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hi i'm Mikey! β˜€οΈ 🌱 πŸŒ™ 🐈 πŸ’œ

@mikey %lcpdQFL5nAH7/xbFOQSq0Gkq5Fr4323PY3oOVDJw4IU=.sha256
Re: %Lqz6Z43VM also designs need to be in the same format as the previous ones made by @matt in %IDFrkpd....

@mikey %ZXCRbbt5zIdN5OsfH+dfuUE2H2FQuY4jfw1/KCFldGg=.sha256
Re: %Lqz6Z43VM do you have different designs ready?

i already put in an order with 2 of the designs from before. i'm using StickerGiant. i can put in another order for other designs, but only if you pay for them.

@mikey %OTmOqjIVDyp28hf8hGSbxwazByDv0+kkepi/OCvdqL4=.sha256
Voted ![lady_rainicorn.gif](&FRraLK8ziIFg4B2SsKu9duSFzJLVcegU11LheLi5buE=.sha256)
@mikey %Lqz6Z43VMWsiLT8EONRig8Mg505BeOfv/2fimx2n+Vg=.sha256

so i'm gonna print some Scuttlebutt stickers for #dweb 🐚

( ℹ️ previous sticker prints: 1, 2, 3, 4 )

@mikey %pcMhOxsH7kbXi/mvbL6jr7dqpMHl5khO8vh7ClLMxts=.sha256
Voted Oh no, you foiled my insidious plan of lurking for a while without being no
@mikey %kHNslMbp2zhy6AYWY0tPgwGKPdxORftxCnOPfTJEwhE=.sha256
Voted #bamboo The #p2panda folks gave me the opportunity to flesh out some ideas
@mikey %zOi9A1BjtJnAYKkVjsMU8TSt67jQVo19EeKo7ybBS+k=.sha256
Re: %7zKEgZlu3

welcome back @Aljoscha! 😺

happy to hear you're giving yourself the love and care you need. you're not alone, wrist pain and mental health issues affect the best of us. πŸ’œ

@mikey %k+9i0fUjMxA+fyD3HMESWoCkoitqGO8t+ipMGQXj7us=.sha256
Voted ![Digital sketch of a flying squirrel.](&bAXQlnIyQImJaL5r4oV1Vw0sTPsLYK0cgX
@mikey %NdEjZyPkvvIe8yx2q/dooty5VPCqPp26jXTxci2tdgc=.sha256
Voted undefined
@mikey %rBoOxCtOENCwJJefCa9NkvwCEwdLblnmQy5YKru8AC8=.sha256
Voted All confirmed to be in #dweb, only risk is that I'll be arriving in the US

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