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Experimenting with distributed tools for the purpose of #decolonisation and researching whole-systems based on #buenvivir as alternatives to #patriarchy.

Trying to contribute to:

Believe in a global Swaraj.

toad butt

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Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ lots of progress on subscribing to channels and a
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Voted ### LemmyBB: federated bulletin board Lemmy front-end in the style of phpB
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Voted getting more professional at packing my bike into a bus ![IMAGE 2022-12-02
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Voted # Scuttleverse Newsletter 20 (Summer-Fall 2022) _Now available in your loca
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Voted # Thingstaken ![tallgrass.jpeg](&uBraaq+jUqWeVjfJ4rk5bvjDTWoyuTzB6qvIwDR
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Voted The feel of old cast iron, the crackling of a fire, the smell of freshly gr
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Re: %u7xd3dGVh

He's free and elected! Never thought I'd be excited for such a thing. Thanks cambridge analytics for hacking democracy in a way to make us desperate.

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Re: %mtjG7p3VT

Haven't had time home this year to get this going. By still on my top-priorities for next year, which hopefully I'll be more home(?). Anyways keen to collaborate on SSB&B whenever I'm available (not now, I'm going to indigenous territory and staying for 3 weeks).

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Voted whoa damn that sounds awesome and I do not know what to do. Would be down t
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Voted ![image.png](&oBCb3nrRNTJSV1nq06L3gr+0AgOKBydL+dPXhKFn164=.sha256)
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Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) i d
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Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) / [
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Voted I sympathize with the difficulties you had. I disagree with the diagnosis y
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Voted > I literally don’t understand how it’s possible to write software this bug
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Voted hi #new-people, I'm a software developer, curious and always learning (lear
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Voted if we make a couch-surfing-y interface for SSB could we call it SSB&B? >pa
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Voted questions from the developer 1. can you sell me some weed? 2. ok it's a no
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Re: %kyz5O+lvM

awwwnnnnn cute baby andre, colored by brazilian sun

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Voted I've once (twice?) been called a *white man* so I'm just gonna drop this pi
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Voted yesterday i received my prescription sunglasses that i forgot in mexico cit
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Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ forgot to post this yesterday but nothing too exc
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Voted One minute jam of the day nr. 133 ![audio:recording.mp3](&jEXNZHElKKgswMtP
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Re: %gfZ6p4OrE

I think me and @Hiure are the people holding the most info at the moment. @cel has just asked me about it too. Let me sum up at what point we are at:

Our main channel for inviting people to participate in organizing the event was the CoolabCamp Telegram group. Besides us from #coolab, only another person from our network joined the first meetings. We decided on a process where we would have at least two places to choose from. So we had two meetings with the people responsible for these two places, and gathered detailed information about infraestructure, available services, natural surroundings, prices, etc.

The two places are:

  • Aldeia Multi-Étnica: Alto Paraíso de Góias, GO (my village wouldn't support such an event, so this is close to town)
  • Coletivo Neos: Ubatuba, by the coast in São Paulo

There's a lot of information, photos and videos on their websites, and we have more detailed information in our notes that are still all-over-the-place. We've lost a bit of focus since Hiure left for India to stay a season with @Sanketh and @dinesh, but all these inquiries are helping me to push for movement.

As I wrote to Cel:

I think we're at a point where some outside input would be welcome to help us decide on the place for the event. Do u know others who might be interested in helping out?

My suggestion for our small group is to open up for a broader body of people to analyze the options and brainstorm pros and cons together. Is it time for a dedicated group on Signal for everyone interested in putting energy into this?

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Voted ![connected to Luandro](&8ybcwtK2SyxrEiqe8RgsLtqOfNzI1NSReevRFS6AZbY=.sha25
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Voted Oh yeh, great points [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mB
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Voted Telephoto lens as an accessory for a smartphone. ![](&/e7NWj3TVjinlp1Vv7Zx
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Voted # Push to Talk Partyline ([@knoflook](@MkET1XJidT/jxG31blhNeTaXnNmi2KhhLRl
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Voted About a week ago my wife asked Miranda what she wanted to do when she grew
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Voted **Collaborate with other Butts to make PeachCloud a substrate for multiple
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Voted # glyph's Reflection & Appreciation ![An oval within a circle, rendered in
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Re: %uae+Jeb5p

"the birth of the organized globalized western anarchist movement"

Sorry, I know I'm annoying and picky, but at least the anarchists should get this right.

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Re: %uae+Jeb5p

Love it! Although organized anarchy has happened for hundreds of thousands of years ;)

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Voted # Anarchy 2023 - St-Imier July 19-23, 2023 > > > F
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Voted Thanks :) Repo:
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Voted [@joakim 🏡](@xKimeTr43O5+6yhzjEAcLYvD3lxl6kDnzDfmm3VuZcc=.ed25519) made s
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Voted It's been great to read the reflections posts prompted by the #appreciatio
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Voted # Aaron Swartz Day and International Hackathon https://www.aaronswartzday.
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Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ Started working our next big feature: [subscribin
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Re: %UiZFMUvXm

Égua, bem vindo! Enquanto uns tentão entender a matéria mais densa do universo, outros tão tentando entender como fazer um beiju sem queimar no fogo.

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Voted I built another proa. #boats ![dominic is sailing fast on his new proa and
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Re: %y7KtE/O+o

It would be great to have a well defined strategy/stack for exposing home devices to the internet with https, safely, so that rooms can become more acessible and plenty.

@brunovianna has done some work around this with the local-server-tunnel. It's super simple and relies only on ssh.

Other options out there to test: spork, local-tunnel, ngrok...

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Voted is true, [@Scuttlebooth 2](@tkDxiQw+CTo0MbguBZka0JJLvNGeRDClIh9x20CZIwA=.ed
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Re: %y7KtE/O+o
Content warning: Contains Docker code

You're on :fire: with go-ssb @decentral1se (patchwork)!

First note, we should get someone with access to a really good connection to have different arm devices always on for testing. I also miss having some.

The Pis I have access to are running Balena OS, which comes with Docker, which is pretty good for testing, so you can't break things that easily. I created this really simple Dockerfile and tested it on @Rudo's Pi 4:

FROM debian
RUN apt update && apt install -y wget
RUN wget -c -O /bin/ssb-server
RUN wget -c -O /bin/ssb-insert-user
RUN chmod +x /bin/ssb-server
RUN chmod +x /bin/ssb-insert-user
RUN mkdir ~/.ssb-go-room
ENV domain localhost
EXPOSE 8008/tcp
EXPOSE 3000/tcp
CMD ['/bin/ssb-server', '-https-domain ${domain}']

Seems like it worked! Shame I can't really interact with it... I can tunnel the machine locally, but I think the whole https-domain thing stops me from being able to test without a public address with https.

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Voted *continuation of ssb:message/sha256/61bYt5TtpnOYCse__-viso4r_U-91ljF283EK6p
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Voted of course I used the wrong tag 🤦‍♂️ #appreciation2022
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Voted # My #appreciation-2022 post --- ## My re-entry into the #Scuttleverse I
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Voted Hi Daan (no idea yet how to mention you), thanks for reaching out. Just arr
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Voted Hey [@Ronaldo Lobato 📡](@E05myW9DB1xPbWaTm1lAS2y/K9lBhetWcw9O0rxvQGc=.ed25
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Voted tá foda pra caralho. Toma cuidado ai.
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Quando a gente achou que as coisas iriam melhorar....

Os ataques no Maranhão são na região onde estou trabalhando atualmente... Com indígenas, não quilombolas, mas os próximos alvos são óbvios. Esses próximos 2 meses prometem ser os mais tensos. Viver no brasil já num é fácil, trabalhar com ações ambientais e anti-coloniais então...

@luandro %4hfsbzYhCQRsqVLHesShLb5QisUik9XE+NiPGbVERqM=.sha256
Voted ![](&6+edGtIlz7qRYajF8Hpx3NWJCAwJ1IOZh8+Fiu6r7Gs=.sha256) save the date !!
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Re: %MNwykaBZY


I've seen those knob designs around! There are even some with buttons now, right? They do lack some key features though, for example: I've noticed u gotta keep on turning the knobs completely off, because they waste gas or electricity or something right? The model i got is turned once in the morning, takes about a minute, and it stays on all day, keeps ur food heated, there's always hot water for coffee and the tapioca pan is always hot, ready for some action. It also produces smoke to drive the mosquitos away, ash for the plants and heat for the cold days. It doesn't require a power outlet or any kind of wiring or tubing, but does require having a forest nearby for the wood.

It also makes a crackling sounds that's very organic and harmonious, there's no modulation or synthesizing going on as far as I can tell. I hope to upgrade it soon enough to a newer model that adds water heating, food smoking and a more efficient oven. Still want that AI though, gotta add that to the list. Gotta have my stove gossiping about the neighbor's guinea fowls and goats to other stoves around the world.

I donno nothing about washing machines or dish washers though :sweat: But I do love progress! Giving the ability for appliances to express themselves and saturate even more the interwebs with useless information that only huge data-miners can make sense of.

@luandro %ssq/2PQlzYGNECEbVVq188zL4xOAzDQXpx/TT4kFh4g=.sha256
Voted [@SoapDog (Go)](@gaQw6z30GpfsW9k8V5ED4pHrg8zmrqku24zTSAINhRg=.ed25519) > S
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Voted #new-people I’m new here… just to figure out how this works. Love that the
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Re: %65QDLw81D

I don't have a fridge, how can I have this? gotta install some AI into my wood stove

@luandro %37fJCboTg6kJOOBGSyhFeWtQ7nSRYXKkyDUIVVKgocc=.sha256
Voted Installed new fridge. There's an app so we can.....y' to it wh
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Re: %npgzXxhDE

If you want the easiest possible solution, I'd suggest using BalenaOS and the PiHole Fleet. It's gonna take u setting up an account with Balena Cloud, but after that you just download an image, burn to the sd or ssd, and wait for it to download the pihole images and run it.

If you really just want docker-compose, at #coolab we've run PiHole successfully in many Pi4s using this docker-compose setup.

We setup Pihole on 23 pi 3 and 4s running the Guarita project, which is based on BalenaOS. We added some additional scripting to add automatic youtube-ad blocking which is pretty awesome and also some other stuff that u might not be interested.

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Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2211.4-beta ![Promo of a new version of Manyverse showing
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community grant accountability update:

An year ago me and @Nico Pace proposed the P2P Hotspot as part of a community grant.

Each one of us took half. As I have shared with some butts in person, my part never reached me, so I got in touch with OpenCollective Paris and they were really nice and in the course of the past few months got everything sorted, and finally this week I got the 3k EUR.

We've divided equally between me, @brunovianna and @Hiure for the work done on the past year to deliver the first version of p2p-hotspot.

A lot has happened in Nico's life on the past year, so may he have the time needed to update us on this.

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Voted I just paid someone in fiverr to bury a hermetically sealed printout of the
@luandro %xAUwUXZYu3JfnjDwwAvzh2A53nGsG+PxQE8dg5MqrHw=.sha256
Voted I just paid someone in fiverr to bury a hermetically sealed printout of the
@luandro %xHGbMSa33qaLcCNOIr/6eCvGPLHRqnq4ZgLld9o/fqI=.sha256
Voted I just paid someone in fiverr to bury a hermetically sealed printout of the
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Re: %48ajtBwOW

This would be a great premise for a treasure hunt. I've cut the photo into 3 parts. The boy's head I have sent to myself as a private message. The boy's trunk I've sent as a PM to @ktorn. And the boys legs to someone I shall not reveal. The original photo I have burned :fire:

@luandro %8r6fY7EaXs20T4usXiJBmfMFWFYFUFLIHZz/G8DE2zI=.sha256
Voted So happy that you found the mnemonic [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH
@luandro %UoDF0dxjBDa4KvDgORI4bjHOtfM5TbHT5KxiNRDy5fw=.sha256
Voted The big reveal ![](&D3SfNvNW2qHUNEnC2xETibXIMzDyqW+hvx76/L7jxxc=.sha256)
@luandro %nXibhVuMTDCenHt7tN13VW63N1YfqlcfXeeCuZsXFjs=.sha256
Re: %48ajtBwOW

What a turn of events. This early Sunday, I was cleaning up some old boxes at home, and found a folder with some personal documents. Inside there was this envelop with random pieces of paper in it. Immediatly one of the pieces of paper fell facing the floor. On the back was a mnemonic phrase.

Used it to recover my Exodus wallet, and it worked! My past self isn't so reckless, I did have a paper backup in an actual safe and kinda obvious place.

It seems crypto has been dropping a lot huh? I recovered about 7k USD worth in random cryto assets thanks to this photo:

a boy sitting on a fence

Not much, but a good start for my daughter's savings. It's what an avarage person in brasil earns in almost 3 years. I'll leave it in crypto, and leave it for the gods of crypto to decide the fate of this mysterious and magical thing that is money.

In case something happens to me, it's the responsability of someone here on SSB to pass on this information on to my daughter. So now you know which picture to tell her to look for, and what app to recover it with.

#will (seems it's the first testament on ssb)

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Voted Yes! Just made the realization that PoE is 48v DC. This means that there
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Voted ![timeless lotus](&IwVSA/Yilu6QgStUHIotKqnjsRSpINeO8F21qiH/B1A=.sha256) #
@luandro %KLJ/S5QXeArW67rJ5hrWdOakNfnmhJa11nP+w2mbWKg=.sha256
Voted Recently my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world. The transit
@luandro %QJAQZeNnwD6+SVPnSMft2qGyPhxk+XDACIqXYSMY4G0=.sha256
Voted # Max Lemons Today Alanna named a Mix persona - _Max Lemons_. He's an impi
@luandro %BXwheqpluiZP6hnBqeA7VZiJvn2l0H8PRhsedVSxGCs=.sha256
Voted How many bad news can a person take before cracking? It's been a hard week
@luandro %MGfiWhJS1VjrLzXq1gHbuNudAhUtHTCDAO4QpYRTBTY=.sha256

LibreMesh Mapeo

The Portal Sem Porteiras mesh network, probably the largest community mesh in Brasil by @Hiure

My weekend project was LibreMesh Mapeo, a Mapeo web client that can sync with other Mapeo clients (mobile or desktop) over the local network, but also communicates with #libremesh and #librerouter nodes.

It began as a simple map interface to show Mapeo observations on a local network. But I kept on pushing it further and further for the past 4 days and it actually became quite functional as a mapping tool for LibreMesh networks.

Zoomed in to show more details of connections between nodes by @Hiure

Besides using mapeo-core as it's database, it also talks to LibreMesh nodes using the same ubus http interface that lime-app uses. That way we can slowly get information about all the nodes and their links, board information, software versions, etc...

Detailed information shown as a popup when clicked on a node by @Hiure

This tool was inspired from a few experiences that have happened at #dweb-camp this year and at the few past months. We've been trying out Mapeo as a tool to assist the planning of #community-networks, and for that we're created and will maintain the community-networks configuration for Mapeo.

Besides facilitating mapping node installations for a network, it also helps with cues around important details such as: energy availability, line-of-sight, estructure for installation, etc...

There's a methodology being developed for giving workshops and introducing important concepts and tools in a dynamic way. This tool is thought out as the next step from planning a #mesh network, to actually monitoring and maintaining one, which is where things get really complicated and most of the times fail unfortunately.

With it you can create, update and delete Mapeo observations related to networking. You have to manually link each Mapeo obversation you a LibreMesh node. But once that's done it automatically traces all links.

I'm already thinking on a version 2, where fetching and caching happens in a smarter way on the server, and a framework is actually used for the front-end. But hope to get this first version in bug-free enough state to be used in other communities around the globe. @Hiure has been amazing help in testing this out and giving valuable feedback.

@luandro %3kDqBRjKjJrzAW/bIjkEV3NJ7KVe2gypGrk3syuyyRg=.sha256
Re: %fd5YAVZHe

@decentral1se (patchwork), I've been watching the PRs from afar. Truth is I never tested the p2p-hotspot running the ssb-go pub beyond with a few butts around europe. So can't really say about memory issues.

But excited to see them merged, and eager to test these fixes and updates!

@luandro %gLRz6F4OaxY9jwQvPSqiyPN+PO5rqWpQPeDDazN77lg=.sha256
Voted > Good thing is that we have a good part of that work done with the p2p hot
@luandro %BL3/FBao5mr0MPsoH1tnkYdY00u+1Li8VZ8Ilp1nJAU=.sha256
Re: %Cl7lHaczH

Although it was closer, I felt much less tense, as it became obvious how the outcome would be from early on.

@luandro %6uMXxZXWy4Hm0vp9D7BJb2LxJyATkdbp2DrpraQa/Ww=.sha256
Re: %Cl7lHaczH

My parents have always been right, but at least they have known from the start that Bozo is a psycho, and have switched to supporting their sworn enemies for the lack of alternative.

Yea, the left is dead, but I'd bet the movement towards the right has more to do with information wars then historical burnout, though that is used as a narrative by the far-right.

@luandro %DCV+OZcdF3tRrgVe0hHRCZX2yAn3vwHglJ7BMqih5jY=.sha256
Voted My mother called my sister to swear at her saying that if it weren't for a
@luandro %KczJR1KM/ZLbU2puU+hSzPXy7u5p5A/f3zcyy5ayMwE=.sha256
Voted Damn, that was close.... I'm still recovering. Too many emotions going thro
@luandro %/dZOfWGe0/5OoEDy5TzIaJ55YeroCcPaupF1fo7bebc=.sha256
Re: %Cl7lHaczH

Round 2, Fight!

@luandro %zbgtUbXwIuIbkfNS8bMvTI6gOy1SNAVFcZMvIz/pr7k=.sha256
Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ paired a little with Staltz to help me understand
@luandro %TQwsHPXLAPW5pARB/miuCLdD2nUyGYIkx2U067Vr1UM=.sha256
Voted (-: se você está insatisfeito com o desgoverno e gostaria de ser feliz de n
@luandro %YcmDfxlQa7A+BjgEg0kKEdhpc3Uxy0PnTTSyVChTT5k=.sha256
Re: %ENtEBbgky

These are jabuticabas. And they are delicious. People in my village make wine with them, I preffer to just eat tons directly from the tree when it's season. The season lasts very little, so gotta enjoy it while u can.

@luandro %kWhYDRkmZC9dJivIvWCFUiC6Dmy2pXPicfpKXsAQEaM=.sha256
Re: %69Tl2rlxp

The city is pure energy, specially ancestral african energy, as that's what most of the population descents from, and they're proud of it and know how to show it.

It's a great counter-balance to the apparently "western" vibe that most other cities in brasil are trying to achieve, but obviously fail. São Luís is authentic, beaultiful and post-apocalyptic.

@luandro %qB6gk/GQFHacbuhMdmGYn1Pn7xXej7awqy7syHG0GUk=.sha256
Voted [CW: Brazilian fake priest candidate] So, I just went on a really deep dive
@luandro %HuZWp/D4ehqGVKT5k+rEWEVheSW3iKOwxuN31mlDBwU=.sha256
Voted [CW: Brazilian politics] ## Brazil is a badly scripted sitcom Brazil is ne
@luandro %2RRnVPBu9cw13SMRpo+QosnCUejNZOQXPj2MVRzH/CA=.sha256
Voted [@Ladislas](@vs52V4iwRW4oqwzabLSsE2n8IwCHmEWoeATNzyir9zw=.ed25519) [@andrew
@luandro %xKlbWOZHLIoSyObdycwx0nevPALJBiA8TJzZg8r06X8=.sha256
Voted ![a frozen blister containing four salmon tartare from Picard Surgelé on a
@luandro %fxwGh+lN95FAzg+YWHdkE7QM3KaAzmQI+p4Quo6G0KE=.sha256
Voted Now testing out the fork-backports-exp branch with EBT (hops 2).
@luandro %4sNfstpoiOwt1qNJliWgLWS5sCNjgmcfNWfM+unNj4I=.sha256
Voted [@moid](@Sur8RwcDh6kBjub8pLZpHNWDfuuRpYVyCHrVo+TdA/4=.ed25519), > Not all
@luandro %pFGHzgZvClKJ3wgR8TnyDNN2nSA8u73f7T28wLG8a4I=.sha256
Voted I've been messing with this SVG approximation of images - trying to see if
@luandro %TWm6qqCaoJGOwCuDPmT13yzy07qjMV4CVbWAHGdUuG0=.sha256
Voted ![coffee and pão de queijo](&XfYumxO69pGtE84sn+LLfl5kqzif1v5hd8m602tSyRA=.s
@luandro %QOK1x19KSkOQuSOZKjue00UuS3F1SV/o8XMthqKP7xM=.sha256
Voted I just woke up from an intense #dream - there were humans who had been modi
@luandro %GKwZF/5n3s7a9CEsybotzBCKNEUnZzTGSx29Riscc5A=.sha256
Re: %vSoB1esvQ

@Big Hat


Unfortunately no women have participated in the process so far, except for the screening of the movie.

This is a project for the "Guardians of the Forest", which in portuguese has a masculine connotation, so this makes sense.

I've observed in the other regional group, the Guajajaras, that they have two separate efforts of protection, the masculine, as well as the feminine ("Guardiães"). But they and the Awá Guajas have over 300 years of difference in experience with "the western world". Check Serras da Desordem to learn more about what some of their recent history was like. We did a screening at @Ladislas's place some months back. This was my favorite documentary during my few years of Cinema studies, let me know if you can't find it online and I'll share.

Definitely having a more diverse or solely female group could greatly improve such a process. And that's a very important point you make, especially for the sustainability of the network.


We do a workshop with a few dynamics:

  • Roleplaying how data gets sent between phones through WhatsApp, and where it ends up
  • Map drawing the village (could be territory)
  • First steps of using Mapeo: loading Amazon configurations; adding an observation; syncing over WiFi;
  • Divide into teams for mapping different regions of the village, looking for places for the routers: access to power, structures to place the node, and quality of sight of other nodes and expected clients

After that we properly plan the network, and start the assembly and installation of nodes. Both this and the dynamics workshop can be squeezed into a single day for small enough villages (1 or 2 easy nodes), but may extend to many days depending on the complexity of the network and the natural and social geography.


All the firmware work and network planning was done by Troian and Moacir through Nupef, which is who I'm doing this work through as well.

We're using the TP-Link Archer C50 v4.20, which requires a hack, where if you try to directly install LibreMesh into it, you'll brick it. You must first do a downgrade to a specific OpenWRT version, and from there do a sysupgrade to whatever LibreMesh firmware you like. Nupef builds it's own, which strips some stuff out and adds ZeroTier for remote support.

We're also using the TP-Link Archer C7 v5, which has a bug where 5Ghz isn't work. Quite a big problem.

And finally, the very rare TP-Link CPE210 v3. They're becoming exctinct in Brasil, but I've seen plenty for cheap in Lima for example. Check if they're available for you. They're incredible. It's a bit of a pain to install because you need Internet Explorer, or some browser that has as low a security as. But once you can bypass the expired certificate it's just a normal firmware update to whatever version of LibreMesh you want.

@luandro %6CR7vLwwKwOyjdcR1kODAPfgjnncpppYjZnyMLE97tM=.sha256
Voted Wow! Great update [@Luandro Android](@fGWzOR/FXU3Acbn4P65CpMewJIynFyqocvfLA
@luandro %x/ifJDIJWDRHhr/aolKU26JfnisvKPvkTr8oqLuZ4po=.sha256
Re: %P3WrXIF7i

Great job boars! Just need to add some seedlings to those holes :seedling:

@luandro %fLwgynz0VLEQoC74GcAY2vxRkCIXrGs9swYf9bni0F0=.sha256
Voted ![](&mx4GWoXUZ+unGIsXEqDFzdYMI9IvcYBAS8vUc33qtoc=.sha256) I cross posted
@luandro %iNJr9+fI79HIWsIQFOAvuW50PtNtIW7gRNwSZ72t6Fk=.sha256
Re: %otj57z+PY

Sorry for jumping into conclusions (although I was obviously joking). But you mis-blocked me immediatly after I posted around a subject that's very sensitive for us here now.

@luandro %C5l14ke2bR/YRh9QcnppIVRhaq87yWkCy3vTzCKM9us=.sha256
Voted You got auto banned for saying nazi.
@luandro %c825J4mXqv7WXUQZj/UF2FHr97FaatmLO2Z8vVV9hUI=.sha256
Re: %hcj6YL5yg

Also been learning a lot from #digital-democracy who does a great job of promoting itself on conferences as well as training communities on the ground. We have loads of materials other team members have created during the years to grab from and adapt in order to promote the organization or the tools we create/steward.

Would be great to have something similar for SSB.

@luandro %cw84Ybe+T6ET8TpNUwUCfpGq2ow1a/WEdJ8cppfFfF8=.sha256
Re: %hcj6YL5yg

I've been doing community onboarding sessions for years now, almost with every indigenous community I work with. Never have been successful in actually getting people to stay around, but slowly developing a better methodology to present and make a good case for SSB. Everytime it seems we're closer, but there's the "critical mass" problem which is a huge blocker.

As I stated during DWeb, I think having a small amount to give out to key groups could be a strategy to try. For example, I've been in touch now with Mídia India, which is a a indigenous organized media outlet. They have a very defined target audience (indigenous peoples and their allies) which could eventually understand the benefits of SSB tech as well as SSB network/community. I'm sure 100 USD per month could go a long way in having them promote their stuff on SSB, which might seem as empty to them at first, but could eventually make sense.

Anyway, excited for SSB promotion in any form, specially if we start sharing and organizing ways to do it better.

@luandro %akheCZdQ8k9URhMqL7fVdkeObexrq5SMHPTQHNcvG5o=.sha256
Voted ### A Scuttlebutt Propaganda Collective? Secure #scuttlebutt is a combinat
@luandro %ViLLwlp/JMZ7XTGFIGzkfabhmDTBImLdL3mYdkR3O6w=.sha256
Voted I got the first "the elections seem to be rigged" rumor sent to me by IM fr
@luandro %HCQ0C6h6mx2xNNrUH/mJSQYzo+pVT0q5hECUm8pREVo=.sha256
Voted I'm so fucking afraid. Also, they have the Senate so even if/when Lula win,
@luandro %QC8zxiAueL41mzL8LTYCm+HrwyaKoqXmVK1k9TPTnW4=.sha256
Voted undefined
@luandro %PBNAjcfNJzcAuvOdw9ZByJcru/U4t03A0cbZKpcOMFI=.sha256
Re: %Cl7lHaczH

Here's the link for today's show in case anyone else wants to follow.

@luandro %Cl7lHaczH37IIFQSHCImvkVB2c9b8d0QKVPWaSrnZk4=.sha256

Today's the day. First time I'm excited for elections in my life. Not excited enough that I'll actually partake, but excited enough to follow the results in realtime.

Tchau nazi motherfocker!

@luandro %/+SzfLyu7OZ+8spAfonycp56yuEy0CDTyqsfA3wRfc8=.sha256
Voted lil note that I'm going somewhere without internet or cell service for the
@luandro %jFJy0q38NQ9H7r0mnUspCg3gSxgZ2JzGLr1MyeT9vSE=.sha256
Voted ahhh..... some combination of trolling and offering a genuine alternative.
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Voted ![odafone](&NnpUhqoXLhZeK5VCV5sc290qSb1fbjShZKHULadbDoo=.sha256) So the nz
@luandro %mwBSIiKSxatX3FgnaXpXUeNhjLa5Q92vlx+YtI8+S5U=.sha256
Voted # community grant accountability update: six months ago [I proposed](%bMD
@luandro %Lpvt98EZW0N7yyO+Mz4oovl8DL4OXGMkuSGgQqe+jwg=.sha256
Voted # [ssb-bfe-ex]( A wild Elixir l
@luandro %dKiremBFHCxvW2a3VgV9nnpYv/ZbbHZIzLpRqgXs5Pw=.sha256
Voted Today I worked on repeatable pattern; here is a preview of a finished one,
@luandro %dQWEwQ2rz4pkwYaavL4TIaFITMdfy+24psJhUd7CVpI=.sha256
Re: %0U4fVAl/K

That's very sudden, my deepest emotions. Thanks for sharing, as those of us who have had the opportunity to spend some time with u know how much ur dad and his refuge up north meant to u. Sending you much love :heart:

@luandro %B+ZxcyC8+zNIvzQxmcl7SNstgirw8H7SXacNyXlYtBo=.sha256
Voted [CW: death] My father passed away yesterday morning. Even though he will
@luandro %8mJDkrmzHYeGNuR3M3Qav1wfXA/CUEntUW06ODJFtDA=.sha256
Voted # lykin: Tutorial Series Complete ![An off-white patch of lichen growing o
@luandro %krs1e0/c7/s5pyGH4EfgIMY9nFTivDeocrhPg+mdLfg=.sha256
Voted # Making an Earthstar App with Andrew #earthstar #learning #peer-programmi
@luandro %kanAFlZ3O7JWwGMYFe9G0PqZXq8b4AHQB4XF9ZiC99I=.sha256
Re: %d3vI1aQXj

Things are really tense, but I get the feeling that everyone is mostly excited to see the motherfucker out of power. As much as I love to see crazy shit going on, I don't think they'll have enough support to try a coop or anything like that.

Lula definately isn't great, as he was responsible for the project that did the biggest damage to several indigenous communities and the environment, Belo Monte, and he's being labeled as some great lefty leader like Mandela, which he's definately not (not even left I'd say). But between being shot in the eye, and in the hands, it's an easy choice.

Elections are happening next Sunday. I don't personally take part of it, but excited to see the numbers.

@luandro %CLYxAhaeE2x5u4Zh8d+qCmVrQDcRAFKkajWwU19CQXI=.sha256
Voted ![anti influencer action](&r/oOJkmDnqYZbr11CUSn2ONJtke/Iws/fcKCuYLbX3Y=.sha
@luandro %BqlBBP4BKERCGgywWcVokXvlathGrYz5Rt8aGns6rLI=.sha256
Re: %0tPLW2IjD

Miss @nanomonkey! Specially his cooking :yum:

@luandro %zSuTyiBVeoxoKn4SqOsPNdOO0mo9jR0KTTIsLTNFv0c=.sha256
Voted # 6 Apps To Chat And Text With No Internet Connection Via Mesh Network - It
@luandro %ibi/NygSK/qfirGiRFvk3qro+w4Mh1eVJqKwUqCzcw0=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) if
@luandro %g3YRXe256NkSsmeklCxGZ+RxXNyi/T75AYZ5mtHLUb8=.sha256
Voted Anyway some numbers, to add dimension. Planetary gifted **20-25k USD**, whi
@luandro %K8/WBE83rxYRVHiYGwbWN+0UO3YccxABG/UydHfVFw4=.sha256
Voted I'm starting a long-term SSB documentation project. The project is going t
@luandro %rvb2Zd6hkixVFj7AefnIUkXmOpxAVxSGH3AwZqj7P5w=.sha256
Re: %abdWPIIqz

Your wife's work is amazing!

Mande meu profundo respeito e admiração pelas investigações que ela conduz :heart:

@luandro %EBvQgEJsOBd8PmpQgcacrlcUW5zzxP9G8fiEiNkQAz8=.sha256
Voted My wife's latest investigation has just been published on The Guardian. I t
@luandro %Mmg7mji6PysvMVOpA5Mk6yN/l9gs1u/h6jGt+WHyjdU=.sha256
Voted Shoutout to planetary and rabble who sponsored tickets and trip to me and m
@luandro %V0a+ARucKNbTp260FZG/gtPcFELnL0KclmtPJ2Kf7Tk=.sha256
Re: %JAK5y+xv1

Deleting the ssb/db2/jit and ssb/db2/indexes folders and re-building the indexes did the trick. Thanks for the quick feedback @andrestaltz📱!

@luandro %O8ztOows6/EOQH3md82O3Ro93Ypl7HJzBavgJZkSSmM=.sha256
Voted I think I may have fixed it. I'll make a release this week
@luandro %XrFAjt5wJllKHaW1xV6oxvfDMzZintWH8w49B3NV9RE=.sha256
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@luandro %+4N9yRB4tGQDHfolE1RYf3xFGa0JUHCb+3uWUF91cn8=.sha256
Re: %SD7V1YmcW

This is beyond exciting @cft!!!!

I had some dificulties installing the firmware on my T-Beams when I tried many days ago, but will try again starting tomorrow. I'll hopefully test out here on the Arariboia Indigenous Territory together with the Guajajara, where we'll be able to get some great feedback.

You already have some Hermes nodes setup @BigHat-movil? That's really cool, it's technology I've always wanted to experiment with and see in action but never had the opportunity. @Nico Pace just put me and Peter in touch in order to sync around low-bandwidth tech, and how #mapeo could be a great use-case for having HF and LoRa working together. I'll keep you in the loop of the discussion, since I know you're interested and have the perfect use cases for all 3 technologies (HF, LoRa and Mapeo).

To answer your question, the software @cft has been working on is exactly for the use case presented here. Me and @elavoie worked together for some days on describing the user-stories as accurate as possible, back when I was visiting, and from there Christian started working on the software for the LoRa boards and the Android app single-handedly.

Really admire your work and how far you've taken this in such a short time Christian! Hope to contribute more in the coming days!

@luandro %Cf+3Py2qBAdmN5cGDvolZhRLVHBs3nfhgZlxy48nyvs=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) thi
@luandro %JAK5y+xv1sFCzjc1yN+IDWrBHTgjOS1h7AhvDMLDcqk=.sha256

Just loaded Manyverse on a new computer, and it's acting super weird, hope my feed hasn't been forked. Please someone confirm that I'm still going thru.

Whenever a click on a link to a post, or a comment on a post, Manyverse is taking me to random posts.... Very weird....

@luandro %uAqY9flPy4AwI7nObb3dk25gP9zOKrdEywbMLOyGDec=.sha256
Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ First day back since #dweb-camp and getting #covi
@luandro %GZ5rdXhBv2Bn8u9nBujKtpOWzw50A9idvKNnoYLfxiU=.sha256
Re: %XgZ3wTNYT

Good ol mate!

