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Hi, I'm Anders and I live in the northern part of Denmark.

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Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2208.5-beta ![A graphic design where there is a phone on t
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Voted Just had an interview with an editor at Forbes. They're going to write a st
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Voted I totally nerd sniped myself and started dabbling with code https://gitlab.
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Voted [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) I act
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Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ decently productive day today! focused on getting
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Voted "To be governed is to be kept in sight, inspected, spied upon, directed, la
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Voted Wow, Rage Against The Machine is back after 15 years? That shit was my chil
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Voted heading out for a ~week! if all goes well, expect crab meet photos :>
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Voted ![image.png](&5uiRz6bCU7KmK8SlVUh7KEOUJTAwCOMVb2BsSIcd8jE=.sha256) Did I e
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Voted ## Planetary Dev Diary The past couple weeks I have mostly been working on
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Voted Just got one copy of Planetary to replicate with another through a room ser
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Re: %o+3XFaGO6

@Aljoscha good input. Thanks

So do I have to wrap these in an bipf buffer (of tatically known length, nonetheless)

Yes. One could have just directly concatenated the bytes of the values, it would save a few bytes, but since we would like to use bipf for content anyway I wanted to keep this uniform.

Or do I still have to check that they contain the only valid - i.e., completely pointless - byte pattern?

Yes. I would like that the values makes sense on their own. This format is not designed to be as minimal as possible. #tinyssb is a good example of pursuing that.

sequence: number for this message in the feed
Which data type is this? How is it encoded? "number" is not a bipf type.

Thanks that is good input, I have clarified that now.

timestamp: integer representing the UNIX epoch timestamp of message creation
This is a bipf int (32 bit) I assume?

That was a bug in the spec. Its encoding as a double. Fixed now. Thanks

Please specify what an implementation must do with unknown tags.

Good input.

Any change that allows other starting bytes would be a breaking change, i.e., a whole new format

Or a minor update to support a new hash

The content is a free form field. When unencrypted, it SHOULD be a bipf-encoded object.
Please specify what implementation must do when it is not a bipf-encoded object.

Good input.

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Voted ![lady_rainicorn.gif](&FRraLK8ziIFg4B2SsKu9duSFzJLVcegU11LheLi5buE=.sha256)
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Re: %Pnas64BJ6

@Aljoscha thanks for taking a look :)

Just because it hasn't been mentioned yet in this thread: what happens if I start appending to another person's log

I didn't mention that explicitly, but from the code linked you can see that all other things are checked except the signature of the other messages.

You can still easily (and quickly, compared to signature validation) verify that all messages have the same author

Do you mean checking the author field? Or that the signature was created by the said author without checking that the signature is actually correct?

Btw. this optimization is not documented in the spec. There is also the posibility to randomly selecting 1 message in each round and verifying that in full. Then verifying the messages after that one using the same method until you reach the end. It's probably best that each client doesn't follow the same rules. In any case these are just optimizations, you can still verify each message in full (which is what the benchmark does btw.).

Status: In review
By whom? For how long? Under which criteria? Don't tease the poor reader like that.

Like a good stew until it's finished :P Currently I don't expect this to change much so the spec will probably be finalized once we merge that DB2 PR.

The verification section is only local to each message. It should at the very least link to the specification for log verification (valid hash chain, single-author, etc). Which exists, right? =P

It links to bamboo so? :-)

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Re: %Pnas64BJ6

An update on this.

The feed format now has an offical name: buttwoo :)

For bulk validation I decided to go with the solution Dominic mentioned by just validating the signature of the last message.

It supports subfeeds

There is a PR adding support for it to DB2 and EBT. Both are quite far and just need some box2 work before they can be merged.

I optimized BFE and URI2 recently and that gave a good boost.

Validate + add 15k messages to database

buttwoo large: 2.3s
buttwoo small: 2.15s
classic large: 3.5s
classic small: 2.1s
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Voted Just spend an extended weekend in Barcelona with my wife. No computers (bes
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Voted Oh no, you foiled my insidious plan of lurking for a while without being no
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Voted ![Digital sketch of a flying squirrel.](&bAXQlnIyQImJaL5r4oV1Vw0sTPsLYK0cgX
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Voted I see [@Aljoscha](@zurF8X68ArfRM71dF3mKh36W0xDM8QmOnAS5bYOq8hA=.ed25519) on
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Voted # selfhood, personhood, online identities We're at a point on #ssb #manyve
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Voted # selfhood, personhood, online identities We're at a point on #ssb #manyve
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Voted # selfhood, personhood, online identities We're at a point on #ssb #manyve
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Re: %M62YbCc7u

nice! I've been playing mtg over just normal webcam for a few years. Gonna try it this weekend. Thanks for the recommend @punkmonk.

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Voted Today, in a talk with [@andrestaltz📱](@+UMKhpbzXAII+2/7ZlsgkJwIsxdfeFi36Z5
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Voted ## Update I thought this was ready, so I started doing final tests in Many
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Voted Excited to start the P2P Wiki project with [@risma](@UYyBSgcbRAlNxWZkuU0oCY
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Re: %ZqHxO4/lZ

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Voted [@cft](@AiBJDta+4boyh2USNGwIagH/wKjeruTcDX2Aj1r/haM=.ed25519) I was browsin
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Voted _11 July 02022_ ## Progress Update I've been tinkering with lykin again i
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Re: %b1J7PGFi7

An update on this is in order :)

After a bit of back and forth we settled on a name for a new concept in ssb-crut. Using nextStepData you can now pass in data to the transformation (what you do with each message of a tangle) that will not be part of the final state. We use this for adding types that makes it easier to reason about the different steps. The whole specification for fusion identity is now roughly 100 lines of code. This takes care of everything from schema validation to checking the logic of who is a member.

I also merged in the latest spec change so that things should be a lot clearer. We decided to focus on the basics for v1, so attestation and redirection is for future versions to spec. That being said, there is code for the current draft of those features in the JS module as well.

The last remaining bit is to come up with a proper way to encrypt things. That one is waiting for a larger db2 refactor to fall into place as part of the private groups work.

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Voted Looks like I will be on my bike for the next handful of weeks! Doing Hambur
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Voted Had to wipe all data and now I'm back again
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Voted # Open Lunar Foundation > Open Lunar Foundatio
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Voted > I would like to take the opportunity to suggest both archiving Patchbay a
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Voted #dev-diary # First release :tada: :tada: ***TL&DR*: Check out how to depl
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Voted The development of Tremola (SSB Android client) has continued, we hope to m
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Voted ## Update Okay, I executed a surgery on jitdb ([PR #220](
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Voted Lurking a bit more. Planing to be a bit more active in the next 2 month at
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Voted Met with [@andrew 🐝](@qvGBxH1vDasocIBYlE8yZCdWFECjzFZY1K50YcAIbLE=.ed25519
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Voted Whoohooo [Matt Lorentz](@kS1GT34Sg+Kzjcqoehz//afmIQC5+CGo8O/KvMddVrM=.ed255
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Voted ## Update More bug hunting and fixing: - [ssb-db2#360](
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Voted ![](&WmujHukUETqkfO8c5oIz6gbLXg3I7cw9ssVhUr+6mfk=.sha256) 17th of July we'
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Voted ## Update More polishing, bug finding, bug fixing: - [Benchmarks post-com
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Voted ![Coolab team and Krahô volunteers working on setting up the BTS structure]
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Voted Continuation from %hMC/Ix/mnDvk0KYGcvXGo/Kt8UuegWYz6vB91RyhIKQ=.sha256 # C
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Voted #planetary #dev-diary wow this was a fun week. We got to hit several of my
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Voted > *The End of the World is Just the Beginning* – Peter Zeihan I've been de
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Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2206.27-beta ✅ Bug fix: crash upon startup, `ssb-db2#358`
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Voted ## Update The ssb-db2 refactor is done and just waiting for changes to `ss
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Voted ### Pluralistic Social Network At the [funding the commons conference](ht
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Voted It takes such a while to get my old laptop back and recover my SSB identity
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Voted # Archiving Sunrise-Choir and Patchbay and Reallocating some funds for Comm
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Voted Can finally put this out there since things have been confirmed, but super
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Voted ![planetary attachment no.1](&/bA73SO3n85mmfwiWA9WV1LaKajkfD8E1/raZuUdgpU
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Voted ## Update On Wednesday, Nicholas, Mix and I had a short meeting to review
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Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ Started working on a new ssb-db2 plugin for getti
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Voted Just published a new version of #agregore which bundles WebRecorder and has
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Voted ![SCR-20220618-fo6.jpeg](&6+sb8uDua41LF/G1AyPyba0gCZmbUtZ4j2W9dkEEEZA=.sha
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Voted Slides from Programming Local First conference presentation. The path to l
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Voted ## Update Last week was good, in terms of coding. I finished the nasty par
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Voted 0100. All quiet ![](&REhxCeamlMdgRrPMNLhWoqq987VU1dPrOQPw9hV90yA=.sha256)
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Voted # Whatever happened to #dark-crystal ? We used to post a lot on scuttlebu
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Voted looking at a git log today in Ahau and found this cute initial commit: ![l
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Voted # Planetary 1.2.0 - The Big Resync Planetary version 1.2.0 is now releas
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Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) after seeing
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Re: %SSVCqOvug

@gwil btw I build this module that could be interesting to you for set replication:

@Anders %SSVCqOvugIbnBOcV473zhPlrYj4K7uuX8ZlAZLIyHxc=.sha256

Append only has some nice properties. It's a lot easier to sync systems, because you only need 1 number for each feed, the latest sequence, this makes things like EBT really efficient. You could do something like a set sync instead, Aljoscha has worked on that. In any case, deleting data in a distributed system is a hard problem. If you do separate the content from the log as bamboo and buttwoo does, then you still get the nice properties of an append only system, without having to store the content potentially.

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Voted somehow you folks don't quite look like convicted criminals :) "assistance
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Voted ![planetary attachment no.1](&W0JyP7HBH3eyYQmEgNazQ9IIUhq9z4SO7EOJnaSKmKg
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Re: %ktq5Gv9cg

I enjoyed reading this blog post (from my rss reader :)) today, glad you posted here about it. I've had a similar experience where I have a vps and I thought, why not self-host a rss reader. So I installed miniflux on it and moved my rss subcriptions over from feedly. I'm only logged in on this laptop and this is a much better setup than before when I had it on my phone. I would check regularly if there was any news and once a day (max) is really plenty fine. The great thing about rss is that I don't check any of those sites as I know they will show up in my rss reader. I wish more news sites would support rss. In general would be nice with more slow media.

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Voted i put up a new article on my website, it's about a personal social media ex
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Voted ## Update After additional meetings Nicholas had with Mix and me, the Assu
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Voted 👋 🖤 ![A cyclist riding hands-free along a gravel trail.](&+RQ5I9DuCQyyod
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The version of ca-certificate was too old so could not torrent anymore :-)

@Anders %LArvZeLvLuo6gAG9Tb9jsOHbEw/t7eb88CGUzbfoRAo=.sha256

And now for the reboot, wish me luck 🤞

@Anders %TVgXUVLAkrnjfzmoY90e0bSCK0TQI2RUUosHYbYZHs0=.sha256

I have an old machine in the basement that I use to watch movies on. Today I had to upgrade it for the first time in 4 years. Guess why?

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Voted [CW: Co-op Cloud Announce] For folks following along with the Co-op Cloud p
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Voted undefined
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Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2206.3-beta ![Promo graphic showing a mobile phone with th
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Voted # Planetary 1.2.0 Beta I’m excited to announce that the big Planetary relea
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Voted ssb research underway at the UofBasel ![ssb related research at the univer
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Re: %GLj2SWl8V

Hi Philipp. Happy to answer any technical questions you might have related to this. Sounds like a good match :)

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Voted Hi! I'm Philipp and I'm working on foss hosting stuff with a
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Voted ![Screen Recording 2022-05-30 at 17.39.23.gif](&mv79f3yJgLQFOBFOtdbfnNQ4oIE
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Voted # Team Diary **NGI Assure group ("Private Groups in Manyverse")** ![a scr
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Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ more work on gatherings! between [@andrestaltz](@
@Anders %ZKhwf7cVSnHBbsmh0k7rEz9wmqfYiPOvDarX6oKHVhA=.sha256
Voted Last day of elementary school for my oldest. We've come a long way in a bli
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Voted a healthy commons is like a healthy fermentation. you need to have some pro
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Voted # #Manyverse *Starchart* :stars: > Copied from our [Wiki page](https://git
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Voted It's amazing what you can do with a few of these: ![brackets.jpeg](&QkYfq
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Voted Hello world
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Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ a wildly productive day! started earlier than usu
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Voted I’m so excited for the upcoming release of Planetary. We’ve done a ton of w
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Voted I'm considering getting a Linux phone like this one, [fxtec](http://fxtec.c
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Voted Final piece of the puzzle for compaction is done! Fixing the ssb-ebt bug wa
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Voted I did so
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Voted ![image.png](&xiOs9ArdFWS1UUEZwTY5GmnUHpQLCzBJE5oN7PQzBDE=.sha256) # Licen
@Anders %Hs0Y/UPhtJ3Du2h5fgwbCcvSsRyIrL0fEn7o+GMzY78=.sha256
Voted There is quite a chunk of bipf in go over [here](
@Anders %jDzYE9ot8BprR9Sfa9dO6UBIMgFA6+LG1CXiZIGgDRU=.sha256
Voted # Introducing ScuttleSort: incremental untangling These past days (weeks..
@Anders %KR8f9T3qMYMbhMFiuZ2wKfyNQqp287qCnqsZ/0MjgBU=.sha256
Re: %Pnas64BJ6


@Anders %tZ5CAhc1GM/dfYFgd8t/9NcQiQ9OoOoevHZCSlIUszk=.sha256
Voted Well that came as a big surprise! Thanks [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv
@Anders %N7YY24sPJnKbIsbtg1Qthbl4tNnhDcljnVf6DL1LTBs=.sha256
Voted Okay, I moved all ssb-js repos to ssbc, and also cleaned up some older repo
@Anders %uBOeaapn0szH4KcyCRKON7R5p87njJG4lpYhoJTSOFI=.sha256
Voted As a result of adding more repos to ssbc, [the algorithm told us to make](h
@Anders %PrC5PhKiJohBTc38MSBOQEkfOPnfO9Mp8h6B9fvcm+4=.sha256
Voted [@Mix Android](@G98XybiXD/amO9S/UyBKnWTWZnSKYS3YVB/5osSRHvY=.ed25519) IMO w
@Anders %44jHO+4/H4sL5Kykecimn+lfbuKUwpwFyM0KCD/8res=.sha256
Re: %c0093QfUZ

Similar to ssb-junkyard?

@Anders %SStz8j4xdct3QDPnMxTVhWOCYq5rtpZosVztByXo568=.sha256
Voted I'm only into this if we have a clear documentation of which repos are well
@Anders %YK+uIRAJz0YeyH4zIb90mTadhxJvEJ8y49ULqUGAxHQ=.sha256
Re: %1NtrLWhxe

Sounds sensible

@Anders %LDe9r/sKukQpbuGFIqKF6jOsMR+ayL3b3b2XIo+7jAc=.sha256
Voted Thx [@cblgh](@C6fAmdXgqTDbmZGAohUaYuyKdz3m6GBoLLtml3fUn+o=.ed25519)! All r
@Anders %3KQ7Jd94pOlPBbMkSJKb7kZTm14T5Vx5Ec7K8aqG8dI=.sha256
Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ chugging along with UI work for gatherings. thing
@Anders %I7CzqVP9SB+WovP+73ihgRRhxLLxjaFNqUww1PwnIKk=.sha256
Voted # lykin: Dev Diary I'll use this thread as a place to document the develop
@Anders %aCIESwyVGnvEkzks0SNXIBvjaWK3Qk4O7nZgZ7ktw28=.sha256
Re: %GAJLDSukf

Sounds good

@Anders %YYU0/Kpht5Rp/lI1J4PXaNGX+JjREjQTnqyz8WBGsSI=.sha256
Re: %Xf2JIAYPm

To answer my own question. In both cases, random sampling and bulk signatures, some of the individual signatures that you don't verify could be invalid. And they are part of the chain so you accepted some messages that another peer might not. There is a difference though, in the bulk signature case there is always a chain of signatures that correctly signs the whole chain.

@Anders %iIWYJzFK7fYvxdHbBnNig++USD0T5g71Ybd5A+PRr1I=.sha256
Voted I'm looking at the code - does it store the top level values as bipf arrays
@Anders %PM68wm2oNpNIPBE3Ck9rFfXUEaWSUg6jDJ2NxV3fJuM=.sha256
Re: %Xf2JIAYPm

hi @Dominic. Thanks for taking a look :)

I'm looking at the code - does it store the top level values as bipf arrays?

The layering makes it a bit easier to work with. The top layer (butt2 msg + content) is so we can easily send it over something like ebt. The bytes of butt2 msg is used to get the key and the bytes of encodedValue is used for signatures.

The important question: how does batch signing work?

You sign the concatenated bytes of the previous N hashes. That works as a signature of those messages. You chunk them into reasonable sizes in order for a debouncing validation to be able to queue up enough messages to use this optimization.

I think you could make a much simpler approach: since hashes preserve the uniqueness of the hashed data, it means signing the hash is as good as signing the data, and signing the hash of the hash (or the hash of data containing the hash) is also good enough. So therefore, every ssb message signs not just the message content but the whole chain of preceding messages. If you changed one bit in the first message the hashes of all subsequent messages would change.

If I understand you correctly, then why didn't we just check the signature of the latest message in classic ssb as well?

@Anders %GCDKbWCZngplJtfuo+wVW0alHyPHlzPUUJQyscdOrik=.sha256
Voted > 1/7 the time of existing format Wow! That is impressive. 🏎 I know that
@Anders %E7vhgyuRmnrxpKL0CHeG6fdWswKGKpKkd3D6eKLMU2s=.sha256
Re: %LXwTFp2wR

Thanks @Matt Lorentz, I was implementing most of the functionality and the implementation currently is 320 lines. You don't have bipf in go, so would have to implement it, but that is only 200 lines. See this PR where the code is tidied a bit. I know what cryptix did some refactors to support bendy butt which should make adding a new format a lot easier. We did similar things in db2 and ebt and it has really helped a lot.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you or @boreq might have. I think this format should be a really good fit for go and you should be able to get some really nice performance numbers, much better than JS probably.

@Anders %dQS8CK4HCuKDvkeqai4CEuKYd6W3CBlaMB2/ey84/ZQ=.sha256
Re: %9VsDw0GEV

Thanks for the suggestions @andrestaltz📱. I had to similar things in mind. For the layering something like onion, but that is already used by tor, so not a good option. And for something similar to butt2 I was thinking of shortening it to B2. Then SSB with butt2 would be S2 B2. Probably a bit too cute :) Buttwoo (with an extra o) has a nice ring to it when you say it out loud.

@Anders %NRsPDa49gFrWkue/K9F0xbT1l5HcWJi2C0HF7nGaZEc=.sha256
Re: %Pnas64BJ6

@moid the code is up now at Still some things missing, but getting there.

@Mix Android there are no lipmaa links 👺

And signing the msg keys for batch validation should be fine

I tested the size reduction and it appears that butt2 is roughly 80% the size of classic over the wire.

@Anders %F/HOGS7v2fLNbTYPHrfFijlldMNDHLq5STysgf51m1E=.sha256
Voted Hello there. I also worked on an OSS distributed social network (peacenik)
@Anders %p0wGytob/TeFwiCUrykOQjanh6cgsJAlExuqaXSlMi0=.sha256
Voted *A Short Hike* has to be the cutest game I ever played. ![screenshot of a
@Anders %xyw5/gBfRuWvs+kow5yIDIYN8K9aHbylSWIwyjI29zo=.sha256
Voted It's always interesting to see a convergence of ideas across different grou
@Anders %OuCPmTXh8y2N9CK/bK7PO6AwuNKIN75D2hFjeR/RS5Y=.sha256
Re: %Pnas64BJ6

@moid each message signs itself just like current SSB feed format. What is different here is that you can optionally include signatures that spans a range. So lets say you get the first 100 messages from a feed and the author chose to also include signatures for every 25 messages. Then you can check the signatures on message with sequence 25 that covers seq 1-24 and then the signature on the message 25 itself. Similarly for sequence 50 you check sequence 26-49 and then the direct signature on message 50. That way you end up checking 8 signatures instead of 100. This is only for the signature part, you do all the normal checks on the other messages including checking backlinks etc.

We have this kind of debounced validation in db2 already so we should be able to leverage this for the above.

Some numbers from the prototype:

checking 1 feed of 7797 messages

db query: 934.799ms
validate classic js: 1.497s
validate classic rust (chunk size 100): 643.784ms
validate classic rust (chunk size all): 367.473ms

extract data: 57.453ms
single message validation: 713.28ms

next two are validation in bulk:
verify simple & hash: 61.372ms
verify signature: 61.289ms

encode butt2 to bipf for db: 78.488ms
encode classic to bipf for db: 211.728ms

I'm currrently tidying up the prototype and splitting out the code into a proper module that will hopefully be public within the next week.

@Anders %+t0QJ81Bdu3mJ/x/QH+gk/CCDgjDFWUyFXm/I0wdEMo=.sha256
Re: %KklBLOyOW

Yep, the insurance industry has always had golden days in a low trust environment. It's been this way for thousand of years :)

@Anders %Sfa97Ae2dgq8dYthTGC02+KIf1CphPWFeywdyUvT/R4=.sha256
Voted > Blockchains, whether by proof of work, stake, space, whatever, substitute
@Anders %CH/lCNTFFau5csuPkFhv924tAHW+f7DFqWDCQ4m3yTU=.sha256
Voted # idea: compact feed/message id I don't know why I didn't think of this ea
@Anders %3nTuA1VYlpn8N0pHQcIQN6zvHdqommjPYG3h4Ket8ok=.sha256
Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2205.4-beta ✅ (Desktop) Bug fix: app not working after ca
@Anders %XUbzIEc0clkMfzSQuzLm5CJufVPhtr7lN1g8tuMVzdU=.sha256
Voted Congratulations to [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PF
@Anders %Pnas64BJ60qbHF34BvsHiXYvMRj7CyKq8nsOlDCsWqA=.sha256

SSB Butt2 feed format

First of all about the name, all the creative energy went into designing the format so I went with the default thing of just calling it butt2 :) Happy to entertain suggestions.

mtg art opt artist: Rien

I have been working on a new format for some time now and have a working prototype to make sure that it performs as expected. The reason for a new format are many, but what really made this something we can actually roll out to existing clients was the work we did in the NGI pointer grant on meta feeds.

Instead of copy pasting the whole spec I'll just highlight some of the key points:

Butt2 is a new binary feed format for SSB. The goal is to be simple, easy to integrate into existing implementations, be backwards compatible with existing applications and lastly to be performant.

A benchmark of a prototype shows the time it takes to validate and convert for storing in a database to be reduced in half for single message validation. While bulk validation with a signature for every 25 messages takes roughly 1/7 the time of existing format. To put these numbers into perspective, on an Intel i7-10510U it takes 3 minutes and 20 seconds to validate and convert 1 million messages, while butt2 takes 28 seconds.

I have a pretty good idea of what is needed for this to work in ssb-db2, but would love to hear from other implementations.

@Anders %rDiSamyEcjsJ+++dPTn+RU7mBLxa9ZkRoZdnx4AnnYY=.sha256
Voted I like having the votes on SSB.
@Anders %UhcEXsqg+lm4VfVczv+L6vhlg1LIEjs5vIBjxBi4QMw=.sha256
Voted # ira tries to cross a tiny rocky creek ira: help dada! mix: you can do i
@Anders %UQN0vcvFH5rrrzw4uGUmgGmGKIq2dbUVyUnLfOeJusI=.sha256
Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ - started officially helping [@atomrc 📱](@R/We4B
@Anders %BbIVOhtK7JVoAI6W7kKkDCJ+10GfTl7uYJp8iUaeZoQ=.sha256
Voted Update: I tried sparse files and it turns out it's not going to be so adva
@Anders %cT7oV9PFONX2DxVLtXZKrCiq03LZco0jX3pgtBiYtL8=.sha256
Voted multisite fucking works ✊ rolled out to culture club, lets see now I can
@Anders %Ti3Cvr9JfSa0eVLoeKS4CSZlzcv0ekVwZt2jqTlNofU=.sha256
Re: %LvrGdrvXx

@andrestaltz cft and I both have been working on new feed formats (with different constraints) and later exchanged ideas over email. So to answer your question: no.

@Anders %i3U86EVgJ7/BNcqSizgL/Am9VJJPzYqtC6wGFiAd9QE=.sha256
Voted # Shadow Packets (part 3/3) ## 4) Measurements The following chart shows
@Anders %m8c1t2QRKJA9gegeQUNW7rrwerFLNdt9kHjKWuBBWJw=.sha256
Voted # Shadow Packets (part 2/3) ## 2) Shadow Tracking In order to retain the
@Anders %cO4FsqzJkx4TiUI4fvzLzdOX6QtHouQGhSqMZ92HAZI=.sha256
Voted # Shadow Packets (part 1/3) This writeup explains a core design choice of
@Anders %WGWJMRKle1R/l4plAZv8mE4E3FoNaNKsqnUJ7s+3Bxk=.sha256
Voted ![Decentralisation Book promo-2.gif](&HAbZvYLdvcO0eP1cfzLVOgaMhjr2P4gDztctq
@Anders %4jmL5y89AORuisBL9KZ2QewshDj3X7sag90pDtHoq3M=.sha256
Voted Folks, I'm about to announce my secret project here... :-) it is not ready,
@Anders %fHidGhvc6/IzKXZn2NABBm3+hUTLlv9gb7CRCnTgL+0=.sha256
Voted As other people have said, it seems like you're suggesting p2panda + EBT.
@Anders %94Uwi7P4sc9IUa6OYSURIh9cdY83QzRfzkki7+ZRwhQ=.sha256
Voted [@cblgh](@C6fAmdXgqTDbmZGAohUaYuyKdz3m6GBoLLtml3fUn+o=.ed25519) good ping!
@Anders %P13HYEzE5OFnmKJ7hZQfilyw77oLmZyOTWogCNpzb6Q=.sha256
Voted [Wild things]( Our son is perform
@Anders %IgN4UOrT0iSDmBR+YzWNjAfq30VdKpMV6DQOV5rPzRc=.sha256
Re: %VTt4HhMHu

Exciting, are shirts on their way?

@Anders %uN9mhsdH8mJ3CQSywLt9R+KUEEiaYEQAYaRyBm6fbhU=.sha256
Voted ![IMG_3194.jpeg](&Y/X+f+9iIoUrl+nSHQVJjb/h4OlOpXN6JTlrcqtb4yc=.sha256) fir
@Anders %3sec7Dg5kNNp465xiaa0MPSZdpNkk9/S1ceuCtHvpaY=.sha256
Voted Apple's planned obsolescence may have saved my job and marriage. Civ V won
@Anders %fWRA30mX0ZFW1raIof+k3jlAcbGBYWh3MbXCh/4Tes4=.sha256
Voted I'm going to call this proposal: **passed!** ![image.png](&FmA6JXj8x74RABy
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Voted #dev-diary #manyverse ~ - helped [@atomrc 📱](@R/We4BPJc7rH/1QmXGARpjettm
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Voted I'll be visiting Europe for a #digital-democracy retreat in June. It's such
@Anders %sKIaLxkCnzfTE1v539vk4iicT9fIooAeBfQJFgjY+ug=.sha256
Voted #go-ssb if anyone has spoons, it'd be cool to get reviews for these `go-ss
@Anders %AzTNgFKQt1Xatfsfc28YB64h6zQ2DumKbSQB4mW4mcA=.sha256
Voted # How to write an application in Rust by [@glyph](@HEqy940T6uB+T+d9Jaa58aNf
@Anders %nlGMRHX+OENUXR22FZ9iDSqaNrKrFTG7a7f1RWdUDTA=.sha256
Voted # Database compactions in ssb-db2 and storage sustainability by [@andrestal
@Anders %ELmJ3uizgdC3r1wScx68KhYJr4FhHn1MIubgYAOT8x0=.sha256
Voted # Vouched Community Supporters *It was unclear from my original statement
@Anders %VgdBZh3uPb7FK8q9VokyPOqOVbtFoIpXB6ZTjLTt3Ms=.sha256
Re: %Sgnls53Y/

Improve semantic delivery of old events to clients to ensure that when old nodes come online clients don’t see lots of old messages.


@Anders %e3YHsWFiR1IbQMxCvoAIkdno5b1wP0Nw1LHedJ9SCVE=.sha256
Voted Turns out the people behind the [Matrix]( protocol are h
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Voted To put some data into context, here are two important charts from Ourworldi
@Anders %w4ZVecBkXT89YguVKVY4aZQkTxpV2r42TRkGv50yqqI=.sha256
Voted #DevDiary So, it's been now 3 weeks I have worked on Manyverse on Fridays
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Voted ## Proposal: Continuing the SSBC Newsletter Position **✅👍 Vote on this po
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Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2204.15-beta 🎉 Feature: option in Settings to toggle fir
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Voted ### Facts alone are not enough to understand the climate crisis I would li
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Voted # DIDkit exploration #ahau is exploring in the space of identity and as pa
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Voted # Perihelion Beta milestone #dev-diary #perihelion After many days working
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Voted I think I've reached peak minimalism when it comes to my bicycle. ![A brak
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Voted oh ya i've got feeds going now :)
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Voted I just started a blog the other week at (RSS: https://g
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Voted * blog: * feed:
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Voted [The Biggest Crypto Effort to End Useless Carbon Offsets Is Backfiring](htt
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Re: %a5Uo/COaz

@Powersource (phone) no protection ;-)

@Anders %C2ZWJFXNEthtzOMrDWAe8oiMR3A1ZWy5kjPloexFaqU=.sha256
Voted I think AGPL-3.0 license is a bad license in many cases, because it's extre
@Anders %ykFTYE3i8T8QdzivH79qx+xuM02A40j4fFe3cO0fFx4=.sha256
Re: %Gcd7URjgq

You should try Rome). Especially Flowers From Exile, sooo good. Also Riverside, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson is quite nice.

@Anders %nB5+YHDeJmIK8otWeaDGHJB8Lbs7xTL5bX2lYHIgFnE=.sha256
Voted ![mLTE receiver mounted on a board with a building in the distance](&o8oeCL
@Anders %J92heXN76qEJcdGO8Fj3gJ4u9MCNXLU+bGZYXtpRdow=.sha256
Re: %7lT+ijf+h

Should also be a tad faster indexing :)

@Anders %3gGIJvs4xgGjepNwH0qmJF4bk/9kJvdfMhX9O2LPY3A=.sha256
Voted Ahhhhh it's cool to be back lurking ssb once more! Finally had spoons to ge
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Voted I'm surprised Paul joined! Hopefully all these brains together make somethi
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Voted # Planetary Go Dev Diary A bunch of protocol-related discoveries that I th
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Voted [@mix.desktop](@DIoOBMaI1f0mJg+5tUzZ7vgzCeeHh8+zGta4pOjc+k0=.ed25519) looks
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Voted # ssb-ahoy @ 5-alpha _I've been reshaping `ssb-ahoy` to be laser-focused o
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Voted #ux-diary Last week we held a team meeting to reshuffle the roadmap, and t
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Voted #manyverse #dev-diary worked on a few things today: - refined my MR for i
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Voted # 🍑 PeachPub: Community Grant Completion Report 📔 Now that we have the a
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Voted # Proposal for a [community grant](%eFl7pRoHldG1beSRsrYq+9gkVqRtdFZoWth3S26
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Voted oh shiett 🍑 ![peachcloud-rpi.png](&MHisDfEcuv8nMUn0TLvtg+TEWsmB5cKqacEp67
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Re: %FWqGSdJc2

I'm trying to run this on a Raspberry Pi Zero2 W that should support 64bit and armv8. I tried flashing the image, but on startup I only see the colorful rainbow boot screen. It doesn't seem to want to boot.

