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Writer and Developer from Brazil living in London.

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Re: %u8Edi/dVi

I believe it might be deliberate.

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Voted Already in Basel ready for #p2p-basel. [boreq](@qFtLJ6P5Eh9vKxnj7Rsh8SkE6B6
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Voted ![Keks in the middle crouching and smiling with Cblgh hiding out behind him
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Re: %AsiVqRfp2

thanks a lot for the love and care friends. I'm in a really bad state right now. It is kinda devastating. Knowing you all and receiving these messages makes my day a bit brighter and allows me a faint smile.

I was not ready for this, I'm not ready for this tbh. It is quite hard. I barely remember my life without her.

thanks again for helping me.

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Voted It sounds like a lot. I hope you can find some space to take it easy on you
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Voted [@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1)](@qv10rF4IsmxRZb7g5ekJ33EakYBpdrmV/vtP1ij5BS4=.e
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Voted Wish I could give you a 3 minute hug, right now. You deserve one. Sometimes
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Voted Really sorry to hear all this, but thank you for sharing. Like [@Spencer](@
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Voted I'm so sorry to hear that. A really hard year. When i have negative things
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Voted That's a lot. You are saying the things that sound like you have your beari

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