@luandro %+nyodnVwx0RRtOpIISEm+1Z+4URQkhGxbJnaqGp8mXU=.sha256
Voted ![a bowl of fresh cheese with some tomatoes and a cup of maté](&uaTWy2YTfBc
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Voted ![](&cQ2DdJCylvmEpO7fmiI0+g1wofrgx3GIsty3NZWBq6M=.sha256) Decided to use m
@luandro %JNscxnlqRdGrY297e7qFL/IJd3c4hTf+DiCMGUossWg=.sha256
Voted I'll be hosting #office-hours tomorrow, Sept 2nd, at 14:00 UTC, [Peach hour
@luandro %EtAtGlleIXkNjMRXQIfYG7T2RSxzhl5yTOCSk0K6cnM=.sha256
Voted Yesss, writing this on a local wifi network with a raspberry pi, running yu
@luandro %GqB4M+mG2CmmK8RPjvGWEUZDK0FMHiPZx/MxxvRna8I=.sha256
Voted [CW: ✨ Animated GIF for the new progress bar and Indexing screen] ![Animate
@luandro %W/IeM5EWFpHMBjltT6RaWeqKLROB1uDeFsESdKHg85w=.sha256
Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2209.2-beta **TL;DR:** Lots of bugs fixes for iOS and othe
@luandro %BBmP8UmI1Z3aoLPrb0F/LiBGHRPAQ1Fl3mYffaKcjbo=.sha256
Voted I just want to express as much gratitude as possible to the Planetary Team,
@luandro %W6BYCIVjRhPZXmqLW4l7zvHXzArQCJJA4RVuzn2SdDY=.sha256
Re: %t1JeiHIdd

Nice briefly meeting you at the beach @maackle! Since I also couldn't attend the main event, every hour of the post-event was very precious.

@luandro %aonlZ+qSGSG0lNlxyAXY4jCOBCOWCaJ4eFy9jQat6Pg=.sha256
Voted [@Powersource (phone)](@WuIiSwHyJS9v8EZ8RUL8Jgft9GSOPd02EvAaT+3U8oM=.ed2551
@luandro %R61Jn4vAOuRA5/O/A3UdotL88eo05xxgk9jNhxdnlsU=.sha256
Voted edit: 120 bytes, not bits
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Voted One minute jam of the day nr. 115 flyoverstate ![audio:flyoverstate.mp3](
@luandro %MgW3fmFyk2mQC47B8siIf4d8q4m68vz0Cv0sYQxOTGc=.sha256
Voted I'm borrowing an M1 MacBook Pro to work on nodejs-mobile things, and if any
@luandro %8o69r62zGVZel6mraol2gvO/3IAgSfhXjkzWl2r5IRY=.sha256
Voted Holy shit tinySSB
@luandro %EiIA5+dqRIXUfhRvAOq52eZPyZviQVQWb+itO3juD7Q=.sha256
Voted undefined
@luandro %SEEvZB6vNBAhmqAlVJncje3BIqB0CiwlWR3+VtlYzpA=.sha256
Voted About to board first flight to #dwebcamp Ziva wants to go home already
@luandro %BT5Z185u3/ZjRzO74nlmSXUY4wfYOd8eu1EFiwS0VIQ=.sha256
Re: %qFNcTzefA

Their kubesail ecosystem seems like an interesting spin of yunohost.

@luandro %2vC6fKSeTEqxoN9/mfmDgCVeuihI5+jfgyxhk6Y5HQ0=.sha256
Voted (*already has barely used rpi 3*) this looks mighty interesting 👀 https:
@luandro %wqtyX2DDdHtZgr9N3BBOeoYn17wCWotyOVKQGOdp9Sc=.sha256
Voted ![](&981FOCqFmS05RsKQHbAq2HcOXkDqf3eHAgNlZPDKQ/o=.sha256)
@luandro %/eejsH0wqGQb0vDAM3Ppp3udJ7qr9GmUg1oPEQX15U8=.sha256
Voted ![](&jXEVgkiue6tho6RPIA7rPMX1Gav3RC6OVX8zO1EG/hE=.sha256) The bell pepper
@luandro %M30aY0s0OVnDSwPDZwFSxpzujOBp7t3SXSp6fSnd2U4=.sha256
Voted ![IMG_0012.jpg](&BLF5egwETFmz3zC6+/DnA7SqVB8SmO91jVjKzLUNYxU=.sha256) A mi
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Voted ![](&XH116XK5XNOqDvQPIRwZZXYUIcWFZFAm378qaCJUYT4=.sha256) Ate some green p
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Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ started working on the [Snapshot profile details
@luandro %mzlh3xijMWXKFBCROFnVM789J4RDSsAUv/0CTp2zkKc=.sha256
Voted reminds me I need to try getting iOS set up 😓
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Voted Let's admit it: the state of #Manyverse on iOS is horrible. Not enough pixe
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Voted ![Photograph of an LG DualUp monitor on an office desk](&ArfHcRA+WVspkuzXEn
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Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2208.5-beta ![A graphic design where there is a phone on t
@luandro %vdJYGxss85gEZT+O5Pir8h/aVksrJxcdZeoyYnfPwLQ=.sha256
Voted Inspired by a convo I had with [@glyph](@HEqy940T6uB+T+d9Jaa58aNfRzLx9eRWqk
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Voted ![image.png](&/pVptQ2cLUUK+RQC8tfMCTzYviJBXdWMUvUmN4063v4=.sha256) Behold:
@luandro %XXJmXlK2pvs8xMtvnqT398MXBOM2EL9zN7CuLqBaxqU=.sha256
Voted One minute jam of the day nr. 106 dasisheavy ![audio:dasisheavy.mp3](&MAw
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@luandro %AFLkEsnNSQp6RoYTXFgeOTVNc/OShUEBh/wk8yI5A94=.sha256
Voted Resharing this very cool site/essay by [@Zach!](@ZqH7Mctu/7DNInxuwl12ECjfrA
@luandro %yTZgOiSCYw0teV3fcOumCJDtyRQWnQdS/1jLBl0nV2Q=.sha256
Voted Looking forward to catching up with some of you again 😊 #holochain folks s
@luandro %4gAN9mRU2UsBDIB8+DWxN3eTqVt9g6QeeaiXUQDscMs=.sha256
Voted Leading up to the #dweb-camp I've been thinking a lot about what #scuttlebu
@luandro %K6Nm57Q7iEnnvg9NEdKQCWZ15wjOgLtffiG6tlPjetQ=.sha256
Voted - Desktop: - Manyverse:
@luandro %2ONLrxX9IPzTpcQo1fEcpQUnPItBsQ/iRpTLP7N/Boo=.sha256
Voted Yes, agree and confirm Telegram has better APIs. I would not want to push f
@luandro %0NBKXsvN+yXv8o6XBLP0QWco5/I4dnvIGdGYF9zAW5E=.sha256
Re: %kmq4dgwyk

Excited to see any of the options used! Make the API layer as thin as possible to be able to experiment with all 3 :)

@luandro %zBrFCBff+/BR952TV04J7Vkk2e/TauxYHDzq5LIasWk=.sha256
Re: %tPaduUxo1

Using Whatsapp is the lowest barrier to entry possible, is it's what everybody is using already. But relying on all it's limitations could make life hell.

A middle ground could be to use Telegram and create an interactive bot living in the could and running a distributed db just for redudancy at first. But no offline support at all there, and I think that might be a killer for this project.

@luandro %fd5YAVZHez/AKnV0eiSAL04Pu6JzJHraXw5IexZXBHc=.sha256
Re: %eZW79fC6W

I have some experience with using Pis as hotspots on communities. The wifi range is very short and it won't handle more then a few connected devices at a time. Which sould be enough for a small village, but would require to be connected to a router if more users are to be expected.

Good thing is that we have a good part of that work done with the p2p hotspot, which includes a ssb-go-pub, wifi, and captive-portal for 64 bits devices: Pis 3, 4 and Zero 2.

I'll buy a few Zero 2's to test while I'm in the US, also curious to know if they'll handle ssb. With NodeJS stack we won't be stuck to 64 bits only devices, and @andrestaltz's experiments show that there isn't a significant performance gain by changing languages.

I absolutely love the idea Mix, much easier then building for Android, solves the offline problem and helps with discovery. There's addtional harware + energy barrier, but can be minized thru aiming for low cost, energy efficient devices or simply putting an existing device to use. Even old/damaged phones can be used by running ssb on termux and creating an AP, captive-portal would only work on rooted device.

For syncing wifi-connect can be used, so that one Pi can connect to either the Internet or to another Pi's hotspot. That way someone can take the Wiki device to town everytime a sync is needed.

This should be enough to check if the UI concept is going in the right direction. This gives breath for a next round of funding where a native app could be worked on.

I'd be able to contribute to the project by setting up all the non-ssb related software to run on the Pi, since I expect it'll be mostly adapting the P2P Hotspot project.

@luandro %DoGkbEPxWLkmUhruKjria5GbCLJ92qtyrBVNQMkJDms=.sha256
Voted ![](&x4/Fw20u5raOmpnaNks8xxJ+HCTyOkbNNiKJ31+CHI4=.sha256) I was invited to
@luandro %EkCD/3GDDaovm69HEmVWlyh36T1+W7paZaQxt4xW+z4=.sha256
Voted ## Using blurhash to remember blocked feeds ![screenshot of an online tool
@luandro %x1061nwasTcao1ermryXl0M/lF1nIqaqGI9rVlTZYU8=.sha256
Voted 🎶 **** [![image.png](&sp
@luandro %Y/c0WHYBtpXcnPjh1NQC5oSA6kOyUkpVutrLBPj7jdU=.sha256
Voted ![](&gOxjEptnyanvx4TagzrUHp6fl7pSwYaWxL67KsCMi78=.sha256) Did some mountai
@luandro %WVCCxKjMZ6oLMIeh2bhAtcXY0igRCxG4/OKYjSKCyS8=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&eEF0NkRF3irF5QeqhQoELKq5/90vKOSvgLuF7RLWr2c=.sha256) Went to
@luandro %+wzrfsUhMN47TqUM1xCXexmKR1O7PjmIBIjT79pZvu8=.sha256
Voted Just submitted a workshop proposal for #dweb-camp. Came up with it during m
@luandro %C7Sj96OTkIareQTjjFL9NX2XwD7mhKrJH/fv/3zPybw=.sha256
Voted If you'd like to contribute, post your proposal on it's own thread (to give
@luandro %bpp7P0XCrspjuAWU5BfH0m6plWwR2z5AvX2g8q8LBRE=.sha256
Re: %snSDVZo90

Would love to see that happen, but I don't have the capacity to take it on though.

@luandro %wNhFG1VwchcfPqGcJZgfQUayj8Cvq70NKXUfS3Eddx8=.sha256
Voted cc [@staltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) [@cel](
@luandro %i2zNKwZxCw7EtEnSTVhjIaW33meS6lWPh1wNQDJpOeY=.sha256
Voted ## La Red Callejera
@luandro %SnqGFgSwa+OM753XGEySNc/Aisam4TtgJ/4doXIdUEw=.sha256
Voted ## ssb-db2 version 5.0.0 The #batts team has an announcement to make: we m
@luandro %WjaMaDtltMul8jNCGNUc+phnNM3W/Nl2E9LpbTi6oTM=.sha256
Voted ## Wi-Fi Direct experiment When Luandro was here in Finland, we chatted a
@luandro %fUhVrFLe9KQ+SHrp97nFn3auIawGeo+t3yijULSaXDM=.sha256
Voted ## Update Apart from [finishing the ssb-db2 refactor](%DrLpM6ehOGgkYmdiLcH
@luandro %W/G0wG0QWLD9VtYRJ5jehDAytUQTc3m3f1C5kVb4BB0=.sha256
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@luandro %Il0M9qg/i7CoAmsxtRKNQU8m5aEubtTtToTCwbwcSxg=.sha256
Re: %J1Y1nDUfe

ginger, wifi and maraca emojis seems pretty useful.... :ginger: :wifi: :maraca:

@luandro %V1nCV4WPx9gYnfzB7+Bv6iw9COITLJ9OdIrMHJWrj5U=.sha256
Re: %fvMz/4dAC

I'm on my flight back to Brasil :airplane: @andrestaltz was kind enough to wake up at 4am (the sun was up already) to drive me to the airport :pray:

My trip had to be shortned by 2 weeks as the #digital-democracy team thought it'd be good for me to present at the Coda event, which is part of the Pan-Amazonic forum which will be happening in Belém this week. I was very divided between spending more time in Europe and going to this important event in Brasil. In the end I let the team decide.

These past two months went by so fast, but had such amazing experiences. During my time in Catalunya it was great to finally meet @andrew 🐝 and a good part of the DD team in person. Also great to meet with @Bruno in person, after so many years collaborating in a distance.

In France @Ladislas was an amazing host and it was beyong inspiring to learn about all the social experimentation people are doing around the country side. Made me want to come to Europe more and experience the communal provisioning and the land sharing.

Finally met @Ana Rosa in person, and we also had a great time in country side Germany walking around the forest, eating white-sausages and drinking good beer :beer:

@elavoie had warned me about the cost of living in Switzerland, and I thought he was exagerating. But definately not, and he was very supportive, which made it possible for me to stay. It was an amazing week, where we started the collaboration I'm most excited about in the moment with @cft and @Etienne428 around voice communication over LoRa+SSB. And Erick is just an amazing person to exchange ideas and debate unusual topics, omega projects and collapse.

The 9 Euro ticket in Germany is the coolest thing ever. Was able to get from Basel to Berlin paying just that, although it took abour 16 hours on about 10 different trains and buses. @notplants was kind enough to host me in a very short notice, and the #p2panda group was also very nice to organize a meeting on the day I arrived. I got to meet a bunch of cool people and hangout with old friends such as @Aljoscha. Was also very amazing to hang out with Max and @wakest, who took me on a one-day anarchist tour around Berlin. Made me wish I had more time to learn more about the city and to pair on more code with Max.

Arrived in the Nordic countries with just one week left. @Powersource and his hacker/anarchist friends are amazing. Really enjoyed the Autonomous Tomorrows event, hanging out with @zelf and seeing her boat, and jamming at the anarchist-chess in a nice communal space in #malmö.

Arrived at Andre's house with just a few days to go, but it was enough to get to meet his adorable family and chill neighborhood in Finland. We had met before in an event in Brasil, but I felt we really got to connect to each other this time, I'm really grateful. We got to hangout at the amazing Helsinki library (everywhere should have something like it), hack on Manyverse, pick berries and obviously, have a sauna.

WIsh I had more time so I could reach @sonar and @crowsmobile, as well as get to visit more butts and attend more events. But I feel I'll be visiting this part of the world more from now on. Thank you amazing humans for making this trip so especial and life-changing :pray: :tada:

@luandro %W7d8WD6Bzx3/tle9JfiA4OCRjncICYpmSmBmXpLXQt8=.sha256
Voted > I’d also be up for having a chat about how to work with #scuttlego, as an
@luandro %dMByFtZ2nEeYersJCoaW1kpOJPuprnYevx8zzDN0OBA=.sha256
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@luandro %Zz/kNEymY0Z7k76SYPo7d9SZ6QkFfCm0nocco5IBLEI=.sha256
Voted ![](&ipu1j8rcaf9fnO96QFWy2MK6sbJt69S5OVf86eRzdLU=.sha256) #fungi #myco
@luandro %7TrbwbXwcZ7/c/QrrtRanbHBjFPupjv7qbqK6aC9lHs=.sha256
Voted [@RangerMauve](@tdeT1cU3xUQaD2Ne5Ox0Dndly50qS+c5+//Fl7tyPqg=.ed25519) > S
@luandro %cnSNFd1QjxQ5TdhpVPImmKO8ecm+SRariDEuUcIw3T8=.sha256
Voted One thing [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed
@luandro %TlBJKPUWT6E1eSTQY/PNJHzRyK6ftWyCJzAAN8joe38=.sha256
Voted # Un pub SSB pour connecter les francophones :) [](@BHNzXR
@luandro %H9naWyDW4wQVWaRNK3KnYZvv3ESpfVoymCmvByyw92Q=.sha256
Voted Happening now. **May Contain Hackers** ( is happening
@luandro %hSTdSgNNNapw+ojNXZh00ExS0iwgILi0sNAH+gOZQds=.sha256
Voted Kinda related but we're actively figuring out how to bundle SSB in #agregor
@luandro %wvlge6ic0vU5Z6831mnKmLXAeaXAuuTiY7qZRbsljt8=.sha256
Voted I win! ![zero internet speed](&qjs+mg56c4wOuozfiP7Muywt9LEP8bF3+PjGnGeI+FE
@luandro %74HtUQ5PUr2DFC3tgGfdCTP1FiTMz5ywk5AG5VOg5fw=.sha256
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@luandro %MSiMrRu7gj9P6hgs0a2/jhXGk/ZfnzOq1HVoQWKvmB0=.sha256
Voted My friend who used to mow the lawn for our little town used to say "my work
@luandro %CLwtfVigfpUGwiifb416ioR7/DRPrv8PbT7J79+a0/4=.sha256
Voted We would all like some order in our lives [@gme](@+Ne+Tt1mLcY+nR7NE14XNNgY1
@luandro %7WbVQxPAs5+54DiqPnjAk/D+SqwvY4Pz2pxAl/L1I6U=.sha256
Voted ![lady_rainicorn.gif](&FRraLK8ziIFg4B2SsKu9duSFzJLVcegU11LheLi5buE=.sha256)
@luandro %ay5iZCL08gDlFfkmwJcbBa2kY9TwtctYBSN4O7g5njc=.sha256
Voted Thanks a lot folks. I was just curious about what people were using. The en
@luandro %IEfgCzosp6LA7ByfD6rXmY5wEEp2pHjochGRe8UICQA=.sha256
Voted It's live y'all! contributions welcome cc
@luandro %rJbitsKRSqDtojC1AqVVJrGNOktuW1QNW+dSNKW6GnE=.sha256
Voted so i'm gonna print some Scuttlebutt stickers for #dweb 🐚 ( ℹ️ previous st
@luandro %rYGmH/JwfS9O5NLJ9qNjasbrlURFO30CLoFuZPRdCkU=.sha256
Voted Cos you have a beard and darker skin no doubt :/
@luandro %ayjAQ6/gHI1hL9EbX6Yf7eMoibJqQpZI/+pvAcFpljM=.sha256
Followed @wakest (Manyverse iOS)
@luandro %ZyrfnjpAqQDgPSV2UZAp8xs7c5MZLiYKiMopCe5cYhY=.sha256
Voted ![Digital sketch of a flying squirrel.](&bAXQlnIyQImJaL5r4oV1Vw0sTPsLYK0cgX
@luandro %275hjw2n3o2hPtlUrU2xo1InQL+sb6/x73oFPobVKYw=.sha256
Voted I wrote a standalone overview on binary linking schemes, the concept that p
@luandro %KWOvoUhlNbB1CslsZ1GuRoSqL1fYOjD5dImQf0x3qeY=.sha256
Voted #bamboo The #p2panda folks gave me the opportunity to flesh out some ideas
@luandro %fUkg2dXEF5WkTqo3QekjUfiO1+kCq5mEZqfYjqC4wxk=.sha256
Voted A couple of photos from recent rides. I'm close to reaching 1,000 km of tot
@luandro %nFRAg3vVlsSkErVebFTwroLx/wnUjpmQaK3MSHCRSlk=.sha256
Voted Oh no, you foiled my insidious plan of lurking for a while without being no
@luandro %RXZjL49Zwn4CE4CRKYDnQxOjaDy/Vvtruh0nrhsedkE=.sha256
Re: %g5RJ8mdYm

Manyverse on desktop and mobile²

@luandro %G5i7gNF94CJObGjJlbivheDm/sQ9qkznB79ysbokLJY=.sha256
Voted Truly a world tour you're doing
@luandro %z7WajUqug2lOpZNj1080jjyxWR4NK7ZMtorUyb0sce0=.sha256

All confirmed to be in #dweb, only risk is that I'll be arriving in the US one day before my Visa expires, which is legally ok, but the US is the US 🤞

I'll be arriving in San Francisco on the 11th at noon, and staying until the 15th, when I'll go to Seattle to meetup with @andrew 🐝 and the rest of the #digital-democracy team for a tech retreat.

Let me know if there are any butts up for hanging out and or hosting for 4 nights in the Bay Area, between 11 and 15 of Aug.

@luandro %dF7r1fEYQ1gOLkTAJr5FX2oRGU4fXOfGWWn6o9cQqJI=.sha256

I see @Aljoscha online in a room. Welcome back :heart: :heart:

Congrats on getting the setup working!

@luandro %bRrEatq5JVuTmP6V02TNHpXfT09TMu3gc/Xp/hWL4h4=.sha256
Re: %48ajtBwOW

Not much hope on recovering it, but def worth trying with professional data recovery... just not sure where to find those.

@luandro %sJOZOdH8fYZbaOtQv8+ScbLN54Hd92x5GFuV9bK5c8Y=.sha256
Voted ![](&kKtPl7q7DAWD/IE/B1yUgTq34ofpnX5984AWS/7y3kI=.sha256) Made a snack fro
@luandro %U76IiiYhexG6O/SkXVXkiULeVYrGQygteaTcd+jL8w8=.sha256
Voted I did something of the art in my Bachelor thesis for Tremola, an SSB based
@luandro %nRJ/9JpNLMj8q+xQa3eVJT1R15DEtZIRTzKjLYQJf5Y=.sha256
Voted For those interested in boat design and construction, this is a Wharram Hit
@luandro %2b/heQMpNv1BBdF6Dh6aEq00J1Se1kdcZzk4bWNMr6I=.sha256
Voted [@Ana Rosa](@CjOiq5+pGzQJVyMUCbhpSkqc4YTct+a21bdhjMfMAyE=.ed25519) i have s
@luandro %VdFKxBlhVM/uBCins5AYp5hotY03T2lTqaAnXo6gHOk=.sha256
Voted # Grid beam machine test drilling 🌳 🌀 > Work in progress view of the new
@luandro %RClgkbnLaWYLY5Z8qbqiWAmTD+d/cImjlRsbL2MdDcY=.sha256
Voted [@Ana Rosa](@CjOiq5+pGzQJVyMUCbhpSkqc4YTct+a21bdhjMfMAyE=.ed25519) wow this
@luandro %9FXVSCVn2A2wAJHQcfAtERohtZrhZmm3xw0tk+FVRy4=.sha256
Voted Excited to start the P2P Wiki project with [@risma](@UYyBSgcbRAlNxWZkuU0oCY
@luandro %SP6UWC5x6BUA2OCIEXKF89BSRTH7miebKMH9qIwq+RU=.sha256
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@luandro %EdhArargUVO7+0ErFsg8W4zcZrygd42BPDiZb3++zqk=.sha256
Voted omg! this is awesome! :D loving this travelogue.
@luandro %E8ve44kHp1rk/uwGbiwtG1qZWfRJZuTtnTWvTfsZLLo=.sha256
Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ lots more work on [ssb-storage-used plugin](https
@luandro %VTdWiLnuGu9pkzUlvsB/JgeQXd7cZoXlrhIvKWDjvxs=.sha256
Voted ## Funding the Commons Summit, NYC, 2022-06-25 ![ftc-myf-jessykate-cel.jpg
@luandro %4pVUhfrBZSUO3IL9N7Udse4M0zQLXhGht6tltVbJ4TI=.sha256
Voted KiezPilz has been forced to leave our community lab where we've been cultiv
@luandro %SZt/AlDJVk+zfv3LXOVj7kMbnWCI9wdrcvMdT7+D9nQ=.sha256
Voted There is a distribution of git-ssb which is the binary installer, that is d
@luandro %ZqHxO4/lZqCN1Qtd1+nQzhtHqB37Z8szxL2ht1ahIO0=.sha256
Re: %8SOqqTrj7

This is very cool, everytime I walk around cities I fantasize about things like this.

I thought @Kira had created a lib to sync ssb using a file. Can't find it though.

@luandro %PdXKk4fJy+yfqtPC8NKPcBvIH9JwaybK7Iv3MdwhitA=.sha256
Voted ## Dead Drops Not new at all, but new *to me*. I'm
@luandro %s4zlUVSWIBFd+kUCBMiZfRT7xTyCZU4jqfYNxoZD7Ik=.sha256
Voted And I forgot to write that I haven't been using soap to wash my body in the
@luandro %HT7aekLRxMS4s+ofxmbrKwR64yIGXYtDaWS2tQ+m/WI=.sha256
Voted [Lower Lewis Falls](
@luandro %Ovqzdd+rn1c0waN0425yVmnZlJS/QiDLsNhIqlmyJfI=.sha256
Voted [@cel](@f/6sQ6d2CMxRUhLpspgGIulDxDCwYD7DzFzPNr7u5AU=.ed25519) It's nice to
@luandro %HOpdJgneoq4kUHhH4/tJP/Jtt6QGBdrZRktVTun0qNw=.sha256
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@luandro %iZMCvsKiK/QjAFs7PuA2zrK7FFLXtoBp5eQFd0cY/ME=.sha256
Voted # Planetary Go Dev Diary For context I will start this update with a descr
@luandro %Wp70ZMm7PoW0TCnSCYAiB+A73r1HN7YxUQBClYGYqBs=.sha256
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@luandro %5Y6KZW7fAfwMrVIIlKT4E8S5y2itOIEIue3YMRtI+RM=.sha256
Re: %hGMlIv8Ip

Curious about what you can do with that setup.

@luandro %zDFE+ndZ0hB2njlbqhY6h4c3kOxrxORtZ7I1mf1XfPE=.sha256
Voted ![planetary attachment no.1](&QhCVHSj7kYiqm3UtYilTGUx4jjO0dWKTNTJVq/BQqsU
@luandro %+dz8du94tNeiVPpQhXffvncnrL6sMm5MLmpuRu2VxzM=.sha256
Re: %JASM7ZkXa

Rice and beans

Solar oven cooking beans

Can't believe I had rice and beans in Europe, been missing it so much! And all cooked with the sun ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Thank you for being such an awesome host @elavoie!

@luandro %qMqkcqLE3sQO8O51yNxmI5uzESfSBXojs7WC9fY7yHo=.sha256
Voted # Luandro's Visit to Basel and Lausanne [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76g
@luandro %euFHvfjtbSl1jhFo+wCMtnZoO8HX+x+P7rbwxJxcsxg=.sha256
Voted [@Mix Android](@G98XybiXD/amO9S/UyBKnWTWZnSKYS3YVB/5osSRHvY=.ed25519) Yes
@luandro %eW8/R5f5GVWlXLJCIJi/rofqNPW0OnwNHv5p+LChoKI=.sha256
Voted I've started *dogfooding*. Which means there is now a website, visible on t
@luandro %vbsQjkJbWDMdqG0zcqpZVUC3HTVHAbAK62dypAUm1+I=.sha256
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@luandro %43JFoYKbQDIh0XV1l+rDK5XK6fovBBZeG9eEqWeXzJU=.sha256
Voted **E:** Just went for a trial session of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at a local gym,
@luandro %RoB4gawNuJeoiH3hPMOwQfVDfzyRAl2D5qJ/kt/o+9o=.sha256
Voted Yesterday we did about 70km from Hamburg and stayed in a forest near Zeven.
@luandro %crc7W02ljLOjPPoSr1CxzFK6bKNoX5/kvEiW2qj0GA4=.sha256
Voted Looks like I will be on my bike for the next handful of weeks! Doing Hambur
@luandro %epAZMksulgenCYjjg89q5W4jH4A//aWiVzRjDn4UVoM=.sha256
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@luandro %A7WxYwvj0P4Td42Pl4K3SIBXcBrJv/j4m8xuRrWVXMA=.sha256
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@luandro %9R2Xb+ZqZa28XMSk8GbIFV+qfWOcgEo37709c2v7DCY=.sha256
Voted I caught up with [Ethan Zuckerman]( to talk abou
@luandro %A6251L5OS5Gw/EcqcMuuO6TlLYNXeYLTj8EjN16doRA=.sha256
Re: %RY+HFs/w2

Toggling airplane mode is what I do, so totally agree with Andre, that having a toggle for gossiping would be ideal.

@luandro %q/Z18trmOyBUvC09f6KdJxOLUIAb20djecTpQt81Wxg=.sha256
Voted Oh yeah, we should build this in Manyverse as a offline/online toggle. Of c
@luandro %pknME7i2vmXnO9NwIEe6CeiOCwpkgeTAmPE9cIrRO+s=.sha256
Voted ![taking the ferry to cross river elbe](&5TSIcZN11buhq0XLpXBenxdeUltBWXzh2q
@luandro %Wf1cY+3bXhyoFyDoeeCxQkwjrvMRo5V+xoMDpnOEmEo=.sha256
Voted # Give Up GitHub
@luandro %D2g0ddOSYXPTT7q1S0UBx10H7HTD6kbqPR5/I9Lkf5o=.sha256
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@luandro %ljLtCo6AsFleBuYz6WHumy8dt+JtE1AHQKjqZKB6US8=.sha256
Voted [@Mix Android](@G98XybiXD/amO9S/UyBKnWTWZnSKYS3YVB/5osSRHvY=.ed25519) parti
@luandro %CY+3pU70ZIhfJIKzVOYJB7yqBkBcMexT7zX1M9GbN1Q=.sha256
Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2207.5-beta 🎉 Feature: show introducer below acquaintanc
@luandro %YvPkEnwLzeY+YL0HIiwu0pvLyXmrVWuFz5yG4evUc58=.sha256
Voted Really ironic considering how much we work on autonomous data infrastructur
@luandro %j54tiM1CwwMMOsYKUpn1ItTOJnmZfhPt24BzzXmUmSo=.sha256
Voted # Shadow Packets (part 1/3) This writeup explains a core design choice of
@luandro %1zXYMAv69vkTodVbm1S++YyPB6MonFqbqioY6Yn5VNY=.sha256
Voted # Introducing ScuttleSort: incremental untangling These past days (weeks..
@luandro %rbGGV0tMreqa0H7IaQx1BHLM0cWOX+MWv6fvtISWsYQ=.sha256
Voted ![](&fmQ7+YKl1vF+uPJ0T5jSMX8pZTZ+05IIHmmL5PiSaGY=.sha256) [@dinoworm 🐛](@
@luandro %2VeIwcMEKjY+VH6sxdDZBD2GYYKefgBnqzI9+IpCWqI=.sha256
Re: %i+HrFNmmE

Hmmm... true true. I've been leaving my phone on Manyverse running for hours and still indexing... If it were a replication problem it wouldn't be stuck on indexing, would it?

@luandro %NdVNoxEtN2ino1OMAdvHQOy50PqziDHi3wxf7TN+OBM=.sha256
Re: %i+HrFNmmE

Donno if related to this release or more general problem. My Android is forever stuck on "Building database indexes".

Is this a known issue? Is there a way to solve it besides wiping all data?

@luandro %5UBK0jQd+HY8J4ewYZHAhUhcSRHjSKpEQ07wwJoTfbk=.sha256
Voted The development of Tremola (SSB Android client) has continued, we hope to m
@luandro %BUQQG7/sMyTV0MfyZ9sU1908LG+VsbyOL88jSE+HbsU=.sha256
Voted ![](&cuC6co88eAPEyVGugDauCL7rZ0rjnncaOIlocN0rHFE=.sha256) ![](&XLgEmB19k6s
@luandro %u6wzopyGHNdu9P8hYHRv0NgllTgF2BSWu3E+VW5KK4k=.sha256
Voted This is gonna be a messy thing which evolves I think. I just need videos ho
@luandro %81QrqwrtuGbGkbsp51oudwP1BxRSoMb6qVruFGZNdCY=.sha256
Re: %Kn1yjgA8e


First release :tada: :tada:

TL&DR: Check out how to deploy your own at the project repository

I took the opportunity of the DD retreat in Catalunya to finally #crabmeet with @Bruno and work on our first release for P2P Hotspot.

Luandro & Bruno workstation

We were able to do a 3 day coding sprint, which was just enough to put the finishing touches to what we had been working up until then.

Here's a brief explanation of all the parts we had to work on:


Initially the plan was to create something focused for #community-networks, but since we lacked the necessary research on broader community needs as Nico had to put all his focus on family, we decided conceptualize something different.

Since this is a project funded by SSB community, we thought it would be better to make this a device which can be used by anyone who would like to onboard neighbors, friends or attendees in an event or workshop, to FOSS and peer-to-peer technologies.

Hardware support

We had quite a list of the most affordable SBCs that we'd like to support, and Bruno had bought a few to test out. But as it became clear that Go SSB doesn't support 32bits, and that Balena updated with less frequency devices other then Raspberry Pis, we decided to focus on the Raspberry 3 & 4 (maybe Pi Z W2).

They support 64 bits, have their base OS regularly maintained by Balena and are the most popular devices out there anyway.

We know this is an issue considering the lack of availability of Raspberries, and versions for other SBCs like Banana PI and Odroid are on the to-do list.


Pi 3 with WiFi dongle

The original wifi-repeater project written in Typescript was almost good enough as it was. There were a few modifications needed, such as adding support for no-password.

Being written in Typescript makes it easy to modify in the future. The alternative, wifi-connect written in Rust seems more robust but needed more tweaking and non of us had enough confidence with Rust to attempt it.

This piece is responsible for creating the access point, and also enables the device acting as a repeater with an additional compatible WiFi dongle connected to it.


A captive-portal is the best way to make content easily discoverable by people connecting to an access point, so quite a lot of energy was put into this.

Bruno had found and modified a simple Python implementation, which worked very well, but had a few quirks that needed resolving, such as getting host IP, adding CORs support, downloading and serving an external static website and ajusting a few of the iptables rules.

At some point I re-wrote everything in Nodejs, uniting the captive-portal and wifi projects into one, but it wasn't working as expected for unknown reasons, so we dropped it.


P2P Hotspot portal opening thru captive-portal on phone

The idea with the portal was to provide documentation for onboarding to FOSS and P2P tools in a storytelling format, with easy-to-follow steps, providing all the necessary installers, links and even the SSB pub invite to users.

The content is all written in Markdown, so it can be easily edited and is multi-lingual (English and Portuguese for now).

SSB Go Pub

The main challenge with creating a SSB Pub in Go the served out needs was in the details. First we needed to expose the generated invite in some way. So I added an Apache server that exposes jsons with pub details, including the invite.

Second, to achieve our desired user-flow where once connected to the local pub users are automatically connected to the broader network, we needed to have the ssb server automatically connect to pubs and rooms set in the Balena environmental variables. It was a bit enigmatic at first but it worked!

Known bugs

  • Having the portal running on port 80 made the captive-portal stop working, so we had to change it to port 8081
  • At some point the friendly local domain, http://p2p.local stopped working for unknown reasons
  • Although the captive-portal works, Internet blocking doesn´t, this could be seen as a feature or an issue

Future plans

  • Make it offline-first
  • Make a WiFI repeater solution (for venues without ethernet availability)
  • Make a version which is 32bits compatible
  • Add Pi-Hole to ad-block and manage custom domains together with a proxy, such as nginx-proxy-manager
  • Explore WiFi managing such as Rasp AP
  • Integrate #peachcloud front-end

Feedback welcome

We are aware that there are still a lot of rough edges, but we are eager to find out what uses the community can give to it, and how we can make it better.

