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hi i'm Mikey! β˜€οΈ 🌱 πŸŒ™ 🐈 πŸ’œ

@mikey %NQyIMaYv2hlGu9MHCxF9rtiimvBz0+gEiOTSj7vJuQA=.sha256
Re: %WQLSVle8Z

@Mix Android FYI, in ppppp feed v1, message URIs are:


but in the tangle references, message are referenced with only the hash digest and the depth.

@mikey %AB+ikJf/9MwV0Hnph7j+d3vex5hdD2BtT+N5kGYo49c=.sha256
Voted # Watershed Networks I came across [this web tool](
@mikey %3Ebib9Hmcfddv7eaiCyXnHK0FH2FjubeSGkEcIcadA4=.sha256
Voted Okay, I'm ready to implement a proof of concept of hubs and invites. It's n
@mikey %/sBlak4MYs6IP6ZLT198xjumsZaOG9lQFdDyznZnnGA=.sha256
Voted I did some thinking in the shower, and found a way forwards. ## Constraint
@mikey %hS6piQCMrPOEyoJOW1p03EoE1PCI1lNoVPrnEQKpriM=.sha256
Re: %MUbm57bDF

@Rho and i won't be able to come this year, we'll be busy with something else.

have a lovely time everyone!


@mikey %U0M/Ln9l7fpM1N2PvnU1HovsSVGvUiLq/Lca/uRlDjo=.sha256
Re: %zs2RUFt40

Last we checked, the weather for next week was looking damp, but we’re hoping that either changes or it’s just the sort of London-y drizzle dank and not the in-these-parts-lately torrential downpours for days at a time. More rain = more time inside eating curry cheese chips, I suppose.

i'd be surprised if the weather was anything other than damp, you'll be grand. we do hope the sun shows its face, either way have a lovely time πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

@mikey %nDS/GcPp3Tje3xt2z4qAdIge9Ix3sUfUco6Bzpg8c8Q=.sha256
Voted Insane collection of talks in the GitHub repo. Thanks!
@mikey %RuNMupNIn8xLN2zNPBEgyMAXeKqCHcwrRYydrxTgSVM=.sha256
Voted I love everything about this. EVERYTHING!
@mikey %F3Q9j2S5yNQNKlpbd/5eId5JZL62HydolwJwg/Ykl8Y=.sha256
Voted **Update** While not everything is figured out regarding the new msg forma
@mikey %w4vseOwmEvFHVBxKFTi2sIJn8zPx9n8HNRUV0D2COZ4=.sha256
Voted [@dinosaur](@6ilZq3kN0F+dXFHAPjAwMm87JEb/VdB+LC9eIMW3sa0=.ed25519) love the

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