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Hi, I'm Anders and I live in the northern part of Denmark.

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Voted ### Pluralistic Social Network At the [funding the commons conference](ht
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Voted It takes such a while to get my old laptop back and recover my SSB identity
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Voted # Archiving Sunrise-Choir and Patchbay and Reallocating some funds for Comm
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Voted Can finally put this out there since things have been confirmed, but super
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Voted ![planetary attachment no.1](&/bA73SO3n85mmfwiWA9WV1LaKajkfD8E1/raZuUdgpU
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Voted ## Update On Wednesday, Nicholas, Mix and I had a short meeting to review
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Voted #manyverse #dev-diary ~ Started working on a new ssb-db2 plugin for getti
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Voted Just published a new version of #agregore which bundles WebRecorder and has
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Voted ![SCR-20220618-fo6.jpeg](&6+sb8uDua41LF/G1AyPyba0gCZmbUtZ4j2W9dkEEEZA=.sha
@Anders %Yvy9l7y02N1PYyhUnxb2fVRhggVSvExTrA3RnYmKWm0=.sha256
Voted Slides from Programming Local First conference presentation. The path to l

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