If you have a Raspberry Zero 2, 3 or 4 please test this out by going thru the documentation on the repository and let us know what you think.

If you want some support join this Telegram group. We can prepare you a ready to burn image which gives us access to your device so we can help debugging.

@luandro %KKXvQz8udFZc0afcaPgYw3yb0/TsqHGVN+oCRdmGyJo=.sha256
Voted Was talking with [@dinosaur.thinkpad](@DUuG1ivTjZqtPYlDXHukLqsCDvjq5lkYmuZo
@luandro %K+DL0IYgNh0+vxJWQa6Burg4r1Kv8VkgGR+LosMoNAo=.sha256
Voted here is an example app published using #ssb-webify. i still use this to shr
@luandro %5wosXsRmuoMZcj2a4e6jLxK0eC9BMoQyniAT8T17Z8w=.sha256
Voted @kira made #ssb-webify and it was this to an extent, publish webpages as ss
@luandro %ThgBY/IF6nbYmsiQBFYkfqRanI2hdA0pVsGduxuFKn4=.sha256
Voted Beaker was really ahead of its time 🥲 Haven't used Aggregore recently but
@luandro %dLsXzupwlI7sjd0FoEJw8VlHbMSctrGpR/oqAkl+UZQ=.sha256
Voted **Reflecting on an app ecosystem** Previously I've written how I think SSB
@luandro %0tlZgsN2T3rMlNJFgI3Wv6HAHicOwH9PbzqnDo9IyqE=.sha256
Re: %48ajtBwOW

Yea, now I can think o a thousand ways of safely backing up stuff... just to late :(

@luandro %6I66dLgkH2HIRmhlx9woDGwfYMSdAmKYzRrSjCSxiFI=.sha256
Voted FWIW, I use [Syncthing](, and sync between my phone a
@luandro %48ajtBwOWI+7FZLW88khs0+iZJwgSJHEO0DB/FdHMII=.sha256

The Western Digital 1TB SSD I've been using to run my OS suddenly died while I using the computer :(

Seems to be quite normal with this ssd. And no way to recover 😶

I had a spare SSD that I just installed a new OS, but was caught by surprise, and hadn't backed up anything. Luckily I had the mnemonic phrase for this Manyverse identity.

Haven't been able to find the mnemonic phrase for my crypto wallet anywhere, so I guess that's gone... the left over crypto I had were savings for my daughter in the future 🤮

Still not sure about what else I might miss. Let's wait and see what else is gone for good 😰

@luandro %bXsS8w/gMxe7ig2SP4yfoBjOnJKaym3N1dbgnUSdN14=.sha256
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Voted #hiking in a #colombian #paramo ![planetary attachment no.1](&db8tGjYgsmfM
@luandro %d4dnJN8iyb1/b4owrZImHkHXsa8GuBYH1bG2ppkcYls=.sha256
Voted Lurking a bit more. Planing to be a bit more active in the next 2 month at
@luandro %w93GkcQU0K7DdQ+A9K33h+sA099HqAOnGkCQnKy1tYw=.sha256
Re: %RcRZlMXdc

Coolab team and Krahô volunteers working on setting up the BTS structure

After having practiced in the classroom, Wôôcô was able to wire-up and connect all the parts by himself.

By the end of a very busy day we had everything wired and the BTS resting safely on it's pole on top of the association's roof.

BTS on a pole on top of the Kajre Association house

But unfortunately the setup failed for two reasons:

  • at the last minute the BSC stopped communicating with the BTS
  • we had the wrong antenna setup

While playing with the BTS and giving the workshops in the classrooms we were turning on the machine without adding the antennas, as the transmitting power is very high and can be harmful.

Before the BSC stopped communicating, we had everything installed on the right place and running for a while. We finally added the panel antenna, but the range was even shorter then without it.

We still don't know the exact cause, as we haven't had the time to investigate again since it. But when the BSC also started failing, the sun was already starting to fade away and we were all very tired from days of workshop, traveling around the territory, and the full-day setup.

Uncertain that we would be reimbursed for the trip we had to leave the next day, a bit unhappy that we were not able to leave a working 2G community network, but also with many lessons learned, both about the technical parts, but most importantly about the human parts of dealing and organizing with the community.

Today, several months later, our Krahô partner Wôôcô is still very excited about the network and has been making an effort to write a project explaining the needs of the community and has even bigger dreams of connecting more distant, strategic parts of the territory

I hope we continue working with them and have the opportunity to get some funding to try executing what might be the first community cellular network in Brasil.

@luandro %RcRZlMXdckrKhK2E0jvLp7c/mnojbNNpX+RzJNBzYE0=.sha256

Continuation from %hMC/Ix/...

Community Mobile Cellular Network :phone: 📡

Hiure on top of the roof setting up the BTS

On the second week of December 2021, part of the #coolab team (me, @Hiure and Tânia) assembled at the Krahô Indigenous Territory with a few objectives:

  • presenting the Krahô territory and their peoples to our team
  • gathering information on the impact of the previous visit
  • experimenting with a new technology to us, GSM networking

Back in 2015 @Bruno and many others involved with #community-networks received funding from Commotion Wireless, to organize Fumaça Data Springs, where they deployed a WiFi mesh as well as a 2G network at the Fumaça community, in Rio de Janeiro state. Unfortunately they took the 2G down fearing the legal consequences.

We had some fun with the equipment at the last Coolab camp 2019, where we were able to successfully get it working, which resulted on close by phones connecting to the network and automatically having their clocks updated to wrong date/time. It messed up the event schedule, but it was really cool to be able to setup local numbers and make phone calls and send SMSs for free.

But we were missing an opportunity to actually put it to real community use, as few pre-requisites were necessary:

  • somewhere without any cellular coverage
  • isolated enough as to not attract attention by local telecoms
  • have a community willing to take the risk of operating an illegal cellular network

Child sitting in the ground in front of Krahô mud houses

The Krahô seemed like the perfect place, and after a few exchanges with Kajre Association representatives we started planning a visit and installation at the Krahô capital, the Pedra Branca village. Hiure, his eldest daughter and Tânia crossed 2000Km from Monteiro Lobato (São Paulo) to Itacajá (Tocantins). I was coming from the opposite direction, North of Brasil, and met them at the city of Palmas. At the village, our local contact Wôôcô and his family had a house to host us.

Pedra Branca village seen from above a hill

Pedra Branca is the largest village in the territory, with over 500 people. The village had a Tapera (abandoned village) next to it, and it is being re-occupied, making the village's shape like an 8, with two of the traditional sun-shaped villages stuck next to one another.

As of Krahô tradition, the first thing we did was to meet at the , the village center where assemblies are held daily, and explain to the male representatives of the families what the purpose of our visit was. The village Pahi (chief), who used to be a good friend of mine, had recently changed, and they were in a bit of a state of disarray, with alcoholism going out of control again.

Acostumed to having Cupém (non-indigenous) promise a lot and deliver nothing, they unfortunately seemed to be more interested in having us "baptized" as Krahô, so that we buy loads of meat for the whole community, then in our work. But they were overall excited, despite the idea of a self-controlled cellular network being too abstract to most.

Me explaning about antennas and showing the village on a computer screen

The 2G system we have is composed of 3 parts. The BTS (Nuran LiteCell 900), which is the device which actually creates the 2G signal. The BSC, which nothing more then a computer running the necessary software to control the BTS, which has been assembled into a LiveDistro image by Rhyzomatica. And last, but not least, the antenna to propagate the signal.

Wôôcô had been the Krahô with the most comfort around computers that I've met. After setting up the equipment and getting everything running, he very quickly picked up on how to use the admin panel to create new local phone numbers, add credit and so forth.

Wôôcô setting up BSC equipment

We had to wait for a few days for the Kajre representative who had access to funding and the right contacts around the region in order to acquire the needed infrastructure items that were missing to setup the equipment in it's final place, in the association house, which is strategically in between the two parts of the village.

The deployment day was also the last we had in the village. So it was a bit hectic. The last items arrived just on time and we got some volunteers to help out with setting up the infrastructure where the BTS would be stuck too.


@luandro %2nKdCzn/9ZcRP52hLacbIsc//V6VlOCyEugMconGE9k=.sha256

#meli-bees presents:

International Decolonial Journey in Ochsenhausen

International Decolonial Journey in Ochsenhausen

We invite you to join our journey in Ochsenhausen! You can also join the conversations online.

Register here

To reflect on the possibilities for decolonial international cooperation, we will focus on the Arc of Regeneration. We will bring the local voices and invite you to join (online and offline) conversations about the context, challenges and opportunities in the region.

Day 02.07 (online and offline)

Special highlight to: CXC Anniversary!

We will celebrate the 10 years of ChangeMakerXchange (CXC) together with conversations bringing us close to nature and to reflections that are crucial for Change Makers!

13h: Open doors and picture exhibition #Journey, #AmazonVoices #Connect

15h: Opening talk #Journey #Decolonize
Welcome to the event. Share the five guiding topics.
Together, think about the goals and expectations for this event.

16h: Decolonial Tech #Decolonize #Connect
Luandro Vieira, from Digital Democracy will host a discussion about Decolonial Tech.
How can we challenge tech colonialism and support communities to use tools to map and monitore their areas? How can we build a safe internet?

Day 14.07 (online and offline)

15h: Open doors and picture exhibition #Journey, #AmazonVoices #Connect

16h: Walk in the Ochsenhausen Forest #Nature
Reinhold Lehnemann will guide us around the nature in Ochsenhausen.

19h: Amazonian Biodiversity #Journey #Decolonize #Nature
Gabriel Costa will host a discussion about the biodiversity in the Amazon region.

Day 30.07 (online and offline)

13h: Open doors and picture exhibition #Journey, #AmazonVoices #Connect

14h: Movie Colônia Gurupi #Journey, #AmazonVoices
Open a conversation about the first movers in the Amazonian region together with the directors of the movie Colônia Gurupi, followed by watching the movie.
Final discussions after the end of the movie.

16h: Direct connection with the region: short online call with the Regenerative Agriculture workshop happening in the Frei Henri community

18h: Share Amazonian Indigenous stories #Journey, #AmazonVoices
Some stories from communities in the Amazon area will be shared.

Day 31.07 (offline only)

13h: Open doors and picture exhibition #Journey, #AmazonVoices #Connect

15h: Movie Pureza #Journey, #AmazonVoices
Movie about modern slavery in the Amazon shows the story of Pureza, who left Maranhão to look for her son and free him from modern slavery. Movie discussion.

18h: Final conclusions about the event

19h: Concert Cobra Venenosa #Journey, #AmazonVoices
Listen to Amazonian music and rhythms.

@luandro %syMbYgKXTXG9bFj+ColTGcllWtWl02w22MC+Jx0j3xE=.sha256
Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2206.27-beta ✅ Bug fix: crash upon startup, `ssb-db2#358`
@luandro %TQlektvFDGe1JqTKFxFV52P86URtNRKIEOgx1g8+xxI=.sha256
Voted ## oh deer had a new visitor last night ![ohDeer.jpeg](&A1zU13q26gHSgu1ny
@luandro %SQxAO86NrwZmS6UJyjlWsmn6NoNZlPfSrUVSM7wGch8=.sha256

Connecting peoples of the Earth: Tenetehara

Meli team and Jona's family

Thru Meli Bees Network, @Ana Rosa's organization, and together with Jonas Guajajara, a brilliant indigenous leader and beekeeper, we wrote to the Open Call: Bring Decentralized Tools to Your Community with a proposal to assist the Tenetehara of the Arariboia Indigenous Territory in strengthening their community and protecting their forest thru the use of P2P tools, more specifically #mapeo.

On April 2022 we received notice on that we were accepted just as I was arriving in São Luís, capital of Marahão, where Arariboia is located. I was traveling just to meetup with a friend and enjoy some rest time in my favorite city (reggae capital of Brasil) and one of the most beaultiful places in the world, Lençois Maranhenses, before leaving the country for a few months. But it was too much a coincidence, and I don't believe in coincidences.

Ana put me in touch with her mother, Cinthia, who's a storyteller also contributing to Meli, and very quickly, together with Jonas, we organized a lightning visit to Barreirinha village. We rented a car, and after an 8h ride we were there.

Jonas drawing a map of his community

Jonas and his family hosted us with lots of care and hospitality, giving us a small house to set our hammocks. Arariboia is a enormous territory, divided in 9 regions, and the Tenetehara (known as Guajajara) are one of the largest indigenous populations in Brasil.

The main objective of our short 4 day visit was to get to know the territory and bond with the community. Also to give some basic training on Mapeo, and how they can use it for their needs.

Me presenting to the community

The community as well as visitors gathered in an open communal space, and we started by having a representation of their territory on a map.

From there we went thru an activity to understand how the Internet works and the risks involved with the centralization and misuse of data. That opened the doors to explaining peer-to-peer and why it's important, specially when connectivity isn't broadly available and when dealing with sensitive community data. Everybody was very participative, young and old, it was very gratifying.

Jonas and his brother Jo using Mapeo

Mapeo was introduced, and Jonas and his brother Jo explained how they had planned to use it to map forest resources and the sting-less bees that they work with as a strategy to bring back awareness about their surroundings to the communities. That in turn would help with the protection of the forest as well as open doors to sustainable economic activities gathering forest resources.

Map of the community with dreams for the future

We also went very quickly thru a visioning of community dreams and started sketching a Plan Vida (Life Plan), so that we can actually understand how digital tools can help achieving communal needs, plans and autonomy, instead of disrupting it, which is unfortunately much more common.

Collage of different leaves from important species from the forest

In order to create custom Mapeo configurations for the community, Jonas gathered leaves of all the species he and the community thought would be relevant to map. We took pictures of them with a white background, so that they could be rasterized as svgs and used in Mapeo.

The visual aspects is very important as many community members are mostly of oral tradition, so they would be able to choose the right species just by recognizing the icon instead of having to read the names.

Trees mapped using Mapeo

Some weeks after we left they started doing mapping expeditions, and have already gathered lots of data.

We have a second visit planned, where we'll spend more time, and better prepare a workshop for a wider audience from the whole Arariboia territory.

It'll give time for Jonas and his close partners to assess the use of Mapeo, and how we can make better use of it and other tools.

We also have planned on connecting the village to a broadband connection, spreading it thru a mesh network and setting up a #community-server to safe-guard the use of the Internet, as learned from the experience with the Guarani.

Looking forward to the continuation of this project, and collaborating more with Ana Rosa, Jonas and their networks/communities :star:

@luandro %wujdfp8O1e5A7krFfXDLA6RPRBrFvm1TO+8HUwIKaW0=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) T
@luandro %1R2GNsYRG3nNrQ9VE2DBth3HacZ3sh92wA3O9+7r/Uc=.sha256
Voted Stepping up my sticker game ![](&uuyY+QuLbWjz+73nWIF3AZHAB2n28bpxMiJH8R4O7
@luandro %ZykT6Lnnufj8w5u8hzlQb8OstcNGiVJimYLevkSt1Fc=.sha256
Voted I’m heading to New York and then Boston to give a talk at MIT. Unfortunatel
@luandro %067CGXRr6tFUPUWksgkRMckB6ecD/mS3yOboWUo8wvY=.sha256
Voted ![planetary attachment no.1](&AkyENdgCHvtqb8DRSiYUpIfBp6AS37zR4GfeZsd3hRg
@luandro %12a5eZIBG+/pOifSMIuQlnrJ0MycaX0kYnsN+CwTwfA=.sha256
Voted Can finally put this out there since things have been confirmed, but super
@luandro %p2iH1NB9gvp0/YeDVGqur/fNyobcaPHalSvpwH/p42M=.sha256
Voted ![coffee](&+XcOp0Lvi/wdXCTDH87MMt9wRzE+ipZOhzHBOhAnixQ=.sha256) But first,
@luandro %LEifKmlIf9Igwfh8nsvokX985BBSj9LVSPA8kHcHrm0=.sha256
Voted Is there funding to send [@Luandro Android](@fGWzOR/FXU3Acbn4P65CpMewJIynFy
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Re: %+nOf3UO3l

Sorry didn't get the joke lol

@luandro %ZkcUG+6Hw0E2EU0NSIYxnucp/g9VKE47NO+RVivrLbE=.sha256
Voted Of course, I was joking. Trying to provoke the French 🥖
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Voted “A huge steampunk sentient machine in the shape of a mango and jackfruit tr
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Voted today we got confirmed we are part of the grant program! so something is co
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Voted today we got confirmed we are part of the grant program! so something is co
@luandro %6kkBOpBEpd2PgcMd4D9CcJSxBAq8lDXYZUfylVhIUco=.sha256
Voted today we got confirmed we are part of the grant program! so something is co
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Re: %B+42h1R6M

Yup! I don't think we have rocky beaches in Brasil. I'm very amazed how beaultiful the sea is in the Costa Brava of Catalunya. The water is very cold (compared to Brasil), but not unbearable.

I really like the food, so many fruits that are usually very expensive in Brasil, and hams and cheese are amazing and they all seem very fancy, despite being regular price. Our DD colleague's father grows a lot of overral fruits, olives and grapes. So it's just been amazing to eat all fresh, organic, as much as you want.

The sea food and snacks are also very good. Lots of shrimp, and shrimp-like things, octopus and octopus-like things. Overral great experience thanks to our amazing host.

@luandro %xJP1GEqQR3zQpFGDvI/AferrY4cx5d2ytSmI8FIvhfk=.sha256
Voted This is an European beach. Stones instead of sand. :sweat_smile:
@luandro %KnTTGS6jE9kLl3EHYF2zsCkH5C5sL1UME69v3BEhKls=.sha256
Voted # SSB Onboarding Session - Prior Art A group of us are planning a Meet and
@luandro %MGh21IVKeKBGO6FxAhEWQ1ErssQt47mo4DljtIDFW4M=.sha256
Voted # UK Crab Meet(s) After three years of hibernation I've gotten my Butt to
@luandro %VtIboqB2vLJBNJZkcucRAgbwUoGHrlPdFnu6WO9esow=.sha256
Voted Booked flights Am coming to #dwebcamp Looking fwd to seeing some of you
@luandro %Ar1kuZEadEEEv0TKP6aUZPGVnHfA4zgE+Fz0aSo8e40=.sha256
Voted looking at a git log today in Ahau and found this cute initial commit: ![l
@luandro %G9woAWWz2I2SGjm/BLEl41+6FcizPrMmU5JkQJY9UuA=.sha256
Voted Please post crab-meet photos!
@luandro %EjaoVcCHasa5VMHw3ljo/TLjL3dli6R71/b2t21Pj4c=.sha256
Voted I'll be there!
@luandro %ZbfqHqGsx4hZR3eS897ObZB61hAReIsEzBYYn+Q7AUA=.sha256
Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "%HyJZQd8BnB4rk3C1JznXh1963E3LF1kDUvtfNvzdFZU=.sha256",
  "attendee": {
    "link": "@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519"
@luandro %YD3o/2v6edeDDo0EumIN+Ssf/fjnVvHJMJfQgKfecqQ=.sha256
Voted Give me two weekends and I can launch my own spreadsheet app for you! (No,
@luandro %tvc/pD9xxxTEfrernwWiAhl/jCdQ5m5pGiBg10AgGp4=.sha256
Re: %dXT+Rzuu6

Quito, Ecuador

@luandro %2NP/kmxJiqEk+hgR9PWlaZzS9R1bluC71yK7tCP5OHY=.sha256
Voted I'll be on my way to the #digital-democracy retreat in Spain soon. Much nee
@luandro %rn6mtOWqiQSFJlR4GxAJnHI6uagnVX8jWtwWImwveSU=.sha256
Re: %kkSTku38Y

In Spanish territory, looking forward to meeting soon!

@luandro %m39bs3wDw0fwO9Uh3srTW7y5YK+IopVXVm9zfLDBd64=.sha256
Voted ![bag of grey oyster mycelium with primordia poking out of it](&s6sltnyT2fM
@luandro %QDToE0IydsxXosXwTbazIVqNb2HFC4WmNEbokVIJsgs=.sha256
Voted First garden salad of the year 😄 ![planetary attachment no.1](&3B8qN9BAP5
@luandro %FJ0Iy6odoc/2k8IXxdFO0eWVYppsk5atHEXEvMdSa/A=.sha256
Voted Hell yeah! Been missing this so long
@luandro %XUXOUoKYTWwlDg3osxf/g4SNDuv2RFhyxqmMvpwRN9M=.sha256
Voted undefined
@luandro %FFM0LYFnlKwMKxrjte1LA65s3Jk/W/IjAGRx4ieM2bI=.sha256
Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2206.3-beta ![Promo graphic showing a mobile phone with th
@luandro %zhgClm86Ock0tMirP768BE7uQ7cSnxwskX9evVQhO1Y=.sha256
Voted ssb research underway at the UofBasel ![ssb related research at the univer
@luandro %q60M46CMSyJJ7jXjiaHDQ8AT4HBC2+LYmtkBVpXqfUc=.sha256
Voted That's a strange looking bong
@luandro %63xqvPh4+Ji+pr9DYUaZRdxvMKR9zSEl9ah7xCk3/Fk=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&7LXSAeGWXf0hu/3Wk1mPgMtBgjYHx00l+pZwB3jMCO8=.sha256) Brownie
@luandro %l1t6tJm6Y9W8wL3WkY4UjDCRQ7mJ6BdRQzIsYBBuuTc=.sha256
Voted Just installed LineageOS 19 on to my Oneplus 5. Big version changes require
@luandro %y+Lm59EAl76lRgRcsPnh3XOpDj5k7aJ49K/XAWpT6kw=.sha256
Re: %aIhg9s3fg

How did u setup the room? Are ports exposed correctly?

@luandro %V0Fski4d7yUBB/peY9QOd0pG++Cb1yxQoHaSTLk3klM=.sha256
Re: %TIddJIPkn

Awesome to be able to follow thoughts and progress, thanks for this.

@luandro %6OpuBU9HuWL1Ogfwcaevj7CbKT98qfiCshblZ9Vg4jU=.sha256
Voted Milestone (2) is also about putting the `private-groups` libraries in Manyv
@luandro %XZcB8e0DycPq0yCORVilekpO9qksv0yyVIeiVqPte7s=.sha256
Voted One minute jam of the day nr. 089 breeze ![audio:breeze.mp3](&8nZIrM4EPcc
@luandro %ufXQyONAhzdHETlMy/dqFUIGoiJLtV/gFQ1a5PqeH8M=.sha256
Voted ![Screen Recording 2022-05-30 at 17.39.23.gif](&mv79f3yJgLQFOBFOtdbfnNQ4oIE
@luandro %RnTapcX+S+INbAvXTEdHbOwy3kgQYzNmUTblWpZAO1U=.sha256
Voted The daily trickle of strawberries begins. Most of them are 'just' good stra
@luandro %x1tCcWtI8T1WkI9l7ytbI3E0rBR7xkfdbzkTXYjvblY=.sha256
Voted # Team Diary **NGI Assure group ("Private Groups in Manyverse")** ![a scr
@luandro %cSlQHuqLSAem8WqeZUv/OdBHIVor+wR88XLm2rz2+UU=.sha256
Voted Going back to London. It has been a crazy weekend. I guess I was not in th
@luandro %y5BfqJOFcAnehZ7cxTFzQ7pHwdwNjX3KcgOKwgwF6Z4=.sha256
Unfollowed @dOk5Zhtai…
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  "alias": "luandro",
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  "aliasURL": ""
@luandro %uIJCMol0m16GvT2lt0Vdk5ys34U8w1n5j/39BDIiz20=.sha256
  "type": "room/alias",
  "action": "registered",
  "alias": "luandro",
  "room": "@foHx1HuvaN++iCrQS+Zi916V6iNYEOtj9ZOAo+a0E+Q=.ed25519",
  "aliasURL": ""
@luandro %RYB6JS78PgEfifat9NnOuEm+Iytn+NXNfmOFcIHngJI=.sha256
Voted Hey, what about music? I think someone made some sort of an ssb music playe
@luandro %fDsS4i0LT3ySSYdSF4P3N8NKrDPrc53soG6CEiuK7DU=.sha256
Re: %mORzazqmu

Sooooooooo smooooth, also loved it :heart:

@luandro %voPBN369PLslSH8VHyfdspMxdjm9LqvQYhDf5O1HYbM=.sha256
Voted One minute jam of the day nr. 083 grease ![audio:grease.mp3](&CSiaV8DpfX3
@luandro %8g5SpO0vF/25lzgTKydUr75YMU/ZWWA8JixkjavU/Oo=.sha256
Re: %wV23IGRGr

Fermentation is so beaultiful, specially for people like me who don't do fridging. It's a great way to store food while also making them more yummy and also better for ur tummy :heart:

Commons is also equally beaultiful :)

@luandro %pppDRcftAQLcP9uExGAHUjucoZRUybF6zEgvDZgDPi8=.sha256
Voted a healthy commons is like a healthy fermentation. you need to have some pro
@luandro %9frLlQ3dYgHjczI12a8LfC1Wz14Hm7/UYjMin/R+5ks=.sha256
Voted P2P Wiki own thread, etc — see %YxOtS0wQAKGMek3YgK+/hCqginib+TX5d3Ypr9gegEU
@luandro %r83VJxMxGWYqjyFef8dhnqXnYey2MS32Sc0r2/WgFKs=.sha256
Voted cheering you on! let us know if you ever want to have a call with any butts
@luandro %Wjy3cJIdiwqIsHmj9YMrF3YvT1Fz0vmz47rrMegzOv8=.sha256
Voted Me and [@Powersource (pc)](@Vz6v3xKpzViiTM/GAe+hKkACZSqrErQQZgv4iqQxEn8=.ed
@luandro %Vo02uI55cY6KFWqCUYGZ1JQFLSQypUOviv/LJywDjpU=.sha256
Voted wow, an online conference that I may actually try to attend for once 😅 ht
@luandro %6D5uIGPQzFS0eMRyCjZYkbYUr79bp33EUGBVrNzgB3Y=.sha256
Voted I think the solution is to pivot the main-net into a dating app - you only
@luandro %xrmdAojIi/3FPkXTTwVAkBTHHKuYXSed0fNxjhDykwA=.sha256
Followed @hija del caos d 👁️ ✨
@luandro %u7+A8hVhXGRofleJNYecu9dANjTc20Xwa3ytP3Kl9y0=.sha256
Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ more work on gatherings! between [@andrestaltz](@
@luandro %WSqt06JU1SSQYI5GHx43zZFii1e7wLByq9e8iVcpjAk=.sha256
Voted ![river inn Glasgow](&Z6ITXBj68qLvlkJgv+hDjC0OlYURUpF1hpu9ncO5lKo=.sha256)
@luandro %wb883oDe8vaCq1OgPYIsZGWu+a+DVfctkkyumHUGvIQ=.sha256
Voted A neighbor gave us his excess basil starts. They’ll outgrow this little loa
@luandro %MbXIrvr94iCJtwzzNH2wUtdVcsE+SkTwtwcaM/X6q/0=.sha256
Voted We already harvested one artichoke and there are two more coming. I bough
@luandro %sd3gEUMjCwd/iPl2rLD0Nc26OHaSf1o0NoGHbFgWdEw=.sha256
Voted [@Mix Android](@G98XybiXD/amO9S/UyBKnWTWZnSKYS3YVB/5osSRHvY=.ed25519) [@Soa
@luandro %KpHkpUnEGKUSc7xf5WtEMtj68oBTbhRsgoiKAr04FkQ=.sha256
Voted oh, my bad it doesn't compress by default.. anyway compression later, need
@luandro %HBFQziCXrqVeszCmRrSLor4EsSfG6xem5O5u6gjIIJk=.sha256
Voted # #Manyverse *Starchart* :stars: > Copied from our [Wiki page](https://git
@luandro %/HeLZgBaRRcYuZXUmipHmQeNX4fsxT/zi6j0Zb4UaAY=.sha256
Voted I'll be a Space Steward at DWeb Camp 2022! Get your tickets if you haven't
@luandro %/WWooRHTKvWhNBNlYtYZToNwUW+FnZefVZG4jSJ544M=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&wrQcNe+AgjuGJKbCJ4WVePaAGecBTU/N7C9KA/d06q0=.sha256) We've b
@luandro %dpE9DmOiBPeKRn2fC8eOTQx/yjbCgfGV0kz53zSGlgE=.sha256
Re: %wVSqQq37u

Yea, has worked pretty well for me. Haven't ever lost a draft yet.

@luandro %pxnsNoIW/ut/02PV5OSUE3qt4qINuIGPXxub6GfreLg=.sha256
Voted Sorry for not reporting back. I heard from someone out of band that he's o
@luandro %9/VjsE1CGhLy/M7lhpu5ZKjY7AvYBAYMeStgwG/ajrc=.sha256
Voted # Dweb camp + bafoonery oh god I just talked to [@Zach!](@ZqH7Mctu/7DNInxu
@luandro %esnQWBfDF8BwAUcDucH5N8V6mHBwK3lNJegtlPC1Bt8=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) I
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@luandro %xajYMYgdnMPagLrbYBSV7AoHW8ZOaHKdJRY2av8o604=.sha256
Voted I will buy beers or a train ticket to help make this happen. sing out
@luandro %QmNeF/ZtaBAP0Q2Rl1uESH/YyNEyIKUMJf8Uzf5HfGs=.sha256
Voted I'm keen to get an ssb demo working, lmk if you'd like to collaborate on th
@luandro %ggDcD4MC0jzuJYnYzsIG9N8YkKb/SUcsz9XVqOdgtiM=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) I c
@luandro %0FeLUXq4+ey6abAE9/fPv1BK/2BPlnI4krRQlT7hptE=.sha256
Voted This is such a wholesome thread. My place is also good for a stay in Finlan
@luandro %K4CbP3yLhrib/G+Z1uCqVE1nxRUi0TiAhjTViMt9H/g=.sha256
Re: %ZWVallHUh

Would be great to escape Electron! And it seems they have plans for supporting mobile soon:

Mobile Bundler
Bundle to all major mobile device operating systems.

@luandro %2etY+AYThRWDOfIlkNt/jvCoeGz1MCtQnUQKfhIbD2w=.sha256
Voted [CW: desktop app tech] holy shit, looks like we can put node in tauri now h
@luandro %Nv2tzzcXmAkGm3j/yObQI6qguT3PN6m27ifZJ0r+2S8=.sha256
Voted I don't know heaps about Te Ao Maori (the Maori world). Pieces like this gi
@luandro %1O3ElDTZ11OigCymTR3nrGkdizjbkyKxPAwInCBVM1E=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) you
@luandro %o85V2j/RqQOPQQ65j+58V6sqXrBHCSXxrBnJww33QyQ=.sha256
Voted #gardening ![chilli growing on plant](&PSmQ95OAbnxm4Xm19FK6r8XiCPQb+gLn7rW
@luandro %+PZ/bL9mBrdRVzcB5de8Vw7IYcaXLusUdNwnPCH1qRw=.sha256
Voted [@nanomonkey](@+D0ku/LReK6kqd3PSrcVCfbLYbDtTmS4Bd21rqhpYNA=.ed25519) That
@luandro %c+SsJRWAOhw9Kpo06118HMBSynlzmCCnE4dcGvAakWU=.sha256
Voted I did so
@luandro %cfJsYemN1nfeChOIA21X15g6GLUU8ckxif40RmefgN0=.sha256
Re: %fvMz/4dAC

Trip to Europe is getting close, and in order for me to get in I'll have to have a flight out of Europe to show at immigration. I'm pretty much set on hanging-out with butts in nordic countries, so I'll have my flight to Brasil depart from Finland (as it's the furthest country in the region that I intend to visit).

I'll probably be around Spain until the end of June, in order to enjoy some time with the Digital Democracy team after the retreat and also meetup with @brunovianna in Barcelona. I'm thinking on travelling towards the north in the begining of July, maybe stopping in some places on the way: France to meetup with @Ladislas, Germany to meetup with Ana Rosa, Switzerland to meetup with @elavoie, Denmark/Sweden to meetup with @Powersource and @zelf, and finally Finland to meetup with @Andre and @snookie.

I'm sure there are many other butts around, so let me know if you're interested and available to hangout for a day or two. Having a place for me to crash is a big bonus :D I'm pretty much used to sleeping anywhere, so a couch or anything to soften the floor will do just fine.

I'll be arriving on June 2, and if all goes right I'll get a 90 days visa (right?). So I could be around Europe until August. Unfortunately I think the visa won't last enought for me to be able to stay for the SolPunk festival, as much as I'd love to join :(

Butts that I've mentioned, please let me know, either on this thread or in private how's you're availability, and what yall think of my plan. It's a good idea to have a date and place of departure in the next couple of days :pray:

PS.: @SoapDog (Macbook Air), you're in the UK right? Any chance we could meetup somewhere?

@luandro %1BKqac45gsmz79981wHJoDj5FvvSrLJgqwfqoUlyrk0=.sha256
Voted We are in two sort of hacklabs : - in south Paris,
@luandro %Y+3iVRY4/GPc6Li3jisaxXsB4DlOgZ6G7HLU9EyD2Ho=.sha256
Voted Just backed the [Turing Pi 2](
@luandro %LmFTy57n0U3gXxcYCegjpRk1idzC5+AwljccW/7cHU4=.sha256
Re: %pZC+dpQRE

This has everything to do with what I've been trying to achieve with Meshtastic SSB integration! Amazing work @cft.

Not very relevant, but a trick I found to further compress posts, with LoRa in mind, was to use simple string compression (like shorter) on value.content.text. Doing some test on a random post, I was able to compress 1005 bytes and get 757 bytes. The decompressed string was exactly the same, obviously.

