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I've been doing community onboarding sessions for years now, almost with every indigenous community I work with. Never have been successful in actually getting people to stay around, but slowly developing a better methodology to present and make a good case for SSB. Everytime it seems we're closer, but there's the "critical mass" problem which is a huge blocker.

As I stated during DWeb, I think having a small amount to give out to key groups could be a strategy to try. For example, I've been in touch now with Mídia India, which is a a indigenous organized media outlet. They have a very defined target audience (indigenous peoples and their allies) which could eventually understand the benefits of SSB tech as well as SSB network/community. I'm sure 100 USD per month could go a long way in having them promote their stuff on SSB, which might seem as empty to them at first, but could eventually make sense.

Anyway, excited for SSB promotion in any form, specially if we start sharing and organizing ways to do it better.

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