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  "about": "%NFlGh0jgxjx90KJzgJQbEZr7RfZ3iy2lXQLMed6wJ6g=.sha256",
  "description": "Are you working from home, sitting by yourself and missing the regular murmur of people talking around you in the office? Has your coffee-break become a cup of coffee next to your keyboard?\n\nThen this is for you! during the next couple of weeks I'm hosting a Mumble server where you can login and chitchat in different themed \"rooms\":\n\n## The Crab Room\nThe general all-purpose room for chitchat\n\n## The Coffee Room\nIs the crab-room busy and would you like to break off your discussion to another room while you're sipping on your cup of coffee or tea? Pop in to the coffee room!\n\n## Outdoor Walk\nTake a walk on the wild side before you start your workday, after lunch or when you're done; install mumble on your cellphone and join ongoing cozy discussions!\n\n## Meeting room 1-3\nDo you want to host a meeting with colleagues or are the other rooms getting too crowded? pop on over to a meeting room! Each meeting room features a main stage (the main room) and a seating area (listeners); perfect if you'd like to present something perhaps!\n\nI'm hosting this entire thing on one of my pies at home, so there aren't any size limitations (other than bandwidth on the pie) and I'm not collecting any data apart from your user-name and default md5'd mumble-public-keys  (allows me to block users that misbehave) ;)\n\n# Getting started\n1. Download mumble from or Plumble / mumble from your favourite mobile app store\n2. Open up mumble and setup \"push to talk\" if you can. this will make sure your mic is only enabled while pressing a specific button on your keyboard.\n3. Connect to a new server with following credentials:\n\n```\nAddress:\nPort: 64738 (default)\nUsername: your-chosen-username\nlabel: office murmur\n```\n\nYou will be prompted to provide a password when connecting for the first time, just fill in:\n\n```\nofficemurmur\n```\n\nLike SSB and its development people on this mumble server are requested to adhere to the [Contributor Covenant](\n\n*Feel free to share login details with others! *\n\nServer will be open for chats until further notice\n---\n\nThis idea is not actually mine, Solar-punk opened up a mumble server earlier this pandemic and folks like [@zelf](@3ZeNUiYQZisGC6PLf3R+u2s5avtxLsXC66xuK41e6Zk=.ed25519), [@KawaiiPunk](@LVL4qjvmws3Cxavfi4iCQI6dSOqWqOyq5/5CHImILA8=.ed25519), [@cryptix](@p13zSAiOpguI9nsawkGijsnMfWmFd5rlUNpzekEE+vI=.ed25519), others and myself would hop in to just chitchat during their office hours. We're a few months further in the future now; It's darker on the northern side of the planet and Covid-19 is \"celebrating\" its one year birthday with a pretty big spike of infected people all over.\n\nI felt it was time to reboot the office chats again to bring some life and positivity to my (and other's) little rooms across the world!"
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