@Anders %875LME1RvkwwczRwmqr4bKCOsBkR4r7gEUCITd8PsSU=.sha256
Voted @moid can you see me?
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Re: %82nr7hlN/

I'd like to test :)

@Anders %7h1z3oEL64Xn4CAR/75wkhGQUlSF/ITyBdTmMtC/qlA=.sha256
Voted Got to say with the newest manyverse update, opening up the app is a pretty
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Voted I just sold all my crypto. 💸 If this were the way to become rich, I would
@Anders %JXvXSIaGMAqncPZK/AQObEASkIAROzDfXd2yqz5uBBA=.sha256
Voted ![giphy.gif](&+PaU0Te/wU4jxjVEL0X6tbIZchLrP33h0tuRAWNiZ5A=.sha256)
@Anders %Vr5NL74NQTEe65FysHyFt/2ftOiKWCidmr6/IIk6N6c=.sha256
Voted # 🍑 Requesting Testers 🌱 PeachPub (see [grant proposal](%G2GOd0j0ZFBInhK
@Anders %KEM6V0zRGs4nlW/F261ti0WLxW11AaQRq8nPi1FERzk=.sha256
Voted Trick to remember for next time I get locked out of a public wifi because I
@Anders %v6do5tbM+0Us/iM6Uub3wKMxiFIsPzjyhL+dQ3bt3qk=.sha256
Voted they sail cruising is just doing boat maintainance in exotic locations. yup
@Anders %1Q76XzbW1zfFeJ+2vu+zim14OWl2JyHhX2rJNSw68uU=.sha256
Re: %9xhR0i+YZ

@Mix Android db2 has transaction support. The messages needs to fit into 1 block (so 65k), but otherwise it is atomic.

@Anders %bqHQYjn1NPCH6Hxnkj61n3tACdO480pPyNHcHh/27rk=.sha256
Voted # Goodbye Cinnamon After living with a terminal diagnosis for a long time
@Anders %rnOhLF+AJ9yJJIYyY1gfUMqftKE7RnO6mwiUV/radZc=.sha256
Voted I have an idea for a proposal but am holding-off to allow other Butts to po
@Anders %MrU+rIxVZJ43+aaVHqYe1u6SpWJhIu1WizEfiTXkA/o=.sha256
Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2203.21-beta 🎉 (Desktop) Feature: add basic context menu
@Anders %90Fs9RasQdVCeEdL9XxPR/jEtjq4Iz9JPu2Q0Iq2HUc=.sha256
Voted Professor Squirrel Wizard and the Queen of Beige are looking great in these
@Anders %iemaiov5vrpfevZwzjnkyXoGsnVzv+dlnEj09+7wnLI=.sha256
Voted ![Patchfox 2022-03-19 15-32-07.png](&u/hJYVDJ5D8YljsVjoPyOwYNPAnezIVsO0bEU
@Anders %4us29Kyvz7NaKQ+Omc9I2CU6reg/RilyYAbW0ljOyr0=.sha256
Voted At the parents place for the week. .found the copy that started it all...
@Anders %+f7rdlREC36sqmecWjAU/R+6vaOgKFAmXPzOzAcZolY=.sha256
Voted # 🍑 PeachCloud Newsletter Update 📰 ![Terraform by Alex Rudd and Fabian
@Anders %wX1o+iHpo6iJuSFiRpigDbAewRztRlLkBd/BbzXH6/8=.sha256
Voted Today I learned: #NASA hired Vint Cerf to work on an "interplanetary intern
@Anders %I3IPpX0Pd6bJr8kpWgSLrQgOJM1YXloWKyqsmz+1N5U=.sha256
Voted Hellow everyone joing the #PRO*TORSDAG ! Thanks for coming today and teach
@Anders %FsRXUg4snD9NBlxX7NSijeOi/GdPWkYp1gLD3Ux8TgI=.sha256
Voted I just met [@Mix](@G98XybiXD/amO9S/UyBKnWTWZnSKYS3YVB/5osSRHvY=.ed25519) on
@Anders %tZQHdXDgJteMxVf5fTJ2btI/Vgjx9kDt/zXL//Nv6GQ=.sha256
Voted Talking to [@Mix](@G98XybiXD/amO9S/UyBKnWTWZnSKYS3YVB/5osSRHvY=.ed25519) to
@Anders %hcpYlLwQRmWZAvQj0TsH/UMgmUNCO8kxw7LGr5CPl6s=.sha256
Voted # ssb-crut@4.1.0 ![hermes](&/
@Anders %iTvPdxcNQ93JnjdFrJW4HkRUiY0rlytNWr/zvePaNFw=.sha256

A quote from The Dawn of Everything that I have been thinking about lately:

What makes the Roman Law conception of property - the basis of almost all legal systems today - unique is that the responsibility to care and share is reduced to a minimum, or even eliminated entirely. In Roman Law there are three basic rights relating to possession: usus (the right to use), fructus (the right to enjoy the products of a property, for instance the fruit of a tree), and abusus (the right to damage or destroy). If one has only the first two rights this is referred to as usufruct, and is not considered true possession under the law. The defining feature of true legal property, then, is that one has the option of not taking care of it, or even destroying it at will.

@Anders %30xX/TQzCyo6Y30DVa7p0+wvQ2DdK1QZAlh8nkFNrto=.sha256
Voted To get ephemeral chat, you don't need UDP over rooms. It would be fairly ea
@Anders %3+PxGpAVyXt68Wr9fhRlFZENbvSuKId4PyKRgcw8dcM=.sha256
Voted [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.ed25519) I like yo
@Anders %6y2bOTpghACNMDuLK9Jie3nxsJ0pZXdcVSuMvw1x3q4=.sha256
Voted ## Support Manyverse with quadratic funding on Gitcoin Last year, [cblgh t
@Anders %w0QoyUvUhk2yoxsuACNik0qTWzyTWjYui6zHtEM16co=.sha256
Voted # Elavoie (Erick)’s #strategy2022 I really like the original [invocation](
@Anders %rW9/i2ZRjwVXowNKf0ikrQ3DR9hpc6f2ygV5Qv/atYM=.sha256
Voted # Community Grant 2022: Call-for-Proposals Following [@mix.desktop](@DIoOB
@Anders %qj5jxesJNmY/kj0tMixPsG/XJKUSzXYdTwTIHoPe7TY=.sha256
Voted # Reassemble Part 3: Natural Intelligence ## Towards Renewable and Regener
@Anders %ru1sM7JNEZCjKyvohCVJtqpp+tjRbuW2bp4DGkDh6yU=.sha256
Voted #manyverse #dev-diary - lots of dev environment debugging with [@andrestal
@Anders %WlGK90CRuZ8WBI3PzTwmXY/nuCnaKrzEv1i91jTdR7E=.sha256
Voted ## Scale - Personal Personally, I keep a [Reflection Journal](https://wor
@Anders %hvVKB7WyTDUBGhM4zZBHHR56dsMMkmY09KyLPlyNo00=.sha256
Voted YES, finally someone noticed and appreciated exactly what we were trying to
@Anders %7Qk4W7rA8TfQi7lyANc8VmbqbU5f26tGv2yhaL316y8=.sha256
Voted I have just realized I really like the way #manyverse displays reactions, e
@Anders %bkPX4QWfoj07TdrYOPPBOXvikvOdNCepu/lZRU/e/2A=.sha256
Voted #dev-diary Hello agaiiiin 🌸 Time for some development updates! ✨ ##
@Anders %e8lWh+wgJpLJ+eq6DXF04mY+M4+2ixBNq9pnl7a/4Bg=.sha256
Voted > So, I think "votes" are bad and "subscriptions" are much better. Ah, for
@Anders %hJ8phKiQ7EAPhigURdiPiwN/dw0f14dkBCh7xX6gyYQ=.sha256
Re: %689RFaXB8

We live in a world of deep fried consumerism.


I think this comes back to setting expectations. The MIT license does this pretty well in that it's pretty hands off what people can do with it and doesn't set a lot of expectations. There is definitely the cultural expectations as you say and those can be hard to counter.

@Anders %h+eFc4wafoyrwej8rK23Nu80Fa1/zBB/puy4GMBWDtg=.sha256
Voted Ah, the smell of a Dominic thread on sunny Wednesday morning. :heart: So mu
@Anders %OFseyOd3ExvTmmBoXW/z16rJNkSP1Hj+e1O+cqnUMbw=.sha256
Re: %689RFaXB8

Yes to this. I also think there should be some kind of compensation and accountability built into this. If you compare this to a democracy then the people elected are fairly compensated for their time. And maintaining a commons, be that recreational areas a the city or a software project needs to have a track record in the community they serve for this to work.

@Anders %QmGqsU/c7Mj96dVGwfibiEWiKDfse/SPfm62FZyArPs=.sha256
Voted Thanks [@Mix Android](@G98XybiXD/amO9S/UyBKnWTWZnSKYS3YVB/5osSRHvY=.ed25519
@Anders %rHAnyWsY3EvCyfimmYF7ijEoLPyW8+JvOlz7Epgf3pI=.sha256
Voted Whether I'm eventually paid for this or not, I decided to start working on
@Anders %klEEnXF/ySXpU61arpOJSSRn/B5XxPAYIOvMAvSqBS0=.sha256
Voted [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.ed25519) this is j
@Anders %pddyZB50ikmtU2vs9K+XzyvGP8FfPaby5o4tJ1mxjXY=.sha256
Voted # March 2020 Patchfox OC update _Source:
@Anders %HbT3YVLT2mUX5rgvnxdmSwAea93u2hwmrmaT+9G04kc=.sha256
Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2203.7-beta ✅ (Desktop) Bug fix: preserve scroll position
@Anders %u8tIjQaPW7e/UTxq00tdg/5JRJmOyWfd41j9Z1oPBHY=.sha256
Followed @andrew 🐝
@Anders %zzZg83NWNez/ab4x8IiCpRh6kpCj03n5p171+XVxc/o=.sha256
Voted ## [@andrew 🐝](@qvGBxH1vDasocIBYlE8yZCdWFECjzFZY1K50YcAIbLE=.ed25519) and
@Anders %piWx4h2U66Kqk1uRLsiRnNqbHCKldoi5WXyOPQktyEo=.sha256
Voted Microverse Manysoft Windows build is now available for download!
@Anders %G9JFvR7BDsMCYBmJcj6tbM+L/TT3wzdvx84ojpjvF7w=.sha256
Voted #strategy2022 A lot of this can be extrapulated from [this](%JrDASLM0BaJrU
@Anders %7NJoHBqkS9pE6jlWy10ZWQiCnv9wHaiX309z4ylmns4=.sha256
Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2203.3-beta 🎉 Feature: Resync screen guides you after re
@Anders %OSR70ASfnVYGvRHNKFWGLahUkynPY+5rRgowHmRolNU=.sha256
Voted # Week 2 - synthesis ![mtg-artifact_mutation.png](&Vu1YnPY2Shrr+3YN6nZqqY4
@Anders %K6BQbp8F5mW9r6QHZMEjKTss/JhBcqCruTR0jKKJuco=.sha256
Re: %Zce+n5I2t

soooooooooooooo looking forward to seeing this

@Anders %ICbRkC3FatxMdhHy3EffiiXhNe1hoFMDmxafLDg0yGA=.sha256
Voted I don't want to jinx it, but we may just have completed all SSB-related fun
@Anders %VdsYORVK0/WYKs1YeBvc9Kx/cCE9kQ5thJeJvyisjp8=.sha256
Voted # My #strategy2022 Although I've been using SSB on and off for the past f
@Anders %+N6rdT1+rvcXRc8DdLIR4gRId9l05BIOwQWxMuvkLb4=.sha256
Voted ## cel ssb strategy 2022 re: %hXlCL9c9rfJgthwMJswTI9DlLyhkhXSddJBqfUSIS6k=
@Anders %jyeopHE/XARtot78yhH/lnj/+OA4faaXw4TA3UGyqNA=.sha256
Voted #strategy2022 there are many things transitioning in my life right now. I
@Anders %gUScT1qtHzWwx6YkG2N4NQu/bCmw3ZVzobve1IVkM2w=.sha256
Re: %ojzZZ+1xJ

Right, a very good subfeed candidate would be "profile" abouts. That would mean you could really quickly onboard someone as 500 feeds * ~5 about messages can be done in roughly 1-2 seconds. After that you could start getting what other data you might be interested in.

@Anders %QsXH5IptMjeEEAuEEyVrlrlIyBcvm0YkAxguqknZ5+A=.sha256


For 2022 I want to support fellow butts:

  • @mixmix on bringing ahau to ssb-db2. In general interested in seeing ssb-crut used more and helping fixing bugs
  • supporting @andrestaltz with database compaction in ssb-db2
  • provide support for @zelfs ButtCast adventures
  • finish a v1 of fusion identities. Will need to get back to that one again together with @Mix Android

I'm quite interested in #peachcloud as well. I shut down my vps recently, so would love to have a pi running at home with rooms 2.0, maybe as a continuation on groupies.

@Anders %jVOCRCjEwKP2NuIbtBI/DMINTddfbUz3TwSoKpN62/U=.sha256
Re: %N71QIljaX

@Frank I did also micro-benchmark async append only log (the lowest level of ssb-db2) here. Note those are from a while ago, before we decided that flume compat was not super interesting.

@Anders %w91BPbeK6zp/VdID3D2hjpikhN3ejFaKiWb9QGWCeIA=.sha256
Voted [@Dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed25519) If a ne
@Anders %qA1m2HF2aprwvnqoqjTvjobYFpYddhXN22IamvwbNrY=.sha256
Voted About out-of-memory crashes: [@Dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8
@Anders %0Ktj8jOiqQvMq0p+y9VKHhCu3ddHqHQQ8xZuKsTEo5I=.sha256
Re: %ojzZZ+1xJ

@Mix Android there are a few things wrong with about messages. One of them being that they don't indicate what they reference, so you have to have the referenced message in order to know what kind of about it is. Secondly lets say crut becomes a hugely popular way to build applications, then you are going to have a ton of about like messages. They could be from a number of different type of applications. Depending on the application, you might even have more of these "change" messages that normal messages. In any case it would be better to use specific app/update type of messages and put those in the subfeed related to app, than to put a lot of unrelated messages into the same feed.

@Anders %AdLDaghGWSGcCzR9v08AyhT7GlHgZ3/BnvOafx/Opnc=.sha256
Voted #strategy2022 since this is about strategy for ssb, i'll keep it focused t
@Anders %CLk6rimX4N8TY5Jp3TOoKT2shxfnPczBYEYqIFHn/T8=.sha256
Voted # glyph's Vision ![John Ramsey - Traveling Mushroom, Trusted Cat](&DPJMd4d
@Anders %A1hyYTppV9VdwCoBCrMdVCOlEN3XlKsLuN42ZDu4J7U=.sha256
Voted _25 February 02022_ ## Progress Summary Big steps in the past month: -
@Anders %C80MizNlablM/Y22v3Rh1qMqCVDROLXoyHL6IqtUzsE=.sha256
Voted #strategy2022 I tend to make the strategy for Manyverse clear (see [roadma
@Anders %qtpN96GyQEom74snlyMtIhXv2Oq8q+ocsky2tAQ7LEw=.sha256
Voted # Scuttlebutt Strategy 2022 ![expedition-map.jpeg](&y/TP2HJOd0+ufWLCJTiG
@Anders %KokEjwSEX81L5MqUs4sCn4WR2DP0pFuEsdjPZn5dUSI=.sha256
Voted Deleted my db2 folder today in response to a fork risk. 10 minutes later I'
@Anders %s45qJ4GH6+1EKpO6UQVe626LxqsU70cX3MvvKD/86HI=.sha256
Voted Since #patchwork isn't maintained anymore I've transferred all the funds in
@Anders %JEvKJP5xfRaslNICrAGAEcFWxUjH4KxAO89aiFE/uwI=.sha256
Voted just landed a patch in go-ssb's append-only log, margaret 🤘
@Anders %sNY94GhLfHGqzMOjBXKvMHL6E1Rg65CtUJ016Qh2MvE=.sha256
Voted Like :+1: this reply **if you want this grant project to be approved**
@Anders %nCaG2XbEvKJjIxh+uvoSs+i4woNtAD3Ty/61yCrGZXs=.sha256
Voted ## Materialization, Tangles, Multi-Writer and GraphQL - Part 2/2 #dev-diar
@Anders %K3coUOBZD6sz/tyImNc+FMcrWvO7/GeMY3yFTApmBAA=.sha256
Voted # Pandaletter no. 2 **Materialization, Tangles, Multi-Writer and GraphQL -
@Anders %ogX5J+Y76QDOyxxayIw2wYjn4kaGt2x6tSSQ5llnfpE=.sha256
Voted i studied neuroscience and was always facinated by how resilient neural net
@Anders %V83jDstzMcDZJYXqLfowJ15XsjgmhuSR4/1XYX5wPMI=.sha256
Followed @7suh
@Anders %5M4rHG7YUGNCCgn219wG56geS1QH9dvOga4Zy/u2Oq0=.sha256
Voted maybe u should look into kids fav hash accumulator? mountain merkle ranges.
@Anders %1g2rXnKQNoZoxJi+S5mhgKYnnUuA96rqjSwYyJmDcUg=.sha256
Unfollowed @nichoth's old computer
@Anders %QqDOcjyZosh5rMs36CYR8KL/PGhqQepBKNIO1NdNMjM=.sha256
Voted great post! i was telling glyph how reading it felt like watching one of th
@Anders %mdHnTq+Ki7+xqF2nthH3ELqZVgLnglcSgNKFgtbzkDs=.sha256
Voted ![Staltz Speed movie poster](&h+KM77dAzrwpfZyVtUVq1OGPa6geed5U5U5pJS77pWc=.
@Anders %H8ubZ+HqSLUQpkO5YULVHr+OXK7GnIMxnCpMYAELYGg=.sha256
Voted ## Onboarding versus Sustainability, a timebomb _Or: why we need money to
@Anders %lLNLvEddhLSR1a76ZljYqcWYSnDJa8mEy+I51eZmmEI=.sha256
Voted Butt-Cast! And the guide for how to build scuttlebutt Apps ===== New App i
@Anders %AO0XLkPCPtAwUeWhWQh21JwE5bCNNacTwGovk9FhlRc=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2202.7-beta ✅ (Desktop) Bug fix: unclickable region on the
@Anders %AEzId4apr+Rq8mwlr5C3IW+yRcLw7MVQmnoFwlWHOCM=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2202.4-beta ✅ Bug fix: allow seeing images in private chat
@Anders %tuYVNbarbWzYSyjH5UljZ1pGM4LD+8Xlf5ZgPr1W7To=.sha256
Voted I just want to say that you can very easily build a desktop application wra
@Anders %K+IhqSe9nBoIs3QcTN3MrPs5x0xdHjYSm9Su2OhtGuc=.sha256
Re: %cpQmz//lv

yeah it seems like we will finally get some decent cards in a normal set again :)

@Anders %OztSNw5xa60zxTQ3DiiECEOE9yoSp0UgJ8h1Ol7qMio=.sha256
Voted # Earthstar January update > You can also read this in your browser over a
@Anders %1x8/BSoJg3UUEp5YyPe5qBAmeMpNl9+e7TQQo6xbsag=.sha256
Voted _26 January 02021_ Quick updateski to keep youse Butts informed on our pro
@Anders %OvXZHptzbF/OuTtQKMJA8R9McHA3XoQid5T2GUSClmQ=.sha256
Voted _26 January 02021_ Quick updateski to keep youse Butts informed on our pro
@Anders %p0ewfVqpu1ob37bBgsAPthR6324qJf8UacpSQIzmuFY=.sha256
Voted **E:** Let us funge the tokens
@Anders %uPTei6YP2Yjzsh7yub/uN8A2LpDsfTKyAVW5Y7ZsYXI=.sha256
Voted Following [@Rick Carlino](@49Sj/4GHVIMo6TgVezqAqkl0bWGDNj2aWqy9plj9IQc=.ed2
@Anders %AWcYcB88yRZmtWoSGQLFTKh0XYuFj1s3o605KpXDV2k=.sha256
Voted # ssb-crut@v4.0.0 ### new features - merging! - new `crut.update` beh
@Anders %Ndgg5uhQj5oHO9PTuIKffwtTg2PTsUgdsg/dojOfmz8=.sha256
Voted tossing some support for the #ngi-pointer crew here. i always felt they wer
@Anders %1uPjVTNoDJZjnyMJfQNZpgFmW1nchry1r3rCrUddIko=.sha256
Voted I updated [the document](
@Anders %czgrLMPrcRO7c9Nj/xevZDPGeEdIhlO3tyMXPZcZZ8Y=.sha256
Voted I guess that the grant criteria might have given incentives to hasty specif
@Anders %fkZP9RznEWpOF0kP9kRMNXBWkXvsWTUXN5jfqPNtREg=.sha256
Voted MTG trading session from this weekend. Everyone went through their stash to
@Anders %cYENGcWx0YXlJktJeoSvtBOqORSLvsAHOJii99QZNs8=.sha256
Voted #showmeyourcoffee Our kids nanny is from Ethiopia, and she invited us over
@Anders %HKw+ZKAu+V285UP4hQFzKBZqZbkLb24bylxIO2xQAdU=.sha256
Voted Did I seriously write proof of steak? What the hell is wrong with me 🤣
@Anders %0hNpChupAE5jf6oOvmbFfotCDAl922ptzD/SKHKEISQ=.sha256
Voted # Request for feedback ## SSB Room Broker Auth A month ago, I shared a pr
@Anders %ifPz1hh7XY7sweK1y9RfDPNNQu5oRkcepEb+8DtxST4=.sha256
Voted Can confirm it's fixed and I can see my "look who's back" post now.. :D
@Anders %vbgyJxM60+OF2MFf9d4CuQwEIz8CjtiTSHtq9penUPs=.sha256
Voted > # Ireland to Launch Universal Basic Income Program for Artists > > Cath
@Anders %ak2FK1FhTDBpaMVjhyNGdMRAx01nEor+0JhmAjWpxCk=.sha256
Voted [@Ladislas](@SmLddSPxpYkJ/8HH8qDycMEwus+tyojjH+a60beRMdg=.ed25519) Feb 6th
@Anders %4B/KSPUjvkom6dww/bhuDV7mNvA9uG2CU7oEduLyL+A=.sha256
Voted ~60 slides drawn in the last day for my #earthstar #fosdem talk. Here's one
@Anders %MVgThPBY+vBqBodpKVFReSPEqt5LLJH84VO7Aw/tXKQ=.sha256
Voted ![Pelorus Bridge](&l8QO6H9VQJ47s/XN6NpOt1uyDp9G8Y4/DN8twcIteZM=.sha256) [@
@Anders %7dTNMj5XPfoupIcI+Gg82W7vOyJvhVn6aUF2tV4Ywr0=.sha256
Voted ![](&srD45YcnS4krd0vay2fCpbeN7/Xzs7pFsGHH4+yYm7E=.sha256) I've been travel
@Anders %Px/8CBfcwlDh0VDVwmL8Js4UgvTxfh0+C6lOObX/He0=.sha256
Voted interesting! I am also thinking about cooperatively stewarded land tonight.
@Anders %F9EWLwKjc+VREVYOkBRgl2G0wg9RH4TJWvH5mnb4ZqI=.sha256
Voted Look who's back!
@Anders %II9vagMEBb7jFS3fN95KxsxUTQe2RoDUpxV0pO7s/s0=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2201.14-beta.b ✅ **Bug fix: memory leak related to stream
@Anders %CCpClfi3NAHXxc5jJzKfDZ/zO5xqi5+eUw8+d6je4GQ=.sha256
Voted # Indigenous Data Sovereignty (Āhau: Māori collective identity through p2p
@Anders %cJQwCnGmHB8M5kj69F0uhmrYjJCn9wbFfjl20lj11U8=.sha256
Voted My day so far, working on some Legacy RSPEC/JEST tests: ![image.png](&BZTn
@Anders %HkQEnegD+PzYA10F3El6/3Gk6hsDkM32yvVS2MPrWQ0=.sha256
Voted If you work with Typescript / Javascript through choice or necessity, you r
@Anders %IhKHtVjRtVtofx/oXRCDJ5w6bIolJp8hNeqm1smW/3M=.sha256
Re: %nK9axEYaN

check localStorage :-)

@Anders %f128qQ2fBKWL1ZbQJEX+M9wWSFj9rMvE+NIvI+0klTQ=.sha256
Re: %nK9axEYaN

yeah sorry. I had to shutdown my vps.

@Anders %ZLnT2j05GdzsmoG08/fpVSdYTDQaSccQKgVeiRxUW/c=.sha256
Re: %EQrVK/KKc

This could be 2 types here right? One that would auto-follow similar to peer invites and another that allowed bypassing the firewall, maybe just for one session?

@Anders %uNt/u36HSa4KYVGCkr3CuZr+QfcjSLBaq9WZN9Y4ln8=.sha256
Voted #ssb-dev #a2a (Usually I send messages like this as PMs to [@Mix](@G98Xybi
@Anders %8N89DeSqdNFhqum3Pvhz48H0v4jO1OrjTxOVlxLh7MA=.sha256
Re: %I+/1ZE8Fo

I imagine the overhead of this is much lower than SHS seeing as this is kernel space. It seem that it is possible to get the public key from wireguard for an open connection. This would allow one to use noauth instead of SHS and rely on wireguard for the encryption. This should also play quite nicely with network identity. Wireguard doesn't seem to do automatic NAT hole punching so tor hidden services still has its uses. In any case this is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

@Anders %HUa+D5EJpVXWYZXd/aNz8Xni610TLfNcEH/OdYdv1yQ=.sha256
Voted Updated my manyverse and looks like it’s working again..! 🥳
@Anders %ndmqIMjstDkL4K5eSrDyu1fNGZ2BjIpceGqXuMhUB1k=.sha256
Voted #thicket gen2 works now. total 14 bytes saved from each entry. on the url t
@Anders %QYh0F+R2XwPzJoWgS1+u+5poq3NkG84N0hmY+uMGZPU=.sha256
Voted # [WireGuard]( 🐉 i recently discovered (read:
@Anders %exO9XdDTdjXgT/w8iOCDvJ4M7xwGQB3oom9jiOmgjz4=.sha256
Voted # wards for manyverse ![relic ward mtg.png](&wVj44EeY/tXYttyjHHnjsJAlUkG5G
@Anders %+EPSeK5WU8G3rfpURBgjoEsjc3oxv3T6PGALFjwL5as=.sha256
Voted Fuck I love #ssb, people keep posting hot takes on the internet on how web3
@Anders %JTJcmMrcz1aXJbeigA60+jXV1fimTpV/Cyah8hjGn+E=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2201.7-beta ✅ (Desktop) Bug fix: correct app metadata on W
@Anders %UhBJWDnKxG2qk6G7XPCXF4Ij/9fPoYIb0a0+KyJbKZw=.sha256
Re: %C4Yt5ZH47

As for the offline aspect that mostly becomes a problem if you need to coordinate on something (typical example is coins and double spending). That is only one class of problems, it might be a lot more interesting to think about things without scarcity, think CI for software or anything related to simulations.

@Anders %LRoRwYwFf+IHbKrhX07wHNV8NGEH+IDwzSQRbvhz7GQ=.sha256
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@Anders %gnfkeD5Z+/WXEE0H/gIiT2hPwWeh0tt/+VM8bLacqdg=.sha256
Re: %C4Yt5ZH47

I love that idea @Rick Carlino Maybe instead of Solidity you would just run wasm. And it doesn't have to be limited to compute, could just as well be storage. In society we use trust as that lowers the cost of transactions (besides making things nicer overall). I think there is a huge potential in exploring that idea as a most crypto bro solutions go the other direction of minimal trust resulting in insane overhead.

@Anders %cvawfXiHvx6TIZaqVKbs284VCF4JbaIn+hQTtW3d/2g=.sha256
Voted I'll probably make a new release tomorrow (Friday) with fixed to important
@Anders %+gztQkkrs+H2DfnhhpKAffQP4KdIFopKcP/HNRtPnWE=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2201.5-beta ### Desktop app launched! ![Graphic design of
@Anders %NkZYQM9L2UKpHJdN7WjMtE1o+rhIzdYNqJIbdO7ZwxE=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2201.5-beta ### Desktop app launched! ![Graphic design of
@Anders %DBzWhFloI5pjxt/RiSmq6nH+XdaXXY1nY7ZfjWRPKcE=.sha256
Re: %HtjkmuiQQ

Amazing! Posting from manyverse desktop :)

@Anders %t6h1EfUBU5BG1fp4+0gsIZwiMGECnCr3CwCnUYY7WTA=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2201.5-beta ### Desktop app launched! ![Graphic design of
@Anders %x6xz2cV5BzRuQ2Ogg+El1nEt/EfgNvAJJzkztZqpROM=.sha256
Voted Damn, just onboarded someone from fedi and it was pretty smooth compared to
@Anders %URmjBh38I7/WvnZieGuJQ//0eXnfrhakAHpPCETvYTg=.sha256
Voted ![EL rancho](&WAGhdBoHrZipPiXIqOfwYR4cW7Z1K8IkG22K9xwRY9o=.sha256) ![audio
@Anders %b1J7PGFi7g7yJkaB+3LK+8+PUebP/A2rn8kgvsKKPO4=.sha256
Content warning: hardcore fusion dance


  create fusion identity

    ✔ no err for create()
    ✔ 2 messages created
    ✔ correct type
    ✔ 2 recipients
    ✔ secret is encrypted

  invite + consent

    ✔ no err for create()
    ✔ no err for invite()
    ✔ no err for read()
    ✔ 1 state
    ✔ 1 invited
    ✔ 1 member
    ✔ 0 consented
    @ESsX+BEc ─> @gPDLMiFF
      1 fusion
      2 fusion/entrust
      3 fusion
    ✔ no err for invitations()
    ✔ 1 open invitation
    ✔ no err for consent()
    ✔ no err for invitations()
    ✔ no open invitations
    ✔ 1 invited
    ✔ 1 member
    ✔ 1 consented
    @gPDLMiFF ─> @ESsX+BEc
      1 fusion
    @ESsX+BEc ─> @gPDLMiFF
      4 fusion/entrust
    ✔ 1 invited
    ✔ 2 members
    ✔ 1 consented


@Anders %d8NdkUFzUpH/292ZHB59EH3iPcTF40Fp+PL34tzBfBg=.sha256
Voted ### scuttle-testbot 1.9.0 adds `colorLog` as a helper for logging out easi
@Anders %ctYk+fSSeGwu93wswRsN8qj1n65LxYrg+K3gd1Wz9ps=.sha256
Voted _3 January 02021_ Today I'm getting back into the lab after two weeks of n
@Anders %9e8Gooalf/ifbJ18uPFpDEv/7Cy/bmMFEuXMfpmmXRA=.sha256
Voted # First working prototype A couple of months ago, with [@andrestaltz's](@+
@Anders %6apIN6OoreHbJtEtfr47jwLAuGrszXYQEfcwm08nquk=.sha256
Voted More cypherlink linkification -
@Anders %YySFka0cZN2RJLLRb+zaKVCHsI2PY9wKAaDivwI/jKM=.sha256
Voted Dope! cel strikes again. Both are merged
@Anders %7rKluKmnr7/Lprrnn7TAIWUlPi9jRMCs9rAS74pq5Y8=.sha256
Voted happy new year :~)
@Anders %Go+fCuUbBvPHnyTzeQU2H+W06aPp0XzMRFKyTfLA2+8=.sha256
Voted I fixed the macOS issues! Nearly all the stuff [@gwil](@PEqxT8YRvrkf2fyjAgT
@Anders %46RMg10z0tjAb56UUfYLzi+g8GWCHVIN2psXPKih2iE=.sha256
Voted > This is a repost from [Gwil's garden](
@Anders %rdKfnBHdK9YvQUctYCmHGkCPfGsR7f1pfNwxQi1Oljk=.sha256
Voted ## Inviting alpha testers for Manyverse desktop 👋 Hey all! [@Powersource
@Anders %njlfa27+mKQvTwbCTTMlCtKdolboYyhB26zshLlE5z0=.sha256
Re: %hyDYUgUGU

@Michael Lyle snapshots are a great idea. One of the things that previously has been hampering anyone working on this is the classic feed format has a limit of 8k. You could of course do them as blobs. One place where this would be quite natural is in crut. There is a ton of previous work on this topic in distributed version control systems.

