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Ghana week 0

Global code at Ghana in week number 0.
What an incredible half week already. It's unbelievable to think that just 4 or
so days ago I was sitting in the office dubbing on ad-code... And now I'm here!

Travel days

Let's just go from the beginning.

Shortly after work on Thursday I closed the door on Malmövägen to head out to
the train-station. The cat was safely at my good friend Alve and most of the
plants I'd like to keep were forming a small jungle on the desk of one of my
colleagues. So the home-front is taken care of.

The plan from here was to travel to Arlanda by train at 7pm and then just hang
around Arlanda until the plane would go at 7-something. All of that just went
super well, with me even getting a nice 3 hour long nap!

The first flight was pretty okay everything on time, nice people around, the
perfect conditions really for any flight. And then came the airport in
Istanbul. Wow, they redid that place since I last visited. The airport just
looked amazing!


From here it pretty much went Africa style. I need to be honest here and say
that no public transportation option has ever been on time for me in any of my
trips to the African continent. This was no exception. The plane took a good
extra hour to land and get checked out before we could get on board. It was also
a bit more messy. But hey, good spirits.

The plane went up, some kids in the back started to throw up,
the stewards rushed in and did a stellar job and from there it was pretty good
actually. I've never really flown over the Mediterranean nor the Sahara
during the day and going through the trip I got to see some truly amazing views.

Some of the shots:


The north side of the Sahara

The south of the sahara during a sand-storm.

Halfway through the trip (somewhere between the last two pictures) One of the
passengers of the plane became unwell. The cabin-crew started to call for
doctors and it turned out we had a surgeon on board. Things started to solve, but
throughout the process the plane windows started to warm up from the intense
heat and it seemed that the air-conditioning in the Boeing wasn't really keeping
up with the Sahara sun pressing down on us. More people became thirsty, got
headaches and the plane became bit of a mess. I really appreciated the
professionalism of the crew there.

Long story short, We landed at the airport, I got my passport looked at (while
listening to a guy with a piano in the middle of the arrival hall singing a song
about my airline), finger-prints scanned (only took them 30 tries) and then
discovered that the strap around my bag had gone (everything was still in the
bag). So lots of imprecisions there.

At the exit Sam had sat down in a corner and ordered a good old cold beer. Which
was pretty much magic after all the flying. And from there my adventure in Ghana

During the last few days we've mainly been driving around, meeting people,
checking things out and we got to know the crew.

My cribs

In my first week I'll get to work with Barry (a nice guy from the states),
Michael (a developer from Accra and personality within the university) and David
(The student I've been coaching for the last couple of months).

We set up the room today and I'm really really looking forward to tomorrow when
we get to greet the students!

The classroom

I'll try to report a bit halfway through the week.
Until then make sure to follow my over on Instagram
or at Global code

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