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Nothing big going on here. I'm just filtering pubs from my active connections in Patchwork, since the 10 or so room connections I have at all times apparently already do a much better job of feeding/seeding my local DB with relevant info than the pubs do.

Wish there was a button to turn pub discovery off, might make one myself next week during H> and open a pull-req.. who knows.

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@Hendrik Peter

Wish there was a button to turn pub discovery off

There are config options that should do this. There are also RPC commands for it (These update the config):

  • sbot gossip.disable global - Disable connecting to pubs ("global gossip")
  • sbot gossip.disable pub - Disable scanning db for pub messages
  • sbot gossip.disable friends - Disable connecting to friends - Might be needed or not, I'm not sure
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