@Anders %QwgcuoL8rzNUhm2Ol5DDetVK4VgN8DyhOx09dFg8sEU=.sha256
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@Anders %0pKyL95CRqeTSfaYgo9ItQEr5CCsin22X22lH6LJzOQ=.sha256
Re: %2OV4PHI7o

Hello @Michael Lyle

One thing we have been working on during the ssb pointer grant was meta feeds which is a way to structure your feed into a hierarchy and attach metadata to different parts. This means you can do selective sync and things like ephemeral (sub)feeds. It also open up for the ability of different feed formats tailored at different use cases.

@Anders %LAlb0OVWlH+AJLDPi7CKvrM83RRWuu7DbTnJO1jKirE=.sha256
Voted Hi everyone! I'm sorry for the minimal presence so far on #SSB, but I'm ju
@Anders %zRJ34IT4qVDsRZwYsrdYcqIQexyeIXQkkFFzxezIREY=.sha256
Re: %q5GBWHyOd

Aww you are too kind. I also have enjoyed working with you, your attention to detail in reviewing PRs is really phenomenal.

All good bugs have a name, I propose we name this one the Tu´bug.

Happy holidays 🎅

@Anders %payz0QJPachwsj5ZxEPbXcYA79jBJdWHI/hf9xBHOII=.sha256
Voted ## Finally done I left home a few days after the previous post. Only a si
@Anders %4U2Ol1CLtW7VVGw21u0VTBM0uxA5wa+wRDYwWC6OVbY=.sha256
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@Anders %vdlSCFXbtJvzQSybRb0kr3Lw6K8W4LwFJP0/alJDmnE=.sha256
Voted # ssb open collective map Was taking with Alanna about the branching state
@Anders %vrwiHEDUBpZmgub3sn2oI11JpX/7KQAWgzu+QnCOaLY=.sha256

Gløgg & klejner at the office


You can find a recipe for the buns (klejner) if you want to make them at home. The ones in the picture were from the local bakery but the gløgg was homemade by a colleague.

@Anders %QoTXRwDJoZX0LEKXxGEUeqsWGIT3tNVmv6xHucXRmvQ=.sha256
Voted # Pooling of Money from Handshake Council and SSBC Community Grants, in mu
@Anders %B4dq/FnJdxxXvb3Cz3sUhWG8642UEhpDt02Ln7+t7g0=.sha256
Voted # Mandate for [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.ed25
@Anders %pj7378b7HnUw9zTRAjPk/hefnQhF8cjIlOo2IZ0Br2g=.sha256
Re: %pQ1pjyfXw

Yeah housing prices is one that really gets me as well. It's not like people have a choice if they want a place to live in or not, and now it has become an investment opportunity for the rich. It didn't get any better when I read about some of the earlier examples where this has played out in EU.

@Anders %uRwqnvKlX6J+r+rIeQ2NfDMZyoyPYrFHbvg9i/Olv5c=.sha256
Voted 🎉 is back up and running! 🎉 Please let me or a room admin
@Anders %D/wr3u2+3smvjLRdqM2RbZO8RkxowdBg5uS4j4yoLXU=.sha256
Voted # service announcement On Monday and Tuesday (2021-12-14) [he
@Anders %ytYSAxI3qE6Hx9GXypbRY6n7wi+u4DaLh01wupdwp3Y=.sha256
Voted ## Cabal update! We've landed private messages in both the new cabal-deskt
@Anders %XBQH/P7HjcpayHVtVfFXJXlXpk4XdTOA7r90R0NPwjA=.sha256
Voted # 🍑 PeachCloud Newsletter Update 📰 ![Artwork: Something To Look Forward
@Anders %s2iaSNpJdktedjNQ7A2RYKcq/8zhiU4dx9GgbU53MnE=.sha256
Voted for day 3 (the last day!): we have temporarily forked the [main website re
Voted Added you as an owner [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.
@Anders %du2KZSekty95BW2gx5mtvBZcLdCmshihl1kl3kFv8TE=.sha256
Voted Hey [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519),
@Anders %HidfePKAbR/RB+0OyqxdprRXAJNDUHMcGwRcWqpJl4A=.sha256
Voted ![audio:recording.webm](&FhffhwN+1xSv+u9s73s/dbvtKLEVl2nsyuwCecjidKM=.sha25
@Anders %uI/WVztP7xuGxVPHQNLvKWu74yAr6VcGAf9/CvNYN58=.sha256
Re: %W1ZYPP4+w

I noticed this PR sitting idle that gets people to join by using a room instead of a pub. This points to that might need a bit of updating now we have rooms2. I'm not a member of so I can't help merge these request.

Ping @Mix Android @mix.desktop @andrestaltz @cel

@Anders %nQ1Tt83or6flLjl6K7f8NyyXwVWElz99qHQRm+1c7pA=.sha256
Re: %NR/HsfXIi

And if you have any questions, just shoot :)

@Anders %nAb2gKkSUslWj1TSG8T1Dm99DgKRunxoDrEDa/w/9x4=.sha256
Re: %NR/HsfXIi

@SoapDog (Macbook Air) note that the latest version of ssb-browser-core should be much closer to a vanilla sbot with db2. The only diff should be the singleton.

@Anders %+ODx33oeijwLFfXiz2ry59tLJItGMr2tFc4M5Z9i//Q=.sha256
Voted [@browser arj](@VIOn+8a/vaQvv/Ew3+KriCngyUXHxHbjXkj4GafBAY0=.ed25519) this
@Anders %LUoSeNaqLEZrH7uPIcZFz0WxTk0luvOQxAgHE+2nU0U=.sha256
Re: %W1ZYPP4+w

@Mix Android yes fusion identities is up next. I was just cleaning up a PR to jitdb to fix a bug in bipf, but that should be more or less ready. There is this PR: I'd like to have reviewed. That would be good to have in before starting fusion as the plan is to do them using crut.

@Anders %JhboqG4FdbLpYipiZEsELqvHg0R8OgQY6qAqzLWP/Vo=.sha256
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@Anders %jNn7eLqx1z4sDa0SsyxwT3GSJE680yQjAV87NKj0c+k=.sha256
Re: %onCMGZNPe

Wikipedia & top of updated with links to :)

@Anders %GdPTILcbypJrFcreTRr7fB90pt++joViU0e+UPzIuRA=.sha256
Voted I'm 2/3 into the book, and it's as a must read as **Debt: 5000 Years**. It'
@Anders %cxiu+PpWFeV2oW2XbazJzKjBO2Olm++3avssdoHbR7g=.sha256
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@Anders %74aZ3um5jnSqd37fdaXI+kou831kXSy4YNuL+MJSRJg=.sha256
Re: %AdwWMg9z1

Yes, I'd like that. You have more information so can factor that in into things like blocking etc.

@Anders %kzNFaAsrQlguUi6JP0ljyWCa7MQEyn7WwgwS8wbsMGk=.sha256
Voted Just spent a delightful doing hobby coding on #āhau - probably 3 solid hour
@Anders %+/guA0NMfJQH7Sey+hmx9J6G3pH65ORwdu3XvzN4T3Y=.sha256
Re: %fHxH0Odu+

@andrestaltz📱 I don't know that much about these native bindings, I see you are making some progress in the issue you are linking. Maybe you can check what the overhead is for transferring data between Zig and node first. That way you have a baseline.

@Anders %tEMqljFdWgWO4ggPqglkrbBwZ4DoB0ZVSNsvD2JVuoM=.sha256
Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "%onCMGZNPer0lK7SdxCxVA74eda5OEh+DHuFsn1s503c=.sha256",
  "attendee": {
    "link": "@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519"
@Anders %bd0ykZxtvh3pkHDbc3bSy9mZyJnRCbhAkXNiujQvl7U=.sha256
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@Anders %t70ndkQd1KCnuVoM/44dUL9Yb/lEFYmr8E1WFBtLoKM=.sha256
Re: %uv7VjUkce

@mix.desktop It is, the only pain point was that SimpleSet doesn't seem to work with objects?

@Anders %f0RuKMFDpyUPlTfUpvjpPkHJ2KKsvpl46vujuvPZOKQ=.sha256
Re: %uv7VjUkce

Ok crut is pretty sweet. I migrated the per group configuration and is now able to define rooms per private group:


@Anders %aq5WFeSRj1GH2gA7arEZ2w+8YW8uRQkPF/WRc7Ox92o=.sha256
Re: %Ig68O0IsM

@farewellutopia-dev I wonder what the requirements are. Is this a replacement just for < 5 MB blobs? I guess we want to know better who was sending what, instead of doing just flooding. But maybe that is separate from moving the bits around? Hyper has been integrated with the SSB eco system before, so that is one candidate. We don't need to use the whole peer discovery part, we already have that.

Anyway, keen to hear what you think the minimal requirements are?

@Anders %46gvq0u6BO+adl0tZnGImfHeuQNl0rzzKXqIJpKs+Jk=.sha256
Voted # Ahoi! **Welcome to our first pandaletter!** The p2panda crew set sail
@Anders %b1418/Z04CswtYaCI1GkeW4auO+Z/g3WiWFUFgf+sEg=.sha256
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@Anders %1SpkLijfVBpoeVBUUh6GZgv03DbFQFLRqnpQZhmB7ts=.sha256
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@Anders %33+Lwit0eGbQBBK0H0JIVyS/UQ/Rdh3fdQfJjnyGB3U=.sha256
Voted ![Three hands each holding a cup of tea in a circle.](&O3VjmrILy0tmQwzezTbV
@Anders %OPwJNVPNwqCOEsasns6Pf62OrD5twxTFsdNsG3amxkk=.sha256
Voted New #go-ssb-room 2.0.7, deployed to []( to
@Anders %Aywy7bwct3cFVhIywtoe+XvQrnkk1K0IGtfFE20y6eA=.sha256
Voted # 🎉 **milestone for cabal** i just merged private message functionality in
@Anders %3862NbV0jkLISzwtBhpQzPNHuy/+DZb3/s2fQVq3ODI=.sha256
Re: %Ig68O0IsM

One of the good things about the blobs protocol being so special is that it can be replaced with something else. The only thing the current messages do is reference a hash. Where you get that hash from doesn't really matter. So the more we can experiment with this the better. I'm also not super fond of the current blob protocol.

@Anders %CN+pCAE70aQm45uzkj/lAIcJ06ua0kcjCUucbDVMGo0=.sha256
Voted And I plugged that ID into my mobile browser, followed both ways, and now c
@Anders %UG9v2bl8BZGaH9uBukjKX0Pb6cgH6EhArcjL6AyWVgw=.sha256
Re: %uv7VjUkce

Seems like the last two bugfixes made a big difference so here we go.


Groupies is a tech demo showcasing private groups for SSB running directly in the browser using ssb-browser-core with no installation required. The demo is a primitive chat application that uses meta feeds to split each group into their own feed for each node. This means that you will only store data for the groups you are a part of. Furthermore the classic follow/block paradigm is used for replication within a certain hop distance. Data is transferred between nodes via a rooms server. This is just meant as a tech demo, I don't plan to keep developing this. Use cabal if you want a offline-first chat application.

What I'm almost most happy about is that this uses ssb-browser-core 13 where I removed most of the stuff that made browser-core different from the normal ssb stack. It's also pretty snappy, give it a try :-)

@Anders %RmGJSCreHskedVKghNHhKmhFyt4VeAfwV+ABgH08PSE=.sha256
Re: %uv7VjUkce

@Luandro Pàtwy in due time, need to make sure it works properly first :)

@Mix Android indeed

@Anders %Kat+oFBvUdLi8DSWHo5OFBUFYoHnmTxl0QrwN/jyzQY=.sha256
Voted [CW: rust optimisation geekery] Lately I've been learning a little bit abou
@Anders %uv7VjUkce12JkpdGLg644+vLCgHmThLov/GD2qXBtJk=.sha256


#buttchat #private-groups

@Anders %UBcLIV5E9esgrg6C9W2Uo8PlwP8oiR1C3xkZxEaaoss=.sha256
Voted _14 November 02021_ Sunday afternoon dev-diary post, why not? It feels re
@Anders %ZoBvKkCBEaFJHWEhdBvDE6HUqQq+eWKXpJ7xAhIbwvE=.sha256
Voted I'm looking forward to peachcloud merch. I want to wear a peachcloud insura
@Anders %RVvjKTSva0veKBHFYDoNVl3TbTWacrbXmspH3HICz6I=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2111.11-beta ✅ Bug fix: fix replication getting stuck betw
@Anders %h8hQ9hIz6aS3p5DqBvpRfiJC5RlR/IvaQ8gC5h1GBVg=.sha256
Voted My title on LinkedIn is now *Leveldown compilation specialist*. ![screensh
@Anders %wqq3W5Z1ayQWtJJw6btPOyM9xMQmA3SLxVYxgKmHSOM=.sha256
Voted Definitely! The first release will probably just include the Go SSB server
@Anders %ZUvI2rgrMGgVnb4KpZiciqimgqMk49YNdLjOoeKACw8=.sha256
Voted # 🍑 PeachCloud Newsletter Update 📰 ![Parallela Dreamland by Debbie Tsoi]
@Anders %gvwXA6yL32i3IapgTq/rIRJl+kW6LANvLrVx3W4qD4o=.sha256
Re: %sxaSN0Hwa

This is really exciting. Are there plans to support rooms as well on peachcloud?

@Anders %Z82gENU/290VVt/HOWqRKXciswwNYlVyqeeiYDHbm2I=.sha256
Voted Yes! 2 Minutes later: ![image.png](&Y0wr+b43/og+Q2l/I2OmOwv1AAqg00Bo62fWhkd
@Anders %e7hdp7GwBB6jN+XpJIwonlfKDya3e8rSd7kqpn4yOv4=.sha256
Voted As #scuttlesaurus now supports running in browsers I'm writing this message
@Anders %6nXJu093I7H7pcQSrFmpTOLN2d+mnJ8LA1Kc5C7kUb4=.sha256
Voted Two bits of good news I can't keep to myself: - We have a new baby girl as
@Anders %DAXFheocQyvxuZNzgBEjtVNAYybfY7c9d858xdupKE0=.sha256
Voted # SSB Community Fundraising (Draft for Feedback) We are close to having fu
@Anders %wJ1h3Y4wePrkeRDy+PvqoqwiSxnQjjN3QKF08uGSC9Q=.sha256
Voted Thanks for this! I didn't know there was a last Graeber book out. Devouring
@Anders %f9jOKvpf1byq64oMN0SYJU4d3Va7SVt4mmY82Y2aFUI=.sha256
Voted I ordered it a few days ago - waiting for it to arrive at my bookstore. I
@Anders %+WURiNQrrDFn9hxMUoj3HOk0b9BQiU37iuMH/L7Hfd0=.sha256
Voted [@moid](@Sur8RwcDh6kBjub8pLZpHNWDfuuRpYVyCHrVo+TdA/4=.ed25519) >I’ve alwa
@Anders %HGadJ0dxzApzeZXCMFlmezkYvgYsUmVfafeh9Whrf9w=.sha256
Voted Thank you. I'm excited for this.
@Anders %7Zyt80BBx/qCbfZU2wsSJCy4av+8jd+KB2RfZPe8xwY=.sha256

Yes see fusion identity. I plan on working on that after I get private groups into a decent shape.

@Anders %i+fuT+y1mC93cARx4cU1yOeGAp5gHJoLU2meG02ywBw=.sha256
Voted Have messages [@Christian Bundy](@+oaWWDs8g73EZFUMfW37R/ULtFEjwKN/DczvdYihj
@Anders %yepYZ+fwuC87I+klWjIDsqMlYGSbULOvsptkfvrKPgE=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2111.5-beta ✅ Bug fix: various problems with replication ✅
@Anders %QZBwliNlSuIpxu8LpaT8N/tL1FznrDU4kDCzpsxfU2g=.sha256
Voted # 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 ☀️ Community Server Implementation 💻 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ![balaio_e
@Anders %hHrFTDK/kFZaXHCUJwOaS6PgZpE5M6JTqJbeiZPd1Os=.sha256
Voted ![taika incal](&sfxafIC1f/W3ttPBo7BT6B5zUSzhHT51TNzx6sYOIJM=.sha256) Oh sh
@Anders %L9qGUlcSRkMBuazflvsAsU8zKk30skqlkJ/4tW30EOQ=.sha256
Voted [What if Everything You Learned About Human History Is Wrong?](https://www.
@Anders %maXCBjI+D0RexcKs/po9wc7oTXIt6u2kV3Ytsq4Sxpg=.sha256
Voted sourdough breakfast buns, just out of the oven ![buns-1.png](&0OUJClTF6m+c
@Anders %RygSz8O/sF+/P1fx40gKqL5rlTUJ+emLWwfpAjc2i9s=.sha256
Voted Thank you very much for guiding the process, [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/
@Anders %zmGXIKzeQs+g/gLWAvwzWhLIYKO3t81gFpsSdtmMV2U=.sha256
Re: %tq9PSe6/q

I'm thinking of reading it, although from the cover there seems some overlap with Against the grain by James C. Scott that I already read.

@Anders %2LfdlXOQB8kGM7yAY2GCZ0/Pfq/VVC7MhFskdLwL2Oc=.sha256
Voted ![Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 22.09.30.png](&XNLkE6UMTPHT77xQWdFjVfi8jPHda+8yW
@Anders %nj4Bb9w5sEpGqIF4DBoULTEBIVxCLa+4qFN1F7GAl/M=.sha256
Voted #aurora #auroranorthern-lights #aurora-alert There's a very high chance of
@Anders %rfT8pUaOPzrz8M81YwleYXDqm9f2AERHRE3YFRAcFrg=.sha256
Voted I will bump this as well in case it reaches anyone who might be following m
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Voted ## PeachPub UI Mockups In an effort to encourage greater support and inter
@Anders %fnRi5PQ/uk+YnUUMJKXgYxwQdZlzQBvPgZiCp6diqk0=.sha256
Voted This is a huge milestone!!! Amazing achievement [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0I
@Anders %YEwPIk9F91tsEgWMuJAM5Rye2XkREWSOxcJztA9RD8s=.sha256

SSB DB2 2.7

I have just cut a new release of SSB DB2 after merging in support for box2 using ssb-db2-box2. This means we can now do private groups and encrypt bendy butt (meta feeds) messages. @mixmix has begun looking at what needs done in order to run ssb-tribes on top of db2 here. And I recently got it working in the browser as well. I took special care in db2 to make this as performant as possible by doing the minimum amount of work needed. This should scale pretty well even for a lot of groups.

@Anders %6Vc7+ITGsecej14cF35B0/KANxqZjSSruVBXqMd6K9M=.sha256
Voted ## ssb-crut demo ![image.png](&pe1R4wUR2EVHOD6HOeFbeRbZ+HlcvtfhPE3TsoiuSy4
@Anders %JEVvK86R4c7h+r9Zy45ZamOme433ySMKVwuze9ipjyg=.sha256
Voted Today I learned that *muxrpc* and other related libraries are used in a pro
@Anders %m1qB5TYHtrZH2trcjUleIN86aGnqOVWM7KEUwqENYSY=.sha256
Voted [@jeukku](@6H9x/fq6Iq+NWs05WSzMToYuBQ02f2BMzwnhTtxr/ck=.ed25519) [@Rabble](
@Anders %Roz8oadvzPeEEtQr8JvuUUrPvJ8m++2JFt7nVrSjKaw=.sha256
Voted * Supports attaching pictures to posts and changing profile pic * Supports
@Anders %JrT7s9qcX4MUnC3qYHrlBBqcdN4EBzv9evoKizRYGD8=.sha256
Voted Me and [@Powersource (phone)](@+g/hW+51r3pWkxnDvECirAs+X+uVPdnkMTQrwOw6hus=
@Anders %dAndyFkn8L+lG3FTvGYWfqJ9xh77bJH3wFj5enASjaE=.sha256
Voted [@SoapDog (Macbook Air)](@qv10rF4IsmxRZb7g5ekJ33EakYBpdrmV/vtP1ij5BS4=.ed25
@Anders %j+KPkQ+K6dK2ZTrUqG/OyZKKR3XVGmCnYK3ALz8KkcQ=.sha256
Voted adding the frontend! ![image.png](&B1ZbxhWuIX9tEOPj1GMoecQgh0a0ZTmc1owJIq
@Anders %/dNWk8e7cHZGZbfxZcTWTzWno1g0/N+5Xn4/YuWgdys=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&2TqXOPrgL7Tyy+h2AD/slijDv0WzDsHMmUbE2iy9AEU=.sha256) _snapsho
@Anders %aMefjsUsNJ2Sul/T3yIk1y/35DhLkyqX4q1qPPNAVBg=.sha256
Voted Other view of the same graph: Blue dots: no new activity (in my log) for a
@Anders %Nd2ZfISjVYgzP9L9g/4lQzOT+P5jmz9OxQj50Ki9x38=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2110.26-beta I made this one today specifically for all And
@Anders %VDtyZuAaeujePUKRnYl9ckorlMc9qRLOACFwBhMteoE=.sha256
Re: %qPgEBZHnA

Hold up… wonder how that will work with pubs… hmm, to discuss

One way this could work is to have 2 keys for a group. One for the replication peers and one for the participants. This way a pub or backup node could be in the replication peers (and see the metafeed message), but not in the participants (and decrypt the feed contents).

@Anders %W/Rko6El3sX11niBOjjANOIgUhTZpOUTtKgcd2SUCjc=.sha256
Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) here's what I
@Anders %r2c/1QIIU9tFOn22FKL8k9hxKkjoiRLERkEPXvoQq4s=.sha256
Voted [@Hendrik Peter](@Bp5Z5TQKv6E/Y+QZn/3LiDWMPi63EP8MHsXZ4tiIb2w=.ed25519) I t
@Anders %dT+WGGsAFdjPX3EXZTBB6v+LtuQ1gxpjerSgTCpUdJM=.sha256
Voted ![header.jpg](&y8XRz2/qU5CL3tPZOzC+MH5dBVzc3gs8woifPXtkdwM=.sha256) ## SSB
@Anders %SGYsINGPBpPnUCQCsL+9RfqOOtw3tKS2owFnhdfob+w=.sha256
Voted Today was productive, I did a bunch of small improvements: * Updated Elect
@Anders %wzBSWUamCKGJlSZwNz/6WEs7M2+9PZ1UgFtMN2B4kOA=.sha256
Voted # [PeachPub](%G2GOd0j0ZFBInhK5R/PyfVUGHaiJvm3lRxSxA9KD80c=.sha256), led by
@Anders %mUdt/6wQGu+y2fwnjzhIg1aNiGttcTHxXPFc96CfcfQ=.sha256
Voted # [Improving Patchfox (2nd Phase)](%1qMKADi2KZetWzBp0QcmrXmDO679od3VZtIZrm5
@Anders %gjL0FkuoN20+tTLisafgM17SXZ8D2y9LqLd3Gfq2vdc=.sha256
Voted # Handshake Grants Community Vote, Budget, and Disbursement Schedule (2nd B
@Anders %V+NoZZJN5mKaCzRdQAEvXakvZR6w53sAarZt0W/8Se0=.sha256
Voted hi friends, u can vote for our proposal now ### ➡️ %cBoVhpkwrQLZa7YVQ9zbjVN
@Anders %byYeqSBLuEtp2js8UxIyhwz6YEOtAPhbOQW5ENABTeM=.sha256
Voted Scuttlebutt Rooms are now part of the YunoHost app catalog, ![Screenshot f
@Anders %8S0blKoBp8KNXD8qxCsWmUD1+vIxlhucvGwwixieItY=.sha256
Re: %kNHIFfYhS

Absolutely, as for your specific question I'm a firm believer in consensus for small groups. I don't have specific material. I would say that, especially in the beginning, time spent there is really well spent. Also aligning interests is super important and consensus is one of the tools for that.

RE: design by committee. Can you be a bit more specific here? On the top of my head you might like Design of Design, The: Essays from a Computer Scientist by Fred Brooks.

@Anders %penfW5F8jujq8dCXp6LKC//IXs+j4gEtjMefI1fqLwI=.sha256
Voted I recommend finding two friends and starting one [@Matt Lorentz (mobile)](@
@Anders %BCXsVG1IG+AftIHxX0HS74Wi0shTJlY6uhccKoWOnAU=.sha256
Voted ![](&/1y+VYbFRxspYNR+FEvSkmPCVhxtZoa4nqmdt7g+jUI=.sha256) Some butts last
@Anders %Y/6QZsmKc0VlXckQsfh8k485p757KF45GysF9kgXd/8=.sha256
Voted ## Co-op Credentials > We’re a group of co-operatives working on common co
@Anders %W1a3g4D/ojzBiBD7VB7zZdBkGefwVOOHrDVQL1eL9po=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Thought it would be good with an update on this. On a local machine with basically no latency, partial replication is roughly the same speed as full replication except it replicates only around 30% the number of messages. This is with indexes, so there 2x overhead in the number of messages. If this was a new feed format instead where contacts would be neatly put in their own feed under the metafeed, this would be roughly ½ the number of messages.

Why is this not faster? First of all this is a raw throughput test. So while full replication is just as fast, it consumes a lot more cpu and bandwidth. Partial replication on the other hand, for each feed, first needs to discover the metafeed. Download that, find the index feeds and replicate those. When we tested this in manyverse the app was quite use-able while doing an initial sync. Secondly this is on a local device, it would be very interesting to test this on wifi between a phone and a desktop computer or to use netem.

Overall I think this mostly works (90-95% there). It is very dependant on how many machines in the network start using metafeeds, which is why manyverse on the desktop will be a big deal.

@Anders %ZqpLVgZvW2lIrVr7qe8Wbki0w56t9gn+hotoOHVX4Ac=.sha256

From a local exhibition on modern day work



@Anders %WqyBiPYOS2mUzIsj9WVbue1vkc85Vb1zos/ltbP0KIA=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2110.22-beta ✅ Bug fix: corrupted indexes causing incorrec
@Anders %84tfKsgykHFQfh9U5vCCSOGvqrn9V4uqgdV8wNKbJgQ=.sha256
Voted ### the Intersection (2021) [![image.png](&ARDtitzJclpf6/AQ2O4KAu4dyiUwbP
@Anders %fnsyrT7OKhnC89YmWDcridpFeYGIzOOIIngKu6EdGI8=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2110.18-beta This one is a hotfix to address some important
@Anders %thqawje30tAEmuxMIV5bPKdw0nXdpeNOy6bPJH/HfO8=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&uzHQnjT+4m3SnkfVYMvYofeMU9Vq0PS9PNv6rd70eEc=.sha256) *\*scra
@Anders %XErlbOI/+K4Cc7Vt67DwAZqJIE9GN/3MNQQ9gAuAzn8=.sha256
Voted # PeachPub: Funding Proposal _A web manager for go-sbot._ ## In a Nutshel
@Anders %Y05YtKhuPc2knl217X1Gqkw8mHQ9bF2ymaFRaavku08=.sha256
Voted ## Every week a video call with any Manyverse user Starting this week I'm
@Anders %hitnQ01+hhQEjFuL/LC4F+AvPWOAa4QGyBDq9qzsKEE=.sha256
Voted I enjoyed reading this. Thanks to both of you! > For me, it’s imperative t
@Anders %GzDOuKNNOQbrqvuyk47D0jPSrTibvl9P2HyjqvKWRU8=.sha256
Voted undefined
@Anders %fhmYMdKiwMtl0kQlix+3opzlFugHutRLD2vA5Z9bVX8=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Still deep in the netsim testing of the partial replication changes, it does look like there is light at the end of the tunnels, so we should have some numbers to share soon.

In other news, today I merged and released the ebt changes for partial replication as 8.0.0. Go is also getting similar ebt changes soon.

I updated the main site so that it now includes are the specs, videos and audits & research. Worth noting is Eileens dev UX report and @keks and Justins audit report on partial replication including a formal analysis of the fusion identity protocol using the Tamarin prover tool.

@Anders %RrhCXCDbgG9VUL2jjI7DBSbtQpf216jpYYEIz1+cFXM=.sha256
Voted ![fox planning.png](&4I0ACMe01knLbOtGLLlhyV/8cRPSn3KDl7cquIC+b+k=.sha256)
@Anders %1bwjLONRRLEUkRceHBGxhxLfXgYgzgX6+ouLXYcxeqo=.sha256
Voted ![Fox McFoxface with a retrospective on the last grant(1).png](&8qrCogYSHL
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Voted [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.ed25519) [@cblgh
@Anders %qPsNU52fWtIhzazDSn0hEZRi+6RSrFICg5nwxBnAfDY=.sha256
Re: %O3tQKuu5b

Yeah so in order to keep the same shape of things, encrypted messages are decrypted and returned as bipf so they can be read in-place as any other message. This is all handled in ssb-db2/indexes/private.js.

@Anders %+e0XEGpiVkoQF1cMSlj9C+uF4DeShaCKvDKn7aTklvg=.sha256
Re: %ciKM4Qs5i


@Anders %ra10FOwEPCjwju70sneOe2EdZZtFCq1QJAT0lt5gGfs=.sha256
Re: %O3tQKuu5b

@Mix Android

I wonder if this compresses so well is because of some of the same words being the multiple times (set, previous, ids). Basically a lot of this tangle stuff. So what I would try to do is to do the same for your full log.

Another question I have is how does this interact with db2?

