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Voted # Botched Restoration of Jesus Fresco Miraculously Saves Spanish Town ![bo
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Voted ## Private Groups in Manyverse – first milestone complete! #bat-butts #bat
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Voted **My active identities:** ⚓️ [Mobile](@uH5egmE9bma7EN7Puvz4Sfox8Df48X7m0BF
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Voted [@trav](@Gs0Rz7yEabDd1GyrnjZ1acPrcHL+rx8irnLl4ys/sU4=.ed25519) I am in the
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Voted [@cblgh](@C6fAmdXgqTDbmZGAohUaYuyKdz3m6GBoLLtml3fUn+o=.ed25519) [@Rabble](@
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Voted ![unicode mug](&D+ODaZtjwZ6WigbjXIq8UfySaiHf8hSQe3biE+HFxM4=.sha256)
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Voted I would love to do something on the ActivityPub space
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Voted yes! i’d love to help
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Re: %EifgR/WIS

I love having a real keyboard as well, i'm looking forward to us having fusion identities so we can link devices as a single identity.

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Voted # slowcial media That’s what this is. Snacks and memes with Tayana Panova,
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Re: %12L+KCO5H

That alpaca looks like it's living far away from it's native Andean Altiplano.

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Voted [CW: Spoiler - major hint] I got it in 3 today. The solution is the name of
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Re: %0pZk3k83W

You can get your keys in the settings of most apps. In the case of Planetary, the profile secret keys are stored in apple's keychain and if you use icloud or backup your phone to your device, it'll migrate with you to your new phone.

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Re: %DIelISWBq

A go game on top of scuttlebutt wouldn't be that hard to build, there is the naming clash that #gossb is already a project, implementing scuttlebutt in go. ;-D

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Voted ![coffee and pão de queijo](&XfYumxO69pGtE84sn+LLfl5kqzif1v5hd8m602tSyRA=.s
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Charter of rights for the fediverse?

@blaine has written up a proposed charter of rights for the fediverse. Even though the #scuttleverse isn't federated or part of the #fediverse, it is closely aligned. In particular there's various services like pubs, rooms, viewers, and scuttlebutt apps where it's important to have a clear agreement about the collective project and obligations to our users.

Thoughts? @blaine is looking for feedback and suggestions on how to improve the charter.

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Anybody interested in building a ssb <-> #fediverse #activitypub #gateway? it's been talked about for years. I'd love to see it happen. I've created a hackmd doc to help collect notes and look at options.

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Re: %gLMdEk+gK

@zoo [planetary], we're planning on adding ssb uri support to planetary. I tried loading the qr code on my phone and it opened planetary but didn't take me to the right spot. So, there's more to do.

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Re: %CtEpSSZdD

@Francis this is how Planetary works actually. You can see the binding code here:

Basically we take the SSB message data and parse it, store one copy in a log go-ssb uses for replication and another in sql we use for the user facing app. There are some indexes for stuff in the go-ssb internal db, but we don't use it much.

Scuttlego will take it a step further and just store a key value store and leave it up to the app to decide the database.

Another option is the really slick graphql server that @chereseeriepa and @mixmix built on top of db2.

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Re: %kCWieCdGn

The way to steal bikes is driving a utility van and wearing a work uniform like you're a maintenance subcontractor. Turns out that if you've got the right look and are carrying a ladder, you can get in to all sorts of places.

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Voted It's been great to read the reflections posts prompted by the #appreciatio
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Re: %yxicHd2XA

Getting ready to host a birthday party tonight for several friends... honestly it's in one of those, how much cleaning there is to do type phases... it'll be fun later.

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Voted Made progress on adenosine, you can check out demos here: * https://pierre-
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Re: %wq8WrRorG

@andrestaltz📱 I strongly agree that we need to support Tor. I tried a few times to hack it in to planetary and then decided to take a break until Arti was released, tor rewrittten in rust. That happened in Steptember! What isn't ready is onion service support in Arti.

I agree rooms are a big step forward. But that reminds me to look at the ansible scripts and builds of go-ssb-rooms docker images so they do minimal ip address logging. Not having the data by default is good.

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Voted # Putting my writing out there #writing I've decided to put my writing (v
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Re: %3+iWlvoEH

That's crazy you're still having flowers and 70° days.

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Re: %GWovw2dbZ

@Chad Sarles aren't cybercafes just cafes with outlets and wifi? ;-D

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Voted # #showmeyourcoffee Today it’s a café cubano style (brown sugar added afte
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Voted > Heck, you could throw some ActivityPub in it because why not. i still da
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Is Web3 bullshit? a talk from the Web Summit today by Molly White is the amazing creator of the Web3IsGoingGreat.

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Re: %yrK9F+G/N

This is why i was thinking cross posting would make more sense once we have metafeeds. That way i could have a feed of 'microblogging' which you could follow, more posts, shorter, etc... and then my primary ssb feed with longer more discursive content.

Just flooding ssb with activity pub feeds would not be great.

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Re: %jaAjyOj5w

It's not clear to me why you're proposing this. What's the point?

BIPF is a weird custom format, but it's not very complicated. Asking how hard it is to do buttwoo and other proposed formats in other languages is a good idea.

But why make a nearly identical but incompatible legacy feed encoding? We've already got to support the classic / legacy format as it is, why make a new one which is the same, but different?

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Re: %dsnMKcByd

In planetary in the 'dangerous and advanced settings' you can add a scuttlebutt key back and restore your account. Just make sure you synced fully before you so ANYTHING otherwise you'll fork your log.

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Re: %yrK9F+G/N

We could build gateways. Yes. I think it's a good idea. It'd need to be something that users choose, like, this service will hold my ssb keys and also be oauth'd in to my activitypub server. It'll work better when scuttlebutt gets metafeeds because then just one of your ssb feeds can be your toots.

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Re: %smJdJ6ZdM

I think @arcalinea was working on one before she switched to doing bluesky. I'm not sure how far she got.

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Voted #showmeyourmate It's mate time 🧉 Browsing SSB before getting into work.
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Re: %ffdNSI2Fs

You find people through the network, pubs, or rooms.

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Re: %wq8WrRorG

I just created a test community with the join code of: ynsyxalywuhymtq2myvpqkc3aoyrexxvcqqf2v3vhzrmji4ckd5sliqd

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Voted Been talking with Holmes Wilson in a #dwebcamp signal group about his proje
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Voted Whoop, just connected my Python Secret Handshake implementation to Manyvers
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Re: %3bxmXy2+s

@robinst interesting. several other people have also said they don't see timestamps for posts... this confuses me. When i use planetary i see the timestamps in the replies and for the message. Can you post a screenshot where it's not displaying the timestamps?

Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 7.26.56 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 7.25.28 PM.png

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Voted #new-people I’m new here… just to figure out how this works. Love that the
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Voted [@Flor](@SQuuhPCN/jx6dTKVl8drU4EIO+MF3nCCndtiso+/N/8=.ed25519) > My first
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Re: %SdvM8n79/


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Re: %udEbtPoFf

Yeah, it's a pain, metafeeds and fusion identities will fix it.

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Re: %4lThNnDCK

i see you, so it works.

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Voted For those who don't know: [RFC 1149](
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Voted Finally some car adverts on SSB. Looks like it's prime time to make some cr
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Voted ![planetary attachment no.1](&26tJk+TlUhym0pIy5gPK+tCq+ts5rEfUSb/XiB76tkc
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Re: %9nSBOsrzB

We were advertising for one but we didn't find a good fit. More to the point, we haven't made it a priority because right now the experience with the iOS version isn't right. We need the engagement loop of a user joining, finding people they're interested in connecting with, being able to sync and get regular updates, and get their friends to join and find them.

The new stuff we're working on with with a web viewer for rooms should help with the engagement part. Then if it works, and things seem to be going well, we'll build the android version.

We'd always accept investment / donations of funds or time to build one sooner.

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Should we stop using #github wiki's for secure scuttlebutt information?

It seems that sometime over the last year github has changed their policies and now block all search engines from the site through their robots.txt file. Apparently this has been going on for a while but I only noticed over the last few months as it got harder and harder to find things. Today i was reminded by it when i tried to find the page documenting open secure scuttlebutt rooms. I'm sure folks will be ok with public pubs being harder to find.

There's a service which scrapes github wiki pages and reposts them. It used to be that i could use github's own search engine to find wiki pages, but that seems to have change. Now i can't find things in code, wiki's, or other parts of a project. There's probably a spam problem github is trying to address, but i don't like how they're doing it.

Or we need to move documentation off of github wiki's and on to something we can edit and update in a collaborative way. What about a viewer pointing to a CDRT driven ssb updated wiki? I like how easy it is to update the ssbc wiki's.

Thoughts? I'm curious what @SoapDog things. Seems like we should move to pages or something self hosted.

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Re: %cDBD2z5bH

We've seen a big spike in installs and usage for Planetary in the last week. We don't know all the usage because we only see users who have authorized logging to posthog. But apple's analytics show we had a big spike of over 600 downloads on the 28th of October and now we're looking at around 40 installs a day vs 10 previously.

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 10.24.42 AM.png

The real issue will be, do these folks kicking the tires of scuttlebutt find people and community and stick around.

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Voted People I'd like to hear from (in no particular order) [@cblgh](@C6fAmdXgqTD
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Voted [@rabble](@vzoU7/XuBB5B0xueC9NHFr9Q76VvPktD9GUkYgN9lAc=.ed25519) just gave
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Voted Haven't seen much discussion here about, though I may just not
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Voted # community grant accountability update: An year ago me and [@Nico Pace](@
@Rabble %KLo34xfVBuU89iLGeKvNao0D3oQfUw22e3eGyk3fGJg=.sha256
Voted I now have a Tox client: my ID is `38C293D95F3D212765CC5A9C45D802CAFC727696
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Voted [@Rabble](@0uOwBrHIeiRK7lcvpLwjSFkcS3UHSQb/jyN52zf+J6Y=.ed25519) we must do
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Re: %4PxkqZYJC

Weclome @Matt Johnson

@Rabble %mZesCPKwHYSXerJEPLB2B6ZfWle6xXPzXQTapaJYKe0=.sha256
Voted I'm roughly a day in. Just figured out that you can reload the tabs in Many
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Re: %5GRrOWN9D

@moid we're in the process of filing the public benefit conversion paperwork right now. It got delayed because we wanted to make sure we had enough money in the bank to make it worth it and because at the same time we're changing the company name from the original verse communications to planetary. And that involves refilling paperwork with a whole ton of government offices. We hadn't done it before because it was a bunch of work and we didn't have somebody to run the process.

@Rabble %XFYE52LwgwJWwbiwq7Byt7g7gbj4Q0byIbB5ojc4N3Y=.sha256
Voted Depends on the client it are using. I'm guessing this is planetary feedback
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Voted Hey [@worldofgeese](@xBowLDXskOOlul0lbK8mm4c+q6Qa81MlHUqtqvD8phM=.ed25519)
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Re: %3xJ5y4v69

Well now we know, a ton of people were laid off today, on Nov 5th. It's a slowly slowly then all at once thing it seems.

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Voted I had imagined that I would no longer be able to trust photos of public fig
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Re: %3bTQrXI8b

welcome back

@Rabble %5tx0yAOMBa7Y/8QqXLZrN4/dgSa3NwBjN7i0xudrI34=.sha256

Elon Musk Is the Lord of Twitter. We Are the Peasants

Time Magazine article by By Evan Greer

Worth checking out... here are some choice quotes:

In the kingdoms of Silicon Valley, we humble users have little choice but to seek out the most benevolent monarch we can find, start farming in the shadow of their castle, and hope for the best....

If we want a modern town square we can leave to our children and our children’s children, we need to build online spaces that can’t be owned or controlled by a single person, with tools to address harm, harassment, and injustice that give individuals and communities power over our own online experience....

People from marginalized communities face another major obstacle to online free speech: ubiquitous harassment, threats of violence, and hate filled content that leads to toxic online spaces where many people do not feel safe enough to express themselves. We’re often led to believe that the only solution to this is to demand that digital overlords use their near absolute power more responsibly, and do a better job policing harmful and harassing posts. In the short term, pushing for better, more transparent, and more evenly enforced content moderation is a valid harm reduction strategy....

No one knows what Lord Musk will do with Twitter tomorrow, or the next day. It’s time we start fighting for a future where our digital homes don’t tremble precariously on virtual land, controlled by mercurial billionaires.

It doesn't mention scuttlebutt but clearly it's a rally cry for what we're all building. I'm a big fan of Evan and the work of Fight for the Future. We're lucky they've got a platform like Time to talk about where we all need to be going.

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Voted Most kids followed the rules. ![planetary attachment no.1](&Epl1KsECPaldZ
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Voted #5:46pm ![planetary attachment no.1](&NH1wMN3sGEbMECcSQO6gC4Q9ZdsEBZY9Pejz
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Re: %4MAYhbaGN

@dbVhS3qTN That desk setup is amazing! So many plants.

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Is social media a hive mind?

It's an interesting idea.

To understand how collective behavior can occur among selfish individuals, we might do well to start by looking at animal groups. Animal groups have a profound capability to accomplish collective action. Even if they’re unrelated and in competition. Schools of fish dazzle and evade predators. Flocks of birds navigate vast distances. Zebras trade off guard duty so they can take time off to eat.

The success of animal groups might seem to bode well for our potential to work on collective concerns. If they can do it, surely we can as well.

...we’ve learned how remarkably sensitive emergent behavior can be to the structure and nature of interactions between individuals. Changes to the network size or structure, altering how information is shared, or adding feedback tends to degrade collective behavior into failed states.

I think about this a lot when we talk about what we're doing with scuttlebutt. The structure of our connections matters a lot in terms of making an emergent healthy whole.

I know some folks want ssb to a fully flat network, but i think we need more formal nodes, private groups do it, room severs bring together a community as well. Pubs are a broken first version. Maybe there's something with federated + autonomy... kind of how matrix works both federated and direct peer to peer... A protocol that's self certifying, filtered by your peers, and lacks any singleton of control. Obviously twitter's got a lot of control, but just removing that isn't in and of itself a fix.

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Re: %gkOOFSsn+

@Laura You can see the time when view the full view of messages. We used to show the timestamp more places but we felt like it put the focus on the wrong thing. One issue with twitter is that it was too focused on immediacy and didn't engage with older content. Scuttlebutt can surface and help you engage in content that's got a longer life than just the last few minutes.

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Re: %4fwb3S3Hs

I've been finding these last few days stressful as well. Last week i pushed a release without all the secrets set correctly and the zendesk support part of planetary didn't work nor did optional analytics logging to posthog. I also discovered that some of the planetary hosted pubs are offline. And we're seeing a ton of new users who are getting confused about how scuttlebutt works.

The appstore problem is frustrating. Because every time an app is submitted it might get caught by a reviewer who is has a different interpretation of the appstore rules. I wonder if the ability to report content to a room and then have a room maintained banned content list would meet apple's needs instead of a single universal way of removing content.

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Re: %3xJ5y4v69

He claims this isn't true. Honestly it feels like we should take everything we hear about Musk and Twitter with a grain of salt. Not to say bad things won't happen, but there's a media circus and lots of spurious stories going around.

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Re: %5GRrOWN9D

@elavoie i'm totally down with contributing back to the community assuming we can find a way that works for the company and community.

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Re: %sMl1/dst7

@Nico que asco hermano.

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Re: %DXoqRdRBx

I'm excited to see these fixes get added back upstream to go-ssb. Thanks for doing this work.

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Re: %/2RYMyHXr

Perhaps ask for one from dall-e? it's apparently good at making logos. :-D

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Voted # Recovered SSB profile with posts and followers using recovery phrase Tri
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Re: %/2RYMyHXr

Does #perihelion have a logo?

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Voted Following a great trend (?), I have also linked to other SSB apps on the Pe
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Voted Very honoured by the #perihelion mention. Thanks Cel.
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Re: %QMD7JkGLg

Welcome @Chief36!

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Voted > The one point @elavoie brings up is why doesn’t planetary provide revenue
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Voted patchfoo's readme now links to other SSB apps (git-updates: %9JHgdmRikg/arr
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I am excited to see the implosion of Meta. It's so bad, it's painful to watch, but it's also good for the world.

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Voted ![Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 11.59.22 AM.png](&VQ8MTR7TQXrUoC1kkEsUM5nTOe49w
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Voted Watching right now - just heard Jeff mentioning on a podcast as few days ba
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Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2210.27-beta **Fixes bugs and crashes, removes some memory
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Re: %+le3Znq1L

@andrestaltz yeah I didn't mean to imply that it was frivolous, more that it was a small change and i'd not gotten back to following up on it and i should have. Apologies.

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Re: %5GRrOWN9D

There are a lot of points here, thanks for engaging and all of your work @andrestaltz. I feel like you're cherry picking. The major points that people brought up where they didn't want scuttlebutt to have an ICO or use a cryptocurrency. That was an idea we thought might make sense, but we adjusted. There was also concern that Planetary's code wasn't open source so that if it could be bought, it could be corrupted. The code is open source, the project management is open and transparent.

Folks have asked why we didn't hire scuttlebutt developers, but we did, we've paid scuttlebutt devs to do open source work including: @Christian Bundy, @cryptix, @nichoth, @mixmix, @chereseeriepa, and now @SoapDog to do documentation. I'm sure I could have done a better job as a manager, but that's a bunch of money which has gone in to the community. We definitely had roadmaps and goals, just like any software project including ones on ssb, but there was never a time when anybody was pushed to release or contribute something they thought wasn't also in the broader interests of ssb.

The one point @elavoie brings up is why doesn't planetary provide revenue or shares to the community. There's no community organization to give to. @Dominic proposed creating a new zealand scuttlebutt society at the scuttlecamp, but it was brought up without anybody knowing it was coming beforehand. When we asked to review documents, just that hurdle stopped the effort unfortunately. I believe there's a French society incorporated, but it's not being used, is it even for the NGI grants? Does it still exist? There's no clear decision making structure or transparency i've seen. It's not my job to organize the rest of the community in to some sustainable structure. Without that providing some shares is a moot point, you can't assign stock to a github org.

I do see the point, of you don't want people on your niche social network. Planetary supports multiple network keys. So does patchfox, ahau, and patchwork. As far as I know Manyverse is the only one which doesn't. We wanted to build on a larger community, contribute to it, so we used the primary network key for production releases. We've lost people in part because of how hard it is to use and stay connected and find your people on scuttlebutt. A couple of the people you quoted @andrestaltz are no longer active here at all, but checking, are active on Instagram. So despite their fears, in the end they chose a much more controlled corporate environment.

The last bit about pubs / rooms / hosting. Yes we want to make it easy to use to connect to people. We've experimented with a bunch of things, just as other ssb developers have done. Using a DHT is something @Dominic fundamentally opposed as both a breach of privacy and violation of the offline first nature of SSB, yet nobody said @andrestaltz was subverting scuttlebutt when he experimented with dht based peer-invites.

I think rooms are interesting, I like how they provide better connectivity and also an identity service. When manyverse dropped support for legacy replication and pub's the only way to maintain compatibility was to add support for EBT and rooms. We've been paying @mixmix to work on fixing some of these bugs in EBT/legacy on code we don't even really use in Planetary.

My thoughts on rooms are this, we need ways for to connect, for presenting an identity, so you can say, i'm on scuttlebutt. I want a page which i can control or a friend can control which can be used as a bridge for people to connect to me in the scuttleverse. I think i should be able to tell the room i'm using, that they can display some of my content, either just my profile, or info about my following, or even posts. Being able to see information about a user is a valuable way of telling if you want to start following them. That's why we built an optional extension for rooms for this. It doesn't display content if the user hasn't given permission either directly to the room or via setting publicWebHosting to true. I hope many people run rooms with a paired graphql/viewer and that server only hosts some of the content from those room members. This is of course all opt in. Choose your room, choose to set an alias, choose to allow some of your content to presented to the web.

This is all stuff that we've seen is needed in our user research. It's stuff that came up as an issue in the manyverse ux research, it's stuff that @nonlinear has found is an issue as well. It's fine that manyverse doesn't suggest pubs or rooms, i think it adds an unnecessary barrier to participation. In fact we see tons of non-planetary users joining the planetary hosted pubs, so clearly there's a need. We also see a lot of manyverse users relying on the one room sever, it doesn't host content, but it does have ip addresses logged and acts as a single point of connection as we saw when it went down a while back.

Personally i think it's better to provide users with an updated list of open servers ( pubs / rooms ) that users can choose from rather than having them choose what google returns or follow the link to the wiki like patchwork does.

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Re: %+le3Znq1L

@epk I've seen your posts but we haven't interacted much. What happened with the viewer was a my mistake. In this commit, I switched from our forked ssb-db2 to the primary one. I forgot that my PR for ssb-db2 to add support for checking PublicWebHosting hadn't gotten merged because of some back and forth on code style. The ssb-db2 code only got the ability to index / filter based on PublicWebHosting when @mixmix got his PR for the same thing merged on Sept 21st.

It was a bug, a mistake, and the viewer was taken offline within a few minutes when it was pointed out. We also realized there wasn't any spec or documentation on PublicWebHosting except in code and ssb messages, so we wrote a spec.

This kind of gets to my point. Nobody documented PublicWebHosting as a spec, ssb-db2 didn't support respecting it, we added support for that, and wrote the docs. Yes there was an accidental reversion, but it was fixed as soon as anybody discovered it. We're people, we're here, you can talk to us. Somehow in one paragraph you referrer to me several times, each time as if i'm a different person in a giant mega corp. If i honestly didn't respect norms would i have written the first implementation to respect it? Would i have made the PR, would i have worked on the documentation?

At some point somebody's going to write a bot that ignores publicWebHosting and intentionally makes everything visible to google. It won't be Planetary, which is an open source, public benefit company working to advance an digital commons. It'll be somebody, like the NSFW WARNING gay furry porn spammer NSFW WARNING who's setting about messages for tons of other users to gay furry porn avatars, or NSFW WARNING the pro-islamic state scuttlebutt users NSFW WARNING. Neither of those are using planetary, they're blocked from all planetary pubs. In the case of the Islamic State account, we went farther and I believe, its the only content along with @powersource that's blocked so it's impossible to even view the feeds on the planetary app. If you want bad behavior, look at these folks, (not powersource), and realize they don't care. If we can't build systems that prevent these kinds of abuse, then that is will what will kill scuttlebutt. It's a LOT of what has driven away tons of users and developers over the years.

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Voted Shoutout to planetary and [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpA
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Voted ## Climbing at Great Falls, VA As some of you are already aware, I started
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Voted Wasn't the first SSB grants provided by crypto people as well? I don't reme
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Re: %+le3Znq1L

About Me

I don't expect you to look up my background, but before you jump to assumptions about who I am, let me tell you a big. I build my own house off the grid out of recycled paper. I have been involved in anarchist social movements since the early 1990's, and I've started a number of worker coops. I'm a big believer in democracy, engagement, and rough consensus. If you want to know my background, and the work I've done, look at all the interviews I've done about projects with various academics on google scholar.

Things like:

There are a couple hundred others.

Planetary is a company. Today most of the world exists within the capitalist system. I'm choosing to work within that system to try and effect change. Is it the most effective way of changing the world? How the hell should I know! I'm just one person trying to do my part. Working within this system is a tricky game, it's got upsides that maybe I'll be successful and make money, probably it'll fail. What I know for sure is that I'm not particularly interested in purity.

The world is messy.
Humanity is messy.
Culture is messy.
Technology is messy.
Social change is messy.

Nobody's perfect. No project is perfect. There is no one right way to do things. What I do know for sure is that I'm perfectly ok if you're a better anarchist than me.

About Planetary and Scuttlebutt

I think it's important to exist and be part of a larger community. Planetary hasn't forked scuttlebutt because we think it's better to be part of an open ecosystem. We've done a bunch of supporting people directly and indirectly. Lately folks have asked we be more explicit and we started regular donations to OC. It's not how our accountants want us to do things, but it does provide better transparency to the community.

Planetary links to other scuttlebutt apps from our website, we mention them in our App Store description, and I mention the other apps when talking the media. No other scuttlebutt project or app mentions planetary. I'd like to say I don't care, but it bothers me. On top of that, there's a general antagonism towards me and Planetary. It makes me feel like this is a community which doesn't want my contributions and I should go to look at switching planetary to use p2panda, nostr, or at protocol. We're not looking to change protocols. We've made a lot of contributions of open source scuttlebutt code. In the end, I care more about having an impact and changing the world than the particulars of what tools we need to do it.

If this community can't accept someone who's been doing solar punk, anarchist, and cooperative organizing for decades, then how will it accept contributions from the breath of society with people who have all sorts of other backgrounds, histories, and values? Where is the pluralism and inclusivity? I'm not building something for a few folks who want an edgy subculture. I want to build tools for radical transformation of society.

@Rabble %+le3Znq1LIGnqwInJEK0OQeulo1zokhpSCdeMVf0fFM=.sha256

Planetary and the scuttlebutt community

It's been a while since I talked about how Planetary works. It's totally reasonable folks want to know, and understand the role of companies in the SSB ecosystem. I feel like Planetary gets more than it's fair share of ill will from the community.

There are a bunch of companies in the scuttlebutt ecosystem, some are not on the ssb mainnet, but contribute back to the code base like Ahau. A bunch are cryptocurrency projects which are using the code and protocol and not even contributing back code. Nobody seems to care about them.

I'm not sure why planetary seems to draw so much ire, honestly I find it frustrating.

Who is behind Planetary?

It should take you about a minute to find out who the planetary investors are but if you don't want to use google, look at crunchbase. For the last year most of planetary's funding has come through development contracts with Hard Yaka. Basically I do work for them and take that money to fund planetary. Hard Yaka's been amazingly generous in supporting Planetary, it's how we flew people to dweb camp, and pay salaries and expenses to build planetary. They've not pushed planetary to do one thing or another, it's been hands off no strings attached money. That said, I like them, I am glad for their support, and we may use tech or do business with one of the 175 other companies they've also funded. If it makes sense for Planetary, we'll definitely consider working with them over competitors who didn't provide us support.

In the United States there are only two legal classes of organization. A corporation, and the government. I know this isn't the case in other countries, but everything is a corporation in the US. Non-Profits (NGOs) are legally corporations without owners, clubs are corporations with specific rules, trusts are corporations, foundations are corporations, even political parties and campaigns are corporations with a different tax status. Even organized crime is considered an unincorporated corporation. In America, legally, corporations are it.

So, planetary is a corporation. We're incorporated in Delaware, which is where most US corporations are based. We're becoming a public benefit corporation, meaning we are legally allowed to make decisions for the good of workers, the environment, and society instead of just maximizing shareholder value. There are also other requirements, like stating our public benefit, and creating reports about it. Oddly Delaware public benefit corporations don't need to publish their bi-annual reports publicly, but most do. A public benefit corporation is still a corporation, because in America, everything is a corporation.

Planetary Shares

Planetary's got a couple classes of shares, there's investors, employees, and super voting founders shares. My shares are the ones which have 20x voting rights. Meaning as long as the company has funds to operate, and I want to keep doing it, nobody can vote me out. This is the same structure that Snapchat and Meta have.

What did the investors hope to get out of putting money in to Planetary? Well because they're investing as corporations, who are legally obliged to try and make as much money as possible, their stated reason is officially to make a bunch of money. I think they are hoping to make money, that's how they keep going, but they know that it's incredibly unlikely that Planetary becomes successful. I think mostly they invested because they don't like what Facebook has done to the world and wanted to be able to say they're doing something about it.

Before I arranged dev contracts from Hard Yaka, planetary had very little money, it was in debt actually. The investors said to shut it down, they didn't think it was worth anything, and were perfectly happy to write it off as a loss. Now when I write them, they're pleased to see that the company exists, and offer encouraging words, but that's about it. At this point, if I shut it down, they wouldn't even expect a phone call, an email would be enough to inform them that the company failed and I lost their money.

If planetary becomes successful, then they'd be very interested in getting their cut of the company, but it's not something they expect to happen.

If planetary runs out of money, and I want to keep paying people, then no amount of share holder agreements will protect my control over the company. That's the real leverage. Super voting shares, board seats, and all of that only matters if you've got the financial strength to survive independently.

How does planetary work as a company?

We are a very flat organization. We rotate the jobs of running meetings, and cooperatively set our priorities in sprint planning. There are times that I as a team member do push hard for things I think are important, but other people do as well. As a company, we're obligated to follow US employment law, that means when somebody isn't working out to the team, we can't talk about it publicly or vote somebody to be let go. As the executive of the corporation, we're obliged to follow US employment law.

When it comes to control of a company like planetary, the point is that we shouldn't be building a system that relies on the trust and good will of individuals who hold power. Planetary is open source because we think that having access and rights to the code is important. I'm not a huge fan of the GPL, and less of Richard Stallman, but I have been using and contributing to free software my entire adult life.

I think that people's individual values, culture, identity, and morals do matter. But in many ways institutions also matter, they shape our behavior and we acculturate to them. If you're living in a a squatted social center you're shaped by different forces than if you are an executive at a multinational corporation or working a minimum wage retail job. The problem with a few people controlling social media platforms isn't the people in control are bad people, the problem is that it's a kind of power that shouldn't be held by a few people.

Personally I'm inspired by organizations that are emergent, where people can have ownership of their projects and take initiative. I like the company we keep about converting companies to coops, and books / projects like better work together. I'm also a fan of platform coops and building a post-capitalist commons. Part of why I moved to New Zealand was to be closer to enspiral which is how I found out about scuttlebutt and is a group of people rethinking the future of work and business and social change. I haven't engaged as much as I'd like because moving to a new country, raising kids as a single parent, and running a company take a lot of time and energy.

@Rabble %frpAv9lfZCDVc6yrs6erqy3ZkIoAgvZD4pI/nv8Cuic=.sha256
Voted I was able to changed my mom political views by doing the following (betwee
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Re: %gfw503+Hg

The youtube link is for an interview with the filmmaker which is interesting. But if you want to watch the documentary on youtube, and as a torrent.

@Rabble %7iih5gT/Q6XHxcJJE6Zq1gc0jAqFhF/J/k7E/EThS84=.sha256
Voted [@andrestaltz📱](@+UMKhpbzXAII+2/7ZlsgkJwIsxdfeFi36Z5Rk1gCfY0=.ed25519) if
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Voted #française you should call this pub « français » we say « la langue françai
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Voted ![image.png](&yWZw9jmt20j02A0LgdOLLpTD84Fcy8ZWeSwPCBuZN8k=.sha256)
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Voted I think you need more books.. it's a time thing, soon you will have altoget
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Voted I've been messing with this SVG approximation of images - trying to see if
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Re: %AUGvYc83q

I've been using decentralized for years, but in many ways it's both very technical and a definition in opposition to centralized. Peer to Peer describes a positive thing not in opposition to something else. Its got warm fuzzies as @andrestaltz says.

One interesting way in which everything loops back on itself, the Web 2.0 conference was for several years called the Peer to Peer Conference.

