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Re: %zqan82+rN

the first connection one makes is bit of a gamble yes. most people hovering in the room that I have up (picoroom) have some kind of relation to each other, so you connect to one and it will pull the names and details of most other people in the room.

I should probably include an instruction on mine to point people at "connect to this guy when you join the room to fetch some initial information". thanks for pointing that out!

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Why would you need a room in the 1st place when you just need to know "THE GUY" who knows all the other guys?

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Rooms act as Wifi hotspots of sorts. they allow you to actually connect to other people.

You connect to a room and announce your identity there. it returns you a peer list of everyone else connected to that room, you then choose who you want to connect to.

Need to connect to a room (or find someone else on the same physical Wifi Hotspot with you) before you can actually connect to other people over the internet.

More info about rooms here

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Yes that much is clear to me from what I read there -- discoverability across wide networks. VPN would probably work in the place of a room as long as they all connect to the same VPN server.

Anyways, am particularly interested on the "THE GUY" on-boarding use-case. Has this been tried? Could you point me where, if any.

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