The log is stored encrypted. In the case of this brotli, you would have to know that the feed is compressed, so you have to decompress first of all to validate. Then whenever you get it from the database you decompress as well. Because the compression time is so large, I don't think it makes sense to store it decompressed.

One thing you can do with meta feeds is that you can attach metadata to it, so you could say that this feed is compressed with brotli and the other end, if it supports it, could then chose to replicate and handle that feed accordingly.

@Anders %SgJdsQ4Ejnz4ExMa4VC1fIyDS+UOgwHUHradvFdxPFE=.sha256
Re: %6bCpFteEZ

yum yum 🍕 🤩

@Anders %b1BRaOA5hWdoEXKF6deXaq3VUfTCyg01Vp7QVNMX8Jw=.sha256
Voted ![video:multiple identities 720.mp4](&Lc7aVMpa7ff+atGoveW6EyXuOIaH+br9LWjsR
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Voted I have recently been experimenting with baking in my outdoor wood fired iro
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Voted # Release 2021.10.1 This release is a major overhaul of Patchfox. It is la
@Anders %ksW2rHX79ZWD92vIvnPwgT+EW6ggWRuYA4QEewCugcg=.sha256
Voted ![video:Screen Recording 2021-10-05 at 23.37.17.mp4](&rHbqaE0/6uA9JKWf4JbUS
@Anders %bOjzB9WgE53jALr2u3UFYYYQiJrFeqe1ApD3m1aNM7c=.sha256
Voted ![3yo.png](&6B4e6Cmt2jZcbS3xljHJ3bMukNM3kyYrooOSGNSOpso=.sha256) I put a [
@Anders %ZwTI0BuAUtT9vlp78XCQ0gyfLwFU+u2fGPTfV8LvUCg=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2110.5-beta ![compose-redesigned.png](&D8+aQUoRvGNGaRsed+bl
@Anders %JxNahcHFTHHi8bYSjJJzxtddxlwmu7glR3CzB8gKyrI=.sha256
Voted Day 1 is fully mixed together, I'm just listening through everything now; m
@Anders %7H6SVj815YM3lmHcOnuVzRkOzVrsr4Xs00o2KT+GWtA=.sha256
Voted ![](&3DAoYZDuXvYCTbCM4aKFvH46y5gXo9psVU0o2/tGeHk=.sha256) https://iwantmyn
@Anders %4wz8WntINAg6oPHFSK2DDnN5iafcyzASdbpn6dkXqsQ=.sha256
Voted Autumn vibes up in the air We were looking for the last of the berries for
@Anders %y80lWPbzXPYmt5VN+urF2VqKLlVIVVCpJ431nqovrmc=.sha256
Voted # scuttle-testbot 1.8.0 I did some work on the logging of the `replicate`
@Anders %+oXYFy7uo34X+WU2vf+fjG5HWL8JvHizM65fJZQ6Jyo=.sha256
Re: %4OBBPxTjM

You could argue that for a single person with multiple devices the difference is probably not that big, but consider a fusion identity for a larger group, say the ngi pointer team, then these things becomes important.

@Anders %iWG4NoEf94gQ/cn9Q/JjdlVtORs69WI1w6GWPJt8BHU=.sha256
Re: %4OBBPxTjM

@moid there definitely is overlap, I think the most important distinction is what guarantees they provide. Metafeeds, because you only have 1 writer, can have a simpler model to dictate what the truth is. Like if a feed is no longer used it can tombstone it. Fusion identities on the other hand are more complicated because you are dealing with multiple physical devices. We didn't want to end up with a leader, so instead we ended up with: if something happens the identity is gone and you have to create a new one. Because the identities are light (basically just a read/identity key), its not that big of a deal. The biggest problem is determining what the new fusion identity for that person is, this is where we have redirects and attestation.

@Anders %OwWPu7wRrFNPCuf+ofqWiq0wFudD6Aa591EEBR4wM4s=.sha256
Voted ## Netsim presentation && (initial) post-NGI benchmarks _FRESH OFF THE PRES
@Anders %gKfGZwOWq//PtfG55hf3sRMz6237Yy0ylpvPd60GGKI=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6
  • Added transaction support to ssb-db2 and async-append- only-log. What databases doesn't have transactions these days? 😏

  • Wrestled a bit with ssb-ebt to shake out the (hopefully) last bugs. For the gory details on how promises might bite you in the 🍑

  • Updated 8k-demo to the latest dependencies and made it a bit more stable with > 10+ connections. Lets see. This bullet point doesn't end with a emoji, so 🌼

@Anders %8Tin+dtYx25/2cLn47Kt3nTW9BEQ8/9THGcAZEp1MP4=.sha256
Re: %qPgEBZHnA

The link to the repo ssb-migrate 😏

How do you keep of state of what has been applied? And does a migration need to be idempotent?

@Anders %Hg+jRSiEzDSTSW76zO8kmocrtPcvyq1xhyi//CfFc9s=.sha256
Voted gitea federation implementation grant proposal to NLnet (NGI Zero Discovery
@Anders %BVfhLTqJyrmxLas8Rfuc0oSRayrqBDZ9ku+kRvvBqcI=.sha256
Voted ## Dev Diary: T-2 Weeks Wow, time has sailed. There are just about two wee
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    "link": "@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519"
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Voted I'm letting my #deno [SSB code](%aikMp7BGJpqB4Y2Y9BVEIKPyTRTFGg06rvWAReZAWH
@Anders %PS6MMMLroDZc9dQ9fuNjp5sikRcYzQZES/X0OHQy+ag=.sha256
Voted Thanks [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) , this
@Anders %zCCk/0B8KFaG6wxk9TZ75ISaO6at4TDrGCS3uOF6xiU=.sha256
Voted camping just south of Nederland Colorado over the weekend. First camping tr
@Anders %GspVISRAOiETytfumyGtAfDZhHabJx8jEl0aDEtvzGU=.sha256
Voted Scuttlebutt gets a mention in this [ERIS Talk: Encoding for Robust Immutabl
@Anders %M9y2zjKV4CY9nEXsQEy2edwttzKa0aKqyAllpWmEI8E=.sha256
Re: %mamZPa6Zi

The main question I have, that I’m not clear on, is how partial replication changes validation of the messages. One can still validate the signatures of the messages but not the other properties. For example how does one know a feed it forked?

When doing partial replication using indexes it is true that you can't know for sure whether the author left out messages. We had a design that could help with that, but its complex. What you know for sure is that the author wrote the index and the indexed messages.

I see indexes as mainly something we use for classic main feeds. Going forward we now have: a way to introduce more feed formats and to split data into multiple feeds for different use cases, like contacts and specific applications (git, etc.). And these feeds will have the normal linked properties, might even have more properties when using something like bamboo.

As for the forking aspect that is in general a very hard problem to solve. I don't think the addition of metafeeds changes that very much. It was a problem for classic feeds and is still a problem. What I think might help this is when we get fusion identities implemented. Fusion identities means your never really have to share keys. Leaving the forked feed mainly a problem of backup. And in that case I think a proper: "save my feed & latest sequence(s)" + restore from that and only allow posting once you have all that data should be safe.

@Anders %F5ZFBltZRw+UeCJAn4Gm3Ibu5u1eij5C01y9LXlqKIU=.sha256
Voted Thanks [@zelf](@3ZeNUiYQZisGC6PLf3R+u2s5avtxLsXC66xuK41e6Zk=.ed25519) , I'm
@Anders %Ovp4phbJ2gi+gGKtYkidCMubWpo2xUdqZrJdQ85S+eg=.sha256
Voted [Merz Trio](
@Anders %kbjcRjKJB3uX1bOXLt0iOIdo2+NBLA+qWyXp4HvUJqs=.sha256
Voted Hard to believe there are only a few weeks left until we conclude the NGI P
@Anders %cYdcXC52Xr+Jx05bDpDMqYedoH/1oNSoUXHlqBBcjEI=.sha256
Followed @EOLd
@Anders %wGge+jB1oclG7K7BiAP8pg1WbGN4xXUcw85oAZfvSYU=.sha256
Voted # ssb-profile v5.0.0 this splits out more types of profile that we're usin
@Anders %I50nczubrkvd2xQY7RixhISd2myk1PCGcxT47x+A0FM=.sha256
Voted ![Ziva tree climbing](&RlM5zJds6ojavq3mlra1ij2xR/8qp1xH7JLVIHLiSVc=.sha256)
@Anders %Cc1CL1wO6E0Qask2eo8EjfxCD62BAZS3reYwNhpk1L4=.sha256
Voted Thanks for hosting this [@zelf](@3ZeNUiYQZisGC6PLf3R+u2s5avtxLsXC66xuK41e6Z
@Anders %ALyciaW4oby3PjyzAN4L+zv4MKXmu8wI013D8xqbGJA=.sha256
Voted It was really great to see everyone and watch the demo. Interesting stuff!
@Anders %arDaqDpxAUvw8UaPeL9LUS00uFwbESogB+KDHkgqDTg=.sha256
Voted # #villagekit : 2021 Winter Newsletter (See web version on [mailing list a
@Anders %INA23Wiru+IbE0/QcpOQhc+laZXyAzDFhQn1PymLj7E=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Finale month of the #ngipointer grant. The pieces are starting to fall into place.

Bendy butt, Meta feeds and index feeds are more or less complete. This means we are focusing on getting partial replication between nodes working with these building blocks. I just finished a quite big refactor of EBT to allow it to replicate other things than classic messages including bendy butt (in binary) and indexes. Next up is using replication scheduler to do the orchestration of what feeds needs to replicated how. And finally putting that into netsim for proper performance numbers.

While it might be a bit silent here, we are busy getting the last pieces in before the deadline. I can't think of a better group of people to be working together on this. Its so great to see the amount of teamwork happening behind the scenes.

@Anders %hJBbK0IZnzrJKrZAQQ3geNpOhHqXCdujLdPEv/uKgzw=.sha256
Re: %pGzYbO999

Fixed the date ;)

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    "silent": true,
    "_weekStart": 1,
    "_today": {}
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Voted ### JWS Clear Text JSON Signature Option (JWS/CT) https://datatracker.ietf
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Voted ![IMG_2666.jpeg](&RCBPLH6WHVtE2qn+jhGS1eCMctMbzrFOpjJ0yLcNnRo=.sha256) the
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Voted #books @wakest recommended to me *bolo'bolo* (available apparently free on
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Voted ## Manyverse 0.2109.3-beta ![announcement banner for hashtags in manyverse
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Voted # Tremola v0.1 Introducing a new SSB client for private chats only, runnin
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Voted me, [@cryptix](@p13zSAiOpguI9nsawkGijsnMfWmFd5rlUNpzekEE+vI=.ed25519), [@su
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Voted # ssb-tribes v2.2.0 Adds the ability to create P.O. Boxes, and encrypt / d
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Voted Hey @cblgh thanks for inviting me over! I've been meaning to take a closer
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Voted ## :key: `ssb-keyring` A JS library extracted from `ssb-tribes` which is u
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Voted Audio of the svendsolar talks is mostly done now. Next up: grabbing the aud
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Voted Late post of #svendsolar #svendborg day 3 I ended up sleeping through most
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Voted #Svendsolar #svendborg day 2. Such an amazing day. awesome talks by [@cryp
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Voted #Svendsolar #svendborg day 1 (or 0-ish?). Basically everyone arrived at th
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Re: %rXQ36me/0

@Timothy Bradley the fusion identity is not able to produce anything itself. When you send a PM to the identity, a reply will be from one of the feeds of the fusion identity. The question remains, what happens if you send a message to a fusion identity and later you get a message that is it now tombstoned. From a security perspective you should expect that all messages written to the fusion identity could be comprised, even earlier messages. Then again that is not that much different from another account being compromised. There is a bigger attack surface because you have more devices, on the other hand you actually have a mechanism for telling the world about that. And it doesn't have to be only a compromise, it could even be like this was my old identity, now I'm moving to this new identity.

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Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Demoed the 8k demo an hour ago at #svendsolar


8K demo is an example SSB application running purely in the browser using ssb-browser-core. The aim of the application is to showcase some of the things we have been building during the ngi pointer grant.

8K demo works by allowing users to create their own applications and share these together with the data to other users connected to the same room. The name 8k comes from the message size limit, meaning applications can be no larger than 8192 bytes and demo refers to the golden demoscene days were packing a ton of stuff into a tiny file was an art in itself.

8K demo uses meta feeds to store information in different feeds. By doing so allowing for partial replication by selectively downloading the feeds of a peer you are interested in.

There are some sample applications here for inspiration of what can be build including a news app and mixtape built by @SoapDog

You can try it out here.

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Voted Hey I know it's a bit late, but can I come to #svendsolar ? I was thinkin
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Voted ## Extra! Extra! Svendsolar (27/8->29/8) ![image.png](&u0cD4i3U62lzY1uDkEFM
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Voted next up, now that I know how it works, I plan to work on packaging [go-ssb-
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Voted I'm extracting the "key store" which tracks all group keys and known group
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Voted Time to share some more bits and pieces from my work over the past sixish w
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Voted #ngipointer crew is on :fire:
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Voted ## Dev Diary: Week _oh god when is it?_ what is _time_ _netsim release, her
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Voted I might be able to join you, if my other plans fall away (which I think the
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Voted Can we call the UK scuttleverse presence _Buttania_?
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Re: %4aiW2OuBY

@Laatikainen ordered one buddy. Size M thx.

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Re: %GKsP91Fqo

@Timothy Bradley the main problem is that once a key is compromised its very hard to do anything sensible. fusion identity would allow you to first say that the old key and new key are 1 identity and then later tombstone that identity and redirect to a new fusion identity only containing the new key. The good thing about this setup is that you can specify what happened in the redirect.

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Voted Finally! Pine64 is releasing an e-ink device, the PineNote, available late
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Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Ugh, so patchwork tells me it has been 2 months since the last update. Summertime took a good chunk of that. Was good spending time with family in the 🌞 🏖️

Anyway so what has been up. The last weekly meeting was more or less exactly 2 months before the deadline so with that in mind we decided to reduce the scope of the partial replication a bit in order to get something working properly instead of a ton of half-working code. This means we will be focused on only doing indexes for you own main feed. Another one of the motivations is that manyverse on the desktop has been moving steadily forward and with that, the need to index other peers feeds decreases quite a bit. Adding a new feed format is a ton of work, its pretty crazy actually. I have come to appreciate what can be build using meta feeds, not only for partial replication. The remaining tasks that we are working on in JS land is in this repo. The major tasks left are:

  • finalize meta-feeds module including validation
  • finalize bendy butt support in db2
  • feed replicator (to use the indexes)
  • netsim simulations of different scenarios for performance and cross platform testing
  • example applications

I'm really happy that we can start sharing more code between ahau and #ssb-ngi-pointer. I recently refactored some of the code from ssb-tribes out into a separate module called ssb-private-group-keys and ssb-bfe spec has been getting a lot of attention to make sure if it something we can use in both projects. This means box2 support in db2 got a lot closer to becoming reality.

Lastly I'm working on a example application that will be showcased at #svendsolar 🦀 using meta feeds to build fun stuff that is not directly tied to the ssb social app use case. More on that later. Currently in ⌨️ 😼 mode.

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Re: %FElU5z4iT

Hey @Timothy Bradley what do you mean with insecure encryption? There will be a forward path for upgrading your main feed to another main feed. The main benefit being able to use another feed format.

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Voted ![image.png](&Qm2S/YOkk5skWsvHg0wDpYHmyEMntWhdLU4ubuiz3tw=.sha256)
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Voted [CW: Animated GIF] It's looking pretty! ![Peek 2021-08-06 17-52.gif](&hWQ2
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Voted [CW: Fun fun animated GIF] Did some progress today on developing something
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Voted # Solar for low-income households in Puerto Rico The [CoHemis](http://cohe
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Voted [@mixmix](@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519) that's a b
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Voted For a long time I've thought the best way to deal with the flurry of new co
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Re: %aRF6YfaMs


  • Can mention a fusion identity and all members can use that as notification


@Anders %Fv5WqFwsRnZObU/8n09zOZ5AXtE6SH1h0BAgEztKWKQ=.sha256
Re: %4rYUo+HsL

I think there are two things here:

  • Should we use URI's for never things and try to limit @, $ and & for the classic format. This thread I think is a good example of why what would be a good idea :) I would like that the libraries we use like ssb-ref hides away this complexity if we do go down that route.

  • How do we handle things that don't neatly fit into our message, feeds, blob world. Private groups, p.o. boxes and fusion identities come to mind. Right now a private group is a message type in TFK/BFE. What is a p.o. box even? It's not really an identity, it's more like a key pair. I was having a conversation today with keks where this came up and thinking about how we categorise them will help clarify and communicate what they are.

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Voted [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) I'd
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Voted Jacob finished porting all the dialogs in the app, and here's a sweet examp
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Voted ## Manyverse 0.2108.2-beta 🎉 Feature: full-text search screen ✅ Bug fix
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Voted # pataka-cli _a pataka is a storehouse in te reo maori. in the #ahau conte
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Voted # New Bike Day (!) ![A matt black fixed gear bicycle stands on grass again
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Voted browser peers still connect to regular server instances over websockets afa
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Re: %Zq6vr/J3C

The one right below the sentence: The new meta feed can contain the following messages (described as bendy-butt bencode dictionaries)

@Anders %VHroDemFCL68OxGJVjq/+5Uizc1kKjq+4dDuF5CgpCI=.sha256
Re: %Zq6vr/J3C

@Powersource (phone) I don't think that will become a problem, like for indexes we have a sub meta feed. See this spec for an example of how one can structure a meta feed.

@Anders %LeidUITUdOevgYuEeufATRtAz+0T+YfUz6nZoYPDzs0=.sha256
Re: %1iROy9Xw/

There was no secret meeting 👻 I have only ever communicated with Kyle over github. He took the initiative to check if we are complying with the different licenses.

I don't have any grand plans for browser core. Blob-files should be moved out of that repo anyway, so the licensing is not a big problem there. I think @Kyle Maas's Development Thoughts can better speak about ssb-browser-demo that he has spent a lot of time and energy on.

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Voted Ok looks like we're set with the venue, space for everyody to camp out, ind
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Voted #svendsolar update these past weeks I've been DROWNING with work so not mu
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Voted > 1. what licenses do you publish with for SSB work? MIT, LGPL, AGPL, MPL.
@Anders %vMZdLhK8p4WgbbiPE+4GzZT+oCjNSvb5nPvUJziNBnA=.sha256
Voted 1. what licenses do you publish with for SSB / work? my background is with
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Voted ![smell of the rain - djamilaknopf.jpg](&D3MKcjV6lwUQyL8UXCl3nRc1vakL4wjrfS
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Voted # gifting vs. consuming ![contributions.png](&TX9l/kKdZxk5nB4RI7mGWzlGJ28D
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Re: %/dvwgA/RG

@happy0 I recently uncovered a race condition in ssb-ebt that has been lurking there the whole time. Try delaying the conn start a bit and see if that helps. Also are the two nodes following each other? -1 should mean it does not want to replicate a feed.

@Anders %nRO42tTu2Cov2Fkyl3eCvcvlDOkEbzaE0geJfdFSW8o=.sha256
Re: %4SexIxPRp

Thanks for starting this thread @mix.desktop

  1. what licenses do you publish with for SSB work?

I have mainly been using Beerware license and LGPL.

  1. why have you chosen what you’ve chosen?

The first FOSS software I did was only GPL. Over time I have seen that it matters more what relationship you have with users of you code than the actual license. Because of this I like Beerware because it at least tries to communicate that hey there is another person at the other end, not a corporation with minions churning out code. For the #ngipointer work everything has been LGPL because that seems like a good fit for libraries and is FOSS complient which was a requirement from the EU.

  1. what experiences have you had as a result of license choices?

Recently I have run into a few situations where AGPL requires me or @Kyle Maas's Development Thoughts to change license or remove packages: rusty validate in db2, ssb-blob-files, gatherings. I have never really taken that seriously but sooner or later one has to.

I think for the software we are building here where there is a high degree of autonomy of peers built into the very design of the protocol makes it less likely that an extractive company would come along and built something on top of this.

What I value the most is that people working on this will be compensated fairly for the work they do so we don't end up in a extractive open source consumerism model. I think that has more to do with consistently delivering high quality that people or organisations value enough to support. The work you have been doing as well as manyverse are good examples of this.

@Anders %FbPddezvIdL/dgPHoje0gm8pobkzl6mran8DOa1SjME=.sha256
Re: %FsOuR9ov9

@punkmonk correct to the last point. ssb-identities don't have any relationship between feeds (on purpose). Meta feeds is meant to be on a single computer to make it easy to split data for different purposes into multiple feeds. For that purpose you then don't need to use ssb-identities.

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Voted ![bread.JPG](&qbwMFtauljikqclzbjvmMT4357cYd+yG7O99B4GZr6E=.sha256) That lo
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Voted Baked sourdough #offgrid this morning in my [modified toaster oven](@BCM6DH
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Voted # Say Hello To Multiple Identities [![identity switcher.png](&KUm/sK9TycNj
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Voted Imagine if these instructions were added to the main CPU instruction sets!
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Voted Jacob and I got back to collaborating on mv desktop and it's been steady pr
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Voted ## DM a private group Hey all, Cherese and I have been working on extendin
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Voted ![image](&A657ShxS6bZfgPFcm43508QdY3b6amWUoUC8wUyntZY=.sha256)
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Re: %5aAyPBdh2

Yeah I like what @cblgh wrote. add should work fine for adding messages from any feed. That is the same way it works if you get a message over the network, like with EBT. The pub that you add the message to needs to have the latest messages, but that shouldn't be much of a problem considering the pubs would be highly connected and replicate messages often.

This because the old log still exists is because:

sbot.db2migrate && sbot.db2migrate.doesOldLogExist()

meaning you migrated the old log but then you need to make the switch to only use db2, you do this by moving away your old log. Not sure what profile you are using, if you still want to use stuff like patchwork which uses db1, then you should be able to use the same add method in db1.

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Voted i wonder if you could do something less secret-destroying while still being
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Changed something in about
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  "attendee": {
    "link": "@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519"
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Voted forming slow-ly. [@glyph](@HEqy940T6uB+T+d
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Voted that's a very distressing piece of news.. anticipated but horrible neverthe
@Anders %k43rbXtu6wQ5lPmdTvT4bR2f61OYYdQbj28uw5Spno4=.sha256

Ran into this article by bunnie about Building a Curve25519 Hardware Accelerator. Seems to be used in Precursor. He is testing this against the curve25519 dalek #rust crate. Seems like that would make running SSB on that device a lot faster. Really interesting stuff and worth reading if you want to know more about ed25519. I learned a lot.

@Anders %LoQOVM8p8EFBXmjv57gt8+TJOk5k/rurwxEh4/xuw3U=.sha256
Voted I know what that's like, haha. I did the same thing in ssb-chess recently t
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Voted # Rooms 2.0 documentation I have just sent a [PR for the Secure Scuttlebut
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Voted # NGI - Rooms and Metafeed Documentation ✨ #dev-diary I have been worki
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Voted [@Christian Bundy](@+oaWWDs8g73EZFUMfW37R/ULtFEjwKN/DczvdYihjbU=.ed25519) I
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Voted Totally overdue for an update so I will make this quick before this tumblew
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Voted Hi [@Dave](@S6ZNGvjgthblkI9OYMY+zB/9/bw8i19x2LCA1kcMpNw=.ed25519) thanks fo
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Re: %5JvKQfRnu

@Luandro Pàtwy @Hiure it seems there was a bit of activity in the repo and things are working better now?

Also here is a webpack config that I have used to compile browser core so we could test it with rusty wasm validation.

@Anders %p62pSp6cCLrF5hxmfQoUWUG/MVrFTOYs1xxt3ajEWC4=.sha256
Re: %5JvKQfRnu

@Hiure try having a look at I made a small example to get people started :)

@Anders %hlt/pMeBU8NKNbPGnM7ABhIe7nW06MVKXAXEpHiMDZ4=.sha256
Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
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    "link": "@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519"
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Voted I also like gitea. And if you're not married to git, fossil is worth a look
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Voted ![A screenshot of a bunch of short posts in an editing UI on the left, and
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Voted # `ssb-split-publish` You know that thing where you try to publish a messa
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Voted > While I’m here: I love how straightforward NLNet’s application process is
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Voted And now, I'm contemplating how much more of this crazy city I can handle...
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Voted The whole place was solar powered ![IMG_20210702_163131.jpg](&JKrjcRtDAh+HP
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Voted Damn #Manyverse is so performant these days.
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Voted # PeachCloud Dev Diary: July 6 2021 ![lavender.jpg](&cMmlqlPZK9QnT4/kun/4O
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Voted As promised in %qf4J3sQd8w4JeYEAE5qIxpfV4VEtpCkAaj4IQKv2/uQ=.sha256, here i
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Re: %qXcGp9a3J

Can I be the accountant then? ;-)

@Anders %2ZjRHlSq4agHbBYjmLdOaNVjzZQ+cLZXyA+Ar5phr2s=.sha256
Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) Thank you! T
@Anders %b10bxnq5+byC/U+oI0g9CDPXlJtPX1qxnIsWOjjkfxY=.sha256
Voted Starting work on #manyverse desktop again this week. There's a small risk I
@Anders %N4Zlhq6uO1jM0CSihNM7Ri05J6ZMUAeZo0IOrrEb85Y=.sha256
Voted Forgive the abbreviated update but there is quite a lot to cover from the p
@Anders %TWw/hvhE3vSFpP+bBuJml/Sc8R4IMUFAgryVYOdfUPI=.sha256
Voted [@mixmix](@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519) maybe can
@Anders %LmhdI7cxib39n05R9AtftPxn2lwHt0AhZU/nbY1CAAU=.sha256
Voted Grant Opportunity! NL Nets fund "[User Operated Internet](https://nlnet.n
@Anders %f/MW316oZ6taBQ4BBmq7Mv/Sl95lIqKup5NSWoPURzw=.sha256
Voted Super excited for this! Sign-up link is here:
@Anders %Cl+fi4DUyKhRIh+5hGhlKp0HwbIlFH/6cJImF+HpYyg=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2107.5-beta 🎉 Feature: auto-save draft posts and replies
@Anders %1N9t+2n2XfqVGivNXsoLkgQa9UszpOmVIWcG7MeRNqU=.sha256
Voted [@bobhaugen](@iL6NzQoOLFP18pCpprkbY80DMtiG4JFFtVSVUaoGsOQ=.ed25519) We did
@Anders %M6Oafji4biJl7eK2H3Mcz5yc4miSZ7bGynJ0mcgw0UY=.sha256
Voted [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) [@Lua
@Anders %yu1X84uPc5C3e9Hf7VWsxqM7p5geQZFMNKlAVNvOLRE=.sha256
Voted Hullo [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) [@andre
@Anders %0wbkbbzUBHY3aytfRK443S0n3MJXqXlw1tCxQmpN3ZA=.sha256
Voted [@happy0](@RJ09Kfs3neEZPrbpbWVDxkN92x9moe3aPusOMOc4S2I=.ed25519) 👏 superb
@Anders %KJYikXYaWuSvv2xYkZBnabI/ingJu4qjQTm3QUpCwI4=.sha256
Voted ownership is about overlapping interests. When workers own their companies
@Anders %KMJ4P6vZQAz0j0LLO3dJ5ft+/7BNU3MsSwLBQBEqTjA=.sha256
Re: %aikMp7BGJ

That is quite impressive. I love how little code this is overall.

@Anders %ZfNIPfpwv72BFWlc0A6WdWEtI3hY/hRtrqZlMtCozLI=.sha256
Voted Getting to know #deno I made my first attempts at implementing the Scuttleb
@Anders %81foyUtI0LL+ZilMMS8QN2q6HMhcuGFs9lEcMVkg+io=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&Nb4gNlRmVgRt19C6vMSj4BwkxxErWIZHEzsUA+eX4Tc=.sha256) [image s
@Anders %+PcNqPdRe9fmDoAraUz7h8Xogh+TO33VKm5TRm7upBc=.sha256
Voted The only thing I have to add as a consideration is this reimbursement for t
@Anders %x0sScIVmzrQI1uww4QqiKcQlJPaG0vIklAgrW4wgoL4=.sha256
Voted # Handshake Grant Suggested Budget and Disbursement Schedule v2 This is a
@Anders %+EgpxT5wzaqjLZ++PoYCtQ1fbDnuf944pcaKu8OZnDY=.sha256
Followed @Landoo
@Anders %57DlNRozaxwqBQklyC5n2/7Vzn8utO7reE/GkqQU/1g=.sha256
Voted Cheers! Also thanks! I should he able to remove those depject dependencie
@Anders %sVP9WcJFLPqyXGYblfmUP7vyjTUlhM4wfACOx6XqGh8=.sha256
Voted In Soviet Russia, software project finish you.
@Anders %NQKEt45NQFN5ghKeXAPiT6sa8S3WPmzCfK+Eej/8fSE=.sha256
Voted [@nanomonkey](@+D0ku/LReK6kqd3PSrcVCfbLYbDtTmS4Bd21rqhpYNA=.ed25519) > D
@Anders %//1yq3IMr4whFZTTlrXDhjWTUpWx3oUDCzHsm4X2qRo=.sha256
Voted Hey @, you're Finnish right? What do you think of "fin-tech"?
@Anders %I5EUymWLdhTHxDLys0J6igvFhz2zRftt/T4N4TAeQ94=.sha256
Voted Does one ever Finnish a software project?
@Anders %xBHQTtt+wvpWTAfHJWpBy1FRS4RvH1iztLRTrqeoPJM=.sha256
Re: %+v++Vgnff

Trying to debug this I see that the API can be much better, especially if there was a small example project one could fork. The problem was that the code expects a getSSB call to succeed before it will do the callback. This is best done with getSSBEventually. In browser-demo these are all over the place so I never saw this problem before.

So thanks for trying things out and reporting back.


When I try to npm i the project npm gets angry and spits out this nice error :-)

npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! npm ERR! path /home/arj/dev/ssb-chess-browser/node_modules/ssb-chess

Might be related to a really old version of core-js that is pulled in by depnest, not sure.

@Anders %o24/1JIEgUcD+I/dEd2UoLB4Tf1kAnc/KiHcKMq3bmA=.sha256
Voted [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.ed25519) Sorry, I
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Voted continuing from %xlQqQHRE7+/ER1sbgSaWoqaHiYABrs4w0UIOOpOCAmA=.sha256 and %F
@Anders %KsGV70xoQAq46jBEJxvuKijWqin5hHBPjdWlmO0EsJY=.sha256
Re: %UZdF8JLeG

Thanks for joining @moid @glyph and @cblgh, was lovely chatting with y'all.

@Anders %dUUBkabmOIVktnT6jYf1iiO5fZmrsCsQ7+yO6hA5GgA=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Moving forward with bendy butt (the meta feed feed format). Thanks to test vectors from @cryptix we have the happy path of encoding and decoding covered. Been working an a module to use that so that it looks something like this:

sbot.metafeeds.getOrCreate((err, mf) => {
  // lets create a new chess feed
  mf.getOrCreateFeed('chess', 'classic', (err, feed) => {
    sbot.db.publishAs(feed, {
      type: 'chess-move',
    }, (err) => {
      if (err) console.error(err)  

Still a long way before this can be used in production, at least we can persist these new messages in the database and get them out again. We have been talking about building small example applications to show how these things can be used to build things.