@Rabble %AUGvYc83qbL3QMJ0RNzdpxzMMU/iRTh+JvG8wCSapgo=.sha256

Decentralized vs Peer to Peer?

A discussion has come up on the @Planetary team where we've been talking about planetary and scuttlebutt and people get confused. The term decentralized doesn't resonate or have meaning for most people. When we say, it's a peer to peer social media app, people get it, they think of bittorrent and know what that means. It also brings up nostalgic feelings about past where things were more human scale. It resonates because so many people on scuttlebutt say it feels like the old internet.

The only people that get decentralized think it's a cryptocurrency thing. So, maybe we should call scuttlebutt a #peer2peer protocol?

On an aside, i was at a party and talking about what i do, explaining decentralized social media, etc... and the guy said, "like scuttlebutt" and i was yea, exactly... anyway apparently he used to work with @Dominic and was on his boat a couple of weeks ago... small world.

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Voted I have a ZV-1 for streaming, great little video camera. I wouldn't use it f
@Rabble %P/GuLt+A0SU6P+VL8ITWUvF4TcPAixTluOGXNqo0cxg=.sha256
Re: %c2MsqSMHN

I like the bitter favors like lime. I also brewed some yerba mate kombucha which was good.

@Rabble %97n0WQJT3QId61rHvRtgpDdA905I+CQAUnWqQITJBfM=.sha256
Voted Following [glyph's lead](%xUgr0VLbrT50LDlI0xbxZ4sLdvGzwxEjuJzEoJ9FWgs=.sha2
@Rabble %BIhX4rdCpK6jpdWMjowBgIEtt06Vu6zCzplSaT3h5Vo=.sha256
Voted # Building a Chatroom with Andrew #earthstar #learning #peer-programming
@Rabble %uGbNNIlfa9+j1SfSG81QoHyZpz3anjlnUiMMNFDvuVg=.sha256
Re: %G4eqbh34B

We use posthog for @Planetary! We like it's open source, we've been using it to track engagement in the app, i'm sure there's more we could do with it. At some point we'd like to move to be self hosted, or if there was some 'managed self-hosting' where we 'control' the server so we can say that we're not giving data to third parties, that'd be enough.

I was looking at the A6400, but decided to go with an ZV-E10 because of it's direct USB-C streaming out while charging. I'm MOSTLY using it for a really nice webcam, and only secondarily using it for photography.

@Rabble %00ZPp3wxjCVWHXZf2OhGLDWfxNb166LnxJ3HqWOEbY4=.sha256
Re: %v6mNuR0pv

I've thought about this a lot. I think it's structural. We make friends when we have ways to casually bump in to people on a regular basis. The way we structure our houses, single family homes, at least in NZ, or apartments without common space, is inherently isolating. Then we have decided that the child rearing responsibility is split between one or two parents and paid professionals. This is a huge burden on the parent(s), in part because of the work, lack of easy help, but also because we've divided up our social world between child friendly and non-child friendly.

Work often provides a path towards friendship and social connection, but it's hard for those of us who work from home. The last month i've been going more often to a community focused coworking space, which feels like a bougie version of a european social center. I like it but i haven't made tons of friends through it just yet. Perhaps i need to go to more of the evening events.

Years ago i was talking about this with a friend who'd moved to a new city and was feeling isolated. He'd heard from a mutual friend, just go to the gay bar and meet folks. The problem is, he's straight, there wasn't a lefty nerdy intellectual geek space where you're supposed to be social.

The changes we need to make in order to facilitate social connection aren't huge. A hostel is ostensibly just a cheaper hotel, but because of the lack of private spaces, hostels create much more intentional social space. There's a notice board, sofas and comfy chairs, tables, a shared kitchen, tv, games, etc... Some have bars and regular parties. In my travels I came across this hotel chain which is like an upscale hostel / bar / coworking / social center. Basically providing that space for social connection to digital nomads.

I guess my point is that it's not our fault. Or rather, it's not the fault of lack of effort or desire. Rather that we need to find / create / spend time in places that facilitate social connection. What if child care centers were paired with coworking spaces, so parents could go back and forth between connecting with their kids, other parents and work?

Interestingly enough, wealth and class are part of the problem. Kids who grow up in communities with smaller houses, more shared spaces, trailer parks they're called in the US, actually have more adult figures and a stronger sense of community. On a wealthier scale, co-housing is intended to create the same thing. Unfortunately in New Zealand the finance / building codes / structural system makes co-housing difficult to create at any scale.

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Voted I spent the weekend up in Chico visiting family, coming together to celebra
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Voted Got to Georgia 2 weeks ago, as it's a visa-on-arrival country. Found a fla
@Rabble %/N5VrvctvexK8h9CXnQ1LXkaTbmlEzeSqDyfgRe4Z1U=.sha256
Voted I’m here in a state park. The sun just rose, and I’m laying in the back of
@Rabble %+8eBVSWSQhHG5yNKkDa4p/sfrvnP/nJ3TbOi7X6jtMs=.sha256
Voted Here’s my morning coffee, featuring my Crazy Cat Lady mug with slurp residu
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Voted [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpAn2HSc=.ed25519) [@boreq](@
@Rabble %mNZKvwmyOyJtIsljDaKDTtfNfy6nEovOWcIam/0uXKM=.sha256
Re: %SDC6/L+X2

As part of working on go-ssb @boreq / @boreq (mac) wrote up some docs / notes on muxrpc. It'll migrate in to the new docs that @SoapDog is doing, but that might be useful to you.

@Rabble %pmrKZHMQTFhd1MHAtawA7NdOgY+GT2bGuYhwspgjWoo=.sha256
Voted found it [@zoo [planetary]](@yUrNCh6XowOLtszmSlBCC0AziDdm8m4X//bcvkz/4Yg=.e
@Rabble %7L2Ka8MmeySet6ytd7uzjBEQTgcSaNdRQLxqf9PogRQ=.sha256
Voted I haven’t had the energy to read or write much on SSB for the past couple w
@Rabble %LcmAoTMzR9VoOG86f9WAltQX4AJid+TJipuhcYBjKdg=.sha256
Voted undefined
@Rabble %N21e4jguSI8BKlZM5q29T35m/DMo9Ne/tBRH4iVxr8I=.sha256
Voted I've been meaning to write something. About how things are going with the r
@Rabble %d4j0YPr4IRBPWS2mhwWpeakj4C7/bFYHyylxo2+kLY8=.sha256
Voted ![Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Rabbit are sitting at a table. All three have
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Re: %leC8ixVmA

Welcome @JustinM. At the moment the app takes a bit to sync, you've already followed people, and now just need to open it a few times, let it sync, and boom... social, you control.

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Voted Folks, Sorry, I had too much coffee today and couldn't resist. `hermies.
@Rabble %FJzPmANQeDbDy3TCq8N4/2db7MFSTZksl9JHM7jHf+g=.sha256
Voted One of my favourite lines in Neil Stephenson's cryptonomicon is > trying t
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Voted Yes I'm hosting it. There was problem with the web server responding to req
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Voted [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) [@Soa
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Voted anyone seen this ssb cousin or have thoughts on it?
@Rabble %LdqHlXLUKbqaeo5nPUiP6QjN8Tqy76SqbaXYqk/ZIwc=.sha256
Voted I have two #nostr identities, one at as f6aba1ce
@Rabble %Iu2zHGtll8SZqhMxyyHhS9sqe//wHQgkHZSdEQGKWwI=.sha256
Re: %gktE+Wivy

@Dave [ macOS ] Great question. There's a bunch of posts by @boreq outlying the development of #scuttlego and talking about the what and why. In particular you might find the one on the planetary tech stack useful for context.

The go-ssb code is being used in a number of places at the moment and it's structured in such a way that made it hard to work with. We decided to take the pieces of go-ssb and build something with a completely different internal structure, that met the needs of planetary first, then to be used as embedded sdk for ssb apps second. We're totally open to some future merging of the projects. It was just a lot easier to develop it this way. The two code bases have the same license. For example, go-ssb does it's own indexes / db similar to ssb-db / ssb-db2, but scuttlego puts things in a key-value store and then leaves the way the data is used as an exercise to the app developer building on top of it. So to replicate go-ssb functionality, you'd need to add that.

@Rabble %xErXhNhfQO+qrXJgTH1gxj7kGs1nQULtzKb0ktG4Uro=.sha256

Forbes Magazine Feature on Planetary

@Rabble %XQNIaQHBGvyVzD+D9nDjZBDLpImTUnyjly6IdfB5zW0=.sha256
Voted I think this update is what got my account working again, glad to be back!
@Rabble %gktE+WivyvhgEhvJQzKRVQpfosBK0j/4cUe2VDQuWgo=.sha256
Re: %q2LVraLxx

@Dave [ macOS ] I think we can figure that out. Apple assumes that all data intensive tasks are over http, but we can use that to check the state of a phone's connection, if it's in low data mode, over cellular, etc... With that we can add a setting to say, don't sync over cellphone network, etc... We're still working on rolling out the direct mesh stuff, so that's also needed.

In particular one of the reasons we're developing scuttlego is that it gives us much better control over ssb connections, who to connect to, what feeds to request, how many connections to keep open, etc...

@Rabble %QYS6p8PaL5mNk+w2oNnOyhsxy9u81Y3gf6A7PMx260A=.sha256
Re: %q2LVraLxx

It's interesting. @Matt Lorentz just figured out how to have @Planetary spin up and sync in the background when the phone is plugged in and not being used.

The need to have peers online goes up as we look at phasing out pubs.

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Voted ![image](&FT5fzJLeWOWBcFtq/1C2u/+KYAes7ZQijQEhF4tlpnc=.sha256) Woho! I jus
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Voted [Matt Lorentz](@kS1GT34Sg+Kzjcqoehz//afmIQC5+CGo8O/KvMddVrM=.ed25519) 👋 I
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@Rabble %0ph92JA497oRf+hEv3S4Dvom2nMpEQuEJBjX4c7qDBo=.sha256

Jillian York has put together a good set of links about arguments against using real names. This shouldn't be to controversial here, but i thought folks like to take a look.

@Rabble %GGntL8M/yGqBltqjVQIMsA5HSa7IOCJuUEu78sOB5Cc=.sha256
Re: %hcj6YL5yg

@LaPingvino & @decentral1se (manyverse) It's totally a loaded term.

Perhaps: Committee for the dissemination of the good word about scuttlebutt? Or the Scuttlebutt Public Information Committee...

Ok, honestly, i don't care... It could be "Go away, scuttlebutt's full" for all i care. I'm open to suggestions.

@Rabble %PrxEawtfIWwZB06prNxjwp5/17XQs2BsXGOEBOuAHqg=.sha256
Voted Further validation to this - I just did a talk at Wizard Amigos 2022 camp (
@Rabble %UxL4YZblP52pfj4DUjI2A0rwJoVL6K/lzM6bM7+Ri2w=.sha256
Voted 🚀 Planetary 1.3.5 is out! This release includes a couple of important chan
@Rabble %v3/U5IsNDIb3jc7gbkZd0LryKt8ViVCZ+Nhv/9BAHbM=.sha256
Voted [mushroom mushroom MUSHROOOM MUSHROOM](
@Rabble %CGpa582xgIDS43yPwfTW4f7a6HNQO+STWKnJ0fd6F9Q=.sha256
Voted [@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1)](@qv10rF4IsmxRZb7g5ekJ33EakYBpdrmV/vtP1ij5BS4=.e
@Rabble %VwfUqoyqe31qWv2CzoH+w1CfZg054SNsHlyHtxwzkcU=.sha256
Re: %JfH+0sBmH

I think this is a great idea. Perhaps CCC might be a hard time to focus on ssb stuff because there's so much else going on. Planetary is able to help with expenses to make this happen.

@Rabble %/7hnpwnJZ8YtRbMttyATGVboaHjhL4nloeUTHOf1UYo=.sha256
Re: %hcj6YL5yg

So I just jumped in and made a new open collective for this:

I hope folks don't mind me using the name propaganda, feels fun to play with the name. I've invited @mixmix, @SoapDog (Macbook Air M1), and @Luandro Pàtwy to be admin's on it with me. Who else wants to help?

I'm not sure how to add it to the scuttlebutt consortium.

I'd love to have us do some work supporting groups like Mídia India, your work getting folks online @Luandro Pàtwy, learning from Digital Democracy, writing up docs, getting an outline written for how to get support for ssb talks, etc... @SoapDog (Macbook Air M1) it'd be great to have your help coordinating workshops on speaking, and help us cultivate new speakers. Plus of course, speaking yourself.

@Rabble %AcJD1YhAOEfytg5/digslNctc3nCenlpyIF8RPnrHVc=.sha256
Voted Writing a metafeeds migration spec, [@boreq](@qFtLJ6P5Eh9vKxnj7Rsh8SkE6B6Z3
@Rabble %hcj6YL5ygJdNCH7B7oMmQcZqfDnwnyDwyt8aJkrBzh8=.sha256

A Scuttlebutt Propaganda Collective?

Secure #scuttlebutt is a combination of the technology we build and the people who use it. It's not driven by a central company or crypto currency foundation which throws money around to grow. Instead we've grown organically through people and their communities.

A lot of people have learned about scuttlebutt and started using it because they either heard about it at a conference, read an article about scuttlebutt, or attended an onboarding session. I'd like to grow our community and support that outreach.

Mozilla and other organizations have a fund to pay for travel and lodging for people who go around and talk about the open web and related projects that Mozilla supports. We've had a lot of scuttlebutt talks and on boarding sessions but it's been haphazard and hasn't had support. 

What I'm proposing is a fund set aside funds for two things.

  • First, for folks to either travel to conferences to talk about a scuttlebutt related topic. Preferably these folks have some experience with scuttlebutt and what we're doing, and either experience giving talks or connection to community mentors who can help them become better speakers.
  • Second, a fund to help support onboarding sessions. I was thinking we could provide a stipend for the organizer of an onboarding session, materials, and some kai (food) for participants.

Out of this work, we could develop some materials for workshops on this tech. It makes sense to have people who are near the communities they reach out to rather than some crew that flies around the world. Local matters.

One option is that this just be a planetary thing, we setup a program, and manage it. But it feels like making it an open collective and making decisions as a community might be a better path.

What do folks think?

@Rabble %+zUsjsM9DuQJCn8OwY9lgyMpKnFLQ9idO6OMmaqYZf0=.sha256
Voted 48% vs 43.5% to Lula. Bozo managed to get much more then expected. But con
@Rabble %Cdjpcz3ctRlr6TBD+LZfbyYcINaXbu2mSr5r6oKO+DQ=.sha256
Re: %Cl7lHaczH

Looks like it's going to a second round, which will be messy, but the lead is now 47.94% vs 43.62%. Given Ciro Gomes is on the left and is at 3%, most of his votes will go to Lula, meaning he'll get a majority in the runoff. Even then, the final tally will be close enough that Bolsonaro's folks will be able to contest the results and cause mayhem.

@Rabble %scSJsaPlooy0lwxmcH0IC76TpDBp93Hh1XVEflgCmRU=.sha256
Re: %cyDI/U4X+

If you've got a newer mac you can use planetary on the desktop as well. We use an updated version of oasis hosted for @Planetary. There's also patchfox as a good option. And as @Nico says, Perihelion.

I think the manyverse / patchwork issue is related to ebt's vs legacy replication. It doesn't really matter fixing that because the current js releases, manyverse, and planetary are all using ebt now. The ssb-pub doesn't really support ebt either, but with the move to rooms, it's not needed. Planetary is working on an updated pub with a graphql interface for a web viewer which supports both ebt and legacy replication, but it's not really intended to be used a pub which people will join.

Anyway, all of the legacy replication issues with patchwork are moot because we're soon going to be using metafeeds and anybody who uses that will need to upgrade to newer code. That transition is going to the real point where folks need to move on. I think the idea is for a bit to cross post to old feed while also creating the metafeed, i think.

@Rabble %K4T9cNcb8v750LSCYUkeABSjWZ0Mg+TQcR1Fd2kl5UY=.sha256

It'd be really nice to have something more frequent than the ssb newsletter, the last one came out in February. I'm reminded of this because I came across the this week in matrix newsletter. Clearly this is something which needs to be paid if it is going to come out on a sustainable regular basis. What do folks think? Is anybody interested in doing it? How much do we think we'd need to set aside to make it happen? I could see planetary setting aside extra money in to a OC to help make it happen.

@Rabble %ZIS0QZVUsLT3wfcw7n0or5KVsgVG7B5Bzd3Y9SAUVLI=.sha256
Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "@Rq6Oq0vcg6xWDie9oKc1gscIVjblHO9O3FOIPFM/0BU=.ed25519",
  "image": "&XD6l9T+dbtFqlZDbqFHf5Nixo8V7lE8VseArbpZbBwU=.sha256"
@Rabble %/pTJ2PcRwBAsGc623S5PiByMqDgEIREQFo91v50uhtM=.sha256

The release of Elon Musk's text messages as he considers buying twitter is kind of amazing read. So rarely do we get to see what these kinds of people say privately.

@Rabble %A9KrSEZ8LptZEVKUvwGaZ4XEu+0VxlABgZaGWl97wM4=.sha256

Tumblr's being forced to abandon the open policy around sexual content because of structural constraints on the way tech works today.

It's worth reading the post by it's current ceo... Why “Go Nuts, Show Nuts” Doesn’t Work in 2022.

  1. It comes down to three things, credit card companies won't process payments for porn. Even if only a portion of the the content is porn. There are specialist companies that do it, but they charge 20% to 30% processing fees instead of 2% to 3%. Crypto just isn't there for real consumer use.

  2. Mobile phones drive use, apps have push notifications and a much better experience than mobile web. If you want to be easy to use for most people today, you need mobile apps. The appstores decide who and what can be in their stores. To install otherwise on iOS means a tricky jailbreaking process few users will do, and even side loading via fdroid on android is something only very technical users will do. The appstores say they're doing this to protect users against malware, but the reality is this is a tremendous restriction on free speech.

  3. New laws around consent and age verification of people in sexual pictures / video means that it's very difficult to stay legal.

  4. In effect if you have sexual content you need to use a completely different stack for everything.

Does this mean that a privacy centric, no hosting, encrypted social network could fill this niche? I'm not sure. In scuttlebutt's case, both manyverse and planetary rely on appstores allowing us to distribute our apps. The hosting doesn't have a cost, because of the way the protocol works... and we don't have payments. If we do make it easier to use, then I expect we'll be seeing more sexual content as users get driven off of other platforms. What does that mean for us?

@Rabble %xoB9/L0RbPzgDWN2Q1S1xTtdstlAi617v6eYFXIrwn4=.sha256
Voted # community grant accountability update: six months ago [I proposed](%bMD
@Rabble %GeJiSUTyniaZaVNkArZdfMSA6H5aB7nSC4+ExzUTsig=.sha256
Voted Alright, I think I now understand a bit more about how #ssb works. It's slo
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Voted **update** : have a call booked with me, [@boreq](@qFtLJ6P5Eh9vKxnj7Rsh8SkE
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Voted [This library]( looks like something
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Voted Had an informal #crab-meet and #sleep-over last night. Always good to see [
@Rabble %vLo9nYX7+hgRfaoiUqJi7VGrIcl8QtPjl60mSC430Go=.sha256
Voted Planetary 1.3.4 has been released to the App Store! This one contains mostl
@Rabble %OsnGKJEHXVT4RZCHsDHoz5STahvmrCLekg3+6F21pEI=.sha256
Voted welcome to the #parenting club [@Matt Lorentz (planetary)](@4wXR/KiJrkz9D2L
@Rabble %0sFrJ+ACF09fXuxcn6YR1FSHr7x71Bae8rDnixl1o9Q=.sha256
Voted Anyway some numbers, to add dimension. Planetary gifted **20-25k USD**, whi
@Rabble %Yy8K+tMk6fbifPvc3sZW/2rjpmbXfYaA9ysxP4SC6B8=.sha256
Voted Shoutout to planetary and rabble who sponsored tickets and trip to me and m
@Rabble %O7X3ghhcybMVzXoZscKnXsGj/GA7n5dAk0KDuF75k0Q=.sha256
Voted The equinox is here. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere we celebra
@Rabble %jcubWuw7jPZ9dsaAoY+v1bVdDChjE1OOS+DSHzVBWYo=.sha256
Voted # Planetary Community Collaboration! ![forest creature - jon juarez](&R3+r
@Rabble %sEHUyF41Gy2IkDORh1aChAqLgQ55RiMotVmt1+i0oE0=.sha256
Voted Hello World! My name is David Baunach, I'm a Catholic priest, and I'm into
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@Rabble %7Rp2du8BB6ziY6H3RQdNKm0tZ0UI8cUylCzLPKfL3Pc=.sha256
Voted The guy that started that cafe also founded a bunch of others in wellington
@Rabble %jpmC4LnPR2qRQDwHwSMe2SfxlmZTyBwh25nABh8FZyo=.sha256
Re: %iZVnFF1yn

Welcome @Techpriest_Baunach_Main! You seem quite technical to have managed setting up your own room server. Looking at your posts you're quite interested in emerging and alternative social media protocols.

I'm curious how you found scuttlebutt, and what you're looking for. You tried both manyverse and planetary which is great. You've said planetary is nice, but you're using manyverse. It's important that we have many apps in the ecosystem, and many things like rooms, metafeeds, and the upcoming private groups are being innovated first in manyverse. One thing which i've heard multiple people say is that planetary is really nice, but they try it and go back to manyverse. What is it that planetary doesn't do for you that manyverse does? This isn't a competition. More i'd love to understand what makes the app compelling for you.

One thing i noticed is on your twitter profile you put up links to your ssb uri's but not your alias registered on your room. With planetary we've been working under the assumption we should encourage people to use room aliases as a way of more easily connecting people to their ssb account rather than the identity or ssb uri. why did you end up using the uri?

We at planetary have setup a bunch of topical pub's and are going to transition them to rooms as our room support gets better. Would it make sense to set one up for catholics? Or christians in general or people interested in spirituality more broadly?

@Rabble %P1rTd8oIyKtSn2GH5LCYHUxBha+6uIrwbCoLUAM3EMs=.sha256
Voted ![boardwalk in a swamp](&RXjzWXPkTITV5ZEEmC0vZ+98BrKU9xYKWHPlV56cBeM=.sha25
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Voted ![View from lakehouse, lake visible through trees and flowering bushes.](&O
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Voted I'm starting a long-term SSB documentation project. The project is going t
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Re: %I+/1ZE8Fo

I was thinking about this and if something like tailscale would be a way to easily let ssb clients connect to rooms without exposing personal data or being able to be blocked.

@rathantara by SPN you mean like Safing?

I think for ssb we have a few requirements, it needs to punch through NAT's, it needs to work in js, it needs to work in mobile apps, and when running mobile it needs to be light on battery / processor use.

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Voted For whatever reason I haven't gotten around to putting this on SSB yet, but
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Re: %iVz6DUKg/

First, off, thanks @andrestaltz for linking the previous post, I've been traveling a lot an forgot we'd already had a thread.

I like crut's idea, but do think overloading message types is maybe a mistake.

I'm curious your take @mixmix because you use gatherings as the crut example in the readme.

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Voted ## Gatherings 2.0 [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpAn2HSc=.
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Gatherings 2.0

At the #dweb-camp there was a discussion about how gatherings are cool but they way they overload about messages sucks. So we talked about making a new gatherings schema to replace the legacy one from patchwork. We've got a gathering message type which we post with a gathering, let's put the content in there!

One option is to just move the fields from current gatherings over. Nobody has to stop supporting the current gathering format, but it's be good for new implementations to support the new thing and to have us migrate in that direction.

I think it'd be good to add some location to gatherings. There's a TON we could add, just look at Perhaps we could pick a subset of that to support and then of course everybody can choose what else of that to implement. I looked at activityStreams but their events stuff doesn't seem to provide much of a direct model for us. I would say that #geojson would be an interesting message type, being able to attach a location or geographic shape to other messages, not just events.

I know @SoapDog was interested for patchfox. I took a stab at adding gatherings to planetary before dweb-camp but didn't get it done. Manyverse has gatherings, so changing the schema would require some work there, but it shouldn't be tons because it's just a change to the message schema and db2 indexes / queries.

Perhaps we could have a call and sketch out a #schema for updated #gatherings. Could be as lightweight as the ssb-web-viewer-spec that @mixmix recently posted.

Shall we arrange a call?

@Rabble %pLtOVgYL+oQyzldYInEjHmNdzebrz+R3KQwuy68KBrM=.sha256

What's the difference between how ssb-http-auth and ucan auth are implimented? Should we try and converge in to using the more widely adopted ucan?

@Rabble %9hB5YK7xrFE0tcUkw++6+wzmNb6QugwSJPi7qPF6yLA=.sha256
Re: %t+MfoXpiI

The dirt one is interesting... honestly i think these are just analysts from investment firms trying to get a sense of what kind of person Mudge is and if his allegations are going to be material to the twitter stock price and company. It's a regular thing that they reach out for off the record comments from people who know executives to understand what kind of person they are.

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Voted ![lençóis maranhenses ](&gyLBWR9KChorMkGbGIbsyExx6GgDfzzUi2Ja6x0t+Fs=.sha25
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Voted Thanks for the feedback on the [draft media article](%1VFNgUWMJeZ5UQ7D6UvO8
@Rabble %WFC4A5P7xgZb89Jnhe2yKikP2+p+vCMO+h/TVdVIvrQ=.sha256
Voted Actually, from a larger perspective, journalists are in no way obliged to a
@Rabble %rQLYZy5Dn9zubS51Uqk+G7mLh7SAaMzlX1Qt9HLtjWU=.sha256
Re: %MSLopAVfB

@notplants If you don't want to block poeple, then more power to you. I wish ssb nodes did a better job of not relaying feeds from the blocker to the blockee.

Recently we banned a few accounts which were pro-islamic state: @Rs5J4+H... @kDLVwmq... @TQ5/IVI...

You're welcome to use your resources to support and share this content but it's not something I want do. They're a group which engages in religious fundamentalism, summary execution of queer people, slavery, and generally nightmareness authoritarianism.

Then there are these asshats who are using poorly thought out features in some scuttlebutt apps to assign gay furry porn to other people's profiles.


I wish block was stronger, something where all the normal ssb libraries we distribute prevent passing messages to the blocked identity.

If you want to host that kind of content, go for it, but at the moment all blocking does is tell other people you've made a judgement and aren't seeing or hosting that person's content. We should also implement more real blocking. But since block in scuttlebutt doesn't work like blocking elsewhere, we shouldn't use the term.

@Rabble %v0YJNHy0+rWVG5eYqZ9NpXPeN9IAcFYoDZa6G+jtKhw=.sha256
Re: %j/fHlzeEI

I'm kind of surprised that Lençóis isn't all over instagram as a major destination. It's so surreal and amazing. It feels like one of the major wonders of the natural world, but it's hardly known beyond brazil.

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Voted Yup Lençóis! One of those special places on this planet
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Voted Thanks saw it now. I had first wanted to read the full article last night b
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Voted # ssb-web-viewer-spec @cheres
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Re: %FkccO2hcR

@andrestaltz That sucks the way manyverse was framed, I also asked Michael to change it, to no avail. I go out of my way to only say positive things about manyverse, patchfox, and every other project in the ecosystem. I never said that manyverse was more pro-free speech or less managed than planetary. We've got different ideas about how our apps should work, what services we should provide, and how we'd like them positioned. But I admire your work, and what you're doing, and your goals. I'd never intentionally do anything to undermine that.

Recently we had issues with gay furry porn and ISIS supporters on the planetary pubs. We banned them from our pubs but didn't block planetary users from viewing / following those feeds on their installations of planetary. Manyverse doesn't run any services so you don't need to block them in that way. We've worked hard to add support for rooms both to keep up with manyverse but also to ourselves get out of the business of hosting content that we'd then need to moderate.

@andrestaltz i know you're frustrated with me and planetary. I asked to be able to see an early copy of the article before it was published to be able to provide feedback and was told no. If I had known he was going to portray manyverse as a platform for free speech purists i would have asked him to change it. And I did ask for that to be changed after I saw it. I think having multiple full featured apps in the ecosystem is important and that's why we started linking to patchfox, mayverse, and patchwork from our website starting over 2 years ago. As far as I know, nobody else links back to planetary from their sites. This is frustrating. It'd also be great if folks mentioned planetary as an open source scuttlebutt app when other scuttlebutt folks speak to journalists. There were people in the community who tried to stop planetary from even being linked to from the scuttlebutt sites.

In terms of framing, personally I'm not comfortable with the way my personal story and narrative is used as a hook in stories about my work and scuttlebutt more broadly. But, we also see this in articles about manyverse which focuses on Andre or scuttlebutt which centers Dominic, where they talk about creators as a way of letting folks connect. It's the nature of journalism and storytelling. Innovation and culture come from communities of people not individuals. But so much of our society's framing is around it being a hero's journey, the lone individual who changed the world.

Anyway, I'll continue to do my best to talk about planetary existing within a community of apps, portray the projects in the way they want, and promote our collective project. We're doing this together, it's not a competition. What we have in creating scuttlebutt is a commons, we don't have to all agree or like each other to make something great together. I'm glad the article became about something more than just about me or planetary, i'm sorry not everybody is happy with how they're portrayed. Perhaps this is just a reminder that journalism is a business which reflects the institutional values and constraints of its organizations, culture, and economics. This is why we need to tell our own stories.

@Rabble %M9yBtaJ23bMclOyGM8SdOsEZ21sRQyMUNHZT49xbbLI=.sha256
Re: %j/fHlzeEI

Are you in the Lençóis Maranhenses? I've always wanted to visit those in brazil. I got close 8 years ago but my camper broke down and i ended up running out of time.

@Rabble %Cc+5bB1ioyjH5Aj26JHY3m5rA7SZZBx132YgunFXYqM=.sha256
Voted ![lençóis maranhenses](&Qg2J8drpCO1tidW6XhXzpUZT4v/rk6+QGvoDbiSkZL8=.sha256
@Rabble %HZBo5xOE5+EzDmFj55WZQpsraV/Ii4wSDO4y6yZV3+k=.sha256
Re: %AL0zsl2om

All of the scuttlebutt space needs better docs and specs. It's a mess and we should fix it.

@Rabble %jVnNv3KZ4gaCzvQhROrIEcS/wMO7WO0Jx4WMdWH1dsw=.sha256
Voted I have started [a branch](
@Rabble %Wb1NLA7/pPUIAHQn+VVZ0m2U+s2FFiP3NbSiA+HgiDI=.sha256
Re: %FkccO2hcR

Planetary uses apple keychain for identity backup, but i think there's general consensus that in ssb we should be moving towards using #darkcrystal. We just need to do it.

I agree with @mixmix that ssb folks aren't the intended audience for this article.

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Voted > Henshaw-Plath started looking for alternatives. “Eventually,” he says, “I
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Voted > Globus Call receives applications until the 3rd of October > > > The fir
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Re: %jFSVTIYp3

What the hell kind of plant is that? Looks alien to me, wonderful, amazing, but other worldly. Is it always blooming or did you get some special time of the year to be able to see it?

