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Experimenting with distributed tools for the purpose of #decolonisation and researching whole-systems based on #buenvivir as alternatives to #patriarchy.

Trying to contribute to:

Believe in a global Swaraj.

toad butt

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Voted **Update** While not everything is figured out regarding the new msg forma
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Re: %s5kaw1H4t

oooooooooo loaded subject

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Voted ## #Manyverse 0.2304.3-beta โœ… (Desktop) Bug fix: top bar title selectable
@luandro %x3/jdWNILTRq8BUzz/9DWFAsmqdY4KNOZv1bUu/hMoA=.sha256
Voted I find it funny when I'm talking with Nostr advocates: > me: Nostr's wide-
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Voted ## DWeb New York March 2023
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Voted # glyph's Strategy 2023 ![Green Gateway by Robbie Trevino](&+RzkeuIcW2s6uk
@luandro %TYeXFVu9vmjun7zMxNCZ9+BYA8NfHGVBiymVywl243Q=.sha256
Voted [CW: Mix + American spiritualism. Awkward monologue trying to dig for somet
@luandro %U7RjKfpOfHXWJUdbCyQNp0f4MjNbXtL7ed6iuc8k8jQ=.sha256
Voted ![](&GcYV15sXVB/0c7VPz+FxLAB0RNJ64Dw146vH8XRhnAQ=.sha256) Just producing s

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