The work on bendy butt meant we had to come up with a spec for binary encoding SSB concepts. Lets a thousand butt formats bloom 🌷

As for replication, EBT has supported binary tranfers since version 8, and we have added some RPCs to be used together with meta feeds for partial replication.

Very much in flux all of this, thought I would share what I have been up to since the last update.

@Anders %U1ziguUraovsBVpFbFmWP7j95GScW6v45H09rCP+jRE=.sha256
Voted My proposal is that each of the three groups get 6,000 euros for three mont
@Anders %C70AE68oQN4FM2h6HfsnTkLMR2Bch7brPk7cDf19iHs=.sha256
Voted I'm not sure that you want me to mediate, as I'd likely make you all sit in
@Anders %6eYT/Oi6Xd3jBvk/hDu1g6GZ/q4Tj2qffOBt2sRzZ1U=.sha256
Voted No more bermuda triangle! I finished refactoring ssb-ebt and ssb-friends, I
@Anders %3cheEcxerOKn5tTwTMsxcZ2RMqYjkFpo3qZwPEjletY=.sha256
Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "%UZdF8JLeGG7W2qmJlR/VY+0hjG3Z09foleBR0HkSurk=.sha256",
  "attendee": {
    "link": "@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519"
@Anders %k1GcIfqEjNIig3iKi6Cm30nazw3CbMmm/eonhWrkE6k=.sha256
Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "%UZdF8JLeGG7W2qmJlR/VY+0hjG3Z09foleBR0HkSurk=.sha256",
  "description": "NGI pointer weekly office hours on mumble\n\n# Time\n\n13:00-15:00 UTC+2\n\n# Location\n\nWe’ll be meeting on Mumble (you’ll need to have a Mumble client installed)\n\nServer:\nPort: 64738"
@Anders %ohigAVENtjUf4NAGeW2g9gTMJz05ygq1k1O29C6bSSY=.sha256
Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "%UZdF8JLeGG7W2qmJlR/VY+0hjG3Z09foleBR0HkSurk=.sha256",
  "image": {
    "link": "&8SxFfZOUvFUYSKQJu+ykhpzHHS4iCiN2tlp6KBg3DS4=.sha256",
    "name": "tinker.jpeg",
    "size": 12398,
    "type": "image/jpeg"
  "startDateTime": {
    "epoch": 1624532400000,
    "tz": "europe/copenhagen",
    "silent": true,
    "_weekStart": 1,
    "_today": {}
  "title": "ARJ Office hours",
  "description": "NGI pointer weekly office hours on mumble"
@Anders %UZdF8JLeGG7W2qmJlR/VY+0hjG3Z09foleBR0HkSurk=.sha256

ARJ Office hours

Thu, 24 Jun 2021 11:00:00 GMT

3 attending

NGI pointer weekly office hours on mumble


13:00-15:00 UTC+2


We’ll be meeting on Mumble (you’ll need to have a Mumble client installed)

Port: 64738

@Anders %Og1xeg0hardEp/SrH8TXUtNPBlzYa5QP4xK6t7IBssM=.sha256
Voted Yesterday I decided to sign up for vaccines outside of the regular program
@Anders %dF8MzmkIltOEQRUzWp/05QThuitD4ThKraHEz8XuJ9E=.sha256
Voted test from patchwork 2
@Anders %dN9WcTdQljfbkEjwvWM9+u+3oOXuWHd6eEHu0gSSD3I=.sha256
Voted I didn't think I would find a bug in epidemic-broadcast-trees (the underlyi
@Anders %2xqXbbVVFGB5TuJPJ2zea00vyBuPS4XirzJknkrHKTI=.sha256
  "type": "chess_game_end",
  "status": "resigned",
  "root": "%UVD8bZhIyO2Fp+B+ImH/a58HMpcZn+Z2I7DTbT/jgHg=.sha256",
  "branch": "%Li7V4kXb9yXKhwIRX9ta6VU1+4/EKiRMmzQD6Oo9VX8=.sha256"
@Anders %Li7V4kXb9yXKhwIRX9ta6VU1+4/EKiRMmzQD6Oo9VX8=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %AxOMMzMMU0d8cZrJ6e7r2Sd8Fu0ZRSrFUGjafm4xL4M=.sha256
Voted [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.ed25519) > I see
@Anders %ze7T66G4mWSZzDCf0XH/ZOEbAkQ/Xgj4Q/iHClyqL0I=.sha256
Re: %60A9GBF23

Donated to this and tor

@Anders %iZHBuipQ8YnlDF8iceSYKpFrPopINmfvWtaJ/ldmhmw=.sha256
Voted ## Donation Matching for Cabal ![image.png](&D5KCtUG86KgWW0xkdTelXxWu2T4c7
@Anders %r+tfkFVXBeL2Qzs9bYjzClpp4IBOBCh37piAxnQnghc=.sha256
Voted thanks [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519
@Anders %2F+AxzrZnJgMsu/bYrZ673vErABeO52owCN83+qVz50=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %agoWcFb0iqHjaQeTtdigT5Gc4nHpTcn9ldsZN6qRFNU=.sha256
Voted # [A Sustainable Internet for All - Issue 2](https://branch.climateaction.t
@Anders %VNBD9j3RIfBvjdCtFSxEUXsFf/LNYH7SscYWkFxoULc=.sha256
Re: %UKhZ5K8Cd

One knows this is not a CS article when the conclusion is multiple pages long ;-)

Some tidbits and comments:

To the extent peer production has thrived, it has continued to rely on the corporate firm to supply (and capture) its economics. Rather than diminishing the stature of the firm, ...

Maybe not so surprising given firms has had at least a hundred years to perfect that skill.

Rather than continually adding restrictions, peer production licensing regimes might be rethought from the ground up to cultivate a deeper reciprocity.

Not sure if licensing is the issue here, but rather reciprocity between people. Neoliberalism overall has been very good at stockpiling wealth at the top of the pyramid at the expense of everyone else.

@Anders %y+tdGVqoMQKpQ2/Dj+C7Q5qWLF7LvUm9w8jth/tbt0g=.sha256
Voted # Handshake Grant Suggested Budget and Disbursement Schedule All three pro
@Anders %Cy1IXEgwpZ+ZLj+W4r/ef5X6qd9k4ROSTg5syQsaGgI=.sha256
Voted ## Budget Given those principles, I would reserve 21k Euros for this fir
@Anders %/oFEyUCn057IRkyFDsDQN/DymrDiYWMxfz8PsIdvfp4=.sha256
Voted [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) Reg
@Anders %33QQubX2xMQqjXLM0rqi2BtIRfWPQUw9RMucUICM5M0=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %6geckrX+hy1dvKxyJNniHele6nf3XujKkhxGt703Ic0=.sha256
Voted # [The Tyranny of Openness: What Happened to Peer Production?](https://medi
@Anders %lAJk8JpSef/mte4zQlKPwG/pw/WAxMQ6fPdXNZtFtq4=.sha256
Voted Here we go again! After releasing rooms 2 and updating Manyverse a couple o
@Anders %zoDRYFndohK9/OSonpWSrGWEB0FpBpnc6LIpbeij9zA=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %UnZimfx6vag685nBgHfCg0865hywstKEIXdSGmv+feg=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %mKwdBUXW79mV8PBTgiQhHoBHSf6u3uSpbr7B4v/hJnY=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %hQ+A4sohHTKV30cN/eUgIbiBujCCIkHGZ6CuawBGu7c=.sha256
Voted ![2021.6.1 wider browser release.png](&sxHLexP/RHo1BTGXqus+juQ3Ds0vfQQLsBF
@Anders %JLYQB62Qh0j6RqefDGn6a73rlEkobSE6znHc90r5QDU=.sha256
Re: %NX3k4yXTP

Thanks for hosting @cel

@Anders %IKQvnwtKUFB5plqo5TCASSuoewKTKT9IoopDGOFTQnQ=.sha256
Voted # LIMITS 2021 ## Seventh Workshop on Computing within Limits June 14-15 2
@Anders %JQtwA6Zzdmy9npvhAYCMQClqUICmn1fEYS+dDcglBYM=.sha256
Voted [@mixmix](@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519) no worries
@Anders %e5Wqan0RS/ZHzojHpA5Zx7NpglZXpN0cv3vhL5KDG94=.sha256
Voted # a Sunrise server sketch 🌅 🤖 [@piet](@U5GvOKP/YUza9k53DSXxT0mk3PIrnyAme
@Anders %NY5w5Ww5TleQREM4HRy9g19TaKmMGKt1NbVQGaUHxVk=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %u1eL84EzaGs1NCVbiSq86g95cnfTsFrAXCOirQJJF7w=.sha256
Voted # P2P Access Point, led by [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnX
@Anders %KVux1z1pvxAjkP/qhICV0ZFQUTKUGs9nNSsAd+H+0/Q=.sha256
Voted # Manyverse on the Desktop, led by [@Powersource (pc)](@Vz6v3xKpzViiTM/GAe+
@Anders %vYyGQdxVrk8vFchs3Gyibe+aK/SzwJU2S846pt5EhfM=.sha256
Voted # Improving Patchfox led by [@SoapDog](@gaQw6z30GpfsW9k8V5ED4pHrg8zmrqku24z
@Anders %5JfrChlqfOds4Os5wrMs1CISdstIFRanQHkvSPTQhfk=.sha256
Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "%NX3k4yXTPio4kDo2GLf8LKMe7EWjlZbIUkHZft8QCbU=.sha256",
  "attendee": {
    "link": "@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519"
@Anders %P/reLg4CIrWTuAgWH+aZWGslOTdaD6kzJTfLLQ9O74Y=.sha256
Voted I (sadly) rarely read #books. But over the last couple of days, I devoured
@Anders %kQc/nDjwGwAZiWDHlWdGMT7laIZ63obpkyc5sGUQYa8=.sha256
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@Anders %uawDHXBM225ssNNSj49IHfaSDE7CqmnFU56YeUY2gWU=.sha256
Voted Our #ngi-pointer team is working on a new feed format for partial replicati
@Anders %tmCioxVTuGvRM6RWrv2cK4oIsjWbF1e7lnwekr5cACY=.sha256
Voted `bendy-butt` `ssbendy` `*` one of the Rust implementations of bencode is n
@Anders %hLPTaQdZPCZP9bvKN/msQPheIjAIaKWwr2KKbumIzuk=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %x/2r1iX+fiftYn6/VqMENeF5qfefQJPMF/qyHwEzLZw=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %U9pJEaWErOiqMMhSDyClV/K15f16zg/m+r+0FdL9qZM=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2106.4-beta ✅ (Android) Bug fix: picture upload works on A
@Anders %mtgQOhQuMAr36uSYrMeD+0MLTvAIqFLC5bGO06CaYDs=.sha256
Voted [CW: Animated GIF :)] ![desktop202106.gif](&HebXQKriHcxogmKNNlrTfGClv73HvIc
@Anders %mv+DyQVNjjlUFqTIAZZ5ICoHFshQTdKxZKXRx9JjxhA=.sha256
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@Anders %9b2b46LwnZh3Q3CznamCYQaSljqZrRP0sUmAB+oKKes=.sha256
Voted # [E-Paper Bulletin Board](
@Anders %aZCf6qAo9gvmmRSEZ9RchOuDCG8e8oSE+gGiKXCsfOA=.sha256
Re: %6eLMb41kq

This is really amazing! Great work

@Anders %6ltmEJL9Ire2THHX2U8ksKAkWgbvPYQv/JW9KjFSDW8=.sha256
Voted these specs bring me so much joy, the future of Scuttlebutt is bright, than
@Anders %J4T1FiUtM2cmJ8m+6rL/gAJhoh8jAXFvMRztBo9N2CE=.sha256
Re: %EPl0iM5pO


@Anders %4ClXax2z7BFUgCk4fZJwI3BVQxmFckaxax12RImohwI=.sha256
Re: %M14L1aBim

Sure, why not :)

@Anders %8cibGWBYW8mqsX2HWCzlam6gOch/cUmKKaG036ounkk=.sha256
Voted although a more meaningful alternative flag for New Zealand would be the [T
@Anders %ofY5iBKBKKuHJfnl1Z2E5DD1rcsMEZI6sos7n/g11Kk=.sha256
Voted source: [an alternative flag proposed for New Zealand in 2015](https://comm
@Anders %sOJMdCaRy46efHk4/zUF259YF9L2cGxf3HJhBcWVoQY=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %yDrEew3LDCX195QP1QKn+aJ4KZleSzcYg6bcEQQYa7k=.sha256
Voted [CW: Animated GIF] After [updating Cycle.js's state management library](htt
@Anders %mqpZbqpSwDTG2zti1afH0ZT4xTKWhyvzoQIbzlp6zIQ=.sha256
Voted Three weeks have flashed-by. Let's see...I've primarily been focused on We
@Anders %ngeqqbfgb9cw30D5RgZ7iGjiPb3KG0frPHW/DGo/Txc=.sha256
Voted ## Week X: NGI Diary It's been a while since my last update! The reason for
@Anders %rjVA5klxP0PNCS3Oh2KREKxjZAgN27VhL0APNnZ4tgk=.sha256
Voted ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! this is such a delight! it makes me feel very good! ![wo
@Anders %8bnMCosdlKWHZq8MCvmKhJMXuW9lX+3W7BVR23GAZ2I=.sha256
Voted # PSA about my devwork on #go-ssb-room Our #ngi-pointer team is switching
@Anders %3j8bYud6cisUQ+IhJAbL1X3FnqfapH2u9vY36d6vt4A=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %+LE1yODC163LCDgsWyIbWCjUHc63geWLCwGy/W7IjCQ=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %zVLoRAWsU7QJspE9J9VPLGLqnYVFY5D/VYLb4PIO+M8=.sha256
Voted GitHub ssbc org: I removed the Stale bot. It's extremely annoying to send o
@Anders %UJYSHJ5x6P0PYz9uC+aCDQv0dQqAXuKv+Hux31fvAm4=.sha256
Voted Miss 6yo requested a picture of her conceptual art The game this pieces co
@Anders %uZlStAbgzJGV/KxUTVbOlMAnpJv5kH0BBJc0M+tc9bU=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %cg7UhauPggfW5WyJ3d5va1Hc05624SbMbyDFKmVsFC0=.sha256
Re: %2N921fWhP

Thanks for the recommend. I skimmed this when it was posted in Martins patreon newsletter. I'm not very deep in crypto so a bit hard to make any kind of judgements on the paper. @keks might find this interesting.

@Anders %fXSQ4GKqiIZ5QCoV3so5AzqI0X944GqFu7D1Zgo9fI0=.sha256
Voted Public service announcement: I moved the releases for ssb-chess to https://
@Anders %ng2DSGoT3dpyz+LEHEHZp8ZKnjZSsZGs4qBRZxyarvk=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %H86ucFTBqDDMU9+pPb3BK+7S9WHwd4koB26DiYNf3RA=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %WiPmYzio3xnWhLV5/kx0rCDNrHXZAM/qLQIG92JC3oc=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %XnCLHNsiEhGmZzmJagOdQC2rz+maMe1ElKgNkkLhBvM=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %qg5LEzfOc/T+yGkWC0muMshZIoC/f/CpQCsczpPcOdQ=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %tm3iR+YQt9WY4wXXrYNlTpYvOiMufZpHwcBvHvmemho=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %8nQSaRiIlcUZISmNO9U9lRf2Hxfgf7+FI3eRYbYIHN8=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %0SaNZVez5MFk8rX0F1gPIyKAitqKgPKVkgk6OrmXGF4=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %bjXiuuejRuRrm70Kfd3oqJEunAuBTNutbbf8E8mpr0U=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %x0Yq4mAqgJLwxqY2eENDll5v6oNM+uryEXpCMCKRjpU=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %t1lOcN7Xd/s8OgHiBySjztKQe25u3FosKNKKQ6XKs3g=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %O9Oi8Kw7aJ/IBsojFLX/TdczVe9vtZHsey3jHqcL+mc=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %iRB/RCD2fPhY6GP9+kuQQXMNjbYADSE9tq2Y5iLW/C0=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %+OgHmg7yWLscF7Gb3FeMcLNA/Hr98WiHC0EpS34MviQ=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %PaA1Eq/rdnRIFElBM80fi54kwE9Xri98Gea1Lb4+reY=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %PBvjTGtJcqFrh+ErEnvgUOO3DgTV2k74RCeDx2M2mM0=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %J4eJQPP7zn7w95I4A+yHyTbvxmXcClDcwzJgWNRyxXo=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %KHo0dl/scxwcmvfVwQanv28AQaTyXcqMDAl8ea7uMPk=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %yxHiQscgCpsOHR2lhULq5QTeyoJMRIZJsojiIbAAg0M=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %kjXFjVCsw31FlZTpBvE52eBxDls4HtvmU1CExqCNomw=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %NzMUSP4hveZ23XQuqjS9NoGq2b/cvto/DfwO/lNFeSM=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %Elpt1zazcFXXh6L4d+afLloQYVTK4geAbnch+Gvke4w=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %S1f5dTgC/9ENQo2fZ631D6YPe94J7reEsx9PV8olo3I=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %/UANy7FssXXbyMiYbfHNE/ly2lQbVvQ8QWTYk4oFBY4=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %nt8n+Lq3Wb/ZP4lefaF6CGeCyHsdTvvhLi+nURzN+SY=.sha256
Moved a chess piece
@Anders %gQcus9/A/YhfQAjh9zczmCekBnnT0JhpgrbsGTPL9Xg=.sha256
  "type": "chess_invite_accept",
  "root": "%UVD8bZhIyO2Fp+B+ImH/a58HMpcZn+Z2I7DTbT/jgHg=.sha256",
  "branch": "%UVD8bZhIyO2Fp+B+ImH/a58HMpcZn+Z2I7DTbT/jgHg=.sha256"
@Anders %Zo1N9ci+J41jINOPUrel0sNIvJ2aofORxlRH74n3Vwk=.sha256
Voted ![Untitled-1.jpg](&7OwDiD5G8CAMP2G8b/5xTzv2ynoUjzEfXrA/Gjvu4s0=.sha256) Th
@Anders %sTr7/9Nnh7mv7maXoH7irB7V9p8+8O5lSZQVZ7C8Yo0=.sha256
Voted Heya [@happy](@RJ09Kfs3neEZPrbpbWVDxkN92x9moe3aPusOMOc4S2I=.ed25519), welc
@Anders %qBtqswzJ8AELiNY6IA8KeEej6UR/bef6lNojtNR0mnk=.sha256
Voted ## Introducing Rooms 2.0 #ssbroom #ssb-rooms #ssb-room Dear butts, we bri
@Anders %n/hR+IXgXcdjRbF5gIbvLVPYIQJaAF7hp+lU12FrGRE=.sha256
Voted ![fast..jpg](&L8Y4L9VIVkZgYHpZZ+hSnF1C5Ont3BivV1f0E6QncfY=.sha256) works a
@Anders %bX0fbzJx0EPWNtvIi6LNjgTqdNnniEOzYC+RPGRnpHY=.sha256
Voted Reminds me of the card set I made for the roles of the rave I was organizin
@Anders %mlWhAYhPfKCYmgLXIHuBkOYlIDgyLHhemzXHFBvYdqA=.sha256
Voted Hi [@happy0](@RJ09Kfs3neEZPrbpbWVDxkN92x9moe3aPusOMOc4S2I=.ed25519) glad to
@Anders %eME2TK5v6PcMCT8iOXeVqbGBJoG6kgUNbvw5Wnp9Y/4=.sha256
Voted Getting flashbacks to aggro (i think it was called that?) builds in hearths
@Anders %rpSqqfgW5udGic2vMl6J/bEPmnblNUKhENHujmA3vnI=.sha256
Voted We could make a Scuttle-deck with this 🤔 "We're going to need more butte
@Anders %lURW5icLsqaQ9SGgziuK2pDUug/HqsWej26sAu5Ko0s=.sha256
Voted I'd love a Hermies token to use with this card!
@Anders %r/9FW47lA+E1K2NFhgDjAtcgGGTHVmr2QlRcQiV0XYQ=.sha256
Re: %73IBqDOHl

Welcome back @happy0 @Many Gordons! So glad seeing you active on SSB again. Feel bad about you feeling guilty. Would like to take you up on your offer of a game, but you know that I'm in the top 0.01% worst chess players in the world 😏

@Anders %ekIK+GCnetASarEJ32yV/WtUeydBiO55Vxx/IaqR5hI=.sha256
Voted # Reviving ssb-chess Hullo! I spent the last week in spare hours making ss
@Anders %JmFzryhShhRh5bOy6D/POxBgATS5ryQylPtEVFHtrk8=.sha256
Voted If Patrick Rothfuss doesn't finish the Kingkiller's Chronicles, I will pers
@Anders %2hff++S3XI5Fc0ax3QMdUcydDTbQG1lanLERUIW5Dqo=.sha256
Voted I like The Name Of The Wind so much that I got a fancy version yesterday.
@Anders %IMXzGBcwgnaSxjD9w/XRVw+mVN1ajXzCZBgfg6+e8+Y=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2105.28-beta * 🎉 Feature: register aliases on room server
@Anders %zF+UHNUownBRPulhTgXc4rTDJRvjhLWD7JuZCA+r0Ag=.sha256

Seems like we will soon get a new SSB flavored card


@Anders %XmXBjpGm4PQzTiz3lBRF3C8S7n217/Xzq+RjoZxim44=.sha256
Re: %FsOuR9ov9

Some updates on this. Had a call with our security audit team (@keks & justin) and we discussed using a special feed format for meta feeds. Meta feeds needs to be stable as it can outlive the main feed allowing feed rotation. By using a different feed format than ssb classic we open up the possibility of implementations with only binary feed formats. Also spec'ed a mini query language to be used for describing the contents of index feeds.

@Anders %30SoOhPu1s1o3I/SMn3QjocbIhx+DyBRINrULzRNJU4=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse Desktop Dev Diary I think it'll be good to share little by li
@Anders %qfw5+xd78LSc8Z5QJqj/2KJH3qA46kCja373mAK6ebs=.sha256
Voted #jukebox ![image.png](&LrJAIGVMDWx6f2G9Dqaji2I1MrdcwvHArZSYNGDgzmo=.sha25
@Anders %oiroePcTH8r52zC7NjMHF8b3QOK2WiZpuzF6J1YNINg=.sha256
Voted db2 queries are sweet
@Anders %9GTGCoq/UzpwVFWffBLERdhYXt8Clre38H5GFchCDDA=.sha256

Biggest diff in using browser core is probably that it uses db2, so all queries are different.

@Anders %F9A0CNd94NbdScE7YhVjRDPeh7/ekcnfocVeH1oQKt8=.sha256
Re: %oUWxnD7Dv

working on it

@Anders %LTxSdmJvNnaK2Blz//QmsW228+OALQ8lTjablVtvvhE=.sha256
Followed @farewellutopia-dev
@Anders %UA3xHp/00XRJygadlSMwCnYueX274j5RTdjznE3TEjQ=.sha256
Voted [@cryptix](@p13zSAiOpguI9nsawkGijsnMfWmFd5rlUNpzekEE+vI=.ed25519) one of my
@Anders %L7TxELqKdX5ao6rTxIk/FJXYeajU1vUMjnlIDkR3Ciw=.sha256
Voted Dear sir, please, send the mugs and t-shirts to London. Thank you.
@Anders %EJaGYjIis5edzjVGg5r+WvqKGpbGFtjDxmOBWSd1f9o=.sha256
Voted #go-ssb - now with 100% more unique hermit gophers! ![ssb-gopher3.jpeg](&b
@Anders %7lwouOjYUV6dDS4jr51VctrRedsGy/dqcx8y32qdtF8=.sha256
Voted Thanks for asking [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.
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@Anders %Eyi1gjjd2Ll4hq0oAui3+bxQlOQD5Op44T7vTV1wVXc=.sha256
Voted ### End of work I consider that job of fixing the bug done. In the end of
@Anders %8jnM/Vp9JB9rHb3XYn2NLLxTBk+LCDqTAzSs5DJVavs=.sha256
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@Anders %ScTYOx+pNkHhtyu8Mn+wUWLSfAYrJO+tmevNs7OCC6Q=.sha256
Voted [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) just
@Anders %w7YHLjNhwk4NItbUemzm2Dn0u6JwHGuW2XYZSqVXBuM=.sha256
Voted I strongly disagree with the independent developer approach. _If you want t
@Anders %M9tHeqSZthdl15da6854VTpq+Cy58rbAYz/DGH1Hhbg=.sha256
Voted I've been thinking of applying to use some of this funding to get manyverse
@Anders %hpsqAeOUEEAUkB8gcVxP01/srL1jO2oQLprRqSFs0qc=.sha256
Re: %c/bjWXob/

If we were to think along those lines I think it is important to look at what people could steward that process. The obvious candidate for Go would be @cryptix but he will be working full time after the ngi grant. Maybe @cblgh has an interest after becoming go zen master with the ngi grant? Less clear about the rust situation. Maybe @piet? @glyph has been working on a rock solid validate implementation for the ngi grant.

@Anders %7k6zsuuH/KoEoL04XPhWfpTNO+jo7gNuKN8RiXzxhQc=.sha256
Voted I never noticed this before, but apparently Apple (in macOS) has some passi
@Anders %jyiJZ5uNpnZPJi/fCw7KTuoOo0pEQzHmnS0Ym5umyTg=.sha256
Voted Patchfox would love some funding... :-)
@Anders %4DygkDuxIpCBxSrGBVyEqwuB9QUoD3Vy4YEvSalvqcA=.sha256
Voted # Handshake Grants Revival: Match-funding for ongoing projects? [@andresta
@Anders %nKpTRBeCCCSK0R6LSs+nGx1rIirEVCEn0mWJZpJgCvE=.sha256
Voted [@Daan, The overlord of software ships passing into Valhalla across river S
@Anders %W5UKcxKXNDTxnU2QpEULcb72NPrwp2GPWtdsf5I0p4A=.sha256
Voted # 🦀 Finally a #crab-meet again, good to see [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tY
@Anders %zHu3ngONLFcjboEUHCtX8HVixz9Kjq52Ia8I6UXxxok=.sha256
Voted # Exporting Gathering to Calendar ![calendar.gif](&GrErDLE9NZEDgCANElTXLTQ
@Anders %LAwvE+iey+OU8oeC2VOVIRKyrdyhTKBevbAuvYXC/jw=.sha256
Voted Oh my, this thread has been gathering dust, I'm sorry. Basically in the pa
@Anders %+XWWol/ytK1tqaLl2wRf1/2R1IRqhhMFoQmniyc7sao=.sha256
Voted There's a cobbly road I cycle over from home to the studio. The shaking wou
@Anders %OsfgcEVmiQKB75rQEGdqZ4h+tDXeD9RJB2u/CWbMsXE=.sha256
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@Anders %5qFWpx5fpTbG3kN3K1Jt+UJ4YLlm8aoAzo6zKLXd9WQ=.sha256
Voted [@cblgh](@C6fAmdXgqTDbmZGAohUaYuyKdz3m6GBoLLtml3fUn+o=.ed25519) 🐼 🌈 🌴
@Anders %MoGxA8uKmVyProezuia6LwVRaQMJcuQ/4BzFP7t3hKw=.sha256
Voted **Vote for new emoji reactions in Manyverse** ![screenshot of manyverse sh
@Anders %h139/e0DajFtIeYNtFCuzerPYs/Bt2FYKDtSN9V3vU0=.sha256
Re: %oLnyo9NOX

✌️ 🌞 🍕 😃 😄 😏 🌶️

@Anders %ZdP84k6zDyXPDZnM32DKgyNortsNzDyJcoxo3FTVJNQ=.sha256
Re: %BL6GXI3k1

I'm loving everything about this thread. Great work @SoapDog (Macbook Air), patchfox is really unique.

@Anders %ATdFyUfbfzItBksFvEl3gx2Da0qvjamaTnz4sGnt/Qg=.sha256
Voted Damnnnn... I just implemented the cutest documentation feature, but I have
@Anders %aIcOaE4k2nc/wLo51ranyIVDjG4FVu4E3HIEfNxvIbU=.sha256
Voted # New Version 2021.5.2 ![Development - Patchfox Documentation 2021-05-18
@Anders %Qb3tuzUgCwADyys+btWDem+GLkt8FKLEMiVhA9uBDOM=.sha256
Voted # Adding a book by leveraging the browser sidebar Patchfox leverages the b
@Anders %1bwaBnwhTPUmhElPeDF4fHg33OoFhuiBRhaNEh/fDc0=.sha256
Voted and I wonder why the fuck is [@cel](@f/6sQ6d2CMxRUhLpspgGIulDxDCwYD7DzFzPNr
@Anders %s+pjxisNMlOapZLnqteIy/ffPYsmWlNZDQbftY9cJ/Y=.sha256
Voted > Mine unfortunately may be in this category [@cel-desktop](@lOUVT+Phkvai9
@Anders %xQJY9QbUnJ0GuriBe6lOcG99Wxu3uMrEWWRYp0U9ekE=.sha256
Voted [@cel-desktop](@lOUVT+Phkvai9a/cCS/RKo+S9hnPAQdVixms/7ldpPA=.ed25519) tone
@Anders %CIk31T0plD3b2cqT0uVBl9JWkpKoZSjTD9t3t/a0PNI=.sha256
Voted [~~](@DgsA6kZleyiuliE8SeUDtF3Slw3f92tUaT2xjH5cNg8=.ed25519) You, emile and
@Anders %vEFXoLLyosnmQV3EfRbhdEv6CnbtDnkF8/EjRc21FQg=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6
  • Started working on meta feeds in JS, just the messages, seed values etc. of the spec. Feels good to be coding again ⌨️ 😏
  • Extracted the core of what @Mix Android and I have been working on over the last month for the fusion identity spec. Still some things to work out, but I feel it is getting into a good shape. Scoping this was quite important otherwise you can spec this thing forever.
  • Supporting @cblgh on the network simulator and @glyph on rusty validation. I'm so happy working with them, not only are they excellent humans they also produce great code :)
@Anders %0FqETcEsRcUFgs/YeezUfRhN7U3/26qknV/dPJ6zLrg=.sha256
Voted Super proud of my wife today. Three years of hard work and graduating as a
@Anders %9JmagRsl/QKBkCOq3OsOdiVJguz4iXSQsy5Kg4fr/2A=.sha256
Voted Still, on the topic of
@Anders %hDVm8Q1KmPyBuD//sLqIZyov6FCd4XAymXhDK2RbGCI=.sha256
Voted ![Patchfox 2021.5.1.png](&0qq+eiR+75gp2rzhwYpBQ6qklOBVAOB02PouqkMipO0=.sha2
@Anders %4CXxWmNM67q97c6hEU55cDJgp8m6wHiGvQvVVjiIb+o=.sha256
Re: %J9nnrcvMH

Yeah start a ssb-server2 project sounds like a good idea. I like the idea you posted about using ssb-cli for the cmd interface. Then ssb-server2 would just be a collection of secret-stack modules. Since both #ssb-browser and manyverse is using db2 we took care to upgrade the different modules like ssb-friends, ssb-conn etc. Happy to help if you need any help or have questions.