@Rabble %rJsQ2dS53dVs5IRpji5vj4mPiSwj4U3YJUXFMHnICZU=.sha256
Re: %FkccO2hcR

I think in general Michael did a good job at portraying a version of the story. It feels weird to be centered so much in the piece but i get how my backstory and twitter makes it a hook for journalists to bring in readers. I'm really glad that he took the time to talk to a bunch of folks in both the SSB and broader decentralized social media community so that it's not just about me or planetary.

Past articles like the 2017 piece in the Atlantic about @Dominic and the 2018 piece which featured @andrestaltz did a lot to bring in new people and energy in to the scuttlebutt community.

I didn't get to see a copy of this before it published, it's not always how i'd portray it, but that's part of the point, the article is from the perspective of an outsider who's telling a story about us. I like pairing it with @Teq's academic paper on scuttlebutt's participatory governance of a participatory network.

Here's a pdf version of the forbes article shared as a blob for folks who want to read it offline.

What do people think?

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Voted ## This Week in Matrix (TWIM)
@Rabble %2q8YruPJd0FCv3BgzyLP0rXXMXi0qQLpXzEUdVUOVfg=.sha256
Voted #burningman 2019 is coming up. I'm curious if there are folks on this platf
@Rabble %aKRaLU+v3Tw39EiVuKjg8J8lSGahi2PgrpVgYp05rUQ=.sha256
Re: %Rr3O6HCKY

I think we dismiss these kinds of organizations because they're often not directly visible or controlable. I've been thinking about this a lot as i was at #burningman last week. Ostensibly there's a non-profit which runs the festival, coordinates selling tickets, hiring a few people, interacting with the state to allow the events to happen. But the vast majority of the money and work is in a network of coordinated but decentralized teams and camps. All the organization does is make the space be legitimate enough to exist. It's quite open, if you want to participate in work or governance of projects, you can. Or you can easily start your own thing. There are 10 principles the network created to define what is or isn't a burningman thing. There were fights about the structure, what could be included, etc... but what they settled on works. This pushing work out the edges values action & autonomy. If one part of the network goes bad, either people can move away from it and let it wither or they can coordinate many other parts to intervine and address it. Potentially kicking orgs or people out for failing to uphold the values.

A network I was very involved in, indymedia, had two documents which coordinated the network as a kind of constitution, mission statement, principles of unity, and membership criteria. These documents grew out of the work, the network came to be and we were looking for a governance model to use. Tons has been written about indymedia and it's model for self managed, participatory media for social change. Reflecting back, we had too much consensus, that's a very heavy process which should only be used in the most fundamental decisions. In all other cases it slows down autonomy and was part of the reason the network stagnated.

I constantly look at the 12 step programs, alcoholics anonymous et al, as a model. There are over 200 different kinds of 12 step fellows, and the core AA one has over 2 million active members. Tremendous amount of work is done. Nobody can speak for AA, there is no hierarchy of groups, no professional staff (there are some support workers who are paid, but they are at service of the local group), all the groups are funded by local donations. The AA network relies particularly strongly on texts and a few fundamental list like documents to describe what is and isn't a 12 step program. Many of these are repeated, read out loud at every meeting. The core documents are simple, they're accessible, they're used to remind folks, what they're doing there, how we work, and what it means to be a member of AA. I think this mantra style communicating and reproducing the culture and political system is very important.

The dweb camp came up with a set of principles which are pretty good. We link to them from the planetary website website.

It'd be interesting to figure out how to document and make the process of creating these networks reproducible. We don't have to get top heavy to get big, we can grow horizontally. We do need big and world spanning to address the issues we face with society and the environment, but top heavy can be very vulnerable to being captured.

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Re: %oW5wLIV6t

Oh yeah, this is a bug, it's not supposed to show any content from folks who don't opt in to PublicWebHosting. Apologies. We're all traveling post #dweb-camp so it might take a moment to get it fixed.

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Voted # Misty Falls and Paradise Meadow On Wednesday morning I got up early and
@Rabble %odHsFt2feFUN7+cCNI9sXSu+nlwICpWxa6f3I11kdzE=.sha256
Voted There's a "call-in" at DWeb Camp tomorrow ~8am PDT - e.g. for anyone who wa
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Re: %9x3V5vwpa

Sure, make a build, just the rebuild step in the release notes clearly so folks know it'll happen.

@Rabble %WXXIX8kHpdw41GNDgesOjz8dKttBYPJKbQpg96CbfWU=.sha256
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Re: %d5uIQ+S5c

The transition is a bit rough, i think everybody on the planetary team struggled a bit when we moved to apple silicon. But once you get it sorted it feels good. What i did was setup one terminal app to use the Intel compatibility mode. I run brew on that. Even running through emulation, it's faster than my previous laptop.

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Re: %9eg+5AhHR

I'm amazed at how much water is in that lake. You might be able to pick up a minimal cheap camp stove in your travels. We're sorry to miss you at #dweb-camp

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Re: %NLwruacaU

I recognize that person. It's @clamber!

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Voted a new photo from #dweb-camp 2022! ![photo.jpg](&sort2NA4UOPATYtuG66EI0m1yWb
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Voted Made it to Barcelona today! But first a bit of history.. Three days ago w
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Voted YAAASSS!!! That GH Action gizmo to build binaries for Patchfox is working.
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Re: %TgekPnD+V

Hey @Jerome it'd be awesome if you or somebody you know could work on french and basque translations of planetary. We need help with both!

@Rabble %f/J8PTDLO7+b9HYBIxAFjgnlWX02JTpw4j2D/UdcKYo=.sha256
Re: %GXBPjr6Bd

Hi! Yes we're out there.

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Re: %WGzgPmwZw

Planetary has a test net with pubs, rooms, and a few ssb apps running on it that you can use for testing. It'd be great if other people also used the same testnet as we'd get more content and apps on it. It'd make a better test environment.

That said, i also recently did some blog testing on the main net as well. Mostly because it doesn't seem that manyverse lets me chose an alt-net and i needed to see how things worked in manyverse.

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Voted the joys of debugging SSB stuff in production
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Re: %Y/7M4nGL9

Camilo was kind of the same way, not at all thrilled about a trip, but it is good for him to get grandparent time.

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Voted About to board first flight to #dwebcamp Ziva wants to go home already
@Rabble %C5T3QyVV/RWsaz2z71U69bW5BG2hpSXoUr8CYDsOD/s=.sha256

What's the status on #manyverse support for #blog message types? I thought I remember @andrestaltz using blog messages, but i could be wrong. Patchfox supports posting / reading them, patchbay supports both, patchwork displays them but doesn't let you post them.

Would manyverse folks welcome a PR to add displaying blog post message types?

@Rabble %OmNcOzB5OGplP+6/Qwga80V/BSjDG5d3uqrLM2Ow90g=.sha256
Voted [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpAn2HSc=.ed25519) > The mai
@Rabble %JKyah+609gwTiGdDq8qIww9ZkxU/IYrimJhKCshPd4c=.sha256
Re: %TsupREyH7

This is interesting. Feels very similar to how @notplants](@5Pt3dKy2HTJ0mWuS78oIiklIX0gBz6BTfEnXsbvke9c=.ed25519) was thinking of #ssb-nft (nft proposal

The main difference is these local tokens are fungible and the nft's aren't.

There's a note in there about the idea of exchanging between one token and another. If we could trade 10 rabble tokens for one elavoie, we'd just send the tokens both directions. Perhaps there could be a way of saying, this send transaction is only valid after a follow up confirmation on both feeds. That'd provide a kind of escrow.

It's implied that you could exchange between a local token and some external store of value. If it's fiat or some agreement, i'll bring over lunch, then there doesn't need to be confirmation in signed data. But what happens when somebody wants to exchange between local tokens and unified / universal blockchain cryptocurrency with consensus?

Is it some kind of gateway protocol / contract / service?

@Rabble %Fkvf8JxUWAjr1ohtng2e6wt+16BiV0gzWqD6kLfDo/A=.sha256
Voted I am really looking forward to the #dweb-camp! It is exciting that all thos
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Re: %YMmYbW+OD

I've never heard of company painting and drinks as an activity.

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Voted Now I'm waiting at an airport again I have time to look at Scuttlebutt agai
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Voted Thanks all. I think the worst is over. Just hoping I can test negative befo
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Voted related to [@elavoie](@IgYpd+tCtXnlE2tYX/8rR2AGt+P8svC98WH3MdYAa8Y=.ed25519
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Voted # Comments? Local Crypto-Tokens for Local Economics (Deadline: 31st Aug.)
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Re: %rkj6kJ7LF

They are open to providing similar grants to the ssb community. We've had a few initial conversations.

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Voted #spritely I see Spritely got a multi-year grant to continue with their go
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Re: %i8ZUw3bic

@Matt Lorentz was not looking so good yesterday but he's back on his laptop and seems a bit better today. So we're hopeful for a speedy recovery. So far nobody else on the team has tested postive.

@Rabble %PpB9rO0Kn81pzM9jWQ9ZrxNWtrhInkXrsz/xkiahgSo=.sha256
Voted Team #Planetary having a great time, just a few hours before I tested posit
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@boreq, @Matt Lorentz (planetary) and I are working on adding room support to planetary. The basic part is done, we can connect, and sync with manyverse apps which use the room. Alises are neat and we'd like to support them.

Perhaps @cblgh, @andrestaltz, or @cryptix can help.

  • We can't find where go-ssb-rooms provides an api for getting a list of what my current alises are for a given room?

  • Manyverse seems to write to its log when you register an alias, and when you revoke your own. But what happens when the room admin revokes an alias?

  • Shouldn't the room server be the source of authority about which alises are valid?

  • We can see the list of aliases in the web interface, but can't find a REST or muxrpc method for getting them.

  • Why are some api methods via http and others muxrpc? Seems like there should be some feature parity there.

Sometimes using manyverse i can see the profile and 'feed' for a room, and sometimes it doesn't let me see the profile. I kind of like the idea that a room could use its secret to write to its own log, just like a pub defines it's about message and avatar that way. I could imagine a room which managed a private group for members of that room, it'd not store any message logs for the members, but would be able to write private messages to members inviting them to a group, encrypted for everybody in that room.

@Rabble %4bL8+h422p/vNxsy9LXvsBxq9siLmCrFRCpX29OVkb4=.sha256
Voted Team retreats, or off-sites like we call them here, are great. Go somewhere
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Re: %FnXWClk+M

There's something weird with the macos builds of manyverse. It seems to thing Manyverse Mobile and Manyverse Desktop are the same app when installed on MacOS. I'm guessing there's a reuse of appid's or something. Apple lets you install iOS apps through the appstore on apple silicon macs. The manyverse mobile on desktop and manyverse desktop seem to use different ssb identities / db's but the OS things they're the same app. It means you can't choose which you want to launch.

Good news is i'm currently running a build of planetary that has both room and ebt support which means it'll sync better with manyverse.

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Voted _11 August 02022_ I'm happy to share that lykin is feature-complete. I wil
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Voted # Multi-account trust in distributed networks While I evaluate SSB I was c
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Voted [@RangerMauve](@tdeT1cU3xUQaD2Ne5Ox0Dndly50qS+c5+//Fl7tyPqg=.ed25519) I hav
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Voted # HedgeDoc A collaborative online real-time text editing application. htt
@Rabble %ns3MStzXLXLSmoPnHgmwdj8WCd+RqhjYI9xHKpp5ixY=.sha256
Voted Yasssss!!!! Patchfox running as a self-contained universal application on m
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Voted Where I live all the libraries in the greater Wellington region are linked.
@Rabble %I/bbL0BY7bo2HGczBmQusMKilTYw0c3nqlggxs4G4LQ=.sha256
Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "@EmJzXv/EZrAuGS1UNpH07AVz908sGckRaX38BxVgA+0=.ed25519",
  "name": "Russian Language Pub"
@Rabble %bO9IA9VJxAI5YbgJtGeBYBSV886WkRiPv7OHd5t79DA=.sha256
Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "@L1LEmI49J3lzKUy6XPkh9/6ci+Cc8JlUIGg8inzWaVo=.ed25519",
  "name": "Chinese Language Pub"
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Re: %bVCZHYhsQ

I could still see some additional library on top of scuttle-go which makes many of the common queries easy, which can then be forked or extended when someone needs something more specific. but such a project would not at all be mutually exclusive with a more core utility (scuttle-go) which has no opinions about read models

Right now Planetary has one read model, through sqlite, but i'm sure it's not a good universal solution and i'm not even very convince it's good for planetary itself. I think maybe we need something more like a graph / object db... although now sqlite does let you store and query json.

Anyway, just like the js ssb stack has many libraries you compose, go need several depending on the use case.

@Rabble %EUWiAHg+S1nGp8+2gb9gWShvc2d7vch18dPizmkVgh4=.sha256
Voted It's a bit outside my area, but I found this [Algorithmic Futures](https://
@Rabble %poEDf6HgYPbSoHy4nS8/uQ2+bStxKJbSwDMcF19DTos=.sha256
Re: %MPsUu3yQs

In ssb all you really need is your secret, or the mnemonic string which can be used to backup the key. On desktop / web hosted ssb installs using ssb-server it's also useful to keep a backup of conn.json so you know where to connect. I don't know where manyverse stores that, but if you can get it, then it'd be helpful. Not so much a backup, but useful thing to keep in mind when restoring is the seq number of your most recent post. You'll want to make sure you've reconstructed your feed when you restore so that you've got either the same number of messages or up to the seq number, effectively the same thing. Once you've got that restored you know you'll not accidentally fork your feed. I messed up a few times when i didn't have conn.json so i redeemed an invite to connect upon restore. That writes a pub message to your local feed, but since you don't have any of the other content yet, it's like starting all over, your feed won't validate.

The mnemonic backup is a really nice way of doing it, but you might want your connection information for peers or start up the restored instance on a network with a local ssb instance running to directly peer with.

@Rabble %KyPGCJjH1aoDS/BIkvcwqXV3FQrY08YbKhDXVOHm8Y4=.sha256
Voted Agree. A completely dumb idea. The stuff that isn't changing might be the b
@Rabble %DEVqOgIxWfVKl2n6PoXM81KP7uVhqvZoFXXV4+u7xEY=.sha256
Re: %s1W2nHlO2

Totally understand. We're currently testing out rooms support for planetary which should help shift away from topical pubs to topical rooms.

@Rabble %cJcPCH9//dZmaCfhsD9iJAvm4D5L6mu4Qx+jEQE+VTw=.sha256
Re: %s1W2nHlO2

Why are folks blocking that pub all of a sudden?

@Rabble %3Bx1VKUuIE65Dlzn8PFcJGYcYZiq0Yoku64ZB6cwpxE=.sha256
Voted # Planetary Go Dev Diary During previous dev updates I described our work
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Voted Welcome, I’m new myself but seeing virtually no activity. I guess I’m looki
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Voted ![planetary attachment no.1](&4g8GPXbGHr2Z8ImeS3fznj9qSpOxa3Y7/9Aw7UqAcdE
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Re: %DI3Rc/Mj8


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Re: %ysiX1q4G0

Just to make it clear. I think the cooperative ecosystem of scuttlebutt development apps and projects is important. I always talk about it and in particular mention Manyverse because it's central to our shared project. When we launched in the appstore, we went from linking to just to directly directing people to try Manyverse, Patchfox, and Patchwork.

I always mention that the reason that planetary works on an open scuttlebutt network. We constantly tell users that manyverse is an alternative that they can use. That means they aren't locked in to planetary's decisions in terms of how the app works. I think that we have a cooperative ecosystem of multiple apps which don't share code or are controlled by a single organization is one of the major strengths of scuttlebutt. It's part of what sets us apart from so many decentralized projects and is a reflection of the robustness of our community.

Everybody has their own vision about how scuttlebutt should work, what app they're building, and how to promote it. It would be nice if other projects included links to alternative apps.

@Rabble %sKUdn181GjFS9ZRTIICtkGX6pdOOB9H3J7KJUi96lb4=.sha256
Voted Oh and Eric Bear from Holochain is specifically organising a p2p space, whi
@Rabble %luEpdk5DssiePIigIZaXyDqZJePmtS25lWD1Rdg1qYI=.sha256
Re: %P/H4WtAMl

Yeah it's not been updated, but i'd love us to merge this in to and make it the default rather than the pretty terrible ./sbot which just reflects badly on the community when we have such a good alternative.

@Rabble %7vC2FG64BfL6nOKGipaI/2MIxqCtxBltbjoSXr9levM=.sha256
Re: %ysiX1q4G0

Glad he got in touch with you @andrestaltz as the story about any one ssb app doesn't make sense without talking about the ecosystem and protocol.

He wanted to talk to @Dominic too, but i'm not sure how online / talking to press he's these days.

The journalist also wrote this piece, about chelsea manning. He does a bunch of blockchain coverage, so hopefully he'll get the distinction between what we're doing and cryptocurrency projects.

He's been working on this article for a while, so it feels like it's more like a feature than a short quick piece. It's really good timing leading up to the dweb camp.

@Rabble %I+cP3LnbvQ3bNchjksqDvvr5XL5lOuRbChX56tWgN38=.sha256
Re: %5NpOYLfEA

it's an iphone 13 in portrait mode.

@Rabble %PFpyMY2GnhWP6nCXYw+/G6Cd+9P5Kgzhq3Gzizsqr+0=.sha256
Voted Looking forward to catching up with some of you again 😊 #holochain folks s
@Rabble %tPr2ImTOd5f5jrDVsmgmZhci707v1fVmB9cL3sWWvBQ=.sha256
Re: %5JbzR+EoE

I'd like a 'don't show replies' request. Apps could choose to not enforce it, but most would.

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Voted [@Matt Lorentz](@kS1GT34Sg+Kzjcqoehz//afmIQC5+CGo8O/KvMddVrM=.ed25519) thos
@Rabble %FfL7IiXapKomliaIN0l38b0OFtbyseJ0GPzpNcQSlCE=.sha256
Voted [@andrestaltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) hey I
@Rabble %P/H4WtAMlY0QhBhWBrj8ojZxYoMlDrKhCKubzv79lx0=.sha256

We should really be promoting more @Christian Bundy's ssb-cli. It's a great way to play with and interact with ssb. I'd forgotten how nice it makes queries and how feature rich it is.


Friendly command-line interface for Secure Scuttlebutt

ssb about (group)
ssb add Append a valid message (async)
ssb address (sync)
ssb auth (async)
ssb backlinks (group)
ssb blobs Retrive, store, and share blobs (group)
ssb conn (group)
ssb connScheduler (group)
ssb createFeedStream (source)
ssb createHistoryStream Output messages from a feed in order (source)
ssb createLogStream Stream of all locally stored messages, in order received (source)
ssb createUserStream (source)
ssb del (async)
ssb dhtInvite (group)
ssb ebt (group)
ssb friends Track what feeds are following or blocking each other (group)
ssb get Retrive a locally stored message (async)
ssb getLatest (async)
ssb getVectorClock (async)
ssb gossip (group)
ssb invite (group)
ssb lan (group)
ssb latest (source)
ssb latestSequence (async)
ssb links (source)
ssb manifest (sync)
ssb messagesByType (source)
ssb multiserver (group)
ssb patchwork (group)
ssb private (group)
ssb progress Show internal progress (sync)
ssb publish Publish a message (async)
ssb query Query ssb database with map-filter-reduce queries (group)
ssb replicate (group)
ssb search Full text search within ssb messages (group)
ssb status Show internal system statuses (sync)
ssb tags (group)
ssb tunnel (group)
ssb version Show version numbers (sync)
ssb whoami Print main identity (sync)

--help Show help [boolean]
--version Show version number [boolean]

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Voted ![A comic in which a data transfer test is initiated between two peers, por
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Voted noice! forward-secret private groups would be grand
@Rabble %2bP3S0ob+252ni6qSyiI6uAPFO3a8m52EB9JpYS3aoU=.sha256

Leading up to the #dweb-camp I've been thinking a lot about what #scuttlebutt is and where we should be going. I'm excited about it. The private groups, new feed encoding formats, p2p wiki's, apps like the the kanban app, editing of posts, and feeds that disappear... I think we have something which can evolve in to a unique commons focused collaborative social media instead of a copy of centralized platforms.

So i thought I'd ask questions of people who use and like scuttlebutt.

  • What makes you excited about scuttlebutt?

  • Why did you join?

  • How did you find out about #dweb-camp

  • Why have you stuck around?

  • What other communities / social media spaces do you participate in?

@Rabble %uiud1h6APRXjv68H0FN6j1GyhN6v0+lwnbsVLaLrV9E=.sha256
Voted # Mycorrhiza Wiki ![mycorrhiza_wiki.png](&UwiB7J
@Rabble %kxitqVMo4B5gUQPiomtSLDLweCzsxauXTKUVkE71H2o=.sha256
Re: %kqY2C02DM

I think it's interesting and would love to see something like that. In terms of keybase's core functionality, there's and keyoxide which are open source more decentralized focused alternatives which are much newer. Keybase is open source but entirely dependent on centralized and barely supported infrastructure.

Of the two, I think is a good fit for the scuttlebutt community. It uses ed25519 as it's core, just like ssb, and it's got an MIT license which works with all of various licenses. On the other hand keyoxide seems to have less documentation and is build on GPG.

Let's figure out how to add this to ssb... i think the rel="me" links can just be added to about messages. But i think we'd want to loop in @cel who did DID-SSB

@Rabble %pwwhVX4oEw8x9XUZD1/vcqwwk1l+FQB8hdahuW376Dc=.sha256
Voted Now, in a more serious tone. I'll make a video for Patchfox, I might also m
@Rabble %OuqzGRPMiMCDuLFg6G4x1wodUjp4z1gNzlSAKZfKvcE=.sha256
Voted I'm not gonna be attending dweb camp, but would it be okay for me to post s
@Rabble %8G1ahdmHwjwkJ9Wf0MuwT0dbFPJYwaKdNywOEwEQZjo=.sha256
Voted Maybe the word 'persona' (~a personality projected in public?) would be a g
@Rabble %Qq2WM+WJCWvb02ZoA9xUwqBZKp/HHg9fy/26bXFosgM=.sha256
Voted cc [@staltz](@QlCTpvY7p9ty2yOFrv1WU1AE88aoQc4Y7wYal7PFc+w=.ed25519) [@cel](
@Rabble %gmuiLnX90Juf7hsGaOLHF3/3rOnU1BCbQ9VkN/xfAMc=.sha256
Voted # Reinventing Organizations Book Report I've been wanting to write down so
@Rabble %i2d+75G63rMHHez1CW/yXpnvIkR2Kfc1AellB/Ff3Z0=.sha256
Voted > @andrestaltz looking at ssb-db and deciding it didn't meet the needs of M
@Rabble %wmiFhqYKYBX4MhQEX1V/DJ+z3D8vy3CFcKmdmsNJaWQ=.sha256
Voted I did make it to Paris in 5 days! ![day 3](&CBRG+hg/yYuCRD+oTHec2e5vvW/Bu
@Rabble %K1IIz2DGpDcwng4HoWN79xxSMyEeobH/jM755TjDlHA=.sha256
Re: %Ao5AFY9rM

Any architectural firm will be able to print it. They've got very large form printers for plans. There are also companies that do speciality printing because not every architect has the equipment. My mom's an architect and her old blue print machine used ammonia and smelled terrible. Nowadays, they don't smell so bad.

@Rabble %eFl8cEya0yjczkZWFVl0If9ZYrmvuRyeNXMEE/9iahI=.sha256
Voted I have managed to land myself a new job, starting on August 15th. I'll be w
@Rabble %DocHs+cm4XLz6Yr7D0NE880RCvaYEavGJysBDjHvSuU=.sha256
Voted I could put a lot of words around _why_'s and _but_'s on this topic but wil
@Rabble %HmCWUNCIDr6ya4TV8M3pSE2sy6u0JqC0PtoHlxuK8Ys=.sha256
Re: %9tPDCJ6r3

It takes a paper filter but i've only got the metal one right now.

@Rabble %MgCujJQneiNQTgxLSEMtAZ/BnP5Ku2vmvlAQHBy8UMg=.sha256
Re: %JK+wNQ6fe

I think TERF's self identify as 'gender critical' which honestly has different spin but basically feels the same.

@Rabble %/q7AS7m4jMrtVC+EWj2Fd97aCR9MGVSuLFBY+IiMVT0=.sha256
Voted New game: - Go to the issue tracker of any Open Source project you love -
@Rabble %JfqXaV8lRJgILkoKCMb8SwXOXgmQwAWYT0sjTKtsJnk=.sha256
Voted I've always thought IPFS seems like a natural fit for the ssb blob store.
@Rabble %BIRFTVrHTPXb+T0ArEYqQ/3qRHi/i7v4eRkUxu5BfAQ=.sha256
Voted Would love to see that happen, but I don't have the capacity to take it on
@Rabble %1ApG/uZ0X+TX/kxm+rw/frpI6iPoej4TwuS75mGn4k0=.sha256
Voted cc [@mauve.desktop](@tdeT1cU3xUQaD2Ne5Ox0Dndly50qS+c5+//Fl7tyPqg=.ed25519)
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Re: %bVCZHYhsQ

There's always more to say and document, but @boreq wrote out some of the background about how we came to work on new packaging of ssb in go. There's some documentation in the code repo itself. In addition, @boreq has submitted a number of PR's contributing to go-ssb fixing bugs. Honestly we were hoping to provide better documentation before sharing, so folks understand where scuttlego comes from, why we built it, and how it relates to the ssb ecosystem. But folks urged us to share sooner and when we started talking to people about it the links got shared, which is fine, but it means that it's lacking the documentation and context we wanted.

@boreq is coming to dweb camp and is putting together a talk ahead of time about scuttlego.

The primary issue is that go-ssb isn't particularly well tested, it's hard to debug and test because it's not got great separation of concerns. A bunch of it is simply that go-ssb is showing some age, it's purpose has shifted over time, and we decided could take the components and restructure them to meet the needs of planetary and also others who want an embeddable ssb less is more sdk. Open source isn't just about reusing the entire code base, but being able to take components and make new things.

We thought about either making scuttlego in to a go-ssb 2.0 but the idea of making all the changes we'd want would be pretty dramatic. The current go-ssb does work well for some things, we spent considerable effort upgrading the current version of planetary to use the current version of go-ssb over the last few months. Planetary for example doesn't use the database or indexes that go-ssb creates, we found a sqlite db works better for the swift front end. So there's a lot of work writing a badger db, and indexes on top of it, which we don't need. This is similar to how Ahau doesn't use flumedb directly, instead converts the data in to something accessible over GraphQL.

Since there are lots of opinions about databases, we felt it was good to separate the db from the core ssb engine. If somebody wants to come along and create a scuttlego-db which provides flume / margaret style kafka style db with indexes and queries, then great! It'd be a wonderful extension to the ecosystem. That should be something which is pretty straightforward to add.

To me this isn't that different than @andrestaltz looking at ssb-db and deciding it didn't meet the needs of Manyverse so rather than doing a bunch of work on ssb-db, he created ssb-db2 which met his needs. He didn't implement everything that was in ssb-db, just the stuff he needed. When we went to make a new pub implementation which uses ssb-db2, we had to add the ability to index for and query based on PublicWebHosting. It wasn't hard, and we happily submitted a PR so that ssb-db2 supported the things we needed for planetary-pub. Now that functionality we needed in planetary-pub is available to everybody using ssb-db2.

@Rabble %Ci2WdhfZ0hD2JayFWEaCOp/F0AFrPWp1r7eUouNtj18=.sha256
Voted I think the direction [boreq](@qFtLJ6P5Eh9vKxnj7Rsh8SkE6B6Z36DVLP7ZOKNeQ/Y=
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Re: %G+csxpbbI

Welcome back after a two year break. We've spend as lot of time improving @Planetary. Would love your feedback.

@Rabble %VQYf4WWHc3i+QqMiHs/eGwOaAa2bM0MBggacYfnzwDk=.sha256
Voted @Ladislas I think videos of the talks will be available at some point; mayb
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Voted I normally go for the press pot myself! ![coffee from Choco-Laté and Park
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Re: %xJrAeStGm

Welcome @Burton glad to have you join us!

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Voted ## ipfs / ssb collab Hey have a potential lead for some work (very early s
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Re: %7PzNMgnaq

So in a full circle way, the work @Christian Bundy did back in 2019 was in part funded by Planetary in order to allow for delete to be able to fulfill things like GDPR requests. I'd forgotten that the hard part of the work was completed. Looks like we didn't do the documentation part unfortunately.

@Rabble %TeNSz4mHLOOHuiOI8hdGjnjz7ICdz4la9B1C3/TEWS8=.sha256
Re: %JK+wNQ6fe

@moid that's an interesting take on hate speech. I setup the pub, and wrote that 'policy' as it were. As a queer person who identifies as non-binary I don't want to create or run a space which hosts the content of people who deny the validity or existence of trans people.

SSB is a pluralistic network. I think we need to change block to ignore or something similar to reflect its role in simply not hosting / replicating with that part of the network.

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Voted I've been mulling over this topic, and I've come to a few simple conclusion
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Voted # selfhood, personhood, online identities We're at a point on #ssb #manyve
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Voted Planetary 1.2.4 has been released to the App Store! - Added
@Rabble %/SSaHPH/UW7I/eSFDKcvtFVeMrSTOUZWAh5X7v9ji4Q=.sha256
Voted ## ssb-db2 version 5.0.0 The #batts team has an announcement to make: we m
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Voted Tried Patchwork's I'm-feeling-lucky search again today and lo, [@Christian
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Voted There is an [open source reimplementation](
@Rabble %KWySJYfc0bL0XhmczZltJvOTwqBHDZPO7/pf/N4krd0=.sha256
Re: %AfPRFA+lc

I’d also be up for having a chat about how to work with #scuttlego, as an alpha tester for non-planetary use-cases!

We're hoping that #scuttlego becomes an embeddable sdk for building lots of ssb apps, not just for planetary. At the moment we're just working on getting the parts of #go-ssb over to scuttlego that we need. The new stuff will probably be around metafeeds, bendybutt2, and private groups. So far we've not done a ton of totally new functionality but mostly trying to get something which supports everything we use in the current go-ssb.

@Rabble %C1SMQR8vpLGL6+XJBZfkcl7JzoQlkHSxKH/Job3hiLk=.sha256
Voted Thanks for this update [@boreq](@qFtLJ6P5Eh9vKxnj7Rsh8SkE6B6Z36DVLP7ZOKNeQ/
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Voted Just got one copy of Planetary to replicate with another through a room ser
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Voted Hey [@Rabble](@0uOwBrHIeiRK7lcvpLwjSFkcS3UHSQb/jyN52zf+J6Y=.ed25519) wanna
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Voted Thought about joining, then realized every picture would be me sitting at m
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Re: %BrJ4FUX23

that sucks, i hope you're doing well. Not that my random uninformed medical advice is worth anything, but i've heard that in terms of long covid it's better not to rush back to physical activity.

