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I'm still confused about #planetary

I visited — which looks and sounds cool:

Planetary is a network for people who want to come together and connect even when the internet goes out. It's an app that doesn't keep your data in the cloud.

So I decided to sign up for the newsletter.

After confirming that I really want to hear the good news, I received an email that reads:

Planetary is currently beta testing for iOS. On your iPhone or iPad open this link and install using apple's TestFlight program for beta testing.

I don't own a single Apple device, so I'm obviously out in the cold here. I wonder why I can't find any of the words iOS, iPhone, or iPad on the website. I also wonder if the ‘currently’ refers to beta or iOS. Will it forever be an Apple thing? Or will it arrive on my Android or my desktop one day?

I'm so confused.

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The IOS version is downloadable?
I signed up for the newsletter but never got a link of any kind ;) (even though I should probably be called an Apple Fanboy at this point)

Checking my inbox now!

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Thanks for the post @kas. turns out the download link was sat in my spambox!

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