@luandro %9/5Fy1E3TIO4Ne78LQn0GjxnNk+ID/TIU/NsRhGcCug=.sha256
Voted # Shadow Packets (part 3/3) ## 4) Measurements The following chart shows
@luandro %IyPtgrswAtead3Wu3XGkeZyytAoAOlYe8rXKI88q3Wk=.sha256
Voted [@cft](@AiBJDta+4boyh2USNGwIagH/wKjeruTcDX2Aj1r/haM=.ed25519) I would be in
@luandro %eCeBuZEby1LzyCattW7j5ctAaLwlvd1kRFegD5TX8Fw=.sha256
Voted ![Decentralisation Book promo-2.gif](&HAbZvYLdvcO0eP1cfzLVOgaMhjr2P4gDztctq
@luandro %1hsWv0JGoUU5C5R+b0hsR5bUkh4gEkFpHl34ykuboX8=.sha256
Voted I might go bald. I've been scratching my head so hard since Monday morning
@luandro %qFRlQyIfwzx7omfsyYtE9PUBMt789Zr1LOc23MUU6KE=.sha256
Voted I'm looking at the code - does it store the top level values as bipf arrays
@luandro %0oBV97nrPaBF+BugOK0YVw1lLffnwh75ZSjb11W/0zQ=.sha256
Voted # SSB Butt2 feed format First of all about the name, all the creative ener
@luandro %L/ThRb33w3u9Ejc5x7X7yV/2zZOWLHgHkfN6cXd3MW8=.sha256
Voted [@cel](@f/6sQ6d2CMxRUhLpspgGIulDxDCwYD7DzFzPNr7u5AU=.ed25519), > Have you
@luandro %hXECiaDFoxRA/5BQ09Th8S0HUet3jT53gX4nhV0mjhM=.sha256
Voted [@Powersource (phone)](@WuIiSwHyJS9v8EZ8RUL8Jgft9GSOPd02EvAaT+3U8oM=.ed2551
@luandro %BbAKqdoJEkVTiKzNyeknA//f3+faZp7fqVKg/hWj1CQ=.sha256
Voted ## proposal for http-to-ssb links Patchwork had the "copy web url" button
@luandro %ZNbYuPXWgDxDozDOux034HDhNlV6rbqkVkZNA2WQ47Y=.sha256
Voted No #office-hours for me tomorrow. I'll be attempting my second #bikepacking
@luandro %UB+9O37a3H1Sw94a0FHuNYVRJ2L8fCMSQH/fK7yRsZk=.sha256
Re: %YxOtS0wQA

I had a chat with Ana about this a few weeks back, unfortunately my online time has been very limited lately, as I've been mostly in remote communities. But very excited to see a group being formed, and I think it's worth mentioning @Big Hat here, who was the first person to mention P2P Wikis to me, and has interests and is connected to communities that are very similar to Meli's.

@luandro %trK1WJQSifB+XnDrYnCKvJHnweEs0XA8oiYxqem01AY=.sha256
Voted [@risma](@UYyBSgcbRAlNxWZkuU0oCYLo2s2cV3yh4FDUv/OxVwQ=.ed25519) Want to p
@luandro %SSkdk1wCoZ6SAd32GJVKlkK3awMAGgmn9Q8s0tR35iM=.sha256
Voted Follow up to this: I talked with Ana Rosa via email yesterday, and we fixed
@luandro %uJFobFE4tc8qJLAL9jMkLpDj67vL2rptu2zcKRKuWRI=.sha256
Voted Thanks [@glyph](@HEqy940T6uB+T+d9Jaa58aNfRzLx9eRWqkZljBmnkmk=.ed25519) for
@luandro %gSi5EOIV0/F5fUGUUDt745w2FR+SHXCLfX1PD1abJUE=.sha256
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@luandro %XdWVSlIp5vNiqS8GmQQ1/ppbRYpzkehFLrifle4A4jo=.sha256
Re: %ZcnrBpS8L


@luandro %vl66IKABPAHQ5eeWNk6clu5FWnggSfTP07JPKWV1kfI=.sha256
Voted Hello world
@luandro %qUPFxtbmPZ8He2L4L9ijWRBBwVfjtLo/PxjHsS7b1CI=.sha256
Voted ## Request for comments: What SSB software to use? The way the [book](http
@luandro %D0R4CluIXp/dgxQpiwjqNrJfWvcscNmQNfa5t9qiuQ8=.sha256
Voted I'm biased, but you should pick Manyverse or Planetary, or anything that is
@luandro %lO9Kwrp9qurTuSxeNtX0HVGDjZQlOMbgLdpOEAgiSYM=.sha256
Voted well pfraze certainly. but he's contributed his time and energy to ssb. I'm
@luandro %ENaSnmMX/Zz7ZHokZ0Vhlg+VvR53LrlJ0Zo+glbOQbo=.sha256
Voted I’m so excited for the upcoming release of Planetary. We’ve done a ton of w
@luandro %GcPlx0Wz+lPe26tweye+gR2ZYdvBW7qalSd11NBE5g0=.sha256
Re: %ahSzbpVEG

Amazing work @andrew 🐝! Excited to have gatherings back!

@luandro %TP15mz9x0sCqucN+7FCcQaHt+3HEcfTu4RHZdWlu92g=.sha256
Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ a wildly productive day! started earlier than usu
@luandro %tbpxl0GLUDj0VJ6ZHoUMgoD2iwLl3qqIVX8xKLjwbeg=.sha256
Voted We’re harvesting tons of mustard greens and lettuce, but I didn’t start any
@luandro %dKuA+tPoCtNv2J/mNZd0EbTsXpCETxCpA3V7szL/kwg=.sha256
Voted ![photograph of a forest in Finland in the early summer ](&tJDeznVlpp8Ev21v
@luandro %rvH2GVDAuRBTZxmzjoycQbmwPdi0GVsunsKQhHzepho=.sha256
Re: %l8XHR1T2y

I see panda and bunny-ears the other way around

@luandro %z/dIHhaRFozPq2gn2VGc6hjU+PhpqYtRmw23Qkc4Z2I=.sha256
Voted 970 is so much bigger than 6.8 ... What does one even do with a 6.8 gb con
@luandro %bkg/0JvtBQx7H8j1H04xxbv00H7kPYwsJYUoBoAbLxQ=.sha256
Voted ## Project opportunity (P2P Wiki, funded, for indigenous folks) ## 🌱🐢🌿�
@luandro %AL85MajPTw56vpjnCtG1+n+m6D7Md98zRL/6GKqeMrI=.sha256
Voted ## Moving #ssb-ngi-pointer repos Hey, this is a request to former ssb-ngi-
@luandro %QLEdrKTmUEJKiPTD2qXIXT3u8dlWAsdZgWFF5kAMx4c=.sha256
Voted Writing my little decentralisation book at a Writers Meet-up in Angel. To s
@luandro %Mok5KD2AezQ4Pzw035OBY9BJXW/5Jq7wruw5R+J1mCU=.sha256
Followed @Luandro Android
@luandro %1oHzlBuzRoSInqEtMyfD2Vdb8v/v7XTeUoE1j3QVODI=.sha256
Voted [@notplants](@5Pt3dKy2HTJ0mWuS78oIiklIX0gBz6BTfEnXsbvke9c=.ed25519) woo so
@luandro %qAcQXfOXGoso+bHoLZHd6cfDTVsosdTSnuFQJPwihYE=.sha256
Voted # Invitation For P4P Rust Learning Group ![image 8 crab emojis in a circl
@luandro %KTz18HG6xuPPlloIp1Bysj2v7B2bYeIKNB/ys5qzf/w=.sha256
Voted # lykin: Dev Diary I'll use this thread as a place to document the develop
@luandro %86gYjU/3taup4wwluCGMz8LPE425uvsUST7EACbiV0M=.sha256
Voted A woman at the dog park has been pushing for a date, so I had my first date
@luandro %b9D0cORNcvtraBY/AWB0Vt+VQ1DP4fsANd9gmTN9p7M=.sha256
Voted ![Braulio Obituary - November 11, 2010 - May 9, 2022 - “El gordo más gordo
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Re: %Sf/Yt7rwI


I win... In Iquitos, the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road. And the only place I've seen dial-up still exists.

@luandro %RGUWVv9gCaRaTH6cgoVcibZIE5Z+r3bS5YMNw+plUic=.sha256
Voted ![](&jXU0c7XhxMhl86ahNmc3oe43n2TAFOT/W8wlYMzUSFU=.sha256) _satirical billbo
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Voted ![image.png](&JqWhYw7ls6Qwn29PO75b2xFyE6PXHPl2OI/5m1g3Zrw=.sha256) # Gathe
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Voted #coffee-blunders In the spirit of showing off your coffee blunders, the wil
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Voted ![peachcloud in a tupperware](&m+/XJ9Ool+pOowzNbRk4CIaWj21UpcuYmPE/EYQufyg=
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Voted #manyverse I would post an issue but manyverse just used all my mobile dat
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Re: %6SqWlpmTg

This is huge :tada: :clap:

If private audio messages can be squeezed in there, that's all that is needed for Manyverse to be 100% useful for communities.

Congrats for all the work leading to this, and the work to come (by all involved).

@luandro %56nHyueOhz+IITtf5evBen8tWT3vRVsOfLi06DKk/UM=.sha256
Voted ## Grant approved – Private groups in Manyverse :tada: :scream: I'm hyped
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Voted # Four Decentralisation Protocols Funding Request This is a formalisation
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Voted Warning: development dilemmas. How do I proceed? Cinnamon pioneered someth
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Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2205.4-beta ✅ (Desktop) Bug fix: app not working after ca
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Voted # 🐚 🍑 (new t-shirt design. who's keen?)
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Voted Congratulations to [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PF
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Voted I like having the votes on SSB.
@luandro %IldsS9I8SnBKFNjRTjsUF6ztn43t3oRWwVElnt5aqQ8=.sha256
Voted # SSB Pub + Ansible I wrote in my dev diary a few weeks ago about how I le
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Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) can
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Voted Fantastic thread, I love to see these Luandro, keep us updated every once i
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Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) upd
@luandro %JS3xmZm7savQ7PNvpMhMljMUhlm5beEM8tFchsZ5Hog=.sha256

Time for another update for the past 3 months since I still haven't been able to put my head into writing more detailed posts about all that's been going on.

Still travelling a lot, working with various indigenous communities thru various organizations in Brasil. Working a lot with #communitynetworks #mesh-networking #community-server and #community-mapping

Various installations
Various installations: top-left, young Guarani installing a long-range router and Raspberry Pi, Guarani Village São Paulo; bottom-left, installing mesh node, Guarani Village, Aracruz, Espírito Santo; right, mesh node, Tupiniquim Village, Aracruz, Espírito Santo

Various boat rides
Various boat rides: left, Tânia and me, representing Coolab, going to a Guarani village in São Paulo; right, me and Nupef team going to Tupiniquim village

Community mapping workshops
Community mapping workshops: top, Tupiniquim village (Espírito Santo); middle, Guarani village (Espírito Santo); bottom, Guajajara village (Maranhão)

Guarani kids playing, jumping rope
Guarani kids playing, jumping rope, Guarani village, São Paulo

Crossing Mata Atlântica river with network equipment and supplies
Crossing Mata Atlântica river with network equipment and supplies, Mogaguá, São Paulo coast

Pond within dunes
Lagoon within dunes, Lençois Maranhenses, Atins, Maranhão

@luandro %gM2UGwq0KmHDdQcqL5vUFyN3/YYLBE3lGh9uRtJPGoA=.sha256
Voted # recovering your manyverse account, ideas Eventually, user loses device a
@luandro %St3BRD+VUkf/Il6La0RWFWsiK1y1jg+1XUMuIa9x9ko=.sha256
Voted ![oopsie.jpg](&EXXCl8PmHMS5BywqdkYyX05hYEY48uA2s5C0+L6i0qk=.sha256) While
@luandro %nHdy9+0Of8hFwcVwxnoCrW1Z2mbsre2ECQU0GXeH7mU=.sha256
Voted Folks, I just want to share a personal victory here. I just saw this revie
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Voted ![image.png](&XINYNornaOtC/RgqJVrsI7ApAcDZP4UE2soz8Li0Zk8=.sha256) _SSB Dev
@luandro %YPmBXMCLd5/7iqB/u6DRDhOb585XHe+V86wu2viVMts=.sha256
Voted [@punkmonk](@EaYYQo5nAQRabB9nxAn5i2uiIZ665b90Qk2U/WHNVE8=.ed25519) [@punkmo
@luandro %nXeTyveeCllCTHDk5kZbVj5fiacUgg7i44grB6YoGd8=.sha256
Voted # How to write an application in Rust by [@glyph](@HEqy940T6uB+T+d9Jaa58aNf
@luandro %n885Jj+jEkMfvAn4o/lT3JVHeHVpJaemYunLgxzlO/0=.sha256
Voted # Database compactions in ssb-db2 and storage sustainability by [@andrestal
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Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) I
@luandro %oiWWOjBJjugxdmWdrLhqw0BJWf+FxY6z0n8HuOpYAvA=.sha256
Re: %jFuKnktnR

Refreshing to see native language in SSB :)

@luandro %r448n5uOj04pUjn0CwYhSAYWGtZJnUS2Y7P8eyC3Agg=.sha256
Voted I used Scuttlebutt a number of years ago - I saw mention on LinkedIn of a c
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Voted Никогда не любил дачную работу, но это был не плохой способ согрется в эти
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Voted ## CANarchy from [Twitter](
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Voted # ira tries to cross a tiny rocky creek ira: help dada! mix: you can do i
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Voted ![Decentralisation Book promo-2.gif](&HAbZvYLdvcO0eP1cfzLVOgaMhjr2P4gDztctq
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Voted This DWeb webinar is going on right now where I'm giving a 10min talk on Ma
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Voted Wow it's been a busy few weeks for me... Thought I'd just post a quick upda
@luandro %WKbfoDszd353NW0/0Lj85qm/hNSnE3rgEisO5rN6VU8=.sha256
Voted In my experience [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO
@luandro %V2WKXxR+BNQc8Xqw5ZcA4inAztr0sOXlDf3laAmAyyg=.sha256
Voted New Release of [@Planetary](@l1sGqWeCZRA99gN+t9sI6+UOzGcHq3KhLQUYEwb4DCo=.e
@luandro %7XnWmaIXxSV+5SWJ6l7oW4w9ayc0vfj1IJGQ4G9LsEM=.sha256
Voted # pixel-knit ![pixel-knit.png](&8sRBSnuRGPEVqHmF5GEKrJFpIVNRj/m2hDy95zkMP+
@luandro %B99FFP9M4ok4JizYqMwHWjkM9o2dIJdW+3kl+EVNqpY=.sha256
Voted Posted this on my twitters but just wanted to surface [@RangerMauve](@tdeT1
@luandro %QxSdyeoRTl/D7x3QpBzniN0UIWVg7OOXbjdLjgPLnsU=.sha256
Voted There were some replies in [](
@luandro %21qlPxehN4zk+C/NTL5UYn0nb8RjRNTS0+y9RbZO/FQ=.sha256
Voted ![dweb camp](&trMvnDxHYpu9SdjxIeaLupLDoPrpxdYhvUdb1t+Jf0M=.sha256) I think
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Voted I finished my first half marathon yesterday! I don’t really consider myself
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Voted Paris and Neuilly-en-Sancerre will welcome you proudly if you go in France
@luandro %JgScQ9/D8QSaxFqXsNtfnPCf4BtIAQJJj9/Ti/Iz6fs=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) let
@luandro %idsifxahQjsmZGUu+1xQNL2BIL+AxNT5oLJOz2zQS/c=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) Let
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Voted # new manifesto (in hilariou
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Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) S
@luandro %OHAdRlo3kD8e5Yx+CDLSEYGrCmSqJWudFWmChtOqQmU=.sha256
Voted Keep us posted of your route. I'll try to go and meet you somewhere in the
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Voted !!! Whiii! [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.e
@luandro %dvCm7g44ifkVv5XsRnEjjiBk5NHioCk4AGCtn2W5BIk=.sha256
Voted Rsrsrsrs I'll never get tired of this: ![Manyverse 2022-04-21 15-04-28.png
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Re: %fvMz/4dAC

The retreat will be in Spain, but from what I remember moving around in Europe is pretty straight-forward, is that right? I've never visited Switzerland, Denmark, Finland or Sweden, if flights and spending time in those countries aren't stupidly expensive I've love to visit.

@luandro %fvMz/4dACZgOfMsPERkM+x1iyKaIxoONnpmvoFTmIJ4=.sha256

I'll be visiting Europe for a #digital-democracy retreat in June. It's such a long trip, and I haven't been to EU in 16 years, would like to take the opportunity to travel a bit and #crabmeet as much as possible.

I have no plans so far, so open to invitations from anyone anywhere :)

@luandro %4tXwosjJ8dzm0lNJtasQE4NGTBHuPmMl/+iYoENgx3g=.sha256
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Voted # DIDkit exploration #ahau is exploring in the space of identity and as pa
@luandro %v+Uqr+aZVyURTiPRDhghu5gzwpk3mMP+y4bwew4zUlQ=.sha256
Voted [@andrew 🐝](@qvGBxH1vDasocIBYlE8yZCdWFECjzFZY1K50YcAIbLE=.ed25519) I encou
@luandro %n3bLJskH8KEG6HuZhtChGQwTpDJu1mGV9jEJFb0V0CQ=.sha256
Voted I will go. How could I not? I hope to see some of you there! Understood it
@luandro %1Zau45VmH7PvXwaT518OcWSp9FvbJJBrZ/4ebF1VWxU=.sha256
Voted ### DWeb Camp 2022 website launched; registration is open. ![DWeb Camp 202
@luandro %3CfxqbV01zteSDfp8pd31ZY7bPsepRGzTl0bmjuVNA4=.sha256
Voted ![foxes at play](&eaL6GVIL2ss1eiuODQb4Z1zusBiA+TGvscav9qXaxRY=.sha256)
@luandro %oznHz00AHChJewYanQPS35Epi4KlJF6aUyXhtffTH9g=.sha256
Voted I made it over the bar. That was frigging terrorifing! (/exciting!) you kn
@luandro %Scu1CQwNJE+87tJ8WRA2uJDfYCOZ43dPqc1SUJILvuU=.sha256
Voted Mt taranaki ![](&9QNbKoLHzyguCjmszK/za5qmremyTFImlYTbaIctOjw=.sha256)
@luandro %SVRFKs3PJ6qgUfV8NXV/M38saWg/4Xa0aMefRsXrJ5w=.sha256
Voted text from Dominic : - Yes I'm okay - Plans to enter port taranaki cancelled
@luandro %k8YT4GNTxkXsAjrV6pPxVldF2U3tIYPuvzrXaVdvmeU=.sha256
Re: %b15TZ3cBf

Very very cool! Would love to learn more about Local Self Reliance and Tribal Digital Village organizations.

@luandro %6XAfzCEi1MIlDMbc7Wj2EDtALnNnKShLp13iB6cAhEE=.sha256
Voted ![mLTE receiver mounted on a board with a building in the distance](&o8oeCL
@luandro %P3rJYveZAQ2wBVN+j0pD/lYTaDOsnlk5qaPXJGrXIK0=.sha256
Voted ![3 volunteers staffing Seattle Community Network technology help desk hour
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Voted ![](&nkLdTpXWVfnolshFTRGIJXs4Vx0hIstyfW6KAggnYRA=.sha256) in a moment of s
@luandro %nJW6ezS4B1gMybhggaMmvltpbYelhhkK7Jh9C3zh43g=.sha256
Voted Kawhia to South Island. About to embark on another epic #sailing adventure
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Voted There's something about textual communication that is always more formal, s
@luandro %WQgHz5xBhZSDOGcMwDKv6XPxhDK7Ymw75rbVNSMHvpQ=.sha256
Voted private groups was designed with [@keks](@YXkE3TikkY4GFMX3lzXUllRkNTbj5E+60
@luandro %mSygNnhNxCw6q0YTI0eFQo5PLqvPGrjnxCPsFNYnaCk=.sha256
Voted [@SoapDog (Macbook Air)](@qv10rF4IsmxRZb7g5ekJ33EakYBpdrmV/vtP1ij5BS4=.ed25
@luandro %GUA0hP8eG3UgdIrjDvwU6LUCqYwjzIRATuc2sr2CRF0=.sha256
Voted # RFC: new `bookDistribution` message type. I want to augment the _book_ f
@luandro %m9NxNOXC3ZF86vrbrk0BD9Tr+j7lMDCC12HAUtakQHc=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&KGvsuTUcNcPvhxxvFrLf7RBFRCB9pGz7Nw6S5uEQIMw=.sha256) my brai
@luandro %mxQEEZC6xC1CKd3ZwI1/KXrIyh71NyL3Wbyf1j23LCQ=.sha256
Voted ## Example Applications _Here is [@notplants](@5Pt3dKy2HTJ0mWuS78oIiklIX0
@luandro %oU2ZLjwkQyfjwgw9BzXVYxd43F2dMw2+cIDWB8hyu5M=.sha256
Voted # Proposal for a [community grant](%eFl7pRoHldG1beSRsrYq+9gkVqRtdFZoWth3S26
@luandro %XE9s0oqFjwCqhlbjsFHpGpa0XTgHk6EtvPsuZOGH93U=.sha256
Voted I'll go with "things from my life" 🙂 Here's a shot from the "Wine City" m
@luandro %JW9FD8q0P5QFEsiOd/iTr4AFphfQubHEwJMYT+EExQM=.sha256
Voted Yesterday was a wintry day with stormy winds and rain. Over the past severa
@luandro %i0an8d1hJB0cTsFpeM5yfQKyov3+4kzKN8IMMJHqDkM=.sha256
Voted I'm having a bad time today. hugs, music, or pictures of things from your l
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Voted unrelated but writing the post unearthed a wildly specific but in manyverse
@luandro %z0nO7HemweDPqd4F05UzfwPw0XgfiLXDWT3O992XpNQ=.sha256
Voted I was on a podcast the other day, discussed boat life, burn out, parseless
@luandro %zz78oqAylzhGpZCZGUI4gorxLjFDj19OtIFeACkdzH8=.sha256
Voted ## Welcoming [@nonlinear](@mUNqmOd/uRBGbk9YMOzaUypf/6aPhxYI0lk6+hRyyK4=.ed2
@luandro %blkEmyEF3ieYUEOB3Ecp1refn+AZeA4U2vTH9pGc1rA=.sha256
Voted # 🍑 PeachPub: Community Grant Completion Report 📔 Now that we have the a
@luandro %EiVEfdj8LLPBCEpoPOaLvoZhzVR84ckH+N4LbF4TKe0=.sha256
Voted oh shiett 🍑 ![peachcloud-rpi.png](&MHisDfEcuv8nMUn0TLvtg+TEWsmB5cKqacEp67
@luandro %CpNTjSB/fdXA6r7do3ob3shEFKslKLa5D30isbtv3Mg=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) [@a
@luandro %FjMilmbR3NCq3e4+xLL2YlgUugnBOAEgZRMqHXMObjM=.sha256
Voted Today we farewelled the last of our chickens. She was known as Little Blac
@luandro %ywsepHIT5afb/euEJvLFKiHBAguqlCBiJ3bdPAkcaQY=.sha256
Re: %FWqGSdJc2

@notplants @glyph I burned the pi3 image, and the UI shows up ok. But the default password peach isn't working. Tried username peach, admin, what should it be?

Also, what's the ssh username and password?

Excited to try it out!

@luandro %+SsxQXeXeMV+yR9lU5ag/Av+MgJgMkocosDF2+T/bNQ=.sha256
Voted @moid can you see me?
@luandro %mqeH4mX8rO/c8Rzui3b2g44Bpkxk+bpllR95Ux7/r5E=.sha256
Voted We do not currently intend supporting `armv7hf`. The Pi 3 B+ has an ARMv8
@luandro %kv41Wa8nzZ0F9sWvK3ZdivIxmU65Jkyptrx1Hcfha5Y=.sha256
Voted Hey [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519), thanks f
@luandro %ayNuE1+sBQdl9YHP+Ue4fZzrH+reBWta1wspB0qGuCI=.sha256
Voted This was supposed to be a private message -_- Good thing I didn't reveal th
@luandro %esN+Q9g7fdPr1UNNMuQ0M9waGPiSuUjxB2tO40xfK90=.sha256
Re: %82nr7hlN/

Oh, I mean armv7hf to be more exact. I haven't had success running go-ssb in them.

@luandro %UexW4bxFaCHg+97xmf38A5wYHP2yObn2rbiG55B04vQ=.sha256
Voted # db transactions I think we have an emerging need to be able to guarantee
@luandro %+c9S6RpzS1DgHcpQ7vOKzR45W6nouynCjXg7Uj1wL9c=.sha256
Voted Planetary notifications on Apple Watch 💯 #planetary ![planetary attachm
@luandro %NdPRd3MlvovfukWx76Wa8bjmHIoUfInFyUPhh8TcHDQ=.sha256
Voted #manyverse #dev-diary mostly focused on smaller user-facing issues and dev
@luandro %ZW8xv9aLQNipzWS5xksOZQmnMvxGRfD1Br6IfDeo7EM=.sha256
Re: %82nr7hlN/

That's amazing news :tada: :tada:
Also would love to test! Would like to have it as part of the P2P Hotspot. Are there plans for arm to be supported?

@luandro %+Yt3b4I3wgswePoQgXT9zSf+tVNOVGrqK+12le4Mipo=.sha256
Voted # 🍑 Requesting Testers 🌱 PeachPub (see [grant proposal](%G2GOd0j0ZFBInhK
@luandro %AiZ+5WktDlkdzMPDo2CwsThsaRiRykgQjXzpUFTYQmo=.sha256
Voted So many fava beans. Unfortunately, rodents keep getting to them (and breaki
@luandro %SmJu8rdbLdddBKe+/vq19XvmTlKiNQ4vmYm3esbjxmk=.sha256
Voted # feeds designed to die I believe that dying is a healthy thing for things
@luandro %y0hGx2A+ZOXHDDV6wFsymoPmeQH+m0J41Hnq63l8Puw=.sha256
Voted ## Opportunity for work related to wireless connectivity [@Mix](@G98XybiXD
@luandro %02031nNxzd9nPZ7szLAFpZpXng0aPcEve/vTF1M7qPo=.sha256
Voted [@Mix Android](@G98XybiXD/amO9S/UyBKnWTWZnSKYS3YVB/5osSRHvY=.ed25519) I'm l
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Voted # Goodbye Cinnamon After living with a terminal diagnosis for a long time
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Voted they sail cruising is just doing boat maintainance in exotic locations. yup
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Voted # Google Season of Docs 2022
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Re: %c5bZNDCXB

Why there's no Manyverse icon on the AUR package?

@luandro %QSb1zfYWwiXjCCR3mu67oGrEqtJG3sl+7ElHajvuzAE=.sha256
Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2203.21-beta 🎉 (Desktop) Feature: add basic context menu
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Voted ![image.png](&MvwREtWjrmDD32hutL1caz1n9uVJ2KuMuXV+SUfinoQ=.sha256) I'm tak
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Voted Professor Squirrel Wizard and the Queen of Beige are looking great in these
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Voted Coming along. This is the second coat. ![image.png](&SMkSFbcLZWXdZIYmhx
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Voted Redoing the cabin sole. First coat of epoxy. ![image.png](&JKtsfpVOlCeh2/
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Voted > Reply to this post with a link to your proposal. %fV0IabUtnWk4GGPIlmhnXC
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Voted I have an idea for a proposal but am holding-off to allow other Butts to po
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Voted # Community Grant 2022: Call-for-Proposals Following [@mix.desktop](@DIoOB
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Voted Repo: Gitlab-pages: https://mixmix.gitl
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Re: %hfEhCt+gR

What a blessing having amazing friendly wizzards around. @cblgh and @glyph, you guys are amazing, thank you very much.

go-pub working on local network

Here's the final Docker code.

I had to keep using Dinosaur's hack to clean shared-badger on every start: rm -rf /root/.ssb-go/sublogs/shared-badger/

Is this hack really necessary? From what I understood it cleans all invites... which could be also a feature (lol).Anyways, I added a httpd server to serve a created invite code thru http.

Much love :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

@luandro %Gyk1Ueu9S7sqob6MeCxKhrgxUQVNKkuAnpWwkWzxWc0=.sha256
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Been testing #go-ssb by using @dinoworm 's🐛 ssb-pub v4, but inside a Docker container.

It was pretty easy to setup, but I'm not sure it satisfies the use case for a local pub.

First there seems to be a bug with arm which is a huge blocker. @glyph or @cblgh have you ever run into this? Have you ever been able to run it on arn?

Second, this could be a problem with how I've setup mdns on the container, but the pub doesn't appear on the local wifi. The only way to connect seems to be thru invite, but even then it seems replication isn't happening. From this old PR I guess lan udp broadcasts should be working.

Summon wizzards of Go!!!

@luandro %eDiVMkYs6COTDT/c2/xbdq1QjCLlHdZSTybRQfGliqA=.sha256
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Re: %t+Q+HzgNq

Main docs are at The tecnology section of Ahau webpage has some great animations which help to visually understand some features of the protocol.

The ecosystem has evolved quite a bit, but mature apps can still be hard to understand, as they have so many unique and experimental moving parts. But for me it's about slowly understanding secreat-stack and and how plugins work with it. Manyverse is a great go-to codebase to see a stable ssb setup.

A great job is being done at's js section to explain the basics. A bit of storytelling can help:

Story: Secret Digital Society

Secret Keys

Imagine we're part of a Secret Digital Society which relies on the security of our communication to operate. We first start by giving each member a secret identity, which are ssb-keys.

Secret Handshake

We then establish a secure protocol for exchanging keys and communicating, which is secret-stack. We have to define a common language (appKey) for communicating and define common data models: post for regular messages, about, for profile messages, etc.

A "common language" is generated by ssb-caps.

Efficient log database

We need to store those messages somewhere. So every member of our network carries a backpack with various copies of everyone's encoded messages. The way messages are organized and kept is called ssb-db. Currently feeds follow this pattern, and lots can be achieved by using it in conjunction with tangles, including CRUT and private-groups.

But a new pattern is being developed, which I still need to wrap my head around. So might be worth diving into that.

Gossip like there's no tomorrow

For establishing our social network safely, instead of relying on DHT's, ssb uses gossip, which is my favorite part, as it simulates how real communities operate.

As long as another person I connect to (ssb-conn) speaks the same language (appKey), I'll throw all my messages at them.

The path I choose to walk in order to meet people and gossip is determined by my schedule ssb-replication-scheduler, my social graph ssb-friends, and a map to navigate the random roads of the Internet ssb-ebt.

Where to meet people

Locally: If we meet on the same local network, we can use ssb-lan to discover ourselves over mdns.

In an online room: Rooms don't hold data, are very light and efficient and provide very good hole-punching like a tunnel. Easy to connect using http and provide great user-management (go-ssb-room). It's like the Secret Society Lounge, as long as you've been given access, you automatically gossip with everyone who's inside at the same time.

In a pub: Pubs hold data for everyone that it follows. Follows can happen thru invites. A member of our Secret Society works as a bar tender, so he hands out invite codes to be given to trusted new members to the Society. When the person arrives with an invite at the pub, the bar tender will start gossiping all it's messages to that person and also listening to all the person's gossips.

Indexes and blobs

Many other plugins are related to indexing message types (about, votes, posts, searching) and handling binary data, or blobs (storing, serving, purging).

Learning process

I've personally learned about SSB by playing with the various stacks and libs. When I first fell into the rabbit, Patchwork was the best maintained app, which is very unique, so very hard to understand and tweak. So it felt easier to just build something from scratch then go thru the learning curve of SSB backend.

For me building toy-apps is the best way to learn. From the little I've worked with you @andrew 🐝, I've noticed you're quite good at grasping large complex app ecosystems, such as Mapeo's. What you're process like?

@luandro %NHZKcmtVkFwBju8+n78JTBQXaK+ejy1/GBwgwsNfPn8=.sha256
Voted Does anyone have a #ssb curriculum that they would roughly follow when it c
@luandro %yFEOoL+wqXZK1ipa3Pc1jkilpyZibKVFE1SmFaOtfnU=.sha256
Voted # butt-sim I've wanted a visual simulation of how scuttlebutt replication
@luandro %8A/D3ByAwULfT6vBavFN3u5eQtiT7NQ6AZ5e5X7vnN4=.sha256
Voted ### I just finished reading this _A_M_A_Z_I_N_G_ book! A Psalm for the Wi
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Re: %4rQ2XO0hR

beautiful summary of the amazing work of polishing and connecting all these pieces... excited to play with this final composition!

@luandro %0VuCJKes+kfMQ0G6+0hWKjmeJMtiFMCiUWGQNv8NnU8=.sha256
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Voted # 🍑 PeachCloud Newsletter Update 📰 ![Terraform by Alex Rudd and Fabian
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Voted Sunsets at the beach in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay, are just magic. ![planetary
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Voted ![Filters - Patchfox Documentation 2022-03-17 12-09-15.png](&rZe8DXB8uNWbd
@luandro %wqJCqEiXyNL4MIa8rwa7WYh6aLg9wAqu2y9pc1mOP+0=.sha256
Voted #dev-diary solar still I've got a very #solarpunk project. make a solar st
@luandro %uNQfvrTwiJxmIqjNtVBPt0UQ0Jr20A+zDGvw3yx6M/0=.sha256
Voted This feature is a direct result of pairing work with [@zelf](@3ZeNUiYQZisGC
@luandro %ptw47TuloI6GIbx79ZqDfCP/yyYmWTieLvjXcBFT49E=.sha256
Voted # ssb-crut@4.1.0 ![hermes](&/
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Voted A quote from [The Dawn of Everything](
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Voted # How to easily manage Docker Containers using Portainer graphical user int
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Voted ## Support Manyverse with quadratic funding on Gitcoin Last year, [cblgh t
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Voted [CW: rust geekery (offline development)] # Offline Rust Development Starti
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Voted ### Modular open source spreadsheet hobby project that got cancelled 😅 I'
@luandro %34OtcGmVocwrDW4pu614dohNbl3wWqS9U2snyTY+IKg=.sha256
Voted # Time for a #strategy2022 post! ![Screenshot 2022-03-09 at 20.08.26.png]
@luandro %N6tqxMceJMueIavwaNDpxtdZ1IZQg/6g8E0qS0tIflY=.sha256
Voted ## Scale - Overview I have spoken on this topic at the [talk I did at CCC]
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Voted I have just realized I really like the way #manyverse displays reactions, e
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Voted This is cool: [How to Build a Bike Generator with Control Panel](https://ww
@luandro %XP0oWnX9+SaeRyHdaTRMA6D2gPWbvmQL7l7Pet/w8hs=.sha256
Voted > Would you consider being eg a cooperative company? Moving the fork discu
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Voted ![spirit sisters by dominik mayer](&b0L5ipPGyLGjm6L383zQreIPlA/me8RyzvG/5zY
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Voted [@andrew 🐝](@qvGBxH1vDasocIBYlE8yZCdWFECjzFZY1K50YcAIbLE=.ed25519) Congra
@luandro %Hgg05TP6KIAdR1SXx36dAOG8Zejzoio9jr3KZR22cZ4=.sha256
Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2203.7-beta ✅ (Desktop) Bug fix: preserve scroll position
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Voted ## [@andrew 🐝](@qvGBxH1vDasocIBYlE8yZCdWFECjzFZY1K50YcAIbLE=.ed25519) and
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Re: %k8iNLs37C

Yup @Mix Android, we're probably going to write a proposal via #coolab and Portal Sem Porteiras.