Hope you're feeling better and have a full recovery.

@Rabble %qebjuOpRTAtaL5lM1bk8XFdPqaNNkxoDh0H5KtCNt/A=.sha256
Re: %E9jRZv/sm

In @Planetary and a few other ssb apps i think, you can have multiple identities within the same app installation. The database stays the same, but the 'focus' shifts so you're seeing the world from which ever identity (persona) is active. When you do things like like, post, reply, follow, those all use the current identity. This would feel very different in manyverse and other apps which highlight the extended vs direct follow network in the UI.

In some ways this works the same way in twitter or instagram you can have multiple accounts signed in to the same account.

I think there's an important tradeoff to explore between easy of getting connected in to the network, and the way it'll be used for anti-social behavior. I think the sock puppet issue is something we should consider. I wonder how @cblgh's TestNet would handle that.

@Rabble %6koSmeMgMO9gmAZHjqkPRfGUrEZ8mmInKNbXDJ/JkEU=.sha256
Re: %7zKEgZlu3

Glad to hear that you're back. For many years i was in denial about depression. Once I stopped trying to just push through it and got help my life started working a lot better. I use prescribed anti-depressants but i know that there's lots of interesting work around psychedelics coupled with therapy and also microdosing.

I'm glad to hear you're working on your PhD, i think we all benefit a lot from your work and research.

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Re: %CFqgX5yEm

You might want to look at #scuttlego as it's meant to solve a bunch of issues we ran in to building planetary on top of #go-ssb.

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Voted I just restored my #manyverse profile using the passphrase! ON THE DESKTOP!
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Voted Spending a few days in the Alps. ![planetary attachment no.1](&1W22nyRAr2m
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Voted NGL there's so many #crabmeet #buttmeet 's happening on this trip. Need to
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Voted Draft paper/topic proposal for RWOT11: > A proposal for generalizing or ap
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Re: %SA8v1UOFF

I'd love for there to be more and better documentation. We reached out to @SoapDog (Manyverse) but he's busy and Duncan (who wrote the protocol guide) has moved on to other projects. If anybody wants a gig writing and consolidating ssb docs please reach out.

Regarding tangles and planetary. We do use them in our queries. We don't display nested threads, instead we just flatten them out. I kind of like flattened threads, @Matt Lorentz is interested in threaded version, so we'll probably support that at some point.

For now mostly we use them to make sure we get every reply related to a conversation.

We're planning on using tangles when we allow users to post an updated (edited) version of a post. And if we do a p2p wiki like with gatherings but just normal documents, that'd also make it so we could have social editing of documents.

One other thing i was wondering about, what would public groups look like on ssb, like private groups, but not encrypted, but grouped in some clear way with some designation of who's a member, or not?

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Re: %EFHyJpyJj

I've been thinking a lot about p2p wikis and scuttlebutt. We've got gatherings, which work like a wiki page inside of scuttlebutt. Gatherings have the simplest possible algorithm for edits. Simply display the version of the gathering text that any of the people in your network provided.

It would be good to expose history, have a 'roll back' button or something, but honestly, just let each person fully update, works.

I think if we had that, and made a bit of a better interface for linking to messages. And added the ability to see backlinks, who's linking to this message, it would be a p2p wiki built on top of ssb. We're SO close. Once we have that, i think we'd see an explosion of pages on various topics, everybody having their own subset of the network, just like we have with other post types.

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Voted Thanks for the explanation, this is a neat little system. I think it could
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Voted ## Update I thought this was ready, so I started doing final tests in Many
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Voted (previous message was wrong, sorry) ## Update First shot at fixing the ha
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Re: %JSMN0lecn

Looks like farcaster has a couple posts a minute based on their search engine indexing:

I agree there are tons of theoretical projects out there, having use is a totally different thing.

@Rabble %hfebR6qoO70eDkXVfP31FOTi5BKGMQUAjx4yiHE0TFs=.sha256

There are lots of #queer people on scuttlebutt so I thought it might be interesting to setup an thematic #pub,

Here's an invite code for folks interested:

Yes i know that there are good reasons to look at rooms as a better way of doing things. We're hoping to get room support in @Planetary in time for dweb camp. To connect directly to manyverse apps via rooms we need EBT working as well.

What we really need are #private-groups. I was wondering what a private group with an anchor for users discovering it which is a room or pub.

In case anybody wants to know what we're up to building planetary, our kanban board is open for taking a peak.

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Connected to the pub
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Re: %6rOfoFmm0

Yeah, i'm not sure that middle aged cishet guys in venture capital and crypto are exactly the best early adopter community.

They've got docs on a notion site: which are interesting.

The identity system seems to make a single flat space for names with a marketplace for them.

I prefer piggybacking on the dns system the way rooms works, although it feels like the identity part of rooms and the tunneling connections are really two different things.

One thing which isn't clear to me about farcaster is they talk about a consensus algorithm in their demo system, called a hub. The hub is pretty similar to ADX in many ways. Are they just using the word consensus because it's a blockchain term, or do they really mean that every node in farcaster would have to have the feeds from every other node?

There's also no mention of private messages, or private groups.

They do have a metafeed style system, ability to run it custodial or non-custodial, some kind of key recovery system with identities, no issue with forked feeds the way we do.

Their messages look a LOT like ssb messages. They went with json instead of the CBOR/etc style that we've been exploring. They specify that messages need to be in rfc8785 JSON Canonicalization Scheme, wise if you're going to use json.

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Voted # Mutualism <> ~ <https:
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Voted DWeb Camp is August 24-28: Burning Man is August 28
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Voted # Grid beam machine test drilling 🌳 🌀 > Work in progress view of the new
@Rabble %tjpurxObOu84VqtRezIO566LlpEwcAUA73xKAMSkieI=.sha256
Re: %OkogTU82q

I think it'd be useful to have something like that. It'd be optional to be included, similar to publicwebhosting i think.

We could also do it if you wanted to put out there that you post about some hashtags, then you'd want people to discover your feed that way.

@Rabble %EFHyJpyJj9KOaaECiwbCuGULp8ykVJ6BnyzxgVvjsK0=.sha256
Re: %QTflLpfRi

Super interesting. I've been thinking about what makes ssb unique, and how we use gatherings as a light weight wiki. One observation is that due to the social graph nature of ssb, we haven't seen abuse of gatherings in the way they have such a simplistic version control.

If we had CDRT's or editable docs within a private group, that problem would go away entirely. I would really like us to have longer form collaborative edited social media docs, more collective than individual.

Does the p2p wiki have a code repo or more docs yet?

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Voted DONE:
@Rabble %6rOfoFmm0qp/j+M6gTuZUNRiRwYqhYvDz0y8WnXtO4U=.sha256

What do folks think of Farcaster? It's a decentralized social media protocol 'inspired by secure scuttlebutt' which just raised $30 million dollars from VC's.

It's scuttlebutt like, but where the root identity is an ethereum wallet, but that just signs the creation of an ed25519 key which looks like metafeeds. They don't enforce strict ordering of messages which gets you out of the forked feed problem. A LOT of their protocol doesn't look like it's implemented. The advantage of the root key to signing keys is that you can revoke the signing keys. I like that feature and i think it's doable with ssb and metafeeds.

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Voted # Planetary Go Dev Diary For context I will start this update with a descr
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Voted Hello Scuttlebutters! #FirstPost after a couple of weeks lurking about. Tho
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Voted now that I understand how holepunching much better, I'd say you could actua
@Rabble %WgJUjDR78NtQJUbvGDjQcEUrZ2ITB57YrPNBAowGp1I=.sha256
Voted When I was working on SSB I had always put direct p2p in the "too hard" bas
@Rabble %DhBT30dVg6sSbL6/UlENLG3VAjgZhOsINb5qERWH4vE=.sha256
Voted I'm catching up - now only three weeks behind!
@Rabble %rUZOQ3rY+A5RClz2R9nu787S8m+K85E/xhX8N3Vz//s=.sha256
Voted # Last day at CricHQ I'm still getting paid as if I'd continued to work ne
@Rabble %169k0C5aIOOAOwxKdPun33BqpSQnHe2AX7MUcnZV1lE=.sha256
Voted Awesome work [@Cory [tf@raspi]](@s2DHBioEVOCxLclhB9teO+gRTeRswlj8X7h5l4KH7g
@Rabble %yHf5jgwN57WJ0gESAi8CwqhGusZ9FxGczVjAevR7y4o=.sha256
Re: %6W+P8fzg3

I've never heard of metalife, but digging around, it really does look like they're building on top of ssb. Here's their pub code, based on and extending go-ssb. I don't really understand it yet, but it's like if somebody built a bunch of crypto currency stuff on top of ssb. There's NFT's and links to wallets, and some other things, but a lot of it does appear to be built on scuttlebutt.

It's curious that they're using the ssb mainnet and not their own network key.

@Rabble %6V2Ks7db9uUJd8W6KC8wHVYuHhgmOwgYk6aRYVjiXT0=.sha256
Re: %hMR51lrqw

It's funny real estate agents love the market when it works in their favor but when it goes the other direction they become sentimental and manipulative. Pricing of housing in New Zealand is setup to maximize seller profit more than the US in a number of ways.

If the seller wanted a better price than what they'll get now, they should have sold 6 months ago at the peak of the market, but they asked for more than the market would bear then, and definitely want more than the market can support now. The irony is that the agent is upset at your lowball offer, but it benefits the seller. With a low offer they can anchor the range of prices the market can provide. Then can then either wait for a higher offer, which might not come, accept your offer, or not sell.

The agent knows you live next door and wants to use that to extract a price from you beyond what the market will bear, which you actually did by offering above the price beyond what others say should be the current market rate.

Who cares if the seller or the agent like you, or are even happy with the sale. If they don't want it, they don't have to sell you the house.

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Voted # 2022-07-23 State of the Tilde Friends This is my attempt at responding to
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Voted hey [@decentral1se](@SYk6YIN/dVeqiyTUuAhNA6N+2Cj6C6aLu28hLj+ksRg=.ed25519),
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Voted I always liked the idea of "the app browser" model (a bit wary of the term
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Re: %p7mb3Z+pC

Sounds like a great adventure. The site is really cool. Looks like a lot of your route will be on cycle paths or otherwise protected from sharing the road with cars.

Are you going to take the train home? Looks like you're spending a good chunk of time at each cit which will be nice.

It reminds me of a bicycle circus caravan my friends used to do back during the anti-globalization movement. Using a caravan of bikes to raise awareness around social and environmental issues. At one point they got arrested for not having a 'bicycle license' which was odd because such a license doesn't exist.

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Voted thanks for the updates [@boreq](@qFtLJ6P5Eh9vKxnj7Rsh8SkE6B6Z36DVLP7ZOKNeQ/
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Re: %0Sb2T9lKL

Per %W3nuabf... we've been requested to delete any content from @Powersource (pc). This ssb account is hosted on a planetary company laptop so i'm blocking and deleting their content in order to comply with the request.

Sorry to be no longer able to see what @Powersource (pc) says.

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Re: %4WpapehTI

Per %W3nuabf... we've been requested to delete any content from @Powersource (pc). This ssb account is hosted on a planetary company laptop so i'm blocking and deleting their content in order to comply with the request.

Sorry to be no longer able to see what @Powersource (pc) says.

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Re: %+8Y0N/C98

Per %W3nuabf... we've been requested to delete any content from @Powersource (pc). This ssb account is hosted on a planetary company laptop so i'm blocking and deleting their content in order to comply with the request.

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Re: %W3nuabfyq

Hey @Powersource (pc),

Happy to comply with the request. Might take til tomorrow since it's a holiday weekend in the US. This is the first GDPR request we've gotten. I wasn't aware of the particular need to have a privacy@ email address, our support address is, but i've added the alias so will also work.

This is just asking the planetary company. Afaik gdpr only lets you ask companies to do stuff.

I did talk to a German lawyer, and at least under German law, GDPR applies to everybody and not just corporations. There are some exceptions for registered NGO's but none for personal, family, or non-commercial use. This is why we did the work to zero out data when you block somebody. I'm not 100% it's working so we'll double check the data is actually deleted. As far as i know, only users who use the go-ssb implementation of scuttlebutt are capable of complying. This brings up a bit of a complicated issue.

take all reasonable steps to inform other controllers, including search engine operators, who process the personal data listed above, that I have requested the erasure of all links, copies or replications.

Because there is no GDPR exception for personal use and you've requested it for all controllers that connect to planetary services, it seems like you're requesting that your data is removed from everybody's ssb client that's connected to a planetary pub. You're more than aware that we have no ability to tell peers that connect to our servers to delete your content.

We can remove your feeds from the pubs we run on digital ocean and our not yet launched web viewer. In order to keep the servers from hosting your data in the future, we'll have to block your identities.

We can also remove it from everybody using planetary installed via the AppStore. Apple required us add the ability to remove feeds from users planetary installations. We call it the BanList and version of planetary which we distribute through the apple appstore uses it to block / delete content. As far as i know, no other ssb app has this kind of functionality, and @andrestaltz was able to argue that Manyverse didn't need it because he doesn't run any cloud services with content.

So, my question is, are you really asking that we remove it from all users who've installed planetary. There isn't any real difference between running the planetary open source scuttlebutt app and the manyverse or patchwork ones? All ssb clients that have connected to planetary pubs are data controllers under GDPR. I don't like deleting data off of people's devices.

Every scuttlebutt instance is a data controller under GDPR. The GDPR laws make no exception for personal/non-commercial controllers. Perhaps we need to create an SSB message to blackhole your own data. This seems like something you should post to your own logs, not send to a company, but laws sometimes don't make a lot of sense. @Dominic was strongly against the idea that third parties like Planetary could post messages to delete content from peers that they didn't post, but that seems like what you're requesting.

On a personal note, I've always appreciated your contributions to the scuttlebutt community and software ecosystem. I'll miss you.

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Voted This is cool. I'd be happy to submit something. Might just be talking about
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Voted Our cactus started growing a flower! It will apparently turn into an edible
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Voted ![](&qncy4gjXoX7pgIjDitpjaezkzVOMYfW5oqU+b6THQvM=.sha256) # reverse-confer
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Re: %VzXoTqB8W

We've been using go-ssb since the start of Planetary. A lot of it is amazing, but it is a code base which shows its age. It wasn't designed to be embedded or run on a mobile device. We recently upgraded to the current release of go-ssb which was a bunch of work, but let us take advantage of an updated system.

In doing that, we felt like we could take the components of go-ssb and restructure it in a way that's easier to use. Part of that is that the code should do one thing well. The various libraries of js ssb do this, lots of smaller libraries linked together. But go-ssb is a bigger more monolithic project. A lot of people have tried to build on go-ssb and it's not so easy.

We're going to call it scuttlego to make it clear it's different but related to go-ssb. It's our hope that this will be a core sdk that people can build scuttlebutt applications. It makes the data available through a key value store, look up the messages by id. That way you could use a graph database, relational, graphql, no-sql, streaming db, etc... There are thousands of good well maintained databases. I don't think we should be building our own databases, because that's a hard problem other people do well. If you want to make a version of scuttlego that has a flumedb/margaret db style store, do it! It's open source because we know our use of the code won't be the same as what other people will want to do with it.

My gut feeling says yes. It’s much much easier to fix some nasty bugs than it is to migrate to a totally new thing. An analogy would be “should I unclog the toilet or should I move to another apartment?”. Moving is surprisingly a huge amount of work, and unclogging toilets sounds nasty but in the end is much simpler.

We spent a bunch of time on go-ssb over the last six months, you can see we submitted a lot of PR's where we found bugs. But in the end we decided that it wasn't structured in the way we wanted. A new house needed to be built and we could reuse the furniture and appliances. This isn't that different than the decision to abandon ssb-db and make ssb-db2.

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Voted Met with [@andrew 🐝](@qvGBxH1vDasocIBYlE8yZCdWFECjzFZY1K50YcAIbLE=.ed25519
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Voted Just discovered this docs website — How ha
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Re: %NLipJhneP

I'm not sure how it was done, the notebook was amazing.

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Re: %vDSfUTCaZ

Whoohoo, what's the first major pet peeve?

For me it's when the app locks up or goes slowly.

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Re: %1WV54JDpg

Planetary was taking up about 8.5G on my iPhone. That seems large. For example I have a Manyverse acct. with roughly the same size social graph that’s only eating 1.7G. But that could be a migration issue given it was older. I don’t think it ever fully replicated.

Adding the ability to delete old blobs from others automatically, manage storage limits, etc.. are all in our roadmap. It's good manyverse does that. The new go-ssb completely changes how feeds are stored on disk to we'll look at pruning storage and providing more user control once we switch to it.

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Voted Today it feels incredibly shitty to be an American living in America.
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Voted Happy travels @Rabble; see you soon!
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Voted it's official cause i just booked my flight: i'm going to #dweb-camp 🤯🤩
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Re: %TYc+zVWQi

No, i just updated to 336...

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Voted # UK Crab Meet(s) After three years of hibernation I've gotten my Butt to
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Voted Coming down from the summit of Mt. Hood. ![planetary attachment no.1](&pe
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Voted ![planetary attachment no.1](&ROtSzQKXIL07DuZSafg+z+nlCYenLjedAYoVhPMq/ac
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Voted ![planetary attachment no.1](&/bA73SO3n85mmfwiWA9WV1LaKajkfD8E1/raZuUdgpU
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Voted Get well soon! I've been pretty quiet about my own projects lately too beca
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Re: %m+BqBvrXd

Thanks, this is interesting. I like the Briar features, both backup and remote whip sounds good. I'm curious if the implementation will be a kind of sdk meant to be embedded in other systems.

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Voted # Whatever happened to #dark-crystal ? We used to post a lot on scuttlebu
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Voted I took a careful look and I don't think it's marketing speech. Seems like t
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Re: %Qp6+KneV4

I've mostly ignored the TBD projects coming out of block (ne square) because they felt very crypto currency focused on bitcoin payment resolution systems. This on the other hand feels like it's much closer to the dweb and some of the issues we're struggling with in scuttlebutt.

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Voted DNS is decentralized, just not trustless the way people obsessed with block
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Voted They do have a concept of a "Delivery Service" which assures that messages
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#Web5? I'm not sure if its a joke or real, but Jack Dorsey launched a decentralized identify / web app project called web5. There's a presentation which explains it, and there seems to be code. It seems to overlap some with bluesky, i'm not sure how the two projects are related.

@Rabble %7K6Y/b0/Rg4tdR6R8iAV3pUw26eOeWvT+0aI8cOdqac=.sha256
Re: %1lkpRAY06

A few days ago i was like, bah, i'm tried of this, i canceled my limited $20 per day dollar cost averaging buy and sold my positions. I was hardly enthusiastic but I figured it'd be silly not to take some minor risk. Turns out my timing was good as the price dropped since then.

Crypto would be less disturbing if it weren't for the carbon footprint. Then it'd just be unregulated capitalism doing its damage.

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Re: %FvYjGObcL

That sounds brutal. @Alanna is a trooper. Parenting is so damned hard.

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Re: %+ELehyfXu

I'm also considering going to this. I think it'd be good to do some sessions about scuttlebutt's tech / protocol as a commons but also building a commons of community users on top of the protocol.

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Voted ![little girl patting large dog](&LtYTtHfzCLcgPuNljOFY3tWJhtS7xPCAmIYwghIqS
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Voted Got convinced, 4000 SEK in fines which is around 380€. I'll get reimbursed
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Voted Will be scuttlebutt-less until July, until then you can find me on the fedi
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Voted Thinking about what I want at #dwebcamp I want to connect and share ideas
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Voted # Planetary 1.2.0 - The Big Resync Planetary version 1.2.0 is now releas
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Voted **E:** The only iOS device I have is a kind of old iPod, I'll see if I can
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Voted When I started working from home full time my employer gave me a $100/month
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Re: %HyJZQd8Bn

This shows we could do such interesting things if we had collaborative documents in ssb that weren't a hacked gathering.

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Voted i wonder what the public appearance of ssb will be when we have groups func
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Voted ssb research underway at the UofBasel ![ssb related research at the univer
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Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2206.3-beta ![Promo graphic showing a mobile phone with th
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Voted # Planetary 1.2.0 Beta I’m excited to announce that the big Planetary relea
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Voted ### Manyverse - No convenient way to see older posts without knowing exact
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Voted Ha, I think it's a marketing thing. They could also have said it's vegan 😂
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Voted Very much enjoying the new house in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Starting to
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Re: %C3pSqUYyJ

What would non-gluten free mate be like?

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Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "%t1dGJg+6C6I3MEa1LgYGdLCWGl7Blxqt0fCvM/bjFhA=.sha256",
  "attendee": {
    "link": "@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpAn2HSc=.ed25519",
    "remove": true
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Voted The daily trickle of strawberries begins. Most of them are 'just' good stra
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Voted I’m having #office-hours again tomorrow, May 27th, at 14:00 UTC, Peach hour
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Voted We already harvested one artichoke and there are two more coming. I bough
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Voted A neighbor gave us his excess basil starts. They’ll outgrow this little loa
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Voted I have been struggling to sleep through the night since, well, since my dau
@Rabble %BmeDYAvoXWL1hv7YU+lLPyn07axsfZtn5SG8PKwDUCo=.sha256
Voted Project has been a little longer than short term
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Re: %ZemQU7U3+

It's open source, and the branch is on github:

We will be sending it to TestFlight beta testers for a few days before we release it to the appstore. If you want, we can add you to the team testers, it's where apple review doesn't need to be done in order to send you the TestFlight builds, we just can't add many people to that. At the moment the new version is both brilliant and buggy. Upgrading by resyncing all of your content from peers sometimes gets stuck. Sometimes the explore tab works great, and sometimes it has some sql errors. The processing of getting this upgrade done and out the door has been super frustrating for the entire team.

We've still not mapped out how to implement a machine learning algorithm for feeds instead of sql, but the plugin system should make it possible.

In addition to the new feed sorting algorithms, i also really like the follow messages to help you find people.


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Voted [CW: medication, trans stuff] Holy shit, finally :O Did our first dose of
@Rabble %T3DhQm1J5MSVTbW4NNMVL9nCsgDITa6cuURs68+JUas=.sha256
Voted ![IMG_2071.jpeg](&/jN/nAu/hGoKtAMy+nxJ25nf7F/kk1QYtZLco+c2Wtg=.sha256) Som
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Re: %3XcUaKSsn

Feels like this is a take of a parent of young kids, where keeping a house clean is a full time job. And probably not worth it.

In my experience, the last 10% of tidying up is actually the most important. Kind of a broken windows theory. If you see a mess, or pile of dishes, you add to it. I find my kitchen stays much cleaner if don't let things pile up. But once i fail to clean part of it, leaving stuff on the counter, or letting the dishes pile up, then it quickly gets worse.

But if i keep on top of it, the kitchen stays clean for long periods of time. But only if there's enough space to keep things off the counter and no kids around. ;-D

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Voted I like this idea! We have been wanting to do something similar in Planetary
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Voted I did so
@Rabble %n0fW0gs0mZ5zSFdF5xMuNiVU9i0aMeOQXzQMnrM+PM4=.sha256
Voted We’re harvesting tons of mustard greens and lettuce, but I didn’t start any
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Voted This project keeps turning up fascinating contacts (people who emailed us b
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Re: %RNUDWY2dc

Look, if you want your software to include companies, use less restrictive licenses, when you don't want companies to use it then use AGPL/GPL. That's the same logic if you're a company releasing software or a community project.

Choosing a more restrictive license means less contributions. Choosing a more open license means the more people and organizations will contribute.

If a person would take an MIT licensed code and update it, incorporate it in their app, and not release updates back, it's the same to the project and community as if they never touched the code because it was licensed under some GPL type license.

Under a less restrictive licenses, companies will use code and some contribute back. Under a restrictive license, they won't use the code or contribute back. Or if they do, they've got competitive commercial reasons for doing so. Companies don't want to use restrictive licenses, so sometimes they release code under those licenses because they know their competitors can't use it.

As an example, in think p2panda and earthstar are super interesting. But I haven't considered ever touching the code, using it, or contributing to it because of the AGPL license. To use it, there needs to be complete rewrite using the concepts. I actually see now that earthstar relicensed 6 months ago to LGPL, so maybe they do want other people to use their code.

As far as i'm concerned, LGPL is a reasonable compromise for libraries. It's not as good as MIT/BSD, and won't lead to more contributions but it's not as anti-commercial as the other options.

@Rabble %kTlUiwEJCKgTfv1072Z37w0Rxc71cASSdgYnFzHuo3c=.sha256
Voted Go a nice email from our pro-bono lawyer. It's so nice reading a profession
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Voted [@SoapDog (Macbook Air)](@qv10rF4IsmxRZb7g5ekJ33EakYBpdrmV/vtP1ij5BS4=.ed25
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Re: %QT8HK8A+j

@mixmix there's a design conference going on right now in Wellington, which actually covers a lot of the topics. It's live streamed so you don't need to bike downtown.

@Rabble %dR8MtesDZu/gGNPATjI1TV0pDZ88W0mggqZ7aPeR+II=.sha256
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Voted I’m having #office-hours again tomorrow, May 13th, at 20:00 UTC, [Mushroom
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Voted ## Moving #ssb-ngi-pointer repos Hey, this is a request to former ssb-ngi-
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Voted A woman at the dog park has been pushing for a date, so I had my first date
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Voted ![peachcloud in a tupperware](&m+/XJ9Ool+pOowzNbRk4CIaWj21UpcuYmPE/EYQufyg=
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Voted ![](&V9x9GITzKJu72ClsDBgdOad/KLX2q6wrh/jVsY5gLoQ=.sha256) and now for the
@Rabble %kFUVQ/DNJeIkil89ic55Lx05P8z05avFDkCPbYZ1D68=.sha256
Re: %9VQZiSty8

This is a super interesting discussion. Important to be having.

What i want is for users of ssb to be able to find their people. To me, planetary growing isn't about a few people with a multitude of followers. Nor is it a few giant pubs with everybody following each other, a twitter like space where everybody can mention everybody else. Instead it's many clumps of people who like to connect and talk and who are connected through social bonds, even if they've never met. Then question then becomes, how do people find each other.

The pubs that planetary runs are a bit of a hack. I'd rather they didn't exist either, but i think sending folks to the wiki page isn't an improvement.

I think solving this issue, of how do we help people find their people, their communities, and get connected with them, is a critical task for ssb to figure out.

Random big pubs aren't the answer. Rooms are interesting, but you lose the offline-ness and gossip nature of ssb in part of how they work. It feels like they do three things.

  • They provide a way of a human readable name, piggy backed on dns, to tell people when they want to connect to you on ssb.
  • They provide a way of tunneling connections which gets around problems with NAT's and ip addresses changing. * And thirdly they act as a kind of curated community, you can decide who is and isn't allowed in a room.

All three of those are important, but I don't think maybe it makes sense that they're provided by the same app.

I think experimentation is great, but we need to be talking enough to look at solutions which can be implemented in multiple ssb apps. There was, briefly, a wiki page about manyverse interoperability, but it's either been taken offline or moved. Each maintained ssb app should have something like that.


I was showing @bert planetary yesterday and they installed the app. I explained pubs, they said yes, they'd tried ssb before and the copying and pasting of invites form the wiki was beyond them. But they did want to know how to follow @mikey because they're friends. Mikey wasn't sitting with us there at the bar, but it's exactly the kind of thing i think we do want to work over SSB. I'm at a bar, talking to friends, they say, sure, i want to try this new thing to connect to my friends. I tell them the name of the app, they install it, and then we need to easily find our mutual friend.

In this case, if Planetary's mesh networking worked, he could have discovered that I was near by, highlighted it in the app, downloaded my feed, seen that i indeed do follow a person named Mikey, and start following them. We'd need the apps to clearly highlight when people are in local mesh proximity. If we did that then we could use peachcloud and rasberberry pi's to say, alert folks that they're a pub at your friends house, the bar, social center, and then you'd be able to connect to others who also pass through that space.

But instead what happened is he looked at the pubs, saw some posts by the default loaded planetary feeds, and couldn't find Mikey. Even once he followed me, theres nobody named @mikey who he can find until it's downloaded my feed, AND all of the people I follow. A simpler feed or way of saying, these are the people i know, might make that faster.

Both matrix and telegram make links you can generate / share / click on which help load the app and have you connect to a person. They're short, human readable/understandable. The matrix ones don't seem to always work, the telegram ones are more reliable. If i could generate a link like that for Mikey to give to Bert then, that would work well. Maybe Mikey defines where he's discoverable, maybe there's a way that it's only open to people he follows, or who are in a private group he manages, i'm not sure.

These are why peer invites and dht invites are interesting to me.

My ultimate goal is that we find ways to help people manage their ssb connections and community as a commons. Meaning i'm looking for how our tech can get to implement a way for users to be in one or more shared digital spaces which have these characteristics.

  1. Commons need to have clearly defined boundaries.
  2. Rules should fit local circumstances.
  3. Participatory decision-making is vital.
  4. Commons must be monitored.
  5. Sanctions for those who abuse the commons should be graduated.
  6. Conflict resolution should be easily accessible.
  7. Commons need the right to organise.
  8. Commons work best when nested within larger networks.

The big pubs are a kind of open access free for all which will lead to bad behavior. They break the first rule, which is that there needs to be clearly defined boundaries. Private groups will get us a lot of the way there. but discovering and connecting to people is important.

@Rabble %6k2evG7xHDrqNi0QHLEInKhILeWNTn5tZ0L3nJoSSUM=.sha256
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Re: %Rkrm0QFdS

Has anybody tried using an external keyboard and remarkable tablet? the e-ink and larger form factor seems like it'd be a great setup for outdoor writing. Sure the letters are a bit slow showing up, but if you're writing, or marking up the writing, not editing the text, it should work well.

@Rabble %7BKnRzyValuTPOEEM6P13UVav2WsLmDrJk2IvH8VuRw=.sha256
Voted ![73F3FBD9-9671-4E4E-AC41-AD41C5E98976_1_105_c.jpeg](&79LnGZe9n12kxQ+DhBP3Q
@Rabble %qXHOhAPGMz3Iyr2OWJV/Le7Qq09++yP3jBk9N85x898=.sha256
Voted It is [@nanomonkey](@+D0ku/LReK6kqd3PSrcVCfbLYbDtTmS4Bd21rqhpYNA=.ed25519)
@Rabble %RE3+Z52Cq8TS8JaKbA1CV1m6jL2chEN81/h34q9Air0=.sha256
Voted #coffee-blunders In the spirit of showing off your coffee blunders, the wil
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@Rabble %B0uhUiG/e431jkjK+1sufNX5jBuKxemoB0kA+hQbfRY=.sha256

Happy to say that @Matt Lorentz pushed out an update release of @Planetary with bug fixes and some other nice improvements.

The next release is the big one, where we've upgraded go-ssb to the current release. This will involve a migration to a new database format, which means we remove the local database and resync from peers. This can take a few seconds or hours, but we let users start using the app once their own feed has been resynced.

