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Re: %wJ5CmMjLd

So Nos does work offline but doesn’t do offline syncing. So when you’re offline it will let you browse and post and do everything. But nobody else will see your actions until the next time you get internet. It doesn’t work between two phones with Nos that don’t have any other internet connection. We could add that but almost nobody ever used that feature of planetary and it’s a bunch of work.

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Voted I'm starting to feel like basing decentralization on pubs is really not a g
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planetary attachment no.1

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Voted # Have you heard about [Ukama](
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Voted After exploring a bunch of #p2p/#decentralized things, one of the big issue
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Voted So, I got my first #tattoo. ![BA108656-D96D-4E07-9BA1-D1B28F049188.jpeg](&

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