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mixmix's windows machine !

@mix.exe %MA3OgvfrhVXhgiJsrE10pCqn0GtOlUe8QCSRdV960iQ=.sha256
Re: %/z/HeJwoa

@moid no, any pubKey within a group of pubKeys. i.e. this supports multi-device, multi-key feeds

@mix.exe %Jwv2aP8QglqKa022HzBow270K5yhort/3xAfN9G9b78=.sha256
Re: %MUbm57bDF

Mix is, with Ziva!

@mix.exe %jVa2AlERd5Jpg7myLz05Jf/9FP7CSVVpcGzvUcJPZj4=.sha256
Voted # Sharing stuff from my Ecuador trip ![Pond residing in venue I stayed in
@mix.exe %TqAJ2dva0EmwFrYX03+6nEgZsRD1rTCpEwP6ekcQ5fQ=.sha256
Re: %v12315MWF

the sausage sizzle is kinda gross but great. The white white bread, the bonus onions, the gym-matt "sausage"

@mix.exe %P9mvK+NzuQ0+GxSGIAed5rR2qvIn7ZHJrzm1iDt9hXY=.sha256
Voted Nothing beats going to Bunnings on the weekend. Just for the sausage sizzle
@mix.exe %FJrYDi4n2W9gJHwOd+oo+A0xgrkEeGYej39JEVgbOC0=.sha256
Voted Customers having fun in Australia online reviewing the Bunnings (a hardware
@mix.exe %PRWFc/9Bg3AexNQQIhWd2oWcNy8aGLlj6glt5ynXieM=.sha256
Re: %Jbidnla+A

@Daan p20 📟 have you considered riding those dis-used rails?

I saw this the other day on reddit :

screenshot of an electric bike which can ride on rails

@mix.exe %Soz1Ku/1bKhOmwwnAXr3MIT6EqsC/1xwbVDlXEvOcOs=.sha256
Re: %KxUsPPlTT

I hope you get it back to working. If not, it might be an opportunity to go solar ... whether that's electric, or steam-powered (your solar hot water gets pretty hot rights?)

@mix.exe %u+1vmpGLtpVSM95TvsYyzlZw1GxIywXrc+VRhabZtCA=.sha256
Voted ![DSCF2889.JPG](&x+lFZqaTDqZ0P4jqkSU8UwH/aoqqsLNICyOHRa/1Yus=.sha256) Yeste

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