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Hi, I'm Anders and I live in the northern part of Denmark.

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Voted # lykin: Tutorial Series Complete ![An off-white patch of lichen growing o
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Voted I am impressed that [Keet]( actually provides the video qua
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Voted CCC has not gotten a go/no-go yet, will happen in a couple of weeks.
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Voted Oops looks like we have a bug where we need to clear drafts on publish in p
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Voted [@arj](@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519) I am close to
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Re: %KL6B11mOE

worth checking out if they might align

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Re: %JfH+0sBmH

ah yes @Powersource (phone) would be good to catch up again IRL

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EU meetup

In an internal chat, a eurobutt meetup was brought up, so I want to put it forward here and see if we can gather some interest. Recently there has been the dweb meetup, so maybe in december? The last meetup in Basel went really well I think, so maybe something around those lines again. @cft I'd love to know more about #tinyssb, @elavoie what are you working on since you start creating issues in multiserver? :) @boreq would love to know more about your new go-ssb stack, maybe together with @SYk6YIN...? @SoapDog (Macbook Air M1) want to have coffee again? @zelf want to help us organize? @glyph are you still in EU land? @cblgh what are you working on lately? @cryptix want to have a beer together and talk about erlang? @Aljoscha you will still not know my favorite color, but maybe we can finally have a game of magic? @andrestaltz want to have a weekend of good sleep? :) @gwil maybe we can talk set replication?

Who else did I forget?

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Voted I'm more of a bug factory to be honest...
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Voted # Planetary OC contributions Just learnt Planetary has set up recurring mo

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