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Mostly hacking on #go-ssb, was involved with planetary but not anymore. Previously part of the ESC Pointerpeach #ngi-pointer project. Read about it here. Currently working for with and other related technologies.

If you like techno music, I sometimes share releases I like here and you can find set recordings here. If you want to surprise me, I regularly update my bandcamp wishlist

For mobile see updates from my @cryPhohe

PSA: I reduced this account to hops:1 a while ago. I tried to get back to a completable /public timeline.
I have a bigger hops setting on my phone so it could take a while until I see your posts/replies.

@cryptix %j0/+xYhAJaDVKcxc07hxALM0pni4wtjwBpOxWFwDFQA=.sha256
Voted Home and hosed down! ![a wet bike](&lnNZeqXM8zXHFmnhByXjzXy5fhy/+rW5Uq513n
@cryptix %qoD+QRUwp914bb2Lq7qsaKkO37veKhGQCW0kfKB5Ais=.sha256
Voted I misread "true dual channel" as "Trout Channel," which sounded exciting, i
@cryptix %gLSrGIunrpDW48O4aedUkQ0aBUaP+bl57dHcGEI3U7o=.sha256
Voted Thanks for posting this [@andrestaltz­čô▒](@+UMKhpbzXAII+2/7ZlsgkJwIsxdfeFi36
@cryptix %83JHnzpEulKYTY948nkgiaeIybApwKzWKTPmuVCpPew=.sha256
Voted Dear [@Rabble](@THUzexG1y6kWofwiN8Lix/jNH/P6roYdlCDgpAn2HSc=.ed25519), The
@cryptix %9oCSiKWJ6mbxVlfjakugJOcEhk1OyuZbEmV8Apgy+4w=.sha256
Voted I request that Planetary take the viewer offline immediately. This is a ser
@cryptix %kCTDkS+wAVLE6UoZjJRp/DWXVaZpUPwqOUa4u4eAwZg=.sha256
Voted # lykin: Tutorial Series The [first installment](https://git.coopcloud.tec
@cryptix %uS7rnkKqFUPN2FXAm+bJgBq0+VWqQueWZKI3GteoKc0=.sha256
Voted [@Rats Arse](@YND2Cb9uk3ZdFyzXpaXDH5HZ9udu+qjg4MhNcynK2RE=.ed25519) I'm not
@cryptix %e5qBoESVZZPnhXfGg2zozJzHuM2aZ1wQIKVs9yviBfM=.sha256
@cryptix %VOcAnzxaKJTA7QrJNAAkv1q0xOmYiC1oCUdBvF3J7ec=.sha256
Voted Holy shit tinySSB
@cryptix %/kgQknC1CXQjxfN9RIVo8Bh2tsdxGvedebjR+G8c8J4=.sha256
Voted Had my first blockchain bro experience... Except it was a woman telling me

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