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Re: %K2isOqsSC

I see some use in private messages and closed groups, but I hope the scuttleverse will remain primarily a public place. The notion of social distance is a good criterion for getting relevant content and maintaining informal communities. I prefer this to closed groups with binary exclusion/inclusion. Readable relevant content is the incentive to replicate feeds. As this is what keeps the network alive I'm worried that too much private content could endanger the contribution of resource to the network.

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Voted # Introducing ScuttleSort: incremental untangling These past days (weeks..
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Voted # Database compactions in ssb-db2 and storage sustainability by [@andrestal
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Voted # How to write an application in Rust by [@glyph](@HEqy940T6uB+T+d9Jaa58aNf
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Voted # Community Grant 2022: Voter Registration *For context and eligibility cr
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Voted Perhaps it makes some sense in the context of social media apps, but for th
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Voted I think that doing that on ssb is not a good idea, or if you do it, people
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Voted [@Mix](@G98XybiXD/amO9S/UyBKnWTWZnSKYS3YVB/5osSRHvY=.ed25519) sorry for the
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Voted # Why Telegram became the go-to app for Ukrainians - it is very large group
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Voted Forking %UmDisJz2BEqXzzyF7ZxZgHqaMLfFevUHqNs9n3U9rJA=.sha256 since this isn

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