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Developer from Brazil, now living in London. Mozilla TechSpeaker, happy on a decentralized world.

My other accounts are:

I'm developing :fox_face: :heart_eyes_cat: :sparkles:

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For those packing for DWeb Camp and going through air travel, the Osprey Airporter is a good gear that you might want to look into. It is a bag for your rucksack so that you're able check it in without the fear of damaging it. I have the Airporter M, which in theory is for 40L to 70L but it is sooo big that I suspect it might fit a 100L.

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this machine is soooo slow, it is adorable.

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Re: %f7KnkkDO6

argh, control is not responding on Patchfox. I'm trying to subscribe damn it.

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Subscribed to channel #earthstar
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Re: %dv0xaG+Ig

ohai from a Pentium machine!

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Re: %YEcYl/US1

he he he Patchwork works better on the Surface Go than the much more powerful Surface Pro X because in the Pro X the x64 emulation fails to load the node binary modules and revert to JS encryption.

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Changed something in about
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  "about": "@gaQw6z30GpfsW9k8V5ED4pHrg8zmrqku24zTSAINhRg=.ed25519",
  "name": "SoapDog (Go)"
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Re: %YEcYl/US1

oh hai from update day.

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Voted I have recently been experimenting with baking in my outdoor wood fired iro
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ho ho ho, I can now post from this identity from another machine. This is quite useful.

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