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Like @Daan p20 📟 but with twenty times as much freedom! And more 🥧, too!


@Daan p400 🥧 %rjEIyyScjUrP/uXHqJdIsVUbjZMAzOYeOVR8FqpaCGA=.sha256

Patchwork beta 5 arm64 testing testing... 🙂

@Daan p400 🥧 %2rLaSp8xupquRq3CnHZKbuHyCIYjfa665YWcMCeZVPA=.sha256
Re: %lZCdfaNxk

Oh yearh I should mention that I restored an old manyverse id onto my #pinephone I think that one's gonna be a bit busy...

@Daan p400 🥧 %JcTeH9PiLa7KAKk4HknimdVOlhqwgm5LCMlcuNy32IE=.sha256
Re: %lZCdfaNxk

four separate instances of patchwork running side-by-side

@18YUWRi... and @TFLlZWu... are having a little more trouble syncing & indexing. 🙈

@Daan p400 🥧 %/ImAqDFlmmxIA9o4oADtjcCaXU+b8amgtEYoCs/E7ms=.sha256
Voted Message received!
@Daan p400 🥧 %QpRhVqdPAaZafrnrBPFMWGelFoKQtVVl/bBQ1rvoWn8=.sha256
Re: %lZCdfaNxk

It has been a long time that I hadn't seen the bright default patchwork theme. Not the worst, really. It's quite friendly. :)

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