@luandro %nZYpq6wdrkqEflEU4PgRph4t0XresKTZDvDJ6EvrgYI=.sha256

An Ethical Internet

I imagine a future life on a server farm/commune where I tend to the whirs and beeps turned flashes of light, powered by the sun and wind. The community of server farmers exists on land in right relation with the traditional stewards of the region. I envision one such server farm outside the city limits of Detroit, where the Anishinaabe, Odawa, Ojibwe, and Potawatomi have navigated the land for centuries. Our presence was sanctioned by the indigenous communities that traditionally used the land and they have access to all the servers they want and need. We work together to make sure our disruption of the regular coming and goings of flora and fauna are minimized, finding natural clearings and erecting structures that fit the landscape and diffuse the energy and heat generated by the power required to run the servers. To that end, there are internet quiet hours, where the internet sleeps as we do, light pollution is eradicated, and electrical waves are reduced. We can communicate with similar such communities around the world by essentially writing letters back and forth that may reach our (pin) pals instantly but are only opened in the light of day in the time zone received.

by Moya Bailey


Via @Hiure

@luandro %oehIe3ycTyV7Ml2yyOrMBd83nfKh6TF2eyw1mb9n9PA=.sha256
Re: %/AfgndT3b

@bobhaugen I actually already downloaded the fulll book. I would post the blob here, but Manyverse won't let me. I use Library Genesis to find almost any book out there. Here's a direct link to the PDF.

Hope it helps, and long live free spread of knowledge!

@luandro %41EJJhJH7c6dcoKcgbO4WEkxJA8KdWaT8LRNGKBApUo=.sha256
Voted [@mix.desktop](@DIoOBMaI1f0mJg+5tUzZ7vgzCeeHh8+zGta4pOjc+k0=.ed25519) I rea
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Voted ``` Lord, I'm stuck... living my life, on this city block, chain l
@luandro %1YE/4rUiuaJBIQNPOUL/WsUhxVxcVo9iTkzNX3ZnGDA=.sha256
Voted Our apricot tree is starting to flower. Sometimes I fantasize about moving
@luandro %c5xhaAm2KeAioEXz1XSyp6c27luNnkxOIz3r4JvRXe4=.sha256
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Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) [T
@luandro %5KCfdM0wuhQ5rU26bu38xW10WfHO07W31UAVgWogZ5Q=.sha256
Voted Lots of reckless conflation in the media. The ruling faction of government
@luandro %bxGqnv90wGjjF9ixaywarTeZ/urYgarOMjOHarf+JN8=.sha256
Voted # Days of the week in Te Reo (Maori) - Rātahi - Monday - Rātū - Tuesday -
@luandro %z5epIPeq8QLcR6sGcDb+pcv9UZCDdVLbyhovwAMEbZg=.sha256
Voted #ssb-research update: following the end of this project's data-collection p
@luandro %T3FKIvETJS+DQ+PHCjIt2q+SRi58auzefMeFCKthlJE=.sha256
Re: %TwTnJ5XAx

I'd like changes in the application to be driven by the communities need, and not by outside economic drivers

:heart: :heart: :heart:

@luandro %sSOQ21TZpHz17Q7RNo4IDjDHQ8kNofhAKONk8aQiEH0=.sha256
Voted #strategy2022 ### First order of business, dawg, I gotta thank my mama My
@luandro %o3KiuZfxTPjnGl6KihQwEKr4rnjOHFQ4xymsgpW5a4Y=.sha256
Voted this fortune cookie goes here! 😆 ![demonstrate refinement in everything y
@luandro %El0MLw0ieyveRaB3U291BMf8t5VXTQ+ylJeR99DTtpA=.sha256
Voted Forking %H5zDOQLIrw9+vXhan4duyI+E9izuzfY8lmxE03jkfiw=.sha256 to discuss thi
@luandro %EOxc0UFV3XcKArPEIadopDuRcePPEg903zYmki1ssxw=.sha256
Voted I have been ambivalent about writing something for this very interesting ch
@luandro %aD0j8V+8Bk3MJCMBs/aLBNswSMbkY40Lh6JetFkgb5k=.sha256
Re: %/AfgndT3b

Oh just found the download link at the website! And understood this is just a chapter in the book Co-Designing Economies in Transition, which also seems facinating.

@glyph was there suppose to be a pdf blob there? So there's no way to upload other blobs besides images to Manyverse huh... :thinking: And it seems it doesn't even render them...

@luandro %yW9SK9QTh3/FOCq/dI46Z6unJ7jh9iGEKziNeCqkM6g=.sha256
Re: %/AfgndT3b

@notplants, this is really interesting! Do you have a pdf or epub of the book that you could share?

@luandro %Cf5n+/9rf8qju2I22zosg7tJEsFDFi21d0IIRJrt2NA=.sha256
Voted also enjoyed this paragraph > Focusing on this social dimension, DIY netw
@luandro %oGms3sqVCy9i1xaxF5snvxR/qWg4qKEmqzXCxQEVMC8=.sha256
Voted [The Organic Internet: Building Communications Networks from the Grassroots
@luandro %gYmAuZV7dH5uHS18Z+O+q7Xpq8P4/g0Y/RDNp2mle/s=.sha256
Re: %k8iNLs37C

Thanks for the care @Mix Android!

Project chunks / Past and Incoming Support

  • Community Servers (Jurubeba, Guarita, P2P-AP): APC & SSB Handshake 2021; have left-over funding for 2022 :tada: (might try funding with DD thru Earth Defenders Toolkit)
  • LoRa + SSB on production: APC (2021), funding for travel (Nova Era), but no funding for research and development on 2022 ⚠️ (this might go well with PeachCloud)
  • Invest in community training methodologies & documentation material: APC 2021; funding for Mapeo and maybe for Ahau, thru DD for 2022, but this is an area I'd like more support (more of skillshare/content curation and creation)⚠️(APC has been organizing great events and materials)
  • Travel to communities: APC, Nupef, Janeraka, Nova Era 2021 / DD, Nupef, Nova Era 2022 :tada: pretty much covered
  • Event in Moinho (if possible): We've been invited to create a regional #dweb node-event, so we'll be merging that and CoolabCamp, and seems we have funding for it :tada: and there's Scuttlecamp...
  • Agroforestry Tech Event: This a smaller project that is being born in collaboration with Zé Ferreira with the objective of uniting techies and agroforestry practicioners to share existing IT solutions and brainstorm new ones, no funding or support yet, as it's so new⚠️

I think I'm pretty well off for 2022, with freedom to work creativily, while also being supported. There are some chunks (LoRa + SSB and documentation) that might be good to get some extra support to accelerate things, but lack of it won't halt the projects. And the Agroforestry Event, well it's still being born, support is very welcome, but haven't put as much energy into it as I would like.


@luandro %9a6dfexmkTxfF0YjevxDKJh073o/VwlKmkluArQ0ZM0=.sha256
Voted Thanks [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed255
@luandro %gxXPYSHlwTvP+WTm1WSc3GJNcJGkdJ54gsZqFfT4hsA=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) I
@luandro %k8iNLs37CKfp4FzdxgPa1RzK2kHC7+CGkPWZoLOf7kU=.sha256


Grafted Growth MtG Art from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty by Piotr Dura
Grafted Growth by Piotr Dura

Luandro's Strategy 2022

A bit late to the party, as the invocation happened during Carnaval week, which I was taking a break from the screen. @Mix Android @mix.desktop Huge thumbs-up :+1: for this powerful invocation and the careful gardening of it. The resulting threads are a magnificent storm of amazing ideas and very warm stories. So much inspiration :heart:

I'll mix the first and seconds rounds into a single thing, hope yall can follow.

Hope to work towards

  • Facilitating group migrations: contribute to making SSB's experience acessible and meaningful for offline or rural or indigenous communities (personas I'm more in touch with)
  • Strenghtening ties: Ahau, Digital Democracy, Coolab: I see a lot of overlap between these organization's goals and their target audience and would love to keep on supporting the people in them
  • Investing in Moinho Village: Would love to put energy into making #scuttlecamp2, hopefully this year? Also want to revive #moinho-mesh, but with it's original purpose of being an open community Intranet instead of an Internet project
  • Developing Community Networks and Servers: there's a lot of values which are important to me, and I find to be rooted in these technologies: data-sovereignty, autonomy, decentralization and micro-media (local content) and lots of room for creativity in crafting them
  • Regenerative tech: hope to investigate and contribute more to tools that enable the development and sharing of knowledge and experiences around regenerative practices such as agroforestry

Possible collaborations

  • Collaborate more with @nonlinear and others to make onboarding and overral user-flow smoother for certain group personas
  • Hope to be able to revisit #valueflows and continue pushing for way to empower local economics through local decentralized networks
  • Support people in the organizations I am or have been involved with: @Andrew Chou, @mix, @Maui , @Hiure, @Bruno celular
  • Support projects these organizations are working on: Ahau, Earth Defenders Toolkit, P2P Acces Point
  • SSB development in general (all it's moving, evolving and experimental parts) and the possibility for it's 1000 apps... so hope to support the many devs I admire
  • @glyph, I work with a few communities like the first one you describe here, and I'm really excited about the possibilities of PeachCloud in low-end community-servers
@luandro %bjXCtx1ZfMthXu/wRxg0MHGWXeKnth9tJJlYA1QKTOE=.sha256
Voted #strategy2022 # SSB Finance I've been planning to develop SSB Finance for
@luandro %06AZEtxKxbtx18heawE8fvbN8pijFeE8tIc5gNPcegs=.sha256
Voted I've been enjoying the #strategy2022 posts, and appreciate the #invocation
@luandro %xdxIvx/+1rA02STaxnz4LBTXIicPgJLIvm2KGYw/H2Q=.sha256
Voted #strategy2022 A lot of this can be extrapulated from [this](%JrDASLM0BaJrU
@luandro %5zI3P6At68IXHgnqPXoXwcdyOvygAuOCAWzdifLozzA=.sha256
Followed @andrew 🐝
@luandro %DLeovnlGZvm97D9M1E9jXRCjd4jscwmYfUvajT7Vqh0=.sha256
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@luandro %G4CYES7ayK3Jtd3fa1qszCFJtuzv678fz2bNY2K6dz4=.sha256
Voted [@nonlinear](@mUNqmOd/uRBGbk9YMOzaUypf/6aPhxYI0lk6+hRyyK4=.ed25519) I assum
@luandro %UTPZMl3i2VaNRgjeOZCn44WZJUdXQfNwCzr+kqMoJgQ=.sha256
Voted Great initiative [@nonlinear](@mUNqmOd/uRBGbk9YMOzaUypf/6aPhxYI0lk6+hRyyK4=
@luandro %nIelTcVPHJgL+i4ahkVAowUxlYcLGZFJTizEoY/en8M=.sha256
Voted # on group personas #usability has a concept of **user personas**: archet
@luandro %9Gd7mDV1WWXB/Z8fEtvBOLxjxwEgGeWkXS/5CH1y2BE=.sha256
Voted # on group personas #usability has a concept of **user personas**: archet
@luandro %+x7lADEzYXvE56nTE+bAPFyZ6ysVcLBI9sARVtKbhuQ=.sha256
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@luandro %CG3aHaaHko+mxHidPm2UgWV5B96ZWKq2uUJm/HuAI3g=.sha256
Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2203.3-beta 🎉 Feature: Resync screen guides you after re
@luandro %/BpZAg3OqhJ2bsm5zvZCUNrO491dM4oRAx9rFXLqHec=.sha256
Voted I like the commons lens. Keen to explore that more through dialogue. When
@luandro %I/JbHThSKbhexyj6pzX8iymG1gndQBQvhOUGeaQ236Y=.sha256
Voted ### Strategy The next year for me is about a few things. One is getting
@luandro %ajGaeMtR+q2ezU1iOYpvOc3ew6BmouhQvguutrsEl20=.sha256
Voted ## My thoughts on #strategy2022 ### Who I'm [rabble](https://evan.hensha
@luandro %0GEV3rjbyiNqncsp60BS1lCpmw0FSKa+pxf5ZqAsv0M=.sha256
Voted #strategy2022 What am I doing… Have just started looking at using fireba
@luandro %YWT4nxXNffAO/wG/GI44qXdzGvqaRsof+/881Cv2Fqg=.sha256
Voted #strategy2022 **What do I want for manyverse in 2022** Well, first. I don
@luandro %2qSQVI1A9dTAaqpjkjoZ8PPNufncxEzH3wV4IDvOTps=.sha256
Re: %gJ60ksmTk

The e-paper bulleting is amazing, but an e-portal-communication-thing would be amazing as well. I have a tiny bit of hardware knowledge, and some friends who have a ton, and would love to contribute to this.

@luandro %Eg/7zoV1+AWD7wz6gVgBPVQ9i/VXPpZHiUAaGviHIzM=.sha256
Voted Hey [@trav](@Gs0Rz7yEabDd1GyrnjZ1acPrcHL+rx8irnLl4ys/sU4=.ed25519) i would
@luandro %yLob5CbzycJJF417epu6Q530aayi4w5n7rgBIf2TqGw=.sha256
Voted Thanks for sharing [@Spencer](@z28Kt0WpnXZa0Ba22ji4rRjjexAC9/UCqE2aZRC1ycA=
@luandro %PQDG2R8mgWKXqPI7k2UcyjgnzQv+0lQLAXlqlb2jWNw=.sha256
Voted I'm not on the technical side of SSB, so this is my contribution. I'm just
@luandro %weq588Vun2jffuC8dUtrDC6nMF7UHLn/J2nrPt8wRJA=.sha256
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@luandro %lM2OlFxPV3K8H3IgApiuLeFkAERhTvNxMtXCHjieuD0=.sha256
Voted # on group personas #usability has a concept of **user personas**: archet
@luandro %p/H5RTCfOK6xAA6aUf92PbqzKx9a+BTdRmllScWKJJ0=.sha256
Voted ## New book As people are probably tired of reading, I’m more interested i
@luandro %cXbd/mfyqG1VDx//QBvLe/TfEMmZ8toUV4zVPqmAXHM=.sha256
Voted ## cel ssb strategy 2022 re: %hXlCL9c9rfJgthwMJswTI9DlLyhkhXSddJBqfUSIS6k=
@luandro %VbWj0NMdBS9rB0wB0PXSb3igmtaTR23ZH8FeoJpE/lY=.sha256
Voted I don't want to jinx it, but we may just have completed all SSB-related fun
@luandro %r93sp20bbv95n8Gn4H2+X2EJ5m7ghzl7SdCiXrjjtcE=.sha256
Voted in ssb world this year I want to: - get the [e-paper bulletin board](%6eLM
@luandro %jJhHlm4HGqupz5mr7CoRog0gYFnq7+tN/JDuT4Rtank=.sha256
Voted [@mix](@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519) asked me abou
@luandro %yAepr0Cdl6wX8IseeiPaTjM+DempVRkjmrWrFo10YjE=.sha256
Voted ![mtg natural order Anto Finnstark](&BbZ4ET7daJfAmfSgcWAv8D8hUZRAswRXVC/aK
@luandro %/qzQdTZxVBgbiA36h+eeuyhQQDn3yfB1XIebv/ELUIc=.sha256
Voted My Context for #strategy2022 I was raised in a typical American right-wing
@luandro %WthM+OgA22at7K/HLREqWp2GJZttimLRHqkbEFw8lKw=.sha256
Voted a fun little #esp32 project today: ![glowing 🍄](&NhqkyqKTILWTWSpnVK/RzSfG
@luandro %GM98/uBra5+bI7ff6Dp1ddLQIu9k4lgZk/usgjguM/0=.sha256
Voted # Scuttlebutt Strategy 2022 ![expedition-map.jpeg](&y/TP2HJOd0+ufWLCJTiG
@luandro %mZp8qRPMRZx2liQEpNPGedZ/4RwqNrgMHCgoCAdbYPo=.sha256
Voted # About me and my strategy When I first learned about Scuttlebutt it felt
@luandro %4qzJCakNUypQbJNOMZwr0ZxVG67yhD1YP+jhAeMO6zM=.sha256
Voted #strategy2022 I tend to make the strategy for Manyverse clear (see [roadma
@luandro %kjoaWoP1Wj6kOtqNm1dTxTVZ8MqK7GBlJv59VpFMkmc=.sha256
Voted Sigh. I'll keep a written record here in case I need to reference back. To
@luandro %3SSKIObZBI/HXlCB0n/6mvpGHeuZcc6ra98akwAXjzI=.sha256
Voted **Content-warning: neighbour-conflict** I live on a cross-lease section (a
@luandro %kwa/0PL478Xw1uDOIs/bSe852FgaE9xAOAoZrFHvpQc=.sha256
Voted # Open Call: Bring Decentralized Tools to Your Community [@Alanna](@IPjk6a
@luandro %QzIAD2C6WdQD2Ld1/fP70vKpjm1xsW8gGpy3r1iDXuE=.sha256
Voted I am once again delving into the murky world of binary encoding formats. Yo
@luandro %qjcn+mB5TVQzdR+Gs+0nHr3JkoR6KAo9PlpNYZekWTs=.sha256
Voted The US curling team has heavy bowling league vibes. I love it. #olympics #t
@luandro %MHiUS0L5r4cstusoJ79jCTzpUAeEsUmwtRCw/5yCymY=.sha256
Voted # Scuttleverse Portals I've been exploring the idea of scuttleverse portal
@luandro %6JFztwmknYcWsL4on8GL2owY9re3Hgg9TGJMNGYOzPQ=.sha256
Re: %c+A7Iwgvj

I like the curves, feels more organic

@luandro %ymInp9/ccRYLzvZXpBHTlAUdpyD0bCjMZlyElgL31r8=.sha256
Voted Just coming to the end of a massive refactor of the graph drawing code. It
@luandro %VV/Gu1InjZgJrAai4e70SRNEWTZBdgUk6S8vdu3WtDs=.sha256
Voted ![](&xbR45VRG4Kc+MXVlSD9QNdRMlLXdBtv1/4hk6VYE0b0=.sha256) 👀
@luandro %hi9kmp75OKvOlJ9ySBcZMbwwVZkpOOiKwwQiXdW5gb4=.sha256
Voted Web3 Infrastructure track - Call for Proposals - FOSDEM 2022 https://github
@luandro %S/L1h6XjZICbbDxNpFXlhAcanxBJVG7NcvqnxQq9GuU=.sha256
Voted # Los Bitchos ![An album cover featuring four bandmates having a festive o
@luandro %0axsQ8dnDNevXik5MeAVjaun1tyZdS+lNyCRriY+yWc=.sha256
Voted From
@luandro %kaaN6UfP+WTJXks1EkkO/WUsSl9RiOnUnCjUCFnOFhk=.sha256
Voted My family has a new member! ![baby](&I6VI7GNov+RKGmfMJ0fwh6QxpqMdH+Bx3deTi
@luandro %P2e06vGL3qeAyBWn1yYOaofqR0txmdx8BEd4EkI5Frk=.sha256
Voted # [golgi]( _The Golgi complex (aka. Golg
@luandro %aZaehnc54paYD0roveZso815WYWZrp6jVnDe9QQed+c=.sha256
Voted # Earthstar v7.0.0 - Stone Soup !['Earthstar' with a backdrop of colourful
@luandro %pPyOsXZI4BsVrDbyPKl91xVUtDvABBD0Vnh4n4l/PX0=.sha256
Voted I'm really interested in this approach [@nonlinear](@mUNqmOd/uRBGbk9YMOzaUy
@luandro %jhG3QZvmzccVMY2sZUg3Ese367nAiKMFsaY/2kK8fUY=.sha256
Voted # Mental Model Sought Non-cloud tools (or how we call it at [praxis](https
@luandro %5Qwtlielykd5ifLH/SdWuenjW31NkDcDp01gq8OfMIQ=.sha256
Voted I have been thinking about Ssb and permanence and I'd like to hear takes fr
@luandro %g2Q9GVSoOf9QUXmhcFqTVD57nsNf9jzwwlBM6o5R4qE=.sha256
Voted ![Staltz Speed movie poster](&h+KM77dAzrwpfZyVtUVq1OGPa6geed5U5U5pJS77pWc=.
@luandro %Fjr+Vr1ZOrXOF9GeSjrTlZNaY19D/4clZd+3RMvtoag=.sha256
Voted _phew!_ Cherese and I have been working on a massive refactor of our whakap
@luandro %1dhoSk5Hgd8QC6+wR/rGa3jz2yA5cYI4YkHobA9BII0=.sha256
Voted # Āhau dev-diary 2022 ![richard-wright-mtg-vibrant-renewel.jpg](&R63i4p/WI
@luandro %dh69m7rLEk1Y/Iq/pt9Z29mlnMbVBOI2wG7zlyyb6rQ=.sha256
Voted Like :+1: this reply **if you want this grant project to be approved**
@luandro %FpMlpp6ycylZByNZbGZJZlvYJysLTms0kMXyC1DrKEo=.sha256
Voted ## Proposal for a [community grant](%eFl7pRoHldG1beSRsrYq+9gkVqRtdFZoWth3S2
@luandro %LwcK7HRO3QPqwiY00QIjVGuyazJoWqO5zJNjoj9GbZc=.sha256
Voted Butt-Cast! And the guide for how to build scuttlebutt Apps ===== New App i
@luandro %9E5LYVNCZyDcbmyRGSu3GeTA0btHB15CGPLN0PyhYc8=.sha256
Voted Since #patchwork isn't maintained anymore I've transferred all the funds in
@luandro %SheQ2KdUZ5LgxMxX6U0PiQDknSKLZ5eh3cfW87ehufo=.sha256
Voted Nice, thanks for the link! #ArchLinux users can ```sh $ yay -S bpytop ``
@luandro %s8umYGgsO2dsTiXlS4L4hAwS0g5i7rUKWBZVkAbUfYo=.sha256
Voted ## Onboarding versus Sustainability, a timebomb _Or: why we need money to
@luandro %QhfItUkvttEdl0xsEuVsPVYAsM2wXnjnX+NmpC/YLsU=.sha256
Voted [@Powersource (pc)](@Vz6v3xKpzViiTM/GAe+hKkACZSqrErQQZgv4iqQxEn8=.ed25519)
@luandro %RBKJo4gkC1c9TeKWhhiSw+r8wOcgcwnWHJabhvGODAs=.sha256
Voted # electrir airplanes high-urb
@luandro %9kptz9GhOZafjZyeD1HEIcUfJqIFJX6A8u0OYNASoOY=.sha256
Voted # new boat - Imagine I had been home on the farm, and was repairing a shed
@luandro %/yeneNzg/kbjaq5ITobwCPlpSfD0bkhgJwAxS76QuHQ=.sha256
Voted actually painting the boat! I went with [@emile](@2YVYXQclEJHVzCON5dsLRwf65
@luandro %7pqiO+03WZrDzlgj6H4K8vcRNVYa1wZAZZ3DUMbacik=.sha256
Voted ## SSB as a platform Reading the [Manyverse v0.2202.4-beta release post](%
@luandro %N4BzVZ+m2nPHLixEHnM5hHBX1c4ItOxGBJynA8AQmUg=.sha256
Voted Thank you, the extra room is much appreciated!
@luandro %bc7M+JSO0/oyNcJWu4RLzn00QuX5U2hEj+Lpx8rQ2UU=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2202.7-beta ✅ (Desktop) Bug fix: unclickable region on the
@luandro %erGmBOqm1zKyfu7oURNLbrs/Wi0AoKMGuxXeSrFWQJ0=.sha256
Voted AUR package updated this morning.
@luandro %rgXs7ec2MSV5kNuDAYK4vd+/MSAZ0MYA93L1NguRoUw=.sha256
Voted Now that [this](%6qPwI2+ih+VEsJyOXDmUBuDURBHiAUpBwk/pkoUwseM=.sha256) is fi
@luandro %oaA+OgU234qS5BYJTOXOAB39k9Bc9WnYV/PEvoR0Nh8=.sha256
Voted I just want to say that you can very easily build a desktop application wra
@luandro %wL9TewH140YchjBXsCxoOow2LRdErP+P/HQmFrBcwHg=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2202.4-beta ✅ Bug fix: allow seeing images in private chat
@luandro %CYRqGDt8Qj6NXe4VBG6aciVvScrmUTEEuU5Tr8tePcM=.sha256
Voted #music Who's doing remote multi-track musical collaborations? Anybody? Am
@luandro %B9UsHLl+yvHLLv3ZKDJ8KGQdOViHxDiaS/1pwkV7/YQ=.sha256
Voted u take one panda, and then one bamboo stalk, and then another panda, and th
@luandro %w9YTkWCHWrC2puuS2x1tLyP61zqsZHYuicIwwF0GIDI=.sha256
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@luandro %qUSLawXj3eYoa7c0RZL5IXVIeGiGkjwYE+Hd5IAPRYc=.sha256
Voted I finally feel comfortable with my #linkedin profile: ![New LinkedIn profi
@luandro %LcSijnJulbWKgu3YdXpBCY5m6Z3Ws4AboJO+qOeghIk=.sha256
Voted Today I learned that #cjdns's future is a new project called #PKT from the
@luandro %PvoP2tZnIZoA1mAr7Gkia+HkOAJfUctMgd710w9GTBA=.sha256
Re: %ZoRKcgjGm


@luandro %sOlTmVDSVEV0OBCuxIBBW8jnfLYftFDdo4e8cMj+Tc8=.sha256
Voted # Don Bolo - El Principio Del Fin [![Album cover for El Principio Del Fin
@luandro %842Ph728jrCb5usW3qxWOTzw7fi0z1wNcvBQMaHGwB0=.sha256
Voted One of the beauties of SSB is that feeds are collectables, something that y
@luandro %GCDVG2JQq1bA8PjtZxCgsk2BIcEa1Am5iJme2oZWuAk=.sha256


Sona Jobarteh & Band - Kora Music from West Africa

@luandro %qcaabaUVRWU5Jxk6jonwxsmoUr1hfeftLAgQUTAQ0Qo=.sha256
Voted ![](&svPpZ3Rh8ID12u6o0vFOvRqFv0J1zAIiE4DCqPRNycQ=.sha256) Zelda + MTG yes
@luandro %VcRDWFNo9t43PIKWrfi/2Z76M06Ce1m6sjudoR8/1fY=.sha256
Voted # Retrospective as a [partial council-member]( %b9u34D9HglR6RunOUwfFOYfIC8G
@luandro %CAftjB1kDI7b6iPo7n9k4jkGvJkeq+/fA4+TxLwCCjE=.sha256
Voted ![](&bhOvHSZc4I2+APStoHXFOFipzPCsoRc7EbQc3G3kZnI=.sha256) A photo from Bob
@luandro %W27LDL2pchXM3mqmwNx+5O7oRanzILLXTTSPz85mhDM=.sha256
Voted ![Percy_Reserve.jpg](&kDYdqPnHw1j3ycVXhR0WQ9mbwQyKNJW45Gevjyt6zR8=.sha256)
@luandro %bmymfPho9DbYDYN939m1JmxnP6ABdZwSA+7WZ9qMxt8=.sha256
Voted ![](&gUcdHypDXHGYn0EfSQcQPMtjjZQVnWlCBw7U8j/nrx8=.sha256) Also got some he
@luandro %9frcBXenPti63vUgcIeyEnYXOzyxOB+CuToPCXfd3Lk=.sha256
Voted ![Percy Scenic Reserve](&M+3FMOCnvd3+8QRaV7ii0Oit47LZsi1ghs4qS3XOaAo=.sha25
@luandro %NpRDTEUP8dcMIjnX/cLRrsdQnmfBo+OKMaI+khoC+Y0=.sha256
Voted [CW: heresy] ![image.png](&G5ClM8MPJvWxxTSOSUCZp1f90rpdKx19seaXXomqfmU=.sha
@luandro %4rw+3g2U9oG/JQhbc3dAP9ERl0rdRVMf9J1cj47KMi8=.sha256
Voted ![34F9F8E1-7B14-44BA-9F9D-4B39AEC5B03A_1_105_c.jpeg](&OgzKPIoyL18JW1Slt5FbQ
@luandro %CVt6jrwboePun3pzvOtlewQeOsco6WxpD7XpMnRIydA=.sha256
Re: %mtjG7p3VT

Yup @andrestaltz, def for brazilians, or people visiting brasil. And thanks for reminding me of Ana, I'll def get in touch with her about this. And that was a great tip, thinking about the webpage for this project helped me think of many other fundamental details.

@trav, that's really inspiring, thanks for sharing. That's the direction I'd like this land to go torwards. I've had great amazing experiences with Couchsurfing, but I feel we can do better!

Thanks for the support @SoapDog (Macbook Air)!

Those are great questions @Big Hat!

1) What's the difference between what you want vs. Work Away, WWOOF, GrowingLocal, CouchSurfing, WarmShowers, etc.?

I'm not really familiar with all these initiatives, I've had lots of experiences with CouchSurfing, and a bit with WWOOF. Some differences:

  • the host figure: that's something I'd like to eliminate, and exchange for a group of people (be them physically present or online) that will collectively manage the space
  • required payment: this is very lame... I think it should only be required to install some FOSS software to participate
  • focus on travel: I'd like for this to have less a focus on travel and more on autonomy and lifestyles that support it

2) What's your dream for the space?

Our focus has always been in cultivating the soil and raising photosynthesis potential, not producing, although we've produced lots. It's also a great place to just hang out.

It would be great to have a collective agreed purpose for the cultivated land, but I don't want to be the one to set that. My dream is to have a collective dream for the space. Invite people to dream together and to collectively decide who gets to stay, for how long.

3) Do you want to produce anything for the local economy / metabolism (with or without money)?

Not my initial idea. I would personally love to see knowledge produced and spread on the space. But if the collective decides on doing such experiment with producing goods, I see no problem. It should be primarly a space for experimentation.

4) What participation might neighbors have with the house and the plants?

I actually have something like that going on, but it's always under-used, as neighbors also have land of their own to care for. The neighborhood is really in need for a space to run collective child daycare, I would love to see that happening. Would be awesome people staying to support that effort in every way possible.

My opinion: If you want a vibrant agroforestry garden, someone local has to be responsible for maintaining the garden.

The beaulty of agroforests is that they become self-maintained after a while, and mine is close to that point. The irrigation system should keep it alive, and my occasional visits have been enough to keep it pruned.

But that's a great point, I've been experimenting with Mapeo to manage agroforests, specifically thinking on such a case. Ideally we'd collectively find a way to make the complexity of agroforests acessible to new-comers. Could even be one of the main purposes of the land.

@Mix Android, that's an interesting take on defining LAND like you define an API. Got me thinking.

@elavoie, I love where you're getting at.

As a community if some of us go to places with strong currencies but intentionally live with much less, and help fund another bunch of us in experimenting with intentional community living in place with really cheap land, low cost of living, and abundant nature services, we can go in a much longer way. But there needs to be a common vision of where we are going together to make the affluence "sacrifice" on the one end worth it, and a form of responsibility towards the larger project on the other end to contribute back to the international community.

This is gold! Reaching a common vision is the challenge here. I think it's about gardening a community that is both online and physical, and getting them in sync with each other.

How close are you guys to the ocean?

Really far, we're in the middle of Brasil.

I feel like I am basically arguing for international trade... to have a direct multi-dimensional relationships with some of the trade partners

This is actually really cool, and it's what I think might be missing from other similar initiatives. What's the best way to connect people roaming around, to communities where they can be the most welcomed and the most useful?

Thanks all for the feedback, I've got several notes on next steps and ideas for methodologies to run this. I'll organize them better and post asap.

@luandro %49JcJy9TiYjdhdc0Khb3Nml1ZY/7BkOYiEVffNdw4Yg=.sha256
Voted # The Redundant Daily Redundant ## a daily digest of links I once found in
@luandro %+Lvr7dUhru84oeK1ET1JTVr0LqjVTObFT+5sk3/ZhDs=.sha256
Voted I need some #p2panda help. I'm trying to get the example working, but it d
@luandro %pm3NM1watFD+54SICJp1jO5lL0P6u99lzqmZhe12YTI=.sha256
Voted Rust/LLVM PowerPC 32-bit bug was fixed.
@luandro %y0++Dt9ZrufFSiZcvjr46OGgvSzKPaUXvWrNpwllocc=.sha256
Voted 2021 was the year that I finally manage to run a sane, #privacy preserving,
@luandro %yoA8/EBuSZAVqDwSMU9FIsfyiZLeiEEoLoSHc7PanvQ=.sha256
Followed @Big Hat
@luandro %KRaX3w820uYf5qqH+hxr9/gBYzUg9m2oD0RjyEsS6Ks=.sha256
Voted # ssb-crut@v4.0.0 ### new features - merging! - new `crut.update` beh
@luandro %gokhb6c8OfNxvehHdpLdZhRcJkvFULlhfb5S3gDNTOA=.sha256
Voted Things I can do with JS and Electron which I cannot do with compiled langua
@luandro %SioSY8+fc14IDvH3zRfgzn110MG/L391cmhgw8tTe7s=.sha256
Voted Just submitted the grant proposal for #agregore mobile 🎉 https://github.
@luandro %TS1swUPcZ9BJGxY9T1J7cgTd6d34ppxYl9iJrasH3c0=.sha256
Voted Further thinking about this... my roommates and their partners come from di
@luandro %IQbcaD6F8HhLwzCPrxs9l+6RGiBHEnmCeRqJkyzVKEA=.sha256
Voted Still thinking about this... I feel like I am basically arguing for interna
@luandro %VdA22aOJSdj25YizB+cRQq2HQPBEhWlJ8DPTGF/Kz5Y=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) I t
@luandro %yPMWPDBjJS31JZ+F6VAbghNYDrR8rlIPsA8SDWh+/BY=.sha256
Voted Golda Velez from #bluesky (Twitter's initiative to start a decentralized pr
@luandro %5VzH2O1EOVkpi/zAYmEnruvjL46k4sNQ6PASsyTajIM=.sha256
Voted ![](&H31EADReWXJ8S4yC9VIuIsuqjhdu2ettQDRKLmx2fks=.sha256) I buried Ziva, a
@luandro %HwAJmEGcw5lh8sPm24k7mV/AFoPQ53KB2hg2b5Te0q4=.sha256
Voted # Planetary iOS Dev Diary Hey, I'm going to start a dev diary for my work
@luandro %P8aiyJdBqoJqu2ashAsVOb4f30b7QyyGAWaXlohipkQ=.sha256
Voted > _Future's made of virtual insanity > Always seem to be governed by this l
@luandro %6dChMypAJ+8/pXRro4XKgvxvtV1SXQm1GGEVCXyf8Jc=.sha256
Voted There were many great designs and features from Paul indeed. Here are link
@luandro %8HRT+nao7BlnodeE9k0mTdb+gWgC7HlDTBCbMvXhKL0=.sha256
Voted 6 years ago, ![Screenshot of a
@luandro %/fKEIyDeoCRTHut7eAM35HMXrVX7HhcfFDR3969p51Q=.sha256
Voted I think the anarchy thing is very personal - you have to find your web way
@luandro %oQbmWZB2/PI5m1NvIDCbWXNmHmG0emeVzHVocA91BJM=.sha256
Voted Another TL;DR is that this proposal would be important for: - same-as (fus
@luandro %5kc+5/RhhKHqvCzFJ2DRpbIs3hW8WB3dWzCRvFF1p30=.sha256
Voted # Request for feedback ## SSB Room Broker Auth A month ago, I shared a pr
@luandro %BXJGMEf0EzF0MrubHFxhWLI0H0icGq7GIl6kAFNhjcE=.sha256
Re: %NJgwHMjvM

Make a small hole with a knife, and then continue with a strong spoon, as you would with a can opener. Always works for me.

