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Re: %dJbEPppSW


I think we shouldn't rename concepts because that creates a new kind of confusion: confusion due to inconsistency. Now instead of one kind of confusion, you have two.

I think we’ll have to agree to disagree here, but to be clear I’m not interested in renaming repos/specs/technical docs. I’m thinking about the text a non-technical user sees in their client, onboarding, and help docs. I know it increases confusion on a global level, but for most users who will never dive into the technical side I think it has the potential to reduce confusion significantly.

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Re: %1fG7yrbOU

We have talked about this a couple times at Planetary. Sebastian Heit iOS did some work on some hyper-local social software in the past and more recently Daniel Onren Latorre brought it up again. I think it’s a great idea. Rabble has talked about combining it with elavoie’s work on an #ssb-token. Think about your local coffee shop giving you a token on SSB instead of punching a physical card.

I think pubs are in the process of being replaced by rooms?

I don’t think pubs are going away. They are no longer the best way to replicate for a lot of people, but they still have a lot of strong use cases. We had some discussion about that here.

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Re: %NTJPo+pEH

Welcome Dennis! What are you hoping to find here?

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Re: %kdkhb7mpd

I’m curious. What blogging client and what RSS reader?

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Re: %mCHPewDQb

I can’t wait to get this new style on all the screens!

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Voted Just updated #planetary app on iPad. The new profile design looks good and
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Voted getting more professional at packing my bike into a bus ![IMAGE 2022-12-02
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Voted getting more professional at packing my bike into a bus ![IMAGE 2022-12-02
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Re: %7ysoXlaEJ

I thought you were supposed to follow as many of them as you could?

I’m not aware of the current uptick, but big pubs with open invitations like those Planetary runs create big trade offs. Following them, or following people who follow them can bring a ton of new users into your network depending on your settings. For new people who don’t know anyone on SSB and are looking for interesting people this can be great. For people who want a smaller or more filtered network this is terrible. This is why we give users the option to opt out of using them in Planetary.

So that’s another reason that people block them, in addition to all those stated above. (The verb “block” is overly negative imo. It gives the sense that “this person was abusing me” when that’s not always the case. In Planetary we call the same action “Ignore” since that’s functionally how it works.)

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