@Anders %iBFH9VoIGVhVDNdyvElbIvaJRf4Xu5yAfIYCjmbjEqg=.sha256
Voted Understood. Thanks! I'm comfortable with those underlying modules for new p
@Anders %B4M5SeOjnky2jWNQ9S77kl4LIKylwmDye7q2FY54oTs=.sha256
Re: %GuOP2Idk1

Wonderful. Glad those old posts can still be of use. I'm betting adding images will be a lot easier as you are in the browser directly.

@Anders %rfslRqT9ezu4AbBW2ON5S2rIR5t4qrIpe36ox6iwC8Q=.sha256
Voted # It is getting better Now, you can read reviews... ![video:book-review.m
@Anders %fW/N3nrilyBDossF1Hg1XOibP9TAbqeVoHi5VKIVWP0=.sha256
Voted # Something beautiful is coming... ![video:books-teaser-1080.mp4](&RUDmmC8
@Anders %J9nnrcvMHQwRmWDeOplpn3RS+l5BRtwX7bXVT6X/3II=.sha256
Re: %+6g8fvPAX


Should new work start from 15.3.0 or branch off of main?

Depends on what you mean with new work?

@Anders %PKVqUrQm7cmrbo0EKueoYhCIt5AyVBteTEhTFWs+at4=.sha256
Voted Hey just a heads up that arj and I have been working on a shared identity s
@Anders %LeKUm/vv10AMoDAb8Yx0+bNRqdB7xn2NYUh9FZfttsI=.sha256
Voted I'm keen on manyverse or ssb-maintenance I'm also biased in that I'm the c
@Anders %bKIgrMmed1hlWfW8cOFswcwwbdS52sHEruLsL6HKUcA=.sha256
Voted Time for an updateski 🌻 Welp, I am _much_ more familiar with the details
@Anders %9UNoFXT0Fh4JvdskT/6yt+lXzhPOfqn9lwOQM1Rx71Q=.sha256
Re: %HH3BpC+vv

Patchbay OC also has some money. ping @mixmix @Mix Android. Maybe it would make sense to combine that somehow?

@Anders %C/YgVx5D2neJgat3xziWLyTHjR91P4g8G4YabY+N9e8=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2105.11-beta This one is a hotfix dedicated to iOS users. S
@Anders %7jsvblAugLAKcLxDh3Mr/JOLDsiR3J6V7OUO/J0dTrE=.sha256
Voted [@glyph](@HEqy940T6uB+T+d9Jaa58aNfRzLx9eRWqkZljBmnkmk=.ed25519) So happy
@Anders %n36/UKGUS/6YzYmf6WsNwuKYlfVEM8W4AHJjlaI9sBY=.sha256
Voted House under contract! Colorado bound before you know it #moving
@Anders %8qA03Vu0jcS3m25iBXc9SHovCPZgJNmyKAq/pzk9O2o=.sha256
Voted yeah certificate! #coops #platformcoop ![image.png](&kwJI2j6saydyitDZ+Rmo
@Anders %6abY5q9zC9kQKYnumXQBECIvI6eZJX5HLF5SK0pGCTw=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2105.5-beta * 🎉 Feature: profile screen shows follower c
@Anders %Gae6d7H82mUiZ1Y08e9/uMJeC1TSxuLKTQxOrKnd5PQ=.sha256
Re: %Wg09MB8P6

@abekonge.often yes. In essence there is a big difference in initial trust in those models.

@Anders %FLlRmouC6PpGj86N4r5qb4E2QJCyRmt92+WJouR5ZX4=.sha256
Voted Oh! We also made a new episode of _go-ssb-things_. [Part three](https://www
@Anders %gwAJ4rzmM2SYZBR50Xr3344eU1MihADJe9uSSRSTG0I=.sha256
Voted Last weeks were spent on making [](@uMYDVPuEKftL4SzpRGVyQxLdyP
@Anders %ZDqefHu/zr1JgoMGujabBTja+ESLXmHzPMqp1dG9rpo=.sha256
Voted ![sumostand.jpeg](&MwKygx9QLhxDuHMajkF6au67+qDpuGsSiLRP44iQU6U=.sha256) pa
@Anders %fHs0xANdWhsIO8Ef3KkeI+Ot6ldHanKZbDXCjTpX/SA=.sha256
Voted ... continuing ... > looks like 2021 is. bit of a crossroads year for ssb
@Anders %V3+Tj4/woYEYAnGjysFTfw8QHb/rF21z9Szq7Y1GZ6s=.sha256
Voted Cold brew? ![Cold brew](&IjfpSxwMr8wR/SUoJIH/KeaC/0iIZK/n4ZULRDbpBdQ=.sha2
@Anders %rM4nfORTsMha3/Xcwc1NpjjEbRZv1Ak2F4E8438HfGs=.sha256
Re: %Wg09MB8P6

@abekonge.often I like where you are going with this. I'm wondering if those two circles of connections and messages would be better build as two separate apps instead of trying to cram it into one.

@Anders %CmUScDlZw9UoUKpo+ewOnxPz1R9qqK/GWaLZW40A5yg=.sha256
Voted Bureaucracy is really eating up our time, but it's moving and we'll soon st
@Anders %tZ98PdTDZ+O59IWJauf2RfXL75Qzrp9+JE5LO5wgmAw=.sha256

Went to a demonstration a weekend or so ago. The demonstration was against a new highway that will run over a island outside the town I live in. It started with talks in the park and then we biked to the fairy that sails to the small island.


Was wonderful that it was an event where people of all ages were welcome, so we went there the whole family. After harassing drivers all over town by blocking the crossing roads (300 bikes does take a while to get through) we ended up on the other side for more talks and music. All in all very civil, no cops :-)


It's interesting to be alive at such a turning point in history. This is at the core of the climate crisis dilemma, should we continue as normal and destroy ever more nature by turning it into concrete? One way or another we have to adapt.

@Anders %hO+N0gMy3Eu8EiOnw79L4YFs4enabQa+iVZGkWVQCng=.sha256
Voted # 🌱 Lil' dev diary action for NGI ![Artwork: Gondolin: The House of the G
@Anders %495OuS+zOBlWObpqrV9nJxgE6eBRPjrMrj0KsZQh+T0=.sha256
Re: %Wg09MB8P6

@abekonge.often SSB and hops maps very well to a mesh setting. And as Luandro said if you are on the same network then you should automatically start replication, so you don't really need pubs and I really love the idea that the social graph would map very well with the physical.

Then again it really depends on what you want to do with it, if you just want to do SSB (like patchwork) app where messages are async passed around the network and eventually end up where they need to then that should be pretty much work out of the box. If you on the other hand want to do something like being able to do an audio call through the mesh network using SSB tech on the transport layer, then that might also be possible. Something like sending binary data over EBT (which does a spanning tree in a network). Could be a very fun project ;-)

@Anders %p2fWFmHdEymdTcWrljQF1tdyGfGDRl7ROzecihVarSU=.sha256
Voted I actually have [something similar](%dwko9Y2HByDV2jeZ0VM8ADODzaYkDEiH8L0H6X
@Anders %3e5fp2dPWcRtK3j0TXEMnIsDh6EZa82AjMwdvbkNp+U=.sha256
Re: %9uXb7vFT0

@Luandro Pàtwy db2 is just a database so in theory it should support bamboo as well. We didn't want to tackle bamboo in the first part because you still need to support the old format unless you go total greenfield, which for some applications might be a good idea, but was not our goal. That messages are stored in bipf is just an internal representation to make queries faster. I like bamboo very much and would love to use that as a feed format, meta feeds has a way to encode metadata about feeds including their format type.

@Anders %5hItFCx9seRgLQaARDT3Y6KLIy82x/h4vz8AvsEvNqw=.sha256
Re: %HiWfQ+COX

Thanks for sharing. This is highly relevant to the fusion identity spec. cc @Mix Android

@Anders %s+E53/nqW4nyjJ4RoXMCT8J3qAuS+3Hw6Padey4RykE=.sha256
Voted >[SoK Multi-Device Secure Instant Messaging](
@Anders %tJP9c9/+oW308ZtffT72ILch+O8R1Zq/xRG7HxS/mkw=.sha256
Voted ![Screenshot_2021-04-21 Āhau Final.png](&gTe2phIFxFakHJAMSOMBuIHFkS4F6jqAf
@Anders %s4bPLFSG96EgXxv9i3lHXyY37DW80jXeM8RQwTDU2wc=.sha256
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Voted As another [sporadic share](%yYzx8JgrfKjBWLxWePKH2TJOdhY/v2H3uXVVpHDKUaA=.s
@Anders %eoqQ+jif1Z4g+KKVN7w+0qlUss/CarXstkn4oCjc0Ic=.sha256
Re: %jS4EZmkfI

The secret of Scuttlebutt is in the soil

Another t-shirt design coming up? :)

@Anders %/T314GIY+MRHy/6MQiKawapyHgH8/7pBT3hevkPAKnw=.sha256
Voted ![Illustration of a common mycorrhizal network linking the root zones of th
@Anders %K3xj2ujydYfvEj1AzoUnyrVBT5FZMsSVIdpz2WZewIY=.sha256
Voted > SSB relies heavily on cryptography to be secure. Hashes are long pieces o
@Anders %yMTemm1YmnVpnFX1M9AN4RvjOE3kV6JquH6JcZNOnzQ=.sha256
Voted # Meshtastic integration with Secure Scuttlebutt *Reposted from https://me
@Anders %9uXb7vFT0ISf+LLAWZ964uh1Nim3gLsMaocR/013RLc=.sha256
Re: %tz/6ms3u5

@Luandro Pàtwy first to answer your question. SSB has always had the concept of OOO, meaning getting a message out of order. The message is valid in itself given that it is signed by the author. Interestingly if the messages themselves includes references to other messages that belong to the same subject (tangle), then you don't really need all the previous messages. This is what tangle sync is about. That is one form of partial replication. And if the messages are completely independent then getting them OOO style is completely fine.

Regarding message size I would probably look into bamboo and bamboo-rs that should work much better on lower powered devices. I believe @piet knows more about this.

I also remember that @cft had a fascinating talk on a related topic at the Basel meetup where one of his points if I remember correctly was that because the messages themselves include integrity, you don't really need it all the other layers of the stack to make sure that message are not corrupt, arrive in the right order etc. Can't find the slides now, but I'm sure he has something interesting to add here as well.

@Anders %roKx6Cvu26cVjF/kRp1XQ1aLCTiGVL/+xI083rBSkeY=.sha256
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Voted An unexpected SMS from UPS tells me: mine just shipped!
@Anders %I/3Aci5+d3ZMKGFSjH+Emmalgrd9vY8SjFNnS5iZHYo=.sha256
Voted Looks more and more like I landed a new job. Starting October after the SSB
@Anders %uFjAzw8uI0BxFMD1wEfOy/drpyt5T7m2cCikBqylEuo=.sha256
Voted # #community-first portal ![](&oEnkPkXJqy4Ljlt5hr2n6PKViLh2U
@Anders %6oVWf38+N2sRoIiaYcBCXtYWLufqL84cJWGVimAR3JM=.sha256
Re: %Po0s53Ltc

@KawaiiPunk you don't really need to install it. It doesn't use your main ssb folder, everything is running inside the browser. The easy way is that you go to the one hosted on my pub. You can also run it yourself so you can verify that nothing has been tampared with by checking out the latest version from github, doing a npm run build and then running a local http-server from dist/

@Anders %Po0s53Ltc6Rra0zZhgE/tHfVJqPo8cfGUfdUaCg1DME=.sha256

SSB browser 5.5.0

Saw it was a few months since the last posts on #ssb-browser so thought I would write about what has changed. ssb-browser-core has made it to 10.0 with the latest release. Browser demo had 5 releases with these bigger changes mostly from @Kyle Maas's Development Thoughts:

  • DHT support
  • Add pt-BR translations (thanks @Luandro Pàtwy)
  • Threads (like a forum) view
  • Add full text search
  • Show follow/unfollow in Profile and Notifications
  • Display blog posts
  • Groups filter for Public
  • Show thread participants blocking you when you reply
  • Synchronization progress bars
  • Add offline mode


It also has some under the hood changes with new where() syntax in db2 and performance improvements in jitdb. Very happy to see @Timothy Bradley contributing some great PRs to some of the lower levels of the stack.

Wanted to put that version out there before we start working on proper partial replication.

@Anders %837ktGKsbmhsSAZFA0W9oTfonplhlfO0IrOj61jCZjc=.sha256
Voted That's it folks, it's ``. I just pressed purchase.
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Voted Fun fact - the Āhau source code includes karakia. These are rituals of open
@Anders %bUXQ0qcGcGbkFg1sPnBSndwUW20X5Sf18ijBU8POKpc=.sha256
Voted We need to place this inside patchwork source code ![image.png](&OQKF6HZQ8
@Anders %D1iydtOFqIU3qVGgqlEzC4H9l/TMyeuhz8PJ3okQMTg=.sha256
Voted Just added #bittorrent support to #agregore 😁 You can either paste a magn
@Anders %BQI7+QelKhRcqmdfFcnq4SFTuPEu6O+SiFgYaTCIy9o=.sha256
Voted I've been looking for some fiction to draw inspiration from, and all the #s
@Anders %z49b1TKqu1KOI6l4Ow+TgLsOZbXY+HfLrjN42hDKk2c=.sha256
Voted Woah woah wow! OMG! ht
@Anders %j80X8HnDWT1DWLoEHuRANIPC980UcjveMPxtMkz9bC4=.sha256
Voted [](&8AIsUqR
@Anders %eYqNB4CbA0Cx8UOD1vqScvZ16zZlG6FH1Y5X8Kvhi5U=.sha256
Voted Was a really great call. Really looking forward to getting into writing dow
@Anders %D5x+qj4QK93xKCN+S028x5pgAxkU2jmXt68BAde/0j4=.sha256
Voted # New web gateway for SSB * Main targeted audie
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Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519",
  "publicWebHosting": true
@Anders %holpNwJzcAlaYiIV2uqvD6hyTXKY66qz+iplkkWo00Y=.sha256
Voted I looked into this yesterday. Freshness via docker is straight forward
@Anders %Z8zhXeHQKZK3mKkk+6vDrC3i49bVTZK9d7o9aS0dCDE=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Made a PR for JITDB that improves the performance of prefix indexes by up to 10x for queries like getting the latest 10 messages of this: and(author(x), type('type')). That query is now 15ms on my laptop running against a full (1.5e6 msgs) database.

Had a call with Mix about fusing together feedless identities with the work done in Ahau on identities. Very excited about this. Seems like we'll be moving forward with defining a proper spec. Notes from the meeting in case anyone is interested.

@Anders %Hm6J0cENLtl2grKQF56sOaN//srPKsI+x5odhMMnOGg=.sha256
Voted Gosh... time is flying. So in the last two weeks we completed an implementa
@Anders %z8+8fH+iEK8TTP+E7Xc2pmkjLcK0pw8LEtJadJRcico=.sha256
Voted Money paid a few weeks ago to Roxie for 6h of work from the patchwork OC.
@Anders %9HtK1STqkU80jey2yvr10+67NA9JLvQ1NRahhyQYqSg=.sha256
Voted aka the matrix view
@Anders %PTkyxZkVKLojTLvvLlVde596fCq2yx2KPL8dXOv2WjM=.sha256
Voted ## Process Design of Partial Replication #dev-diary #NGIPointer #ngipoint
@Anders %EA3okOSohLqRPzEVsGzIq1I88p9kVku4mSuBbCb/AXU=.sha256
Voted This is so viscerally true that I immediately understood why someone would
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Voted Political legacy of Ursula K Le Guin — Kim Stanley Robinson at The Interval
@Anders %FDaFduuHmzALgdHWu8cvWwzPHPcDRW0dq8mlaE3Q9r8=.sha256
Voted Hello Scuttlebutt community! 
My name is Magnus (vaaghaals) and I am par
@Anders %3nqis5R7iNb8oLIZaEJwo5P+9p0YrW88MNPb9OaGPds=.sha256
Voted Big party mood here thanks to [@@](@BQXNdakpRpHqxDP2QZP/RJr95osWzW+q89MXYOZ
@Anders %9B6wtjd2j/1fHhYdZK+VTGWQATwzAhfIgUowVNWnCQg=.sha256
Voted Had a great conversation with [@Marty](@cbaHfikj00d0cgs7B6Vd2kHDnwWKzmO+Us7
@Anders %MB8/Qr/z8llnMAswksFGsperGdFAJDn5mXxylJE2JyM=.sha256
Voted Hi everyone, I am Martin (Marty) I just joined. I am from Denmark and Kaosp
@Anders %7UAc8Gd73Ev9Oma5gfuNaDcOAMavXCT7w0rf+dO55w8=.sha256
Voted Thanks, @Daan. ![Patchwork v3.18.1 CD](&zpI5sBYeBOVQ3HMPF/wGIvxGZXDPVJJzNi
@Anders %9ZGtkLhg6bJlwK1tXRV/0PaVq6WG3q+zHa008pGkc3o=.sha256
Re: %rZF7aFI8k

Thanks @Daan for doing this last release 🌅

@Anders %YGBqrwEk7SG/WSgYK+fznp480je/wr1nNCQl+jnhke4=.sha256
Voted # :tada: **Patchwork v3.18.1: That one last proper release!** :tada: That'
@Anders %1z54Qe+Y7ooxnxaVUSRWsa8kHdAdYA++21IIZQIrc2k=.sha256
Voted The backend work on ssb-db2 made building this UI feature very easy. I thin
@Anders %oFF/4h3VHswxKmRnI5HRuvZRqj+Zt+C7NHWKvME/HU0=.sha256
Voted All the back-end work has been amazing, but really happy to see ui features
@Anders %VT8cjlIO112ijIdXekeM45u6mRoRjLlIBOFABcY4Y3c=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2104.5-beta 🎉 Feature: activity tab shows mentions and fo
@Anders %B3PrukqGIrSA2LeEQJiZ93eMqzRW4k9wc8+oLHcARa8=.sha256

Yesterday was a good day 🌞

Don't remember if I watched David Graebers talk on From Managerial Feudalism to the Revolt of the Caring Classes before, but I read the book a year or two ago. Good stuff, can recommend the video even for people that already read the book as it gives a broader perspective.

Also finished reading The Power of Partnership which deals with partnership on multiple levels, from partnership with yourself to your partner, to children (if you have any) to your local community and national level. It contrasts that model with a domination model. The book is not too long, can recommend.


@Anders %GEPDwm+rfSd+IomrqMb6cc+6TIixOV/KrCBjERbnc1c=.sha256
Voted # SSB DID Method (did:ssb) Draft 2021-04-04 (v0.1) This is an initial draf
@Anders %vlu7k8pI1y4Uj2xqV7pjKlYqHdv4XbbE84/kvmWFtTg=.sha256
Voted Oh yeah btw the other day i applied for #ngi pointer. If it goes through I'
@Anders %a8UMjhSEqBkEybblYwrVlgd55BGKLUlqacSzu4lVl5Y=.sha256
Voted Hyped for the next #manyverse release, just thought I'd *mention* that
@Anders %vDfWVzl1rSwg5AO+6eMeBrcH1ZkFsbfXb55E/ABs410=.sha256
Voted Please report Manyverse bugs on GitLab only This is a request that everybo
@Anders %hnoBTS8uEbosY2Hm5ZX+g+GBSP5OxeTk+Vi0ZvMAm0U=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2133.7-beta * 🎉 Add NFT support * ✅ Bug fix: improve paragr
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Voted We tried everything we could to free the ship in the canal and couldn't do
@Anders %ZjTQze3Wde4utpGiQtwGqnT1kq699bd9whjUPuypYZg=.sha256
Voted @arj DID Core suggests that applications require the `alsoKnownAs` relatio
@Anders %X+sZYBPxBZv+4THpyCGtEMiLnEA178UpbEiNFVGF5+o=.sha256
Voted # ssb-did-key Tools for using SSB keys with [did:key][]. `ssb-did-key` let
@Anders %muAH6yz6MWkhE23AhrTCPOAoxBF6rE1gcFGgj514p44=.sha256
Re: %65eRuSMp1

@cel-desktop thanks for the write up about DID. I'm trying to understand how the system works, so bear with me ;-)

If I understand this correctly, the alsoKnownAs works the same way in as the solution I proposed in feedless identity in that it requires consensus, right? Also is the mechanism for revoking roughly the same?

A controller is expected to immediately revoke any verification method that is believed to be compromised.
@Anders %Q89rqGLB7V853JkpNbX/umbeZBZbrI1/ksov4ilTzZc=.sha256
Voted ## SSB DID Methods ### Background In %xfBoK+g+Qj6NLl0SUj3kvpdx88bLhug30DO
@Anders %jk2CAUwGS3NXf1l8R33WWfYuA9fi7OwNGxlXGWuQrn0=.sha256
Voted DIDs have several ways of supporting multiple authors / devices. The [DID C
@Anders %uObMm2GvQoxD5iydggJEN7MBNRHnrR0hKaN2Hl2NMBI=.sha256
Voted @Cy Yes, I think that's a good video and agree. There are also some interes
@Anders %6s+RFXv1Ps2Y638X2ZjncjNu/2CMi0kI8GqfMUqA8lQ=.sha256
Re: %bwJIDc5qP

@Timothy Bradley both meta feeds and feedless identity requires mutual consent in order to be linked.

@Anders %sbjC83hdbB6qHZFHzSJRxCeTQXM3JYf6KvOpny8swUE=.sha256
Voted Feedless is also the name of an SSB app by @rchaves: %GUm8osPEnC53TtRcD/RDc
@Anders %TP+GmGAa3Hl0UX0OgvKiOShkzufVw6YFYwjnt3VoNqs=.sha256
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@Anders %vwMi2ZtQuOAdUjerdPjbDY6/NhmUoXitkA3RC94+0VU=.sha256
Re: %bwJIDc5qP

@Mix Android I'll leave some comments here responded to your audio message before I forget.

  • Tangle: it already is :) Might be a bit hard to see because the line is so long
  • Authorization and private group membership:
    One thing I like about the solution above is that they behave very much like ordinary identities in that you reference them by the id. The ID can be compromised, but again this is not really that different from an ordinary feed. I would argue that we have a stronger model here because we have tombstones.
  • virtual identity (cycling keys): I could maybe see the argument for being able to cycle keys, I'm just very afraid that going that down that road will lead to a lot of hard problems and edge cases. Like what happens if two people try to kick each other out? One thing that was important for me with this design was to keep it very simple to avoid these things. The question is if its too simple. I would argue that what we have here enables some very interesting use cases that people have been wanting for a very long time.

Very keen on having a call on this, but wanted to give you some more context first.

@Anders %xrF82rGdoZ8s6v40TRABzyfaz641x/6lD58GiPuiKbg=.sha256
Voted I sort-of wonder if you guys are circling around the [decentralized identit
@Anders %ql7L/PvDoWFmx2aQPxW3uHewwoHyf/VKME6SRP+ZWLY=.sha256
Voted A lot to say here. I'll do an audio dump but would love to jam on this on a
@Anders %G7lJtaqmaC3fIAZiIawu7kR2X8GYtSFBpWjVmTYUjCs=.sha256
Re: %FsOuR9ov9

@moid right, I didn't explain that very well I see. The syntax for indexes would be like this:

{ type: 'metafeed/operation', operation: 'add', feedformat: 'classic', id: '@index1', query: 'and(type(contact),author(@main))' }

So it would be specified in the meta feed what the index covers.

Tangles are a bit of a special case. If you want to exchange that between two peers then I think a better option would be to use set replication. I did a small talk for our advisor meeting about tanglesync and also wrote down some thoughts here.

@Anders %w+lPQ2qgP1bG3d4M/28HhqUUJr0d0n2eb74j7qQoWzk=.sha256
Re: %bwJIDc5qP

@mixmix @Mix Android would love your feedback on this :-)

@Anders %bwJIDc5qP6j5uNSeJLB0WQGSNOagswiel6ZLMcHu3KY=.sha256

Feedless identity

The idea for feedless identities and the name came out of a few conversations with Andre around meta feeds and how we can create a solution for same-as.

I should probably start by saying that same-as is something that a lot of different people have been trying to solve many times before. So with that in mind let me try and sketch anoter solution anyway ;-)

What we wanted was 3 things:

  • An identity to refer to
  • A member protocol including a way to deal with removing members
  • A way to send private messages to all member of this identity

Feedless identity is a concept where multiple regular identities are linked together with a specific purpose, such as belonging to the same physical person (same-as). The identity will have keypair that is shared with the linked members. The reason it is called feedless is because, as the name implies, all messages related to the identity is posted on the feeds of the members of an feedless identity.

Each identity should have a feed containing messages related to feedless identities it is linked to. Each feedless identity works by consensus, meaning as long as all the members of an identity are mutually linked, the identity is considered valid. Any member of the identity can revoke the validity of an identity by creating a tombstone message.

To create a new feedless identity, a keypair is created and the identity is announced:

{ type: 'feedless/create', identity: '@id', name: 'arj' }

The identity can then be linked between identities:

{ type: 'feedless/link', identity: '@id', from: '@mf', to: '@othermf', tangles: { feedless: { root: '%abc', previous: '%abcd' } } }

Once @othermf posts a similar message, the identity is linked and the creator of the identity should send the private key of the identity to the new member. Messages of a feedless identity are tangled using the initial message as the root.

The identity can be extended with members by having all current members linking the new identity and the new identity linking back.

Any member can revoke the feedless identity by posting the following message:

{ type: 'feedless/tombstone', identity: '@id', tangles: { feedless: { root: '%abc', previous: '%abcd' } } }

Once another member sees this message they should also post a tombstone message, this is to make it harder for an adversary to try and keep the identity alive by withholding new messages after one of the identities has been compromised. It is up to the members to create a new feedless identity as the existing is now considered void and should not be used.

Lastly the name can be changed in a consensus fashion as well:

{ type: 'feedless/name', identity: '@id', name: 'arj', tangles: { feedless: { root: '%abc', previous: '%abcd' } } }

A new identity added to the feedless identity can merge these messages by including the name in the link message.

These feedless identities thus act as public groups. They work best for small groups where the members should be publicly known. For larger groups, private-groups should be considered instead.

It might also be possible to operate with identities where instead of full censensus only a quorum is needed. Imagine you have groups of groups, where instead of having each member of a feedless identity ack a link between the identity and another linked identity, you would only have say 2/3 of the members do that. Another thing to note about groups of groups is that in the consensus form they end up being the same as just a group of all the individual feeds.

Messages to the feedless identity should be posted as box2 messages. There is a large overlap between this and private groups implementation wise (keystore, reindexing etc).

@Anders %Si3HEnJtZqosFfhHVrAbijWrxcGSeH/MB7hjVHCoiGU=.sha256
Re: %FsOuR9ov9

@moid exactly. Where it might make sense to know the type up front is for index feeds. So that is very good feedback, thanks. Will have to think it over.

@Anders %4GfqfGnnzNM/m3eQIF2v/QSt6ZCjsxRY5s7o5W1wq4s=.sha256
Voted Y'all have no idea how exciting and seemless "Sign-in with SSB" will be. I'
@Anders %7I+DnWpq5h+ryIuZ+fVeME7qcDPqjDgTnnaWSoV8y3M=.sha256
Re: %FsOuR9ov9

@moid you are correct that the applications feed is a meta feed with another feed format (bamboo). I'll change the name to feed format. Thanks for that feedback.

The example could have been clearer if a feedtype was added I agree, yes. I'm just wondering if we need to specify that up front or if it can be deduced from the content.

@Anders %aWJ8ANr7veK/SP/t3AfNOeo29s68EIpqi8J61a404Fo=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Did a bunch of work and thinking related to ssb meta feeds and wrote a post about it. I'm pretty happy about the current state and would welcome feedback before we start working on this next month.

@Anders %FsOuR9ov9tvpiMR71wnKvCw00B6qfDpZO8UbCFQ2IE8=.sha256

SSB meta feeds

As part of our work on the #ngipointer grant, over the coming months we are going to explore a new concept in SSB called meta feeds. The main idea is to provide some more structure to the messages of a feed. We do this by creating multiple feeds with different purposes belonging to the same identity and linking these feeds in such a way that other peers can find the data they need. It is important to note that all of these feeds will be tied to the same device in the same way that feeds are today.

I highly recommend watching @andrestaltz talk on this topic from our advisor meetings. Also the latest version of the design document for meta feeds is located here.


Meta feed

A meta feed is feed where the messages only describe other feeds. These messages can then also contain meta data about the feeds:

{ type: 'metafeed/operation', operation: 'add', feedtype: 'classic', purpose: 'main', id: '@main' }
{ type: 'metafeed/operation', operation: 'add', feedtype: 'bamboo', purpose: 'applications', id: '@applications' }

In the example above we have two messages, one linking to our existing main feed and one linking to another meta feed for application specific data. In this way we can build up a tree structure of feeds. It is important to note that because these meta feeds are just regular feeds, the messages can be encrypted and thus a whole subtree be hidden from outsiders.

These new feeds will be generated from a seed value, using something like this:

const seed = crypto.randomBytes(32)

const prk = hkdf.extract(lhash, hash_len, seed, salt)
const mf_info = "ssb-meta-feed-seed-v1:metafeed"
const mf_seed = hkdf.expand(hash, hash_len, prk, length, mf_info)
const mf_key = ssbKeys.generate("ed25519", mf_seed)

By saving this seed it is possible to recreate all the keys as the process deterministic. Not all feeds in a meta feed needs to be generated in this way though.

Content feed

A content feed is similar to existing feeds in that they just contain messages like posts, likes etc.

Index feed

An index feed is a special feed that is used to index other feeds just like in a database. One example of this would be the contact messages of your main feed. You can create a feed that only contains hash links to the original messages on another feed. We are going to introduce a new RPC replication mechanism that will efficiently be able to replicate these feeds. The purpose of these feeds is to enable partial replication by only that specific part of a larger feed.


Currently in SSB your identity is the same the public key for your feed. This key is also used for secret handshake to establish an authenticated and encrypted connection between two peers. Furthermore this identity is also encoded in messages such as contact messages.

We aim to use the id of the top meta feed as the identity of a peer going forward. For backwards compatibility secret handshake is probably still going to use the main feed identity for a foreseeable future, but new concepts such as trustnet that will be using specific feeds for the messages, will refer to this new identity.

Potential applications

A list of some concepts that could be implemented using the meta feeds:

  • New feed formats
  • Sub feeds for specific application, like git-ssb, so only clients
    that actually want these messages have to store them.
  • Ephemeral messages by adding a lifetime to the metadata of a feed
    and having clients respect that.
  • Allow lists, meaning you can specify what other feeds are allowed
    to get a certain feed
  • Same-as using feedless identities. I'll be dedicating a separate
    post for this topic.

What we aim to build

This document describes the ideas in more detail, but I'll briefly highlight some ideas:

  • Indexes
  • Claims (indexes for other feeds) and audits using trustnet
  • Feedless identities for public small groups

Our aim with this is to get the number of messages a client needs to download down to about 1/10 of the size, which should decrease the time a new user needs to wait substantially.

Backwards compatibility

We aim to keep as much backwards compatibility as possible with existing feeds so that existing client applications will continue to work. As meta feeds is a layer on top of existing feeds in a way it is natural to implement only new concepts using meta feeds. If it turns out to be a good idea and we have a better feed format then I think that would be the point where existing clients would need to be adapted.

