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mixmix's windows machine !

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Voted Yeah I think it was [glyph](@HEqy940T6uB+T+d9Jaa58aNfRzLx9eRWqkZljBmnkmk=.e
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Voted I think this is a concrete demonstration of goodwill and a clear contributi
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Re: %XpI8Sruja

@Matt Lorentz I think of those 3, the most important are the meta-feeds and meta-feed-group. I would rather some solid focus on those, then if there's capacity/ appetite for more go for those others too. But yeah any input would be most welcome. I'm keen to support calls / dialogues as a way to engage as well after you've read them.

@mix.exe %TNwwTdyXYswtEVvITVbhPLa6FrgXucfSQvW25s9a7hU=.sha256
Re: %XpI8Sruja

Oh other future spec idea : Gatherings 2.0 - seems like there's appetite for that, just need someone to start guiding that into existence by castings some sort of group process spell

@mix.exe %TaeSI8Dz8WekqcWPQ3q45ELzwdrf5aBYPvLLXXT1tCc=.sha256
Re: %HYuWX12CZ

oh wow this article is so detailed . It just kept going

@mix.exe %JFC1ua4DgXvpUElilz7uRjaD+c4Et5E1MCqQDCo4ltc=.sha256
Re: %HYuWX12CZ

funny but also very useful

@mix.exe %GT6AFyZ4DNmvC2WpX9vFaTTkWG9tzqL0Ux9uoib+tFI=.sha256
Re: %HYuWX12CZ

oh lord, it's keyboard porn... there's a massive youtube and blog community creating keyboard porn. It's such a fascinating little niche. It's so much attention to making an everyday tool beautiful and optimally functional it's like a meditation or a prayer

@mix.exe %9iP0mxSbJykBObkfOCnqRjY3czY/KV98jilhJOykUSM=.sha256
Re: %U0558EhJ7

full disclosure: I'm just relaying things I am seeing from internal comms in Planetary. No-one is asking me to share this, I'm mainly doing it because in kiwi culture you do not speak about your own generosity, you let others, and I hadn't seen it mentioned, so I'm propagating the signal

@mix.exe %tNHLkgZcbGopu68PGlnfuIxuoWpukH36KJluYX233jg=.sha256
Re: %cGLcxzDqy

welcome to the #parenting club @Matt Lorentz (planetary) !!!
so excited for you

@mix.exe %/G6IdBlHwIc1gayPhksyo9l387WLmwUrAV+qYA6G5CE=.sha256
Voted For whatever reason I haven't gotten around to putting this on SSB yet, but

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