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Followed @Luandro iOS
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Voted ## Manyverse 0.2201.19-beta ✅ **Bug fix: database glitches when a opening
@luandro %TgGQGddPqm8bU17vaNakmzDBw0vQ/5tXpz4o0OAp1no=.sha256
Voted ![Pelorus Bridge](&l8QO6H9VQJ47s/XN6NpOt1uyDp9G8Y4/DN8twcIteZM=.sha256) [@
@luandro %lEh+mdDirofeUTvV02jdvmOITJp159PVRjVYpypV6Oc=.sha256
Voted [@Mix Android](@G98XybiXD/amO9S/UyBKnWTWZnSKYS3YVB/5osSRHvY=.ed25519) I rec
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Voted Came across this paper, [Violence is a Contagious Disease](https://www.ncbi
@luandro %ZaGqnjrGTRHTZb3/oekhDQ7VHhFy4ohbGr3Ra6glLE8=.sha256
Voted I actually normally put either 2 kinds of washing stuff in my travel kits t
@luandro %fx0DaNXjdXxrKslfXpiKlA3Tn5JG0WLV6LFZGF3+oiQ=.sha256
Voted I'm more than happy to help spread the word, [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHz
@luandro %0SMX/jZt9Ksfg6syrhXIRBb7RLGlTYHrcAET5YeByfc=.sha256
Voted My father retired yesterday. I'm not sure if I'm happy for him, as he's be
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Voted [@Murilo Polese](@NcgzCoOPLjSkj9Y+GIMFbhxbqIzJCOwYBn/QQDYAOmk=.ed25519) I'v
@luandro %8c6hRRFG36uV6mYrWsj8rykrgGjrrVsRjbXG7dLsbUA=.sha256
Voted If I ever dream of making an animation/infographic of how SSB protocol work
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Voted interesting! I am also thinking about cooperatively stewarded land tonight.
@luandro %5hXwyyYnwW0HKGe3gaWVk3m2vmJ1eYXZsCjJW/eg6X8=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) rea
@luandro %mtjG7p3VTtza2dYHf5kotgDSEOdBzeYfHKwq6Q+NCb8=.sha256

I've been travelling a lot for the past 7 months, so I've had people stay at my house to take care of the structure, the dog and the plants. The last girl I've had taking care of the place did an amazing job. Our deal was that she would put R$500 (90 USD) in the form of labor, dog food, and maintanance. She was very ok with me visiting and bringing friends over. But she'll be leaving in the end of January.

I feel the house and land are such a amazing resource, but are being wasted. I really don't feel like renting the place for a few reasons:

  1. Although I've put lots of my own energy into it, the resources to buy the land the and materials to build the house came to me in a rather lucky way thru crypto speculation, I never felt I should earn more money with it
  2. It's very a very crude house, and I love it that way... renting would mean having to have a certain standard of housing which isn't my thing
  3. Renting means more responsability for me, and less responsability for who rents, as they'll be paying (that's how Brasil works)

We've had talks in the past about Scuttle-land, and I've never stopped dreaming about a way to collectively manage a land in a way that could liberate people from bills (rent, energy, water, etc.), so that they're free to pursue what they love, as me and @Dominic for example have had the opportunity. I would love to turn my house into a place that brings about that possibility, even if not permanently, for people who are trying to free themselves from having to work on something they don't believe in just for surviving.

Obviously a single house/land wouldn't be enough for making that a reality, but the ideia is to slowly come up with a method for others, who have a the will and the resources, to also have their homes collectively managed, even if temporarly. For this to scale it's important that land/house owner's should have some form of ideological incentive and have the freedom to define time periods for land leasing.

While I'm travelling I'd love to have my house be the test-bed for such experiment. But, when I'm not, I would need a place to stay, that's why this would beed to be temporary. I would love for my place to be used as a hub for people to gather around learning, experimenting and developing practices and technologies around topics that are important to me, for example: renegerative agriculture, community autonomy and decolonization/re-indigenization. But doesn't necessarly need to be about what I feel it's important.

Would love to hear some thoughts, specially from some people who I remember have shown some interest in the topic in the past @elavoie, @andrestaltz, @Nico Pace...

If you'd like to contribute to such an experiment, I think of at least two ways:

  1. Management: join the discussions around the governance and how to make sure the community, land and house are well taken care of; help decide who, when and how the land will be used
  2. Spreading the word: the help of Brasilian butts would be fundamental for this, as I don't use any other social-media to spread the word to generate movement (looking at yous Staltz, @SoapDog (Macbook Air), @Murilo Polese, @Rômulo Alves, etc)
  3. Staying: probably none here will be playing this part yet, but it's about being on the ground and exchanging knowledge and labor for having a place to stay; initially, the only costs involved I can imagine would be food, which can be found cheapily and in good quality in the village and town
@luandro %X2+toPguinBYKA4d0PsIWdn29WEKm/gZ6VyZ+R8ZUwE=.sha256
Voted Look who's back!
@luandro %LMb0SrSDz6HkU+7Mzs3VNkX1vlhNPvEixnNTFoLf9vY=.sha256
Re: %5zcoUj6E8

Installed from Manjaro AUR! Thanks for those keeping it so up to date, makes upgrading a breeze.

@luandro %BegLcPoglSszieXWaaL9BUp26JBnaPlf/CwG3ULTExA=.sha256
Voted ![](&QgD0+uN/uNYuinlE2Gq7URbYVFsdhAq6N8l26wnPVII=.sha256) Has the most del
@luandro %BwMZiXsGUaskI29/m2fZetuRmr3qYv3EszkM4XygTJE=.sha256
Voted ## Why is p2p a good match for data sov? If you want to be self-sovereign,
@luandro %sPgpEIgbm5YoyWC1l/9WXsXboGyIH5isUs8YpXG5h5s=.sha256
Voted ## Thinking in a less euro-centric way about data _NOTE the following aren
@luandro %HHeVJspk1nczjFTz//CB6jsdQWfcbR53STL3SlURljI=.sha256
Voted > our traditional knowledge teaches us that all natural objects have a [wa
@luandro %/rZwEpnNn7jeQQ5c5xL+dxLUmIU30/B0MD79BSkxkT4=.sha256
Voted # Indigenous Data Sovereignty (Āhau: Māori collective identity through p2p
@luandro %dkUoe0om8uIAhR3GWVtY0Ph16FhaG3ys9gVY53CLA5E=.sha256
Voted I think it'd be great if we had enough money in the ssb community to fund [
@luandro %XzuDoL4j/8rdCNiWWb7ZcP0PmGQYtAedBuTbdZskZKg=.sha256
Voted I know the feeling when you want to support something but don't have the ti
@luandro %gV6s08VlDtTusRc+r59nlJhpaHJgq5aNWYaZ0MpWw6c=.sha256
Voted Finally fixed this profile... first things first: #go-ssb I see a lot of p
@luandro %bbsjEfWPZlm2KwbrlPdO8YNx17n8+VSBqGFY4otxV04=.sha256
Voted Finally bought the plants for this. planted the close side of the road ![]
@luandro %SvTmOJMv1jZGCqT1vWvkFVyXRpO4T6nx2SoKCqkHABQ=.sha256
Voted I have taken over maintenance of the [Haskell SSB](
@luandro %nVE9YLxEOMyPp1LRsCdlEAG0XS+9+GDJtj+AZahtQeQ=.sha256
Voted When you no longer give a fuck about virtual meetings. ![image.png](&BqpfQ
@luandro %ivzWXGHVEZbs1VFcTcw7vDOEfLz59BIksqzdA9ZuHaA=.sha256
Voted # pact with a demon ![demonic tutor](&qOFlv3VC7XiR+zkoqhqmxHMMkXoFAQDGVq5L
@luandro %QMn32oMvxHyjgBTCgHMh6SWVUk8co6IHsnRWscaCfeU=.sha256
Voted lol, thanks dad. I was wondering why I had such a clear memory of that type
@luandro %Tj7li2P/dHtrWqW5OonaZMWuSmCzort7D0DLYHjp66E=.sha256
Voted Well known contributor: ![DSCF2676.JPG](&82J8jY16JnSL9oRIbMWHnqN2umCBBe7vmp
@luandro %+HIPvl3h7vN/d17oUTIZCS3wNSpguygQ58WqMJCeWk8=.sha256
Re: %gCBwN5WFJ

why go to a gym when you can wash your clothes by hand? hahaha

actually I'm kinda of lazy, I just let them soak on soapy water over night and rinse them the day after... works for most clothes, some require some extra muscle work

@luandro %aXs80DEH04JvrteikRwhadanEMn5BWQBcnSgTmNAkC0=.sha256
Voted No Brasil tem sempre o tanque da área de serviço, é o melhor "sink" que exi
@luandro %V50FXOhXeCOaS8wTF3MtOydM+7p8MUv/Q22kDRFJ56E=.sha256
Voted ![ngā manu reserve](&QEN2AwoZaHWbXUtHEqW0USy184i+KSaSnOeN0M/Aj0I=.sha256)
@luandro %tZuA2/c/oSB8H0HYUuv8li/xbwaMhg6yp2CNRShQVkI=.sha256
Voted The other day I came up with the best analogy for SSB. It's like a virus. I
@luandro %8xT55/SpDo6Hf0Xhf2QK+NH/xXlt2NRocYAb7k3eKeU=.sha256
Re: %UZgYcQXtj

Not home to take a pic, but as André said, we have a huge triple sink instead of machines.

@luandro %dYvXjpRRILgQoeLQxfLwZvchE5lKHV/46ZuWmsQ5e9I=.sha256
Voted can everything just please stop for like an hour so i can get my head on st
@luandro %8yc9yueP6lqvLM+ySa5ZlHBldRWQrUqevq6rUO45H2Q=.sha256
Voted That sounds terrible [@punkmonk.manyverse.desktop](@0MkIZQooh/THhUXJE3+cVVV
@luandro %BQR9TRl+mxwDzXvl9kedPKL6S4hPoZ+PbxHhKJIDEAU=.sha256
Voted Something I sketched with a Linemaker and my spouse gave it some colour. !
@luandro %u0wk3BPO1BzhjVTpXMYiBuVdkwPDhZx8R3UnjzfhAnA=.sha256
Voted Content in other languages is fine with me. If you're enjoying using SSB, w
@luandro %hPiZTcG/jifML2X479zU5Y5ziNSi1BH/6rxZN2392cw=.sha256
Voted > Random idea (if you’re looking for them): with partial replication anyt
@luandro %VP9BZIqYX2bfFMbKK3RfOoHiwAUh3bOw0gMvAPe0R+M=.sha256
Voted Really excited about this. [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+
@luandro %szyRAU0wOJsAbe2UYnQMVw/hwUlX3obZkOou8dNS1dk=.sha256
Voted > what hardware/host are you using? [@nichoth](@RPFLJtoWjcQyYC51lEUxm4brAy
@luandro %LXFGKycsVEuYB0MOPI0h1i12bftCVrvYXnUwqTIn1Ko=.sha256
Voted Awesome to get more of dino's magic sprinkling again. Random idea (if you'r
@luandro %5G+GwsJVs76iWe14eobVHwEvWMQvZidd1QgbaX6g48U=.sha256
Voted #ssb-dev #a2a (Usually I send messages like this as PMs to [@Mix](@G98Xybi
@luandro %8n8hKeJKYNsPMwNZl2J6hbfsy3sPw1ENCXmyLSwhiVo=.sha256
Voted Perfect infrastructure: ![perfect_infrastructure_small.jpg](&XT09hd6s5FnbA
@luandro %5oHbg5T3M6/pDX7NV3q7Y433NGl827EEzy59IPt2JT0=.sha256
Re: %EQ7x+l29s

Also very interested! Rooms are awesome, but pubs aren't going away. Thanks for working on this @dinoworm 🐛 :heart:

@luandro %wO/knv/s6t+PzXAdrn6KylwmaxHlcdusNlIeVggwers=.sha256
Voted # a new ssb-pub v4? hey so i'm working on a wee home data center to bring
@luandro %v2EBvEtqY8pgzdeIe0kL/RT82I6DuZ0TDBxCBN6WYWs=.sha256
Voted [@Peter_C_Dolan](@STgkEO48Kucd57i7x0vBqfkz/euvt2XdglwF6gZLtdk=.ed25519) Huh
@luandro %2tTCJmb9T2+ZTxGSoqH2NFqFiTI21IYVno8J/+my0AA=.sha256
Voted ![some weed plant](&6oLKknQhk7Lr3hiOpQSL4N9Ha3EFyxDXGilwEuJsAJk=.sha256) S
@luandro %EEGvr0/EdL4kelzogQzNPQAzRAn8K6GTxIlKl6+UFF4=.sha256
Voted # Community Priorities on Funding Following on [@Mix Android](@G98XybiXD/a
@luandro %mISfA1Yzs9LOacKDtkIjn7tMRqH9D6VJ4jlhkGzN/tw=.sha256
Voted #ssb-dev A little known fact is that ssb-db2 didn't start with arj and I,
@luandro %K66y1irqRH28mcotYT9CeKeTfFyrGCpIREDGXKEnlCg=.sha256
Voted ![Canterbury gate](&dWy0P+u5wtEy7UoTLGa4g6cHAVxmoDTvxo4jXnFjPF8=.sha256) !
@luandro %rqk4TE6cE1G64rr9aVjrcShK7apTnSrolaJ2jak6UBQ=.sha256

Still travelling a lot. Haven't had time to write up all I've been up too lately. So here's a quick recap of the past 3 months.

Boat on the beach, São Miguel dos Milagres, Alagoas
Boat on the beach, São Miguel dos Milagres, Alagoas

Street art at the Brazilian reggae capital, São Luís, Maranhão
Street art at the Brazilian reggae capital, São Luís, Maranhão

Awá boy in front of a straw hut in his village
Awá boy in front of a straw hut, Awá Village, Awá-Guajá Indigenous Territory

Community GSM network installation, Pedra Branca Village, Krahô Indigenous Territory
Community GSM network installation, Pedra Branca Village, Krahô Indigenous Territory

Waterfall falling into the Pacific Ocean, Montezuma, Costa Rica
Waterfall falling into the Pacific Ocean, Montezuma, Costa Rica

@luandro %pS42biGqDqVARNE4HmN1C/HurB9asBNtSfLxfYp/H1o=.sha256
Voted Hi all! It's been a while. I was stuck in a weird ssb limbo with desktop cl
@luandro %E2/H7QuRkasLBhPFozX1vFypEVlakotuLfOfBpgUBRc=.sha256
Voted Coffee and the Uruguayan beach. The coffee is terrible but the view is nice
@luandro %lyXmLD7ZJG5W24qY6SUUwx9cemVVrpnGtcx0k9N6PAU=.sha256
Voted [@mixmix](@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519) / [
@luandro %/ZR7hpLcy2x4TLOxomhf6ncWpfM4182Tz6Wl2A0HLqg=.sha256
Re: %FchzP3sGE

I'm guessing Secure Scuttlebutt and single-sideband modulation, both SSBs, got confused with each other. Cool discussion though.

@luandro %lkAqlmSSVoNp2i1s22m4ZH04OLYgkSympW2DaKUAiFo=.sha256
Voted I agree that work must be done to prevent airway congestion. For now though
@luandro %7ItwES1J9eyy/OKAk1z6d6sXeKpWcdrZ0JpiiqHWpYs=.sha256
Voted I was actually having a thought about this a week or so ago. It'd be pretty
@luandro %6bhbxupqkLnsqWe5PkGcNr8aV6LUhoxYkzUigCi7aT0=.sha256
Voted Feature request (or does this already exist?): I would like to extend the
@luandro %7RKmjF7OFlv2C5NAU0Jgo8OrOqbCOnGk9Lg2yEpMisw=.sha256
Re: %6B0fEx2Bb

This is an amazing project :clap:

@luandro %pZrJeir9iEL8jNRj4LzZbSsLsww5vxXNcCYdFQ/yXvI=.sha256
Followed @Jefferson
@luandro %/MABMniImaE0x2ppeQ4cPZziN5bRI0a4+mGxQjwqDiU=.sha256
Voted Wanted to share this project I've been contributing to recently if anyone w
@luandro %k9rwz+bxLX3v0NHHc4q9MQkvokwkbN2DgP1IplvFByU=.sha256
Voted I bought a bunch of books to read and use it in classroom! ![image.png](&S
@luandro %U1K4Eg4wrV8gSlah0/M3rZkZmQ0gl/C3HD3hNPH1Z8E=.sha256
Voted Apparently I showed up on Codepen newsletter ![image.png](&VfmOUlpQ3TPxhND
@luandro %PTlvu5X/gukSowvkR2z7qQPK3FFNsgGramUQ5GhbdZE=.sha256
Voted My first lecture at Recreating the past was about patterns. I talked about
@luandro %eZOXEl98SmMZIX/LI5vsjWB7nq0YdvnoH5A6MmGzUxI=.sha256
Voted I was invited to be "Industry Leader" at a school called Hyper Island here
@luandro %FBkdR0gVeS0Gh1ou9Uqeozhs0DsEM3eLOStVJ89Yyhs=.sha256
Voted It feels so good to be doing a sketch a day again! :B ![giphy5.gif](&7httu
@luandro %wMBRYKyVI4MLRK4n5VNo/s9JvlIfYyj6Cr7oCs7tSdI=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&+CbSV7vgQdsAOoAg6O645sLciSEQgh9NIJdTVluzVwM=.sha256)
@luandro %uX7NoyfKUpDSdALyFXv0oonI3qXaNhC9hPVZ8WDIjrA=.sha256
Voted made an online gallery with all Konstfack students assignments. http://k
@luandro %wFAUQm8rRibQRp7mgE7emhi8bsyMRsTTJVZpkXNT2Kg=.sha256
Voted Gift from [@Fabián Heredia Montiel](@YDSXYP3Tog0vjXEwarqdBAm4lvXkYdCPZyfWmk
@luandro %dtb2ZS560KwQ4GKKUNAHdCCfIxys07qPJQoxhZv/a6M=.sha256
Voted I look at those types of toys and can't help but dream of them made out of
@luandro %yZsVydZoblQqqV/BzMf6YlbF/75sjy/B0jI5RLxsrUk=.sha256
Voted Shelf mounts are *ALMOST* there! Missing 4 to complete the job! I can do th
@luandro %WC8KStavUPB7Yks/+8zPOWjaUDahlkSgWjp3FiZnFOU=.sha256
Voted A full bottle of pond water! Really nice to have some plants floating on th
@luandro %/FEAuSoStvFl+QyBPpxUfQY8LITpHSCWxskQTWOzCvU=.sha256
Voted Animating some Whitney inspired lines!
@luandro %q02o/Hh1jsq3Xwe8sx4fuZMezWZCCffHnr6pnjRTiq0=.sha256
Voted Plotting some Whitney inspired lines and some brush work! ![image.png](&L
@luandro %v6HwMXas00fNjT6ZPzXwYi8uTEtIl0t/HQG+rzlqlPQ=.sha256
Voted I had never seen a lichen flower! ![lichen.jpg](&Uq0UUry0IImW6xERTPTMnYhBS
@luandro %xd9LkAiXNSBXtopzzO84g1NQaBXktrHKb3rvJwxTbSE=.sha256
Voted Tretkantarell. Lots of it. Everywhere. ![image.png](&ygpnmUbVoSFr8+urRU06r
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Voted Saturday with Ebbe, Dag and family. ![image.png](&ZPyRxWGyICX2pW6AhYXs7k2B
@luandro %RmeBO5bPokzuByXjbbcNmVhk0obXuZ/P0apz7ICNfms=.sha256
Voted Well, I fixed a hole on a tshirt I like a lot but I kind of forgot to turn
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Voted Making a shelf with broomsticks, planks and 3D printed parts! ![image.png
@luandro %UzMvmOtUw66haeCBQLAo59MCWodv1wEIziSvvIlGpg8=.sha256
Voted "Education is an act of love, and thus an act of courage. It cannot fear th
@luandro %gwZR6GPRpDDih8uU4WDHOIEBaygvrqeuJ9aBSXJ5f8s=.sha256
Voted I was looking into a single player board game (forever alone...) and found
@luandro %KAM8NwrRbL6YhNHavylsznZnH9KnA5cx6dqT3A/Vp0I=.sha256
Voted Mushroom season! ![image.png](&yMqLJOBnj2zMWV/PkJ3FeGgVzfnZSAFWB8Czs5cpsZQ
@luandro %9ax1C+ZtfkhThZaQi42+uUn0n/w96Y9t2tYF7QF2yhs=.sha256
Voted I bought a bike and I'm slowly learning to navigate the city with it. I nee
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Voted My mom came to visit me in Stockholm. She lives in Portugal and runs an ate
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Voted You know what? I think this was such a cool exercise to get back from vacat
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Re: %B3uNWdlRi

Ok never mind, the slowless going away was just a fluke that has nothing to do with the update. It was probably just the only time a restart actually made it go away.

@luandro %iiNg2m1rCXesednCfW9Khpv5t+qnBhQTixyXaQMql58=.sha256
Re: %B3uNWdlRi

Wow!! Amazing job! The slowness from scrolling and writing are gone :tada: :tada: :tada: Very usable now.

@luandro %PeIidkQc6ojz9JxV+EL70CiULeE64Ng69LZjtumDrak=.sha256
Voted Although we have abolished gift giving at Christmas within the family and I
@luandro %z7QOOYppRele06wFLZ43cuHP5BKQox1d42ZoAxIiD1A=.sha256
Re: %TvxDOYNqu

This is beyond awesome!

@luandro %W+XVBfWLOiNdNVcWD0QIv3ITUa/ffddZ+9JSOhcwnfw=.sha256
Voted Camping in Garopaba, SC, Brazil! ![tent](&+rT1WbzjuexNlLs/Uk37T3UqkW9XbYX
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Voted ![hermes](&xvcIrGfLJ6GYQWMzvnhdCAqAkyEac/9OiPZ6KjjKjf0=.sha256) ![hermes](
@luandro %cH6e6XWzttqmBpML5CBP8EJ2Et06dFrFtxeNrvhP/Do=.sha256
Re: %TWgeaJRp+

Amazing job with the AUR package everyone. We should create a Github action to keep it up to date.

@luandro %VpjM7xaJ9eFBS7AU5ELCXiZF8c8ifXyqnEvXvA9UXLE=.sha256
Re: %ZU47jKpjv

Vlw @andrestaltz! As @Marcos said it happens all the time, even when writing this message. Seems like a UI mem leak, but restarting doesn't do anything. Lemme know if there's any way I can help debugging.

@luandro %kx0ILJrQMjGs+3EtSlrqONZ0Jl+tK61DxiwzFdzh4sA=.sha256
Voted Hi [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) (
@luandro %ZU47jKpjvA4aU8c/OCxxmW0B6kIPguB/wAgK2G2cZ1o=.sha256
Re: %HtjkmuiQQ

Posting from Manyverse desktop, blew away my .ssh so no going back. Although I've been trying to support Manyverse as much as I can, I haven't used it much since I'm not on mobile much. First impressions:

  • Really amazed how much it's evolved!
  • Really love the work done on the connections tab
  • I use SSB for saving notes by sending private messages to myself, they don't show anymore
  • Some pics get cut, seems like simple css problem
  • It's really really slow and eating loads of RAM and CPU running on Arch Linux, takes forever to scroll and even to render writing
  • Miss the "participating" tab

The slowness really bothers me, but despite that I'll keep using it as my main SSB client so we can improve it together. Amazing job everyone involved!!!

@luandro %y8jyPpsZf/2mUk5m/zaOb51WSQS6QHOSLyv1ZLhPTl8=.sha256
Voted Wow! You blink and suddenly next thing you see is that you've been away for
@luandro %rEwjLjNVfmQ/y03PyLeTLdhJz9TjVNSEUE10lFyyUcc=.sha256
Voted [@mixmix](@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519) would you
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Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519), fi
@luandro %JhVJd1kKxaIX/5AZRjVy9Fpi6HboLNH+fYI9kSq5G1o=.sha256
Re: %HtjkmuiQQ

Woooot 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

The deb url at the website isn't right. Should be:

It's actually:

@luandro %VH48awAVUX5j07AF69IyDzni35WGnrtGF0BW1CI7xNA=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2201.5-beta ### Desktop app launched! ![Graphic design of
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Voted [CW: hardcore fusion dance] ![fushiondance-goten.gif](&HQNzBFMWdwDtmfERunDW
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Voted # more forests This is gonna be a dev diary of sorts. I want more forests
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Voted .oO aquelas dúvidas existenciais que batem de repente, sem motivo, e atorme
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Voted ![](&sNGyFgreYgRbDXecn7SYqtuoOsJuXCm8iMDFQlY39qw=.sha256) My 2022 look, by
@luandro %x4ODl09g1R8pVH4COQg9czG2Y2YxPBv4HfIxh2RN5G4=.sha256
Voted # PeachCloud Web Interface: Dev Diary # :peach: :cloud: :seedling: :green_
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Re: %klnREUIw9

☸️ LoRa Mesh 📡

Balaio elders drawing a map of their territory

As with most implementations, we start off by holding a community-wide assembly, where we first introduce the idea o autonomy in communication and information infrastructures, and why that's relevant for them. I asked the elders to draw a map of their territory, and did a beautiful job at it.

Balaio map with sticky notes symbolising LoRa mesh nodes

To my surprise the original plan for the Lora network was targeting the wrong village. It turns out the Balaio village was 13Km away from the hilltop, much further then expected.

The hill at the middle of the territory is called Morro dos Seis Lagos (Six Lakes Hill) and it's theoretically a national park under the control of ICMBio. So the plan for my visit was to install the community-servers and show how the LoRa network works so that the communities could ask for permission to install a node at the hilltop.

When the villagers realised how simple a LoRa node is and the huge positive impact it could bring, they decided we should just go for it even without any approval.

Young Balaio men opening up the river path with a chainsaw

Together with some of the youth who had experience hiking the hill we came up with a plan on where and how to place the LoRa node. Each of the 3 villages that were benefiting from the project sent representatives. Me and the boys from Balaio and Ya Mirim villages went by boat, while the guys from Parintins went by foot cutting thru the forest and met us at the base of the hill.

Since we weren't prepared for the installation, I had to recover an old solar panel. It was large and heavy, but would hopefully produce enough energy to keep the radio alive.

Our guides got a bit lost and we miscalculated the trail, so we walked in circles for an additional 3 hours in the jungle, and that's when the huge panel proved to be a big hassle.

But we finally managed to find a good campsite and the highest part of highest hill in the territory. Turns out none of them had been there before, and they weren't aware of anyone who had. Felt like true explorers.

Balaio men at the top of the tree fixing the solar panel and LoRa node

The guys from Parintins weren't prepared for camping, so they left at nightfall. Can't imagine them cutting back thru the jungle at night, but they made it back safely. We camped next to a beautiful lake, ate some of the dried fish and cassava flour we had and told stories of some of the mythical creatures of the forest. We slept in our hammocks and I confess being a bit afraid of the jaguars, but soon fell asleep.

We went back to the highest spot early morning. They cut the branches of the highest tree and fixed the panel. They fixed the Lora node to a wooden pole and fixed the pole to the tree as well, so it stood higher then any tree.

Very quickly we were able to get signal from the most distant village 13Km away, so the mission was a success 🎉

Our party of explorers right before descending the hill

We had nothing left to eat besides cassava flour, which they put in water. They call that Chibé. Not very delicious, but enough to give us energy for the trip back.

Checking for LoRa singal on way back thru the river

The ride back was pretty smooth and all we talked about was food. Wasn't able to signal from the hill node as there was huge blind-spot until very close to the village.

When we arrived, an angry Yanomami came to recover the boat. Turns out the boat we had taken wasn't from anyone they knew. Despite him looking really angry, it seems they have good relations and nothing happened.

The noodles with chicken we had afterwards was one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life.

LoRa 915Mhz network coverage simulation made with RadioMobile with the villages to be connected and the first Meshtastic message between villages

The simulation which I only ran after the visit shows that the Balaio village isn't so great for reception. But we manged to establish communication between the villages. The moment me and Adelina were able to exchange message we felt we accomplished something very important.

I had taken only 5 Lora nodes and unfortunately one of them malfunctioned. I had to take the node from the Balaio village down from the roof so that it could be used with a phone. Despite the community-servers running Meshtastic-web, it wasn't able to store messages, so conversation logs were never kept.

The network was compromised by this malfunctioning node.


This experiment was the closest we came to successfully using LoRa to connect distant villages. Unfortunately we were just one node short.

I'll hopefully be visiting Balaio again early 2022, so we've already acquired more LoRa nodes and created a simple pub/bot which posts Meshtastic messages to SSB.

Setting up LoRa networks to connect remote villages have proved to be challenging, but we've advanced quite a lot in making this technology usable and accessible. Its low financial cost makes this very attractive to many isolated villages, so hopefully we'll continue trailing this path in the future.

@luandro %9dXJSotpDXpH6AxfcUxxxV2fQ7AOzO34Upn5JTeyV84=.sha256
Re: %tz/6ms3u5

First working prototype

A couple of months ago, with @andrestaltz's and @sashaw's help, I've managed to modify the still experimental meshtastic-api to run a pub/bot which publishes #meshtastic messages to SSB 🎉 Here's the repo.

Still very very crude, but functional. Really excited about the possibilities for this, such as:

  • using a #community-server running the pub to store messages
  • not needing a Bluetooth connection between phone and radio
  • using #manyverse to communicate over LoRa
  • exchange LoRa messages thru the Internet by having the pub connected to a #ssbroom

Next steps would be to reduce message sizes as much as possible, split them up, and send them over LoRa in a way that we can add them to the SSB db so that the author themselves appear as publishers. But there's still a long way to go to get there.

@luandro %OvARoFVeqggECk6bOVyFKvoW1WNaL8wqIpE/cP58XEI=.sha256
Voted [@punkmonk](@EaYYQo5nAQRabB9nxAn5i2uiIZ665b90Qk2U/WHNVE8=.ed25519) ah you c
@luandro %EzHSMlXYx5nVPWDJEHb2btiMI6QwFQMPTZ//Va1yf8M=.sha256
Voted ### Madefromscratch Dev Diary January 1st, 2022 In the last month since r
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Voted I like Michael Albert's stuff on strategy too, he co-wrote books with Robin
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Voted undefined
@luandro %lBvjJQG5UaXEbBdwGEGpEGxUBHcZmXtXY0BGTX8Fg6g=.sha256
Voted Note to folks testing Manyverse Desktop: I'm trying to keep track of all co
@luandro %duEwI/lnGRUJKUWrGcqPmd5Gw+Mou9BjEOiNTeDi4Qc=.sha256
Voted happy new year :~)
@luandro %+zfeDgJmYemUKrm6BDSRHqHFXZBgCnEf8yHhmA6bb8w=.sha256
Voted I fixed the macOS issues! Nearly all the stuff [@gwil](@PEqxT8YRvrkf2fyjAgT
@luandro %BnB63mOn401WnGn0IEKMIDMuIC7FRwTeYbJml5yNtyE=.sha256
Voted This is the sort of accessibility we need more of. Awesome work!
@luandro %DASQatYbChgqg5WhRgN7o46lC2zxWCQ4KQ+LJvjWARk=.sha256
Voted [@lxoliva](@hhknMruxen2tXWeQYkpKlFsm09ye5R9TrYQyKsM47kU=.ed25519) This pr
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Re: %tq9PSe6/q

I've finished the book about a week ago, and have been digesting it. Some takeaways:

Three elementary forms of domination

  • control of violence
  • control of knowledge
  • charismatic power

Three primordial freedoms

  • freedom to move
  • freedom to disobey
  • freedom to create or transform social relationships

Possible breakthroughs

  • bureaucracies that work on a community scale
  • cities governed by neighbourhood councils
  • systems of government where women hold a preponderance of formal positions
  • forms of land management based on care-taking rather than ownership and extraction

These will seem like the really significant breakthroughs, and great stone pyramids or statues more like historical curiosities. What if we were to take that approach now and look at, say, Minoan Crete or Hopewell not as random bumps on a road that leads inexorably to states and empires, but as alternative possibilities: roads not taken?

I believe #communitynetworks and #community-first services are a way to achieve "bureaucracies that work on a community scale". My personal #omega-project, #undomination, is in a way trying to achieve "forms of land management based on care-taking rather than ownership and extraction". Feel very aligned with the authors's conclusions, which in someways validates our efforts.