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Voted Mange tak! 😃
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Voted @arj built one into ssb-browser(-demo), using [yjs](
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Re: %x/z0IyoTp

Hej og velkommen :)

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Voted Hi! So I finally managed to join #ssb. My name is Jesper but most people k
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Voted ![An screen capture of three white text boxes on a grey background. A curso
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Voted #OccupySuez is going on as planned...
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Voted # development diary #dev-diary I've felt quite productive lately even th
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Re: %UW0vjx0au

@glyph you will be greatly missed. If you want some help setting up #ssb-browser just get in touch. It might be easier to get running on the rpi4 as you just need a browser.

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Voted Just a heads-up that I might not be very active on the Butts for a while. T
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Voted 10am, time for a tea-break and some posting. The good news: baby no.2 is o
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Voted No problems [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519).
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Re: %v9XMkQEld

You might want to look at meta feeds. It can create a tree like structure that enable all kinds of nice things described in that document.

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Re: %QNJE6OcJ7

@Luandro Pàtwy sorry for the late repy. If it is something that will help I can try requesting a license.

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Re: %klnREUIw9

Fantastic update @Luandro Pàtwy. The project sounds very interesting and like really fulfilling purposeful work.

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Voted # Connecting peoples of the Earth: Tukano continued from %hMC/Ix/mnDvk0KYG
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Voted ### Signal-FOSS > A fork of S
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Voted # Futures of SSB ![06fsuzpj.bmp](&fsbk1V6ouraz4r+yuxuZCWiG49A2RaH0kq+fR/ZNB
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Voted ## Manyverse 0.2103.19-beta - ✅ Bug fix: starting new private chats shoul
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Voted Hi everybody, hello world! Myselium Collective is a housing project on Sou
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Voted #newpeople I’ve declined to use FB because of its inherent privacy intrusio
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Voted I just launched my new eBook about LiveCode. ![Book Promo with book cover]
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Voted Isn't the point of the ssb architecture that the people in the social realm
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Party in the bat-cave


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Voted Phew... I was sooo wrong. Thank you `git bisect`... There were actually tw
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Voted [@cblgh](@C6fAmdXgqTDbmZGAohUaYuyKdz3m6GBoLLtml3fUn+o=.ed25519) Wow, cc [@a
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Voted > And even if we do deletions of msgs (currently it’s just an overwrite wit
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Voted So, after reverting different commits touching the patchwork-internals it w
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Voted ![A screenshot of the earthstar lobby app, running in a browser window](&u8
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Voted [@glyph](@HEqy940T6uB+T+d9Jaa58aNfRzLx9eRWqkZljBmnkmk=.ed25519) ![
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Re: %u0MgEX7mw

@memo Yes you do. That is definitely a gotcha. Do you mind opening an issue for that?

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Voted ![clover_computer.gif](&odPdCGXmJdUf/R/81fiyFoIR8wJ6zN+Qh9bAYIalerg=.sha256
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Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Been working on getting meta feeds into shape. Still about 27% done, so lots of work to do on that one.

Other stuff:

  • Helped Andre with getting the manyverse release ready
  • Paired with @mixmix on private groups. We used ssb-fixtures (see this PR) to generate a bunch of groups and mesages in these and found a few different bugs. If you want to help getting private groups ready for prime time that is a very good place to start :)
  • Worked on a faster sort in jitdb that has some nice improvements for queries like get me the latest 10 public posts for my whole database. Before it had to sort all the possible results before it could return the latest 10 based on timestamp. I tried a bunch of stuff including radix sort but nothing really helped until I thought, wait! Lemire must have thought about this problem before and yes of course he has. He even made a nice library that we could use.
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Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) Thank you
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Re: %uEIk8WSxR

Wow that house looks cozy.

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Voted It’s funny that you don’t know much about Uruguay from a European perspecti
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Re: %t0QDQ/urp

@memo for mentions we have created a indexdb plugin that will index all the links. This means you can do something like:

    toCallback((err, results) => {
       // do it

Example from the tests. You can also combine these kind of indexes with normal jitdb indexes like:

  and(mentions(feedId), author(anotherfeedId)),
  toCallback((err, results) => {
       // do it  

So all mentions of feedid by anotherfeedid.

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Voted I plugged this key into manyverse since it’s _fast_ now. 😅 No need to hav
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Voted ## Update 9.3.21 (two weeks) With a two week update we can gladly announce
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Voted # Week 1 NGI Diary dear diary, ## 2021-03-01 * Had a meeting first with Ze
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Voted #writing #dweb # Compost Magazine Out Today! ![Compost_issue01_draftv4.j
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Voted [@Christian Bundy](@+oaWWDs8g73EZFUMfW37R/ULtFEjwKN/DczvdYihjbU=.ed25519) m
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Voted # New Patchwork Release: `v3.18.1-beta.4` I just hit publish on the Github
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Re: %19uiUzvUq

@dinoworm 🐛 I very much agree to what you said here. I do think that we are moving in the right direction though. I had a ESC call this weekend and after that I wrote down some thoughts very much aligned with this thread and with Bundys burn out thread. The following list is just my random thoughts, so in no particular order.

Good things

  • Working in crews over longer periods. Two recent examples of this: NGI pointer and ahau. There are several advantages to this. First of all working with lovely humans and a daily basis totally rocks. I've been really enjoying working with the rest of the NGI crew. I can see some of the same dynamics with ahau. Secondly this has allowed us to tackle some of the things that would have been impossible or lead to burn-out if done solo like private groups and db2. In the NGI pointer we will be tackling another of the gnarly bits in the JS stack, the dreaded triangle of death that is: ssb-friends, ssb-replicate and ssb-ebt.

  • Manyverse donations has allowed Andre to keep working on manyverse for a long period being paid. This is really important I think and I think it's really important that we either set aside a certain % of the open collective SSBC money or even better create a new OC for whatever client we want to promote as the boring butt client.

  • Paying people for the things we are about. The newsletter is a really important part of the community and the way @elavoie started this and later handed it over to @cblgh is something I think we should really inspire to. Also this is payed which is really important I think.

  • Making a maintainable boring butt client. I've been fascinated to see how many people started contribution to oasis. It's really a testament to a really good foundation that @Christian Bundy has established. Also that we have had multiple people working on in. Both payed and not payed.

  • ssb-js another one of @Christian Bundy great ideas. I think we need go through all the modules on ssbc and move them over and deprecate SSBC. Either that or clean up the people there and move a lot of stuff to ssb-unmaintained. ssb-junkyard was a great first step in cleanup up stuff.

  • is really great in that we finally have decent documentation and not only for js but also for rust and go. It complements the protocol guide well I think.

  • is pretty great as well. Kudos to the people that made it. It could use and update though.

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Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) sure, sounds
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Voted Forking from: %qSbwerdxypoF2+x0y+WxvavD5rgmVrK6kHoeez2ctxs=.sha256 First,
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Voted > I’m concerned that we are both not identifying the immediate cause; and t
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Re: %t0QDQ/urp

Amazing! Do you mind if I link to this from It has a section on jitdb and db2.

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Voted ![ssb-browser-demo Threads screenshot.jpg](&KbV8s4aALf1j/ypQqVQk0VFkbV/nLKF
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Voted [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) [@arj
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Voted Just updated the app in my iPhone 12 Max and it took 8 minutes doing the wh
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Voted 😻 wow, great work, this new database is very exciting!
@Anders %HbkRPUKC0M8g9tWNUOHlKF4MDlL0kmrDYYjx/T0qqko=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2103.5-beta * 🎉 New database promises faster performance,
@Anders %YxRvSoaSQdL3vIJ7RkPLF5ZErFbbs/sXtftFch8M1X4=.sha256
Voted marker post, let's see if I can reinstall this app without forking
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Voted # [Solar Protocol]( [@Kira](@C3iYh/12sO1uvKq1KcZX
@Anders %9345zGmXf8TYXvaeqm4BuPE9y8GY1vDPWW9fiBJFy+Y=.sha256
Voted A wild Schnorr (paper) appears and seems to break RSA. [eprint IACR Paper
@Anders %1woGEwFJjkaknGQFfeys/L3rUFob8/gCIL2Di/sQrlY=.sha256
Voted # `ssb-hyper-blobs@0.1.0` This is a scuttlebutt plugin which adds encrypte
@Anders %Og4151hHpiAcCNlb5i2TfN8FrVEFc7hImME4qW/xeQA=.sha256
Voted similar to what [@Dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed
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Voted This article, [How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70%](
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Voted ### My #ngipointer #dev-diary ![image.png](&pVAl2jKrCRPCFw0grNkUL39OQhjhp
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Voted So I *think* that I'm running patchwork on electron 11 right now. This was
@Anders %d0VEzme436iKNTy3NRCxBopG0YAhZ235y8qS5ygXo/I=.sha256
Voted Y'all can't see from where you're sitting, but I shared an APK with [@Power
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Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) Thanks for ho
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Voted # 🐛 💜 hallo!
@Anders %41MWat6BklbI7cfx2Q7E+WhTJelpRa/PnWEob84vkIE=.sha256
Voted I'm still doing it, [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed
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Re: %WNuYUIz6q

Sailing the high seas I see matey!

@Anders %Dxkddlg8WHMXOPagT/ETrMgCV9dzGCKngNeaSokFSmI=.sha256
Re: %acYPgR4vx

Dear mr firefox, I love that you use the expression chasing your own tail ;-)

@Anders %ySEd7x87WeBxDoNhw3eFy3d9Y2WT0GcODMVTfazc0p0=.sha256
Voted Hello world? It's been 3 weeks since I haven't used this mobile account, be
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Voted ![image.png](&8Ym+QB/h18Lsu64k1ODYs0H0WpNMBfwv/rmGXsj1D6Y=.sha256) Chattin
@Anders %UsKw8WvyfakFb02kCNNrdlUTz48RF4payHcvWiuzMwc=.sha256
Voted ### 👋😍☝ im super excited to have [@cryptix](@p13zSAiOpguI9nsawkGijsnMfWm
@Anders %VyZVKZP4ZRdNILdtG5vMBiYL+ojFOXAmjCSUJ3z73s0=.sha256
Voted On a more positive note, I had a quick call with [@notplants](@5Pt3dKy2HTJ0
@Anders %Eqfv3cy4dCopVeX5ZxPNGfZ9ArjLUKKCxTrfBEX7tzU=.sha256
Voted So what is it I'm working on now, you might ask? It's [go-ssb-room](https:/
@Anders %Kdw21gtIFTWmBc4eZEcNVm2TktsW5fEIkAhuPHl3mA4=.sha256
Re: %VptE+nDjx

@bobhaugen should be the one. If I remember correctly it was the but that would be anarchy! post I remember correctly. You might enjoy that if you havn't heard about Igalia before Bob.

@Anders %HYVWYg7OaDtUr27vtBoqxOtqoIGt/uyPEO40mJJsmSs=.sha256
Re: %VptE+nDjx

Oh! Someone from Igalia, welcome. I heard about Igalia from Andy Wingo's blog a few years ago. Are you based in Spain?

@Anders %eNwlM+3IsjBO8LB4bfCOXWX8JOSGwZksOvOxwkpt1JU=.sha256
Voted #new-people #introductions Hello everyone! You can call me ryzokuken.
@Anders %FkJ5kcX6Z/lHKqYvWEFRYKHv+2qq3eIxTgnFedPVpM0=.sha256
Voted I just checked patchwork and saw this last message and then read the whole
@Anders %9hxsfZiJoxy5IV3rp3QiVzuERYzi4TOw6Qnp5Oz7U7w=.sha256
Voted I seem to just have received this post. This is absolutely *amazing* news!
@Anders %HJO/wh/ldfihSPHFL918ZMYD2ZL7XMcCKgChVWaIy4I=.sha256
Voted About time I wrap up the last milestone, which for me meant find a finish l
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Changed something in about
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  "attendee": {
    "link": "@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519"
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    "type": "image/jpeg"
  "startDateTime": {
    "epoch": 1614254400000,
    "tz": "europe/copenhagen",
    "silent": true,
    "_weekStart": 1
  "title": "Scuttlespace 2",
  "description": "This is second installment for the re-occurring open scuttlespaces.\n\n13-16 CET\n\nWhere:\nMumble\nServer:\nPort: 64738\n\nWhomever wants to come, comes and we have space for working in company or for simply chatting a bit. The idea is based on \" Digital Open Office \" concepts but chatting is really very welcome as well!"
@Anders %QB9+ygoVrEt5/M1grkoKR66MLrBFGJ4iS63dqPuMpGk=.sha256

Scuttlespace 2

Thu, 25 Feb 2021 12:00:00 GMT

8 attending

This is second installment for the re-occurring open scuttlespaces.

13-16 CET

Port: 64738

Whomever wants to come, comes and we have space for working in company or for simply chatting a bit. The idea is based on " Digital Open Office " concepts but chatting is really very welcome as well!

@Anders %BZ6oHgqxQeNSKeBqNfwch0kVHDCmCV1fzqL0TNYnHPs=.sha256
Voted ![audio:recording.mp3](&U57WwEOxwb+1lgWwBj3j8ROqQM7/q3Jk/qqHsewj8T0=.sha256
@Anders %RwFVt9IwxDLc2Uf384oKhny4AK1XMUkiT+q9MxZ0t/Y=.sha256
Voted Chipped popped in for a visit last week. A creature of few words, Chip is n
@Anders %5AWag3cN/E3aW08hbFmjDv8fnEUsEuOjLBKsnb1RMEs=.sha256
Voted ![filhote_de_dragao.jpeg](&TzJqmodEFQA4LzUVyFwCcxBqkcf1SDsUzyNM2Rtx8Ns=.sha
@Anders %mRjOjfxNpbZO7/7DcRqrZQXydAUbJkYR4OZeIPZw4eg=.sha256
Re: %pic9tt7wg

Thiis call for mtg art


Archwing Dragon by Daarken

@Anders %Y778s3Jaw19vByzG2EgFRg/uQQcECDike8R6VRBe3os=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&h2BdizMhdtPcEt/JCW45BYX3maSGfISmWRPpFPAw04I=.sha256) These a
@Anders %g9bLN7VPuLmu1VnbOi1b/E3EC4dLnmYlJbhSITBGKn0=.sha256
Voted So, I was unhappy with the CSS for the Zine app, it was a bit buggy. I repl
@Anders %Q42umXt4Rq0zWXcJhqnCBsynYlu2Ne+dkjHsC5iXNoU=.sha256
Voted [@uncle Rodney's facebook timeline](@BQXNdakpRpHqxDP2QZP/RJr95osWzW+q89MXYO
@Anders %9DamfuEP2OHPcrYV34ujjztKMoLaoneDUYO2nD4DdMk=.sha256
Voted # Work in Progress for version 2021.2.1 ## Fixes _ I apologise for the am
@Anders %e6zzASBB35V8sABv+2rltes2z/hi+1SOcU9qyFWkgcg=.sha256
Voted Wow! This is great news [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wY
@Anders %6/DmZHpYh+HLlF5gxybvGgRIgq4rL+29HWvn/k4BYuo=.sha256
Voted The dragon is slain. We're sitting on the ground, one arm resting on the dr
@Anders %F6MTAo6kH7UPmgdNtOhRhe1XE3ddZ7INSOJpN8CEUXw=.sha256
Voted discovered [The Consentful Tech Zine](
@Anders %Hh0UR0gRcKpyCatx+xUpI7Cjf+f8wf0z4cFuaeXIz4w=.sha256
Voted I now got oasis working with #tor via torsocks! * set up Tor locally (i.
@Anders %2Afs9ziB2FZeK/YBjXZ0CnR/Ui/AbQpj4sDySnForok=.sha256
Voted ## git-ssb v2.8.1 released Changes: - Updated `sodium-native` dependency t
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Voted The talks were great. Maybe they should be added to ``.
@Anders %o3Lad/or1vjG/AiOZ8tAqZFrEpgdrtpt2gfM2c9FOsM=.sha256
Voted Looks like the Enspiral Anal plug - which was the only competitor [@joshuav
@Anders %eR84PjHsUuVu2AgQmKjsMru+O4tzr2LwB05RnobN1n8=.sha256
Re: %yEELtVTis

I'm with Zenna on this one. it feels wierd to pay for your sins with $. I wouldn't mind putting in some money each year to a box that can be used to help foster compassion in the community, but I don't think it should be payed out to people directly, it should be payed to maybe have people facilitate group meetings like the fairy rings.

I think the most important part is acknowledging when you have been wrong. I still remember I said something in a not very tone here in public about a ssb-server release that dominic did a very long time ago and that was really shitty to do. I still feel bad about it when I think back to it and I never think I told Dominic I was sorry for what I did. So yeah, more practice of saying sorry. I also think that these open spaces, like SSB is right now, might not be the right medium for these kind of things. This is why I'm very excited about tribes groups or whatever you want to call them. There is such an incredible difference between coding on SSB in "public" and doing it in the SSB grant where you talk to the other people regularly. Having calls, building up empathy etc.

@Anders %yC8cq7/nMPy9tS0nMmSDXtvPz4tMx3wTfO86E6UOSjY=.sha256
Voted [ssb-deweird](
@Anders %qosOFg1rgWrzn+a4sGNto4PDUQxwrwP8+nJZbxoJ2lM=.sha256
Voted Okay, less dread now. Things were really dark at some point, but in several
@Anders %SmHyhZmpm0OOiG8Xxqdj5osmeR7qg6SH1R1qdk28wzw=.sha256
Voted I finally had some time to catch up on [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1W
@Anders %ULCGYGOG0dOd3CJ3guSjTXPXOJTExMSK7K0LPiBb8sc=.sha256
Voted Ohhh I'm featured in this post (not really) :D
@Anders %HaONiumbnWs63N0ndjAnntXZstCvCp7vzWg5JUCvcsE=.sha256
Voted Not the worst view to wake up to! Did a quick fly-over town after waking
@Anders %mWa5KfEIBnr9KSZJi9f3wM8Kg4bJFaT8XeOj8WmfkJY=.sha256
Voted ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ ⚠️⚠️ _this is a burnout warning_ ⚠️⚠️ ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠
@Anders %WNsMr2bKMKnU15vmoLC6TOQvRendmskirBcixUELh5g=.sha256
Voted Jesus, I forced `npm` to install `sodium-native@3.2.1` on the #oasis repo h
@Anders %oomLlSy7/TBDRKnXjnGze6tpbvVBnyjGrI+RyyRbJtE=.sha256
Voted ## (Last weeks) Update 2.2.21 Omigooooooooosh what a week. At least for me
@Anders %on1/ZlTDH2fhxq+MGl4/dPlhQMqI5MlehjLOwzzYF4c=.sha256
Re: %QNJE6OcJ7

@farewellutopia it just means you can't onboard against a normal ssb client. But after you are onboarded, then normal replication works fine against normal clients because that uses EBT. As said as proper solution is in the making, this is all just a hack I did to test the performance of this kind of approach.

@Luandro Pàtwy mobile is now fixed in latest master. I want to land a few more fixes and then do another release in the coming days.

@Anders %E47w4mnh+WQhhk5iKcfC8wn1ioqojy95m++KxZTizOE=.sha256
Re: %QNJE6OcJ7

The method:partialReplication,getFeed is because partial replication only works between nodes that support it. Meaning only my pub right now and then other browser demo clients. In about 2 months we'll be start on a proper implementation of partial replication that will also work in the go ssb server and other clients like manyverse.

@Anders %qVHw6Zd7Nz1kTpSWss1SuKCD6XTfrfQITmZ79WgEKbQ=.sha256
Voted ## Introducing Realities TLDR: It's a webapp that's a bit like [P2Panda](h
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Voted You're right Kyle. [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed2
@Anders %KRboQqCKE0Ib0L35bIdfvjHJm0oT5D2qfnS0FRfNB9c=.sha256
Re: %QNJE6OcJ7

@Luandro Pàtwy thank you very much. So heartwarming to hear ❤️

For ssb-room see this. Cryptix is are working on rooms 2 in go where web sockets should be enabled by default :)

mDNS: not sure if that ever made it into a web standard or not, I know they have been putting a lot of stuff in the browser including bluetooth.

private groups: Working on that, we ran into a problem with trying to generate a dataset that includes private groups. Currently we are quite busy trying to make the new database work in manyverse. Once that settles I'll cycle back to that. Basically it should be working, but we need proper full tests.

mobile: yeah, I sadly did not have time to fix that before the talk. Now that it done I'll get that working because I've been using the browser on my phone as well before.

@Anders %1y9vAVM20A+IU9lJWsaoaXlVPshPatC7XNv1Vz8qFHQ=.sha256
Voted This is really really amazing! Working very well.
@Anders %DmtsQ8MU9FDKC0I0o34Abwk9gq28hKm2HGxLMjHDUc4=.sha256
Voted Also, just wondering if anyone wanted of a hack on the https://scuttlebutt.
@Anders %Z8fJ9JNHtreQZfTtSvLYQJX0Af+dxyp7Vuhu55cd7Qs=.sha256
Voted This is amazing work, great job [@Kyle Maas's Development Thoughts](@MI0aKQ
@Anders %RRUgIIhgHkoWbVWqRtqpMix58SORo9xDFsdWmPuJGY8=.sha256
@Anders %QNJE6OcJ7X171if0mgeT04p4qimGj8z3qbqRAnHWhtU=.sha256

SSB Browser 5.0.0

This is a rather big release. Most of this stuff was done by @Kyle Maas's Development Thoughts. It's be really good to see a new person come in an become so productive within such a short time. It wasn't more than a month ago that 4.0.0 was released and now we have another major release with more than 250 commits.

Some of the new things are ability to add reactions:


A group feature where you can put people into groups and easily see only messages from people in that group. This is saved in local storage because it is still being tested, but this is by far the feature that I'm most excited about


Better notifications (a feature from patchbay) where if someone writes a comment to a thread you wrote or commented in, it will show up.





New features/enhancements:

  • New groups tab
  • New Channels tab
  • New Settings tab
  • Themes
  • Add ability to add reactions to posts
  • Filter preferences on the Public tab are saved
  • New filter for favorite channels
  • New filter for channels to hide
  • Public messages can now be posted to a channel
  • Connections now shows peers by name
  • New onboarding screen
  • User-friendly Markdown editor
  • Profile pages now have "Send Message" buttons
  • Channels can now be replied to directly
  • Internationalization support
  • Japanese translation
  • Pirate translation
  • Allow for message titles in Public messages
  • Autorefresh feature for Public messages
  • Include replies to threads in Notifications
  • Suggest profile names when typing @ in an editor
  • When a user is blocked, we now delete their messages from the database
  • When easily available, thread titles are displayed for reply messages
  • We now use ssb-friends instead of the old custom profiles index

Bug fixes:

  • Lots of performance optimizations from arj03
  • Clicking Disconnect now forgets connections so they don't try to reconnect
  • When changing pages, the page title is updated, making browser history useful for back/forward
  • Update dependencies
  • Multiple fixes for pagination
  • Display error to user if they exceed message size limits, rather than just failing on the console
  • Get rid of the chloride errors which always showed up on page load
@Anders %moyNLgMwROai8MKeyLWCBHocOncrcdXdLQbjeEABa+s=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Fixed an issue in epidemic broadcast trees that has been buggy me for a very long time, where if you loose your state, there was no way to make the other end acknowledge that and send you stuff again. Really nice to have @cryptix there to pair on a solution with.

Tried converting ssb-social-index and ssb-suggest to ssb-db2. Landed some PRs, sadly its not there yet. We worked on bunch on this about issue, the question is do you want the assigned names of the network or only self-assigned names? Maybe with the ability for yourself to assign names. Right now I'm back to a level index of self-assigned names in browser-core.

Worked on supported db2 in ssb-friends. That also turned into a untangle the dependencies between replicate and ssb-friends a bit, meaning you can use ssb-friends to only care about the graph stuff and not all the replication stuff. This way it is possible to run friends without the replication plugin as we do in browser-core.

@Anders %3sMOof9FPtlDBzj1myY3ib96Je6D54pp4sbxnAk+/IM=.sha256
Voted You’re back [dan hassan](@NeB4q4Hy9IiMxs5L08oevEhivxW+/aDu/s/0SkNayi0=.ed25
@Anders %+Dg7QvgBNdrpGNkgKCs/c7EmfvQaolHVmHvv+JKneYM=.sha256
Re: %Ws77Ij/tz

@punkmonk I was wondering if they were decent or not. I drafted black and green last weekend and the power level in this series is really high. Makes for a nice draft experience :)

@Anders %TlxbThF0CCim+2rNwZd6Xb1ISAVo8VMuOKEEKDH3PSo=.sha256
Re: %y/K5o06xC

Fosdem will have 3 SSB talks :)

@Anders %dPm4AOtDIvGXr8D7cskGnamfilK4/qQkF47tXR4cC/Q=.sha256
Voted ## Redecentralize Digest — January 2021
@Anders %adpzQ+xnn3E6Ma0D58j2Q49e+FmVRI5tBYaumWiI2rY=.sha256
Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) indestructibl
@Anders %msqkiOepqkVQYKUFm68bI22zJbFu24Z/VT7bTimRegY=.sha256
Re: %Ws77Ij/tz

Ha, I actually saw that card, just not the creature type.

@Anders %ZF+Z+uhbtr6AjoOMzgDmCwSRVBV267XjX8HXeLWyuMU=.sha256
Voted As most days I started my lunch break just a *little* too late to catch goo
@Anders %268rKYSbw4CwbD8OCGsSykodbLAtQZ/MsSFB4q50Eqk=.sha256
Voted # Earthstar goings-on Been a while since we had a chunky #earthstar update
@Anders %+8zdByeyt3RVMcUSsBxLXERj1gS4cKmqZTQx+B1ttAM=.sha256
Voted # Lieu, community search engine i just released a new project :~ it's a ki
@Anders %7e8kNwSVSh2Biu+7yOuotL4c+4TmkCR3POb6uSN6VWs=.sha256
Voted #manyverse desktop making progress! Able to sort of render a thread and com
@Anders %QPpiVBloa82KFde1oEvP5hZW8y+CyN7IGH/DUpdPFcE=.sha256
Voted commenting from manyverse desktop testing testing
@Anders %E7mQHNv9OPWPAauGkACSK7j4cwTXoA7Qu0sZOhJnXCc=.sha256
Voted *takes a break from ssb for 1 week* *754 posts & 5 mentions later* whew
@Anders %Q13RDvhbx8S7o9unqY/CotzrObROAuQmvSbqOnL8Q/c=.sha256
Re: %tZ+URxK2X

@enkiv2 if you want to know more about db2 I encourage you to look at ssb-db2 and jitdb. Also some examples of flume versus the new api. Happy to answer any questions you might have.

@Anders %0s1GvW2HNVxyse2WVlytBvA6cyRWvEMNaHgjkSozeTk=.sha256
Re: %ApzNP/es3


@Anders %fqHmJxmhlAwsYO+BE8iaHrN5NYKv632lkfRh5YSTFBw=.sha256
Voted _29 January 2021_ Time for a long-overdue update! The major highlight of
@Anders %glgfKtTmGExaDLu7yYrQ2mzzKJKrroDT6pq12XgbvcI=.sha256
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@Anders %0g8grIAo9rhOHcLOAqrWJ9osTe4EAA/J6mTuX9liiYE=.sha256
Voted Hi everyone! 🌴 I'm new to SSB but are doing some work on Oasis for a coupl
@Anders %I47bR5yl7uOowPJEznJSkiKRwgJSCI0ph9qKfHOy0rM=.sha256
Voted # Solar Calculator > TL&DR a tool me and [@Hiure](@TMz3wLnXWIEOWUoLiE0tnqT
@Anders %InzLhDA+7zxO3irzdVVDhYyqZJh5qYwr1fLDQs0YJrc=.sha256
Voted I'm not 100% happy with the state of ebt but it's not in a bad state. I wil
@Anders %ZfechY7BuZMET9g6pmKt5wHJG60YbqnY2LH2SRdD6sU=.sha256
Voted Lastl, I did a comparison of the JS test suite with what I did. [@arj](@6CA
@Anders %8kOGPd1pVQUujKQracK0i+rejz23MI8dcWsW7FBzU/o=.sha256
Voted Epidemic broadcast trees are a thing of the past, the next cool algorithm i
@Anders %F15gPyccFswdAljjqCyGoOAEn7gLR1QwG0G4RU42SiI=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

The inverted index for prefix indexes turned out to work great for some of our queries. This means that we got roughly 10-20x improvements on common queries (key, vote links etc). All of these are now < 1ms on a full database (1.5 million messages).

@Anders %+EfoCbyls05GP3WaDYhcrCz/nrnSR/Q9J+noYDtVYpQ=.sha256
Re: %yUAJ1I8yt

In general I'm not really a super fan of just saying run over tor and now you are safe. Like there are also things like exif stripping (also works in some clients) that needs to be considered, the UI in general needs to be focused on the security aspect. Private groups and rooms 2 (with privacy) would also fall into the category of good candidates for a security focused SSB client, so that was what I would focus on if I were to work more in that area.

@Anders %DK+ljTr6CHhfPAkiejbuQooQqjNP/U5MjZEe1Ijn8yI=.sha256
Re: %yUAJ1I8yt

Tor for scuttlebutt definitely works. There is even a page in the handbook about it. When I was working on patchbay there was a switch to only connect to tor pubs. That being said I havn't touched that for a while so it might or might not work atm ;-)

@Anders %I9QQMUSAcSoSYm+pQojVRo2/EhGs7gyKKnDBx9Y4Yeg=.sha256

Everyone say hi to @Kyle. Kyle has been doing a ton of great stuff with #ssb-browser including adding reactions to posts, themes, pirate speak etc.

@Anders %KyIoo03gYrxgOqVUC6JZGAmVP/bN3WkIpCBTbRB3YdE=.sha256
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Voted I only recently discovered SSB after being a big fan of Mastodon for quite
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@Anders %7T4vmwkPvAcKcpc21d/1C7f2GAUEkTNBbCBuoBFwyDs=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

I keep forgetting to update this dev diary ;-)

Been busy preparing a talk for fosdem. Turns out obs studo is a pretty nice program for recording talks :)

Did a bunch of fixes to async flumelog and db2. Testing EBT in go against the browser, really happy to see that coming along. Spent quite a while yesterday trying to create an inverted index for prefix indexes. Seems to work pretty well with vote queries.

Also started porting ssb-about and ssb-suggest over to db2. Getting some help finish that from Kyle who has been doing a ton of work on ssb browser. More on that later.