We're excited about the private groups work but our next step for Planetary is to work on how users find their people. The community pubs are an experiment, but it feels like a scoped community might be more of a private group than just people who follow a common pub.

With telegram i can generate a link which points to a room like page for a user or group. Then they can potentially see a preview on the web or follow a link which loads that same information within the app. has a similar link system. It's great that users can be identified only as a key, but want a name they can share easily.

Planetary supports invites, but not yet dht invites, room invites, or peer invites. So getting those going is on our list. And moving them out of the settings and in to the directory tab where it's easier for users to find things. We also want to be able to paste in specific messages hashes or identities there to look them up. This is a feature of patchwork which is really nice.

Eventually it'd be cool for a privacy preserving way of knowing your identities on other systems and being able to see who's using scuttlebutt. But that's a ways away.

@Rabble %lJ7kfGGeKuDBPCz9EqUkL0V94vPE9ynnaHSFkyX1YoA=.sha256
Voted Version 1.1.2 has been released to the App Store! This is a minor release w
@Rabble %Q8A0F7+1XuH447eNt4gEjn+lbrERaQD57woLFJJI7aY=.sha256
Voted ![comic titles "sea creatures arranged by number of butts" showing coral (z
@Rabble %nRQurkM2tzLAJTNhHyyp1LamGp+naRfajC/MpNPwa0Q=.sha256
Re: %SPl7nVgzN

I don't remember this project from when you proposed it 4 years ago, but it's like a non-cryptocurrency DAO it seems. I like the idea and am interested. Did it ever go from proposal to prototype code?

@Rabble %cg4hw0E1485/01HJhCGbPek94GiCAy6vlVNpWwItegQ=.sha256
Re: %6SqWlpmTg

This is great news, i'm so excited.

@Rabble %4JtuEkjt/GQN1GD8npJNZH8oY8K6v+BswKOkrqwbxnE=.sha256
Voted ## Grant approved – Private groups in Manyverse :tada: :scream: I'm hyped
@Rabble %IMU0K3To7CiBravZZzZVMCjQt3YjhnvIZz4ZlPd0gIY=.sha256
Voted There was bait on this trap 5 minutes ago! ![set but unbaited mouse trap](
@Rabble %NF6BzkX3X1SvAZaIjq0qb5EwVZ02HojPpTXote5h5TY=.sha256

@paul has published a bluesky spec, called the Authenticated Data eXperiment (ADX)!

I'm pretty excited about this as a project. The spec lays what feels like a set of standards that's rooted in the learning from both ssb and activitypub but provides a kind of middle ground. I think it'll feel pretty familiar to folks here.


@Rabble %3tOb4JJkVjfjeJ51g3uLtogz2mCYo4mzMCe0BNBi9Ic=.sha256
Voted # SSB Butt2 feed format First of all about the name, all the creative ener
@Rabble %d6rZbb1HxSMLy7nZTbYm0uNl9cvIi7a98ROWCMDyPRI=.sha256
Re: %NekYtZ7KA

I think having new shirts before dweb and the various northern summer events would great.

@Rabble %Pgeks3DGakbMSWxRymkYHMUWNOtyf2Ye5dmjFHdGnpU=.sha256
Voted # 🐚 🍑 (new t-shirt design. who's keen?)
@Rabble %1dDk+EPpbDXK+3pzuVgBH5JMNNXTIwqq2Tf/1I7qbwk=.sha256
Re: %hLhVJIz6p

It's supposed to remove the messages when you block them, if it doesn't then that's a bug on our end.

@Rabble %t7fEp3RuFCkr6/uL1Zg2LBy5oNX1CLEYsJEgN9CmApU=.sha256
Voted # idea: compact feed/message id I don't know why I didn't think of this ea
@Rabble %lrfMPLT7+cELjSDOM0NTST0ODl9yUM/xhzRFtGSPCyQ=.sha256
Voted had interesting thought about deleting, if we think of delete as a consensu
@Rabble %3sFtLzM7NcTuzbwLki19svXVivEDE/20PivZ1kUXX/c=.sha256
Re: %akQ2xi5kt

I think we could have a feed format for SSB that didn't allow for deleting, we currently do, but i think for most people, using ssb as a kind of human centric social app, delete is essential. That and the ability to have easy end to end encrypted groups, and a solution to the forked feed problem.

Strict message order simply isn't that useful for the ssb apps as they currently exist.

@Rabble %Yye2oLIA3w4UJsYBueN1t602T9t7ZsNN/jwXXhhBzRE=.sha256
Voted Nice to see a shareable blog post on SSB in 2022. > Private direct messagi
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Voted #gardening After years of failing to keep the dogs out of the garden with
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Re: %QdThRtY6T

@George i appreciate the reminder. I agree it's important and that we don't have a current team which would reflect the experiences and contributions we need. User testing helps, but team composition is important.

@Rabble %u9XhMVAvq7t375la2RwsabublH8rKkPEjTBy/UTYLFA=.sha256
Voted Wow it's been a busy few weeks for me... Thought I'd just post a quick upda
@Rabble %bjcGiQQm+qN1Sy9MfYQgJXprut726a0Ccn4sdTYFiYw=.sha256

Block (formerly square) open sourced a new database, PranaDB.

Feels like it might be in a similar space to some of the databases we've been using for scuttlebutt apps. It's a kafka db with pull streams and indexes with sql for queries and pull streams for data.

PranaDB is a distributed streaming database, designed from the outset to be horizontally scalable.

Do you like relational databases? Do you like Apache Kafka? PranaDB lives at the intersection of the two.

  • Ingest data from Apache Kafka topics
  • Define continuously and incrementally updating materialized views over that data.
  • Use standard SQL to query that data.
  • Define custom processors to process that data
    • Stream data directly into and out of PranaDB


Like Kafka but where you can query the data in your topics
Like a relational database, but where you can get incrementally updating materialized views, and streaming queries.

It's written in go. I'm not sure about performance or memory footprint. But the idea of a kafka db with pull streams and a query language in sql seems pretty interesting to me.

@Rabble %Mw0Aur9Ak/1mEQ50jPoLJKbf3YpWHZ+Ps5sUBXhz8qs=.sha256
Voted It was nice to chat today [@Spencer (Air)](@BrlhGpCCyJDPXlsMjSvT5GWSFc6nDjA
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Voted # SSB Pub + Ansible I wrote in my dev diary a few weeks ago about how I le
@Rabble %EZqYm1QxUFCYBHNeUIsSyH8RomaQn0B2XFw2ZIsoYpY=.sha256
Voted ![Decentralisation Book promo-2.gif](&HAbZvYLdvcO0eP1cfzLVOgaMhjr2P4gDztctq
@Rabble %D47fVdprEWxN0LIk2MOj3V6tb0KOKT/WFaIrFAxtZlg=.sha256
Re: %BMqfrigY7

can we perhaps use loomio or something similar for actual voting?

@Rabble %EbJy3CNb4pPqGMC74hVV+7EuC9ORFiCR1twvM+8lNlM=.sha256
Voted # Database compactions in ssb-db2 and storage sustainability by [@andrestal
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Voted ## Proposal for a [community grant](%eFl7pRoHldG1beSRsrYq+9gkVqRtdFZoWth3S2
@Rabble %mR2AmFIrQlwiJct0qMbxk8SRtVeB6KFUaa/IGafX8OU=.sha256
Voted # How to write an application in Rust by [@glyph](@HEqy940T6uB+T+d9Jaa58aNf
@Rabble %MJv1tcPhSt8n7CLhQ8zVaqLvrY1JJH1MkI0y/WqlCLU=.sha256
Voted I’m having #office-hours again tomorrow, April 28th, at 20:00 UTC, [Mushroo
@Rabble %qJDcyLzueQkkIcGkg66WZsv37uYUWTL7JjV/TweXX1U=.sha256
Re: %3wwV7ua2M

I think there are two things here. One the protocol has places where it's needlessly complicated. We should be iterating on that and making things simpler. We also can work to have layers, you don't need to know all the muxrpc calls to make a user facing app for example.

The other part is documentation. It's a mess and all over the place. Planetary has set aside budget to pay somebody to work on unifying the documentation of scuttlebutt, and filling out the gaps. I was hoping @SoapDog would be able to do it, because he's a professional writer now, has deep knowledge of ssb, and his patchfox ssb docs are really nice. But he's super busy and wants to focus on writing fiction.

To me it's a third writing, a third organizing whats been written, and a third digging in to how things work in code and talking to people about it. It's a real set of skills different than developing or designing software. I think we need somebody who's got some experience writing technical documentation. If any of you know of somebody?

@Rabble %fUWtSyhX/hGrpl4KEl5wJP5sbKrl2fSmF8crq91N5gM=.sha256
Voted # Keep SSB Simple I've been mulling this over and wanted to share in light
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Voted Alternative plan: Apple just gives 20K random people $21 million 💰 and tel
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Voted Her name is Busy Phillips Gillespie
@Rabble %Acw2fGa9Wx+b6clvN4vuvhCiH3r7vsbwKOaH/1Sdrwc=.sha256
Re: %QdThRtY6T

hey @George we're working on an update release that helps you see the follows of your contacts and other things to help you see what other users are doing and to help you find new people.

@Rabble %TXTLgEa0jMrRgkTD3Nb31sGMTjl1g1Wd4HwPeoFYD+o=.sha256
Voted Folks, I'm about to announce my secret project here... :-) it is not ready,
@Rabble %LkyBjwLwS7EaEHBfTG8rRr139dqOFfFD4Gh9U/uy5r8=.sha256
Voted Just got back to cold cold Canada (why do we still have snow??) after 3 mon
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Voted [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpAn2HSc=.ed25519) and I met
@Rabble %t2KmBl4NloxMMGySLU6/KYq4pMJwMSiZfrDii9Txcvg=.sha256
Voted @Rabble it's very nice of you and Planetary to offer to host an event here
@Rabble %BXAYJ9lyhDg0MxLnpRu2Qit0BzzZXblpYRMElOBKJmo=.sha256
Voted sounds like p2panda needs to use ebt (with request skipping) it's means tha
@Rabble %Wl2SKK9pZXONoNZR18ldEswSj9XPQtUqEA4UMNvqZ1c=.sha256
Re: %r+o8bQTzt

I'm curious what you think of #p2panda as it does a bunch of the things you're talking about.

@Rabble %XsOhRc2/nTUap8bDk5/fHOGDCwSE+iuBTkVyHnl5Ggk=.sha256
Voted # ssb reccomendations I'm not working on ssb anymore, so those of you that
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Voted I would like to host #office-hours tomorrow: - 4pm Tuesday NZDT (approxima
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Voted What are good podcasts regularly covering #p2p and #decentralization that a
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Voted Anyone flying into SF can stay at my place, I have a spare bedroom and livi
@Rabble %GCIxMUa46rPRlFcQWb71jgbeYXUTuYCpZ2HTj95JW3E=.sha256
Voted chatted with rabble about this last night a little. I think I'm gonna help
@Rabble %pFQt30ibAlGBXJK0eE+H09pFTBbewSW3Yx/VyWffH1Y=.sha256
Re: %8s4DGcJjJ

I've been really thinking about this as we're getting ready to make a options for multiple algorithms for the planetary timeline. Manyverse shows one hop out, and pops replies back to the top. Patchwork shows just follows, but you can see one degree out in extended network, and pops replies back to the top. Planetary shows the main tab as direct follows, and structures the extended network with a different format for posts, and does NOT pop replies back to the top.

We're working on an update which will support multiple algorithms for the feed so users can choose and developers can contribute new ones.

One thing we've noticed is planetary gets less engagement in part because we don't show follow / block messages, don't suggest follows, don't show replies/follows/blocks/likes on a users profile page, and don't pop messages back up to the top of the feed when there is a reply. My hypothesis is that these things are important and is one of the reasons why patch* and manyverse keep their users engaged longer.

Just to be clear, we're not about competing with other ssb apps, it's about learning from each other.

@Rabble %E1hXNaooXTlnoAZAGW/mY1AVwFFFClfJjs1yaBCGhiA=.sha256
Voted Testing the #planetary go-ssb migration on my main profile today, which inv
@Rabble %Fa/IWeuacq1pvPrr3ErFm+VMP5sC+1ck9mSXg7fPfpI=.sha256
Re: %qXTEgW9ID

I posted something about having a pre or post dweb camp scuttlebutt gathering and how we're offering to help cover travel costs for folks to get there.

@Rabble %20VryuirFNvv67ew6F5kZyq6H+JpIVgCxuNPrXghti0=.sha256

dweb camp

I think it’d be great to have a couple day meetup for scuttlebutt folks before or after the #dwebcamp kicks off. That would let us connect, talk about a bunch of social and technical aspects of scuttlebutt, get to know each other in person or reconnect after the long pandemic isolation.

The dweb camp is Wednesday August 24th to August 28th. I was thinking if we had a pre-meeting say from Sunday the 21st til August 23rd we could have Saturday for travel for folks not in California.

What do people think? Just like with the #scuttlecamp of a few years ago, planetary can help with the costs for the venue, food, and organizing. We don’t want it to be a planetary thing, the whole point is that scuttlebutt is a community created project with many apps, implementations, and a healthy diversity of people.

Travel Subsidy

Planetary helped with people’s travel costs to the #scuttlecamp and to the last #dwebcamp before the pandemic. It’d be great to see people again. So we’re offering to help with tickets this time as well. So, if you’ve been actively contributing to scuttlebutt within the last year, either through code, documentation, or organizing projects, please reach out so we can help get you to dweb camp.

We’d also like folks to think about who we should be listening to but who’s not yet got a voice. Scuttlebutt has an inclusive, solarpunk, egalitarian vision for the future. The perspective of people who aren’t straight white cis economically privileged people is important both because their voice is central to the world we want to build and because their experience in social media is shaped by systemic bias. So, if you know folks who should be in the conversation about scuttlebutt and the dweb, please reach out to nominate them.


In terms of venue, there are a few options. We can come and meet at my family cabin, #pantilokpom, it’s an off the grid cabin i helped build out of recycled paper (papercrete) with a pond, big barn for meetings, and sauna. It's got starlink and is setup for groups. The downside is that it’s about a 5 hour drive from san francisco, and then 5 hours to the dweb camp location.

pantilokpom cabin in a green meadow

We could look into meeting at the dweb camp venue before the official event, that would involve us also helping setup the dweb venue space, which would be a nice collective contribution to the larger community, but would take time away from meeting about scuttlebutt.

Or we could find some other place near the venue in Mendocino (2.5 hours north of san francisco) that we could rent or find somebody to donate as a meeting place.

I also think we should consider how we can have an organized presence at the event, tea space, or some idea of events we'd do, i'm not sure. I'm looking forward to seeing people in person.

@Rabble %ZGBqEQbB18Ivp58/3xIUl0NWtGwoti8pqllUBSwWvt0=.sha256
Voted I filled out the volunteer interest form. Volunteering was really fun in 20
@Rabble %/pLdIbSp3Q0ZmyWUDbZ/UVLAiHZIBJkUwYFbpBF/bC0=.sha256
Voted my partner [@Rhona](@lI9hrQKWh270SlLtlIYTyBMb0oFfBZ1Y0SgIOKIh1sM=.ed25519)
@Rabble %quebBRNTqcm5EdIaMqJhWor4RNE/gO4rg9EaAxoBMNQ=.sha256
Voted Why is it "better" to write "Reduce PD resources dedicated..." instead of "
@Rabble %WMV+fqOAga+oEZR7GVEeAF993xuo7sEfLbFeOfL1qxU=.sha256
Re: %yTAkAyvxu

In my experience @Luandro Pàtwy northern europe is very expensive for somethings and not for others, Supermarkets are pretty affordable, but restaurants are very expensive. There's backpacker hostels which tend to be more affordable, and the cheap long distance buses instead of the nicer trains.

@Rabble %IJ/WArv+xQOvJfPEeYQcZb5MnOlouiIez4nHkapDDx8=.sha256
Voted The retreat will be in Spain, but from what I remember moving around in Eur
@Rabble %9GU2NyRrjEP3t0DO3hqk0HU63TRT1e1huOCtw9eqWmg=.sha256
Voted !!! Whiii! [@Luandro Pàtwy](@2RNGJafZtMHzd76gyvqH6EJiK7kBnXeak5mBWzoO/iU=.e
@Rabble %m9cQR4aP0l7gXINl4j7yL/tWw8/xu/7xGo580bGNPSE=.sha256
Voted # new manifesto (in hilariou
@Rabble %5e6tTcTeSWCEJwXKoB/8dr3yAL+NxawIbGQW6u7ahho=.sha256
Voted Oh that's cool [@Dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed2
@Rabble %1E7AfuzKBiTm2g/0xFbZV18FZe1KeZkwkhKhlYqStss=.sha256
Voted #new-people Hi, I am Anatoly. If you can read this message, please let me
@Rabble %dQ1DpwT89CxtnFzo07Bh9wn8iN6U7OVtdtoUI66yGVM=.sha256
Re: %nOtlXI49E

Welcome back after 2 years!

@Rabble %ommUQkTsFMwYHIAwYBeBNXwerSKHqoOjETFBVh7id70=.sha256
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@Rabble %2Usjh6hKLMcclEgycZH49yYfgQ9nD4VKrMc7hkXljmk=.sha256
Voted I'll be visiting Europe for a #digital-democracy retreat in June. It's such
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@Rabble %AZeevW0bbfKsRiki9EhnE/s3l147jUY7v4j2pD+IdCc=.sha256
Voted @Rabble Good; but the account was subsequently auto-followed by [Planetary
@Rabble %M5gRcajh6LESE4zpjvDotq1eTxzkibP7fTIG2uxvmco=.sha256
Voted any butts in #london wanna get together for a #crab-meet or able to host me
@Rabble %KgPD/fjuGoXp9GhjwYs1pgynrUY7Xy0bs25Ejg9dE8w=.sha256
Voted gosh! were do they learn words like that!
@Rabble %woWxKFI4xIt2JFikYo2vij+iaGJDi/E0LrLYWQOJ0dg=.sha256
Re: %z+DeM10uy

We could implement it pretty fast in @Planetary, but a spec instead of just the ssb-crut code would be good plus support in other ssb apps.

At the moment we're prioritizing getting planetary experience optimized, finding users to follow / connect to, and upgrading the go-ssb code.

It's open source, so we welcome contributions.

@Rabble %q2jPs/SdWxo/m61Y4tUszkCPKChqiBnrXejzg0vNllY=.sha256
Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "@oeNoy1RIArVdMdk8ndeoKbAKuU8b56VgxlYP5y8b9Ic=.ed25519",
  "name": "Planetary (old account)"
@Rabble %cnNZFPrQqBYaHhmJFkKDXCKj0qIGYNv1LvfF3vRCy+o=.sha256
Voted I got the [Element P2P Demo]( fr
@Rabble %tBGd53IVpwLz2CkvhCHO5QEkD+OnMMHsUl1WiC2YN84=.sha256
Voted Wow I had heard about this but hadn’t seen that page. What a nice way to le
@Rabble %eHYN9IGFSUy1e8KlkzIB2sYobn7tgCc2y3H0SqL1sbY=.sha256

So, does the slow cooked sous vide really make the flavor better? I've heard about it for years but never tried it.

@Rabble %29ywlAeLIyynntPaCKWpd7SkDdr+bydCpZmmgFeCaGI=.sha256
Voted Yesterday I cooked shrimp sous vide for the first time, put them in the bag
@Rabble %KMacd1q/jLHhTlXvPCpWn6PE1GVkicshlBWwlyu2FIc=.sha256
Voted Turns out the people behind the [Matrix]( protocol are h
@Rabble %0V1Nvi55FRKGmrv1bOQ6vYgcPauOMk7iTh+oUqDMhQM=.sha256
Re: %Ao1/JGNm9

We've blocked them from all planetary pubs as well.

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Unfollowed @Scamspammer
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Re: %FIOvAefih

I really like the flavor myself, it's got a complexity which is nice.

@Rabble %B2y1mcayU3D6FSQPy+i7F66bCRGjmnvyqDc1nvwPl3c=.sha256
Re: %nzaA2ZoIm


@Rabble %qtdqBbFla0tFYG7/STt2tTvsUIQWChHywVDZ/RCxx/o=.sha256
Voted Re [Continuing the SSBC Newsletter Position](%nzaA2ZoImpfD1oHrfiarfnzjQBFn4
@Rabble %n3DRwr7qDxRpwaVUSPtXZ9rK5n1PHbIeSvT0brXMJbw=.sha256
Voted # Interesting constraints for social media posts I like this "dying feeds"
@Rabble %ClDrzav6Ew0lPuSugyeC7VYMQvbfGgNY+dh01iyOgsM=.sha256
Voted ## Rebooting the Web of Trust (RWOT) @ The Hague in the Netherlands ### Se
@Rabble %I1Suql8fn85A+JG8DKO3J/EWwKp1DRzQaVlYL1POtok=.sha256
Voted > p2p related matrix rooms @decentral1se %+yqkYclGlkONBOpyGPkotTZzwmxWa80Y
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  "name": "Scamspammer"
@Rabble %RV2o2/PA6uA6MJC6oUAsAaBsRPW8DET838B/ZdVEa6c=.sha256
Voted we're trying to ignore that ira and ziva have left their room (they should
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@Rabble %BiC+bzVSR4xhk2ny/ymrB3A+dtTPJnijGhCq2U3p7J8=.sha256
Voted ## Paris P2P Festival #1 April 27 to May 1, 2022
@Rabble %uKL4wQ0bU9BunWvVk7jfycmX+W+PZFDtsINPHptKLE0=.sha256
Voted Just finished watching this 25 minute video/documentary about about [@Rabbl
@Rabble %rHtLZ5JF7SmjPJI/r/sSleJt9a2ECh3siXWLy6pR9M4=.sha256
Voted ### DWeb Camp 2022 website launched; registration is open. ![DWeb Camp 202
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Subscribed to channel #peachcloud
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Voted # DIDkit exploration #ahau is exploring in the space of identity and as pa
@Rabble %6EGZnE865+KYP+fnlE781NZr+5+nIkIzaJDykH09/rY=.sha256
Voted # PeachCloud Web Interface: Dev Diary # :peach: :cloud: :seedling: :green_
@Rabble %B63Od3YtMikB6bBk6c2mH616ZwMt40C1x1RuDaWNEY8=.sha256
Voted I think I've reached peak minimalism when it comes to my bicycle. ![A brak
@Rabble %9GrVb57R0vjqAIWnp9VVHJ7NvEwV1qpQITf+XQS8rgk=.sha256
Re: %y83Id7aEq

oh. this is bad. i'll look at it

@Rabble %kRr38PFzOxgsH7xLGU2hRNEdiiTp2vnjLF7Lw/5Nuck=.sha256
Voted Rainbow's End (NZ's greatest and only themepark) has (had) a ride like this
@Rabble %C1GPmFPi6hS20VWKIkHWKJ/Fi8pxgM+Y/B8RfsOa+0g=.sha256
Voted ![foxes at play](&eaL6GVIL2ss1eiuODQb4Z1zusBiA+TGvscav9qXaxRY=.sha256)
@Rabble %lmD+ToKRhW5uppnid4NYodusGk5mpIL+s1wQLQU5/Sk=.sha256
Voted Here are the logs in a [GitHub Issue](
@Rabble %RPQeeEM18fLrrdC84IMkeSToGGW3PFnOm413qy16nT0=.sha256
Re: %71YpX3j3t

Welcome @Fem

@Rabble %SXJUbN30Ry21j+opLRwRULYrZ2w6gK7LBzhTSRBVZJk=.sha256
Voted maybe next time [@Dominic](@EMovhfIrFk4NihAKnRNhrfRaqIhBv1Wj8pTxJNgvCCY=.ed
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@Rabble %TMqNzW7o8MXF0FJuLRYHcUHygMTd8si4tflAO9Iv6RQ=.sha256

Matrix has a really nice guide to apps in their ecosystem, including what platforms, operating systems, features, and underlying programming languages are supported. We've got a list of apps, but it'd be nice if we had something like this including information about what's be actively maintained and developed.


@Rabble %kj0VhOma7nw1027YVyqRtGF9k4vbW1Pw0oVQ3SMjD2w=.sha256
Re: %Oi98MpbX5

That's our new upgrade of go-ssb where we blow away the database and resync. We don't let you publish anything until we're sure we've got your own log all downloaded from peers so you don't fork yourself. It shouldn't be blocking for that long. Are you on testflight? I thought we hadn't deployed that yet.

@Rabble %RTGr0QqkcLKPzu5sqlGhL4u5hlRbsxxYXjoM2C7zZcg=.sha256
Voted probably the usual, someone borrowed it and didn't put it back in the right
@Rabble %Kcu5FzWNpw9XVt2vblHlhzdvNw35zpVjx6KjKh3oBrQ=.sha256
Voted I sorry about that overly dramatic post. you didn't need to call the author
@Rabble %ce2k9gBnXM71aAi/KJLKaEPcMEJHwaEWix302Hi66m8=.sha256
Voted Here is a better photo to show exactly how small the text was. The thing in
@Rabble %OSzgDHy2l+R/VIyLS5nTonopmA3cQh5jUQhoOxRSG9g=.sha256
Re: %Cwp0QJ7pT

I'm not good at grants nor do i know folks who work on the TU Darmstadt Secure Mobile Networking Lab, but i would love to participate in and support this project. I think the offline peer syncing gossip is one of the magical super powers of ssb but we need to do more work to make it reach its full potential.

@Rabble %gIrvu3+CDrnRhWOhDwbsQiE7/4CI6Sdi0+jh/sMnuO4=.sha256
Voted Might be slightly related, but part of the [Agregore Mobile devgrant](https
@Rabble %Js1mEm5LDbXxmNNBmmZyi3Pt1vjnCGI7fwHnMHk1698=.sha256
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@Rabble %54eEIaOmV/6CUXrSZx5NKPRgBAVSLFOM4wLCtX2k59c=.sha256
Voted I’ll be hosting #office-hours tomorrow, April 8th, at 15:00 UTC, [Fog hour]
@Rabble %/EMN5SWTI5r5/gwaxgjvEYHRbwMUAiHwP39wZ3bfFWg=.sha256
Voted # ssb-nft: request for feedback ![drawing of a snail](&6fknb9EYq/WTeMdtZn
@Rabble %mzSJFd7R+aB3YhdDSTOiN7PgQXVUcB+Y6NtRwIXnSLU=.sha256

New Release of @Planetary

We just released version 1.1.0 of the iOS app to the App Store! It includes:

  • Several new community pubs. Check them out on the new “Your Network” tab! And if you aren’t a Planetary user, they are still open to you. More info
    • Renamed the “User Directory” tab to “Your Network”
    • Redesigned “like” messages to be smaller
    • Fixed forked feed protection
    • Fixed pubs showing up twice on the User Directory/Your Network tab
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to view a photo
    • Changed replication algorithm to connect to pubs more often
@Rabble %IdLKkcLKI7yK8xjAGK6XBWeTAsDKlO0vmCOkBCMmXes=.sha256
Voted # Build a blog workshop I've put together a free workshop for people who'd
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@Rabble %fFH7EaHsyu0ahN5O05CtOb76yzlr7eLGI1YncH+FI3w=.sha256
Voted That’s really interesting. What would they say are the differences between
@Rabble %vOAiy19px7umLOZ7SgmBFcuNLLQAw9Kp/bXk4IZYBXI=.sha256
Voted One reason I haven't been very active lately is that I've been building a r
@Rabble %OxFWUkN/CkCj5DdHKhjghY2GrGTXhxF6Rvbk5aVEFWg=.sha256
Voted Primera publicació en aquest dispositiu. Hola!
@Rabble %XbefLzWk/AX+8j85Vxoz+tuwdxjEwNu67NIASC1SJJQ=.sha256
Followed @Martin Dutra (desktop)
@Rabble %qmmhiJ0vaTb81YglwYaIYNh9p2+JC8OgrtOcHxeFRF8=.sha256
Voted A friend just sold the sailboat he has been living on in Boston harbor. Wen
@Rabble %dOLtxmUnlFztXX1sV4RmONrZv4Ct8V0+FMQNMrhUdp8=.sha256
Voted ![IMG_1836.jpeg](&O7HlF6LPJvRV+HvuuK4b9CXlL+ay64QAiQUGtJZYoCg=.sha256) Had
@Rabble %ymzpTbKD7nAbb4mC1B8i+iYis3q6ru4rOL+GEDC9nMk=.sha256
Re: %lYtTO5zX8

I really enjoy your posts @IBob. Maybe you need to shift your following away from the devs and towards others? I think the discovery of your community is a real issues.

@Rabble %ebxVgLd84Wx15Kd1Ni0yhlqVKuqHOjezTBfY/qjY6Ec=.sha256
Re: %rMtjYW67Y

So in MIQ they give you Weet-Bix every morning along with more milk that we could figure out what to do with. My son decided that if this was NZ's favorite breakfast cereal then the other options must be worse and to be avoided.

My daughter on the other hand thinks they're great.

I do think, they're a very odd bit of breakfast food personally.

@Rabble %6CGaSXqxjGTzPSMQD9YfYk9RvJoVo4nPi7ArvhZJfS4=.sha256
Re: %86VSYxxhQ

Better eat those cookies fast! ;-D

@Rabble %T6ZAPQHZX0kEfv/2GGx13JqXA2GiYxxLMcBT0IL3kGU=.sha256
Voted Hi Matt Lorentz I’m testing the latest version. It does connect quicker to
@Rabble %BU8gc0My5Fkk7sKGXN3JJFrGOdZ42K3L1ouhh8wEV9I=.sha256
Voted It’s spring here and I’m trying to start some vegetables from seed for the
@Rabble %6nEOANKL1A1zLUos7t26nNrUFlK4vvCzEZ9GEepy7Bg=.sha256
Re: %g04K/pzbC

I love the feeling of wood heat. I know in cities it's not great because of the air pollution. It's why it's mostly being banned. Makes sense, but where it's allowed, it's lovely.

Seems like NZ just made regulations about only using wood burning stoves that met emissions targets instead of an outright ban.

@Rabble %ZmaBkweUAoC8xEUjfe4vIv/W4pCxkJhKsLY+DtxAjrk=.sha256
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@Rabble %9olJwxgDtXtxXXVjFvEw/Mor5PDLnZRwxZhQGZHtB2A=.sha256
Voted thinking about attending this year's #dweb-camp (considering the work I do
@Rabble %OQ+3wUPh0PogglwmezKxhY3kSRzLmuqiJVvVprqP4Bo=.sha256
Voted # [golgi]( _The Golgi complex (aka. Golg
@Rabble %QBqbnTRddR8w6vOOslib5lEi4tPPWZQPKe8NpPgx2ZM=.sha256
Voted I am not one to take photos at shows but this is a still from a video my hu
@Rabble %bTzCf8r4epAkzAb6BGI7ou6pU8bi2dRmWT6Vqz8Sw1w=.sha256
Voted # Planetary Go Dev Diary Since the last entry I've been mainly continuing
@Rabble %1mZ3GPt1Gnb2PonaJXQFLj4fkMDcLW2eSvQDKukNccw=.sha256
Re: %yO1eAnECy

Weird, i think we need to do something with our build pipeline to work in non-apple silicon. So far it's not somebody people have been asking for, but it is doable.

