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Holy shit this article
Please if you're building digital tools which involve humans read this

My link to this went: Scuttlebutt > Dweb Camp > "Coop @ Dweb" Signal chat > Christina Bowens mentions > Philip Sheldrake > his website > Article
I am finding group chats so generative right now it's wild

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@Spencer I think this resonates with your "how can we build tools which make us more human?"

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The paradox for those drawn to individualization and so-called self-sovereignty is that the ultimate qualities they seek, not least including and emanating from freedom of thought, cannot be found within systemic corporeal individuation but rather with systems that value and augment the cognitive essence of the human condition. This does not deny the salience of the body, quite the opposite. It situates the dignity of every single human being in the potential to make a difference with and through others: to sense, to think, to learn, to express, to assemble, to act, to love.

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You don't need to read humanities if you make friends with someone from humanities @andrestaltz­čô▒ :eyes:

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Voted Holy shit this article
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