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Re: %2vAkmhgTe

The cloud of solar-stuff that I talked about almost entirely missed our planet. Even though the storm built up quite nicely in its preparations and had all the tell-tale signs, in the end it turned out to be only a small spec of light far up north beyond Kiruna.

More luck next time ;)

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Voted good question! I live between the cities of Östersund and Sundsvall in swed
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Re: %2vAkmhgTe

I didn't see any auroras from Bornholm that evening. However, the near full moon combined with silky cobweb clouds were immensely beautiful, too.

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Re: %2vAkmhgTe

good question! I live between the cities of Östersund and Sundsvall in sweden. The predictions last weekend were mostly for people living between that and Uppsala.
I'll Start adding optimal latitude and longitude to future posts!

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Re: %2vAkmhgTe

Apparently, Danish astrophycicists are expecting auroras in Denmark tonight, and they recommend looking at the northern sky at 22:00, before the moon rises.

Mereorologists are expecting thin clouds over Rønne at that time:


Let's hope they're wrong, just this once.

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Re: %2vAkmhgTe

If you live up north

How far south can I live and still “live up north”? I have seen auroras in Copenhagen, but they were faint and blurry. Now I live further south, but the nights are vastly darker that in Copenhagen. But then again: yesterday the moon was full, so tomorrow night may not be dark at all.

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If you live up north, it might be worth it stepping outside tomorrow (saturday the 23rd of March) between 19:00 and 22:00 UTC. Looks like there is a good chance of seeing auroras.

Below a picture showing the "WSA-ENLIL prediction" from NOAA with the gas-cloud hitting us. We are the green dot in the picture.
Screenshot 2019-03-22 at 10.29.27.png

If you want to mess around with a nice Aurora-api, feel free to check out my aurora-bot over at (I should probably make a dat version of that site at some point)

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