@Anders %yH3HDfxiPj3eHvkPnkDxaP+rCQ87EIIGSWZnfU3Wshs=.sha256
Voted [CW: Animated GIFs] Worked on some bug fixing: [db2 130](
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Voted Doing a great job Andre! Take it easy, I'm confident you'll get it right!
@Anders %BICAkBrgppe4f/Fq+YO0n7tViUgncZC7YPYkvf7ctoQ=.sha256
Re: %ghcf4C44s

Already fixed it seems

@Anders %xKkEhDAyysSqrnsIILAeyKf6avD6d5JoDLOEJE1gqZk=.sha256
Voted Update 20.1.21 Oh my Oh my Oh my ===== Today is a tired day. How can I de
@Anders %SI2LHDdElgHpw5Ktiu6aXXNqZ0NLgRM7OOYTQO1LZmg=.sha256
Voted ![A teeny tiny snowman, big as a toddler's hand](&urL4RynLWQnQ1IkXQ+qobq9Nj
@Anders %wGoxAuzu/TuktgYfNO97CmTLVLibdWUMo/ie6ryYlvA=.sha256
Voted So, I spent 80% of this week on non-coding work: writing room docs, prepari
@Anders %tRGQcbXilXc9neJCEQSDVqUWmdSaZseF6948XqTNUMY=.sha256
Voted What HN does with your server: ![image.png](&pl1fiUr1sOkqMRFQdF+YRIy4lP6CD
@Anders %9k7msGFXBtCoGf1vdhi4r5wvHRYvkxECPrzPTBlr0f8=.sha256
@Anders %+C8/2PGvbqXyxe4rMND7o/nw+zZdRa9gcNopNZzN4c4=.sha256
Voted # Tool Reviews 🛠 ## #community-server 💻 The [Servidor Comunitário](htt
@Anders %8XzI2e68sC3N9z6tEhIOAcS+0V+N2s5Xfr2jriKS6w4=.sha256
Voted Here's a few photos from todays walk. ![snowy_path.png](&5RaUMqmxco1+sV720
@Anders %cvQvA8oNtrEoevyCzQDJEi+7A2ihNTCdbuOfJyiVBH4=.sha256
Voted I kinda want to implement emoji reactions in patchwork right now just so I
@Anders %J3/VzfXBg3tNq5ly3SRgCj2oxcKl5VxRH3XFqKw7wjM=.sha256
Voted ![someone-has-a-question.jpg](&vaw3avIK5s+nSDTO80Qi+YD30t+GkfxnONG12bMRhTU=
@Anders %7J8VRUJQkL0g8HCE/upxCTUbm66+9P06xNBO2YSddLQ=.sha256
Voted undefined
@Anders %lGTLXsg2dsiPtOMLsTPADgGYXq8CheiGqEhFzJnK2S8=.sha256
Voted # Tool Reviews 🛠 ## #meshtastic 📡 [Meshtastic](https://www.meshtastic.or
@Anders %0gudnwua0PdihdIz2vZ2liDyQ9Ynbj2EgzHQ8fYniQ0=.sha256
Re: %ugALiXTWD

@Cy from ssb-db2:

SSB-DB2 is a new database for secure-scuttlebutt, it is meant as a replacement for ssb-db. The main reason for creating a new database is to be able to rework some of the existing decisions without having to be 100% backwards compatible. The main reasons are:

  • Performance, the database stores data in bipf
  • Replace flume with jitdb and specialized indexes
  • Run in the browser
  • Work well with partial replication

So getting it working in oasis will require some work. We are currently working on porting manyverse over to the new database. Once that is done it should be easier for other applications to be ported because stuff like ssb-friends, ssb-suggest etc. all works.

@Anders %w2JdV1pMDMlFtbQcb6lkXS3iww6+fYQa5mL06zPgmE8=.sha256
Voted ## i forgot I forgot, after [eventual gram](
@Anders %jnKA0JSW0YVgZHha7GmXQ7Ae3d1tiAzQq6IV/OS3o98=.sha256
Voted Oldie but a goodie... ![Without-LegalExistence.png](&mCvC8LxEYEa5zOov4Q6T0v
@Anders %gq/HPMupAt6y+6nTZqGwTgYRDnV84/IGhbNMV1ui5d4=.sha256
Voted # Progress update on patchwork modernization I recently started updating t
@Anders %QZW6gdxMqkBcd5oYmtMBW+4xSVCs78CmcU670A5aiXk=.sha256
Voted ## Update 6.1.21 ✨ 🌟 CELEBRATION CONTINUATION! 🌟 ✨ ![Screenshot 2021-01
@Anders %ckM/5NGrGuAmoEwADR63TbHrcIdppWIuGB4Oy3beOAw=.sha256
Voted [@will](@NYhdXUqZmC7seZ5uyW2jftkMeJM2Uk6BHG3eeOXlO/0=.ed25519) there is qu
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Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) Nice! I was l
@Anders %j3/DRnBluALO1ZjhJBjUuwOuBMyr127g8NzejNLZ4mI=.sha256
Re: %ORpE4q6A1

Yes, it uses

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@Anders %47RDN0B6woFjfOusC7epjLjTmHdhuPjjThMD+9VP+6I=.sha256
Voted It happened fast, but an hour ago I got a Twitter DM from [@paul](@hxGxqPrp
@Anders %GkI0SNpdRHfDjNHfehxHQU/9rutBm0fswtuSEAKKnpo=.sha256
Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) nice! I'm loo
@Anders %4DQaoc6DnDBxHjxa7NeCkV10SzAZEU7ZKfgl5tjaW0k=.sha256
Re: %8lWDeizpu

@abekonge.often I ordered it from There was a shop in Copenhagen that also had the same bike, but it was 250 euros more, and it had to be shipped anyway so went with the cheaper option.

@Anders %x1chQqEPK94WscdCtBMnGenbAvlPsXZiIGJV5vr6Gk0=.sha256
Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) Nice! Congr
@Anders %ogUSeh+51gRdyxfZf+0VTkQ86cLWNWeqBILhvLTbF5A=.sha256
Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) Nice bike!
@Anders %AkpchAyzyTq6atFmCMehjRSVGkTws52JxikTJE1Fuuc=.sha256
Voted Nice. That's a good low maintenance bike. Just take care of the wheels; and
@Anders %h9b2XMV69hHDzTyMqH8LFoOZ8Zm2fn84QaJK/v7af2k=.sha256
Re: %8lWDeizpu

@Solène yes internal gears for minimal maintenance. I had a racing bike that lasted about 2 years driving in snow and all kinds of weather ;-)

There are not very many belt bikes on the marked. I had to get it shipped. First ride was smooth, very much like driving a normal bike with a new chain.

@Anders %8lWDeizpungMsRd454uhb74rO5NvCQnu+vqd7FjRNms=.sha256

Decided to treat myself to a Christmas present that arrived today 😃 A Cube traveler exc. I bike to work almost every day of the year so having a bike with minimal maintenance is a must. The old was had worked well, but after 15 years or so it was showing its age. I'll be donating to that one to a local bike fixer that donates the proceeds to a homeless place next door.


The belt drive


@Anders %fnPrTjHz8vdIOATs28yFJJWkH5txfAd5co569ITCJk8=.sha256
Voted We are on hackernews front-page again.
@Anders %aYxIaAYC81M6dGfvgFqCsfB5dCZOp9eGJxCqeugBy44=.sha256
Voted Really appreciating this thread as I think these are important concerns for
@Anders %fGkwNRt3pJjCdcO1eXB6GiO6gTgcOyTnHbBqrSAwBxc=.sha256
Voted ## Protecting SSB from yuge orange face or anyone like him In our #ngipoin
@Anders %56a6KCZzy03O6sDBBhGZ0piUE9dZIyu4UaTEWh+XKsM=.sha256
Re: %1ts45jTyl

Remote go before:

full feeds: 2.797s
partial feeds: 30.752s

Remote go after:

full feeds: 1.891s
partial feeds: 19.352s


@Anders %zehQJvs8BJTlkIvqpueELCm8X/gMgm2JBfaSM3MYWXQ=.sha256
Voted Patchwork needs love, but who's gonna love it? I believe we should just be
@Anders %11WslSVbdJAL9/QHuytsGuX0EPlOy6ICD+W0lFe06pE=.sha256
Voted this weeks episode makes me think of what is working with ssb the platform
@Anders %ELaMx7qvRBUgxL89cZLZECKhZQruTSKOEnd5QHsgH2s=.sha256
Voted ## Update 6.1.21 ✨ 🎉 🎉 CELEBRATION TIME C'MON! 🎉 🎉 ✨ ![video:growthGhi
@Anders %VBVkLi158b3eL3M1AeDMSqEYK1zt+3oS0NLMujIBuUc=.sha256
Voted well at least cabal keys aren't this bad
@Anders %KE/HkvZaD6+p1Vy6fXBoPS8NAP8UVRtbHxkFPJnrKcI=.sha256
Voted Thanks. I just added a part to [the field guide](
@Anders %iwAW/huClmk41sh5idtw93j4WA17tMDiuahHeuPrBdU=.sha256
Re: %pR4dzgGbj

what happens when you run out of storage space

Currently it will just fail to write anything new ;-) It does partial replication so the storage requirement is not as big as a normal client. As part of the grant we will be trying to tackling the problem of infinite growth that the current log structure dictates. That part will start in 3 months time roughly, but will be spec'ed over the next couple of months. It might end up using something like meta feeds. But that is still to be determined :)

blob storage

Yeah so blobs are different than the log, as it is in a normal ssb client as well. The existing blobs library is very fs dependant so I couldn't use that. Instead I wrote a small module that uses the same blobs protocol but stores the data using the same polyraf library. The core library has a parameter where you can say that you only want to download and store blobs under a certain size. It will then stream larger blobs so they don't take up space. Another approach would be use something like the blobs purge library.

@Anders %n0g9PyKPAvBPMC6WN4DMMvAwIfOtaAHyB2WCPZNKQQQ=.sha256
Voted I have the Aeron from work and it’s the reason that made me wanted to inves
@Anders %6veJYQtFDp2F5fExn23NHCLzaJnrJi5UQhXEL3gmyCE=.sha256
Re: %1ts45jTyl

That is a nice writeup. The new interface looks a bit like templates from c++?

@Anders %Q9gUp19shOLiDJDjw4+DME21x605vgu7Z0DhdUDzg7g=.sha256
Re: %pR4dzgGbj

which browser API is used (indexedDB?)

All of this is built on top of async-append-only-log, this in turn uses polyraf, which is a wrapper around random-access-storage family of libraries so that it works both in the browser and in node with the same api. In the browser it will use random-access-web which for firefox will use indexeddb but for chrome will use a special faster backend.

how is the private key stored

It's stored in localstorage.

@Anders %yrca/9A3ejmJDp9xK7MP05reqCrjHamwZ/oY+2nXu1g=.sha256
Voted Coming up next: refactors to enable feature negotiation between legacy and
@Anders %qbymbyw0ACo4DACLW7Yh9SckTkij/J18ugXkynoxFI8=.sha256
Voted That being said, when I started out working on EBT, I told myself: "you kno
@Anders %53xvMVU3ioQndwVsFmHpS8/ta10qEyRPA8bFAl16uj0=.sha256
Voted Next episode of my #dev-diary for #ngipointer. E01 about private messages a
@Anders %R396U3gQb/M7E5mEf7daWx4H6Y6A+wDeu1WB2y4GW4Y=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2101.5-beta ✅ Bug fix: Compose preview should not reset po
@Anders %Z6JUOgdsWHV/tbR8XFwyAByWx7Iwqaj4shUi/LmNlN0=.sha256
Voted @arj this is rad! also 4.0.0 right at the 500 commit mark. nice!! ![ssb-b
@Anders %umS0TH5I+s94acUWwFyVkOFvti2mh8yC4N7SY1zpBO8=.sha256
Re: %+fwxvVHpj

The architecture in ssb-browser-core now looks like this:


Boxes represent modules, some internal to browser-core and some external. Ellipses in gray represents overall areas and are thus not modules.

@Anders %aYUnt2V7wU5V/TbBVyjEJz3meOZ1byMMnovNmpv/YDg=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Been a while since i update this thread. I spent the last couple of weeks ironing out bugs in ssb-db2, async-append-only-log and atomically-universal so that it should now be ready for production use.

@Anders %+fwxvVHpjaydR/s/vrhsEgNnke48mP5ey5UvMhg4JmM=.sha256

A new year a new release of #ssb-browser. As part of the #ngipointer grant, over the christmas holiday I spent some time getting ssb-browser-core and ssb-browser-demo updated to use ssb-db2 and the latest jitdb. I'm really happy with the results from the perspective of an application developer as the new jitdb syntax is a lot easier to write and understand. Visually from the end users perspective there is no change in this release.

@Anders %6ZNguTtBo1ldy1kHz0P6hCyFTKagfN0A9LVKGFr6cxk=.sha256
Re: %eC86Vy/O4

Wtf. Sad to hear. Would be interested in hearing how the chair is once you receive the correct one ;-)

I recently bought a new seat for my Herman Miller chair at work. The old was worn down but the chair was perfectly fine, so now it can hopefully last another 7-10 years :-)

@Anders %3xYKMRy1rPkN0/lnWxMwqdYxJRFLaSzNACaJ1tneyPA=.sha256
Voted # develoment diary #dev-diary ## a little note Found out about [dagdb](ht
@Anders %uiiLzYjRxY+P0Egm9XvWXeHCe++tvylYzZmfhoI3URg=.sha256
Voted worked out a simple webcam livestream over a websocket. ssb://%yztQJWMnYSpl
@Anders %jJrNgKddoVjeki90csoHi9M75juJHsSCkS4Y7kgjWJU=.sha256
Voted Susan : cup of tea? Mix : yes please? Susan : EBT? Mix : 🤔... Epidemic bro
@Anders %zk19M16r5gCj3Tpnk2doIr6UITXhEu5pPhILwbtaT1U=.sha256
Voted also very cool to see the jit'ness of this. i created the entire log before
@Anders %Qm/o2xicsvfpzBGt+Cj15g+XjgbAgtRH/O+PmkJGJy4=.sha256

Exactly it is @punkmonk. That is great news.

@Anders %FXP+dyBKPB2+7FyccvlzFY2t3EIpekb9JLJBlAMUEPA=.sha256
Voted patchfoo uses "dig". (Patchbay used "Dig" in 2016-2017; before that it used
@Anders %Kk7Vj5iJfvcLXcz3RXtfIxyrYygUcDqDb9Zy8T9QNzE=.sha256
Re: %kJgIpuzZ3

@test monkey

@Anders %kJgIpuzZ3JzshOTm/kTY9Fw9+HKQqPfD1k16//SANK8=.sha256

I really like the reactions from #manyverse. I found that @cel-desktop does some funky digs, so converted them to this :-)


@Anders %40crseuktsUJnv4e+n8zbgB7AQajrrbmpqykJwY6J5Y=.sha256
Re: %hCAt8kOj8

ugh, this forking in patchwork is a bit counter intuitive. Anyway @punkmonk

@Anders %UIOGICrLByQUEHtHL0SArWL2efRCmMWQ8phtWPPP8BI=.sha256
Re: %hCAt8kOj8

is this where the current offset is detected at startup (so we don’t start at 0 again)?


is the encoding handled by bipf.encode() instead?

Exactly, we do it like this because we want to selectively decode parts of the message in different places instead of everything. This is one of the reason why the performance is a lot better than ssb-db.

@Anders %FEV9/RNH6stbOQCCBSWRndtVEibMyb2aAstKeysq1LQ=.sha256
Voted I think add() is used for verified messages from the network (which have al
@Anders %qpCsbW4shPRRMnzs8lqDn6OoAXmBzDPpDwclrs/DOL8=.sha256
Voted ## SSB Music Player #somebodydid make a music player this holiday season.
@Anders %ABF+2EjxzpX6ozBh7C0e4JBLsP92dhz6JRsY2aQZNqI=.sha256
Voted #new-people Jeg fandt frem til det her sociale medie og nu vil jeg se hvad
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Voted Will Scott's rc3 talk [Building Blocks of Decentralization](https://media.c
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@Anders %7Ti9hzU4NbU4ipL+/ZmkvtpJY1e5VyO9gVS7an7jnmA=.sha256
Voted Hey everyone! Happy to meet you! 😄 I'm a #solarpunk hacker based in #pola
@Anders %EejokbGOSweFfGTIaiXeB7ER1nLcVu/HlLa8tol79f8=.sha256
Voted ## Plans for work on oasis So I made [this post](%K+lxhXlK870neq3a5eAg5Dte
@Anders %/cHkA6I396EztYshy4XPPvyE1gEuNB168ZOK8xgLRIc=.sha256
Re: %hXTLpy+j9

Amazing. Where is this? Northern Sweden?

@Anders %uSPZX/e+ECJE9ceE1lXqSXum/XU5eJcphbPqCQQ8RHQ=.sha256
Voted I'm loving this small break from sitting in the living room :D ![
@Anders %OTT/8Yam3WHXkmeRxf/s5VwYH9DSA35NNKZb/vHzq4g=.sha256
Re: %xwGw5P1lK

@punkmonk exactly. Also see this. I would try putting in 4GB into async-append-only-log first and from there try to use it in jitdb.

@Anders %xwGw5P1lKBMuTag480tg/gzVhjIkLCYLDRXRWSGDsEU=.sha256
Re: %ApqSTV4Jm

@punkmonk there are some uint32 limits in jitdb mainly because they are smaller in size so the indexes are smaller. But there is also some grow functionality, so it might not be too hard to add some logic to automatically convert to uint64 once it reaches a certain size. If you are interested in taking this on I'd be happy to help.

@Anders %JDKXs04LgKtJChfYQi7lalBt9Fzpx6Im30jIqJAjM+s=.sha256
Voted I'm reading "The Ministry for the Future" by Kim Stanley Robinson, about th
@Anders %B17Hq+F+qwKxb6dsshScHLeN46x7Oft56fTuRrbmBB4=.sha256
Voted merry christmas, ya filthy animals
@Anders %TnUj2BWg04nur/1iigloIWkxiFj2321aVtyLrfQwDxk=.sha256
Voted [@emile](@2YVYXQclEJHVzCON5dsLRwf65b2S6HnvxpGS8/LwjwY=.ed25519) Yeah I k
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Voted I've been going on a lot of short walks and runs in the woods #aroundme rec
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Voted ![zine.jpg](&A1oDDTdx1Ufe/VG7uXxRqkIlzNJUzt4ONoEpm9uTBTs=.sha256) I still
@Anders %lCv6QS9T08qj707NGTMVrzKLj5jjir2klXh6CxoTi+k=.sha256
Re: %CYCXlGf/l


@Anders %eroQ6oT+6a2aJSMCyq1KUIoWlybmORaC/Xj6EfEj25Q=.sha256
Re: %4tVnMOLDb

This is really exciting, great milestone (all the mixes) @mix.desktop @mixmix @Mix Android !

@Anders %SdGJOXIu5GYuK4QXpdF+Tg/IvybSL7HgSYNlWgCuRnU=.sha256
Voted ## `ssb-tribes@1.0.0` This module has been in production in Ahau for some
@Anders %YXODXfc/6Ec5QbgxTQ1LU+B56zr/gqzoyw2tqKX6BVg=.sha256
Voted Cool, just saw [@cblgh](@C6fAmdXgqTDbmZGAohUaYuyKdz3m6GBoLLtml3fUn+o=.ed255
@Anders %JXrfzSrSwNTJd3vrq4IgA6ZQDIemeXP1QA2ouppi8h0=.sha256
Voted Today: Fixed some final bugs in ssb-db2 and jitdb and put ssb-db2 in Manyv
@Anders %Ikly9DJq5+qfiER+MM2wjdkjPzZs6Szf2I5/YkeWjTw=.sha256
Voted ## Update 15.12.20 We are nearing Christmas and with that, the 1th of Jan
@Anders %7sUXvBCkn/NdpVNoLTtFu0wgLyWNMzmzUP7hwXMqeYE=.sha256
Re: %rDOkKxXSA

I feel one of the problems for not using more feeds is that we have no good way to reason about how multiple feeds belong together. For the #ngipointer grant we have been thinking about exploring the idea of meta feeds, meaning feeds that contain other feeds.

@Anders %Bnr6zrv/IIiCskp9dcZn0s/psujbNEn8UWsUepVOImU=.sha256
Voted Update on this, [@KawaiiPunk](@LVL4qjvmws3Cxavfi4iCQI6dSOqWqOyq5/5CHImILA8=
@Anders %ww+tlGIfN8m1NP02iaDxtzUfkeVAnfSqA/68pzcxmLM=.sha256
Voted We're close to being able to open up the project I've worked on for the las
@Anders %dnRiXMzdOnfqlu0Oy5aq5AADyjSGk1pS/f1ZlI/F5OQ=.sha256
Re: %3B0QIHceO

@snow great progress. Are you using the sunrise choir modules or is this your own implementation?

@Anders %BoPG7j4D71IKOKI3Qff99Xkb2EhrFOayQ7L4sqQnkqM=.sha256
Voted I do indeed mean the Erlang VM. I am writing pure Elixir. So i wrote all
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Voted Hacking around with the scuttlebutt protocol is now a hobby for me. I enjoy
@Anders %GbdchopgkAbdgZ3DZDXca16tARPIdXj+LWBoFzK969E=.sha256
Voted # Scuttle Shell Browser After [improving securing](%ozmlJ5q7UxLxTvqhWBGxRu
@Anders %sqVE2AIvO1eXrJpwumaGhQ0FaIU11z1btJeRDCcOY/E=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Did some benchmarking of ssb-db against ssb-db2 today with the following results:

indexing 10.000 messages:

db1: 4.658s
db2: 939.209ms

roughly 4.9x speed up

Indexing 100.000 messages:

db1: 36.836s
db2: 4.994s

roughly 7.3x speed up

Indexing 1.000.000 messages:

db1: 4:23.873 (m:ss.mmm)
db2: 26.754s

roughly 9.89x speed up
@Anders %21bzVPk21PXCMuS2uvJfD1PR7+zWMuLsUgaU5xRmzNw=.sha256
Voted ![video:ziva-fish-mc-hammer.mp4](&0wPqw48R3pIceOS86O0xtoptqX2iWMlCionRGrBOt
@Anders %E4BW9OfgGj2WcGvu/pJpVbb+9OWYwoZzj/A2f9RbupM=.sha256
Voted Yesterday I worked 10 hours (hold onto your seats, precious hands, don't go
@Anders %qessqDSc/zynVMMgcE35N2ygZfDr0pYGU3/eD5f6+Rs=.sha256
Voted ✔️ Defend PhD thesis
@Anders %Mha/KQPNexXVHm0NymVYWUmulipsI2cdlQA4nqQ1MH0=.sha256
Re: %AQNGc9G+6

Another week, another update.

Over the last week we merged a PR so private box1 unboxing is now working. I also did some experiments with private groups. Did a PR for sharing log streaming across multiple indexes that made indexing a bit faster. Then we merged some PRs to use prefix indexes that Andre has made, this had a significant impact on the storage requirements. Meaning index space for 1.4 million messages is roughly 80mb now. My .ssb flume folder of roughly the same things:

du --si ~/.ssb/flume/*
316M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/backlinks-6CAxOI3f-
29M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/clock
63M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/feed
95M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/keys
17M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/
3,2M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/last.json
413M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/links
480M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/links2
123k    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/private-6CAxOI3f-
233M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/query
23M    /home/arj/.ssb/flume/time

So to sum up, we have close to constant overhead for private messages and indexes.

@Anders %dZw7L0zVnlLGwKmx2Sd5tpARWdPQstuzDd82G9NqnXE=.sha256
Voted Just saying hi again! I've been around in the past, but am trying to recomm
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@Anders %QXYNJbtJFj0Fwl4xxzKXusGfL2ccEHrwv6TfQTn8GHc=.sha256
Voted ## Update 08.12.20 Today we could celebrate some great steps forwards and
@Anders %4ljxVUXm+ZslMmZj6vA1ASKYcPqlvxJNteXFKVWE8vw=.sha256
Voted _one more thing_ on the re-indexing, from [PR68](
@Anders %jqmNi714kY457yyXRyJybdpLtYM7zgAISnChJKxhRRY=.sha256
Voted What I totally skipped in that enumeration was the change to the _combined_
@Anders %Mq+QcxSs7TXN6ZnMMPQYrJDizWa7TfRhsQvLvsfCAOw=.sha256
Voted #TIL #Tor Onion v3 hidden services use #ed25519 Vanity address generator:
@Anders %miVFgIrbJRaDCVZ2J/T0bvH2wZAkrLawyPX8x7fS7fA=.sha256
Voted This is a cool youtube channel. While I don't always know what he is talkin
@Anders %rleSU13lYKlZvW+t2z4UUCBo4jRszaMGgu79KLYd+Kw=.sha256
Voted about time I start my #dev-diary for #ngipointer, too. A lot has happene
@Anders %R0+vAbNYYv4vR/cJcNP0wQw/F37v11bArsUPm8yp4+U=.sha256
Voted At this point you might ask, _but why did you say "no" to usable then?_
@Anders %QOH35/QLBrh/veTRUd1APNtCu4WF4sqdJ59bnBBd+0U=.sha256

Super fedt sted. Du mangler billeder af Center for Futurology :-) cc @abekonge @abekonge.too

@Anders %MB4O0WFFEE2dlEReoYswdjGdWnD0Z4FRxkzUE5Ooh5c=.sha256
Voted I you're located in #Svendborg need a social place, play drums, read sci-fi
@Anders %Z0LYj+1y46RxYZqLL5iVkfg6RUER+bUcOQiI4WJkk2U=.sha256
Voted Buu buu? 🙊 Heads up that Āhau is resourcing the cobox team (see dark-crys
@Anders %HNNAgbFyvz5wJYChbBuHU/olS2kVm0YsHNljyJg0uLs=.sha256
Re: %LhGQDiDff

Thanks for linking @elavoie. I was reading the article the other day. The comments on hackernews are also worth reading.

@Anders %Bi6Qys540QwvQpRFyRmqiurlV9WK5u9IMOLSqqR8Azc=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2012.4-beta ![dark-mode.png](&eJoWN9/K7iz6MAXzclGt8P8uaHXee
@Anders %5hLbvTjV4PLSBWzK1Bd9a/HxEFkrnWwsxzkWwg7ELOY=.sha256

@mixmix @mix.desktop finally got around to reading this.

For these multi-feed identities how exactly are they different from groups? It seems to me that groups solve the problem of a) shared ID so you can refer to this b) a way to communicate with the group in the form of a key that changes over time as the member list changes over time.

@Anders %Bc8InByTjYqQZcFgJ+Kf1ggPBS5XqEHXf7UGg4wYF5k=.sha256
Voted # Multi-feed identities My plan so far: 1. create a mutable "identity" rec
@Anders %uJ6evAn88/xc0gm/LJawDj9Ko+XA6ZndUQRUHaHkrFI=.sha256
Voted ![](&dzllxCbYGRPe35pxegII4mtQI0b5CiaFQ0Q7TyEk4QQ=.sha256) Place used to be
@Anders %+TDVJ9HqoJ5ZOmiwM9AM4J/V/qUxiziiKrQE4ZY5ZWk=.sha256
Voted # Āhau noho | 2020-12-05 The event is [planned](%U2JDvkrPZ9jURg7K5nDVbo1r
@Anders %r5BdbyR+tgyxQ+wULDAcfo9RJ12UxsGDtWPcWGle78M=.sha256
Re: %H6VDeriO3

wup wup 👏

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Voted ![image.png](&4FG2Jox6Pr998IDgVdLafVrJYDZQ910erVcQ08IoInc=.sha256) So me a
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Voted Some mixed photos from #cykeltutten Sorry about the boomeresque quality. Pr
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Re: %aCJXE0gWe

Sweden is really beautiful, amazon photos. I'm still amazed at the nature whenever I go there.

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Re: %j0OeHbO56

Was going to write something, but I can see the others already wrote what I would have said.

Still hope to see your lovely ☕ pictures in my feed still.

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Re: %HqvC29wmr


There are many areas we have improved the performance. Starting from the lowest level the flume log we have these numbers:

async flumelog:

name, ops/second, mb/second, ops, total-mb, seconds
append, 923964.807, 138.002, 4620748, 690.149, 5.001
stream, 1059075.865, 158.182, 4620748, 690.149, 4.363
stream no cache, 1102803.818, 164.713, 4620748, 690.149, 4.19
stream10, 2540947.641, 379.51, 12714902, 1899.068, 5.004
random, 39715.656, 5.931, 198618, 29.664, 5.001

flumelog offset:

name, ops/second, mb/second, ops, total-mb, seconds
append, 306180.037, 45.74, 3064556, 457.817, 10.009
stream, 294511.348, 43.997, 2945408, 440.017, 10.001
stream no cache, 327724.949, 48.959, 3064556, 457.817, 9.351
stream10, 452973.302, 67.67, 4530186, 676.776, 10.001
random, 28774.712, 4.298, 287891, 43.008, 10.005

Next there is how we handle encrypted messages, where the overhead is constant more or less, meaning it doesn't matter how many indexes you have ( . And for private groups the improvements should be even bigger.

Then there is the way the indexes are handled. Currently we have more specialized indexes, I don't have raw numbers directly for those. This will get even better once we incorporate the prefix indexes. Overall these index improvements also means smaller indexes so we save some hd space.

Overall I think we could end up with something like 10x improvement once things are settled. We should know more in around 3 weeks. I plan on using the excellent fixtures to see exactly how much we get. Currently head deep in the implementation of all of this.

Another thing that I'm quite excited about is how the go implementation is coming along. I did some benchmarks a few months ago and the improvements for replication are quite good. I'm also looking forward to changing my server over to the go bot once we have EBT. @cryptix is working on that now.

Remote go:

full feeds: 2.797s
partial feeds: 30.752s

Remote js:

full feeds: 4.026s
partial feeds: 51.746s
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Voted I'll transfer whatever is left on the #patchfox oc to the #oasis OC.
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Voted ## Anyone wanna get paid to work more on #oasis ? Feeling a bit sad about
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Voted Stuff just looks just so much prettier when its misty; from up in the sky t
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Voted ### My #dev-diary for #ngipointer Quite similar to [arj's dev diary](%AQN
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Voted ## [California Scrub Jay (He Don't Listen)](
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This is the first post in my #dev-diary for #NGIPointerPeach #NGIPointer

We (as in Andre and I) have been working quite intensely on getting jitdb and ssb-db2 into a state where we can start using it in manyverse and #ssb-browser. The reasoning for doing a ssb-db2 can be summed up as:

  • Performance, the database stores data in bipf
  • Replace flume with jitdb and specialized indexes
  • Run in the browser
  • Work well with partial replication

Jitdb is getting into a pretty good shape, the api is stable and we recently added live support so you can do:

  pull.drain((result) => {
    console.log("got a new vote on", postMsg.key)

As Andre has also discovered, atomic-file is not as atomic as one would like, so I made a small wrapper module around atomically to enable it to work in the browser, called atomically-universal that should work better on node.

Private messages are coming along nicely and should be done soon. From there we have about, friends and private groups missing as bigger tasks before you can run a "normal" ssb social app on top of this.

If you are interested in following along or even better helping 😏 our work lives here.

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Voted Here is the 9 min. presentation that will be shown next week at [DICG 2020]
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Voted Hello friends :heart: I've been laying low, recovering from a radiation
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Voted # Oasis 2.17.0 / Oasis-Desktop 1.3.0 Hi all. Lots of time and energy has
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Voted `2.0.1` I documented the friggen API ![012.butterfree.gif](&iIXlaIc77h4L8
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Voted ## `ssb-blobs@2.0.0` This major version change brings a couple new feature
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Voted Apparently Mozilla wants to find out: * every time you shutdown your bro
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Voted Code poetry I've been working on, implementing complex algorithms in a comp
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Voted Testing out blob upload on #oasis ![resting.png](&GPA44xCGrKA5t9O0fK8+
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