@Rabble %U0xQrEJ6MG715mc6Jl0B/LSsQUJMpbbv9dYprfcwsHI=.sha256
Voted cc [@Nico Pace](@2AWm36HvcuOOcYeNgGgoybKXcMZx+COIf4/aAxJwnVI=.ed25519) [@Ra
@Rabble %MApjePWIBPRptVsadhMvqiLnWwOdUjNYZYQoW2QTD4o=.sha256
Re: %6U49PtG5r

I saw that thread on twitter, i made a whole twitter account with differing following graph to post about NZ specific stuff. Kiwi humor is peculiar, especially when comes to outsiders, foreigners, and immigrants.

The thread reminded me of when i went to summer camp and the councilors would send the new arrived campers off to find fallopian tubes to strap everything down on their backpack. Much to the delight of everybody who would either say, "yes i've got some but they're being used and i can't give them to you right now" or "oh no i don't have any fallopian tubes but she's got some, go ask her."

I, being the child of a hippy women's studies professor, just replied "oh no, those don't work for that at all."

@Rabble %PJGNJkIl+xuV5+ZSKCPz+HbbBTNWTI/Z0TrIDe5Gg/A=.sha256
Re: %Swj65mf2w

I think it'd be really interesting to let users post copyright / creative commons either as an appendum to individual posts or to all of their feed. If it's structured, we need to add support for displaying that with messages or about records.

@Rabble %bjdQg5Cf01YTHz/3OXGcyVqmzKlBGZXYAS3hPo90E2I=.sha256
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@Rabble %Xn0an7P8A8ZlswUCLofiFjc0BJP9c97LeTgCwgD38UM=.sha256
Voted A cute feature of Project Moon Hermit is its debug mode. If you pass a `-d`
@Rabble %Chi4z64F+aOTR6QB/Vq9exAzWDUhfnOwOWnmvzAQdSg=.sha256
Voted There is a need for documentation about creating apps. We documented the pr
@Rabble %S8/xEmb+RabwSTye1TUmYsMqcdP1wBOsp0MB6hQSgkg=.sha256
Re: %v4VK8pY+Z

I was just puzzling over the idea of web app for ssb where you auth'd from your mobile app and then for posting any new content, it would be stored on the server, but not put on your log, because the web server doesn't have your keys, then your mobile phone app would connect to that server, verify it was the same user who posted it, and then write it to your log from your phone.

That's not the same as fusion identities which i also think would be cool, but it'd let ssb work via the web but where the identities are fully under the user's control....

For now, i guess it's just getting ssb-http-auth support in more apps like planetary, and hopefully others.

@Rabble %ythhzwPBCVlBA9KY43Z/LD31gtjPb2VkI37qkBW4iPQ=.sha256
Voted [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpAn2HSc=.ed25519) No there i
@Rabble %C+DKUlcrwIB8V0pMJobhVG4ePO024jjnOlfa42ljR9E=.sha256
Re: %OetfymRNr

Those are some odd feeds... The links don't even work...

@Rabble %v4VK8pY+Zng2XycbtCgGomwjgVx9UavsaOFO+PUj1s8=.sha256

Is there a JS implementation of the server side of SSB HTTP Authentication spec created by #ssb-ngi-pointer? I see manyverse uses ssb-http-auth-client and the go ssb rooms server implements the server side, sign in with ssb. I was just curious if the server side had been done in js.

@Rabble %ii5oZgEYRvcpG9T9jmKEdlXgxXVTnHGgjB5km8GiYhc=.sha256
Re: %FIOvAefih

I find feijoa in new zealand so fascinating. Because the fruit comes from Uruguay, but in Uruguay there is ZERO commercial production of it. People grow it in their yards, it grows wild, but nobody farms it. It's not cultivated or sold. It's known, called guayabo del pais, or country guava... You can buy it in a nursery, but really, it's just not considered something you'd eat.

I wonder if it's because kiwi farmers bread them to be better as a fruit. I'm not sure. There are government projects to try and convince uruguayan farmers to plan Feijoa, but like blue berries, they're not consumed locally. I also don't understand how uruguayans can grow blueberries but not be interested in eating them. Persimmons are another crop which grown but not consumed in uruguay. People are weird.

@Rabble %6JRJVB/J92TvEjFvIPLVnLuIkh1zTpFKLNPMRgc3dU4=.sha256
Voted I sent them a DM recently saying "thank you so much for pushing for comment
@Rabble %nHz3NUR0j35N+mMphOfeswCo/ydmU0RsXYQvusUWzNo=.sha256
Re: %A5U42Cb36

This is tremendously sad news that i knew would be coming. I mostly knew @cinnamon here on ssb, but managed to meet them a few times and i was always impressed with what a warm, caring, thoughtful, intelligent, and generally wonderful human being they were.

They inspired me to be better and i treasure the time we spent together.

I think we should reach out to their partner Lisa, see if there is anything we can do, perhaps raise some money in cinnamon's honor to help her with the costs related to their passing.

@Rabble %xkAOvBEy5157wRcZVXnmW39lumaYGIa+dqzraVCeEyo=.sha256
Voted #showmeyourcoffee Inspired by [@SoapDog (Macbook Air)](@qv10rF4IsmxRZb7g5e
@Rabble %db77XvWDmmxz9INnNK1PBEKT3o4Vkki5Sa+cRecOGjY=.sha256
Voted It took me years – no, decades – to realize something simple about communic
@Rabble %ipQjLuvxMydojcPoZdjoN2aDQG88PrZjuVwFr2oHPVU=.sha256
Voted Scuttlebutt activity seems to have picked up since I last tried. That, or P
@Rabble %1pgrFoNG5Yuwa7ox0Yr/YwNKGTWIqbR7hKqIb+vuE9k=.sha256
Re: %OuoJOVrSY I think there's space for many ssb apps, in fact if we only had one app or implementation then it wouldn't be fulfilling the promise. That said, i'm glad you're liking planetary and i hope you give us feedback if you've got ideas about bugs or how to make it better.

@Rabble %qvaLcYWPMNsSU4AtuLlB2r++HzPCO1HTpTmfZw54bZc=.sha256
@Rabble %55UUjIxxc/yn0xCPzdUlJjgLTcKLRFXlvH44mqFXiiM=.sha256
Re: %pZIHnb8/k

Dominos seems to be the cheapest food i've found here. I know dominos is american, but it reminds me of [Ugi's from buenos aires}(

@Rabble %wuszsZbKZrzUEvg3WfTWfL+61X304OhmBT0kN6L6IQA=.sha256
Voted looking forward to this! (gonna try to join today's) id probably recommend
@Rabble %0vk0yziRHef0ugBMKonZsXrzxytEdawRqK4mq9yKdWs=.sha256
Voted This was a success! I got to meet andrew and show him Planetary and how we
@Rabble %+oU25N19vgcBKrQXl2W9rLLPOq5ZFmsUEnAo8G4VJzg=.sha256
Voted # butt-sim I've wanted a visual simulation of how scuttlebutt replication
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Voted Hoy estuve en un lugar sensacional tomando el mejor café del mundo. ![Capp
@Rabble %1t/FXWxOaX27n0suQcn36ksnPHWxveak31o8A46eC1s=.sha256
Voted # Starting Office Hours One of the big themes that I saw from #strategy202
@Rabble %31bzkQDIOqVklzIGiil1g+q9meewcJzhTBDCfTG8qUY=.sha256
Re: %tLz2afBTE

I'm hoping the sync for blobs will be fixed when we push out the next release with an upgrade of #go-ssb. For now i got the blob syncing by making sure both planetary and patchwork were open on my home network at the same time.

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Voted Sunsets at the beach in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay, are just magic. ![planetary
@Rabble %n0zkVCXKMI5wl6y3U7RnUx/Oa5xoOFkWTeKKLIzA4Zs=.sha256
Voted This feature is a direct result of pairing work with [@zelf](@3ZeNUiYQZisGC
@Rabble %BcyvSw5Y3eKzmr2j+NawnHAZlhjSPtK0l5hY2kMcrL8=.sha256
Voted # ssb-crut@4.1.0 ![hermes](&/
@Rabble %62AEgy7Y//hWXR30vWl9o+5bjN0Nwk6dlkwnmeJGOM8=.sha256
Voted I'm rocking a curved 34" ultrawide too! Can't go smaller on a desktop anymo
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Re: %1mwZxS2G+

I've got 1 eth stored in one of those but i don't remember the pin i used to lock it. ;-(

@Rabble %IzEO/dZxfJ2ggR83Z8cPP7hf1mlu83VFwCbzRZnc3JE=.sha256
Re: %oW1jOoJUL

@EduMerco si, antes de mudarme a nueva zelanda viví en uruguay.

Welcome to the #scuttleverse

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Voted #new-people Hello everyone. I have just arrived on board, attracted by the
@Rabble %X8p2YVpq7Z4rg83YXw9LC8pC7MdE/CHHS55zuRl16jg=.sha256
Re: %RkCQ7j7RU

I gotta say, i'd vote for scuttle instead of butt... since, fun jokes aside, scuttle kind of also makes sense, moving around, ants scuttle around on the ground, communicating in an amazingly cooperative peer to peer way.

@Rabble %ByQSaTjMuPzOD1kFlUKho12WGYw8XbM9qt2+3wsEfF8=.sha256
Re: %RkCQ7j7RU

@Dominic you playing around with ESSB? Encrypted Secure Scuttlebutt? ;-D

@Rabble %xzYMpWbC5b5h5OQb/1MEzHfK4iYOTB+MY4J03i4OgtQ=.sha256
Voted I have a rough design for an EBT handshake where the ids are salted so that
@Rabble %gRd1N/adse46+E1l1CeJ2N17cvM+wkEAw2/M0FyfQkY=.sha256
Re: %LfScEgr5B

This is an interesting issue to bring up. We were having a discussion about this today, unrelated to this thread but basically the same idea. What to do with a ton of encrypted unreadable messages from other users. At some point, you might get added to the group, and be able to decrypt them, but that's unlikely.

In the case of the planetary app we were thinking about zeroing out the data and then compacting the database to not store the unreadable encrypted messages.

Another idea floating around is that of in-memory only feeds. You'd only be able to validate the message, not it's history, but it gives us ephemeral content, which is cool. And an in memory encrypted feed is interesting.

Anyway, i think once we have metafeed support, a feed for encrypted content and another for unencrypted would totally make sense. Even maybe one for groups, one for direct private messages, and one for public. I'm not sure what would happen if there were a ton of metafeeds, but you could rotate them every 1000 messages or something, reducing the need for storage further.

I think if it's on a cloud server, or a laptop, then the hosting of other people's content feels like mutual aid. But on phones they are much more resource constrained. Personally I like how ssb covers the problem of paying for storing your content with a nifty model of mutual aid and support. It works because i host my friends content, and their use of the system involves supporting me.

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Voted To get ephemeral chat, you don't need UDP over rooms. It would be fairly ea
@Rabble %otWYFi7mHlDUNt8wW2QgwrdK973CLIz376oqvRcQYkw=.sha256
Re: %RkCQ7j7RU

SSB does a better job of preserving meta data than email on encrypted messages. There's some social graph data which is shared if people post public contact messages (which everybody does).

What i want is to have an easy way for a user to say, make a private group of everybody i follow, or everybody who i know follows me. Encrypt all my posts for them. That would make SSB really much more private and secure.

It would be pretty easy for nation-state to deanonymize signal to/from metadata. Content hardly matters. If you are talking to a known troublemaker, you are worth investigating.

And we know for a fact that the US as ongoing programs to kill people with cruise missiles based on who they call on their phones. They have no idea who they're killing, just that they call enough people they're watching. The meta data is more powerful than the data.

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Re: %6zPX4njpv

Totally, the volunteer contributions tend to be a bit random. Sometimes they're super helpful, or they're a feature that somebody wants, or fixes something that was bothering them. Often initially it is docs about getting the app building.

We come up with the roadmap as a team, talking about what the goals are, what should be built, how it should be built, and when. It's definitely driven by things that aren't just what the developer feels like doing. The business side of things has needs which an unpaid open source contributor doesn't need to care about.

I think effective managing of contributions for an open source project is hard. I admire the work @andrestaltz has done and think he's done a better job at cultivating contributions than I've done with Planetary. It's a problem any open source project with paid contributors faces.

@Rabble %Z4dWm9wjNcgh/kxIgTxzRVlOdZS4DWdHFy6XKGzRY+Y=.sha256
Re: %gZ1lnYrqv

There is a security audit of parts of secure scuttlebutt.

@Dominic who created secure scuttlebutt does work with Least Authority to audit cryptographic and blockchain projects.

And there have been a bunch of academic papers published about secure scuttlebutt. What these papers and audits don't cover is making sure the actual implementations of the protocol are secure. Don't trust ssb like you would signal.

Существует аудит безопасности частей защищенного scuttlebutt.

@Dominic, создавший безопасный сплетник, работает с Least Authority для аудита криптографических и блокчейн-проектов.

И было опубликовано множество академических статей о безопасном скаттлбатте. Чего эти документы и аудиты не охватывают, так это обеспечения безопасности реальных реализаций протокола. Не доверяйте ssb, как если бы вы сигнализировали.

@Rabble %WwIuukcKEHwVrUiHVqm+ExIvYQRBJFUuOG5S6PEXKWA=.sha256
Re: %6zPX4njpv

That's a fascinating question. Both are ssb apps released on mobile and desktop under an MPL 2.0 license.

The planetary process and manyverse process are very similar.

Both are built on ssb implementations maintained by a larger group of people which includes but is not limited to people working on manyverse and planetary. The tech stack is of course different, js vs go/swift.

Both accept PR's, have tickets and issue tracking in the open. And both have paid developers working on them along side unpaid open source contributions.

Planetary does weekly sprints with all the priorities on a kanban github projects board.

I think getting contributions to libraries is a lot easier than getting it for full apps.

I think we can't fulfill the promise of scuttlebutt without multiple full distinct implementations. We work in a cooperative way and it's not a competition.

@Rabble %zWbxnfqY0K4/gZjiuydGBT6CFVkr6+ZrBGvFL4MDfeM=.sha256
Re: %gZ1lnYrqv

I'm writing this in both English and Google Translate Russian. The plan is to implement private groups on secure scuttlebutt. That would provide end-to-end encryption of transit, but would still likely keep the posts decrypted on users devices.

It's currently implemented in the libraries, but it's not in the apps like manyverse, patchfox, patchwork, and planetary.

We'd also love help to translate the scuttlebutt apps and docs in to Cyrillic languages.

плохой гугл переводчик на русский.

Я пишу это на английском и Google Translate на русский язык. План состоит в том, чтобы внедрить частные группы на безопасном щите. Это обеспечило бы сквозное шифрование передачи, но по-прежнему, вероятно, сохраняло бы расшифровку сообщений на устройствах пользователей.

В настоящее время он реализован в библиотеках, но его нет в таких приложениях, как manyverse, patchfox, patchwork и planetary.

Мы также будем рады помочь с переводом приложений и документов scuttlebutt на кириллицу.

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Re: %Erl0yomLG

We'd love help with translating it!

For manyverse there's the crowdin service to help you do it:

For planetary there's the text here:

It'd be cool to get some of the ssb site translated as well.

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Voted Worth over-communicating the fact that SSB is not "encrypted" or "private".
@Rabble %Erl0yomLGaaaWIy2jfmifpXNvs/to8Q52eQQvABxBws=.sha256
Re: %0gFnp234N

At planetary we're setting up a cyrillic / russian language pub and will be posting the invites for folks to join. Seems like it'd be worth figuring out how to make it work over tor as well. I think we should work to get the ssb apps and website translated in to both russian and ukrainian.

@Rabble %3n3+lGXBgWh6g/syoE/yFQMTJw2FFJ2h/eAhnY0JGK0=.sha256
Voted Martijn De Vos, author of TrustChain and post-doc in Johan Pouwelse's lab,
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Voted Image finally came through. Looks like a ‘Southern Magnolia,’ Magnolia gra
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Re: %vKXyA2/6y

Yeah my window management and layout chops are seriously lacking.

@Rabble %s220sVC5IXXFtembFmxfXYxnDHFtqcU/PNo14pzqP6M=.sha256
Voted You sell plots on the metaverse with all that screen real estate [@Rabble](
@Rabble %bg+P77MuP8/hqV/E5Hv2HTRSK8N7O6Riu+/XgGCGk4A=.sha256

I'm guessing you could block the dead accounts. We've got a similar problem with planetary, we do list them all, but it's hard to tell which one is right.

@Rabble %n1uZAq45hFM61crcL8FqNzq8D4hfbOZQT55sW3U4igo=.sha256
Re: %oW1jOoJUL

@Rômulo Alves phone yeah, i have spent too much time working from a laptop screen. Being able to have a browser / ios simulator running in one screen, and then two or three full columns of code makes a huge difference. It's amazing how much i lose in context switching.

@Rabble %nUIIdMgTEPDizuRNfSV1Wjf8xGyaUNleBk3OHqpIiBk=.sha256
Voted I’m so happy to see how much the Planetary iOS app has improved over the la
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Re: %s2G3gfc2j

That's a bridge?!?

@Rabble %0THAQHu3vAcZagsnIY629/szmweleU4YBzU/YaFl00U=.sha256
Voted Ok, got it today! ![cup of happiness](&SEoe0UbXYUWCoPgdjbp2PtmCBkyq0aNPf0
@Rabble %nWqsOQwAZAikyLFMDRq2hS61MQ3BpfKTQVqEM7MMbTE=.sha256
Re: %PyHhUP47b

@SoapDog (Macbook Air) "I really think that that if that code is extracted into its own repo with a deliverable that is easy to use from multiple desktop OS, it would be a boon for SSB. It would enable clients built with technologies more native to their platforms. "

We've been playing with the idea of a packaged up SDK around go-ssb's code. Something which would make it easier to focus on the parts of the app which are social and interesting vs handshakes, peers, partial feed replication, multiple feed encoding formats, and the db. It's at a "wouldn't this be interesting" stage, and what would an ssb sdk with documented api for embedding in other apps look like. There are parts of the SSB stack which aren't interesting, because they are stable and work. But there's too many things you need to know to build an effective social app.

@Rabble %2WqGnBxT0vY4he0iSLJO9FCMYKL/O0MG6Pmm4q6PHxY=.sha256
Voted I love your style [@SoapDog](@qv10rF4IsmxRZb7g5ekJ33EakYBpdrmV/vtP1ij5BS4=.
@Rabble %iiD1fmnGBF3avBUHDM3Uvz15dIXdX+uF+sk1UonTV8g=.sha256
Re: %n4f1g+R4N

I really liked this post. The NGI pointer grant was a huge step forward for SSB, and it's a shame there isn't ongoing funding for that work.

The idea of better code governance is good, it'd also be interesting to see how we build governance tools in to users of the protocol. Right now private groups are centered around the idea of small egalitarian groups where everybody has administrative rights and visibility in to other members. That's good for some groups. But other group from would be good to build.

The one i'd like is to be able to set your feed as private, encrypting it and providing a read key in a private message to everybody who you want to be following you. It's kind of a one way group, but it feels like that'd be really useful for folks. Especially the people who are vulnerable based on who they are or what they talk about. Just trusting somebody will follow public web hosting rules, or even have a well behaved ssb node, isn't a long term solution.

As @andrestaltz said, the private groups and fusion identity stuff would be great, it's something i'd love planetary to support.

Today we had a conversation on the planetary team about a fediverse gateway. The two protocols work very differently, but a gateway should be possible.

@Rabble %DLa/eKnaldg/s6i7qlCsqZfk9X6xkPSVqwn7nII9/EU=.sha256
Re: %AcX1qF2UH

The IPv8 docs on NAT traversal:

IPv8 Features

IPv8 is a networking layer which offers identities, communication with some robustness, and provides hooks for higher layers. For instance, our Internet-deployed reputation functions and ledger-based storage of reputation data. IPv8 is designed as a mechanism to build trust. Each network overlay offers network connections to known digital identities through public keys. Overlays are robust against several network problems and security issues. Using a custom NAT-traversing DHT to find the current IPv4 network address, IPv8 keeps the network connectivity going, even as the IPv4 addresses change. Each network overlay keeps track of a number of neighbors and occasionally checks if they are still responsive.

IPv8 offers global connectivity through integrated UDP NAT puncturing, announcement of your identity claim and a web-of-trust. IPv8 has an integrated attestation service. You can use IPv8 for official verification that something is true or authentic, according to a trustworthy attestor. By using zero-knowledge proofs we attempt to minimize privacy leakage.

Which references two papers, UDP NAT and Firewall Puncturing in the Wild and Dispersy Bundle Synchronization. Both of which are by Johan Pouwelse who is the founder of Tribler.

It seems like Tor meets Bittorrent meet ActivityPub. I can't tell if anybody's using it, but it looks interesting to me. Having more rigorous academic focus behind it is good. TrustChain seems a lot like ssb, the Tribler mega app is an odd mix of a ton of things.

@Rabble %reMcxq049AZt/tTJPQfV+bhT9rs/2AbHnH1M6N2Zb2M=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&RAN95eqCGs6NeVRbg8g3yNHi9IVU84Gm8RKqTQiKLG4=.sha256) Go a ni
@Rabble %bukpD+dwI7Ed3Ghw0EQSqR0CL7pUTE1VXK1cgM3s6qY=.sha256
Re: %A3ShSefor

We've worked on few swift stabs at the handshake / feed signing / validation parts of SSB but it's not complete or usable either. It'd be cool if somebody made a native swift implementation of ssb.

Planetary uses go-ssb built for an xcframework.

@Rabble %SNeM101Xs5Ol/SD/hwgjIIKe/uLvesjJuUVfcMoqKjA=.sha256
Voted Hooray, an American who gets it! (they seem rare). \*bites down on "pacifi
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Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2203.3-beta 🎉 Feature: Resync screen guides you after re
@Rabble %CZcpMq9BauHADX6WYWw9q8Ug4FVHEW8j2bOrywBMJtQ=.sha256
Voted I think ssb-crut was not a thing at the time this thread started!
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Voted omg, that was some impressive necroposting. I just saw my photo and a times
@Rabble %ZxUueoymqsk25q8xkvPBvrrv3Sm38JxdnZkM5oAHgYw=.sha256

Thanks @mixmix for kicking off these #strategy2022 posts. I've posted my strategy2022 post from my planetary identity which i know doesn't reach the same people as my patchwork one. So i'm cross posting it.

I've really enjoyed ready everybody's posts and ideas.

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Voted In my experience the trick to getting a dog is get one that doesn’t need a
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Re: %3xdvNgml+

@Nico mac Or Argentina which has a much more intense protest culture than the US. ;-D

@Rabble %HQ979+UGdjg/EkWh3iSOjOaEfP5LO4AK+ZY76hdBJmE=.sha256
Re: %3xdvNgml+

I've been down observing the protests a few times, basically any time i need to go do some errand near parliament.

There's a real mix of people there, in many ways it felt like an occupy camp. It felt like about half of the protest over time were Maori. The common thread is people who are alienated and don't trust society's institutions. I'm surprised at the intensity of anti-protest feelings among kiwis.

There's definitely lots of far right folks and conspiracy theory folks, but it's not universal. It's complicated.

I'll also say this, the impact on the city is minimal. I've been in protests that completely shut down neighborhoods or downtown. In cities where as a protester i felt like i was being chased by military, police, and paramilitary. This is not like that.




@Rabble %pSC8R3Ry83+ZlBNBO2kr7/uD8u0pGqIWIURyNAadTIA=.sha256
Voted I'm going to link a #go-ssb issue [here](
@Rabble %Dbu1LWad8lHbkYIt+7BDQGqn8QZY2JBNopibso9HNjE=.sha256
Voted I don't want to jinx it, but we may just have completed all SSB-related fun
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Re: %lw+QwPnyg

I promised my son a dog when we moved to New Zealand... now that we're here i'm not looking forward to finding one and taking it on, but a deal is a deal.

@Rabble %ddtXgiTEo0Hk7BBEzAK8swpQ16YlSzjgC66cyoojPFM=.sha256
Voted Happy dog! ![planetary attachment no.1](&FokWcuelx/TEKzddKtTXriOZDG+A2wZI
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Re: %rwFVpMW9g

There is a swift based open source mac SSB client, it's in the apple appstore. Of course, more is better. Can i suggest you talk to @boreq as he's working on improving the packaging and builds of #go-ssb in conjunction with xcode.

The go-ssb code in Planetary is a framework. It isn't extracted out in to its own repo but it could be. Maybe some collaboration is possible?

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Voted ## cel ssb strategy 2022 re: %hXlCL9c9rfJgthwMJswTI9DlLyhkhXSddJBqfUSIS6k=
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Voted Sparrows on a tree ![planetary attachment no.1](&/7a75meetlzTl0UuRv8JX4DcV
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Voted ![signal-2022-02-28-104157_001.jpeg](&SYmu8y2z2BYSGBgDAs1EfIu2zcVONiTqP5Cvi
@Rabble %RrVU5BBWbcZo/HAFAOhS6tJvszXKKHqY96JGRXASQfs=.sha256
Re: %+ISBcOBq7

I saw an amazing tiktok video about the origin of the names of the days of the week in Te Reo. Basically they went and looked at the mythological origin of the day names in english and then found equivalent meaning or gods. So Thursday comes from Thor's Day, so they found a maori mythological figure that was similar, Pare, I guess, and they used that. It's brilliant.

@Rabble %6oeRCU9hwqjB9M9ds2D4LmJv42QTnfS/ekCIzWNXZ6Y=.sha256
Voted #strategy2022 For 2022 I want to support fellow butts: - [@mixmix](@ye+QM
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Voted Hey [@SoapDog (Manyverse)](@FuvN1MpxWHGGYAswLAmfpTkkS5iKaFog2aPL4baU1cE=.ed
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Voted # Scuttlebutt Strategy 2022 ![expedition-map.jpeg](&y/TP2HJOd0+ufWLCJTiG
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Voted ![mtg natural order Anto Finnstark](&BbZ4ET7daJfAmfSgcWAv8D8hUZRAswRXVC/aK
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Re: %5eUwZ4rnY

Yes it survived, but the fire worked it's way all the way around to the line to the south east....

@Rabble %hYWEHfEN4DrPwS6EqUyKO9e2xqDuR+mmyr4r0c/nYd4=.sha256
Voted and you're full of great ideas too. Bravo, more tea for you.
@Rabble %GAzHPCQgZhxSNJr4fFwcMXbZqHfKtuGRHhEEOFenExc=.sha256
Voted ## Man that look tasty. Coffee cheers to you.
@Rabble %WShdJCZERpVGn577Wv5urcRorq9NMC29tuuSB1bWNaU=.sha256
Voted To satisfy my curiosity I recently attempted to find the oldest still survi
@Rabble %ggjaGyB/OzajF/zkt0BWWTGp5BbLikv5mX3IFor7j44=.sha256
Re: %hMR51lrqw

Sounds like you need to take the spot out in front of the houses to put a car up on blocks and start working on it. Nothing says quality neighborhood like some at home front yard car repair. Perhaps go down to parliament and get some posters from the anti-vaccine protest down at parliament and put them up around your place when they're showing it.

@Rabble %EuVg0lAHGfgHWjapmt05tAdjyKIEWZzNawtgFoAWPVM=.sha256
Voted undefined
@Rabble %Q1rIi/tS9IwsBTqoQf68kAG6Z2OFZVsxhGX942Xim+k=.sha256
Voted Yes. I'm an ai-powered kitchenware.
@Rabble %ODCBRfKl3X72bDhRqV3+VoTp3gx2eGKycMkUt+WRHhI=.sha256
Voted obv still super naive solution, but i'm just noodling in public ✏️
@Rabble %/cGAXSoIZoZD80xW8llbPo46T1CBYx8y8eVKDwo/Ogo=.sha256
Voted ![2022-02-21.jpg](&LjytqAIdel0GNmDoGxzkmgfALo61VeFF2rTT7UGRUXk=.sha256) #a
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@Rabble %E+b+AweszwsG34zJxHUP/VpQvsbCUadID3BX0d6KBWs=.sha256
Voted It was always interesting looking for a flat and encountering the EM radiat
@Rabble %2jqMc61BwkzTQ0jyN/RcCZSa5Lx5DFBZZwn7RYMdWTk=.sha256
Voted Just won my first bout with pull-streams, or more specifically pull-write t
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@Rabble %Uz1S3uOEEReIumcVwjZFYp8U8v/6NLN/PuGV6msrpjw=.sha256
Re: %IUsmZ+Ht7

It does suck, and is often poorly implemented, but is there a country with a social democratic safety net that doesn't have a VAT? It's odd because a VAT is a rather regressive tax, but it's used to make a progressive set of social policies.

@Rabble %t484aWrBXDl3wKfOBhZlajfMsaKhrSyUxMDKoF9Rc34=.sha256
Voted Like :+1: this reply **if you want this grant project to be approved**
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@Rabble %WU3uh0/bF9o2kbWdzhp/Ow3C3pTBh8YzY5uk50no3oI=.sha256
Voted Created a new account here, because my previous one stopped replicating. I
@Rabble %GiksTYGsta/5Cb3y/JiwKKEygKhiWw7o32x4vmoPGIA=.sha256
Voted ## Materialization, Tangles, Multi-Writer and GraphQL - Part 2/2 #dev-diar
@Rabble %SnMyZQQ9Kq8RMUI7zIRHuoVmc54FGb/VSHGdDXcgMhc=.sha256
Re: %WWgzG1wwK

I love seeing this. I also just got an ultrawide monitor.

@Rabble %/buarWkj7Cf7J+X16G/UntbiR833Zr6xwIQjOiuVSSs=.sha256
Voted Hey 👋 I thought it would be interesting to share a bit of my work in Plan
@Rabble %FTTsTB7LUewJjLkRHveOuV73u0tGKO1c0LOHmi7vHNo=.sha256
Voted # Āhau dev-diary 2022 ![richard-wright-mtg-vibrant-renewel.jpg](&R63i4p/WI
@Rabble %vxBP4kd3r0nZpt+MzpMZT1zGvCcXwm5uWfOFD01FXxw=.sha256
Voted _phew!_ Cherese and I have been working on a massive refactor of our whakap
@Rabble %UaVzlnqDnihITB/WADLFw+8MkYD/ApaiJ88VMw3NGR4=.sha256
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@Rabble %g0Jbt5KVhb+P7nz80fJzOa9ePLZgMBAahvWuScM20vc=.sha256
Re: %J8CDgqi8x

It really did feel like summer went away, we got winter for a few days in New Zealand, and now summer is back. Weird weather.

