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is there any chance #manyverse might include an option to export your private key? i cannot seem to be able to root my phone and i already had to reset my mobile profile for some reason or another far too many times..... including the fact that i tried rooting my phone.

or is this feature already included and i cant find it?

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thanks a million for the patience to answer. now i have to come up with my own until it is implemented :smile:

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I was quite lucky that I was in the early alphas and got my key dumped to a file when we went from alpha to beta.
But you could always try to just download manyverse from gitlab, build it and push a dev-env version to your phone.

From there you can just console.log the credentials (make sure to adb backup Manyverse before you do though, just in case of accidental storage wipes).

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yeah, its not that i wouldn't know how to do that eventually, but the days where i had time to futz around like that are in the past, and spare time is rar and far in between. i am neither a code developer, nor fortunate enough to maintain a hobby in that area of expertise.

I get lucky if i have a couple of hours a week to use my ham radio. ok, i'll admit to the occasional arduino program, but that is about it.

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