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Hanging out in #toulon. If you're close, reach out!
Doing "sth sth AI" at $dayjob. Dreaming of better #cycling infrastructure, working on my #rustlang skills, being a bit crap at both!

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Voted While you don't want to see how the sausage is made when you're talking abo
@Daan Patchwork %hirTYyk1DAzt6IpQyJHBLzTXgvAMxyI3LDkr80MlBYs=.sha256
Voted remembered a thing from the past, the apartment building we lived in with m
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Voted @MRiJ+CvDnD9ZjqunY1oy6tsk0IdbMDC4Q3tTC8riS3s=.ed25519 "La masse crue tue" L
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Voted # ... don't let anyone tell you that you need a truck ![tanks_on_car.jpeg]
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Voted Most people on this thread mentioned technical solutions and software, but
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Voted > People I would trust, probably more than I should. i love this descript
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Voted i love this initiative [@Vim 'Derek' Simmonds](@0zW6Xzzafs2Umic54jMsH98RGUB

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