@Rabble %aw1mHFrOMw7NGGtH0teCzOk3QsGu7BU5roUe48ptYFk=.sha256
Voted I've finished the book about a week ago, and have been digesting it. Some t
@Rabble %QdCQeSIq6IpZIZXjk5Be9fE/kOktmSHfULHChVNCfQ8=.sha256
Re: %lVps/l/Rk

Fun watching the painting and transport videos. Will the cyclone bring an extra high tide?

@Rabble %NTTSRmx2oRmYqXQ37IAXcNnmGjqqNF2i59Jwak5qeyM=.sha256
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@Rabble %t/9H9YmXmwTWSO+LV8CTlWAU/BxHdTRchpU0GhQjSQk=.sha256
Re: %y5o9fKMdh

@Nico (planetary) Yeah we want that too, we've got tickets for emoji reactions and changing the display of likes but it'd be great to have somebody submit a ticket for reactions to replies.

We've got all of our tickets in the open, please submit things. While you're at it, we have our agile board in public for the ios app and for the web viewer.

@Rabble %bj13lWyEkcIzoKBPdbR/8PIja2UIMyADOpiYkRsqy/Y=.sha256
Voted #planetary [Planetary](@oeNoy1RIArVdMdk8ndeoKbAKuU8b56VgxlYP5y8b9Ic=.ed2551
@Rabble %XQ/A0MQ3EGVW4CNxIwemWtmbaa+vnXeqo06InIYOcF4=.sha256
Re: %rWXZ2p1/n

Hey @Teq this commons library is pretty great. It brings together a bunch of things i've seen on various websites and a ton more i haven't. It feels like a digital version of what used to happen at the Z Media Institute summer school. We need to do more intentional training, learning, documenting, and cultivating new generations of activists in addition to just the direct work of organizing.

@Rabble %YXL22N2znKinACMbCf9v0XU6aI6BVe398nKfBVbKkDo=.sha256
Re: %KQ0A0NcG1

@Teq a bunch has changed and not much has changed also. I'd say that work on p2panda, moderator, and earthstar are all working to address of allowing content to be deleted, partially replicated, and updated. On top of that, there's a private group spec which has been implemented for #ahau and is in the roadmap for planetary and manyverse. My hope is we roll out private groups, and also migrate to use bamboo style feeds that the p2panda folks are developing. With those innovations, I think we'd be comfortable advocating that healthy communities can be built on ssb which protect users. It's less a sprint, or marathon, more a community migrating together on a long journey.

@Rabble %drrVAnB9VcINnvLWvnpwMv2dcY1LMtynO+Rqaf9XlPk=.sha256
Re: %wiHGlK6JG

Welcome to the #scuttleverse

@Rabble %ULrdoEhMHJrCzHD67nSMtv6NvkZFbZYMAFI8FxOlYOc=.sha256
Voted In ~~Germany~~ the eu eggs also get lasered. It indicates where they are fr
@Rabble %V69kj5nzzVPFEVrUPER26fVfAEYNbLXGYVJca7aPuKY=.sha256
Voted Yea it's important new folks understand this, it's a sober place. I have a
@Rabble %Of+3sIauSwfRju+1okEXLKNJERBpU11kG78c/6Ede+g=.sha256
Voted My #fosdem talk on #earthstar will be on in about 20 minutes (13:00 Brussel
@Rabble %W/wDbuIneew3Kh4nJStWZGlYsUqfbJZ1bENgeG/Q8Pw=.sha256
Voted [@Francis](@aFLy2SG1AbOJKCHuIDbKPT1Cw6dYllH6NMd9GCXB7Fc=.ed25519) If I r
@Rabble %uU94EX7Wh0yUdQLYtcgJofMir/GRhPPENEpaGLUBb+g=.sha256
Re: %jLRKaATv4

@cel, thanks for the talk and your work on DID's. I'm working my way through the other talks. How would we go from an ssb experiment to using did's in some of the user facing apps?

@Rabble %Wk00AiEppyWTyWrTJKbYTRB/Ic2zaoT8APEtVbCcnrc=.sha256
Voted ## Redecentralize Digest — January 2022 **→**
@Rabble %0AZ70MCCgorNjDZtLsRj42PylTzzgCv28nEjDnkDEfY=.sha256
Voted That's cool. happy birthday [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDg
@Rabble %7u+joy0aPTtzJuJdU1FuQ+kOPzqciCfJs+iqbqLPMgA=.sha256
Voted Open water swimming is quite popular around here. Go for it :)
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@Rabble %kKNRVvIBxVRSqd34U3G87muKThJb/19bwyPNTu86we0=.sha256
Voted The talks are listed on the schedule now:
@Rabble %h9f0d5xBISLdaPi0s2c0M2v2diG5SDgsYuMwl6QWWSs=.sha256
Re: %/uRCl9jff

The current release has a pub invite redeem bug which we've fixed but are waiting on apple to approve the release:

@Rabble %QuZWjFU54GtKKIB5qfPExIC+yCreFt7DEmRO/uV3ITo=.sha256
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Voted Sure thing, [@Mix Android](@G98XybiXD/amO9S/UyBKnWTWZnSKYS3YVB/5osSRHvY=.ed
@Rabble %S+JchC7B/m7gVKod/+Josub0Y+13iJ11sfZzZFqqozM=.sha256
Voted Go make some coffee, this is going to be a fun and long post 😻 For a lon
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Voted # p4p gathering feb 7th Date: 7th February Time window: [Worm - Blossom](h
@Rabble %3wO0N37VvtGsByu3shSqdVMOabP6XJaYpF9FS7GeRuM=.sha256
Re: %QrDr/T1F2

Is p2panda compatible / possibly bridged with ssb? It's using a LOT of ssb tech, and bamboo was originally intended for ssb.

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@Rabble %8hcUY+qCEQ6nuqlpmqHw+yjB1q96yWzuavFYvMn4QV4=.sha256
Voted Test
@Rabble %Nj9BPIheMKHIRHHT1q18T+zs4LrnFxrPje6kNljcMrs=.sha256
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@Rabble %qweGMqvhCCcrqTVUN2V542QDJdahFJ7HL8OhBeTq4jQ=.sha256
Voted ... failed to paste the 2nd link. This is _the ssb-server_ inside arj's bro
@Rabble %FCl3IiKhUgtinI7ce8xJHGwtOyw7I3r7EAYihRiaHm0=.sha256
Voted Not a JS ninja myself but working alongside arj and staltz, I can tell you
@Rabble %gkeRjPCA3rBqgnGbipwavm9vWxXH2empphvdqZjL7xE=.sha256
Re: %B+mJucf+a

You could 'gift' a message you wrote to somebody else. Then it would be 'theirs' as it were. At the moment all ssb messages are NFTT's. Non Fungible or Transferable Tokens.

@Rabble %4758ZVtMHiSNGuopxejjyUAEqqbBLfRRLUOgaWAs0nc=.sha256
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@Rabble %6slQqm1U5mV3tYpTSDz8p7AXGavInGE097rb42q8MqA=.sha256
Voted cc [@keks](@YXkE3TikkY4GFMX3lzXUllRkNTbj5E+604AkaO1xbz8=.ed25519) as well (
@Rabble %engF/BcCUG77hhl1hTdlMVkqq2niqheGp6BAtqtCEP0=.sha256
Re: %//uEsGEr6

@Matt Lorentz Yeah, i agree it's kind of terrible, half way... we should put fixing that on the roadmap.

@Rabble %QmggXm/qUj2S4HD3w2ccOZlMhIxSnOg/16tDs7eUya0=.sha256
Voted # p4p solidarity group? There's a concentration of people here building ne
@Rabble %db2MGZJR957pQPFRdW6xxKVUE5UH48FfFPXqWw9dHj8=.sha256
Re: %pVZijn/5R

So planetary supports reading private messages sent you, but we don't indicate that it's a private message, it just shows up in your feed. That's not great. And it doesn't support replying to private messages in a private way.

@Rabble %j1p2iwhS+TKxSCFXF4iUWrDvIrchSHafjhtReFMW3v8=.sha256
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@Rabble %0T1I/YeK/fm3ir3TJY+gAqFuuuPLDk+iFHMs3BwSMZ4=.sha256
Voted @Rabble and all just so we can make React components...
@Rabble %MVm5/zlcUDX0gdqexAdMvkyZFqRiYh88KVMBOW9Pc0k=.sha256
Voted One of the beauties of SSB is that feeds are collectables, something that y
@Rabble %9HNLvcfhbjxJt1tC7id+NHKlsZkrfUYh2oYwGl81qrc=.sha256
Re: %i4eOiAxjz

I've often wondered about this. We test in hiring and even train programmers with computer science degrees in stuff that has nothing to do with the work itself. Then I read The Dawn of Everything. One part of it talks about the rise of hierarchy and priesthood / temples as a power structure. The way a class maintains its power is through control of esoteric knowledge. This might be about astrology, or myth, or mathematics and philosophy. It doesn't really matter, what matters is that possession of this knowledge is what's used to define who's in vs out of an empowered group.

What we're doing in hiring interviews for programmers is not testing them for their ability to do the work. Instead we're testing about their ability to do useless esoteric tasks that indicate a kind of training, intellect, and background. We don't ask, what university did you attend, instead we say, whiteboard a linked list and bubble sort. Then we only provide the high paying high prestige jobs to the people who show a mastery of these esoteric puzzles.

@Rabble %o//8RrXfc5euik3Wfb8uH+hVuk4xgczeCCILKIrUVoE=.sha256

Can you go in to the debug menu and download the debug logs and send them to us?

@Rabble %4xY1Pm1jucIU4fKGBgxxpvDaqebm9s8b5DAhyA+EdFA=.sha256
Voted But yes [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpAn2HSc=.ed25519) ,
@Rabble %T7C+kLvYxxNjxQ6HVBVUrWQMGb36kW6rjssJEq8Wdhg=.sha256
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@Rabble %MLkagUA/oFB4yDLC/m8lghXaJ6vEgflv9whTolaCF1c=.sha256

@Nico Pace do you want to be one of our beta testers? The next release that @Matt Lorentz is going to push out fixes a lot of performance issues.

@Rabble %v9uOcnkdZm8YuJ0lczFc84uFSWM3apzAWldraKxASdI=.sha256
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@Rabble %lHW/dcqyucFKohNvtdDZOGeOR2iA7x23eQD4viYGUF0=.sha256
Voted This week I finished working on the large, frequent performance issues we h
@Rabble %91pmRcYB2Gr1T1Xuj70bAjYetfk+JdHE1v/mhZiDyvc=.sha256
Voted # Planetary iOS Dev Diary Hey, I'm going to start a dev diary for my work
@Rabble %5NNx4ufSwGxR3HwmLdM77YJbRRA7D3AaRxm177K2RKA=.sha256
Voted This sounds crazy but I want to try it. Also [interfect](@3wl2IivU+ghWlZj4p
@Rabble %78PzrNAWWDAAUHrwn+PpA0ocoEcauJeKuyyaa04UgP8=.sha256
Voted [@punkmonk](@EaYYQo5nAQRabB9nxAn5i2uiIZ665b90Qk2U/WHNVE8=.ed25519) i think
@Rabble %wOpoHLSAbSAh3Hctg4iwEurI8mOTpFoSGBmdVdwtUTc=.sha256
Voted i'd personally love to see an inventory of known ssb "protocol extensions"
@Rabble %LOFviU8Y0XpeHHqnlLyTwmIDDOB/ZhK5LKJ2BGGXfFM=.sha256
Voted Well I guess Planetary is having trouble cropping landscape photos. Adding
@Rabble %lI0hIXMkJXF+mMdnCMZ/7CWwAAcZ3L8k457D2UkmroM=.sha256
Voted This is starting 30min from now :)
@Rabble %NChqWhLmNpdddU6PgbF9wMlSCXCqJdBR8MLAO15+nkA=.sha256
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@Rabble %GxiZFzWkxaNs1CNlwPDxfW16EqCPiTZhBn45u9yqiRk=.sha256
Voted [@Matt Lorentz](@kS1GT34Sg+Kzjcqoehz//afmIQC5+CGo8O/KvMddVrM=.ed25519) [@Ra
@Rabble %TgqGsS/q/4U7vQpOQCxKDY0gWjpRYf6O50RhZdbcSB0=.sha256
Voted I'm excited about > The Scuttlebutt inspired and adjacent p2panda protocol
@Rabble %MAzo6EmxMWKtzTMyA1TGBN2tAyX+21imfgWy0r8207I=.sha256
Re: %I4gXpjHvR

So nice to see a new newsletter come out. It's always fun to see the updates. Reminded me to look at #p2panda again.

@cblgh would it be possible for you to post from an ssb account which does public web hosting? I was thinking, since it's a blob, somebody else could post the blog content in a new post... makes me wish blobs had a signature / verification message associated with them which was provided over the blob protocol. That's another issue.

I'd just like to link to an ssb viewer version of this newsletter for folks not on ssb. I know it's on opencollective, but that doesn't feel like using our own tools.

@Rabble %8bIYIKUG9Zh6LV+iUA+R3dLJttKXwt1fYYBQ2qIyKKI=.sha256
Voted undefined
@Rabble %uXkf/gGHJCtoguSnvgV1UN6JknmZaaD5eJo8QLf+XPo=.sha256
Re: %C3MBQxrto

They don't wash the eggs in Uruguay either and it's much better. The US policy of washing eggs causes them to go bad and it's a mess.

@Rabble %Ej9yT2zB/wDH0gwwM9IsFyswfrg5MDmgrdtbG9ATr10=.sha256
Voted Is anyone applying for #NGI Assure? Deadline is 1
@Rabble %aBbMUdkJLTEaYdCDw2Whoa5NKZH574G2cRXBuSAzlF4=.sha256
Voted Sir this is an Apple store.
@Rabble %Lk795pugOUa4nbvXbf2C5QPMf3SJ0ZvUC73y+HCVUmk=.sha256
Re: %XYUTh0fXd

Hello @Harry

@Rabble %dzwPlhYcPpPN4dIsJrSjGrW7OvjBNr0Iuk7PNFITbDw=.sha256
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Re: %wZcfJRQFk

That's totally amazing. Makes me wish i had a basement again to light up.

@Rabble %P9EEd4wI4hDpmSNV0W4SkBNjI5SkprJusPfmFwrMxIM=.sha256
Voted Golda Velez from #bluesky (Twitter's initiative to start a decentralized pr
@Rabble %fSmbeq3XEgNQVMcPvAYszEnimomB6fasaD1/JU1Q4OQ=.sha256
Voted #showmeyourcoffee Our kids nanny is from Ethiopia, and she invited us over
@Rabble %ktnMoXMLU5QuXGomXyhkl5GioBaLEzwSIGMcNz+noVk=.sha256
Re: %b3HhcGurM

I mean, there's not really a large difference between an nft and a message signature in ssb. If we had a message type which is

i give message %031gMri... to @5Pt3dKy...

That would be enough? Because you could track down providence, who originally created the message, who they sent it to, etc... You could do a confirmation of receipt, but it's not needed.

"key": "%JJW6l3PphHHNxkbe6q+gzsgsgOIgIEjqtnKVq5fo=.sha256",
"value": {
"previous": "%4UrrxMHmjgkw/tDZ40ztxwwrg2TQSzPVMw9efqj9E=.sha256",
"sequence": 1182,
"author": "@GLH9VPzvvU2KcnnUwgwgTUtzw+Rk6fd/Kb9Si0=.ed25519",
"timestamp": 1560279915710,
"hash": "sha256",
"content": {
"type": "nft",
"contact": "@S954DSMnCh8aBqwegwegVZSBtK9N49Wq5AHh3OwOjo=.ed25519",
"message": "%031gMripOdZZTu/9JKtyinUF0SLqo/fU3Cwyni1knS4=.sha256",
"history": [
"from": "@MRiJ+CvDnD9ZjqunY1oy6sfbsbMDC4Q3tTC8riS3s=.ed25519",
"message": "%gZIjLirxZKxCMmczsbfsUeB+Yuz+4re67TNk=.sha256"
"from": "@GLH9VPzvvU2KcnnUwgwgTUtzw+Rk6fd/Kb9Si0=.ed25519",
"message": "%isvGQ2h9qnRiilXNssbXbi9pI+lTa1V4rpXpbT0=.sha256"
"signature": "laHTnqQkbem2rFxvfwegwegwI4B7l2BE8n60sWsW8UZ/H6B1xz1yhlFGJ/2NkIBGsxpIW7GJM4i8uTCDg==.sig.ed25519"
"timestamp": 1560279930388,
"rts": 1560279915710

It'd do just as good at verifying who's in possession of the one true hash signatures as nft's on ethereum, no? Just trace back the history and only verify the first one as valid, so you can't transfer twice. There's money to it, you don't have to spend gas... and honestly it feels about as useful / useless as other nft's but it'd be easy to do in ssb.

@Rabble %zdSoOErEYe4OZ4mkjFnp/MRQgcJO9jG9SyucdN99Jz8=.sha256
Voted ![](&H31EADReWXJ8S4yC9VIuIsuqjhdu2ettQDRKLmx2fks=.sha256) I buried Ziva, a
@Rabble %3bsjz9x/z5uN9B6R57hqR+5tSvyyLxQzWLxhrPicWfg=.sha256
Voted Another TL;DR is that this proposal would be important for: - same-as (fus
@Rabble %h6nU4p9NgzfSR2/Wo9qT7+wWgFPT3zrbb0+5LQTrGao=.sha256
Re: %chF243udI

Hey @Storyaddict - Desktop

@Rabble %hKyTkziJ0ifTyclSvgfaxLOaFR0duo+g+Z8v1i8Tg1U=.sha256
Voted Some self love on a Thursday afternoon #showmeyourcoffee ![coffee](&vWod
@Rabble %bYd9y2tdg1sB+WOYTG5NaxWdYBxkCBRIO+NkmdMfp2Q=.sha256
Re: %y8cGzUm7X


@Rabble %p0kOWCzbMQtO3ZQ7vDj2rGLIETBQBXPim72e1xYw/AU=.sha256
Voted To be honest, I still find my little PR valid as it compiles for various OS
@Rabble %45FY/hRx9aE0tKbWhVeFhrAP4DUTnCVkbZiH2ayfPsc=.sha256
Voted [@Matt Lorentz](@kS1GT34Sg+Kzjcqoehz//afmIQC5+CGo8O/KvMddVrM=.ed25519) I ju
@Rabble %4JDe9kOdhmk3BsTQWsAMRPeQ5Rb982/jhzNCJA3hjDs=.sha256
Re: %RcSHnJ9vN

Oh where are you exploring? I'm so looking forward to exploring new zealand once they let me out of quarantine.

@Rabble %NYgHoSO7lTIiaaFpgpZOFi3zUUqUEi05F+ralyt40qU=.sha256
Voted ![Pelorus Bridge](&l8QO6H9VQJ47s/XN6NpOt1uyDp9G8Y4/DN8twcIteZM=.sha256) [@
@Rabble %xg1c3ZEuY0GkF56xSDjRiRIswITfydW70Fh5CtBPLr4=.sha256
Re: %fhz+rI80/

I mean, i think we need documentation of the whole ecosystem not just one particular thing. But if I had to pick one, it'd be envelopes/private groups. I think that it is particularly important and not well enough documented. If we had it clear we could be promoting it to the larger world and it would help communicate the promise of scuttlebutt to a larger world.

@Rabble %ApgwUY4sOAlSygVzQBFGqhBqVwa5VRlM5Ay8+yvO7Lc=.sha256
Re: %fhz+rI80/

Yes all of those things plus stuff about the network key, invites, dht invites, rooms, pubs, message threads, alternative encoding feeds, metafeeds, fusion identities, bamboo/ggfeed, issues around json encoding, etc...

It's fine if this stuff isn't implemented in all or even most ssb apps, but some support it and we should say, which support it and how they work.

@Rabble %SwUlsYfmZnrSKOJPlVsUR0FPp1+5UNLIKLWvDDVnMts=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&zSRW4mHjUN8Er/Ge3B18qbVbkH2vgYXgmd06MHOlAnw=.sha256) There i
@Rabble %JfjNHjcyUEOFGiyvBe2s5XBjd8rmCjdoffVwGXqq1Mg=.sha256
Voted # Indigenous Data Sovereignty (Āhau: Māori collective identity through p2p
@Rabble %sW0zZDWBtdoCsI2h9tHTaiLhadVFW0iWOc3f0TudNK0=.sha256
Voted [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpAn2HSc=.ed25519) what do yo
@Rabble %wksMVvxeonGs3tmxOfL7OgqZl6xoJBnechZR4rAMb/w=.sha256
Re: %Jp5mOgRHu

I'd love to see animation / visualization about how ssb works. It'd be really helpful in explaining things to users and developers.

@Rabble %FM34wJaE2AwBoAnxa/rqWzSXxGPlfalbW9iYy+5I6sQ=.sha256
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@Rabble %5JldN97a6E9yyqtMtmMop7kbprnixYUXQY0wYfnmFq8=.sha256

I think it'd be great if we had enough money in the ssb community to fund @cryptix to work full time on go-ssb. It clearly worked well when he was working under NGI to make go-ssb a platform for the larger ssb community to build on without the specific pressures of planetary's needs. I'm glad we were able to support the development for over a year, and still happy with go-ssb as the core we use for planetary, but much more happy to see it getting adoption and support more widely.

Since planetary has gotten some more funding, we've hired Filip Borkiewicz to contribute to go-ssb and help us with how planetary uses it. He starts next month, and i'm sure will introduce himself on here and start following folks. He made some minor PR's already to go-ssb-rooms.

@Rabble %L/Z5vzxZpWxeFX+r7Oaap26Hticrw5pdtz2ESdxRx4k=.sha256
Voted Finally fixed this profile... first things first: #go-ssb I see a lot of p
@Rabble %pJPow0WGzlfq1cuypx1ew03QYSi+lliVDjRTK9dq3DQ=.sha256
Re: %UZgYcQXtj

I've seen some houses that had sinks and some that did not in the US.

@Rabble %ISltcIdU4r5+8te0FsqmNHFXH0cfQrbTmoTVdGgMsSk=.sha256
Re: %fwACxE0vj

Welcome @Kofi Gumbs

@Rabble %G+PYloCn3bJlAN9mVDooFAhM4X/AMy0R637wUHUwYSM=.sha256
Voted Fusion identities? This will have side effects we need to consider like "do
@Rabble %euGrSY/A8RFJdom2AdCUKy4LWqbLl6xRtYDk3Wo/ilU=.sha256
Re: %EE0uT34Lt

I don't like the forks and so in @Planetary we just flatten them out.

@Rabble %LbSomnmTCchsmcv+rNu7tcWZ8qFGaZvOp+CXqNe/X/o=.sha256
Voted [@Rabble](@0uOwBrHIeiRK7lcvpLwjSFkcS3UHSQb/jyN52zf+J6Y=.ed25519) is [@nicho
@Rabble %y8GEratn9Sr2OKMPtBdb0940Xwlnl7RZPUYnHLTP1NI=.sha256
Re: %Q39nQbUkL

@mixmix / @mix.desktop / @Mix Android / @mix.many - We drive to Montevideo tomorrow, then fly out on Monday the 10th, and arrive in Auckland Friday morning the 14th. Then we've got at least 10 days in MIQ, and then travel to Wellington.... So, probably sometime the 25th or maybe a few days later. With Covid the world has gotten bigger and travel slower. It's interesting.

@Rabble %5cn5WVE1/1/H6xwvPpm7fT7/v8F+vd8jxE66TKiZPYk=.sha256
Voted You will enjoy good coffee here in Aotearoa
@Rabble %D7U8gTzchm4iG6IZHvTivAaWfRx/JSDP65gJ/EVmJ0s=.sha256

I was curious so i decided to open a bunch of SSB apps that I have on my laptop and take a screenshot of 6 running at the same time. It's fun to see the diversity of designs and apps.

Six Scuttlebutt Apps

@Rabble %rGdG+H6l63tsgpZHlsyUD6X4Nmt2459fg2KNyC0YXK8=.sha256
Re: %DjY6hIiQv

If you're on a newer Mac (M1) you can use Planetary on the desktop too. We'll be adding a build for all MacOS to the appstore too. This is in now way to disparage Manyverse Desktop, i'm running it right now too, just that our open ecosystem need multiple implementations to be real.

@Rabble %7umyPkm2BWYgWzZxGMyWyrUKo8IYJiihaiTZIzaKfNs=.sha256
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Voted Snow doge ![planetary attachment no.1](&QzFG0TC3nwBujkyrmlSgD9/fUdkeT4evPT
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Voted What happened to @regular's _Bay of Plenty_ That could be pivoted into a d
@Rabble %Klx+/v549dYEf10cQDruN9j5tg1ovuP0XcxudB0Jq9E=.sha256

I can't tell if this cryptoland fijian island is real or satire.

@Rabble %WU3bKEqRuMJjmuoF0z9PUUpfF0gneyaRN/bL7d1Mw24=.sha256
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@Rabble %BfYYthpgc1e2m/c5aPNuaJj4f3awp1kt0RH8N/J7nLs=.sha256

I agree, there's actually a tiny group of people trading in NFT's and a lot of the hype is around the high prices. But when you look a the headline producing big purchases, it's all DAO's which are buying up the NFT's at headline driving prices then selling tokens for fractional ownership. It's much a ponzi scheme as collecting beanie babies or baseball cards. Zero intrinsic value except for the belief that other people will value it in the future.

DAO's are more interesting, if also a space with a lot of scams.

@Rabble %xekyEyn5h2GwwDLYocRl0GeLfoLUGcBqnpJbkAoIwZU=.sha256
Voted ## Manyverse 0.2201.5-beta ### Desktop app launched! ![Graphic design of
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Voted > We’ve got a service we run with planetary that lets us connect to a serve
@Rabble %3bPK3l1Xp73BoR6Uz6s4kzVKi2UWPM7STCYvIs87QUY=.sha256
Re: %tq9PSe6/q

I like Michael Albert's stuff on strategy too, he co-wrote books with Robin Hahnel. And Murray Bookchin's work on social ecology is fantastic.

@Rabble %2koLEv+3gAGzesAZvaxx1Ygg43TezqRhOCnmYN4T7g0=.sha256
Voted I finished this last night. I enjoyed it immensely...mostly because it mak
@Rabble %gX0VhBG1h+bgtsH4wmTyV+hUUqkmaOJtcAa6FdJIAJk=.sha256
Re: %m3DNi5fvR

Welcome @Leland

@Rabble %VyzCJF+QCNXfckjWkMMkSh6j+sobMPOEreLrQCWhHZY=.sha256
Voted [@nichoth](@RPFLJtoWjcQyYC51lEUxm4brAyE6Okln8LGeh4Z7sVw=.ed25519) i assume
@Rabble %/bWa0TOJD/dS15HWskZiI8GdCjHHn4jBuHksmIjka5k=.sha256
Re: %+yhNvxzH6

We've got a service we run with planetary that lets us connect to a server, get a bloomfilter of blocked hashes/blobs/users and then the client won't display, store, or relay those messages. It's not perfect, but at least in our talking to apple, that's what they required. I think it'd be good if there could be many of these services running by various people and you could choose which one you'd use. I don't like the idea of a single centralized one for the app. Users should be able to choose which the use for their ssb app / installation.

@Rabble %GriQDrvN13Wmfwx8759IkIb2PaFzXbc9ikcdKNUZwv8=.sha256
@Rabble %ivErObT6j8to++V4VY9PkGzXS2L4+Y0G76boEAjBOSU=.sha256
Re: %pNWIOrWXd

Happy New Year @Christian Bundy Nice to see you pop up here. I hope everything is going well and you enjoyed the white christmas.

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Re: %nQ2cKYlmy

I love the view along the river, it's my dream location for a cabin.

@Rabble %2PIf8VBk4snpB8hndK+nuu+HTNWdNM4d6tKs/aT80bQ=.sha256
Voted The iceman cometh. ![planetary attachment no.1](&L4Wk8fxFMqDXAHAgxA6NWVPA
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Voted The iceman cometh. ![planetary attachment no.1](&L4Wk8fxFMqDXAHAgxA6NWVPA
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Voted It's just a mug, it could be hot chocolate.
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Voted ![](&3FK0z+/thDNZ5UHvL04SPtZ/sJ
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Re: %S9ZMVXn8Y

They have it for some spots and not others. I'm guessing they only have the temperature sensors in some places, i didn't look in to it more depth.

@Rabble %OmOCsOKlbXe1mEhQdntBVFWmxLnHtR9v7/1WSpMQ5YM=.sha256
Re: %QvsFvN/Xm

@stevelord what a crazy video, it's a nerdy billionaire boy's club.

@Rabble %S9ZMVXn8YMQWV337GBg3Y46A/KACG6TbCd03q1q8lwE=.sha256
Re: %VKPtCHxjZ

I found this incredible site listing swimming holes / beaches across new zealand with information about their safety but also water temperature! I'm amazed at how much spectrum there is for swimming beaches. From water too warm / hot to even touch to so cold it has floating ice in it sometimes.

@Rabble %zuLtl/VCjCgFZ35jklUlQp9EX7SfrCqzLWLYpmhzohc=.sha256
Voted ![](&usvleNxXYlsQOn3gA1gNj2t3L/nnPbTzdoiWSH5LYsk=.sha256) _view from the b
@Rabble %GJCxshodULSlrZjL6jTAFVILRCUYOzJeHcvcSjQFbrA=.sha256
Re: %xh4FN/dK/

I really like this, being able to see all the SSB related projects on Open Collective.

@Rabble %NmEXYl3h3+lt7efslL2Nsw3kUE50aopArAVpoPgebds=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&fAPYldZqzoCzRO0Kg+RJL88O6oJhks3PDH2ZXRKxiVg=.sha256) Found t
@Rabble %nGEebRa5UcuNsY4XcOwKwXTUY9l5/JyA2oDmKe7FsUM=.sha256
Voted If we were to build a DAO in scuttlebutt to manage the distribution of fund
@Rabble %fuX9/Lx7VLZVL4OEz/GaL33XCrwL1TzYdfFmZdvV++s=.sha256
Voted FSF's bulletin letter asked me to post a message on my favorite microbloggi
@Rabble %0B/HjmTrICoqP48HzEiGsGOL6dZIrd2sAhnbCsMaMG8=.sha256
Voted Any thoughts on password protecting SSB keys? What I would like to do is
@Rabble %QeB2PUYwTiPVy4rD8rOFIlIo2zz/5FHfGv2c2Zhog2o=.sha256
Voted Is good to be back
@Rabble %/cxEOLjhyvBWB/CEGuMm2wrYM+7lpv/iUm4n+fIsGys=.sha256
Re: %uPoN26oRh

welcome, it's got some memory leaks which causes crashes which we're working on fixing, hopefully next month it should get better.

@Rabble %ZIP4CCkU3xD7fNvny3rLGvIdrToiaPfRNTweahlPN0c=.sha256
Voted Don't delete conn.json either
@Rabble %LNoF+6bmQKXtylFkTCtrcb66x171h+IlkapNJrb7OL0=.sha256
Re: %pQ1pjyfXw

As somebody who's moving from one over inflated housing market (Portland, Oregon) to another over inflated market (Wellington), this has been top of mind for me.

