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Voted Already in Basel ready for #p2p-basel. [boreq](@qFtLJ6P5Eh9vKxnj7Rsh8SkE6B6
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Voted [@moid](@Sur8RwcDh6kBjub8pLZpHNWDfuuRpYVyCHrVo+TdA/4=.ed25519) I'm not plan
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Re: %AsiVqRfp2

I'm so sorry to hear that. A really hard year. When i have negative things piling up on me like that my mom always reminds me that we don't really know what's happening until later. What feels great might not turn out to be great, what feels terrible might not turn out that way. So we just need to breath, take things in perspective, and take the next step forward.

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Voted My tech co-operative [Autonomic]( has capacity over
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Voted [CW: margaret time] The hunt for the cause of forking and concurrency issue
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Voted ![a view from a front porch, tree-covered hills in the distance, a large fi
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Re: %TrT8hEVD8

@epk I'm not sure what the link is because it appears that it's from somebody who's blocked me.

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Re: %EdFAysVML

There's a ton of interesting work in local first and privacy preserving ML. The best stuff is by this group called open mined who have both courses and code to use. Apple also does lots of interesting work where you can do the ML on device. I think the solution for ssb isn't to avoid ML, but rather do it in the right way.

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@Kiama Scuttlebutt isn't but ahau which is built on scuttlebutt is an autonomous maori created an run network. Ahau doesn't use the same root network keys as most scuttlebutt apps so the data doesn't sync between them.

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