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Voted Piracy is the norm in Brazil. Without piracy I wouldn't have access to a lo
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Voted I feel like you speak to the world at large (via Twitter) on topics they mi
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Voted ## Inviting alpha testers for Manyverse desktop 👋 Hey all! [@Powersource
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Voted [CW: #rotterdam #winter] ![photo_2021-12-31_09-13-33.jpg](&FjNcftY0ehLRY1vp
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Voted # The days of ~/.ssb are counted Manyverse Desktop is going to be differen
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Voted hiii! i'm kimmmmy, your standard-issue trans gal from the northeast! i've b
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Voted [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) assum
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Voted Hey [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) /
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Voted First partial harvest from my Aerogarden. I'm quite surprised how much grew
@luandro %Pvq2GMRqIio+kaxselVjKQq5JDaEozYxDEF+dRvFZ9Y=.sha256
Voted been doing some #mending at #noisebridge 😌 Slightly less worried about my
@luandro %ojkuJo//WZ8+kEz0iBdxDEKGmIynsNKUhavxFE7q3bs=.sha256
Re: %WGMp5coAZ

In rural Brazil there's no age for coffee or soda... I've seen people giving coffee and coke to babies less then a year old lol

@luandro %qjp2ddhJp1+W/ueM7IjFOwOTa49+Rsp8biiu6xITpAk=.sha256
Voted # Wireless, Off-Grid, No-License Communication for $27.99 using the LoRa Me
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Voted # I’ve been hired at Planetary! Yesterday was my last day at [Roadtrippers
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Voted ![](&usvleNxXYlsQOn3gA1gNj2t3L/nnPbTzdoiWSH5LYsk=.sha256) _view from the b
@luandro %AXyaYzFApIeyXRTREdzFigpD4WmGzTiFsMCdlCgn2kA=.sha256
Re: %Q0On77rWO

Finally done

I left home a few days after the previous post. Only a single relay was connected to the irrigation system.

Tânia re-wiring the irrigation relay

Five months later, I'm back home. Tânia from #coolab is with me and together we finally managed to finish this project, although it'll only really be useful in another 3 months from now.

Esp32 4 channel relay and connections

Irrigation system with cut bottle-tops protecting the connections

@luandro %WNa79hKMIU5LCvt40Skfo8CvpK0LSij6wyCY2aDg7mA=.sha256
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Voted Here’s a bottle in the sea for people from #NewZealand, especially if there
@luandro %PmQiVEtoBvxNXXEQ6dg9SFFtek8L9dBNS0cmnp740Ig=.sha256
Voted this is al
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Voted [@emmi bevensee](@5fX6QTmue/udf7tLwW25vQ63wZSENrksghBt6vfL4/I=.ed25519) wro
@luandro %K/Vq5+dxeQJerjKF8yYH+jgSfz017b2FCYtpKuAkmbM=.sha256
Voted Esse ano, participei de uma oficina de Haikai, não sabia nada sobre o tema,
@luandro %8K3GsLfpyJOhTFFyImDipw6xLYH4c25vTRKErDQvCDw=.sha256
Voted I finished the book a few days ago, using the audio book during some long d
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Voted PS: I can't guarantee that Manyverse Desktop won't fork your feed or otherw
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Voted If any of my SSB friends don't have the means to pay the $20 donation requi
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Voted # 🍑 PeachCloud Newsletter Update 📰 ![Artwork: Something To Look Forward
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Voted Anybody know C++ / Golang / Chromium devs that'd be interested in a paid gi
@luandro %q5YucLwDUal8Brfj2ZuLYbB3XzeE0tZBgtDnEaxyEv0=.sha256
Re: %tq9PSe6/q

I'm 2/3 into the book, and it's as a must read as Debt: 5000 Years. It's been proving that many of my previous ideas about civilisation were completely wrong, which is awesome.

@luandro %HXosD1rY+NhuxxqsDvcjIG2qprPMAfN0ctKqauVY/s4=.sha256
Voted I'm about a third of the way through this book, I've been reading it before
@luandro %tmtAMa7nqCi/hbP+zyGaXWzFLRwz02UtIZXMnGVHg14=.sha256
Voted I just bought the french translation and it is so refreshing :) ![20211123_
@luandro %8dkvn4DEsac8rxYM64/mIy1W1wuXwLDTXLO+UhfvTig=.sha256
Voted [@farewellutopia-dev](@+qNos2XP9dfREX8qgNeA7V/KZPEYkRwreIuDqTWIqOI=.ed25519
@luandro %g2PodPgpPoxotm/sy0+f2JdQuu5OzYt40+fuLyBbzzA=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) you
@luandro %4YjJkRxMp0Y0M6WeNSI1LweY0yIbkVVnjVcqEv0s2B4=.sha256
Voted ## Tomorrow is the Documentation Sprint Kick-off! It's possible to jump in
@luandro %BC/wHmkupKyaxyyaE4fA685CDLiB5fclaPtIs2a7ttE=.sha256
Re: %/p6DjTmH+


O Projeto de Mapeamento Anual do Uso e Cobertura da Terra no Brasil é uma iniciativa que envolve uma rede colaborativa com especialistas nos biomas, usos da terra, sensoriamento remoto, SIG e ciência da computação que utiliza processamento em nuvem e classificadores automatizados desenvolvidos e operados a partir da plataforma Google Earth Engine para gerar uma série histórica de mapas anuais de uso e cobertura da terra do Brasil.

@luandro %RKAZGiJKn1Ha2lcGLoV+DG+SVrFTN6osIccRBEosn0s=.sha256
Re: %/p6DjTmH+


Plataforma que usa inteligência artificial para indicar áreas com risco de desmatamento na Amazônia brasileira.
Criado em parceria com o Imazon, Microsoft e Fundo Vale, o PrevisIA analisa um conjunto de variáveis ​​para indicar as áreas de maior risco de desmatamento no bioma, incluindo topografia, ocupação do solo, oficiais e não oficiais estradas, infraestrutura urbana e dados socioeconômicos.

O PrevisIA publica suas análises em um painel aberto ao público e com recursos de visualização de dados acessíveis, para que pessoas de todas as áreas possam encontrar facilmente as informações disponíveis.

@luandro %0kpnzD45QhJG5UgvQkbFuObttasaN8FrNpHtQrG5v20=.sha256
Voted # Pooling of Money from Handshake Council and SSBC Community Grants, in mu
@luandro %ILmPVq0KF6EMyUrSYP7nJ0I0XXquX1FkLullTIHfOIY=.sha256
Voted # Mandate for [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.ed25
@luandro %zuJtbrZyWuiZyPxnsFvlEYtkxZYER6Ee+m0KUoSRjHc=.sha256
Voted [@alanz](@ZcjYF92reFjUtEYdoJ8ulOI6N6klwAAaIkghEEHdvSE=.ed25519) Sorry about
@luandro %/MUFni5HF1Dbx6BPeKS1hRfgtkbZ7J2xTe+D24InKEc=.sha256
@luandro %4AVIBDRdMca5PRq7vMK/g3dk5Dz6FQgj/oBR3sb6NWc=.sha256
Voted Nah, this is just story telling. Science is when I'm getting her to hypothe
@luandro %PngIdjtrr5o00nCC66yBLSaDJQ+GIm+EMzNxCPRor2o=.sha256
Voted Today at dinner I managed to convey the fundamental idea of molecules and p
@luandro %fBqndDTXtGthw+aUM+Yk1XjULyFvyACPOJzpzR97vK8=.sha256
Voted ## #autumn 📸 ![photo_2021-12-05_10-18-10.jpg](&tBXrMdUjvvbiolLvrZRTTFiYeNd
@luandro %XRwVHbEPFFdkaW5zsj5SU2CriC1+ZFo4pqWrCJiGjuU=.sha256
Voted Just spent a delightful doing hobby coding on #āhau - probably 3 solid hour
@luandro %Y+Q4+5SZLRlJQgus/ce2oTz7tXXk9rT3ehepWf/PZW0=.sha256
Voted ![IMG_20210130_162951.jpg](&
@luandro %XEn83jD1aQuajvmF8FOzSXcu4Dam+lC/cx4aAgvodq8=.sha256
Voted Went up to the hills to watch the #sunset. This planet is amazing. I’m a f
@luandro %YGefaijAtbGF22FU4L9Fz3rWLYLeisqr6UT8BzhrG4k=.sha256
Voted Oh, turns out Emmi also had something to say about indigenous collectives i
@luandro %WmqtsnfbDigpa/mz4pAF/sCixOobMDoBoSyD7pCutnw=.sha256
Voted For context, in #āhau (another indigenous context) information is not "free
@luandro %DlS8lwkl6mANdc8PIr7eNNoSJFMkLvKDEmzIC6/zGSk=.sha256
Voted I think my point is that when it comes to indigenous communities, we should
@luandro %GjVWLDc4VCvjG/4MeuRpHW9qgluUY7U9xBOxakiVZb4=.sha256
Voted Let’s hope π doesn’t have an R value of 3.14 or we won’t survive to see the
@luandro %SUJ85ZEBmZb+7uISHS2XsI3oxGAyC7nJTEc6/9ZK2H8=.sha256
Re: %YHmO0qmTE

The VPN problem 🔓

First lot of equipment for the project: Raspberries, memory cards and miscellaneous networking stuff

Obviously a DNS (layer 6) block won't be able to protect against VPNs, which act on the ip level (layer 3). Took me a while to realise that. And so we arrive at %5WJlg+7...

We figured that we might actually need another Ethernet on the Rasp to achieve what we need. And we'd still need to write the firewall rules from scratch and create an interface for adding whitelisted devices. Quite a large undertaking, which could takes months, and still not guaranteed to work.

We spent several days during the last month reviewing Pirania's new API, rewritten by @SAn, and creating the Lime-App interface. Both the new API and the new front-end are being reviewed as a PR. Hopefully they'll be out on the next LibreRouterOS release.

We tested bypassing with the RiseUp VPN for Android and Pirania successfully blocked it, which makes sense. The only problem with adding Pirania is that we'd need #openwrt compatible routers, and the project has a limited budget for equipment.

All the 21 villages have a satellite internet connection, which came with DLink DIR 819 routers. There's no official firmware for it, but we found a repo for it. We decided to take the risk and flash it.

We created a nice plastic brick, with flashing LEDs. We weren't able to recover the bricked router :(

Path forward 🚲

Typical wooden house in Kalipety village. Spaces around the houses are convered in agroforests

The safest path forward seems to be using appropriate LibreRouterOS routers, which are readily available and not that expensive to get. The challenge now is whitelisting Whatsapp ips, which aren't publicly available and very dynamic:

Unfortunately, we [WhatsApp] are not able to share any IP pools manually since now on as they are dynamically generated per partner. Source

We're researching together with the #libremesh team on ways to achieve this with Dnsmasq and ipset.

We already bought the 21 Raspberry Pis, which we're using to create an easily hackable block. They'll be great for creating a better Internet experience by filtering junk and caching DNS for faster loads. We're also adding Jellyfin, Filebrowser and Resilio Sync so that when blocks are active, people can still access cultural content which will be curated by community leaders.

This Guarani intranet might be where SSB might fit in the future, as they advance on understanding the perils of corporate digital territories and realise that alternatives exist. It's where we want to get with Connecting Peoples of the Earth, have a secure digital space where indigenous peoples can exchange stories and strategies of resistance.

@luandro %YHmO0qmTE80rbu42bfzivK8NghiCIMO3y1tOclTvM3I=.sha256

Connecting peoples of the Earth: Mbyá Guaraní

Map wit the 21 Guarani villages, located between the city of São Paulo and the coast

The Guarani Nation and it's peoples have a history of around 500 years of contact with white invaders. They're located around the south-eastern coast of Brasil and also spread all over Abya Yala (Argentina, Paraguai, Uruguai, Bolivia). Besides the Mbyá, there are also Kaiowa and Ñandeva Guarani groups.

Because of such early contact, they've developed amazing adaptability, and their culture is extremely dynamic, while being able to maintain it's core cosmology and values intact. Their language is still very strong and intact, their rituals are still practised on a daily basis, and they have a very communal lifestyle.

Read more on the Guarani

The Great Wall of Junk


A well known social communication's collective here in Brasil, Intervozes, got in touch with #coolab to collaborate on a project with the Guarani.

I've come to greatly admire the Mybia Guaranis of São Paulo. Despite being close to one of largest cities in the world, they just recently received connectivity in all villages through satellite.

Very quickly they realised that the combination of Internet + smartphone is doing great harm for their way of life. Every other community we've worked with only seemed to care for the good parts of these digital technologies, which is quite natural as the society's these tools were created for are only now, after over a decade, realising the impact of how the Information Era is playing out with surveillance capitalism and the raise of mental health problems.

@mix.desktop here's some context on the blocking. Unforunately it's not SSB related, yet...

Me and Tania talking in the Guarani prayer house of Krukutu village

In our first visit, in the beginning of October, an assembly was organised for the purpose of debating digital technologies. Many Guarani leaders and youth took part. The elders were quite active, the youth never cared to share a word on the subject.

The biggest problem mothers and fathers were having, was that their children were staying till late playing the infamous mobile game, Free Fire. I can relate, I've been a game addict with Warcraft II and III over my infancy and teens. But mobile gaming is very different, as it's become handheld and very accessible:

[Free Fire] prioritizes performance, making it a great choice for any type of device

Another big problem. The Guarani have traditional gatherings every day at 6pm. Even adults were starting to miss on the communal gatherings because they were stuck on their phones, most probably on streaming platforms or social media.

Their first reaction to "The Internet Problem": BLOCK IT ❗

We believe in trying the social solution before going to tech. But it seems they've tried and haven't succeeded in controlling Internet access. It's not the first I've seen indigenous peoples come up with extreme solutions for extreme problems. The Krahô from Pedra Branca village, for example, had to build a reinforced jail and maintain a community police force to deal with alcoholism.

Firewall 🔥

Wall in the Kalipety village with paintings representing the Mybia Guarani peoples

The task given to us was:

  • Messaging apps (Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal) should be left open at all times
  • Certain devices should have access to everything at all times
  • Each village needs a way to have their own schedules for blocking access
  • Don't let VPNs pass

The project reached me personally because of #pirania, the mesh captive-portal solution, which solves all problems besides the first (whitelisting messangers).

But a couple of moths agos Pirania was far from ready. So we started with DNS blocking, using #raspberrypi 3+, Pi-hole and Balena. Tania, our official namer of things, called it: Guarita

You can easily get started with your own Guarita by following instructions from Balena hub.

It works with a simple cronjob and shell script that enables to schedule DNS blocking. And through Pihole's great interface we're able to set the whitelist for messaging app's domains and put devices into groups which don't get blocked.

But then we hit the problem that all tyrannic rulers hit: VPNs.


@luandro %G/IZMghXy2fBjeX529wxnazSsRlFZ5C9FkFEVA8GvPU=.sha256
Voted ![Patchfox 2021-11-29 18-54-24.png](&uh9qfkoYVatbvrf+pLkbONT99D+FEFiCghL2c
@luandro %2k6/MoR6BXCAOhUD5YWefzfaNXnnFxeY2QIyXyZRKVY=.sha256
Voted Presented this to [@Rhona](@lI9hrQKWh270SlLtlIYTyBMb0oFfBZ1Y0SgIOKIh1sM=.ed
@luandro %CCds9OiPsCDmgcgrYRYJR2/cCXwR8M+HV2Mf3nm1qPE=.sha256
Voted ![tassle mask mix](&NoDi/Bkwy5QmkF1FMjiFqyS35IFpDh9jTlmc38HYHc0=.sha256)
@luandro %sXb557MjJsC+NNJqEJRK260t0rTE/GVsRxtqONhsmTc=.sha256
Voted Patchfox has a horrible slime of doom inside it in the form of the `ssb.js`
@luandro %J+tN8NtJR0mUCHeRThTLKJ9bMA5tVG7WbN1WS7s3G0k=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&k06HlFdruSFi1gXTkBDTIn316PujWGYlr7KQQ7WYMOI=.sha256) Today [
@luandro %+sNt/qq/krkFWDeOr7JycCtazZ+k458Sq9G/AhIDLWw=.sha256
Voted ### Jonathan Haidt on Instagram's mental health problem Jonathan Haidt is
@luandro %TPWl0mAVh0NbDmx7dk/qg/Hv3W2W04KX1Crx/lRD6mI=.sha256
Voted Last weekend I wrote a static site generator / HTML splicer for my website.
@luandro %XA8QQZ4g0CGV6Bbtz2bNECRvwNctdT7dul9YPMBEuEk=.sha256
Voted ![audio:recording.mp3](&RLvfJOEZDpgC5QUeJnKD6FWXOv32wchR0NMRzHnBWPs=.sha256
@luandro %GAp9bAWIssrxepUYRQQwsoTT4/LGxobcWDxwnsfr/BU=.sha256
Voted ![](&HKXJ1q2mkyqm8r4YQ3A9qYcWo/+ImbEGSyYb3zZw7IU=.sha256) ![](&qnuVP0jDFMt
@luandro %UtpB04gXRGFiC7tim0FSGCnggAuCy3wDgQ1CM+Pq4N8=.sha256
Voted # Karakia Whakatuwhera + Whakakapi _To open or close a meeting_ > Unuhia
@luandro %EcegYJ7ukIvt+6KMmhr3XGEhPIhrV+5ZyEhLPxJEsg4=.sha256
Voted After single greek letters I believe they do two greek letters, then sorori
@luandro %p9GdZRKBYEV1LMj3DknZe1Pwsj+yzfDDyXMwHBLmIBE=.sha256
Voted After Omicron, we get the π variant. At least we’ll get some good jokes and
@luandro %wx2Ja9KzBP2BQYH9FP98QElI713va2I+3vk75DeSlgU=.sha256
Voted ![gridkit bed pieces](&o0J+IFnUnyWJrcK1c5lbCRxoC4fQfUU3Yr/fS3/4wT0=.sha256)
@luandro %mGq3s0G3/CyQXGAaZACImzFMO6EeOj0DyIDQWow0kn4=.sha256
Voted ![gridkit bed](&2CBw8/G8mHoPRZho5MCrNH2Qk2OFDx90iQte+ONFty4=.sha256) We re
@luandro %/+WVx75BgAYpf3IWa6Cq7Xqii+tae00FpDued//XUVY=.sha256
Voted *I've come to realize what has irked me with the suggestion put forth by [@
@luandro %7EPFapQWwiulhSy3InizS1j6kIIpb0lHtJK5dIJe16I=.sha256
Voted Little weekend project: [a Node.js native module written in Zig](https://gi
@luandro %XWuklruq1CQTwtFIsl5c7PGDZm870cBD5F/CLIhI9t0=.sha256
Voted ## black friday Day after thanksgiving. Walked along the rows browsing.
@luandro %rBKw0c7bwaRp0JDSzTzNl/HSMw3qbX5REPnUnXJACuM=.sha256
Voted ![Wellington oriental parade](&GRa6srJhDnZPuRFO9xSOpM+G4RoQbtXrii/C0z0gBqI=
@luandro %GGyuQHs+chLaVoV/YJGIdqP/1n61NnRRhbSqpge3PvQ=.sha256
Voted or #ahau - we're using `@apollo/federation` to split our schema up into par
@luandro %qPGgAaKJXN/WoketRrVBAOPpIU03yUQo9YdnPTnpZKQ=.sha256
Voted # graphql demo There's no notes (yet), but here's a minimal graphql demo.
@luandro %AptnyLCKSfs7ac0SEE2cJsg5MqFJ6Wp+kwScuYEHAH0=.sha256
Voted Seems like the last two bugfixes made a big difference so here we go. # Gr
@luandro %Z/kfA1znDqW99EkWBEsHODTdRRV2EQBta81Em3umKds=.sha256
Voted Ok [crut]( is pretty sweet. I migrated
@luandro %GtOXUg7JRHM/56a0/im2LflzU01YvMUAJj2ZzL3IFfE=.sha256
Voted undefined
@luandro %QA3HNZVm8qANsnKB0N9KzER4wx7GmQBN+bV88NFAa/4=.sha256
Voted ![Mornington bowling club](&
@luandro %oU2ZJicOhJwuSlndZ6SMtdTJoRV1KnIShiQfxW+xkEc=.sha256
Voted yesterday i made some quiches for the second time of my life (first time in
@luandro %oQOBjwxomv4xH2OWkkXfYueBm7H5aCThl4K3I3T9aVc=.sha256
Voted You know I am a **so-called photographer**, that means that I like to take
@luandro %SQW3z4MlCrFixBhSk4yQwYbOo4CAvhGHfSaNFdNZkgQ=.sha256
Voted I forgot to take an audio today, but here is a photo: *A photograph of and
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@luandro %Kds3f35qiHYJVQQu2WzK72+IIr6ZI8+BQKFBWBSR36I=.sha256
Voted # 🎉 **milestone for cabal** i just merged private message functionality in
@luandro %ng+MQdjAnGhiM1eKYOwxRYAEPOEhRk5itobE5+EMrHk=.sha256
Voted New #go-ssb-room 2.0.7, deployed to []( to
@luandro %gaTi8qs8VTs88XPRYfqd6SQPqGdPnDq1DkTiEFrlxH0=.sha256

#digital-democracy hiring back-end developer

Digital Democracy is looking for a lead back-end developer with 5 years experience to join our small, remote team on a 12-month contract (with potential long-term) starting as soon as possible. You will help build cutting-edge open-source mobile and desktop mapping apps for remote and marginalized communities to document, map, monitor, manage and report information on environmental and human rights issues around the world.

We've seen firsthand that change does not come from technology, but from how people use it. We are building tools our partners are using to achieve transformative change. We are dedicated to working towards a world where all people can participate in the decisions that govern their lives.

More info:

How to Apply

Send a note with the following to by 11:59pm EST on Sunday November 28th 2021. We will review applications as we receive them and may start interviews before the close date.

@luandro %K+1Vh+137F+uqDtgeFePjFoRjCCfApIzZ9cxSz0ETnM=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519) in
@luandro %K8mbh0eD5sTClxD1XdasirACTFduL5RWDUMbAB+6gpM=.sha256
Voted ![254714299_293270582668824_4034610736263564807_n.jpg](&qDjOw3TzxnyJdRdkF7R
@luandro %SIM4fD4ZgW1t7rbemmHf4jLzPcrN4uaSxra3dB3K7UQ=.sha256
Voted whats the deal with the contactor and why is it wearing out a problem? Is i
@luandro %KtNgMVfyyrmDzQJx6nzkG0OU9WgQzxVSROccZgSNolU=.sha256
Voted ## charging electric car from offgrid solar I expect my next car will be a
@luandro %WgkktkM+mpnNGlBcgJsWabHseMN/QzgVxMgtd518JIM=.sha256
Voted **Pro tip**: if you grind up cumin and then vacuum it up, the air that come
@luandro %vQDtVjKa6yiZ/30AHg2S+ZAzFQF3xHMAqH22ESKIgoA=.sha256
Voted > Although I’d be more than happy to run a datacenter for profit in my base
@luandro %++Q9XmQyELnxvF/1+Z5V0HeCXYja5ExO2nKciOkd8p8=.sha256
Voted Welcome [@3runo](@1yYfe9PjHiP1/5p+HfbMxstMZv6m195Nh5vkojByT9U=.ed25519) ,lo
@luandro %I/Hv56W7qHR0kWpoa0CssabCZkaGZxjfqE4dDYnWQRo=.sha256
Voted Oh, a friend of [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/
@luandro %v7pNUnxSe4IKJ0+lhIXwPC52tOmXlZKe0XHa3YS8htE=.sha256
Voted Facebook trying to catch up with SSB, says it will stop doing facial recogn
@luandro %3bZok6FDu1/Xlunch4R1Tn0tPvoi1h0kpjDgzQZTSKs=.sha256
Voted [@3runo](@1yYfe9PjHiP1/5p+HfbMxstMZv6m195Nh5vkojByT9U=.ed25519) make an iss
@luandro %U6f28GwnhQdPcaG9VsyHhvbzuxLF1VVy4DB1KCXrRu8=.sha256
Voted I'm reviewing threads on #governance discussions from 2019/2020 and wanting
@luandro %4FC3803wQBYPmR34qwyxbhoIzoHrEz4sq+1ef/i7III=.sha256
Subscribed to channel #fusionidentity
@luandro %bGVzU7/fV2n0FWjq4/0cie6wST2C1Nmw+k9De/h7EUM=.sha256
Voted Meanwhile @cherese has been working on a spec that allows communities to dy
@luandro %SWf+eeyBjlO+0sNRiYuGblMlGxtJ1syhPGPyVwij6GE=.sha256
Voted Wrote up some specs today: - [Documenting ssb threads](%0TAZfOrplAOZUVSAzXo
@luandro %iX6WChAopn8aMMXI+vrfbXP6BssV6o3zYIRSu8IZSAM=.sha256
Re: %uv7VjUkce

Exciting!!!! Repo repo repo please 💃

@luandro %Yhd1sG9E5qyklgT5kdHuZ2orbDnHC6qt5m0kuXRgrRY=.sha256
Voted ![buttchat.jpg](&E2gtSshTmbpW+B6bIBvKT/EktfYOjdGZKiRTtNYdnOo=.sha256) #but
@luandro %vTNA9i4LiEJC91DBM/dpVZQKIvjwaftIG4HxF13NCXc=.sha256
Voted Following up on Luandro's post, I'm working on different single board compu
@luandro %QtjXGXmrSf5zaYlwAzvEhXGfgkOE/gRMGGz3Yobh+j0=.sha256
Voted # Documenting ssb threads ![image.png](&9n+EW0d61sr/pLrA8OL95rn2ewZ/5sfnbh
@luandro %motrawBsJxO3TI0++0vR7XwoKmMHOYHikB0CBreYj9A=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&I0qCgWYHkcIXdBiqem66/Tso0C/gf9YTdDoimWC+EGM=.sha256) Spotted
@luandro %JE61MU1nwTl0KoK5a9AG4mlt1cwJ3Yl8WjcZzpcNfic=.sha256
Voted _14 November 02021_ Sunday afternoon dev-diary post, why not? It feels re
@luandro %9f2S2YF0XxE/l78FnAVOoV/S/W6DQPdqZg+gC+HEVC4=.sha256
Voted ![DSCF2654.JPG](&c+LU6t9N862Z3rG//KzPPG40wqBe1kF5u9m9ecmFTpI=.sha256) Oh ye
@luandro %m9PNPZv/6oeTcHRNPHVMV0bWgIuUAu5B26RDhDdMXzY=.sha256
Voted # my #routine Some days I just wing it, do whatever feels right. Other day
@luandro %GWu62Skua5RE619XKf1jmClK/f7Uy8qtLV1MGOVZzQU=.sha256
Voted ### scuttle-testbot 1.9.0 adds `colorLog` as a helper for logging out easi
@luandro %vJRtfJI6vThJwwXPiTAybp2U1OpvxAsgnzailA0b1pY=.sha256
Voted ![](&G6ijDhkwXmkgaTVyKOrxWG1xepeKPzvMmRjoFiYajCg=.sha256) [@emmi bevensee]
@luandro %gYDnWtRCay0C8Vjo5mft+Nj5EG6/W2B/eP5olI3uoXA=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2111.11-beta ✅ Bug fix: fix replication getting stuck betw
@luandro %SIhmwbnqvx0cKLKUHksGjRz77aEdTsRGAWK9YILCBXA=.sha256
Voted Definitely! The first release will probably just include the Go SSB server
@luandro %OqvBAo3Xs4/xcav1oPdiNw6Ia7Q5h82ysh02M5iAsMg=.sha256
Voted Worked on better logging: - [color-tag module](%+vHwwEt76VuuLraz/hmoaksp6y
@luandro %2724qYBPgjBbzBACsCHv/5DqZQFZmRIlSYPR1aIdv48=.sha256
Voted # 🍑 PeachCloud Newsletter Update 📰 ![Parallela Dreamland by Debbie Tsoi]
@luandro %O2TCv2GvqA57yUZ20P2V2evUW2R/78Es3ApWh987/RY=.sha256
Re: %dA3tAFWgn

I'm totally for all those functional requirements! But yea, it's probably gonna take a while for this to mature, but seems totally worth it.

If ur interested in continuing to work on this with a grant let us know how we can support ur efforts.

Great work!

@luandro %kUWGyZ7I362NTB21Lhwh/Rko3Yna4l4AfBGOrzVNj6Y=.sha256
Voted Thanks [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed255
@luandro %iQT2HgqbYk1VgWdl+sCtXY95PA7GaysvpblO7U4ef3E=.sha256
Re: %dA3tAFWgn

That's really cool!

@luandro %4voPK1XkowspZPDtJEFgvNbGygo2C1sOj7+Zc3mG650=.sha256
Voted Yes! 2 Minutes later: ![image.png](&Y0wr+b43/og+Q2l/I2OmOwv1AAqg00Bo62fWhkd
@luandro %OHZXq6mLYqwCVm3x9QAMsMkIdVe10iJAERPcfnathqk=.sha256
Voted As #scuttlesaurus now supports running in browsers I'm writing this message
@luandro %BIAT2/TDZiGgtB6DSQrUQYUSk89Cb7SBlu/7mC6ofMI=.sha256
Voted Ideally yes [@humberto](@RtsOc2h1gqh0fRrjrUTHAkRBu9YyDgsD+EWsfLpykrc=.ed255
@luandro %S6sKjMap67bc/7UtKk0kUH1LxRYVFioN2ASSQHeBets=.sha256
Voted Just a final update on this. I have recovered my account. It has a new str
@luandro %h7/OLD/hExc5MUpG+A74k7KxB3VubkOusj6kfHD6wsM=.sha256
Voted [@Rômulo Alves phone](@2CFA0rXTIXzlwLvln3NhY8+RvuKFhNkejhLZhrDiCMU=.ed25519
@luandro %fw0fgm/gWE/mCIq7L8/hBKnPyYRTjSaW9XWtBXxvA5Q=.sha256
Re: %yADClyZGg

UAU! Que incrível 💓

@luandro %R3EpH8eR5pA+1oHy1irzJo5IHbefY/evQlfeBroNh4Y=.sha256
Voted I haven't been practicing that much in the past few years and I'm not that
@luandro %4HEQq8Py5sLxw0Tg1l9PB6oKvOMr8kmSeeEqXVsTjVo=.sha256
Voted Initial reflections : - love the energy, i really appreciate your thought a
@luandro %i2M4B20zHHZgqJ8D1X4CYDnotnlskcLt1BAbUxb29OA=.sha256
Voted # What about using Syncthing to start a nice p2p web hosting experience ?
@luandro %90KcCmdUASMXDdr6RpJpdiGkR9IP2I00YRteRWDo2vo=.sha256
Voted how about instead of a block list, you just block everything and have an al
@luandro %FocCU1sjiapfNSdxBuwbz562Mzo7ouQtbpDlHehK5EU=.sha256
Voted Two bits of good news I can't keep to myself: - We have a new baby girl as
@luandro %O18SXOP/+Eqh0bnmkZ0owkjwoTh5tz84dVJH1Vv7L+U=.sha256
Voted ![changing table](&gKjMka3f/Y4OL7VxH4RKJ6tKJiWY1mZ35MVNivY6+jo=.sha256) [@
@luandro %5WJlg+7zpW9dve4xqvmxiV8Pa3XVA0CpwjzEIR5FMq4=.sha256


We need a way to program Internet blocking on a network, and we've been doing this using PiHole with a few scripts to schedule the DNS blocks. Problem is, DNS blocking is really easy to circumvent, so we need something deeper down, which could block even VPNs. But we also need a way to have certain mac addresses bypass the block.


  • Is this even possible? Nations have trouble blocking VPNs, although airports seem to do it pretty well
  • Is iptables the best way to achieve this? Or should we use router configs to do it?
  • Can we route all router traffic thru the Pi so we can set rules there?

The communities use DLink DIR-819 routers, which give us access to a basic shell and has lots of configuration options. We have to figure something out for this specific router.

@luandro %fzR5nzUs85JSA/RdXvFgqiP72KeRjBwZ4t27FlnDggQ=.sha256
Voted There's currently a series of weekly events in his honor: https://www.event
@luandro %w9KGhxiB9mTzXar57VrPyCt+1VhzGTfXF7oNo0L8/oY=.sha256
Voted Extending from my #ssb-research [thoughts recently](%lWKx7xNXl62ssXkc9wcWOw
@luandro %+k2bZMFNiLUm6W9M3X8lsWSAe2BJ8qimcZzPLueZfB8=.sha256
Voted > Sounds to me like the going theme here is that you need a community to ri
@luandro %KEuZr96g8XH5AQY+4yyE/k2/UdmpwN8riEvKGKG5Mq8=.sha256
Voted Hello from PatchFox (Testing)
@luandro %HMDNC/SdkhmwKpfdrRSdvrVrem+8s1kD2hIS4aESRGs=.sha256
Voted ## ssb-crut demo ![image.png](&pe1R4wUR2EVHOD6HOeFbeRbZ+HlcvtfhPE3TsoiuSy4
@luandro %1Hw758Rh/r3ns3KCfVLjvVptrBZcwGCTjAd7WLPRFvg=.sha256
Re: %IxivjTZy6

Assim c me mata....

@luandro %VYm4FavD6Hv/35qFNhn8p9YxNiLH3XX3sUM3FWHtexI=.sha256
Voted Sample of a brazilian carrot cake, cooked by my mom! 😬 ![carrot cake](&qn
@luandro %YMHQcVGvOo1H7ZkndcKanhgtB4BbpWpIHn9ym3k2Ygk=.sha256
Voted ## Annual Fundraising v1 Until **December 31st 2021**, all users of SSB ar
@luandro %dpt7r+BQlf9vlbN6TMtbwpczS7XVwENXI+8RCahtG+U=.sha256
Voted # SSB Community Fundraising (Draft for Feedback) We are close to having fu
@luandro %WSKSFhCcHQDpNoNYgywuWfeYRprIPJNtlCgAP+zJVGw=.sha256

Muito animado kkkk Numa próxima!

@luandro %MWZXPESNw8VxLoeo96bf90E9hkexuPXMjzTW44Zzx1s=.sha256
Re: %CxErBz/Oa

Vai estar em sampa até quando? Estou na região.

@luandro %q+hBQ2xnKQ0b4zW16yOjSLyGAnn06Dnn7CwecF1Uphg=.sha256
Voted Issue 33 of [Tales From The Dork Web](
@luandro %j7mpukCeokY+KfLbGqBDbqMCsB6Ih/5pNZ6JR6DP7F0=.sha256
Voted [@moid](@Sur8RwcDh6kBjub8pLZpHNWDfuuRpYVyCHrVo+TdA/4=.ed25519) > Graeber/W
@luandro %hU6TlCwucDHPv9kUS+mU8oYfMm8GaZV/M/AWjljLT1w=.sha256
Re: %tq9PSe6/q

Thanks for this! I didn't know there was a last Graeber book out. Devouring it now.

