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Re: %SOOoKBl5s

@glyph im guessing you are not bringing your bike..? 😅

doesn’t involve computers but I’m definitely going to Gravity Festival. There is one near Berlin end of June and one near Cologne beginning of August.

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Voted CCCamp might be a good event to look into. They haven't published any detai
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Re: %SOOoKBl5s

@flpvsk it’s only every four years…

EMF is happening next year:

Electromagnetic Field 2024 will be held on 30 May–2 June 2024

I also heard good things about

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Voted # EU / UK Events for Spring / Summer 2024 Looks like I'll be in the UK fro
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Voted I've messaged them on signal. Not throwing blocks, just checking context. T
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Re: %exg0QBqtL

Today I went on a bit of a longer ride, with a more serious climb to top it off. Pictures aren’t as great (only sun glasses and sweat smudged lens doesn’t combine to well) but the decent sure was!

Also got to see a really big marble mine.. again pictures are a bit mediocre, sorry.

From the top.

And down again.. 😅

The ride by the numbers

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Re: %exg0QBqtL

Coast with hills works really well for me. You get to see quite a bit of beautiful nature and it’s challenging strength-wise.

I also, as a gravel-fan, I’m happy to report that most field roads are concrete-less. A few descents turned really chunky but so far my 40mm tires have been holding up quite well.

Also met this little guy..!

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Random assortment of photos from my cycling in Greece this week. We are on a retreat with the new job for some strategy planning and since it’s about 25C warmer here then Hamburg and I need to get fit for my next race in May, I also brought my bike!

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Re: %mLCkR+FNF

Oh, please do!

Martin ( @wanderer🌟 / ) got me on board beginning of November and we are about to wrap up entity formation (finally....).

Team of four at this point so it’s all very new. Website hopefully coming before xmas.

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Hey #jobs !

we are looking for #js frontend people who are eager to get their hands dirty with some #crypto and decentralized #ethereum tech we are building.

More infos at

feel free to DM me or asks questions here

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