Housing is going up much faster than inflation for most other things. In New Zealand and places like Vancouver, Canada, the argument for the last decade has been that its Chinese buyers who were using a loophole where the Chinese government let them move money out of China if it was for the one time purchase of a house. So wealthy chinese had all of their extended family buy houses and then flip them. The image empty houses and foreign ownership was potent. So Vancouver made a tax on houses left empty and New Zealand banned non-residents from buying houses. What's more, with the pandemic, both stopped allowing foreign potential investors from even entering the country.

Turns out that xenophobia isn't an effective way of making housing affordable.

As far as i've been able to figure out, mostly housing is expensive for a few reasons, one constraint on land and a model of appreciating prices. In Japan housing mortgages, taxes, and funding are all about the land, the constructed building depreciates and is considered to have zero value after 30 years. That alone doesn't make housing affordable, Japan had the most expensive housing in the world in the 80's and 90's. They changed their zoning rules and started financing new construction. They also made it easy to tear down houses and reuse the property after 30 years. Now there are 800,000 new houses built annually in Japan, despite the country's population declining.

As far as i can tell the real cause of the tremendous rise in housing costs in cities is related to two things. One concentration of economic opportunity. As we shift to a service and knowledge economy, the density of connections in physical space will help create new businesses faster and make it easier for people to advance their career. Sure lots of folks move away to work remote, but at the risk of their long term career. This concentration causes there be to much more demand for housing in cities than is currently available. This is not a new phenomenon.

What is new are zoning and regulatory rules around new construction and demolition of older houses to replace them with higher density housing. In San Francisco, a city of 700,000 people, there were only 2192 permits issued for new houses. Even minor remodels of a house can take many years of regulation to get approval, one friend spent 4 years with lawyers and architects just to get permission to remodel his house despite nothing changing eternally.

New Zealand until recently had a similarly very cumbersome process which focused on preservation of the values of people already there and the historic houses. Nothing in NZ cities is particularly historic, few buildings in NZ cities are over 100 years old. But most of what was considered a walkable neighborhood was protected by historic character areas which prevented replacing older housing with new buildings. There's an active movement keep wellington's character dedicated to protecting single family houses and therefor increasing the housing prices. The NZ rules around resource constraints are similar to what exists in California, where you can be required to jump through many rounds of approval including veto by neighbors for projects which fully meet planning rules.

The craziest New Zealand rule I've come across is the ones around protecting views. You haven't been allowed to build anything which would block somebody else's view. This makes multistory housing nearly impossible.

This week the NZ Parliament passed sweeping reforms to this system. Single Family Zoning was abolished in New Zealand cities allowing up to three units per lot up to three stories tall without special consent around density. What's more, anywhere within a 15 minute walk of a commercial street, even higher density is allowed.

There are similar rules being passed in other developed countries that have seen massive rise in housing costs. This is the right reform, it's how Japan got its housing prices under control. The environmental benefits of dense cities is tremendous and that seems to be part of what has finally allowed these reforms to go through. What Japan does and others don't is they are ALWAYS building new metro lines to new neighborhoods of dense housing. There's a plan to expand Wellington's protected cycleways from the current 23km to 147km and substantial investment in new public transportation.

These changes take years. And in the mean time we're all suffering with housing that becomes an ever larger part of our cost of living. It's a tax paid by the young to the wealthy of an older generation. There are plenty of ways to say that housing isn't a commodity, caps on cost, re-sell price, cooperative ownership. In Uruguay over a third of the country lives in housing coops which are collectively built with a combination of individual / family labor, professional builders, with state and private funding.

@Rabble %tkFNKiPZJyzacA7qP7aaO0Jom3sLBzZagvlz6OqxoS0=.sha256
Voted We [started a thread](%tq9PSe6/q5109Qjx46jH2kvkhiDuqOpZja0itoMNV4k=.sha256)
@Rabble %hPDY3wBEt36ZMQAksNV+k5xfa6+PO200O5B+xuXxUwA=.sha256
Re: %Cx318BdxB

Have you see the #ngipointer work on metafeeds?

@Rabble %dk+aW0Yse1ZcDEfwJL+Oj43nSwE7xcbIWwUhU0ys4u8=.sha256
Re: %tq9PSe6/q

I finished the book a few days ago, using the audio book during some long drives. It's super powerful and i'm amazed at how broadly i'm seeing it talked about. My nephew who works as a machinist and isn't particularly intellectual or political is reading it.

I feel the book did a few things for me. First and foremost it highlights the importance of culture for defining how we identify and organize society, governance, and the economy. This is a powerful reframing because it means that we can change things by changing culture and that the same material and historical circumstances can lead to different societies based on what cultural values we construct.

I loved the stuff on how humans have tried a million different ways of organizing society and it's not technologically deterministic. That cities didn't have to have hierarchy and exploitation. Agriculture wasn't adopted as an all or nothing process but was woven in to societies all along the spectrum from fully domesticated cultivation of all food to wild harvesting and hunting.

Their stuff on revolution is amazing, it shows how many times in history societies have shifted back and forth from authoritarian to egalitarian. And sometimes the big differences are not along the lines we consider politics at the moment at all, like the difference between Californian tribes and those of the pacific northwest.

I loved the attack on the European intellectual tradition, how European enlightenment was in large part Europeans discovering other intellectual traditions and having it transform everything about culture, politics, political world. Yet at the same time, despite tons of evidence, reusing to acknowledge that any ideas came from non-white people at all. Not surprising, some of it knew, but a lot of it was new to me.

The last bit it felt like was reaching a bit in making assumptions about some societies which it doesn't feel like there's enough evidence but in general i think it's a fantastic rethinking.

The last bit which is really making me think is all the stuff about esoteric knowledge being used to demarcate class and define who's included and excluded. It feels like we do that all the time in our societies today. Think about who gets hired at a high salary tech job doing software development. We judge them based what university they went to, which is mostly defined by their parent's class and also their ability to create a high school resume and university entrance exams which allow entry to elite institutions. There we teach them ton of stuff about what it means to be educated, and in the case of computer science, a ton about the field's intellectual background, which is completely irrelevant as a working engineer. Then when we look at hiring we make applicants go through exams on algorithmic theory, answer puzzle questions, and then do whiteboard coding. None of this is related to the job. Instead once somebody joins a team, we actually teach them using mentorship so they learn how to write tickets, structure code, create a PR, document their work, collaborate with others, read code, setup development and server environments.

In essence we use this esoteric limited knowledge to decide who's privileged enough to be included in an apprentice program where the actual skills of the trade are taught.

We're just repeating the same patterns which people have used for tens of thousands of years!

@Rabble %eALqflCDX2+I2aSNJQ7X1WR+xJRR+mZ7YcUfdHvw35k=.sha256
Voted [What if Everything You Learned About Human History Is Wrong?](https://www.
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Voted I'm probably going to implement this with GTK3, even though GTK4 is the new
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Re: %KLjS0r3GT

Incredible concentrations of wealth do make for cool buildings. I just got finished reading The Dawn of Everything the last book David Graeber wrote before he passed away.

One of his points is that we look at civilization as times when society is oriented to build massive structures either temples, government buildings, palaces, monuments, and funeral structures. When we're building these big monuments we're creating things which last a long time and look really impressive. But they are also by definition created in times of great inequality. That the 'dark ages' that happen between civilizations which create monumental architecture are the times when people and communities are self sustaining without some extractive hierarchy.

It's made me think of giant apple headquarters or google buildings or pyramids in a totally different light. Yes they look amazing, but they're also a sign that something is very wrong with our society.

I highly recommend folks read The Dawn of Everything and i'd love to see some sort of scuttlebutt / solarpunk reading group to discuss it as it's so relevant to this community.

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Voted ## Senior Fellow for Decentralization at EFF > The ideal candidate will ac
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Voted I think Radicle needs to solve a critical part of code collaboration which
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Voted It really does feel like it's reaching fever pitch now. It'd be great to
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Voted ![gay.jpg](&Yu0d2xFtCvcby852JCMnEEEHS3tqRX6SoUHu34v1Eqk=.sha256) definite
@Rabble %ogO+pX0Cg7tvCny5QIp8uHnMfskIogDLnXPPGHIG9fw=.sha256
Voted For context, in #āhau (another indigenous context) information is not "free
@Rabble %zojf1qk4paeZRy7H0wcdwmCfsbo2cxzpQOTlzAFYNNk=.sha256
Voted First it was Iran Then India. Myanmar. Colombia. Now Cuba. People reaching
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Re: %YHmO0qmTE

Many years ago i visited one of these villages. It was kind of amazing because it was this rural guarani village surrounded by jungle, just a short drive from one of the biggest cities in the world.

@Rabble %Waror498mEAurcxMjyYijyYPK67+81bSytP/SFtaPzg=.sha256

It's so frustrating that the US simply has no desire to do something about mass shootings.


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Voted [@nanomonkey](@+D0ku/LReK6kqd3PSrcVCfbLYbDtTmS4Bd21rqhpYNA=.ed25519) it's t
@Rabble %Xjp5lbKXEoCUYmdD2s+n6z6RXloE7ehmXNeIqZK7Dmw=.sha256
Re: %tqUk/riHJ

Were videos of the talks put online?

@Rabble %d7l/Z0jw1LA1Gdi9fMqJiLZfCtIZbvGB24UgyIgmoU0=.sha256
Re: %hJvT1ReSn

I had no idea that there were Turkey's in New Zealand. There's also a redwood forest which i'm planning on visiting when i feel homesick.

@Rabble %xYTJlR4of/+u3hPCzTBMHPsSbuJcH8f6acXhpGiLzwo=.sha256
Voted [@Rabble](@0uOwBrHIeiRK7lcvpLwjSFkcS3UHSQb/jyN52zf+J6Y=.ed25519) Open sourc
@Rabble %fgvoaP3wzBFdK2D1XvzpY7EdMhKAOWU9xsCQ1WB0ALI=.sha256
Voted ![Patchfox 2021-11-29 18-54-24.png](&uh9qfkoYVatbvrf+pLkbONT99D+FEFiCghL2c
@Rabble %nq+gl5wugLl4aDMDT+2VNtKiqGttlii7bLwSb/BIOA0=.sha256
Voted ![1-2.webp](&snEiZwu7HMnUesqKYweGJX0fAnjeBQSWcZ9WreTnYhQ=.sha256) nothing
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Voted Thanks [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpAn2HSc=.ed25519) , a
@Rabble %302DXm6ln8PiqU3Yp4CVyyxmNiGBOFBglZbhRq4HIIA=.sha256
Re: %cM0ggpTkg

I'm glad to see this is a living project adding support for new ssb concepts. Should we be linking to it more and talking about erlbutt as a part of the larger ssb ecosystem, on official pages and docs?

@Rabble %WYgZMyKi57f/uGNU0F//SZhpMQcL5ROa/qBFb8dDtIY=.sha256
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@Rabble %zt++3eREuIdUqwkbZMPETUfP22zVQQ7sO3qRBwn9Q4k=.sha256
Voted new password: ```\n\r\t\N¿,"'```
@Rabble %t3f3myyjm+zTbFu8/fvd3pMWljjDHquEHJtDmgp0iZs=.sha256
Voted I seem to be covered in North Americans. It's pretty easy to pull together
@Rabble %JhHPz6SaqgbYRpDwIQdgHrpIlCOZkiZBh/2YVGXNPZI=.sha256
Re: %9+4xihx12

I love your travelogue of London coffee houses.

@Rabble %1/Hwehx2wAn143KHzt+o5iv/MRJiY+2/LUaNoJSU1vs=.sha256
Voted ![image.png](&AgLl0lO1X7VtO4hO+PZ44OdNCIgJ9C8YpjfAS1wnM1Y=.sha256) Coffee
@Rabble %mmcM1cCxiVGtAOq12n+DEh54xmP+O8D6qqD/wMVGBTE=.sha256
Voted undefined
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Re: %6qgFWAKT+

welcome @Jmuzzy

@Rabble %eDmFiA3a276gor6XAJMoR1dRJOKgn7s9Q/hUVGzFUAg=.sha256
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@Rabble %KLRrY/utQouplAZMsbZM8ldGXjJe4WCRMB55AyCNiD4=.sha256
Voted New #go-ssb-room 2.0.7, deployed to []( to
@Rabble %aEe3uiPeoI0qjdNWt5jb0fSxioaDSy71uS3SFyEgPHU=.sha256
Voted Hey there scuttleverse. I'm mostly interested in scuttlebutt for a personal
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Re: %aiGthX96w

I don't actually need it soon because i'm moving to NZ in January, but before that I was trying to figure out how to do solar charging at my cabin. Our problem is our solar array is 8 panels of 145w. At peak we get like 1.1kw. It's 54km drive over two passes 1000 meters up and 700 meters down to get to town. The only charing spot in town is actually a rest stop 5km beyond town with nothing around it.

My mom is planning on getting an electric car, or maybe truck even. But she's got to basically get one which can handle the 260km round trip plus 4267 meters elevation gain there and back.

Our solar system works great in summer but just doesn't handle even house needs on winter days when there's little sun, it's often cloudy, and sometimes the panels get no sun if it snows and nobody gets up to clear them off.

@Rabble %rytlDvflzfkKmULJGbsCpgOB9h0VOoYFmc4jCF2V5zE=.sha256
Voted whats the deal with the contactor and why is it wearing out a problem? Is i
@Rabble %VlPUWiJUlbxlCsJK1pufL2/hFC52cUv2n+av48NawNs=.sha256
Voted # #digital-democracy hiring back-end developer Digital Democracy is lookin
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Voted Actually, I'm also interested in gossb as a static, because I'd love to put
@Rabble %jdVpyy5r/oxebU71hXM4CTZqItI4t7Q0ljCUgsiT3Tk=.sha256
Voted another early wake up to finish a big moderator refactor to aling with late
@Rabble %ac4btq6mCAL0S1273oaCQGeOjzAPKWqB7SypNf++5Ik=.sha256
Re: %svsvybWbN

i'm not sure, i'm pretty sure you could, but i'd love to see how this goes.

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Voted I am starting to take a look at #earthstar. Are there any workspaces I coul
@Rabble %jbrAaMaKIRu3S7W17Z9e1UkuZ9SVp3q0O+ifOeyZGvc=.sha256
Voted Hadn’t seen this. Thanks for sharing. Looks like motivated by https://blues
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Re: %1J8FWvz6B

Thanks for posting this, i passed it on to my kid who used it to start sideloading apps. They think scuttlebutt, twitter, instagram, and facebook are all old person boring social media but did like getting the side loading working.

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Voted Honestly I was a little high and signed a multi sig transaction without kno
@Rabble %hr+tSFI6FyjWAo9SM8cNrgOCKISKQsBmZqkPtvBSgNA=.sha256
Voted ![](&G6ijDhkwXmkgaTVyKOrxWG1xepeKPzvMmRjoFiYajCg=.sha256) [@emmi bevensee]
@Rabble %AVEOM/3Ne8gnCwWDZClqDLmmQ0J8hWm+CuO5cieGd80=.sha256
Voted Worked on better logging: - [color-tag module](%+vHwwEt76VuuLraz/hmoaksp6y
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Re: %a/w7UANPZ

The more recent work is done by @mixmix and their #ssb-crut which allows for editing fields.

I'd love to get js-gabbygrove or something similar. It's been supported in #go-ssb for a while but nobody can really use it as an alternative because #js-ssb doesn't support it by default yet.

@Rabble %lghTGaHo3OxUugiDQuV640ZpG0uInh9cWlaI1qBSo6Q=.sha256
Voted Hi! Editing messages seems to be an important feature. While it's clear th
@Rabble %ZmzydFYNbPB4oVpDLODxTFjkGER0NHD+WdJaI5sqFsk=.sha256
Voted fake mix
@Rabble %o1P17NakdpbOH6Fg576kPHIYlx0uXfMt/QKpZg4U7IA=.sha256
Re: %6uypwQsVr

Fake account.

@Rabble %6uypwQsVrdD0oUXyXIWTlLDEARCHPW6cgUXYIr41SqE=.sha256
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Voted If you know the `DOMAIN` and the `SSBID` of the room, then remove `@` and `
@Rabble %lQWb/Yr0xqh6LPYYBtoNYb3bVpnluen56sGxTyR1FAk=.sha256
Voted As promised in %qf4J3sQd8w4JeYEAE5qIxpfV4VEtpCkAaj4IQKv2/uQ=.sha256, here i
@Rabble %eowPqxDla5jwGrZsd9hdcPERHuPfA/3u0k2/ao61yFI=.sha256
Re: %38f80xl+H

Wow, double congratulations!

@Rabble %sUk3QpV6JGWm3c0o5ozCiqNxHxmYRbm8qL29g3/C5tc=.sha256
Voted Freshly roasted Timor Fair Trade Organic beans #showmeyourcoffee ![machia
@Rabble %fiNhyGcWkQNMK3uhtfo+2aqkifk0wmSUvtc4TTBqDmo=.sha256
Re: %AgzxVJ31f


@Rabble %GuwXEaHtJqYP1fwwVLBiPP/WkhWuPHFW4qyivb4oObc=.sha256
Re: %udYjUgY2d

I liked of liked the voice over part, i wish there was one with the audio that had the reading of the letter, but without the logos.

@Rabble %qQjc1Y2cOxJgJzugr5O7qdWBgHffIfuDRzEowzBNCoQ=.sha256
Voted # Multiple devices in WhatsApp >Beginning on July 14, 2021, a user can hav
@Rabble %rtzZnKk8qj0K8CxV1dcTo3Y/CqScRV1zYWjH5EPiCP4=.sha256
Voted Have messages [@Christian Bundy](@+oaWWDs8g73EZFUMfW37R/ULtFEjwKN/DczvdYihj
@Rabble %nQN7bbZEiWKOTkACAPOuXY3vuJ+WmxIBp03H3f27CJk=.sha256
Voted important notice, #moderator is bordering on *usable* now.
@Rabble %gpMJUL4Mmc/MIMCsLSLtnM5t7Hy5+BUjLWLT2H6vWHw=.sha256
Voted Here's a nice rendering ![whangai.png](&WRC3f0B0tp9IHDCjeGkEpoCxv1IdMO4BHis
@Rabble %bMXIyROyj0BlBgsder4I22W49SCa1KAsL/tPXgsmyfw=.sha256
Voted i wonder if it would be fun to have an online scuttlebutt fair (related def
@Rabble %ZfNt+7hJ2RIG+dx/y/3vKhG/WTDyDAzTuf4/kFKJ5EU=.sha256
Re: %u/uIYBSbd

Just saw this now, we did open source planetary:

It's an MPL 2.0 license.

@Rabble %5kzu/7lDMKJ4lrRRHeCeJgGKIJqAxGHtV7szujRxsSo=.sha256
Voted So today for the first time in years, I sat down inside Redemption Coffee R
@Rabble %wtC1V75uz00N9Cvhk0NwEuAIPPfeKBP8ZGS5MM5wtMM=.sha256
Re: %H3W+YvoZo

Would it be possible to provide the web gateway info or some other form. Beaker Browser does not support newer M1 macs.

"You can’t open the application “Beaker Browser” because this application is not supported on this Mac."

I tried dat desktop and it can't find any peers to download it. Mind sending me an http link?

@Rabble %KGjZP6K4NQASPBXtyX8Hbjy8rLn4J403VybvYDoG0j8=.sha256
Voted # [Improving Patchfox (2nd Phase)](%1qMKADi2KZetWzBp0QcmrXmDO679od3VZtIZrm5
@Rabble %Ofs6Kj9XD+CHnip3IqTuvNftar7Tx8TukPVHJasrHlM=.sha256
Re: %fEz6DzdXE

Sorry to hear that it's been so hard. I was hoping the rust ssb migration would go well.

For iOS Swift and SwiftUI is really the supported apple env now. We have swift with planetary but not SwiftUI which is a pain. We found that a huge amount of planetary's performance problems are in either the loading data from the local sqlite, we optimize the db poorly, and the interface between gomobile go-ssb and swift. It's not so much that there is a big overhead with the calls as that there isn't a good way to handle scheduling and load between the two. It's super hard to debug. Apple's tools are really focused on apple's supported environment.

We did play with building an SSB implementation in swift, and got some libraries released, but not even close to where Rust is at for SSB.

@Rabble %I5nFmJeLv3B/UccWH2UDmMWJfRTrIFCpXYCpqZJ9x5o=.sha256
Voted ## ssb-crut demo ![image.png](&pe1R4wUR2EVHOD6HOeFbeRbZ+HlcvtfhPE3TsoiuSy4
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@Rabble %TbEVE0KPFITrEHL6kmri6ln6YO8Y3tDR+73ixd+hk88=.sha256
Voted Extending from my #ssb-research [thoughts recently](%lWKx7xNXl62ssXkc9wcWOw
@Rabble %91As8RxPXc0I9IiICi7ITdYA5Tt3dO5KIqzM2Rxunjk=.sha256
Voted [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpAn2HSc=.ed25519) > Have you
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Voted getting this back online again, theoretically
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Voted * Supports attaching pictures to posts and changing profile pic * Supports
@Rabble %HD6KojSPfVjzfiTvlofeuNVqY2g5D0Ai/I8NzYaiPgM=.sha256
Voted I thought I had blocked and subsequently wiped most of your pubs from my ss
@Rabble %XyOGomuJch4ytqKSpnC/dUUNmTj/TPI1iX1bCo7ZSRc=.sha256
Voted ![58C8A716-A63A-43E6-81E6-D9E2372245C2_1_102_o.jpeg](&splIgfmC5857Ql7bFCf3+
@Rabble %Xf1jMwugeThG9GnaSFMK1xc2eg3JXqkJLsH9kGhKK40=.sha256
Re: %G2Q1iECdF

That's funny, did you know London is closer to the north poll and Baghdad than LA is to Miami.

My place is an option, but starting in about a month the snows will get to the point where the roads are closed til spring. It snowed over 1 meter in a day in the mountains of California last weekend.

A gathering would be nice... It's too close to the holidays to organize one this year, so it's really a matter of setting something up for the spring. Personally i'm moving to Wellington in January.

I think the Omni commons in Oakland is a better bet, a lot easier to get to, we can find places for people to stay, get food, etc...

@Rabble %2Zm0DCzqPLzJYGbRWQ7wqDpXUQ/BqBuv7TdbgXBo9SU=.sha256
Re: %ZAJpBnWgG

I'm super curious where I am... and wonder if some of the clusters of blue down at the bottom might be @Planetary users who are bootstrapped in to some the pubs I run.

Mind doing one with mine, my @Rabble planetary identity?

@Rabble %Bp064mgYXlbcqqzO4TQX6ZVtZqfOrMoF4nxeyk/cBng=.sha256
Re: %QCQhICM41

We have tags which can work, and you can also like content to keep track of it. I like tags better as a solution, it's social too as you can see the tagged content of who you're following. Unfortunately that isn't well built out. In planetary anything you like causes replies to that post to be in your notifications tab so it acts as away of keeping track of content and conversations. It's not perfect but it's better than nothing.

@Rabble %IeNYhH4LioF3ErHMrlJe0icW+CcCZXP8dWyMKT7wJhQ=.sha256
Re: %ElpgF/N7T

While i was new to the countries i was in Uruguay and Argentina during their economic crisis in early 2000's. The argentine peso had been pegged to the USD one to one and that fell apart. It was a very hard experience for many people. The pesos very quickly went from parallel to the USD to worth a third of a dollar. The government forcibly converted all USD bank accounts in to pesos and took the dollars for its foreign trade reserves. When people made a run on the banks to take out cash they put a 'corralito' or little corral, preventing people from taking out more than a few hundred dollars worth of pesos per month. The economy collapsed, economic activity dropped by 80% in a single month. Popular uprisings overthrew 4 presidents in 2 weeks.

There were tremendous social movements rose up and were really inspiring around community non-money markets, coops, and mutual aid. The movie, the take, is a good way to get a sense of it. There's also the argentine netflix tv show [okupas]( which is a dramatic version of the events from the perspective of the poor.

It was very hard on the middle class. Many people could not make their mortgage payments, lost their jobs, and were thrown in to poverty. The poor did relatively better because they went in to it with much stronger mutual aid support networks. Over 30,000 worker cooperatives were formed in response to the crisis with workers occupying their bankrupt workplaces.

Now in terms of thinking about inflation now? First off a lot of argentines kept paper dollars, setup foreign denominated bank accounts overseas, and as inflation went on cryptocurrencies. This is why core smart contract libraries like OpenZeppelin were created by argentine programmers. Anybody who could find work remote overseas did and continues to do that. Lots of people emigrated. There was an official exchange rate, which limited the conversion of pesos to usd, officially to prevent people from committing tax fraud. That meant there was an underground exchange rate, it was very public, called the blue dolar, and it's rate was published daily in the newspaper. Everybody used the blue dolar rate and converted any money they didn't need for daily expenses in to dollars. When i lived there much later, in 2014 the official rate had it 8 or 9 to the dollar but the blue dolar was at 16, so we used that to buy pesos to live and friends would sell us dollars so they could have savings. But you can use dollars for anything from a taxi ride to a restaurant because everybody wants dollars.

At the moment, now in 2021 the blue dolar is at 190 to 1 to the USD and the official rate is around 100 pesos to each USD. If you'd kept a dollar worth of pesos from 2001 it'd be worth half of one US cent now.

People who had cash converted it in to physical goods which were inflation proof. Cars, houses, land, collectables, stuff basically. It's inflation proof. If you had a mortgage and the interest rate was fixed then you benefited the most. Anything you had pre-inflation with a fixed interest rate was essentially given to you for free. This experience would be worth thinking about as selling property because of inflation might not be a good choice. The market for selling property basically grinds to a hault.

Ok, so you've got high inflation, how do you handle it? Governments sometimes do things which make things complicated. They set price controls on essential goods. In Argentina you could buy 2 half dozen packages of eggs for a few cents, but if you wanted to buy more than 12 eggs at a time it would cost you several dollars. It does keep people fed. They also tend to not raise the prices of utilities so electricity becomes very cheap, and when the prices adjust, very expensive.

To get out of it the government creates a series of virtual currencies. Uruguay UI, UR, and the peso. The UI and UR are published currencies which things can be priced in but which aren't actually traded. UI is indexed and UR is recalculated. Honestly i don't remember exactly how they decide their value. But your salary is paid in pesos, but every six months they'll readjust it on a national scale based on inflation as calculated in a UI or UR. The government does this, so all computer programmers might get a %10 raise every 6 months, to account for increased cost of living. These adjustments make economic planning and working as employee possible. Venezuela doesn't seem to be doing this, or doing it effectively, so people have jobs which don't pay enough to buy a cup of coffee.

Mortgages and loans are also issued in these inflation adjusted currencies or a stable currency like the USD.

So while the US isn't a place that's had inflation since the early 80's it does have a ton of economists who've studied inflation. Some people and sectors benefit from inflation, while others are hurt by it. Because it's a capitalist economy, somebody benefits from everything, so will fight to keep that.

The lessons i took away are that community is critical, you can get through a lot if you've got a good network of mutual aid. Once things adjust there are a ton of financial instruments which allow economies to function with moderate or high inflation. Stuff is more valuable than the paper currency if it is going through massive inflation. And everybody diversifies away form the local currency.

Now if the USD has high inflation it'll be a bigger impact because it's the principal reserve currency of governments, so it'll be messy for a while. That said, I don't think it'll be anything like what the crypto maximalists think or like what happened to Argentina.

@Rabble %ysWvw7QfL2hbQKtM943D2FtJBcd40BPm7HnKGtK2qag=.sha256
Voted ![](&/1y+VYbFRxspYNR+FEvSkmPCVhxtZoa4nqmdt7g+jUI=.sha256) Some butts last
@Rabble %OPX4vEYeWsPw/8ECBHnVaSveZ2dCla1yhPyYiNOvOQI=.sha256
Voted Here is her practicing on the deck ![girl skateboarding](&N/dDA6/P12LlV23
@Rabble %I/q0LNy3/ExHeLZG7ZIUc+2aE1G1sGd2LS8bBgyTzc8=.sha256
Voted I am putting #scuttlebutt and #manyverse to the test. I am camping where t
@Rabble %FAYZ4CG8lpu0D+7/mWXknSDJb8pi3RO3PEY9D3wpiac=.sha256
Re: %oPfAsVCKI


@Rabble %gXE1SLZ3QjiMu+SLFdzwdKk0N/hYJj7lfQTXN6L+sGw=.sha256
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@Rabble %X8PomocoV1/ikyMTw9cW+VoT9I1Jgp2WqVZ8qEmSrIA=.sha256
Re: %aEifrMXO4

I saw him at #36C3 and he hung out with a bunch of the scuttlebutt folks.

@Rabble %fgb8vDayysUbhLZz1dLIa0pD+z6wgyFh9zbH02BezKc=.sha256
Re: %kNHIFfYhS

There's tons... In terms of books i'm a fan Companies We Keep and for organizations there is of course Mondragon which is the biggest cooperative network.

For tech there's a ton of technology coops and of particular interest should be the work happening around platform coops.

@Rabble %NBozQ/ganflPx34NPuLN3mEUducOW7ZbDxKk6npjEU8=.sha256
Re: %R8k1p+Whl

It's working decently for me, i demoed it at the Unfinished Live / DSNP Summit as part of a larger presentation of what scuttlebutt is and how it works.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 12.14.58 PM.png

@Rabble %L78WaeyUgBj3NYwySR1WtU9fg4S9DZG6gBJuU+O+hmw=.sha256
Voted **Retrospective post for the Manyverse desktop grant** As mentioned here:
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Voted right! and check out the colors here. This is the view from the exact same
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I'm not in uruguay but i'd be happy to have a friend pick one up and send it to you if that's easier.

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Re: %aX9qsHjrY

They sell them in shops in Uruguay. I'm not sure how they're imported, and of course you're like 5 hour drive away from Uruguay. Might be easier to have it shipped from the UK. Dunno if shipping from uruguay causes less customs problems.

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Re: %0AoClD+36


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Voted View from the top of the Sealy Tarns Track looking out toward Aoraki Mt Coo
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Voted 🤣🤣🤣 Every single thing of the menu is DELICIOUS! Really!
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Voted The name of the coffee shop is New York Style! 😂 It was created cause the
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Re: %gdvBlvxJo

This video and the quote resonates with me.

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 1.42.25 PM.png

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Re: %YkJsfjv9h

What's with the flag?

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Voted When I was younger I would really like to ride a bike around the town with
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Voted #showmeyourcoffee Second of the day, Aeropress ![Aeropress coffee in a gl
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Voted I buy all my coffee on the internet cause there is just one roaster around
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Voted [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpAn2HSc=.ed25519) thanks for
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Re: %E5MImyruy

I really love those glasses, i've got both the espresso ones and the full size mugs.

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Voted ![compost capitalism](&Lf9AbLMKstfxUKsj5rIQ1DqxAiGk8WRHktrMmdhlG2E=.sha256)
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