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Open source hippie, mentor at Code Your Future Glasgow ( )

I'm building a correspondence chess app using the scuttlebutt platform. You can see my progress at :)

@Gordon %7QG9ent8WK/kkeJeLcwDnEnzBzC9542oy8aS0G/Qzk8=.sha256
Voted Catchup has begun! Saturday I did about 135km from Amsterdam to a place I h
@Gordon %7F/5ixhB2HHhqRDp8Um84KvSUblpOVqMk0F8WdeK5Zs=.sha256
Voted Another 55km later we are now in 🇳🇱! ![map of day 4](&/6mi8GEQPB7T7xo+bH
@Gordon %X+HaGhRsygHo1H3LKqJHPCk5KMAlz0/Dt2dw0cJ4DnQ=.sha256
Voted ![taking the ferry to cross river elbe](&5TSIcZN11buhq0XLpXBenxdeUltBWXzh2q
@Gordon %cF3OQU9drCG85XEoDwPEqpnFqPiiR6X6+3KS7QZkbTM=.sha256
Voted Looks like I will be on my bike for the next handful of weeks! Doing Hambur
@Gordon %KQVUrDaJNf+PGHkz3+9SisalbHZj0fSC1NevZUC+DCQ=.sha256
Voted What kind of punk is this? Definitely not solarpunk, but what punk? ![IMG_
@Gordon %4klGHTK+ytWih2BnkGG0SByrhzUK5dMakf43afhYR/E=.sha256
Voted Great to hear that, [@bobhaugen](@iL6NzQoOLFP18pCpprkbY80DMtiG4JFFtVSVUaoGs
@Gordon %H1g+GJVpXA4/R27V8nCNx82Fc4HYlz4dlvfMMu4aoxc=.sha256
Voted (probably) broke the law today and yeah she was glued to the plane ![](&R
@Gordon %VM2AWqsAn+mBb7PdffGNNP1WuhX/3GW8UfNHaV+ogjo=.sha256
Voted [@Rabble](@0uOwBrHIeiRK7lcvpLwjSFkcS3UHSQb/jyN52zf+J6Y=.ed25519) I got th
@Gordon %JJwnEV1+gHDazL4YVOT8Y/Y0JshZs/zy3QIYbGtcC+k=.sha256
Voted Today, in a talk with [@andrestaltz📱](@+UMKhpbzXAII+2/7ZlsgkJwIsxdfeFi36Z5
@Gordon %jzqKtpylIL8dVTqko0xTUY+dbO5rmZiq7N3/2RA57Ic=.sha256
Voted I have just realized I really like the way #manyverse displays reactions, e

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