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happy new year :~)

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Voted it's weird how i don't always keep super in touch with super close friends
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Re: %7f+MTg7rq


So happy that you got some use out of that repository!

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Voted # 🌱 Lil' dev diary action for NGI ![Artwork: Gondolin: The House of the G
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Voted The iconic item is their "bush shirt". It's an all wool (400+ gsm!) ultra h
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Moral stuff is kind of weird to talk about on the web without sounding like a butthead, so please take this as explanation rather than evangelism. :~)

I'd like to treat animals the way that I'd like to be treated [by some hypothetical species with a cognitive advantage], and I'm worried about how I'd react to "we bred you and your ancestors to produce cool hair and then we abduct and shave you annually". Also stuff like mulesing (no images of it on wikipedia, probably for the best) doesn't seem like something I'd appreciate, especially if said-cognitively-advanced-species specifically bred my ancestors to have this problem (because more skin = more cool hair).

Terrible awful run-on sentence: There are plenty of times where animal agriculture is probably a human's best/only option, and given a scenario where my options are animal agriculture vs death (or lots of discomfort) I won't pretend I'd choose discomfort, but living in a reasonably big city with tons of easy options that don't require animal agriculture, I've been trying to make choices that use less animal agriculture when it's easy.

(There's probably something to be said about synthetic fibers and fossil fuels compared to animal ag, but the last time I looked into it I didn't see an obvious argument for wool. Also I'm lazy, and "avoid animal products when it's easy" is a heuristic that's easy to follow without too much thought.)

Hope that's useful, sorry for the awful sentences. I feel a strong urge to re-edit but I know that if I go back and edit I'll get stuck in analysis paralysis and never hit publish.


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Re: %HN8pd8FQZ


I would like to apologize for my actions

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Voted This is so viscerally true that I immediately understood why someone would
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Re: %rZF7aFI8k

Thanks @Daan, this gives me warm and fuzzy feelings.

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