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  "type": "about",
  "title": "Sundsvall Lounge Hackers",
  "startDateTime": {
    "epoch": 1559145600000,
    "tz": "Europe/Stockholm"
  "location": "Scandic Hotel - Sundsvall",
  "description": "Each Wednesday you have an amazing opportunity to drop in, and talk to people in the programming industry and systems development education sphere in Sundsvall. This meetup is a social programming and discussion session in the spirit of being an open house.\n\nLounge hacking is not about attending lectures of what's new and cool. It's a forum to meet similar minded people and sit down in a relaxed environment where everyone attending is doing their own thing or discussing recent trends or programming topics.\n\nMore info:\n\nSundsvall Lounge Hackers is a spinoff from [Stockholm Lounge Hackers](",
  "image": {
    "link": "&2SYqGVj1vw0dxBMSPcp7TsmvltvPie1a/Wuf/qih8aM=.sha256",
    "name": "600_446952616.jpg",
    "size": 52356,
    "type": "image/jpeg"
  "about": "%gqtDjq4BzLuy47ubPGQW9Hh1EVtU4kimnJ9Imma4RrE=.sha256",
  "branch": "%gqtDjq4BzLuy47ubPGQW9Hh1EVtU4kimnJ9Imma4RrE=.sha256"
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