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Re: %wnguwoU2x

inability to paste images into the message constructor

I was filing this issue in our repo, but I felt that just building it might be quicker than all the project management hassle of filing it, and it took all in all less than 2 hours:

Now desktop users can either drag-and-drop files (images or audio) or paste (images).

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Re: %wnguwoU2x

Hmm, thanks for surfacing this. (Not surfacing it is worse, leaves us in the dark)

Good to know that pasting images into the composer is a big deal. We should put that in the roadmap so we can prioritize it accordingly.

Weird to hear that you liked (?) the confusion and the noisiness of Patchwork timeline. This is... difficult. Some people complained about the firehose effect of the Patchwork feed, and left SSB because of that. So then we build the non-firehose version, and ... people also don't like it? Would be good to know in more details what you want. I suspect it is related to breaking out the subthreads and putting them at the same level as parent threads have on the Public feed.

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Voted > SSB is dead, other than the few trying to make a go financially at it, vi
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Re: %l7yyC7Jii

Fun excerpts and compliments we're receiving, to cheer us all up:

I don’t think I have time for this.

Worst p2p experience of my life.

multitude of half finished clients, deprecated functionality

SSB is dead, other than the few trying to make a go financially at it, via either crowdfunding, NLnet grants, or VC.

The onboarding is so terrible we just gave up after failing in every possible direction. Nothing worked.

they are stuck in a never-ending refactoring state where they are always in between the "old" and the "new" system

how do the devs cope with what they are doing would be most likely used for criminal stuff?

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SSB on hackernews frontpage, again:

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Re: %sUJg+n7aI

Behold, a new Soap Cachorro is born.

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Re: %vXo3Ze+MI

Hard to say why those images broke. Could be for non-Patchwork reasons, like the images may have been deleted by many peers, so they are unavailable on the network.

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Re: %m1Gh7YsbI

Yes, there totally should be an award for this. But I am 99% sure it would be something boring like a T-Shirt, a mug, or a mechanical keyboard, or worse, a podcast recording set.

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Voted I hope whoever wrote rsync never has to pay their own tab, ever. And curl g

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