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Writer and Developer from Brazil living in London.

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Voted ![elavoie glyph mix](&FEClT+3Zf5Tycco0gDMlqCMmecHK9VWXI8GsulVvjpo=.sha256)
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This article: 🤓 So you're using a weird language 🧠 was a great read.

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Voted I like this now! The reactions list really should be on the bottom left bec
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Re: %hdaEbojUd

I really like how the card is organised.

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Re: %hdaEbojUd

Just imagine....

✨ Manyverse
Manycustomisations 🎆
Manyhappiness 😻

/me reloading the nerdsnipe gun... I can do it... I can take a sucessful nerdshot!

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Just to let people here know that I'm focusing a bit more on #ssb-documentation instead of #patchfox for the next couple weeks so that we can get it off the ground. It benefits the whole ecosystem and it is long overdue.

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Re: %hdaEbojUd

Want to crazy with that top? Let the user chose the color or place an image there... People love customising stuff. You don't need to save that customisation to the feed, just save it to the preferences.

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Re: %47N9w8bRS

Wonderful artist. I'll cherish his artwork and his rebellious ways forever.

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Voted ## #rabbitjazz ![rabbitJazz.png](&TdRhKJKrMad+deAn7QwJY/1NxkH4XpLiHLg6Hto
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Re: %hcj6YL5yg

Rename it to ✨ The Order of The Travelling Hermies ✨

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