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hi i'm Mikey! β˜€οΈ 🌱 πŸŒ™ 🐈 πŸ’œ

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Re: %P7A+Yqopj

i can say i'm still working on grid beam as a business and recently spent a week with Phil Jergenson, the inventor of Grid Beam. what a solarpunk! πŸŒ…

i recorded videos with him using two methods: how to make and use the jig at the top of this thread, and how to just use a tape measure to mark and drill.

@elavoie: for all Phil's aluminium beams, he uses the tape measure method. if you do this again, i reckon that's your best bet. i'm not sure when i'll edit and upload the video, may be some time. so in the meantime, Phil describes the tape measure method for aluminium beams in the book, page 172. you'll need a tape measure, a sharp pen or pencil, a square, and some drill press-y thing.

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Re: %P7A+Yqopj

@elavoie: love to hear you're using grid beam! πŸŽ‰ hope the rest of the project goes well.

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Re: %P7A+Yqopj

after you have drilled a hole, you move the beam and place the newly drilled hole in the peg, thus aligning the position for the new hole. seems brilliant

@cblgh: thanks for sharing, i love the vibes in that video. πŸ’œ

the issue with this method is "accumulated error". if this jig gives you a hole with a +0.1mm error, then a beam with 30 holes will give you a +3mm error.

for a grid beam to be compatible with other grid beams, each hole needs to be within the grid, relative to any other hole. so a +3mm error between the first and last holes is probably going to break the grid.

that's why a better approach is to use a jig that gives you more holes per repetition. because there will always be error, so you want to minimize the accumulation.

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