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@Rabble %VAuo+K/mlVK5eccXkuRrKyQoXKgYEOAdAbTcEdemhrw=.sha256
Voted [@SoapDog (Macbook Air M1)](@qv10rF4IsmxRZb7g5ekJ33EakYBpdrmV/vtP1ij5BS4=.e
@Rabble %BPXPyhO3Es+uBr68vCTx0xhSkH860DZpgy92kh+kEJM=.sha256
Followed @Cycledelix ¦blackberry
@Rabble %bhgDHxzjVqQRFNPAIyi4L60H9CKr+SW2BF74tK97Qfs=.sha256
Voted new update on what's been going on over here in #cabal land from [@kira](@C
@Rabble %Y2TEy7y/nnf6vhTkc+g87Ty+HoMD7gLfs/qX0oB/9VM=.sha256
Voted Today I paddled. 15.5mi on a mostly secluded lake, aside from some loons a
@Rabble %1XHCDkXTpB5gZrY6/R2DZrz99ZwfBpizzChzFTQaxuQ=.sha256
Voted # Omnivore is an excellent open-source read-it-later alternative to Pocket,
@Rabble %eUcnJ+yBLe3LkZ8/TnFGOvReMYvGYY0hSdpir94jbkw=.sha256
Voted # 2FAS is a private, free and open-source two-factor authenticator for Andr
@Rabble %bGYjgNZEdDM8SAO0r1l+bF8rheDct2FWE1d7/tt2TJw=.sha256
Voted #jobs Front-end and back-end engineer jobs, customer success, global full
@Rabble %6v74PFwr2YGfx/6MYOHpV3KKq8r3WfKAA37Ym6fxEXE=.sha256
Voted I just got off the waitlist, and it's amazing to have everything in one pla
@Rabble %5mFoqomLdErM7Lvvzj1ED/q/RdeaoIXIYOFeh9HDAr0=.sha256
Re: %1TajcSO+l

It doesn't look like it supports anything but ActivityPub yet, the rest is aspirational. I'm interested none the less.

@Rabble %ODoFJln2rJUfIySMSR2X04uspPzoVqgj8cQ5m0bf8zU=.sha256
Voted # 2P-BFT-Log: 2-Phases Single-Author Append-Only Log for Adversarial Enviro

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