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Cultural background:
I'm multicultural (not multiethnical), because I was born in Brazil but lived in the USA during 4 of the key years of my childhood, and am now living in Finland for the last 9 years. I don't fully identify myself with any of those three countries/cultures, but they seem to balance each other in influencing my background. It is quite inaccurate to call me Brazilian, as well as it's inaccurate to call me Finnish. This used to be a matter of shame/discomfort for me in the past, nowadays I appreciate this fuzzy cultural alignment.

Communication style:
Probably a blend of those cultures. I mean only what I say (I don't communicate by implying or suggesting), I speak directly which can be misunderstood as an intent to be rude, but honestly it's more about simplicity of thought and straightforward messages. I like to think about problems and challenges and uncomfortable truths, these actually motivate me to either solve them if they are solvable, or to study them and learn something philosophical if they are unsolvable. I try to be sensitive with this tendency though, because problems and challenges and uncomfortable truths can be demotivating to others. It's safe to assume I have a friendly tone while I'm direct, and if there's miscommunication/misunderstaning I'll try to apologize.

Political background:
I'm left-leaning but not to a specific ideology, I just believe that a society worth living in is egalitarian (egalitarian upon people's worth, not upon their function in society), inclusive, non-competitive, fair, balanced, symbiotic (everyone and everything is vital to the whole). I don't have a black-and-white alignment, and can reasonably talk about the positive (isolated?) effects of capitalism, but in the end of the day I can't psychologically align myself with meritocracy, superiority, zero-sum competition, centralization/assimilation, hegemonies, accumulation of power, liberty at the expense of others, and the likes.

RPG alignment: Neutral Good

Business background:
In the past I have had a startup, nowadays I do consulting and training as a self-employed person. You could say I have the mind of product designer and CEO. This and other aspects of Manyverse has often led people to believe that Manyverse will at some point become a business. That's not going to happen, I'm personally fond of a donation-driven style of project development.

Blocking policy:
I will block accounts that post content NSFW, and accounts that intentionally disrespect others.

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Re: %ba1f1a9E0

request for thread B, because the thread is dead.

That sounded ambiguous ("thread" as in computational task and "thread" as in chain of textual posts), let me clarify: "request for thread B, because the backend is dead".

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Re: %cyDI/U4X+

we’re soon going to be using metafeeds and anybody who uses that will need to upgrade to newer code.

I wouldn't have phrased it like that. @moid, I believe in smooth gradual transitions and as much as possible I try to avoid breaking changes in SSB. The plan that @arj and I have come up in the past months goes as follows:

  • The current normal SSB feeds are called "main" feeds
  • In apps that support it (Manyverse and whoever else uses the SSB JS stack), you'll have a new feed called "root metafeed" which refers to the "main" feed as a subfeed
  • You'll keep publishing post, contact, about etc on the "main" feed as usual, fully compatible with Patchwork
  • You'll also have "index" subfeeds that will have pointers to your posts, contacts, abouts such that other peers who support it can replicate these index subfeeds. This allows them to do partial replication. e.g. they can replicate your abouts without replicating anything else you post
  • (Private) Group content is going to be published on a subfeed under your root metafeed, such that Patchwork won't be able to see it or understand it. I don't think this is a breaking change to SSB, because the Public side will keep working as usual. We will just have new "private spaces" that are only accessible with apps that support it.
  • For as long as Patchwork meets a need that Manyverse doesn't meet, Manyverse will keep publishing Public messages on the "main" feed and updating the index subfeeds
  • When it's clear that most people are ready to leave Patchwork to Perihelion/Manyverse/Patchfox/Planetary, then we can come up with a plan to let go of the "main" feed and begin publishing Public messages on dedicated subfeeds

I can't speak for what other apps will do, but I'll choose to preserve main-publishing in Manyverse while there's still (say) >=25% of SSB users using Patchwork or similarly aged software. I believe this will be at least 1 year, maybe 2 or more.

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Voted ## hot tips I can't remember if I posted about this already, but on Friday
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I've been shower-thinking lately that social networks (all of them. Facebook, Twitter, SSB, Fediverse, forums, Telegram, Discord, ...) are probably "social" mostly for introverts and people with difficulties to socialize. I'm saying this as someone who's certainly introvert and certainly has had a lot of difficulty to socialize (more in the past than nowadays). I know a lot of introverts, since 2000 onward, who talk a lot over text on the internet, and when they meet in person it's not at all the same.

Maybe this medium is optimal for introverts and autistic folks: it lets you control the pace of reading, the pace of writing, it distances yourself from the (sometimes) terrifying eye contact and sensory overload of body language etc. Maybe this medium isn't "social" at all. Maybe that's just euphemism.

The most social platform I've used on the internet was back in its golden days (2010?). is not about interacting with "" at all. It's just a starting point. I met a lot of interesting people in meetups here in Helsinki and made a friendship or two. I think that was far more "social" than the text-based mediums we use all the time. Yes, SSB has effectively allowed us to also socialize in real life, and there's at least one case of a friend I made on SSB that I met in real life (@Entropy) who now I've interacted far more in real life than over SSB itself. But that's the exception. I think the standard interaction here is with other introverts who want to keep their distance to others and control the pace.

I sometimes wonder about the potential of building something like on SSB, focused on building local relationships.

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Voted The Tether/USDT integration, the Bitcoin evangelism, and the tagline "the p
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Voted # [ssb-bfe-ex]( A wild Elixir l
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Re: %JfH+0sBmH

@sami @ @crowsnest @crowsmobile @keks @wakest (Manyverse iOS) You're also welcome!

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Voted # EU meetup In an internal chat, a eurobutt meetup was brought up, so I wa

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