're all learning to express ourselves better here, and part of that is asking and questioning.

The real problem is the folk who don't ask 'what did you mean', because they think they know....)

Re: %TQZ4P23XA

And @mix now that i think about it:
part of living here, for me, has been about learning not to judge from appearances. Or, perhaps, seeing past them.

And the lessons do continue.

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