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@Hendrik Peter %SaIKpr9OHKMFfK8xOb3+QE1LQIbeoDxlMxdZ181uqjU=.sha256
Re: %+CGAZUQ0m

Those rainbow colours :O, how'd you do that?
overall format reminds me of git log! but that's probably good!

@Hendrik Peter %A7xhQRWqrjwkmFUAiPlAsTNlBEqRsDPgLIWPQDffc+I=.sha256

Supernova eh? man that's just supercool!

@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1) %88VAr+I/WhY4Sv5TAoHfJEM8/bD2jKzdDeJa+l+rA90=.sha256

@Hendrik Peter yes, I just picked the demo they had in their README and altered the strings rsrsrs.

It is just too fun!


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