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Aurora update

Tonight at around 22:00-23:30 UTC
Last Saturday there was a fairly strong coronal mass ejection on the sun (same strength as the one that we had in 2012), the cloud of doom isn’t pointed at the earth, but it will “side-swipe” our planet tonight triggering a mild g1 storm. So keep an eye on this channel, I’ll send a ping here when the arctic sensors go bananas.

December 5 (early prediction)
A new crafty CME exploded out of the sun today at around 9:00 UTC.

The ECM should collide with the stuff coming out of the coronal hole that made our skies light up about 2 weeks ago close at our planet. Collisions of that kind are messy and produce a fair amount of turbulence on the earth’s magnetic field.

If it pans out as NOAA (source of the images above) predicts, then it's really going to be worth it being outside in the dark on the 5th of this month; that is if you live up north. I'll put comments in the thread of this post when other sources start confirming this CME.

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ECM=CME (Coronal Mass Ejections)
I keep messing that up sorry

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