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Re: %Ilak2GSag

Omg yep back on 1998, in the middle of dot com bubble. We had crazy policy to manualy encrypt every email (pgp of course :)

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Re: %ur3obRHme

Bad very bad :)

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Re: %n6TZT1Aul

Those actually reminded me my childhood at grandmas :)

And your cat likes teacup too :) my cat prefers coffee, i know its not healthy for cats

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Re: %g7eBuJiaA

Living in Lithunia, i can confirm this is 100% true :) North is north :)

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Voted sunday morning brainfarts ofter reading %mNXQzlQhNXMow5pkHnZmsHuDD1i9anErpm
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Re: %iBvh+DDYE

How long the certificate is valid? Our ID cards are valid for 10 years but certificate is valid 2 years only. So i shall get updated certificate every two years. That’s nonsence. So we are usually using certificates integrated into SIM cards. Here in #lithuania we need it to access internet banks, government websites and even medical services. Socliterally everything ...

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Finally spring in #lithuania

planetary attachment no.1

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Re: %nLtrlqS6Y

So how many altnets there actually are? Would be happy to investigate it.

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Re: %YW4Znueyk

The real Finnish folk song :) and mine too :)

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Voted I was looking to do something else, but stumbled onto an interesting fact.

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