Def worth replicating this blob on cypherspace:

The Dawn of

@luandro %Xe6f9gYN5nnWuOdlX43q9Blh+YtHrly13m8nP0oZQfU=.sha256
Voted I'm thinking of reading it, although from the cover there seems some overla
@luandro %phFiUwgaJDPZrt01IQkNxxqcC/Ije/DYoBJasgvnEm0=.sha256
Voted [What if Everything You Learned About Human History Is Wrong?](https://www.
@luandro %iQHfZDcplhnZM+2F8Jru2iZCUE6DbrKfJZyWC9DKtsE=.sha256
Voted ![audio:recording.mp3](&XjNpaOTxwTKGEMPY8ojSVT4yHBnfWobiuUu2V6wrNIM=.sha256
@luandro %3ckbt1jHHrsxCfciuzHMqNoTKk1P08guLbxjyDFQOXI=.sha256
Voted Just came back from BristolCon — Bristol Science Fiction and Fantasy Conven
@luandro %9FCSBLtAqhGOjNWw0XV+OBLqM37Kx0ThSf62lhozfPs=.sha256
Voted Today is going to be unusual, I'm at the Porto Alegre airport waiting for m
@luandro %7mTt4oI/FGZTsT+VhZ2DAakpp63HR03gcURsTpDCu/o=.sha256
Subscribed to channel #meshtastic
@luandro %rjopOvj8pm6drGn2HdsQ/vPJPNfSUowcFI0XOav+PxE=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2111.5-beta ✅ Bug fix: various problems with replication ✅
@luandro %hOFfRrA5KWNEUt0C+hAJiBnonluVygoCO5GhbJcVnhE=.sha256
Voted Dairy company [Chobani]( got animatio
@luandro %zIs4v22SaUlU/51SsXWOJhiMcfzx9WfFPF1k/Ddlhqo=.sha256
Re: %klnREUIw9

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 ☀️ Community Server Implementation 💻 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Three Raspberry Pis 4 with double fan casing and external SSD drives

Most of the software and hardware preparations happened two weeks prior to the trip. But even while travelling I spent sleepless nights in hotel rooms downloading and preparing the devices.

My initial idea was to boot the Pis from the SSDs connected to USB 3. But after a lot of trial and error I found out that having an SSD connected to USB 3 and a Wifi access-point at the same time is impossible for the Pi, because of RF interference, which is detailed in this paper.

Mobile community-server hotspot: a Raspberry 4, connected to UPS with two 18650 batteries and an external SSD

In the territory, the process for implementing the #community-server began by having assemblies which were held specifically for the purpose of our project. During these gatherings I'd turn on the mobile hotspot-server to demo to everyone present what a community Intranet is, in order to settle expectations and misunderstandings, and also get some early feedback.

Some of the feedback was really useful, and so I had to do a lot of improvising at the Balaio village despite it's very precarious Internet connection, to tweak some services and add some new ones.

Solar panel being installed on roof of a school at Parintins village

First thing we needed was the energy to power our Intranet, so on each of the 3 villages we started by installing the solar kits we brought: 150W panel, with 150Ah battery and cheapest 10A controller.

Using such a low-end controller was probably not the best idea, as one malfunctioned within a week. Not sure how the rest is holding out.

150Ah battery and cheap 10A controller

To power the community-server we used 12V to 5V 5A converters between the 12V battery and the Pi's USB C cable.

Young Balaio men gathered around a laptop playing with the community-portal's code

I had ISO images of the servidor-comunitario stack on my computer. So burning the SD card and putting it on the Pi produced a configured hotspot and dnsmasq, with stack of applications: Jellyfin, Calibre, Meshtastic Web, Solar Calculator, Filebrowser, Etherpad.

We had the first prototype of the community-portal which is edited through a code-server and has offline maps with pre-downloaded tiles, native-land, their territory's geojson shapes and markers for each village.

Poster with instruction on how to connect and interact with the community-server and portal

Together with representatives from each village we created posters with instructions on how to connect to the community intranet and make use of it's applications and services.

Final setup: Pi4 in a waterproof enclosure and Tplink Archer C50 with #libremesh

Using the Pi as a community hotspot is far from ideal, as it's wifi isn't really made for that. So two of the three villages also got a router running LibreRouterOS, which made it possible for the signal to go much further, and enables the network to be expanded through mesh in the future.

Another advantage is that since we're not using the Pi as a hotspot, USB 3 works fine again, giving the intranet a huge boost in performance.

Something we learned was that the Pi4 can't remain completely sealed in a waterproof enclosure in the Amazon. Too hot, despite it's dual fan heat-sink armor.


Last year we experimented with the community-server and community-portal with indigenous communities for the first time at the Krahô territory. This was the second experiment, and I believe we were able to take it to a whole new level.

But we were still not able to have the community fully appropriate this technology, but we're getting closer and we really learned A LOT.

This experiences has been really valuable for us to understand the importance of creating cohesion between services, having monitoring of the servers and on how to make a better portal experience for communities. Since then we've evolved a lot with our newer community-server stacks based on Balena, such as Jurubeba and Guarita.

@luandro %idO+qa0BPPh+CJkNnpr4aH53zSJnylREUj+jI1Sp4hs=.sha256

Been quite silent around here lately, and that's because I've been busy writing in other parts of the webs:



An article for the second edition of #compostmag exploring the exploitative, hierarchical and coercive nature of civilisations and how the appropriation of technologies by communities can create uncivilised digital spaces, where local, communal values come first. Huge thanks for @benhylau, @maibits and the rest of the compost team for a great review.

Using Mapeo for Managing Agroforests


A post on Digital Democracy blog about how agricultural practices are at the root of how and why state societies developed their political and economical practices, which eventually lead to the deforestation of most part of the civilised world. We also explore my personal adventures with #agroforestry at home, examples and challenges of scaling, and how #mapeo can be a useful tool for lowering barrier to entry to these practices.

@luandro %W5LoNVRK8iP6HnhFgyKB1Y3c7ilDX0aI/V5Mmpumvfg=.sha256
Voted Have messages [@Christian Bundy](@+oaWWDs8g73EZFUMfW37R/ULtFEjwKN/DczvdYihj
@luandro %e033oUyE6EshjYsIFkpdFVdZo76KXfOXjJIEbxa4QrM=.sha256
Followed @Matt Lorentz (planetary)
@luandro %1xMhhO7/Zj0kWxtFh/3FW/VC0oXIT4sNczOaP/bta34=.sha256
Voted Here's a nice rendering ![whangai.png](&WRC3f0B0tp9IHDCjeGkEpoCxv1IdMO4BHis
@luandro %U5ZEBKhEq2TYTY9SoDyMiUkHZnqv7LRwU2HpZgvb628=.sha256
Voted We're starting to support rending graphs which allow you to choose where to
@luandro %3FjKaF7ZcZvMX+PDdt/PYP8mGn8f8oT+p8YHyHvjr0M=.sha256
Voted (Txai Suruí's speech at the COP26)[] Txai Surui
@luandro %z/YezfvmDNnxSLi6npI8Z9gzGdwJN5zvF1Rz8KnJQVU=.sha256
Voted Thank you everyone who supported my project or gave me honest feedback. Th
@luandro %C/M+ZR86eBiLoWyYGtwdXMf8ObPtcjjyU7o25al6rbU=.sha256
Voted i wonder if it would be fun to have an online scuttlebutt fair (related def
@luandro %hoMX10DtNY+2ybZUo1Ukj1mpfx42MD9TVE6v12yyC8Q=.sha256
Voted Congratulations to all project leaders, all projects passed the 20 votes ba
@luandro %Ggklytu7L2A8dvcL3yal48JhFiljr32aziuGcnZ1H5g=.sha256
Voted sourdough breakfast buns, just out of the oven ![buns-1.png](&0OUJClTF6m+c
@luandro %paK1gsrrgQ3I7U/KQcLTLw5CWd6wexIdLRq0O93Y78c=.sha256
Voted # Rotary Un-Smartphone Kit ![rusp.jpg](&5hf8Q8hkkN8BPMTogM3Du5XXe/mziiucfz
@luandro %2Jkubpwa+zgFCPYYwyCf5gVFss+t6YJtXDMHt6Q1px8=.sha256
Voted [@cel](@f/6sQ6d2CMxRUhLpspgGIulDxDCwYD7DzFzPNr7u5AU=.ed25519) Have you seen
@luandro %W9i9QmMWJwPxVDcAyce4B9uBBvfGVPFr2gJU1wgSW94=.sha256
Voted # Second-order success > This is reposted from my blog, [Gwil's garden](ht
@luandro %xSFbqmqIY9b7cb2f+BncfUoS0/biRqz/Yr7Cu/aBJKo=.sha256
Voted ## Vote for SSB projects to be funded - %cBoVhpkwrQLZa7YVQ9zbjVNE4Jpfg3Sk7
@luandro %pMNAwe84DcVkeDOy/vpuYCpL021FW0PbhGirGzzacrw=.sha256
Voted ![DSCF2642.JPG](&DInh37ribQV1QFSs7o3DloF3kJ/jNh4Aj/ZBVgQOkSQ=.sha256) In th
@luandro %Tt09mjbJ6aSMI6iwTjEsKJ7bChdJsIYUnj6JGo8gYdU=.sha256
Voted ![](&OWixrehAaIBOyIR5cQC9u+WQVdXQWav+bospRYVTG0Y=.sha256) I'm pretty stoke
@luandro %O9xaw9MGuXiJn5c24CG11hlpe1jBiNbR+w1kD/2nkvs=.sha256
Voted ![mix washes off his face paint](&9t/hBdJogvUYgKojIrD3eonRjgpp6L06BDziKTWnI
@luandro %lbe07x6dlivKi33s8RhLKgpmnW8b6ACoqdof2tJIH98=.sha256
Voted true, we only really good northern lights at 00:45 CET and by that time I w
@luandro %Dft/xFN5dM8E2st7nAUkFuSLOs5zBpU8TIxy9TcMy7I=.sha256
Voted ## SSB room in my living room ![photo of a raspberry pi with a black plast
@luandro %q540HZIZ7mC65o4Yt4N7NVM/In1K3/quB0DCxCbAeNs=.sha256
Voted hello and welcome to another edition of the #cooking-channel here are my
@luandro %+6mLY8D2RLKknN//cUacg+M/jKd2Bqp/oTz9c2e+hcY=.sha256
Voted ![Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 22.09.30.png](&XNLkE6UMTPHT77xQWdFjVfi8jPHda+8yW
@luandro %pRjgzBJ0Bqd+W3MYLsQA+T6h9gDD71iv2oEonhZVQ4s=.sha256
Voted ## ssb-crut demo ![image.png](&pe1R4wUR2EVHOD6HOeFbeRbZ+HlcvtfhPE3TsoiuSy4
@luandro %w15b1v3dU/HK8JqZdHJA0bpMZ4TDLCOqlsIc1ANmJ8E=.sha256
Voted In case you missed it, **please consider voting** on this - like the propos
@luandro %PISEkd02bh4teUOs9FKjvEis6rZNnmlLDp9DdljRG74=.sha256
Voted ## Native npm modules in Rust, not yet **ssb-neon, a retrospective after 1
@luandro %VnZOTb2yPYoOy/x8TzoQgiPMf1dT8WTtHabnniuUT1Q=.sha256
Re: %YEwPIk9F9

This is a huge milestone!!! Amazing achievement @arj & @mixmix! Looking forward to testing this out and seeing #ahau use ssb-db2.

@luandro %EzIP2A4eLi5D3bEtzDuBvRlLHCkAdG7nouV9QEn5Qjo=.sha256
Voted # SSB DB2 2.7 I have just cut a new release of SSB DB2 after merging in su
@luandro %OIQPoN7tRq70ItLRRroMI5jG90ohvcYj/T4uFmxR/L8=.sha256
Subscribed to channel #scuttlesaurus
@luandro %CfO25UAVdFm4v9cuW1sLzj34bCD+53nXZ+o43BDrv8M=.sha256
Voted And now the #scuttlesaurus also speaks websocket on ws://ssb.farewellutopia
@luandro %7+FnSBn3ZSovciI7TSnKzJ/nVEX9aOIs7mL12KS1Boo=.sha256
Voted I'm letting my #deno [SSB code](%aikMp7BGJpqB4Y2Y9BVEIKPyTRTFGg06rvWAReZAWH
@luandro %hcKMV4F9xs/F3TlvLcApMcice6TvxLJ0suv9beYJUUA=.sha256
Voted adding the frontend! ![image.png](&B1ZbxhWuIX9tEOPj1GMoecQgh0a0ZTmc1owJIq
@luandro %xuSeZhABALAHFjxJX7aW9pw3M6dYRlTzSToQBMFPSyA=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&2TqXOPrgL7Tyy+h2AD/slijDv0WzDsHMmUbE2iy9AEU=.sha256) _snapsho
@luandro %nGCeDlp2aQPkcWt2bZ9qwcexJpqZG53P0OnLuu9XClg=.sha256
Voted Thought it would be good with an update on this. On a local machine with ba
@luandro %8ZELu0zr2db2wNoo97+VwU4ME2JpZhUeZhAVWAaP7ao=.sha256
Voted sleeping for nearly 14 hours last night feels like such an achievement, so
@luandro %iFEGkXxJV46gjdRGnubwW5uB3AslfYsbOsDSKOozoWM=.sha256
Voted hi friends, u can vote for our proposal now ### ➡️ %cBoVhpkwrQLZa7YVQ9zbjVN
@luandro %WvWxna+wLxtdyo28bvWwu/+OuLL+QK/uajg01XOY7qY=.sha256
Voted # Handshake Grants Community Vote, Budget, and Disbursement Schedule (2nd B
@luandro %1XQp5S9gb1ZZuibvxl5aB9obX3qH7PMI9DYlppVtfRo=.sha256
Voted # [MadeFromScratch, Recipes and Inventory Management on SSB](%AThjJFpqdTDYU
@luandro %1tnl3Svc0D6FCw7t3XDIOJQ9qFSb8EQ4L2RuXUkydwY=.sha256
Voted # [PeachPub](%G2GOd0j0ZFBInhK5R/PyfVUGHaiJvm3lRxSxA9KD80c=.sha256), led by
@luandro %FKFTuhK3Q//R5Hni58yJBSpwGVlka1KWG2Pp+KrFRLs=.sha256
Voted # [Improving Patchfox (2nd Phase)](%1qMKADi2KZetWzBp0QcmrXmDO679od3VZtIZrm5
@luandro %3wpyblr92/VFAXtRDdTKXnCPwUBeehlWWQ5itc44Q0w=.sha256
Voted My friends and I have been doing this with food a bit. Trading stuff from
@luandro %E13/2c3/470JILmb4EFfDSXMTWrIPxUwcNGxxwO10PA=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2110.26-beta I made this one today specifically for all And
@luandro %CJYj0M9WIoRmQTnhapnhOUNrimeOyvQ7uVtkFxZ+uv0=.sha256
Voted ![header.jpg](&y8XRz2/qU5CL3tPZOzC+MH5dBVzc3gs8woifPXtkdwM=.sha256) ## SSB
@luandro %osYiwE5udScKs9BQj/kLUf4QkZsAQO+y0DM5qoreJc0=.sha256
Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) here's what I
@luandro %vd0S1FJFbsB1Cmx1Vv3tOyre5nXgXxcdpbLhqDye9so=.sha256
Voted > Hold up… wonder how that will work with pubs… hmm, to discuss One way th
@luandro %jHvnz9gbRpYTvT21Jq/02RzKjWcte83ik9zxDUSZasg=.sha256
Voted I fucking love this. Of course hermes is an inter-subjective entity. They j
@luandro %t4061hst4dHYtYimLzvpE08pMLsy+ED0pyK4epcyV+M=.sha256
Voted [@Hendrik Peter](@Bp5Z5TQKv6E/Y+QZn/3LiDWMPi63EP8MHsXZ4tiIb2w=.ed25519) I t
@luandro %WFAd7TpK8yT3EAr/dNXVse7aaLYOvTbFW9SuqnlAQzw=.sha256
Voted # Ahau + ssb-db2 Just got off a fucking rad call with [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUO
@luandro %NPYRtT3aHrYgrrLLDWm8tqZFs6R5ud3fCcYxlISB8qI=.sha256
Voted Thanks to [@SoapDog](@gaQw6z30GpfsW9k8V5ED4pHrg8zmrqku24zTSAINhRg=.ed25519)
@luandro %0DUqjiGmUXIEV5wAiZYt+qAHmzXwGzsQ/kfq+K0EsYg=.sha256
Followed @Hiure - Patchbay
@luandro %GCMQvgDDqZ6U9yvDqX76xYYdMxT7z3lgZ4+gd6dQH8A=.sha256
Voted Scuttlebutt Rooms are now part of the YunoHost app catalog, ![Screenshot f
@luandro %uBUfg+m0O2OLdyXq+8Q5wYSZ8TyNFdyj+snB3k/AWTc=.sha256
Voted [@nanomonkey](@+D0ku/LReK6kqd3PSrcVCfbLYbDtTmS4Bd21rqhpYNA=.ed25519) I hav
@luandro %9RFeUp/gjWY5RkPygKe0e4xSjvenHS0rjoCuY9K7Aos=.sha256
Voted ![fox planning.png](&4I0ACMe01knLbOtGLLlhyV/8cRPSn3KDl7cquIC+b+k=.sha256)
@luandro %xYTVsKmGiRkV73mSDguE1fth+bOLEIvJSNgdsZh2A4M=.sha256
Voted ![emmi](&KDUGC0nwL07FTReqZqD3Z1GAnR96H4gKNvbP7pMT0Mo=.sha256) Friend date
@luandro %dsfgaPTcDFenoLlCfE/jV6hx/aXnZ8kZLoJGc6jPFtA=.sha256


P2P Access Point Retrospective

Original proposal: %NCNj6ns...

(1) Compared to the original proposal, what did you accomplish (even if not in the original proposal)?

Since we first applied for this grant we've gained lots of experience by testing single-board-computers with different stacks on actual communities: #moinho-mesh, Balaio, Koatinemo, Tenondé Porã and Portal Sem Porteiras.

Those experiences thought us how important it is to have ways to monitor the SBCs on remote communities for support, and also for sending over-the-air updates (if internet is present). That led us to really invest in #balena.

We've also had the chance to test the first prototype for the community-portal with 3 of the communities on the field. We were able to adjust some code while on the ground and the experiences left many reflections around usability.


We've been running for a few days Balena in production in devices on 6 different communities, which is showing us how well it really performs. So far we've only using well supported devices: Raspberry Pi 3 (running 64bits OS) and Rasp 4.

We've been running a proof-of-concept of p2p file sharing using Resilio Sync, which isn't ideal. But getting #cobox working with our Docker stack has been a challenge. Help is welcome.

(2) What turned out more complicated than expected?

Getting our team together has probably been the biggest challenge, as we're constantly travelling and Nico is starting his parenthood. But being physically together with Hiure and Tania for the past month really helped to move things forward.

There have been many similar projects to learn and to be inspired by. The research to understand previous experiences went on for longer then we expected, but gave us lots of insights on best paths to trail.

We're still deciding on the ideal user-flow for the portal, while also being realistic about building an SSB client from scratch.

Balena has some indispensable features, but learning it's tweaks has been a challenge which makes us move a bit slower then with pure Docker stacks we've gotten used too. But it'll pay out in the end, not just for the features, but hopefully better performance with low-end devices.

(3) In which state is the project currently?

Very start. @brunovianna started buying the boards and doing initial tests with Balena.

Me, @Hiure and Tania have been working on the software stack using Docker and Balena.

After experimenting a lot with the community media server, Jurubeba, and the community internet sentry, Guarita, and also running them in production, we're confident enough with Balena to start dealing with greater challenges that come with P2P Access Point, such as working with less supported boards like the Banana Pi M1+.

(4) If the project were to be extended, what would be the next steps?

We don't intend to ask for another grant for this project, as we're just starting off. So we expect to keep on working on our team's rhythm for the next months.

I believe some of the next steps are:

  1. Decide on software stack and get it running
  2. Decide on community portal design and architecture
  3. Develop community portal
  4. Work on user documentation
  5. Release and give support

(5) What could be done to improve the funding process?

Resonate with @andrestaltz.

I think the process has been great, and think the funds have been (will be, in our case) put to good use in all projects. For similar processes to continue happening it would be great to see other butts come forward as facilitators. But @elavoie has been doing a great job at keeping things moving forward.

@luandro %ZPRybhoCecwTwVzJWDWUQ8Rq5Ao2UxRMxqX7SREtfDA=.sha256
Voted From a local exhibition on modern day work ![graeber-bullshit-plate.jpg](&
@luandro %RXLWvKw+usq1s6+WTHIpSBCDI4XKWTqHeBUTGHmbdhk=.sha256
Voted # Libera.Chat IRC project registration ## Group contacts selection summary
@luandro %RDpyVLNrEXXRfmqNpQrg+cx70trLO79p13XWkeZNrY8=.sha256
Voted ![east_bay_rats.jpg](&Bvk0fahEM8T3fGYOtWeXm9510xrqns8JVGMfuXzdrU4=.sha256)
@luandro %UQkHkhQTpC7vfoKKsRE2UNZUMstF6id07z/mFrErLvU=.sha256
Voted ![](&/1y+VYbFRxspYNR+FEvSkmPCVhxtZoa4nqmdt7g+jUI=.sha256) Some butts last
@luandro %dK4dSp+Gfyny97pN9n2yIIyhwBySbUN0L7O6xoCN05A=.sha256
Voted ![Fox McFoxface with a retrospective on the last grant(1).png](&8qrCogYSHL
@luandro %U86eeYsucCbISbxQf0BXJBFRiXczO0FL0QFGtHdzYzw=.sha256
Voted It's working decently for me, i demoed it at the [Unfinished Live / DSNP Su
@luandro %VWUm4kI1guWnUGYaHTxgg4B91d458vwS5NEHzjjDR2Y=.sha256
Voted Another [funding request](%AThjJFpqdTDYU1Y1ee6UCa6lYH4KO9Z/UrYvsQNPC4s=.sha
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Voted Has anyone here experienced (hyper) inflation in their country within their
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Voted ## Manyverse 0.2110.22-beta ✅ Bug fix: corrupted indexes causing incorrec
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Voted following up on this, ![image.png](&xToNjz8PerOB7usHeMs1LwAAZTxy8r19kEexoo
@luandro %QJpVCkAM6asjBsm1D5dZ2yV4fc8aKErAqCliWwgakeg=.sha256
Voted ahhhh i've never had a carrot cake with chocolate! over here it's always th
@luandro %eixgmvLiA771tq2wegnZw5T4ynH5k9jV/k7O9YkXzKM=.sha256
Voted Cream cheese frosting is the best part. What if you shave chocolate on the
@luandro %lWbPO48MkDLE3wsQYilOJvyzMFMuYY45CWuq/O0qzOc=.sha256
Voted carrot cake with chocolate is a staple of Brazil. :D
@luandro %rpKCZv/tDTRcD9t6Q+ChncCmVpvGdrXLpWLOq5A5hn0=.sha256
Re: %IxivjTZy6

Carrot cake brings me back to my childhood ❤️ 🥕 🍰 But they always had chocolate toppings back then 🍫

@luandro %D70zQDgYO41z6UjyTy6Gky7tacTkXVAlrxAeomAzpBQ=.sha256
Voted i baked some (a lot of) carrot cake today c: ![IMG_2649.JPG](&7uZlMt4a7i8f
@luandro %FiVblqIBXnwX6AiLBUE/+/3FscoCfhGOoclP49wNyso=.sha256
Voted Meet my work computer. This sits in my office. It's a #Commodore #CDTV with
@luandro %CRVFNdj7Chl2a8tPkFPZGrrFJuBxQoK/Z/asUsYIkjc=.sha256
Voted Ohh, the day started so calm, energizing and enjoyable today, I was missing
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Voted ![image.png](&uzHQnjT+4m3SnkfVYMvYofeMU9Vq0PS9PNv6rd70eEc=.sha256) *\*scra
@luandro %jQwyMewJttPLz3iqwp813ZW2pW7SkKtdny3ZHXgVJ6o=.sha256
Voted # PeachPub: Funding Proposal _A web manager for go-sbot._ ## In a Nutshel
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Voted ## Manyverse 0.2110.18-beta This one is a hotfix to address some important
@luandro %sF2DwmKwg5dnIHB8FLvnogbbxGBsRlu1Q21ZHGHeXus=.sha256
Voted Coffee?! ☕ ![5 coffee bags of 250 grams each](&ULp7u1T2Je6lrlS34arpFvJo7PC
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Voted ### October Grant Request: ## MadeFromScratch, Recipes and Inventory Manag
@luandro %Et6DpUlbWkEfcj4HWnAInzXQKx8p6wlEYgqEiJewgyg=.sha256
Voted Why am I not seeing more glam face masks? Here's two I love ![image](&T37n
@luandro %mISwbs18MvVnI7YZuqkH6cOkJzXHfZf4mGbjb7rwUPY=.sha256
Voted The best anthropologist of free software is [Biella](https://gabriellacolem
@luandro %f9q3oIwlPlpvlNJDbOejggTVEY7cu3ZbnEMGfpraLlI=.sha256
Voted The [PeachPub funding proposal](%G2GOd0j0ZFBInhK5R/PyfVUGHaiJvm3lRxSxA9KD80
@luandro %99sT1F5IRI79lbmnoG2G2p9C2bMzMxq5CVwMeZUORsw=.sha256
Re: %Kn1yjgA8e

Week 2 October 2021

Base software 🤖

Operating System

Open Balena dashboard by Coolab

For the past two weeks we've been mainly focused on exploring Open Balena, and even started an open dashboard for it. We've hit many bugs, which have been slowly being discussed with the Balena community through Git issues and the forum.

We found configizer, a really cool tool that can be used to batch update configurations of running devices in our fleet. It's been helping us solve many problems that we found.


Me, Tania and @Hiure have been curating the best services from servidor-comunitário, our most used #community-server stack, and porting them to Balena. We're calling the new stack Jurebaba (mispelling of jurubeba). The services we're currently setting up are:

We'll be deploying it here at the #portalsemporteiras community network on a Raspberry 4 and will be keeping a close on it. The idea is to scale this to other #communitynetworks, so we intend to create videos with instructions in Portuguese on how to setup a community-server and configure it according to community identity and needs.

Devices 💻

We'll be testing our stack on a Raspberry 4, meanwhile @brunovianna will be testing other devices that he's acquiring such as the Banana Pi M1+.

@luandro %mjlFLA5kF1NR46YOD8EEQNQ1mw9rX1sMFgB/AU8U5UM=.sha256
Voted undefined
@luandro %fYVUMqpnHFXT2u7RpiFR76XSiCbMN+sghF0KEvlm0TA=.sha256
Voted I want to be able to export/import my follows and blocks, so I set up my ot
@luandro %m5DuBCBkDufw6sQJFBGpkNEtzdfbTXveJ18VBhPJwK4=.sha256
Re: %8WvGU/ADN

FIXED 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 Great work @andrestaltz!

@luandro %MIlCI0I+0sR/pyT8CoKGKTKZIh6nYQ7QWNSXBgNP1rQ=.sha256
Voted Hey [@scott](@0nakXtVIodBfdHwRQLVb64p54jTWS+DFHRqg58ky4CI=.ed25519) :) It'
@luandro %SW06osr57Huy5ULiJXVJ7np3KU8Lr8ngqOkM3WejEQg=.sha256
Voted Happy "Is it for copyng teacher?" day (teachers' day in Brazil)! ![jackson
@luandro %rQoynCr3F9yvWxKpO6eL0ojJpdASTa1FK8kAWkMk1ZI=.sha256
Voted Thanks to the help of [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5m
@luandro %LR7epcj3JYtLmlnBaHzviT88xlK82CGsGZjrqs70DsA=.sha256
Voted I participated in the lightning talks of #PyBr2021, 5 min talking about fre
@luandro %BQGJ22qzZkK+h1tZ39dF/SNgnE2oJgD5NV8MloMNFdM=.sha256
Voted ## Every week a video call with any Manyverse user Starting this week I'm
@luandro %BwvpFWkN1FH6S/CuruHp5hbq7/J8A99YKdr14hYli3k=.sha256
Voted [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.ed25519), [@
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Voted [elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.ed25519) and friend
@luandro %jAZf4qcoyBeSZKDLbCLoGNdeQHXFgKxiMsdFu5JK3BQ=.sha256
Voted Still deep in the netsim testing of the partial replication changes, it doe
@luandro %YwUJbI/74PL6Hu8DDoHLWTjCOcSr2El1b0Htt5oLqRw=.sha256
Voted undefined
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Voted # Libera.Chat IRC project registration: Group contacts Previous: %CjIcn+b8
@luandro %convpAwsS1jBIJ62uUPQh7jZxXxjuMu4IlQjMpxIcd4=.sha256
Voted There's a coffee shop I love to go here in town called New York Style Coffe
@luandro %92PXcfiQzGljpCK5FnTMqd4A/DWZqVQOTT6YmPNgCSo=.sha256
Voted I just successfully cross-compiled a rust project for my pinephone for the
@luandro %wXFmFB+2FarezqRXgYCVrJUxhEgtHNC/UVstlCWYKI8=.sha256
Voted My paper deadline got extended by a week, to October 15th. So I will take a
@luandro %G8Jf6YT1CyG6HN4MPDULNxiWTRel891KfdLOOiDGD1w=.sha256
Voted **E:** So, since it doesn't seem like there are many good options, I'm prob
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Voted [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.ed25519) [@cblgh
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Voted Wow this is amazing [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBW
@luandro %DnzWfjWsb1FZi25AeGn56S3HGySgXPa9JBnyB5Le54E=.sha256
Voted was wondering about compressing msg content (before encrypting it), so had
@luandro %XWfaNZcQMAShYl5xFoc5R1IhII528dHEVJjpQn2ASxQ=.sha256
Re: %Kn1yjgA8e

Week 1 October 2021

Base software 🤖

Operating System


At #coolab we've been using Docker and docker-compose for a while with #community-server setups (servidor-comunitario), as well as our cloud infraestructure. Makes possible to have infra-as-code, so that they're easy to deploy and reproduce.

SBCs are awesome to setting up digital community territories, they're cheap and low power. But the down side of using Docker to run the software stack is that it's put extra weight on the machine compared to native installs.

Inspired by the work #altermundi is doing with the Miniserver, which uses, we started researching BalenaOS:

Run Docker containers on embedded devices

It offers over-the-air (OTA) updates for all devices at the same time, has built-in VPN and has a big list of supported devices, with the possibility of adding new ones if needed. BalenaCloud's dashboard has amazing developer experience, but we can only have 10 devices on the free-tier, and additional ones are really pricey.

So we've started exploring the open-source, self-hosted version, which is Open Balena. We've setup an instance on a dedicated VPS and we're testing it out. It doesn't have the beautiful dashboard, but has a nice SDK which makes it easy to build on top off.

Nico mentioned Docker-slim, which can be used to minify Docker images, which we still have to explore and see if it fits with Balena.



Besides the portal and it's API, we're thinking on other useful/light services to run on the P2P Hotspot:

Devices 💻

Nico and Bruno have done lots of research on existing projects and devices on the market. We've started a Spreadsheet to compare different boards. WiFi capability is important as we're looking into developing an access-point device, so we'll also be testing some usb dongles.

Boards we might be testing:

WiFi dongles we might be testing:

Community Portal 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦



We've started on a new design for the portal application. These are the feature's we're planning for the MVP:

  • map of neighbours and communities, to centre the experience around the physical territory
  • messenger-like ui and ux for familiarity
  • app-store that will link to external services hosted on local or remote machines, as well as to download mobile and desktop applications


We've started planning how communities will connect within itself and with other communities. For now basically thinking on having a publishAs api, which will also act as a promiscuous pub, following everyone on local network. The pub will be connected to an online room. This is a federated topology, not p2p, but it's good starting point.

We've updated the portal's api to use #ssb-db2 and the native publishAs implementation.

Also added #go-ssb-room to Coolab's Server, which is live at:

We've been keeping a close eye on Atek cloud by @paul. Seems there are lots of parallels to what we're trying to achieve.

LibreRouterOS integration 📡

@SAn rewrote #pirania, and we're working on the integration with Lime App. We're organising a hackday next Tuesday to continue working.

@luandro %Kn1yjgA8eXi9cusnp6jpApqk2R3wbYs3UzCl8YLSQpo=.sha256

P2P Access Point: Dev Diary


From proposal: %NCNj6ns...
Team: Me, @Nico Pace, @Hiure, @brunovianna & @capote
Update reports: SSBC's Open Collective

Continued from: %RHf6QDQ... %5JvKQfR... %5aAyPBd...

Main objectives:

  • Research, develop and document base software stack
  • Research, document and test access-point devices
  • Research and develop community-portal web app
  • Integrate with LibreRouterOS


@luandro %4oQYzi8zmsnhshuD0dqnDATbjbDF5jdJ8uoq8k605tQ=.sha256
Voted # Release 2021.10.1 This release is a major overhaul of Patchfox. It is la
@luandro %smZV6IwW9X56CrIya06tfBmbdMYP+K8tkQRgyYqjmYY=.sha256
Voted ![video:multiple identities 720.mp4](&Lc7aVMpa7ff+atGoveW6EyXuOIaH+br9LWjsR
@luandro %ABJCTbrH1F0yIonOI6uaONVtaQ41alxMPI8HBIcwbUw=.sha256
Voted One sociotechnical downside of #ssb-rooms is that there is no possibility f
@luandro %UEe6JTs4Ojzk6z4aFhYFbzOAZoaBJI8Tg9JW6eds5EQ=.sha256
Voted Sadly not a docker ninja but if `/ssb-go-room-secrets` has had the `roomdb`
@luandro %6114MufSfhwI3E3aFct1yXSH481ommvPcESXOLDNfOU=.sha256
Voted Any ae youse have any ideas what I might be doing wrong while trying to get
@luandro %Gp9cj8vUyE93UilQXaUO20GQ/tRb5oR3zbHOTLdr5vI=.sha256
Voted this represents some of my thoughts regarding the NFT craze ![image.png](&
@luandro %K4MRS6rD6C6mF+o8Im8yeU0Ou4m2+njC+mbvmDfqy1g=.sha256
Voted I have assumed that programming and software development is my profession a
@luandro %U2XuWUUM8usar/M3ZWl7cQuvu8nULCgput5w3XFb3Jw=.sha256
Voted # I have moved to #rotterdam! For at least one year I will be in Rotterdam